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  Joe Ariel is a New York City transplant who opened up shop in San Francisco with his startup Goldbely. The idea is simple: a food delivery service.乔·埃里尔属于纽约市外来人口,他的初创型公司Goldbely在旧金山设有门店。业务思路很简单:递送食品。That#39;s not new, of course. But the company distinguishes itself by finding locally sourced gourmet foods from around the country and delivering them to a person#39;s doorstep. And not just so-called gourmet food, either: Think cannolis from Carlo#39;s Bake Shop -- of ;Cake Boss; fame -- in New Jersey, sourdough b from Boudin in the Bay Area, Blue Bell ice cream from Texas, or a pastrami and corned beef sandwich from Katz#39;s Delicatessen in New York City.这当然不是什么新事物。但Goldbely的与众不同之处在于,它在美国各地寻找当地生产的精美食品,然后把它们送到人们的家门口。而且并不仅仅是一般所谓的精美食品,想想看:新泽西州Carlo#39;s Bake Shop制作、因为电视真人秀节目蛋糕大王(Cake Boss)而名声大噪的奶油甜馅煎饼卷;旧金山湾区的Boudin酵母面包;来自得克萨斯州的Blue Bell冰激凌;还有纽约市Katz#39;s Delicatessen的五香熏牛肉和腌咸牛肉三明治。Ariel, 37, wants to help local purveyors gain a national audience. He calls it ;democratizing the food industry.; And lest you think he is just one more in a long line of trendy food entrepreneurs, Ariel insists that he dislikes the pretension of the word ;foodie; (preferring to call himself a ;food explorer;) and simply wants to share the best that America has to offer.37岁的埃里尔希望帮助当地食品供应商获得全美国消费者的关注。他把这称为“食品行业民主化”。为了避免人们只是把它看成流行食品创业者大军中的普通一员,埃里尔坚持说他不喜欢“美食家”这个词带来的自负感(他更愿意把自己称为“食品探索者”),而且他只是希望和别人分享美国最好的东西。Ariel is a serial entrepreneur -- he was once the CEO of Delivery.com and Eats.com -- and holds a bachelor#39;s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University. He spoke with us.埃里尔已经连续多次创业,他曾是食品快递网站Delivery.com和美食网站Eats.com的首席执行官。他在范德堡大学(Vanderbilt University)获得了经济学学士学位。他和我们的谈话如下:1. Who in technology do you admire most? Why?1. 你在技术领域最欣赏的人谁?为什么?Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos. They#39;re all entrepreneurs who play by their own rules. For Jobs, it#39;s his vision and true emphasis on design. For Branson, creativity and wildness. For Bezos, it#39;s building for the long term and being unapologetic about it; that idea is very freeing for entrepreneurs who are trying to build their own business. As a marketer, I also admire Hugh Hefner. He#39;s created his own reality. He saw something that he wanted to build and marketed it like no one else could. I feel the same way about Goldbely.史蒂夫?乔布斯、理查德?布兰森和杰夫?贝佐斯。他们都是按自己的规则行事的企业家。对于乔布斯,我欣赏的是他的眼光和对设计的真正重视。至于布兰森则是因为他的创造性和无拘无束。对于贝佐斯,则是他的长期投入和无怨无悔。对于正在设法构建自身事业的创业者来说,这个想法非常自由。作为推广者,我还欣赏休?海夫纳。他创造了自己的现实。他发现了自己想要的东西,而且用唯我独尊的方式进行推广。我对Goldbely有同样的感觉。2. Which companies do you admire? Why?2. 你欣赏哪些公司?为什么?One company that I admire is Y Combinator for realizing that there#39;s a new economy coming. It#39;s one thing for investors to make investments for financial gain, but it#39;s another to actively help thousands of entrepreneurs build out their dreams and give them a better chance to succeed. We#39;re fortunate to have been a part of the program, and I admire a lot of what they do. In the e-commerce space, I admire Amazon and Zappos for pretty obvious reasons. With Zappos, the ;customer service first; focus is something we instill deeply in our team, and Amazon#39;s ambitiousness is inspiring.