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Called from a retirement which I had supposed was to continue for the residue of my life to full the chief executive office of this great and free nation,从我原以为将持续我的余生的隐退生活中被召唤来行使这一伟大而自由民族的行政长官之职,I appear before you,fellow citizens,同胞们,我在你们面前,to take the oaths which the Constitution prescribes as a neccessary qualification for the performance of its duties;来按照宪法的要求必须作执政资格的宣誓;and in obedience to a custom coeval with our Government and what I believe to be your expectations,并依照我们政府当前的惯例和我所认为是你们的希望,I proceed to present to you a summary of the principles which will govern me in the discharge of the duties which I shall be called upon to perform.我在此向你们进行关于在行使这一我被召唤上任的职责中将指引我的原则的概述。It was the remark of a Roman consul in an early period of that celebrated Republic that a most striking contrast was observable in the conduct of candidates for offices of power,and trust before and after obtaining them,在有名的罗马共和国的早期,有一位执政官道,公职权力和信任的候选者在得到它前,和得到它后的行为之间有明显的反差,they seldom carrying out in the latter case the pledges and promises made in the former.他们极少在后来执行他们在当初所做的保和允诺。However much the world may have improved in many respects in the lapse of upward of two thousand years since the remark was made by the virtuous and indignant Roman,尽管这个世界在自此高尚而愤慨的罗马人所作的以后的两千多年来已在很多方面大大改善,I fear that a strict examination of the annals of some of the modern elective governments would develop similar instances of violated confidence.我仍恐怕对一些现代选举政府的严格检查将显示出类似的违反信任的例子。Our Confederacy,fellow_citizens,can only be preserved by the same forbearance.同胞们,只能以相同的忍耐来保护我们的联盟。Our citizens must be content with the exercise of the powers with which the Constitution clothes them.我们的公民们必须以行使宪法赋予他们的权利而满足。The attempt of those of one State to control the domestic institutions of another can only result in feelings of distrust and jealousy,那些一州试图控制另一州的内部机构只会造成无信和嫉妒之心,the certain harbingers of disunion,violence,and civil war,分裂、暴力、内战,and the ultimate destruction of our free institutions.和最终毁坏我们自由体制的某些前兆。Our Confederacy is perfectly illustrated by the terms and principles governing a common copartnership.我们的联盟由管理一个共同合作关系的条件和原则来完善阐明。There is a fund of power to be exercised under the direction of the joint councils of the allied members,在联盟成员的联合议会的指导下,有一权力资源可被行使,but that which has been reserved by the individual members is intangible by the common Government or the individual members composing it.但是那些保留给单独成员的权力则不可为共同政府或制定它的个人所染指。To attempt it finds no support in the principles of our Constitution.试图如此无法在我们的宪法原则中找到依据。It should be our constant and earnest endeavor mutually to cultivate a spirit of concord and harmony among the various parts of our Confederacy.在我们联盟的各部分中互相养育和谐一致的精神应该是我持久而真诚的努力。Experience has abundantly taught us that the agitation by citizens of one part of the Union of a subject not confided to the General Government,以往的丰富经历告诉我们联盟中一部分公民关于一个事件的煽动,没有委托给联邦政府的,but exclusively under the guardianship of the local authorities,而仅在当地政府监督之下,is productive of no other consequences than bitterness,alienation,discord,只会造成怨恨、分裂、混乱,and injury to the very cause which is intended to be advanced.以及对它所企图改善的目标的伤害。Of all the great interest which appertain to our country,that of union cordial,confiding,fraternal union is by far the most important,since it is the only true and sure guaranty of all others.在我们国家的重大利益之中最为重要的是我们热情、可信,爱的联盟的利益,因为只有它是对所有他人的真正而肯定的保。In consequence of the embarrassed state of business and the currency,作为商贸和金融窘况的后果,some of the States may meet with difficulty in their financial concerns.某些州也许会在其财政上遇到困难。02/83577。

  • President Bush Attends White House Tee Ball Game on South Lawn THE PRESIDENT: Menudo, thank you. Yes, we're glad you're here. Opening Day 2008, tee ball on the South Lawn. (Applause.) I'm proud to be joined by the Commissioner for the day, Roberto Clemente, Jr. Bienvenido. (Applause.)MR. CLEMENTE: Gracias.THE PRESIDENT: Si. Roberto, I don't know if you know this or not, but we've got a special right field porch this year. This is an addition -- we might just call that Clemente Porch. After all, we did retire your dad's number this year.I'm so proud to welcome from Manati, Puerto Rico, the Little Angels. (Applause.) We're glad you're here. And from Camden, New Jersey, the mighty Red Sox. (Applause.) First