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成都做男科检查大约多少钱成都不孕不育检查The late Leona Bridges, a New York woman who married into millions, left her mansion and her million fortune to her pet, a little white Chihuahua named Duchess. Although Leona is survived by one son, Wilbur, and three grandchildren, they received nothing in her will.Wilbur was not surprised. He had aly hired a lawyer to fight the will. The lawyer said there would be no problem proving that Leona wasn’t “all there” when she signed her will. No one, said the lawyer, in their right mind could be so cruel to their own flesh and blood while being so generous to a dog that had been rescued from an animal shelter. “The dog doesn’t even have papers,” said the lawyer.Leona had not spoken to Wilbur in five years. They used to get along very well. Then Wilbur made an unfortunate joke. He was visiting Leona one afternoon. She had just spent 0 at a dog beauty parlor. The employees had washed, shampooed, and blow-dried Duchess, and then tied a big pink ribbon around her neck. Leona mentioned to Wilbur how beautiful Duchess looked. Wilbur said, “Yes, if your idea of beauty is a large rodent with a pink ribbon around its skinny neck.” Leona gave him a dirty look.Wilbur apologized, saying he was just joking, but Leona told him to leave immediately. How dare her son belittle her “baby.” She didn’t respond to any of his emails or phone messages. Leona told her staff to never use the words “Wilbur” or “rodent” in her presence. Days later, she fired her butler when he said he was going to “polish the silver”—she thought he said he was going to “watch for Wilbur.” The butler had worked for Leona for 25 years. Article/201104/134116四川成都妇幼保健院做四维彩超检查 Teacher: Kevin, why are you late this time. Kevin: Please sir, I bruised two fingers knocking in a nail at home. Teacher: I don't see any bandages. Kevin: Oh, they weren't mine. I told my little sister to hold the nail.老师:凯温,这次你怎么又迟到了?凯温:对不起,老师,我在家钉钉子,砸坏了两个手指头。老师:怎么没有扎绷带呀?凯温:噢,砸的不是我的手指头。我叫扶着钉子的。 Article/200805/382572 Mary in Yorkshire2 玛丽在约克郡的日子They arrived at a very large old house.她们来到一座很大的旧房子前,It looked dark and unfriendly from the outside.从外面看上去黑暗而冷漠。Inside,Mary looked around the big shadowy hall,and felt very small and lost.玛丽走进投满阴影的大厅,觉得自己非常渺小,不知身在何处。They went straight upstairs.她们径直上了楼,Mary was shown to a room where there was a warm fire and food on the table.玛丽被带进一个房间,里面生着火,很暖和,桌上摆着食物。‘This is your room,’said Mrs Medlock.“这就是你的房间,”梅洛太太说。‘Go to bed when you#39;ve had some supper.“吃点东西就睡吧。And remember,you must stay in your room!记住,你必须呆在自己的房间里!Mr Craven doesn#39;t want you to wander all over the house!’克莱文先生可不想看见你在房子里乱逛!”When Mary woke up the next morning,she saw a young servant girl cleaning the fireplace.第二天一早玛丽醒来时,看见一个年轻的女仆正在清理壁炉。The room seemed dark and rather strange,with pictures of dogs and horses and ladies on the walls.房间看上去很暗,有点古怪,墙上挂着、马还有女人的画像,It was not a child#39;s room at all.