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Windows PC is at the center of this digital revolution. And the way it connects up to everything else is very, very important to us. I mean vista here is a major milestone. It lets, the hardware partners we have do break through things. example, here you got a device, you got a touch-screen. So you can just, you know, pick the photos you wanna print. And very, you know, interactive device. Because we brought touch to the user interface.And here we got kinda of a round PC. Ready the living-room with this media center, capabilities from SONY. Err, here's a Toshiba device that you can get your status, your next appointment here, as if You can just even carry it everywhere around. And then, when you put it down it uses its a special capability. Even the dose not require you to connect-up a cable. So here we've seen the first time how last two years are our hardware partners have been getting us to make sure vista has the right things, and they're doing the right things, so that the hardware-software combinations really are breakthrough. What about some of the more mobile devices, though the vista-powered phones and the UN PC, that the things that you would take with you that would have as much power as a PC that is sitting on the desk at home? There's been a big gap between a portable PC in your phone in terms of the screen size, the cost, what would you might wanna carry around and do really emerged things. And what we've done is we've filled up space in with our partners' work on this, we called them auto-mobile devices again. You know, nice ability to touch things. And navigate around really, you know, great packet chain, and now, really good battery-life that you want something that you are gonna be out with a long period of time. So extending the PC all the way up to that 60-inch high definition display down to this even 5 or 6-inch mobile device. And all them can, say, I mean, I see a Zune there as well. And the big thing about Zune is being able to beam products to another Zune user. I mean that you talked about the Zune commy. That's why you are going with some of these other things as well, being able to beam data and photo and music , and whatever. That's right. I tell you it's a theme of the whole consumers electronic shows that as the world's going digital. It's gotta be connected together and, it's gotta be high fidelity. And here you know, that theme by building Wi-Fi in, there's some amazing set of things we'll be able to do. Of course, upgrade the software, and go a walk, even further than we have . But today people all have the idea of zapping music back and th to each other. Um...speaking of the Zune. And I'm hearing some good things about the screen size, the ability to... the sharing aspects of it. But, and I know you talked about the Digital Rights Management issues bee, that there is still some work to be done on that. I know, that there maybe, I think there're 3 play restrictions on some of the content in there. What do you wanna see happen with DRM in ? Where do you think it needs to go? Well, balancing the need to the creators to be paid with the need some placet to move things around. That's a tough challenge that the industry is got to solve. The rights models require lots of people agree on those things. We are very pleased the music companies did let us take protected music. You can zap to somebody they don't have to pay. But we do put a limit on, they can only play it 3 times and then, that particular demo expires on their device. So, we are enabling simplier models, we're in dialogue about simplier models here. But connected really is making that a front and center issue. 97American Presidents-Harry S. Truman; to handle versus to address versus to deal with versus to cope with; naysayer; hold that thoughtWords:to enlistleadership qualitieshaberdasheryatomic bombto surrenderto flourishpublic approval ratingto defeatto integratememoirfolksyto portrayto handleto addressto deal withto cope withnaysayerhold that thought 383Famous Songs-“Que Sera Sera”; Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown; demand versus request versus requirement; discrimination versus segregation; a great dealWords:to stabassassinationto distractsignaturesweetheartchorusmassacreto settlereservationtribeto capturedestructiondemandrequestrequirementdiscriminationsegregationa great deal 55

Jet Turns Back After Laser Incident航班遭激光扫射返航A flight from London (UK) to New York had to turn back this weekend after someone pointed a laser at the plane. The Virgin Atlantic pilot felt unwell after the incident and decided to turn the plane around as a precautionary measure. The mischievous use of handheld lasers is becoming more common, and many pilots think these pointers should be listed as offensive weapons. The powerful beams can disorient pilots and affect their vision. It is illegal to shine a light at a plane, but it is not illegal to own a laser pointer. High-powered lasers are ily available over the Internet.本周,因遭激光扫射,一架从英国伦敦飞往纽约航班返航维珍航空公司飞行员事后感到不适,为安全起见返航手持激光照射事件屡见不鲜,据多名行员所述,镭射笔应被视为攻击性武器这种强力激光会让飞行员迷失方向,干扰视野飞机照射为非法行为,但拥有镭射笔合理合法高威力镭射笔可在网上随意购买译文属原创,,不得转载 66

American Musicals - Hello, Dolly!; The National Rifle Association; to take a stab at (something) versus to take a chance; if you will; to walk a dog Words:musical matchmaker composer lyricist librettist debut refrainrifle marksmanshipchartered shooting rangelobby to take a stab at (something) to take a chance if you will to walk a the (one) dog 396953

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