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1. You never really say goodbye1.你永远不会真正说再见It is sad, unsettling, and a really uncomfortable feeling to be okay for days, weeks, and years, rarely ever thinking about them or their voice or their face. Then suddenly, bam, there they are again, haunting your thoughts. Making you wish you had tried harder to keep them.几天几周几年感到悲伤和真的不舒还好,偶尔还是会想起他们,想起他们的声音或者面容。然后你的感情就突然崩溃了,他们又开始在你的脑海中挥之不去。让你希望自己当时应该更加努力来挽留他们。Maybe you go into Facebook stalker-mode and try to learn everything that has happened since you last spoke. You tell yourself to just say goodbye and let it go. But I am telling you not to. Remember how this person made you feel. Remember that love.或许你会去Facebook开启跟踪狂模式,想知道在你们最后一次谈话之后他身边发生的一切。你告诉自己说再见,让感情消散。但是我要告诉你不要这样做。要记住这个人给你的感觉。记住那段爱青。2. You can love another person2.你可以爱上另一个人Rekindle it. Recycle it. Put it into something or someone else. Because if you are capable of loving one person this deeply, you can love another. Do not do yourself the injustice of giving up on love just because one got away. We all lose big fish once in a while. Pick up your tackle box. Move on to the next watering hole.重新点燃爱情之火。回收你的感情。将你的爱放到其他事情或者其他人身上。因为如果你能深爱上一个人,你也能爱上另一个人。不要因为一段爱情消散不去,就对自己不公平而放弃爱情。我们都会偶尔错失大鱼。拎着你的钓鱼盒,继续到另一个水坑中钓鱼。3. That rejection prepares you for life3.拒绝是生活给你准备好的礼物It sucks, and it hurts. Your heart remembers the initial shock of realizing they are not yours time and time again. But that is okay too. You know why? That rejection prepares you for life.被拒绝很讨厌,很伤人。你的心里一次次回忆当你意识到他们不是你的时候的最初的震惊。但是这也没什么。你知道为什么。因为拒绝是生活给你准备好的礼物。You get stronger when you realize that you have survived without the person you thought you couldn’t live without. Then take a look at their life, key to their happiness, and realize that while this person is not with you, they are happy as well.当你意识到你之前以为没有那个人你就活不下去,但是你却活得很好的时候,你就会变得更加坚强。然后看一下他们的生活,他们幸福的关键,意识到当这个人没有你的时候,他们也依然快乐。 /201701/489944

1. Tune into what truly motivates you1.找到真正能激发你的动机For a lot of people, the initial reason to diet is to be thinner; however, this motivation is not always enough when more important things take priority in life, such as having energy to go about your day, building a career and being present for your family.对于许多人来说,节食的初衷都是想变得更加苗条;然而,当生活中更加重要的事情处于优先地位的时候,比如每天有足够的精力生活,巩固自己的事业以及养家糊口等,这一动机并不总是足够强大。When my energy level started to affect my social life and college life, my motivation shifted and accelerated because attention was now drawn to one of my highest values: my health. I realized that striving to be healthy just so that I could be thin was not helping me in the long run if my body was suffering.当我的精力水平开始影响我的社会生活和大学生活的时候,我的动机开始转变并且增加,因为我的注意力现在开始逐渐成为我最高的价值观:我的健康。我发现努力保持健康来让自己苗条,如果我的身体很难受的话,这并不能长此以往地帮助我。To be truly committed to creating a healthy lifestyle, you need to be driven by something of high value to you, across all areas of your life, such as your health and vitality (what keeps you alive and thriving so you have the energy to be with your friends and family, to excel in your career, to travel, etc.).真正下决心来开始一种健康的生活方式,你需要被某种很高的价值观来驱使,这种价值观需要贯穿你生活的所有领域,比如你的健康和活力(这是保持你的生机和活力的重要因素,而且能让你有精力和你的朋友家人在一起,在事业上获得提升,去旅游等)。Use this to remind yourself why you need to be healthy to live a fulfilling life now; don’t wait until you’re burnt out and sick to value your health.