一点也不像个孩子的房间。From the window she could not see any trees or houses,only wild land,which looked like a kind of purple sea.从窗子望出去,她看不到任何树或房屋,只有荒原,看上去像一片紫色的海。‘Who are you?’she asked the servant coldly.“你是谁?”她冷冷地问那个仆人。‘Martha,miss,’answered the girl with a smile.“我叫玛莎,。”女孩笑着回答。‘And what#39;s that outside?’Mary continued.“外面是什么?”玛丽又问道。‘That#39;s the moor,’smiled Martha.‘Do you like it?’“那是荒原,”玛莎笑着。“你喜欢吗?”‘No,’replied Mary immediately.‘I hate it.’“不,”玛丽很快地答道,“我讨厌它。”‘That#39;s because you don#39;t know it.You will like it.I love it.“那是因为你还不了解它。你会喜欢它的。我喜欢它。It#39;s lovely in spring and summer when there are flowers.春天和夏天都开满了花,可爱极了,It always smells so sweet.连空气都是甜的。The air#39;s so fresh,and the birds sing so beautifully.那儿的空气新鲜极了,鸟也叫得那么动听,I never want to leave the moor.’我从来都不想离开它。”Mary was feeling very badtempered.‘You#39;re a strange servant,’she said.玛丽感到很懊恼。“你可真怪,”她说,‘In India we don#39;t have conversations with servants.“在印度我们从来不跟用人交谈。We give orders,and they obey,and that#39;s that.’我们下命令,他们从,这就够了。”Martha did not seem to mind Mary#39;s crossness.玛莎对玛丽的脾气好像并不在意。‘I know I talk too much!’she laughed.“我知道我说得太多了!”她笑着说。‘Are you going to be my servant?’asked Mary.玛丽问道,“你会给我做用人吗?”‘Well,not really.I work for Mrs Medlock.“嗯,也不全是。我为梅洛太太工作。I#39;m going to clean your room and bring you your food,but you won#39;t need a servant except for those things.’我要打扫你的房间,给你拿吃的东西,可除此之外你并不需要一个用人。”‘But who#39;s going to dress me?’“那谁给我穿衣呢?”Martha stopped cleaning,and stared at Mary.玛莎停下手里的活儿,瞪着玛丽。‘Tha’canna#39;dress thysen?’she asked,shocked.“你自个儿不会穿衣?”她惊讶地问。‘What do you mean? I don#39;t understand your language!’“你是什么意思?我听不懂你的话!”‘Oh,I forgot.We all speak the Yorkshire dialect here,but of course you don#39;t understand that.“噢,我忘了。我们这儿都说约克郡的方言,当然你是听不懂的。I meant to say,can#39;t you put on your own clothes?’我是说,你自己不能穿衣吗?”‘Of course not!My servant always used to dress me.’“当然不能,总是用人给我穿的。”‘Well!I think you should learn to dress yourself.“哈!我看你得学着自己穿衣。My mother always says people should be able to take care of themselves, even if they#39;re rich and important.’我妈妈常说不管一个人多有钱,多尊贵,他都得能自己照顾自已。”Little Miss Mary was furious with Martha.玛丽有些生玛莎的气了。‘It#39;s different in India where I come from!“我从印度来,我们那儿就不这样!You don#39;t know anything about India,or about servants,or about anything!你根本不知道印度,不知道用人,什么都不知道!You… you…’She could not explain what she meant.你……你……”她没法表达清楚自己的意思。Suddenly she felt very confused and lonely.突然间觉得非常困惑,非常孤单,She threw herself down on the bed and started cryiny wildly.索性倒在床上大哭起来。‘Now,now,don#39;t cry like that,’Martha said gently.“好啦,好啦,别哭啦,”玛莎轻轻地说。‘I#39;m very sorry.You#39;re right,I don#39;t know anything about anything.Please stop crying,miss.’“对不起,你是对的,我是不知道。请你别哭了,。”She sounded kind and friendly,and Mary began to feel better and soon stopped crying.她的声音和善而友好,玛丽感觉好了一些,很快止住了哭泣。Martha went on talking as she finished her cleaning,but Mary looked out of the window in a bored way,and pretended not to listen.