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凯瑟琳.詹金斯是目前唱碟销售最高的女次高音歌手她成为首位在同年里连续两次登上销售排行榜第一名的英国女歌手同时凯瑟琳.詹金斯也成为了首位两度获得英国古典音乐颁奖典礼奖项的女古典音乐歌手此次访谈她谈到自己的新专辑《This Is ChristmasBack now with a real favorite of ours,感谢仍然守候我们的节目,我们迎来了真正喜欢的人,Katherine Jenkins with us.欢迎凯瑟琳·詹金斯Throughout the “dancing with the stars” run of hers, however, this morning, bringing a lot holiday cheer to the show.纵观整个《与星共舞节目她都是独领风骚,但是,今天早上,她带给这个节目很多欢乐Remarkable voice. You’re gonna hear it in just a moment.非凡的声音你一会儿就会听到She sold 7 million albums worldwide.她卖出了全球700万张专辑Has a new album out the holidays.而在这个假期时间也有一张新专辑问世It’s called This is Christmas in stores now.它的名字是《这就是圣诞节而且现在已经摆在了商店的橱窗里Here to discuss it.我们在这里要讨论的就是它There is something I was wondering. 有一些我想知道的You recorded this in June.你是6月份录制的I did.是的So do you have to find your emotional center somehow?所以你是如何找到自己的情感中心的?I was recording it in Malta, in kind of extreme heat in June.我在马耳他录制的时候,当时6月天气有点极其热And I had a vocal booth you know transmed into Santa’s grotto beside a big Christmas tree,I, fairy lights the Christmas and I turned on the air conditioner on full-blast, so I felt cold.而我的声音你知道要变成圣诞老人,在大圣诞树旁边,而圣诞节要打开灯;所以我就将空调开到最大,而后我觉得很冷It worked out?最后解决了吗?It worked out. I’ve got in the mood.非常成功我现在踏实了Being Welsh, of course this I’m sure touches you especially.威尔士,当然我肯定这个特别触动你What gonna be like seven or eight months?像七或八月是什么样子?I think it’s just really exciting back in UK.我认为回到英国真正令人兴奋Everybody is just thrilled over this news.每个人对于这条新闻都很兴奋It’s nice that it comes up with Christmas.它很好,它让人想到圣诞节So no I’m very, very happy them. It’s lovely.所以我非常为他们高兴非常可爱Indeed, it is, a gift us all.事实上,它是一个为我们所有人而准备的礼物 095。

近来,有多起儿童被遗忘在车内,中暑身亡的事件发生.华盛顿邮报报道,美国新墨西哥州的一名青少年的新发明或许可以避免类似的悲剧再次发生.The Washington Post: The unthinkable keeps happening. The 18th hot car death of the year was recorded last week — on the same day that a national public service campaign kicked off to warn parents about the dangers of leaving kids in hot cars.One New Mexico teenager invention might someday prevent such deaths.Alissa Chavez, a -year-old from Albuquerque, said she has designed a car-seat alarm system called ;Hot Seat; that might prevent people from accidentally leaving young children in cars. She now trying to raise money to build a prototype. 35993。

A Ticket Home第单元 返乡的机票Greg walked into the office with his head hung low. His fellow co-workers saw his glum face and asked what was wrong. He inmed them that he was unable to get the money he needed to fly home and see his family.葛瑞格垂头丧气地走进办公室,同事看到他闷闷不乐的,便问他发生了什么事他告诉大伙他没钱买机票回家看他的家人He had been working overseas years. Each month he sends money back to his parents who care his sister who has a disability. This year his whole family is getting together a family reunion. Greg wanted to go very badly but he couldn’t afd it.他在国外工作八年,每个月都要寄钱给父母让他们照顾残障的今年,全家人团圆他非常想回去,可是却负担不起His co-workers gave their sympathies, then told Greg that the boss wanted to see him. He walked down the hall and knocked on his boss’s door. His boss greeted him. “Greg, I know your vacation time is coming up. I thought you could use this.”同事同情他的遭遇,并告诉葛瑞格老板要见他他走到老板的门口,敲敲门,老板问候他“葛瑞格,我知道你就快休假了,我想你也许用得着这个”He handed Greg an envelope. Greg opened it and saw a nice sized cheque. “It is your bonus cheque.” His boss inmed him. “I thought you could use it sooner than later.” With a big smile, Greg thanked his boss. Greg had his ticket home.他交给葛瑞格一个信封,葛瑞格打开,看到里头有张面额不小的票“这是你的红利奖金”,老板告诉他,“我想你很快就会需要它”葛瑞格露出灿烂的笑容,谢谢他的老板,他终于有了返乡的机票 188。