现在就用这一点来提醒自己为何需要保持健康来充实自己的生活;不要等到你精疲力竭,生病的时候再重视你的健康。2. Eating healthily doesn’t mean becoming a vegetarian or vegan2.饮食健康并不意味着要变成素食主义者或者严格素食主义者When I changed my perspective on health, I also realized that some of my old beliefs about health were not helping me. I used to believe that being healthy means only eating foods with fat-free labels, eating just under the recommended daily calorie requirements, and never eating avocados, nuts or other foods that are naturally high in fat.当我将自己的观点转向健康的时候,我也意识到,我对于健康的一些陈旧的想法并没有帮助我。我之前曾相信健康就意味着只能吃贴着零脂肪标签的食物,只按照每天需要的卡路里需求来吃东西,而且从来不吃牛油果,坚果或者其他天然含有高脂肪的食物。 /201702/493716

  Designed to help frequent flyers bypass airport baggage queues, reduce baggage fees and virtually eliminate the risk of lost luggage, this modular Airport Jacket features 14 pockets and two detachable ;pocket panels; that fit around 15 kilograms of luggage.为了帮助经常坐飞机的乘客避开托运行李的长龙,节省行李费,并有效地降低行李丢失的风险,组合式“机场夹克”设计了14个口袋、两个可以容纳15公斤行李的可拆卸“口袋布块”。;With airlines beginning to charge for overhead carry-on baggage as well as severely restricting baggage allowances for the low fare economy traveler, my partner and I have designed a modular jacket that allows you to wear your laptop, tablet, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, five t-shirts, a jumper and an SLR camera,; designer Claire Murphy explains.设计师克莱尔?墨菲称,“由于航空公司开始对超重的手提行李收取费用,并严格限制经济舱旅客的行李限重额,我和我的爱人设计了一款组合式夹克,它可以让你随身携带笔记本电脑、平板电脑、两双鞋、一条裤子、5件T恤以及一件套头衫和一台单反相机。”;It totals 14 deep pockets, including eight pockets at hip length, 11 pockets at three-quarter length and 14 pockets at full length. It includes two detachable pocket panels, and a carry-on size duffle bag.;“这件夹克全身上下共有14个大口袋,长度齐臀时包含8个口袋,大半身长度的夹克包含11个口袋,长度最长时包含14个口袋。夹克包含两个可拆卸的布块以及一个大小可随身携带的行李袋。”Claire and Benke Murphy came up with the idea for the Airport Jacket while traveling home with their newborn child. They had so much extra carry-on luggage, because of the baby, that the airline tried to charge them 0 for it, more than the cost of their tickets.克莱尔和本基?墨菲带着他们刚出生的宝宝回家时在路上想出了“机场夹克”的点子。由于带着婴儿,他们的随身行李超重太多,航空公司因此要向他们收取140美元的超重费,这比他们的机票还要贵。So they had to put clothes, gadget chargers, diapers and toys into their pockets, until they were just over the weight limit. They dodged the tax, but everything was sticking out of their pockets and it was a pretty uncomfortable plane ride. That#39;s when they decided that there was a massive need for a solution to this problem, and the idea for the Airport Jacket was born.所以他们不得不把衣、小充电器、尿布以及玩具装进口袋里,直到刚好达到超重限额。虽然他们不用缴纳超重费了,但是这趟飞行相当的不舒,所有东西都从口袋里冒了出来。于是他们认为非常有必要解决这个问题,“机场夹克”的点子就此诞生了。;Wearers need simply slide their luggage into the jacket pockets when checking in and boarding the flight, and once safely off the plane the jacket can easily be unzipped and transformed into a duffle bag capable of holding both the jacket plus all items in the pockets,; Juice Promotions Australia, the company behind this unique product, claims.这件奇葩夹克的生产商Juice Promotions Australia称,“穿着者只需要在办理登机手续和登机时将他们的行李放进衣口袋里,安全着陆之后,就可以轻松将外套压缩并改造成一只行李袋,提着衣和口袋里所有的行李。”However, people have been raising questions about the utility of the Airport Jacket, specifically the nuisance of going through security checkpoints with it. They are arguing that having to take out all the gadgets and then putting them back into the pockets is not worth the few tens of dollars you save on a checked luggage. But Benke Murphy claims that they did not have any problems with that during the testing period.