玛莎打扫完继续说着话,可玛丽却无聊地望着窗外,假装根本不去听她讲话。‘I#39;ve got eleven brothers and sisters,you know,miss.“你看,,我家有11个兄弟,There#39;s not much money in our house.家里没什么钱,And they all eat so much food!Mother says it#39;s the good fresh air on the moor that makes them so hungry.他们又都吃得那么多!我妈妈说是荒原上清新的空气让他们这么饿的。My brother Dickon,he#39;s always out on the moor.我弟弟狄肯总是在荒原上,He#39;s twelve,and he#39;s got a horse which he rides sometimes.’他今年12岁,有一匹马,偶尔他会骑一骑。”‘Where did he get it?’asked Mary.“他的马是从哪儿来的?”玛丽问。She had always wanted an animal of her own,and so she began to feel a little interest in Dickon.她一直都想有只属于自己的动物,因此开始对狄肯有了一点兴趣。‘Oh,it#39;s a wild horse,but he#39;s a kind boy,and animals like him,you see.“哦,那是匹野马,可狄肯是个好孩子,动物都喜欢他。Now you must have your breakfast,miss.Here it is on the table.’这会儿你该吃早餐了,就放在桌子上呢。”‘I don#39;t want it,’said Mary.‘I#39;m not hungry.’“我不想吃,”玛丽说,“我不饿。”‘What!’ cried Martha.‘My little brothers and sisters would eat all this in five minutes!’“什么!”玛莎叫道,“我的弟弟们可要不了5分钟就能把它们都吃光!”‘Why?’asked Mary coldly.“为什么?”玛丽冷冷地问。‘Because they don#39;t get enough to eat,that#39;s why,and they#39;re always hungry.“因为他们没有足够的东西吃,就因为这个,他们总是觉得饿。You#39;re very lucky to have the food, miss.’你有饭吃可是很幸运的,。”Mary said nothing,but she drank some tea and ate a little b.玛丽什么也没说,不过她喝了点茶,还吃了点面包。‘Now put a coat on and run outside to play,’said Martha.“好了,穿上外套跑到外面去玩儿吧,”玛莎说,‘It#39;ll do you good to be in the fresh air.’“新鲜空气对你有好处。”Mary looked out of the window at the cold grey sky.‘Why should I go out on a day like this?’she asked.玛丽望了望窗外冷暗的灰色天空,问道,“这种天气干嘛要出去玩呢?”‘Well,there#39;s nothing to play with indoors,is there?’“因为屋子里也没什么可玩的,对不对?”Mary realized Martha was right.‘But who will go with me?’she said.玛丽觉得玛莎说得不错,又说,“可是谁跟我一块去呢?”Martha stared at her.‘Nobody.You#39;ll have to learn to play by yourself Dickon plays by himself on the moors for hours, with the wild birds,and the sheep,and the other animals.’She looked away for a moment.玛莎瞪着她,“没人会去。你得学会自己玩,狄肯一个人在荒原能玩上几个小时,他跟飞鸟、羊还有其他动物一起玩。”她把目光移开,停了一会儿,‘Perhaps I shouldn#39;t tell you this, but—but one of the walled gardens is locked up.“也许我不该告诉你这个,不过——不过有一座被墙围住的花园是上了锁的。Nobody#39;s been in it for ten years.有10年没人进去过了,It was Mrs Graven#39;s garden,and when she died so suddenly,Mr Craven locked it and buried the key— Oh,I must go,I can hear Mrs Medlock#39;s bell ringing for me.’那是克莱文太太的花园,她死得那么突然,克莱文先生就把它锁上了,还把钥匙也埋了起来——哦,我得走了,我听见梅洛太太在摇铃叫我呢。”Mary went downstairs and wandered through the great empty gardens.玛丽下了楼在空旷的花园中闲逛。Many of the fruit and vegetable gardens had walls round them,but there were no locked doors.很多果园和菜园周围都有围墙,可没有锁上门的。She saw an old man digging in one of the vegetable gardens,but he looked cross and unfriendly,so she walked on.她看见一个老人在其中一个菜园中挖地,不过他看上去脾气不好,也不和善,于是玛丽继续往前走。‘How ugly it all looks in winter!’she thought.“冬天一切看上去都那么丑!”她想。‘But what a mystery the locked garden is!“可那座锁上的花园多神秘啊!Why did my uncle bury the key?