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A Lenovo smartphone unveiled last Thursday will be clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings — such as the room#39;s size and the presence of other people — and potentially transform how we interact with e-commerce, education and gaming.联想公司于上周四发布了一款新型智能手机。这款手机可以准确地获悉你所在的周边环境信息,比如感知房间大小及其他人的存在。这可能改变我们与电子商务、教育、游戏的互动方式。Today#39;s smartphones track location through GPS and cell towers, but that does little more than tell apps where you are. Tapping Google#39;s 3-year-old Project Tango , the new Phab2 Pro phone will use software and sensors to track motions and map building interiors, including the location of doors and windows.现在的智能手机通过GPS和信号塔跟踪定位,但这只是让手机应用定位你在哪儿而已。Google开发Project Tango长达3年时间,而Phab2 Pro将采用软件和传感器来实现运动追踪和探测地图建筑物内部情况,包括门窗的位置。That#39;s a crucial step in the promising new frontier in ;augmented reality,; or the digital projection of life like images and data into a real-life environment.这对具有前景的“增强现实”技术或数字投影到生活(就像是图像和数据应用到现实生活)是关键的一步。If Tango fulfills its promise, furniture shoppers will be able use the Phab2 Pro to download digital models of couches, chairs and coffee tables to see how they would look in their actual living rooms. Kids studying the Mesozoic Era would be able to place a virtual Tyrannosaurus or Velociraptor in their home or classroom — and even take selfies with one. The technology would even know when to display information about an artist or a scene depicted in a painting as you stroll through a museum.Tango技术应用若符合预期,购买家具的顾客将可以使用Phab2 Pro下载沙发、椅子和咖啡桌的数字模型,以便观察家具尺寸是否符合客厅实际尺寸。孩子们在学习中生代时期知识时,可以将虚拟的暴龙和迅猛龙放在家中或教室,甚至可以和这些恐龙自拍合影。这项技术甚至可以在你参观物馆时显示艺术家信息或画中描绘的场景信息。Tango will be able to create internal maps of homes and offices on the fly. Google won#39;t need to build a mapping database ahead of time, as it does with existing services like Google Maps and Street View. Nonetheless, Tango could raise fresh concerns about privacy if controls aren#39;t stringent enough to prevent the on-the-fly maps from being shared with unauthorized apps or heisted by hackers.Tango技术可以创建一个动态的家或办公室内部地图。谷歌不需要提前创建一个测绘数据库,正如现有务Google Maps和Google街景。虽然如此,倘若监管力度不够,无法防止即时地图信息被未授权的应用程序共享或被黑客入侵,Tango技术可能引发新一轮对隐私的担忧。Lenovo says the Phab2 Pro will sell for 0 when it begins shipping in the U.S. in August. The device is expected to be available throughout the world by mid-September, in advance of Apple#39;s anticipated release of the iPhone 7.联想公司表示,Phab2 Pro手机将于8月在美国上市,售价为500美元。这款手机全球上市时间预计约为9月中旬,早于苹果iPhone7手机预期发布时间。In another effort to put a new twist on smartphones, Lenovo also previewed the newest models in its Moto line, which it bought from Google two years ago.联想还发布的另一款新品,这是智能手机新的转折点。联想还发布了托罗拉品牌新机,该系列是联想于两年前从Google手中收购而来的。The Moto Z and Moto Z Force will both let people snap on additional equipment called ;Mods; to the back of the phones. The initial Mods include a speaker to amplify music, a projector for displaying photos and from the phone and a power pack that provides 22 hours of additional battery. The phones will be available exclusively in the U.S. through Verizon this summer before a global release in the fall.