然而,有人对机场夹克的实用性始终存在怀疑,特别是它在过安检时带来的不便。他们认为,要省下几十美元的行李托运费你就必须把所有小玩意儿从口袋里掏出来再装回去,这样太不值得。但是本基称,他们在测试阶段过安检时没有遇到任何麻烦。;Walking though airport security is not an issue. The Airport Jacket only needs to be worn when checking in and at the boarding gate,; he said. ;When passing airport security, items that need to be taken out of the Airport Jacket are usually a laptop and electronics, which you can easily pull out. Airport security are not looking at how you store your luggage, they are checking the contents of your luggage so we have not experienced an issue as long as you follow guidelines for carry-on luggage.;他说,“过机场安检不是问题。你只需要在办理登机手续和登机时穿上‘机场夹克’。通过机场安检时,一般只需要从口袋中拿出笔记本电脑和电子产品,这些东西很容易取出来。机场安检不会管你如何存放行李,他们检查的是行李中的物品,所以我们从来没遇到过麻烦。你只要遵守手提行李的有关规定就可以了。”The makers of the Airport Jacket are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, trying to raise $AU100,000. But things aren#39;t going that great. They#39;ve only raised $AU3,675 so far, although they still have 37 days to go, so it#39;s definitely still doable. And even if this fail, they may still find a way to get it to market.最近,“机场夹克”生产商在Kickstarter网站上发起了一项众筹活动,试图筹集10万澳元。但是事情进展的并不顺利。他们目前只募集到了3675澳元,不过他们的众筹活动离结束还有37天,所以绝对还是有希望的。而且就算这次失败了,他们仍然可以另辟蹊径。 /201702/493452

  3.Don#39;t Be Picky3.不要吹毛求疵Even as little as 100 years ago women did not have much choice about the men they would marry. These days#39; generation Y and millennial women are extremely picky. They want a man who is their intellectual equal, educated to a similar level, with the same earning capacity. 甚至100年前,女人并没有很多的机会选择自己的结婚对象。目前Y代(25岁以下的)女孩和千禧女孩都极度吹毛求疵。她们想要一个与之智力和教育水平相当、挣钱能力相等的男子。However, in our current society this causes problems. As seen in point 4 above, the bidder who holds out because they believe they have a strong hand and can hold out for the very best are often outbid.然而,这些吹毛求疵的行为在我们现代社会引发了问题。正如上述的四点,那些出价较高(标准比较高)的“投标人”坚持还没结婚是因为她们相信自己有强劲的双手,会坚持找到最好的男人。但是合乎条件的男子少之又少。Research into why the pool of eligible, college educated men seems to shrink with age has shown that many of the most eligible married at a young age. 研究表明,受过大学教育的男子的上学年龄似乎在小龄化,所以大部分符合条件的男子在很年轻的时候结婚了。Not always to the most desirable or attractive women but to those who actually decided to marry them.他们结婚的对象不是那些有魅力、有吸引力的女人,而是那些真的下决心想嫁给他们的女人。What this tells us is that you should not be so confident that you hold out too long. Is it really important that the man of your dreams is above a certain height? Does he have to have a set minimum qualification?这就告诉我们不能自信满满地坚持太久。你想象中的男人水平高低与否,这真的很重要吗?他一定要有最低限制条件吗?Only you can decide what your minimum standards are but if you are looking for perfection you may find yourself without anyone.最低标准只能由自己制定,如果希望寻找完美伴侣,你会发现你只能找到你自己。2.Date Outside Your Socio-Economic Class2.与社会经济学课堂外的人约会Despite some regional variation the national trend for gender imbalance in college educated millennials and generation #39;y#39;ers means that some college educated women will never be able to marry a man with the same level of education that they have. 尽管存在一些地区性的差异,但是大学里,千禧代和Y时代男女不均的趋势意味着一些受过高等教育的女性可能不会嫁给与自己学历相当的人。What can they do about it? Other than remaining single or dating other women the only option available to the #39;surplus#39; is to date outside of their socio-economic book.