The Godfather Part II is a 197 American epic crime film directed by Francis d Coppola and partially based on Mario Puzo 1969 novel, The Godfather. The screenplay was written by Coppola and Puzo. The film isin part, both a sequel and a prequel to the 197 The Godfather film. The second film presents two paralleldramas. The main storyline follows the events of the first film and centers on Michael Corleone, the new head of the Corleone crime family. We see him trying to hold his business ventures together from 1958 to 1959. The other story is a series of flashbacks about his father, from his childhood in Sicily in 1901 to his founding of the Corleone family in New York City.教父是一部上映于197年的美国犯罪影片,导演弗朗西斯·福特·科波拉,影片部分根据的是1969年马里奥·普佐的同名小说教父改编而成剧本是由科波拉和普佐所编写这部电影既是197年教父1的续集,也是这部电影的前传教父讲述了两个独立的故事电影主要沿袭了第一部的故事情节,并着重讲述了迈克尔·柯里昂,他是柯里昂黑帮家族的新头领影片讲述了在1958-1959年之间,迈克尔·柯里昂的的创业路程另一个故事是关于他父亲的回忆,即维多·柯里昂,讲述了从1901年在西西里岛的童年时期,到在纽约建立了柯里昂家族The film stars include Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro. It received huge critical praise, with some critics saying it was better than its predecessor. The film was nominated Academy Awards and won six, including Best Picture. This made Part II the first film sequel to win an Oscar Best Picture. The Godfather Part II is widely considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made andit remains a highly influential film in the gangster genre. In 1997, the film was ranked as the thirty-second greatest film in American cinema history by the American Film Institute. It was selected preservation in the ed States National Film Registry in 1993 being ;culturally significant;.主演包括阿尔·帕西诺、罗伯特·德尼罗、黛安·基顿以及罗伯特·杜瓦尔电影大受好评,许多影评人认为这部影片比教父1要好这部影片获得了项奥斯卡提名,并获得了六项大奖,包括最佳影片奖教父也成为了首部获得奥斯卡最佳影片奖的续集电影人们广泛认为教父是史上最伟大的电影之一,它还是犯罪电影中最有影响力的电影1997年,这部影片被美国电影协会评为史上第3部最伟大的影片1993年,美国电影名录将它收入其中,因为此片有着深远的文化意义译文属原创,,不得转载 96。

88  Siamese Twins  Siamese twins are med from a single egg which develops into two almost separate parts of cells. Normally, each part becomes an identical twin. However, cells in Siamese twins become confused about where they are in the body -- indeed which of the two Siamese twins they are actually in.  In normal fetus development every cell knows where it is in the body because the neighboring cells produce chemical messages. So a skin cell knows not only it is skin, but that it is, say, nose skin, rather than chin or ear or lip skin. In Siamese twins these chemical messages dont work properly -- ho can they? The end results can be very odd: a single organism with two heads, tow hearts, four legs and arms -- or is that single organism actually two people, two individual Siamese twins?  Although at first sight each appeared to have a separate well-med body with some joining at the lower body, detailed tests showed these Siamese twins were very unequal. In some cases, one was providing the heart, lungs and many other basic functions. The other Siamese twin was vey poorly equipped separate life. To make matters worse, these Siamese twins were to some extent dependent on each other. If separated, the stronger and more capable Siamese twin would need huge amounts of surgery over the following years, and was likely to suffer significant handicap.  It is a brave doctor indeed who is willing to take the knife to two Siamese twins, both of which are at that point alive and growing, and see perhaps both Siamese twins die in the operating room or very shortly afterwards. It is easier to go ahead if the parents want their Siamese twins separated and understand and accept the risks -- but what if you have had to ce the whole thing on them in the first place? A key Problem in Siamese twin decisions is that the parents themselves may no always agree on the separation, and it is common them to feel somehow that the birth of Siamese twins is their fault, or to blame each other, doctors, society or God. The natural joy of birth has been replaced by deep grief the loss of one or two perfectly normal children.  And there is another issue. The survivor of these Siamese twins would need huge care efts. This would be unlikely in some cultures and parents may feel very angry at medical interference.  On balance, doctors should t with great care when it is a human right and the responsibility parents to make decisions on behalf of their children to refuse certain medical treatment. 18701。