舅舅为什么要把钥匙埋起来呢?If he loved his wife,why did he hate her garden?要是他爱他妻子,他干嘛那么讨厌她的花园呢?Perhaps I#39;ll never know.也许我永远也不会知道了。I don#39;t suppose I#39;ll like him if I ever meet him.我看就是看到他我也不会喜欢他,And he won#39;t like me,so I won#39;t be able to ask him.’他也不会喜欢我的,所以我还是没法儿问他。”Just then she noticed a robin singing to her from a tree on the other side of a wall.正在这时,她看到一只知更鸟在一堵墙后面的树上冲她叫着,‘I think that tree#39;s in the secret garden!’she told herself.‘There#39;s an extra wall here,and there#39;s no way in.’“我看那棵树就在秘密花园里!”她自己说着,“那儿另外有一堵墙,而且没有进去的路。”She went back to where the gardener was digging,and spoke to him.她回到园丁挖土的地方,跟他搭话。At first he answered in a very badtempered way,but suddenly the robin flew down near them,and the old man began to smile.一开始他的回答很不耐烦,可是突然那只知更鸟飞到他们身旁,老人开始有了笑容。He looked a different person then,and Mary thought how much nicer people looked when they smiled.这会儿他看上去像换了个人。玛丽想,人微笑的时候看着就要好许多。The gardener spoke gently to the robin,and the pretty little bird hopped on the ground near them.园丁温和地跟知更鸟说话,而那漂亮的小鸟就在他们旁边的地上跳来跳去。‘He#39;s my friend,he is,’said the old man.“他是我的朋友,他是,”老人说,‘There aren#39;t any other robins in the garden,so he#39;s a bit lonely.’“园子里没有别的知更鸟,所以它觉得有点孤独。”He spoke in strong Yorkshire dialect,so Mary had to listen carefully to understand him.老人说话带着浓重的约克郡口音,所以玛丽得非常仔细才能听得懂他的话。She looked very hard at the robin.‘I#39;m lonely too,’she said.She had not realized this before.她紧紧盯着那只知更鸟,说,“我也很孤独。”在这之前她从没有意识到这一点。‘What#39;s your name?’she asked the gardener.“你叫什么名字?”她问园丁。‘Ben Weatherstaff.I#39;m lonely myself.“本·威瑟斯塔夫。我自己也很孤独,The robin#39;s my only friend,you see.’瞧,这只知更鸟是我唯一的朋友。”‘I haven#39;t got any friends at all,’said Mary.“可我什么朋友都没有。”玛丽说。Yorkshire people always say what they are thinking,and old Ben was a Yorkshire moor man.约克郡人从来都是心直口快,本这个老头正是约克郡荒原上的人。‘We#39;re alike,you and me,’he told Mary.“你和我,咱俩差不多。”他对玛丽说,‘We#39;re not pretty to look at,and we#39;re both very disagreeable.’“长得丑,脾气还不好。”Nobody had ever said this to Mary before.以前从来没有人对玛丽说过这些。她有些怀疑,‘Am I really as ugly and disagreeable as Ben?’she wondered.“我真是像本一样又丑又不招人喜欢吗?”Suddenly the robin flew to a tree near Mary and started singing to her.Ben laughed loudly.突然,知更鸟飞到玛丽近旁的一棵树上,开始对着她唱歌。本大声笑起来。‘Well!’he said.‘He wants to be your friend!’“看哪!”他说,“他想做你的朋友呢!”‘Oh!Would you please be my friend?’she whispered to the robin.“哦!你愿意做我的朋友吗?”她小声地对知更鸟说。She spoke in a soft,quiet voice and old Ben looked at her in surprise.她的声音又轻又柔,本老头惊奇地望着她。‘You said that really nicely!’he said.“你说的真好!”他说,‘You sound like Dickon,when he talks to animals on the moor.’“你听起来像狄肯,他在荒原上跟动物说话时就是这样。”‘Do you know Dickon?’asked Mary.But just then the robin flew away.“你认识狄肯吗?”玛丽问道。但就在这时知更鸟飞走了。‘Oh look,he#39;s flown into the garden with no door! Please,Ben,how can I get into it?’“哦,看哪,他飞到那个没有门的花园里去了!本,请问,我怎么才能进去呢?”Ben stopped smiling and picked up his spade.本收起了笑容,拾起他的铲子。‘You can#39;t, and that#39;s that.It#39;s not your business.“你不能进去,就是不行。