那她们怎么办呢?与其一直单身或者同其他女性约会,这些“剩斗士”的唯一选择就是放下社会经济学书,与其他人约会。It stands to reason that if slightly more boy babies are born than girl babies then the boys have to go somewhere. If it is not college where is it? Men have many more job and even career opportunities such as roughnecking or joining the police, fire service or military after leaving high school than are on offer to their female peers. 既然男性的出生率微高与女性,显然这些男性肯定是去了某些地方。比起同龄女性,男性有更多的工作机会甚至职业生涯的选择。比如:变成粗人或是加入警队、消防队或在高中毕业之后参军。It is striking that the gender imbalance amongst high earning non-college graduates is the exact opposite of that amongst college-graduates. There are more men and they are desperate to meet women.令人吃惊的是,性别失衡情况在非大学毕业的高收入人群与大学毕业人群中正好相反。非大学毕业的高收入的男性非常渴望结识女性。While college educated men will sometimes marry a non-college educated woman it has, historically, been extremely rare for women to #39;marry down#39;. 然而,受过大学教育的男性通常会娶没有上过大学的女性。纵观历史,极少有女性会嫁给比自己学历低的男性。This trend is changing, particularly in the African-American community where many more women have a college education than men and it is something that college-educated women who want to marry should think about very carefully.这样的趋势正逐渐改变,尤其是在非洲裔美国人社区,这些地方拥有大学学历的女性比男性多得多。这些受过高等教育的女性在选择“下嫁”的时候就更应该考虑清楚了。A #39;mixed-collar#39; marriage has the potential to provide career oriented women with many benefits, not least a husband with more time to support them in their professional aspirations by taking on more of the share of housework and childcare duties.一段混合阶层婚姻可能会为事业型女性带来更多的便利,至少她们的丈夫会花更多的时间去分担家务和照顾孩子以持她们的职业抱负。1.Use Ultimatums1.使用最后通牒As there is now no social stigma to living together before marriage there is no social pressure on men to settle down. 如今,婚前同居在社会上已经不是什么可耻的事情了,男性也没有需要安稳下来的社会压力。They can have their cake and eat it, living with a woman who may or may not be their #39;forever#39; partner while still remaining free enough to dump her and go off with a more marriageable prospect should she come along. 他们可以兼得鱼与熊掌,与一个不知能否与自己成为终身伴侣的女性同住,同时又可以自由地选择是否甩掉她,去与那个更有可能结婚的她远走天涯。Anecdotally, most people will know of some women who spent years in a relationship, expecting it to lead to marriage and children, only to be dumped when they hit their mid or late 30s.说来有趣,很多人都知道有那么一些女性,她们恋爱多年,本应为人妻母,可却在中年时期遭人抛弃。If you find yourself in a relationship with a man who is just not willing to propose one who tells you he is not sure if he is yet y, you have two options. You can ride it out and wait for a proposal that may never happen or you can issue an ultimatum. 如果你处于恋爱之中,但男方却迟迟不提出求婚,或者一直说他不确定自己是不是准备好与你结婚。那么你有两个选择,忽略这件事并等待那个可能永远不会发生的求婚,或者使出杀手锏。Say that unless you get a proposal in the next (x) months you will be leaving the relationship. This may seem drastic but you owe it to yourself to be firm.告诉他,如果不在接下来的几个月内提出求婚的话,那么你就要提出分手。这似乎太过极端,但是为了使自己受到公平对待,这么做值了。If your partner refuses to accept the ultimatum it shows that he was never intending to marry you in the first place, you were, in effect, his placeholder. 如果你的男朋友拒绝接受最后通告,这也就表明他从未将你当做结婚的第一人选。事实上,你就是他的一个备胎而已。The British have a descriptive name for such men – #39;cocklodgers#39; – you can guess what cock is slang for! 