我欣赏的公司是Y Combinator,原因是它意识到了一种新经济的到来。投资者为了金融收益而投资是一件事,但去积极地帮助数千名创业者实现自己的梦想、帮助他们提高获得成功的几率则是另外一件事。我们很幸运能参与这项活动,对他们所做的许多工作我都很赞赏。在电子商务领域,我欣赏的是亚马逊(Amazon)和鞋类网站Zappos,原因很明显。Zappos以“客户务至上”为重点,这一点深植在我们的梦想里。亚马逊的远大抱负让人很受启发。3. What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?3. 你对那些希望从事你这样工作的人有什么建议?Travel, eat, repeat! When I was planning this venture, I knew it had to be something that I was super-passionate about. But at the same time, you can have ideas that you#39;re really passionate about that at the end of the day don#39;t align with your skill set. So, find the intersection of what you love and what you#39;re good at and identify any and every potential opportunities in the market. Once you find the sweet spot, dig in like you never have before.旅行、品尝,反复这样做!筹划这家公司时,我知道它必须能引起我极大的热情。但同时,你可以有这样的想法,那就是你真正热衷的东西最终并不和你的技能相匹配。所以,要在你所热爱的东西和你所擅长的东西之间找到交叉点,同时发现市场中所有的潜在机遇。只要找到了最佳结合点,就用前所未有的力量进行发掘。4. What is the best advice you ever received?4. 别人给你的最佳建议是什么?As an entrepreneur, Paul Buchheit -- who is one of the partners at Y Combinator and the creator of Gmail -- always said build something that a few people absolutely love rather than build something that a lot of people just kind of like. For any startup entrepreneur those are some of the wisest words because it#39;s easy to push out something that#39;s kind of good, but it#39;s really, really hard to push out something that#39;s amazing. That#39;s what you should strive for.身为创业者,Y Combinator合伙人之一、Gmail之父保罗?布赫海特总是说,要做出有些人绝对热爱的东西,而不是许多人仅仅有些喜欢的东西。这对任何一位创业者来说都是最高明的建议,因为拿出较好的东西很容易,但要拿出令人叫绝的东西真的、真的很难。那就是我应该为之奋斗的目标。5. What#39;s the next big project you want to tackle?5. 你打算着手的下一个大项目是什么?I think we#39;ve really hit on something with the convergence of content and commerce in food, specifically in the way we tell the stories of the products and artisans we showcase. We view ourselves equally as an e-commerce company as we do storytellers. Video has always been a fascinating medium for me, and we#39;ve just started delving further into -based content. Photography has always been core to our user experience, but I think there#39;s an exciting opportunity for us to use to take our content far deeper.我想,我们真的已经在食品领域找到了把内容和商业结合在一起的东西,特别是通过我们讲述产品的故事以及对那些制作者的介绍。我们觉得自己既是电子商务公司,又是讲故事的人。我一直觉得视频是一种奇妙的媒介。摄影一直是我们用户体验的核心,但我想我们可以借助视频把我们的内容深入到远远超过现在的深度,这是一个令人兴奋的机遇。6. What challenges are facing your business right now?6. 你的公司目前面临着哪些挑战?We#39;re fortunate in that we#39;re growing pretty quickly. The challenge with that is continuing to grow at a fast pace, and at the same time maintain focus on culture and quality of hiring, while at the same time building for speed. If there#39;s one thing that keeps me up at night, it#39;s that. Making sure we find the right spot.很幸运,我们增长得相当迅速。由此带来的挑战是继续高速增长,同时保持对文化和招聘质量的关注,而且还要为增长速度搞好积累。如果说有什么让我夜不能寐,那就是这件事——确保我们找到了正确的位置。7. What is one goal -- either personal or professional -- that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?7. 