那不是你的事儿,Nobody can find the door.Run away and play,will you?没人能找到那扇门。到别的地方去玩吧,好吗?I must get on with my work.’我得接着干活儿了。”And he walked away.He did not even say goodbye.然后他就走开了,甚至连再见也没说。In the next few days Mary spent almost all her time in the gardens.以后的几天,玛丽几乎所有的时间都呆在花园里。The fresh air from the moor made her hungry,and she was becoming stronger and healthier.荒原上吹来的新鲜空气让她感到饥饿,而她也变得强壮,变得健康了。One day she noticed the robin again.一天,她又看见了知更鸟。He was on top of a wall,singing to her.他好像是在说,‘Good morning!Isn#39;t this fun!Come this way!’he seemed to say, as he hopped along the wall.“早上好!多好玩啊!上这儿来!”一边沿着围墙跳着。Mary began to laugh as she danced along beside him.玛丽一边跟在他旁边跳着,一边放声笑起来。‘I know the secret garden#39;s on the other side of this wall!’she thought excitedly.“我知道秘密花园在这堵墙的那一边!”她兴奋地想着。‘And the robin lives there!But where#39;s the door?’“知更鸟就住在那儿!可是门在哪儿呢?”That evening she asked Martha to stay and talk to her beside the fire after supper.那天晚饭后她让玛莎留下,在壁炉边上陪她说话。They could hear the wind blowing round the old house, but the room was warm and comfortable.她们听到风在房子周围盘旋,而屋子里又暖和又舒适。Mary only had one idea in her head.玛丽的脑子里只有一个念头。‘Tell me about the secret garden,’she said.“给我讲讲那个秘密花园吧。”她说。‘Well,all right then,miss,but we aren#39;t supposed to talk about it,you know.“嗯,那好吧,,不过你知道我们是不许谈论它的。It was Mrs Graven#39;s favourite garden,and she and Mr Craven used to take care of it themselves.那是克莱文夫人最喜欢的花园,她和克莱文先生曾亲自打理它。They spent hours there,ing and talking.他们时常在里面呆上几个小时,读书,谈心,Very happy,they were. They used the branch of an old tree as a seat.他们非常幸福。他们拿一棵老树的枝当座椅。But one day when she was sitting on the branch,it broke,and she fell.可是有一天,当克莱文夫人坐在上面时,树枝断了,她摔下来,She was very badly hurt and the next day she died.伤得很重,第二天就死了。That#39;s why he hates the garden so much,and won#39;t let anyone go in there.’这就是为什么克莱文先生那么讨厌那个花园,而且不让任何人进去的原因。”‘How sad!’said Mary.‘Poor Mr Craven!’It was the first time that she had ever felt sorry for anyone.“太惨了!”玛丽说。“可怜的克莱文先生!”这是玛丽第一次为别人感到难过。Just then,as she was listening to the wind outside,she heard another noise,in the house.就在这时,当她倾听着外面的风时,她听到了另一个声音,就在这房子里面。‘Can you hear a child crying?’she asked Martha.“你听到小孩在哭吗?”她问玛莎。Martha looked confused.‘Er—no,’she replied.‘No,I think…it must be the wind.’玛莎看上去很为难,“嗯——没有,”她答道,“不,我想——肯定是风。”But at that moment the wind blew open their door and they heard the crying very clearly.可是这时风把她们的门吹开了。她们真切地听到了哭声。‘I told you!’cried Mary.“我说的没错吧!”玛丽大声说。At once Martha shut the door.‘It was the wind,’she repeated.玛莎立刻把门关上,还是说,“那就是风声。”But she did not speak in her usual natural way,and Mary did not believe her.可她的声音不像平时那么自然,所以玛丽根本不相信她。The next day it was very rainy,so Mary did not go out.第二天雨下得很大,玛丽没有出去,Instead she decided to wander round the house,looking into some of the hundred rooms that Mrs Medlock had told her about.而是打定主意在房子里转转,看看梅洛太太讲过的那上百个房间。She spent all morning going in and out of dark,silent rooms, which were full of heavy furniture and old pictures.