英国人给这样的男性起了个贴切的名字——“公鸡房客”——你可以猜到公鸡是一个多么不堪的俚语!If your partner truly does love you but has just not felt the urgency to propose your ultimatum will serve to issue a warning, #39;get off your butt or you will be dumped#39; and have to start all over again.如果你的伴侣真的爱你,但是对你的通牒并不紧张,这将是一个警告,“赶紧离开,不然你就要被甩啦”,到时一切又是从头再来。You may love a man very much but if you want to have children be aware that IVF is still not guaranteed and is extremely costly. You may be fertile into your later years but the chances are against you. 可能你深爱着某人,但是如果想要生孩子的话,你得知道试管受精的成功率是不能保障的,并且费用也十分高昂。接下来的几年你可能会生育孩子,但情况可能对你不利。If you want children you owe it to yourself to see whether your partner is the one to have them with or get out and find someone new.如果你想要孩子,你有责任去看看你的伴侣是值得,还是你应该一脚踹掉再找个新的。If you are an unmarried college educated woman and ing this article, don#39;t feel too bad. There are just not enough college men out there out there. 如果你是一个受过大学教育的未婚女性,读到这篇文章时请不要觉得难过。因为真的只是没有足够的大学毕业男性为你选择。This has a big impact not only on your chances of marrying but on the behavior men expect of you prior to marriage.这不仅对你的结婚机会有很大影响,也会影响男性对你婚前行为的预期。If you are a woman in your 20s and living in a gender imbalanced society then the chances are that the men your age are interested in #39;hooking up#39; and not dating.如果你是一名二十来岁女性,生活在性别不均衡的社会,那么在你这个年纪的男性有可能喜欢“鬼混”而非真正的约会。This is not a problem, if that is what you want to do; sexual mores have changed and women are as entitled to enjoy hooking up as men, but do not feel pressured into doing something you would not otherwise want to do just to have a #39;date#39;.如果这是你想要的话,那没问题。性观念已经改变,女性也和男性一样喜欢鬼混,不过不要为了来场约会而有压力并去做一些你不想做的事情。You should also be aware that while you are spending your 20s chasing and competing for men to hook up with for a short while, your time is running out. 你要警醒,当你的青春花费在为了一时乐子追求男人时,时光一去不复返。When men of your age look to marry they will have a much larger pool to choose from than you do – you may be looking at men of a similar age to you, they will be looking at women in both their 20s and 30s.当同龄男性准备结婚时,他们的选择范围会比你宽很多。你或许在找同龄的男性,可他们却能同时选择二十几岁和三十几岁的女性。Think carefully about the type of man you want to spend time with. There are men out there who may not make the appearance grade (too short, too bald etc) but who are good, kind and would make an excellent husband. 认真想想你到底想要和什么样的人度过余生。有那么些男性,他们可能外表不是很好(太矮,秃头等等),但是他们优秀、心地善良并很可能是不错的丈夫人选。Men without a college degree are desperate for wives (all the women in their socio-economic group have gone to college and are competing with you for a tiny pool of men). 没有上过大学的男性极度渴望娶妻(在他们所属社会经济圈中的女性都上过大学并正与你竞争一小波男性)。Don#39;t value yourself so highly that you never engage in the dating scene because you are waiting for your version of Mr Absolutely Right (he might turn out to be a total tool who strings you along with vague mutterings of marriage and then dumps you for a better model). 不要太自我感觉良好,也不要为了等到你心目中的那个真正的白马王子而一直不约会(他很可能最终会将你和满腹牢骚的婚姻连结起来,最后为了一个更好的对象而将你抛弃。)Equally be aware of your value enough to tell a man what you expect (I will date you for 6 months but if we are not going to marry after that I have to call it off) rather than just wait around for him to make a decision that impacts your future.同样的,请足够重视你自己的价值,告诉对方你的期待(比如我会和你约会6个月,但是如果之后我们没有结婚的想法的话,那我就会分手),而不是仅仅是等待对方来做决定,影响自己的未来。 /201609/465901。