无论是个人方面,还是职业方面,你希望自己能够实现的终身目标是什么?Building an industry-changing business. To create something that not only serves millions of consumers, but also empowers an entire industry of producers would be something really special. I think Etsy has done this for the crafts industry, and that is something I admire. There#39;s a lot of symmetry with what we#39;re doing for gourmet and specialty food. It#39;s exciting to create a platform that uplifts an entire industry.打造一家能改变整个行业的公司。一个人创造的东西不仅能务于数百万消费者,还能赋予整个行业的生产者一些能力,确实是件很特别的事。我认为手工艺品交易网站Etsy已经为手工产品制造者做到了这一点,对此我很欣赏。我们正在为精美食品和招牌食品所做的工作和Etsy极为相似。创建一个能提升整个行业的平台让人很振奋。8. What do you do to live a balanced life?8. 你怎样平衡自己的生活?Since I was a kid, if I don#39;t run around or play a sport and work up a sweat, I get antsy. If I go a few days without exercise, I have a hard time focusing. It can be anything from playing tennis or basketball to going for a run or a hike. The gym is super-important for me.从小时候起,如果不到处跑,如果不参加体育活动,出一身汗,我就会坐立不安。如果有几天不运动,我就难以集中精力。可以是任何运动,网球、篮球、跑步或者骑自行车都行。体育馆对我来说超级重要。9. What was the last book you ?9. 你最近读了哪本书?David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. I love his books in general with the intersection of psychology and business and history. This one in particular talks about the advantages of being an underdog. In my world, that means a startup, and it#39;s very inspiring to hear historical takes about little upstarts that can do amazing things.马尔科姆?格拉德韦尔的《大卫与歌利亚》(David and Goliath)。他的书把心理、商业和历史交织在一起,我都很喜欢。这本书特别谈到了处于下风时的优势。在我的世界里,处于下风就意味着建立一家初创型企业,听听历史上初出茅庐的小人物所成就的了不起的大事非常让人受启发。10. What is one unique or quirky habit that you have?10. 你有什么独特或者奇怪的习惯吗?I feed people constantly and love to see their reaction to trying something new. I think I get it from my father, who has always loved cooking and feeding people. Especially when there#39;s a new product that I#39;ve sampled that I know is just amazing -- I just need to share it. So much of what we do is sp happiness through food. A dish can be so nostalgic and bring back such great memories. Getting to facilitate these moments and share these experiences with people is really special.我经常请人吃饭,而且喜欢看他们在尝试新食品时的反应。我觉得这个习惯来自我父亲,他总喜欢做饭,请人吃饭。特别是在我尝试了新产品,发现它让人赞不绝口的时候——我就是需要和别人分享。我们很大一部分工作就是通过食品来传播幸福。一道菜也能很怀旧,让人重温美好的回忆。帮助人们更容易地找到这样的时刻,同时和别人分享这样的经历,这确实是件很特别的事情。 /201403/282527






  When Lady Gaga releases a catchy new single, it quickly goes around the world. Now scientists have discovered the same thing happens with the songs of another exotic creature – the humpback whale. The mammals become fixated on new tunes just like people do, and the most popular original whale songs sp globally like hit singles. Number one artist? Humpback whales become fixated on new tunes. The most popular original whale songs sp around the world like hit singles当“闻名遐迩”的音乐奇才嘎嘎发行自己的又一张新专辑,再一次“轻而易举”地将自己的音乐享誉全球的时候,科学家惊喜地发现同样的音乐天才不仅仅局限于人类这个物种,在海底的鲸鱼也同样有“发行音乐专辑”并“唱歌”的权利。科学家还实,这一类哺乳动物(座头鲸)可以像人类一样“有音调” “带感情”地唱歌,据悉,座头鲸是鲸类中最大者,成体平均体长雄性为12.9米,雌性为13.7米,体重25~35吨。其前缘具不规则的瘤状突如锯齿状,口大,进食时上下颌间特殊韧带结构可使口张开90度的角度。