她整个上午都在出入那些昏暗寂静的房间,房间里满是笨重的家具和古旧的油画。She saw no servants at all,and was on her way back to her room for lunch, when she heard a cry.她没看到一个佣人,当她转身回房间吃午饭时,听到有人哭泣的声音。‘It#39;s a bit like the cry that I heard last night!’she thought.“听起来很像昨天晚上的哭声。”她想。Just then the housekeeper,Mrs Medlock, appeared,with her keys in her hand.就在这时管家梅洛太太出现了,手里拎着大串钥匙。‘What are you doing here?’she asked crossly.“你在这里干什么?”她生气地问道。‘I didn#39;t know which way to go,and I heard someone crying,’answered Mary.“我不知道该从哪儿出去,我听见有人在哭。”玛丽回答。‘You didn#39;t hear anything!Go back to you room now.“你什么也没听见!现在就回你的房间去,And if you don#39;t stay there,I#39;ll lock you in!’你要是不呆在那儿,我就把你锁起来!”Mary hated Mrs Medlock for this.‘There was someone crying,I know there was!’she said to herself.玛丽不喜欢梅洛太太这种样子,“就是有人在哭嘛,我知道肯定有!”她自言自语道。‘But I#39;ll discover who it is soon!’She was almost beginning to enjoy herself in Yorkshire.“不过我会很快弄清楚是谁的!”她几乎开始喜欢在约克郡的生活了 /201205/180443成华区中医医院收费贵吗

成都市第六人民医院人流Rainforests are being cut and burned form Brazil to Indonesia at such a rate that they could well disappear from the earth's surface before the year 2050. They are being cleared for valuable timber and other resources to speed up the economic growth of the nations in which they are located. The most recent figures show that the area of rainforest destroyed last year alone was bigger than the size of Great Britain and Ireland.If the present rate of deforestation is allowed to continue, the consequences for the earth will be great. We shall see a massive upsetting of ecosystems, very large increases in soil erosion, increases in flooding and in drought, changes in rainfall patterns and regional, quite possibly global, changes in climate. We shall also probably lose many rare plant and animal species.According to many scientists, the burning of rainforests is also directly contributing to the so-called greenhouse effect. This effect, they say, is raising average temperatures and sea levels as the polar ice caps recede.The rainforest is essential in other areas also. It is a medicine chest of unlimited potential. The US National Cancer Institute has identified 2,000 rainforest plants which could be beneficial in fighting cancer. In today's pharmaceutical market, 15 of the 125 drugs derived from plants were discovered in the rainforest.Plant species are not the only forms of life threatened with extinction in the rainforest. Rare birds and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world have been disappearing at the rate of one a year since the turn of the century.In the face of all these facts, it seems senseless for countries to continue destroying their rainforests. However, the problem is not so simple. The countries in which the rainforests are located are all quite poor and overpopulated. One of them, Brazil, has a population of 140 million, about half of whom are living in absolute poverty. The governments in these