  Toddlers who spend time playing on smartphones and tablets seem to get slightly less sleep than those who do not, say researchers.研究人员称,花时间玩智能手机和平板电脑的幼儿似乎比不玩这些设备的幼儿睡得要少一些。A study by Birkbeck, University of London, suggests every hour spent using a touchscreen each day was linked to 15 minutes less sleep for toddlers.伦敦大学伯贝克学院进行的一项研究显示,每天每使用触屏设备一小时,就会使幼儿少睡15分钟。The study questioned 715 parents of children under three years old. It asked how often their child played with a smartphone or tablet and about the child#39;s sleep patterns.这项研究对715位有3岁以下孩子的家长进行调查,询问他们孩子玩智能手机或平板电脑的频率及睡眠模式。It showed that 75% of the toddlers used a touchscreen on a daily basis, with 51% of those between six and 11 months using one, and 92% of those between 25 and 36 months doing so as well.结果显示,75%的幼儿每天都会玩触屏设备;6-11个月大的孩子中,有51%玩一种触屏设备。25-36个月大的孩子中,92%玩一种触屏设备。Children who did play with touchscreens slept less at night and more in the day.玩触屏设备的孩子晚上睡得较少,白天睡得较多。Researchers suggest parents should put a limit on the total time spent on devices, ensure children do physical things and avoid the screens before bedtime.研究人员认为,家长应限制孩子玩触屏设备的时间总量、确保孩子进行运动,并避免他们在睡前玩触屏设备。Dr Tim Smith, one of the researchers, told the B News website: ;It isn#39;t a massive amount when you#39;re sleeping 10-12 hours a day in total, but every minute matters in young development because of the benefits of sleep.;其中一名研究人员、蒂姆·史密斯教授向B新闻网透露:“你在一天中总共睡10--12小时,这个量并不大。但是在幼儿发育期间,由于睡眠的益处,所以每一分钟都很重要。” /201704/505601Atrial fibrillation is a cardiac arrhythmia that often produces very disruptive palpitations, fatigue, and even shortness of breath. Worse, atrial fibrillation can substantially increase your risk of stroke. If you have atrial fibrillation there is little question of whether you need treatment. The question is: Which approach to treatment is the right one for you?心颤指的是一种心律失常,它经常产生破坏性的心悸、疲劳、甚至呼吸急促。更糟糕的是心颤可以大大增加你患中风的风险。如果你患有心颤,就需要治疗。问题是:哪种治疗方法对你来说是合适的?The reason this question is often a difficult one to answer is because there is no treatment for atrial fibrillation that, in a majority of patients, is both safe and effective at getting rid of the arrhythmia and restoring a normal rhythm.这个问题的病因通常很难回答,因为对大多数患者来说,没有治疗心颤的既安全又有效的办法,来消除心律失常及恢复正常的心跳节奏。Deciding on the ;right; treatment for any individual with atrial fibrillation is most often a compromise.决定任何个人治疗心颤的“正确”方法通常是妥协。If it were easy and safe to restore and maintain a normal heart rhythm, then the goal of treating atrial fibrillation would be to do just that—to get your heart rhythm back to normal and keep it there. This approach to therapy is called the rhythm-control approach. And while this indeed turns out to be the right approach for many patients, in others it is a treatment goal that is simply not achievable at an acceptable level of risk.如果很容易并安全的恢复和维持一个正常的心律,那么治疗心颤的目标就做到了-让你的心律恢复正常并保持正常。这种治疗方法称为心率控制法。对于许多患者来说,虽然这的确是正确的方法,但在其他的治疗目标中,不仅仅是可以在一个可接受的风险水平上是可实现的。For many people with atrial fibrillation, an alternative approach to therapy—one that can be more effective and safer—is to allow the atrial fibrillation to persist, while taking measures to eliminate symptoms and reduce the risk of stroke. This second approach to therapy, often called the rate-control approach, means conceding that atrial fibrillation is the ;new normal; and working toward controlling the heart rate (to diminish symptoms) and using anticoagulation therapy (blood thinners) or aspirin to reduce the risk of stroke.对于许多患有心颤的人来说,一种变换治疗的方法是,当采取措施消除症状和减少中风风险时,这种方法可更有效和更安全的允许心颤持续下去。第二种治疗方法通常称为速率控制法,这意味着承认心颤是“新常态”、致力于控制心率(减少症状)和使用抗凝治疗(血液稀释剂)或阿司匹林降低中风的危险。While this rate-control approach may at first glance seem less desirable than rhythm control, there are compelling reasons to use it in many patients with atrial fibrillation.虽然这种控制速率法乍一看可能不如心率控制法需求大,但是用到一些心颤患者的身上有时很有必要。译文属 /201610/473655

