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BT: How do you suggest they track their progress toward their future goals? Are milestones like 21 and 30 important?BT:您是如何建议他们朝着未来目标不断进步的?21和30岁这样的里程碑时刻是不是特别重要?MJ: Absolutely. Milestones-21, 25, 30, New Year#39;s, birthdays, reunions-are important because they trigger self-reflection. Am I where I wanted to be by this age? Did I do what I said I would do this year? If not, why not. And if not now, when? A savvy 20something who interviewed me recently told me about a question she was advised to ask herself as she moved through adulthood: ;If you keep living your life exactly as it is, where will you be in 3 years?; If you don#39;t like the answer, now is the time to change course.MJ:没错。21岁、25岁、30岁、新年、生日、团聚日——这些都是里程碑时刻,因为它们能促人反思。到了这个年纪,我有没有处在自己想处的位置?我年初的计划完成了没?如果没完成,原因又是什么?如果现在不完成,那么什么时候可以完成?最近有个很有悟性的、20出头的女孩采访我,她告诉我,有人建议她在这几年中反复扪心自问:“如果你保持着今天的生活状态,3年后的你会是什么样子?” 如果得到的并不是你所喜欢的,那么现在就是洗心革面的时候。One way to keep yourself honest about the future is by making a timeline. At what age would I like to be out of this dead-end job? By when do I hope to be married? How old do I want to be when I try for my first child? It may not be cool to have a timeline, or to admit to having a timeline, but you don#39;t have to etch it in stone. It#39;s just a way of thinking about how your life might, or might not, be adding up.让自己诚实面对未来的方法之一是制定一个时间表。什么时候我才能跳出这份没前途的工作?我打算什么时候结婚?我打算几岁时要第一个孩子?虽然定计划这事儿听上去不是很酷,但是,你又没必要把它刻在石头上啊。这不过是种帮助你计划未来人生的方式。BT: About 25% of recent grads are unemployed, and 25% are underemployed. What is your advice for those who simply can#39;t find a job?BT:应届毕业生有25%找不到工作,还有25%的人做着大材小用的工作。你对于那些找不到工作的人有什么建议?MJ: Yes, half of 20somethings are un- or underemployed. But half aren#39;t, so my first piece of advice is to figure out how to get yourself into that group. Most often, the way to do this is through what is called ;the strength of weak ties.; The strength of weak ties is from sociologist Mark Granovetter#39;s work on social networks. What he found was that new information and opportunities usually come from outside of our inner circle. That foot-in-the-door at the company where you want to work isn#39;t going to come from your best friends-your strong ties-or you would aly be working there. That job lead is going to come from weak ties, or from people you hardly know. Email your aunt#39;s neighbor or that old professor or your roommate#39;s friend from college.MJ:没错,大约一半的20出头年轻人不是找不到工作,就是找不到称心如意的。但也有一半的人找到了。所以,我第一个建议是:想想自己怎么能从这一半跳到那一半的梯队中。通常来讲,要实现这一点,“弱关系的力量”很重要。所谓的“弱关系”是社会学家Mark Granovetter在研究社交网络时提出来的。他发现最新的信息和机会往往来自那些你最亲密人以外的圈子里。假如你想去某家公司工作,这个职业机会绝对不会来自你的挚友(即强关系),否则你早就进去工作了不是么。这个工作机会很可能来自弱关系,或者来自那些你几乎不认识的人。所以,给你大姨的邻居、学校里的老教授、或是大学室友的朋友发个邮件吧,说不定你就得到这份工作了。That#39;s how people are getting jobs-especially good jobs-even in a tough economy. Most 20somethings hate the idea of asking outsiders for favors, but those who won#39;t do this fall behind those who will. 20somethings who sit on the sidelines because of a bad economy will never catch up with those who figured out how to get in the game.工作就要这样去找,尤其是好工作。即使在经济不景气的情况下,也能找得到。很多20出头的年轻人不喜欢向不熟的人求助,于是他们便被那些愿意求助的同龄人甩在了后面,因为坐以待毙是永远也追不上积极进取的脚步的。For those 20somethings who aly have jobs but who are underemployed, it is crucial to remember that not all underemployment is the same. Be sure you have a job that is allowing you to earn some form of identity capital. Maybe you have a low-rung job at a hot company that adds value to your resume. Whatever you#39;re doing should make the next thing you#39;d like to try seem more possible.对于那些虽然找到了工作,但并不满意的年轻人,你们需要记住一点,那就是并非所有的不充分就业都是一样的。要确保你自己在干的是一份能为你挣得身份资本的工作。比如,你在一家炙手可热的公司虽然做着打杂的活儿,但它能给你简历添金。所以,你现在做的任何一件事,都应该是在为你的梦想铺路。 /201210/202931不靠谱的老爸老妈之一Will they never learn? Another set of worrying pictures show how parents can get it so, so wrong.难道他们永远学不会吗?——又一组令人堪忧的照片,许多父母未尽其责Usually, parents will do anything to keep their precious children out of harm#39;s way.通常来说,家长们总是竭尽所能地保护自己珍视的孩子,以免他们受到伤害。Whether it is preventing them from watching violent scenes on TV, or from riding on a white-knuckle ride at a theme park, they do their best to protect them from life#39;s dangers.无论是防止孩子观看电视上暴力血腥的画面,还是阻止孩子在主题公园坐惊险万分的过山车,父母们总是尽其所有来保护孩子免受危险。But, as these shocking pictures show, this rule does not apply to all parents.但是,就这些令人震惊的照片来看,并不是所有的父母都是如此。Disturbing: This father is pictured ing the adult magazine Playboy with his young child.困扰:这位父亲正与自己年幼的儿子共同津津有味地阅读着成人杂志《》。 /201304/234590

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