联想Moto Z和Moto Z Force手机可以使用额外的“模块”接驳到手机背部。最初的模块包括音乐播放器模块、投影机模块、外接电源模块,其中电源模块可再续航22小时。这款手机将于今年夏天由美国电信公司Verizon独家发行,早于今秋全球发行时间。The new phones are coming out as phone sales are slowing. People have been holding off on upgrades, partly because they haven#39;t gotten excited about the types of technological advances hitting the market during the past few years. Phones offering intriguing new technology such as Tango could help spur more sales.新款手机即将上市,但手机销售市场却正在放缓。人们对手机升级持观望态度,一部分原因是几年来,人们始终未发现有令他们感到兴奋的高科技产品进入市场。手机提供像Tango这样有趣的新技术,这有助于刺激手机市场消费。But Tango#39;s room-mapping technology is probably still too abstract to gain mass appeal right away, says Ramon Llamas, an analyst at the IDC research group. ;For most folks, this is still a couple steps ahead of what they can wrap their brains around, so I think there#39;s going to be a long gestation period,; Llamas says.然而IDC分析师雷蒙·拉玛斯表示,Tango的空间映射技术可能还是过于抽象,不会立刻赢得大众青睐。拉玛斯说:“对于大多数人来说,让他们接受这款产品仍需要一定的过程,所以我认为将会有一个漫长的酝酿期。”Other smartphones promising quantum leaps have flopped. Remember Amazon#39;s Fire phone released with great fanfare two years ago? That souped-up phone featured four front-facing cameras and a gyroscope so some images could be seen in three dimensions. The device also offered a tool called Firefly that could be used to identify objects and sounds. But the Fire fizzled, and Amazon no longer even sells the phone.其他智能手机的发展预期以为会突飞猛进,却以失败告终。还记得两年前亚马逊大张旗鼓的发布智能手机Fire吗?这款升级版手机装载四个前置摄像头和一个陀螺仪,以至于有些图像看起来有3D效果。该装置还提供了一个称为萤火虫的工具,可以用来识别物品和声音。但火势告吹,而亚马逊甚至不再销售这款手机。The Phab2 Pro also looks impressive, with a 6.4-inch display screen and four cameras to help perform its wizardry. Lenovo boasts the phone#39;s sensors can capture about 250,000 measurements per second.Phab2 Pro看起来也令人印象深刻,拥有6.4英寸的显示屏和四个摄像头,以助于展现其功能。联想扬言这款手机的传感器拥有每秒约25万频谱处理能力。Despite all the fancy hardware, the key to the Tango phone#39;s success is likely to hinge on the bth of compelling apps that people find useful in their everyday lives.不管手机硬件多么强大,搭载Tango技术的手机成功的关键在于,人们发现手机里那些引人注目的应用程序在日常生活中是有用的。Google previously released experimental Tango devices designed for computer programmers, spurring them to build about 100 apps that should work with the Phab2 Pro. Home improvement retailer Lowe#39;s is releasing an app that enables Phab2 Pro users to measure spaces with the phone and test how digital replicas of appliances and other decor would look around a house.谷歌此前发布的为电脑程序员设计的试验性Tango设备,激励他们开发出约100个Phab2 Pro手机适用的应用程序。家装用品零售商美国劳氏公司即将发布的一款应用程序可实现Phab2 Pro手机用户用手机测量空间及测试家居用品和房内其他装饰的数字模型是否适合房间尺寸。Both large and small tech companies are betting that augmented reality, or AR , will take off sooner than later. Microsoft has been selling a ,000 prototype of its HoloLens AR headset. Others, such as Facebook#39;s Oculus and Samsung, are out with virtual reality, or VR, devices. Google has one coming as well through its Daydream project. While AR tries to blend the artificial with your actual surroundings, VR immerses its users in a setting that#39;s entirely fabricated.大型和小型科技公司断言增强现实技术(AR)迟早会发展起来。微软的HoloLens AR眼镜售价3000美元。另外,Facebook的Oculus公司和三星均插足增强现实技术或虚拟现实设备。谷歌已经通过其Daydream项目开展了相关计划。