The discovery has stunned marine experts who say it is the first time such a large, ‘population wide cultural exchange’ has been seen in the animal kingdom. Male humpback whales are famed for the loud, long and complex songs they make during the mating season. Scientists are unsure why the males sing. Some believe it is a way of advertising themselves to females, others that it allows migrating whales to stay in contact。这一发现彻底震惊了很多海洋专家,让他们“大开眼界”,对于鲸鱼发行音乐专辑事宜,他们认为这是在生物物种,不同生物之间最大的一次 “文化交流”活动。雄性座头鲸以“嗓门大”“身型长”“擅长复杂歌曲”闻名于世界。专家称,特别在交配季节的雄性座头鲸们可以更能展现、展示他们的“歌唱才华”。然而,对于鲸鱼为什么会唱歌的原因,科学家至今还未能总结出个什么结论,有一些人是认为这是雄性座头鲸为了吸引雌性座头鲸做出的“雄性荷尔蒙举动”,也有一些人认为这是为了与“迁徙”举家搬迁的“移民鲸鱼”联系感情的一种方式。Each song lasts for ten to 20 minutes and the males can sing continuously for 24 hours. At any one time, all the males in a population sing the same song. But a study, published in the journal Current Biology, shows that this song changes over time and sps around the oceans. Dr Ellen Garland, of Queensland University, said: ‘Our findings reveal cultural change on a vast scale. Songs move like cultural ripples from one population to another, causing all males to change their song to a new version.’据悉,鲸鱼们唱歌课不轻松,一首曲子至少能维持20分钟,而且雄性座头鲸常常能唱歌长达24小时。科学家发现,在任何时间,雄性座头鲸都会“演唱”同一首曲子。在一本期刊《当代生物学》发表的研究上指出,这首座头鲸唱的曲子在全世界通用,在任何海域都能听得到。可谓在鲸鱼界“不分地域”“享誉全球”的曲子。有专家Dr Ellen 说:“我们的研究目的是表明一个道理,那就是文化交流是在任何一个物种之间都存在的。” /201403/282954。

  For me, Chinese New Year used to be fun.对于我来说,过去感觉过年很有意思呢。When I was a kid, I was excited during Chinese New Year when I got lai see and I could stay up late. I even had access to candy, a once-a-year treat while living under the roof of my Tiger Mom.孩提时的我,一到过年就兴奋不已,我虽平日生活在我家虎妈的“淫威”下,但过年我就可以收到红包了,可以熬夜了,甚至还有机会收到一年才能吃到一次的糖果了。Riding strong on the sugar highs, I always thought to myself, this is what it must feel like to be an adult. I was flush, free and giddy.糖果的甜味久久回味,小时候我一直以为,这就是长大成人的感觉,长大了就可以有了一片无拘无束任自己自由驰骋的天地。Then at some point in my twenties, Chinese New Year became a chore. Not any garden variety chore, but a cold-sweat-inducing family obligation that I try hard to avoid.后来,到了我二十多岁的时候,农历新年却变得很苦逼。各种苦逼问题劈头盖脸般扑向你,而我在设法逃避着这种令人冒冷汗的所谓的家庭责任。As an adult, Chinese New Year is an annual nightmare, for the following reasons:我长大成人了,农历新年与我而言就是一年一度的噩梦一场,有如下原因:1. I find it sucks when you are single你要是单身的话,那就糟透了Relatives feel that they have a right to judge you because you do share bits of DNA, so, really, it#39;s almost like they#39;re judging themselves.亲戚们觉得自己有权干涉你的个人感情生活问题,因为你们毕竟部分血脉相连,所以他们说起你的感情问题来真的几乎就像是在说自己一样。Typically, the extended family gathers for Chinese New Year and spends an inordinate amount of time together, during which people get bored and focus their restlessness on judging the younger generation, particularly those who are single.通常情况下,中国新年全家聚在一起的时间比较长,全家聚在一起时一旦觉得无聊,他们就会转而把精力都集中在年轻一代人、特别是单身年轻人的身上。Singledom means a lack of responsibilities and responsibility-free people need to be reined in by the wisdom of elders, or they will be reckless with their directionless lives.单身则代表缺乏责任感,没有责任感的自由人就需要受长辈们的智慧牵制,否则他们的生活就会失去方向。Here are some unavoidable conversations at Chinese New Year. By ;conversations; I really mean monologues by one Wise Elder or another, fired away at a particular Single Younger in a trance-like manner:下面的话题就是春节时一些无法避免的对话。