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音乐家与社会活动家 诺 获颁 2005 TED Prize 时的精演说。 诺认为援助非洲不是另一个明星标榜的事业,而是一个世界级的危机。 Article/201507/383465

I want to use a traditional我想用做一道只有四川才有的flavour combination, unique to Sichuan.混合各种传统风味的菜肴It#39;s called guaiwei, it#39;s called strange flavour,叫 ;怪味; 意思就是奇怪的味道and actually, it#39;s a combination of all these flavours,实际上 它就是所有下面这些调料的混合体like the chilli bean paste, some sesame paste, vinegar, sugar.有豆瓣酱 芝麻酱 醋和糖You know, sort of all brought together.就是把这些材料放在一起混合起来So we#39;ll just see how it goes. It#39;s like a dressing.那就让我们来看看效果如何 就像一种调味品It is like a dressing, exactly.对 就像是一种调味品I#39;m kind of nervous because all the chefs here我有点儿紧张 因为这里所有的师傅们work with such precision and my dish is a bit more rustic.做出来的菜都如此精致 我的就相形见拙了My guaiwei strange flavour salad我的怪味沙拉will taste spicy, sour, sweet and nutty.吃起来辣辣的 酸酸的 还有点甜 有点怪It#39;s a take on a Sichuan classic, smacked cucumber.我在试着做四川的经典菜肴 拍黄瓜You just smash it, it just bruises it你尽管用力拍它 拍到它烂and it starts to allow you to sort of put the flavours together,然后你就可以把这些调味料掺到一起you know, absorb flavours of dressings.味道就能慢慢渗入到黄瓜中去了It#39;s quite a local way of doing a salad.这是一种很具当地特色的沙拉做法I#39;m cutting the cucumber into large pieces,我现在把黄瓜切成大块adding sliced mustard加入切成片的green hearts broccoli stems would work too芥菜心 或者西兰花茎也行and some finely chopped garlic shoots to add at the end.最后再把切均匀的蒜芯加在上面For the dressing, the strange flavour sauce is actually接下来该调酱汁了 怪味酱a mix of icing sugar,其实是由糖粉with black rice vinegar and light soy sauce.黑米醋和生抽掺在一起制作而成It#39;s a sort of Chinese vinaigrette.算是一种中国醋吧To that, I#39;m adding some smooth peanut butter,然后再在里面加点花生酱which gives a lovely, rich nutty flavour, and then sesame paste.添点可口丰富的坚果味 接着再来点芝麻酱The vegetables are tossed in the dressing把蔬菜放入调好的酱汁中拌一拌and the garlic shoots sprinkled on top.再在上面撒一些蒜芯Lay the garlic shoots.把蒜芯撒匀Finally, the key regional flavours Sichuan flower pepper最后 将最关键的当地风味 也就是花椒and chilli bean paste和豆瓣酱fried in hot oil to release the flavours,放到热油里面去炸 把香味炸出来后a trick I learned from jenny#39;s aunt,这是我 从Jenny的阿姨那儿学到的小窍门poured over the top.淋到沙拉上面So it#39;s sort of a hot and cold.一冷一热And to top it off, chilli oil.再浇上最重要的 辣椒油Boy, cucumber salad has never been the same.哇哦 从未见过这样的黄瓜沙拉And more ground Sichuan flower pepper.还要多加点花椒That looks amazing...看起来棒极了That looks lovely!真不错啊It#39;s a nice, crunchy, refreshing texture.很好吃 脆脆的 特别爽口I expected it to be...我以为它会...More hot?更辣一些吗Yes, but it#39;s not as hot as I thought it would be.是的 但它没我想象的那么辣He said, ;Now that you#39;ve taught me,他说 今天你教了我这个做法in future, I will definitely try.;将来我一定会试一试That#39;s good. Wow!太好了,哇噢 Article/201509/398020

社交网络正把人与人之间的关系变得更为密切或更为疏远,TED演讲者们对网络革命的影响各抒己见。 Article/201504/367585

Present day engineers have目前,工程师们begun thinking about the principals of building such a ship.已开始苦心研究如何建造出这样的飞船This is what it might look like.它看上去可能是这样的It could use atomic energy它可能会用到核能or perhaps more exotic fuel such as antimatter或更高能的燃料,如反物质supplying it with enormous amounts of power,用其产生的巨大能量供给机器加速yet I think the main challenges won#39;t be technical.但我认为,真正的挑战并非科技The first will be financial.首要难题是资金The cost of constructing an interstellar spacecraft would be huge构建这样一艘宇宙飞船耗资巨大and for the society that made it, there would be little pay back.而筹建它的社会几乎没有任何回报They would never see it again.他们永不会再见到它So constructing such a machine will因此,建造这样一台机器either be the greatest act of generosity in history或成为人类历史上最无私的奉献or will have to be funded by the travelers themselves.或只能留给探索者自己去筹资And that raises the second problem.如此一来,第二个难题又来了Even if it could travel mind numbingly fast,即使它能以让人头晕目眩的速度航行say 1,000 times faster than Voyager,比如千倍于旅行者号11,000 miles a second,即秒速11000英里a journey to the nearest star system would still take这样到达最近的星系依然需要73 years.73年Such a long trip means that at least one whole generation of humans如此长距离的航行意味着至少一代人would have to live their entire lives in space.需要在宇宙中度过他们的一生We couldn#39;t exactly say they volunteered for the mission.而我们还不能肯定,他们是否情愿The ethics of sending a human cargo on such a voyage从伦理角度讲,把人送上这样一艘飞船 would have to be carefully considered.必须经过周密的考虑Unless we could extend human lifespans to long enough to除非我们能够延长人类的寿命make such massive journeys.来完成这项重大的使命And that I think is what we will ultimately end up doing.我想,这很可能是我们最后的解决途径The process has aly begun as I know from personal experience.据我的个人经验,这一工程已经启动My muscles no longer function,我的肌肉已经萎缩although my eyes and my brain are still working pretty well.只有眼睛和大脑还能正常运作But technology helps me to move and communicate.但现代科技让我能够移动和与人交流In the future,在未来technology will do much more than that for all of us.科技将带给我们的远不止于此 Article/201510/406510

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