尽管增强现实技术尝试人工实现与您周围的实际环境融合,但是虚拟现实技术使其用户深信这完全是捏造。The AR and VR devices out so far invariably require users to wear a headset or glasses. In many cases, they also must be tethered to more powerful personal computers, restricting the ability to move around.迄今为止,增强现实和虚拟现实设备总是要求用户佩戴耳机或眼镜。在多数情况下,这些设备必须结合更强大的计算机,限制了左右移动的可能性。None of that is necessary with the Phab2 Pro. Instead, you get an augmented look at your surroundings through the phone#39;s screen.Phab2 Pro手机完全不需要理会这些,相反,你可以通过手机屏幕更加真实地看到周围环境。;This has a chance to become pervasive because it#39;s integrated into a device that you aly have with you all the time,; says Jeff Meredith, a Lenovo vice president who oversaw development of the Tango device. ;You aren#39;t going to have to walk around a mall wearing a headset.;负责Tango设备开发的联想副总裁杰夫·梅雷迪思表示:“这使得手机能更广泛地被接受,因为它集合了人们已经拥有的所有设备,人们将不再需要戴着耳机逛商场。” /201606/450768B News – It has sent rockets into space, produced millions of the world#39;s smartphones and built high-speed trains. But until now, one bit of manufacturing had perhaps unexpectedly eluded China: the ballpoint pen.B新闻 – 它把火箭送入太空,生产出了世界上成千上百万部智能手机,造出了高铁。但到目前为止,制造业一个不起眼的部分或许出乎意料地难倒了中国:圆珠笔。A year ago Premier Li Keqiang went on national television and bemoaned the failure of his country to produce a good quality version of this seemingly-simple implement. Locally-made versions felt ;rough; compared to those from Germany, Switzerland and Japan, Mr Li complained.一年前,李克强总理在国家电视台发表讲话,慨叹中国无法制造出高质量的这种看似简单的用具。国产圆珠笔与德国、瑞士和日本产圆珠笔相比显得“粗糙”,李克强抱怨说。The problem was not the body of the pen, but the tip - the tiny ball that dispenses ink as you write. It might be something we take for granted, but making them requires high-precision machinery and very hard, ultra-thin steel plates.问题不在笔身,而在笔尖 – 书写时出墨水的细小圆珠。这可能是我们不当回事的东西,但制造圆珠需要高精度机械设备和硬度非常高的超薄钢板。Without that ability, China#39;s 3,000 penmakers have had to import this crucial component from abroad, costing the industry a reported 120m yuan (.3m) a year.没有那个能力的话,中国3千家圆珠笔制造商不得不从国外进口这种关键部件,据报道每年耗费该行业1.2亿元(合1730万美元)。But according to People#39;s Daily, the state-owned Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co thinks it has cracked the problem, after five years of research. The first batch of 2.3-millimetre ballpoint pen tips has recently rolled off its production lines, the paper says.但根据《人民日报》,国营太原钢铁公司经过5年研究已经攻克了这个难题。第一批2.3毫米的圆珠笔尖最近已经下了生产线,该报说。And once lab tests are completed, it#39;s expected China could phase out pen tip imports completely within two years.而一旦完成实验室测试,中国有望在两年内逐步彻底结束圆珠笔尖进口。 /201701/487871美国学生与中国学生教育的十大区别1、考上大学 美国学生为了能从大学毕业,上了大学才开始好好学习,中国学生为了考上大学而拼命学习,上了大学就不再好好学习。(注:美国大学“宽进严出”;中国大学“严进宽出”) 2、向老师发问 在课堂上,美国学生为了装懂而向老师发问,还认为坐的横七竖八才能更好与老师交流。 中国学生则为了装懂而不向老师发问,还认为坐的端端正正是对老师的尊敬。 3、解题方法 如果老师给出同一道题目:“现在是12点整,时针和分针正好重合,请问要经过多长时间时针和分针才能再次重合?”老师语音刚落,美国学生的反应是不约而同的拨动腕上的手表,用这种其实很聪明的“笨方法”,看时针和分针什么时候才能再次重合。而在场的中国学生立即拿出纸和笔,埋头列出一大堆公式并开始计算。 4、受教育方式 美国学生的受教育方式是“放羊”,十分轻松,所以他们大多数喜欢异想天开,想象力无比丰富。 中国学生的受教育方式是一种“填鸭”,辛苦的很,题海战术他们不怕,怕就怕那种脑筋急转弯的问题,因为有的时候,他们确实转不过弯来。 5、数学头脑 美国学生一般不大有数学头脑,不得不长期依赖电子计算器。 中国学生都是数学天才,口算心算水平一流。 如果中国学生告诉美国学生,我们能够不用计算机做四位数的乘除法,甚至能够徒手开平方根,那美国学生看中国学生的眼神,肯定像看见了撒谎的小木偶的长鼻子一样。 