base coach, Jose Rijo. (Applause.) He could deliver that fast ball in the best of times. Now with the Washington Nationals. Third base coach, Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce. Carlos, glad you're here. (Applause.) Congressman Rob Andrews -- Congressman, thanks for coming. We're sure proud you're here.Today we're very lucky to have our game called by Natalie Morales. Natalie, bienvenido. Thank you for coming.MS. MORALES: Gracias.THE PRESIDENT: Natalie happens to work for N's Today Show. We really appreciate you coming.MS. MORALES: Thank you, sir, for having me.THE PRESIDENT: No problem.Boy Scout Troop 457 from Rockville, Maryland, is with us today. Thanks for coming. (Applause.) Steve Keener, President of Little League America -- we're glad you're here, Steve. Thanks for coming back. Appreciate you supporting baseball throughout America.Laura and I are thrilled also to be joined today by our first pitch kind of semi-thrower-outers. (Laughter.) Angel Macias is with us. For those of you who follow Little League Baseball, you might remember, in 1957 -- es verdad?MR. MACIAS: Right.THE PRESIDENT: Si. He threw a perfect game for Monterrey, Mexico, in the Little League World Series, and Mexico went on to win the World Series. And we're so glad you're here. Welcome to the White House.And standing with you is Jake T. Austin, who happens -- who's going to be playing Angel in the movie --JAKE AUSTIN: Yes, I play Angel Macias in the movie.THE PRESIDENT: And what's the movie?JAKE AUSTIN: The movie is called, "The Perfect Game," and it's coming out in 2008, this year.THE PRESIDENT: -- 2008, yes. You probably recommend we all go see it.JAKE AUSTIN: We'd really appreciate it. (Laughter.)THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Well, Laura was suggesting, Jake T., that we actually have a showing here at the White House.JAKE AUSTIN: Great.THE PRESIDENT: Yes, see, he's for that.Before we get started, I do want the players to join me in the Little League Pledge. Are you y?I trust in God. I love my country, and will respect its laws. I will play fair and strive to win. But win or lose, I will always do my best.Play ball! (Applause.)200807/43117。
  • Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Vice President, my friends, you will understand and, I believe,首席大法官先生、副总统先生、朋友们,你们会理解,agree with my wish that the form of this inauguration be simple and its words brief.而且我相信也会赞同我的愿望,把这次就职典礼办成一个简简单单的仪式,而我则只发表一个简短的演说。We Americans of today, together with our allies, are passing through a period of supreme test.我们今天的美国人和我们的盟友一道,正经历一个最为严峻的考验时期。It is a test of our courage of our resolve of our wisdom our essential democracy.这是一次对我们的勇气、决心和智慧的考验,也是一次对我们根本性的民主制的考验。If we meet that test successfully and honorably we shall perform a service of historic importance which men and women and children will honor throughout all time.我们若能成功而光荣地经受住这次考验,那我们就可以创造具有重要历史意义的业绩,受到人民世世代代的纪念。As I stand here today, having taken the solemn oath of office in the presence of my fellow countrymen-in the presence of our God今天,我伫立于此,在我国同胞的面前,在我们上帝的面前,I know that it is Americas purpose that we shall not fail.进行了庄严的就职宣誓。当此之际,我深知美国的目标要求我们决不能失败。In the days and in the years that are to come we shall work for a just and honorable peace, a durable peace,在未来的岁月里,我们要致力于建设一种公正而光荣的和平,建设一种持久的和平,as today we work and fight for total victory in war.就像我们今天正在为战争的彻底胜利而工作和战斗一样。We can and we will achieve such a peace.我们能够而且必将获得这样一种和平。We shall strive for perfection. We shall not achieve it immediately—but we still shall strive.我们要为完美的局面而奋斗。我们不会马上达到目标,但我们仍要为之奋斗。We may make mistakes—but they must never be mistakes which result from faintness of heart or abandonment of moral principle.我们也许会犯下错误,但我们决不能因为丧失意志和抛弃道义原则而犯错误。I remember that my old schoolmaster, Dr. Peabody, said, in days that seemed to us then to be secure and untroubled: ;Things in life will not always run smoothly.我记得,在我们似乎感到安稳无忧的日子里,我们的老校长皮迪士说过:“生活中的事情并不总是一帆风顺的。Sometimes we will be rising toward the heights then all will seem to reverse itself and start downward.有时我们眼看就要登上顶峰,可是情况似乎很快急转直下,又开始走下坡路了。The great fact to remember is that the trend of civilization itself is forever upward;但我们要牢记一个重要事实:文明本身的趋向永远是向上的,that a line drawn through the middle of the peaks and the valleys of the centuries always has an upward trend.;如果从数个世纪的高峰和低谷之间划出的中线来看,这条线一直都是呈上升趋势的。”02/439843。