这里的“对话” 指的是智者长辈单方面的冗长唠叨,他们陷入一种恍惚状态“指点着”单身的年轻人们:;Why don#39;t you have a boyfriend? If you have a boyfriend, why don#39;t you get married?;“你为什么还没有男朋友?要是你有男朋友,为什么还不结婚?”;Why are you not dieting at least a little bit? Second Cousin Yong Yong will have to start bringing clothes from America for you.;“你为什么不少吃一点儿呢?二表哥永永(音译)得要从美国给你带衣回来啦。”;What happened to your hair? Blue is not such a good color for us Chinese people.;“你的头发怎么弄成这副样子了?把头发染成蓝色,这个颜色对于我们中国人来说,可不是什么好颜色。”;Are you saving up for an apartment? Why not? The most important thing in life is to have a roof over your head. You don#39;t want to be homeless, do you? What if the economy collapses again? At least you will have an apartment.;“你在攒钱准备买房吗?为什么还不攒钱准备买房呢?人这一辈子有地方住才是大事,你不想无家可归吧?是不是?如果经济再次不行了可怎么办呢?怎么说至少你也得有一套自己的房子住才行啊。”;Why don#39;t you get a better paid job? You are wasting your talent. You will regret your life.;“你为什么不找一份薪水再高一些的工作呢?你白读了这么多年的书了。你会后悔你现在过的日子的。”2. I am employed我工作了I loved the great Chinese tradition of gifting lai see. Getting HK for no reason other than tradition really rocked my seven-year-old world.我喜欢送红包这个优良传统。收到20元港币的红包着实震撼了七岁的我的小小世界。I have an income now, so twenty bucks here and there doesn#39;t make a huge difference, but I still retain that childhood anticipation for the red packets. It#39;s just a bit disappointing when I open up an envelope and it isn#39;t concealing a massive check.目前我有了一份自己的收入,因此,这二十块钱无法让我再生感动之情,但我还是对童年收红包的传统习惯有了期待。只是当我打开红包时,看一下红包里面装的钱太少了时,那令人失望的表情丝毫不加掩饰。And it#39;s the guilt from feeling disappointed that makes me really hate Chinese New Year for making me hate myself.而且自己感觉又内疚又失望,这让我真的很讨厌过年,我恨我自己。It#39;s just like being unable to conceal your letdown expression when unwrapping that pair of socks at Secret Santa parties.这就像是当你打开一双秘密圣诞老人的袜子时,你表露出的那种无法掩饰的失望表情。Gifting is a heartwarming tradition. It#39;s the thought that counts. I am not supposed to care. I am a bad person.送礼物是一种让人感觉温馨的优良传统,重在心意。我本不该在乎礼物轻重的,我真是个地道的大坏蛋。There#39;s even worse.还有更糟糕的。Chinese New Year gambling is just out of hand.春节可谓是到了一发不可收拾的地步。Now that I have a job, I#39;m expected to bet real money at The Mahjong Table, a no man#39;s land filled with hidden agendas, treacherous scheming and Janus-faced traitors.现在,我有了一份工作,我盼着在麻将桌上动真格的赢点钱,如同无人区满藏各种制敌取胜的奸诈心计一样算计着赢钱。If you beat your elder relatives at mahjong one too many times, beware their wrath. It really hurts when you get hit by a mahjong tile.如果你打麻将总赢你的长辈亲戚们,当心惹恼他们是会向你飞来一个麻将牌的,麻将牌打到身上真是很疼的。 /201402/275155


  The point of articles such as these isn#39;t to dictate how you#39;re supposed to live. The point is to offer you different perspectives to consider, so you can make more conscious and deliberate choices for yourself.文章里的这些观点并不是要指示你如何生活,而是提供不同的思路供你参考,从而使你自己做出更为深思熟虑的选择。1. Get to know your authentic self.认清真实的自己。Discover the real you. Don#39;t blindly accept the role you were conditioned by others to fill. You have your own path to follow. Be your own independent person. Don#39;t allow peer pressure to force you into an inauthentic role。发现真实的自己。不要盲目接受别人习惯施加给你的角色。你有自己的路去走。成为独立自主的个体。不要在压力的屈从下扮演不真实的自己。 /201402/277626

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