6、零用钱 美国学生的父母说:“我们不得不通知你,你这个月的零用钱已经超出预算了。去,把车库打扫一下,把游泳池刷一刷,或把家里打扫一遍,我们就可以在给你一些零用钱。” 中国学生的父母说:“零用钱用完了吗?没钱就自己到抽屉里去拿。” 7、旅游 美国学生对自己的父母说:“我已经攒够钱了,我要去旅游了。” 中国学生对自己的父母说:“我要去旅游了,请给我一笔钱。” 8、女朋友 美国学生把女朋友带回家自豪的对父母说:“这是我女朋友。” 中国学生面对着自己已经被撬开的日记,看着气急败坏的父母,心虚的说:“我没有早恋·····” 9、新赛车 美国学生喜欢夸耀自己:“瞧,这是我自己组装的新车。” 中国学生喜欢夸耀自己的长辈:“看,这是我爸爸给我买的新车。” 10、自己做主 美国学生的父母对他们说:“亲爱的,你已经长成一个男子汉了,自己的事情应该自己做主,不要老是依赖我们给你提意见。” 中国学生的父母对他们吼到:“放肆!翅膀长硬了是不是?敢把我的话当耳旁风?告诉你,就算你长出胡子,还是我们儿子,还得听我们的。”美国教育体制和中国教育体制的区别中国学校对孩子进行考试,目的是为了发现问题,淘汰之.美国学校对孩子进行考试,目的是为了发现问题,改善之.美国学校的考试机制是学什么,考什么.中国学校的考试机制是考什么,学什么.学什么,考什么,是考试为了教育务.考什么,学什么,是教育为了考试务.这就是中国与美国教育的不同之处! /200803/31608

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled a “master plan” for his Tesla electric car company this month.本月,亿万富翁企业家埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)公布了一份其电动汽车公司特斯拉(Tesla)的“宏伟蓝图”(master plan)。The reviews, it would be fair to say, were far from delivering a verdict of mastery. Investors harrumphed over his desire to branch out into solar energy. Analysts complained about scant details. Tesla’s stock sagged. It seemed that the man who is often said to be the inspiration for Tony Stark, the brash tycoon in the Iron Man movies, might finally have lost his knack for vision.可以这么说,外界对此项规划的反响欠佳,认为它算不得高明。投资者对马斯克将公司业务拓展至太阳能领域的计划嗤之以鼻。分析师抱怨该规划缺乏细节。特斯拉股价下跌。人们常说,《钢铁侠》系列电影中傲慢自负的企业大亨托尼#8226;斯塔克(Tony Stark)就是以马斯克为原型创作出来的,但马斯克本人似乎最终失去了展望未来的才能。Yet in one respect at least, namely the clarity of the master plan itself, Mr Musk retained his power to impress — giving a masterclass in jargon-free business communication that others would do well to copy.不过,至少在一个方面——即这份规划本身的清晰性上——马斯克仍然有让人耳目一新的能力——在不用专业术语进行商业沟通方面为人们呈现了大师级一课,其他人最好也模仿这一点。From self-driving cars to space rockets, Mr Musk’s ambitions veer towards the madcap. A few days ago he bounded on to a stage in Nevada, at the site of what will become the world’s largest industrial building: the Tesla “gigafactory”.从自动驾驶汽车到航天火箭,马斯克的雄心开始变得狂妄。几天前,他跳上内华达州的一个舞台上,那里将建起全世界最大的工业建筑——特斯拉“超级工厂”(gigafactory)。This giant bn factorysite will eventually churn out batteries designed to power many of the company’s products, helping to fuel its broader expansion. Yet while Mr Musk’s growth strategy is often grandiose, his ability to explain it is not.这个计划投资50亿美元的巨型工厂将生产该公司很多产品会用到的电池,帮助推动特斯拉的总体扩张。不过,尽管马斯克的发展战略往往华而不实,但他解释的能力并非如此。Start with length. His master plan was brief: a crisp 1,500 words or so, covering about two sides of A4. It used short words and sentences, and contained little in the way of jargon, meaning just about anyone who it would be able to understand what it said.先说长度。他的宏图简明扼要:短短1500个单词左右,长度大概占满了A4纸的正反两面。用的是简短的单词和句子,几乎不用术语,这意味着基本上所有阅读该规划的人都能理解。There was no PowerPoint, no fancy diagrams, and no accompanying pictures of smiling children. Instead, it laid out what Mr Musk planned to donamely: make cheaper cars and trucks under the Tesla brand, branch out into solar energy, and press on with plans to make cars that drive themselves.没有PPT,没有花哨的图表,也没有面带微笑的孩子的配图。相反,可以说它罗列了马斯克计划要做的事情:制造更便宜的特斯拉品牌的汽车和卡车,业务拓展至太阳能领域,继续推进自动驾驶汽车的生产计划。