  • President Bush Discusses Financial Markets and World EconomyTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Please be seated. Thank you. Larry, thank you for the introduction. Thank you for giving Laura and me a chance to come to this historic hall to talk about a big issue facing the world. And today I appreciate you giving me a chance to come and for me to outline the steps that America and our partners are taking and are going to take to overcome this financial crisis.And I thank the Manhattan Institute for all you have done. I appreciate the fact that I am here in a fabulous city to give this speech. (Applause.) People say, are you confident about our future? And the answer is, absolutely. And it's easy to be confident when you're a city like New York City. After all, there's an unbelievable spirit in this city. This is a city whose skyline has offered immigrants their first glimpse of freedom. This is a city where people rallied when that freedom came under attack. This is a city whose capital markets have attracted investments from around the world and financed the dreams of entrepreneurs all across America. This is a city that has been and will always be the financial capital of the world. (Applause.)And I am grateful to be in the presence of two men who serve ably and nobly New York City -- Mayor Koch and Mayor Giuliani. Thank you all for coming. Glad you're here. (Applause.) I thank the Manhattan Institute Board of Trustees and its Chairman Paul Singer for doing good work, being a good policy center. (Applause.) And before I begin, I must say, I would hope that Ray Kelly would tell New York's finest how much I appreciate the incredible hospitality that we are always shown here in New York City. You're the head of a fabulous police force, and we thank you very much, sir. (Applause.)We live in a world in which our economies are interconnected. Prosperity and progress have reached farther than any time in our history. Unfortunately, as we have seen in recent months, financial turmoil anywhere in the world affects economies everywhere in the world. And so this weekend I'm going to host a Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy with leaders from developed and developing nations that account for nearly 90 percent of the world economy. Leaders of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the ed Nations, and the Financial Stability Forum are going to be there, as well. We'll have dinner at the White House tomorrow night, and we'll meet most of the day on Saturday.The leaders attending this weekend's meeting agree on a clear purpose -- to address the current crisis, and to lay the foundation for reforms that will help prevent a similar crisis in the future. We also agree that this undertaking is too large to be accomplished in a single session. The issues are too complex, the problem is too significant to try to solve, or to come up with reasonable recommendations in just one meeting. So this summit will be the first of a series of meetings.It will focus on five key objectives: understanding the causes of the global crisis, reviewing the effectiveness of our responses thus far, developing principles for reforming our financial and regulatory systems, launching a specific action plan to implement those principles, and reaffirming our conviction that free market principles offer the surest path to lasting prosperity. (Applause.)First, we're working toward a common understanding of the causes behind the global crisis. Different countries will naturally bring different perspectives, but there are some points on which we can all agree:Over the past decade, the world experienced a period of strong economic growth. Nations accumulated huge amounts of savings, and looked for safe places to invest them. Because of our attractive political, legal, and entrepreneurial climates, the ed States and other developed nations received a large share of that money.The massive inflow of foreign capital, combined with low interest rates, produced a period of easy credit. And that easy credit especially affected the housing market. Flush with cash, many lenders issued mortgages and many borrowers could not afford them. Financial