  An untitled prequel to the wildly popular Harry Potter books has been stolen in a robbery in the UK, authorities say.据权威机构透露,广为流传的小说《哈利波特》系列的一部无标题的前篇故事手稿于英国被盗。Just 800 words long, the handwritten manuscript -- written on two sides of an A5 postcard by author J.K. Rowling -- was taken from a property in Kings Heath, Birmingham.这部仅有八百词的手写原稿是该系列作者JK罗琳在一张A5明信片正反两面写的。它是从伯明翰Kings Heath的一处房产中被盗走的。The short story was previously auctioned off for charity in 2008.这部短篇小说之前在2008年慈善拍卖会上就已被拍卖。#39;The only people who will buy this unique piece are true Harry Potter fans. We are appealing to anyone who sees, or is offered this item for sale, to contact police,#39; investigating officer Paul said in a statement.调查员保罗在一则声明中称:“买这部独一无二的手稿的人只可能是真正的《哈利波特》迷。因此我们呼吁任何看到这部被盗手稿,或者被推销购买的人联系警察。”The story is said to feature a young James Potter, the titular boy wizard#39;s father, and his best friend Sirius Black, who come across two ;muggle; (or non-magic) policemen following a high-speed chase, according to local media reports.据当地媒体报道,这部前篇故事的主人公是詹姆斯·波特--哈利·波特的父亲。他年轻时与他的好友小天狼星布莱克在一次高速追逐后,遇到了两个“麻瓜 ”(没有魔法的人类)警察。Rowling had penned the story for a local dyslexia charity, which then sold it at a 2008 Sotherby#39;s auction for 25,000 pounds (around ,000).罗琳是为了当地的阅读障碍慈善机构写的这部故事,然后在2008年苏富比拍卖会上以25000英镑(约32000美元)的价格卖出。Rowling urged her followers on Twitter to turn down any sales of the manuscript. On Friday morning, she tweeted: ;Please Don#39;t Buy This If You#39;re Offered It.;罗琳在推特上呼吁她的粉丝们拒绝有关该手稿的任何销售。在周五早晨,她发推特称:“如果有人向你推销这本书的话,一定不要买。” /201705/510160



  An emerging trend on Instagram and YouTube is shaking up conventional wisdom by de-gendering makeup and celebrating makeup for men.Instagram和YouTube上的一个新兴趋势正在通过使化妆不分性别、赞扬男性化妆术而撼动传统观念。The trend comes at a time when gender fluidity, particularly among millennials, is picking up steam.这一趋势兴起的时代背景是,性别流动性越来越为人们所接受,特别是在千禧一代中。A community of beauty boys sharing their makeup skills and stunning looks has gone viral on social media with millions of followers.一群分享自己化妆技巧、惊艳妆容的男性美妆达人已在社交媒体走红,收获了数百万粉丝。Many male beauty bloggers have been invited to join in beauty campaigns launched by household name fashion brands.不少男性美妆主已受邀加入家喻户晓的时尚品牌所发起的美妆运动。Last October, James Charles , a 17-year-old makeup artist, was listed by CoverGirl as the beauty brand#39;s first cover boy.去年10月,17岁的化妆达人詹姆斯·查尔斯被美妆品牌CoverGirl选为首位男性封面人物。But while most beauty boys acknowledge drag queens as trailblazers, many are keen to stress the differences.不过,虽然大多数男性美妆达人将易装皇后奉为鼻祖,但不少男性美妆达人却热衷于强调二者的区别。What you might think of as traditional ;drag makeup; belongs, for most, in a world more rarefied than that of the new-school boy beauty.相较于新派男性妆容,你可能想到的传统的“易装皇后妆容”大多较不接地气。One thing that#39;s different about this new makeup movement is the everydayness of it - it#39;s the same makeup that#39;s traditionally worn by women.这场新兴化妆运动的一个特别之处在于它的日常性——它与传统的女性妆容一样。 /201702/494280



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