This didn’t please everyone. Investors are wary in particular of Mr Musk’s .6bn move to buy SolarCity, a solar power company, which wrapped up on Monday. Some question the financial logic of that deal. Others worry about conflicts of interest: the South African-born entrepreneur is SolarCity’s chairman, while the chief executive is his cousin.这并不能让所有人满意。投资者尤其担心马斯克斥资26亿美元收购太阳能公司SolarCity的举动(周一刚刚完成收购)。一些人质疑该交易背后的财务逻辑。其他人则担心其中的利益冲突:这位出生在南非的企业家是SolarCity的董事长,而首席执行官是他的表弟。But either way, Mr Musk at least made the case for the acquisition in straightforward terms, arguing that he had always wanted to build a sustainable energy company, rather than one that made only cars.但是,不管怎样,马斯克至少以直截了当的方式阐释了收购理由,他表示自己一直希望成立一家可持续能源公司,而不是一家只制造汽车的公司。“We can’t do this well if Tesla and SolarCity are different companies, which is why we need to combine [them],” he wrote.“如果特斯拉和SolarCity是两家独立的公司,这一目的则很难实现。因此,我们必须通过整合来消除作为两家独立公司所固有的障碍。”他写道。Not everything in the plan was perfect. The title, “Master Plan, Part Deux”, referring to a plan produced a decade ago, is more than a little hubristic.在该规划中,并非一切都是完美的。标题《特斯拉宏图之第二篇章》(Master Plan, Part Deux)(第一篇章制定于10年前),不是一般的傲慢。Jargon is not entirely absent: at one point Mr Musk talks about “highly differentiated solar”, a concept that left me scratching my head. Perhaps his biggest mistake was talking up the safety of his self-driving cars without mentioning directly why people were worried about this issue — namely the death in May of a Tesla driver, who had been using the car’s autopilot system.整篇中也并非全然没有术语:马斯克在某处谈到了“高度差异化的太阳能”——这个概念令我百思不得其解。或许他最大的问题是,他对自己公司的自动驾驶汽车的安全性大谈特谈,却不绝口不提人们为何会担心安全问题——今年5月一名使用自动驾驶系统的特斯拉驾驶员身亡。Even so, the clear, concise writing style Mr Musk deployed remains both unusual and welcome, not least for the way it makes the company’s plans comprehensible to those who might buy his cars, or work in his factories.即便如此,马斯克简洁明了的写作风格不同寻常且受人欢迎,特别是因为,通过这种方式,无论是特斯拉汽车的潜在买家还是在其工厂工作的员工,都能够理解该公司的发展计划。Yet few corporate leaders copy it. Many persist in pretending that their businesses are more complex than they really are. Others pick up bad habits in business schools, listening to management experts who are rewarded for dreaming up convoluted ways of describing simple problems.不过,没有多少企业领导人能做到这一点。很多人常故弄玄虚,把企业说得比实际情况更复杂。其他人则习得了商学院的坏习惯,听取那些以把简单问题变复杂而获得报酬的管理学专家的教诲。The entrepreneurial titans of Silicon Valley are far from guilt-free in all this. The tech sector, especially in areas such as business software or IT outsourcing, is often among the worst offenders for speaking in a linguistic code of its own creation.硅谷的商业巨头也未能免俗。科技行业,特别是商业软件或IT外包等领域,往往是使用自己创造的语言代码的重灾区。Yet every now and then, people like Apple’s Steve Jobs or Mr Musk come along, who seem to have the self-confidence to cut out much of the blah that otherwise dogs their professions. When they do, they should be congratulated. Plain English alone is not going help Mr Musk make good on his vision for electric cars and sustainable energy. But it can’t hurt.不过,时常会有像苹果(Apple)的史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)或马斯克这样的人物出现。他们似乎有自信抛弃大部分的废话,否则会影响他们的专业性。当他们这么做时,应该得到称赞。只靠简单明了的语言,无法帮助马斯克实现他对电动汽车和可持续能源的愿景。但这也不会有损他的宏伟蓝图。 /201608/458760

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