institutions then purchased these loans, packaged them together, and converted them into complex securities designed to yield large returns. These securities were then purchased by investors and financial institutions in the ed States and Europe and elsewhere -- often with little analysis of their true underlying value.The financial crisis was ignited when booming housing markets began to decline. As home values dropped, many borrowers defaulted on their mortgages, and institutions holding securities backed by those mortgages suffered serious losses. Because of outdated regulatory structures and poor risk management practices, many financial institutions in America and Europe were too highly leveraged. When capital ran short, many faced severe financial jeopardy. This led to high-profile failures of financial institutions in America and Europe, led to contractions and widesp anxiety -- all of which contributed to sharp declines in the equity markets.These developments have placed a heavy burden on hardworking people around the world. Stock market drops have eroded the value of retirement accounts and pension funds. The tightening of credit has made it harder for families to borrow money for cars or home improvements or education of the children. Businesses have found it harder to get loans to expand their operations and create jobs. Many nations have suffered job losses, and have serious concerns about the worsening economy. Developing nations have been hit hard as nervous investors have withdrawn their capital.We are faced with the prospect of a global meltdown. And so we've responded with bold measures. I'm a market-oriented guy, but not when I'm faced with the prospect of a global meltdown. At Saturday's summit, we're going to review the effectiveness of our actions.Here in the ed States, we have taken unprecedented steps to boost liquidity, recapitalize financial institutions, guarantee most new debt issued by insured banks, and prevent the disorderly collapse of large, interconnected enterprises. These were historic actions taken necessary to make -- necessary so that the economy would not melt down and affect millions of our fellow citizens.In Europe, governments are also purchasing equity in banks and providing government guarantees for loans. In Asia, nations like China and Japan and South Korea have lowered interest rates and have launched significant economic stimulus plans. In the Middle East, nations like Kuwait and the UAE have guaranteed deposits and opened up new government lending to banks.In addition, nations around the world have taken unprecedented joint measures. Last month, a number of central banks carried out a coordinated interest rate cut. The Federal Reserve is extending needed liquidity to central banks around the world. The IMF and World Bank are working to ensure that developing nations can weather this crisis.This crisis did not develop overnight, and it's not going to be solved overnight. But our actions are having an impact. Credit markets are beginning to thaw. Businesses are gaining access to essential short-term financing. A measure of stability is returning to financial systems here at home and around the world. It's going to require more time for these improvements to fully take hold, and there's going to be difficult days ahead. But the ed States and our partner are taking the right steps to get through this crisis.In addition to addressing the current crisis, we will also need to make broader reforms to strengthen the global economy over the long term. This weekend, leaders will establish principles for adapting our financial systems to the realities of the 21st century marketplace. We will discuss specific actions we can take to implement these principles. We will direct our finance ministers to work with other experts and report back to us with detailed recommendations on further reasonable actions.One vital principle of reform is that our nations must make our financial markets more transparent. For example, we should consider improving accounting rules for securities, so that investors around the world can understand the true value of the assets they purchase.200811/56172。
  • 国际英文演讲高手 Chapter3-3暂无文本 200709/17879。
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