countries are usually also too weak to stop large companies and powerful individuals from destroying the rainforests. They have no money, so when the poor whom they cannot feed find work cutting down trees or burning forestland, the governments often have no choice but to turn a blind eye. Moreover, for many of these countries, the valuable timber and other resources found in the rainforests are also a very important source of foreign exchange, which they badly need to pay off their foreign debts and purchase foreign equipment and other goods.The only solution to the problem, then, seems to be for the richer countries of the world to help the countries where the rainforests are located. One way they could help would be by cancelling the international debts that countries like Brazil owe, while also working together with these countries to solve their other economic problems. At the same time, they could support programmes to teach the local people to regard the rainforests as gardens to be harvested, and not merely as places where the only way for them to make a living is by senselessly cutting down trees and burning.Such programmes could teach the local people how to select trees worth exporting and to cut only those trees down while leaving the rest, so that the basic make-up of the forest would not be disturbed. This would also mean that the environment needed for the survival of the many rare species of animals and plants, as well as of the Indian tribes that live in the rainforest, could be preserved. The local people could also be taught to earn more money by cutting the selected trees and making them into furniture on the spot. In addition, they could learn how to harvest other valuable natural materials that are now being wasted, and sell them overseas to earn foreign exchange for their countries. Last but not least, people in the richer countries of the world could also help save the rainforests by using wood-derived products such as paper more carefully and by recycling used paper products to help reduce the demand for newly cut wood.从巴西到印尼,热带雨林正在被砍伐,正在被烧毁,其速度非常之快,以致于到不了2050年,热带雨林就会被砍光烧光而从地球表面上彻底消失。为了获取贵重木材和其他资源,以加速处于热带雨林国家的经济发展,热带雨林正在逐渐被砍伐得干干净净一棵树都不剩了。最近的统计数字表明,仅去年一年被吸掉的热带雨林的面积比英国和爱尔兰两国的面积加起来还大。如果听任现在的热带雨林被毁掉的百分比继续发展下去,给整个地球所带来的后果将是十分严重的。我们将会看到(1) 各种生态系统的平衡均遭到大规模的破坏;(2)水土流失现象大规模地增加了;(3)水灾和旱灾大规模增加了;(4)降雨的方式改变了;(5)地区性的气候改变,甚至完全可能导致全球性气候的改变。我们也许会永远失去很多种珍稀的植物和动物。根据许多科学家报告,烧毁了热带雨林也直接导致了所谓的温室效应。科学家们都说,这种温室效应正在使全球平均气温升高,正在使南极和北极地区的冰盖融化,随之而来的也正在使全球海洋的水平面上升。从其他方面来看,热带雨林对人类也是必不可缺的。热带雨林是一个有着无限潜在能力的取之不尽用之不竭的医药资源的万宝库。美国国家癌症研究院已经实了有2000种热带雨林中的植物对预防和治疗癌症有奇效。在今天的药品市场上,在125种单味药中,就有15种是从热带雨林中发现的植物中提取出来的。各种植物在热带雨林中并不是受到灭种威胁的唯一的生物。世界上除了热带雨林而外,在其他任何地方都找不到的珍稀鸟类和珍稀动物,在这世纪交替的时候正在以每年消失一种的速度逐渐灭绝。面对这一切事实,这些国家还在继续毁灭他们的热带雨林,这令人觉得他们简直太麻木不仁了。但是,这个问题并不是很简单的。地处于热带雨林的那些国家都相当贫穷而且人口都相当过剩。热带雨林国家之一,巴西,人口有一亿四千万人。其中约有半数人生活在绝对贫困当中。这些国家的政府通常也都是十分软弱的,以致不能制止一些大公司或有权有势的人毁坏热带雨林的行为。那些国家的政府都没有钱,所以当政府养活不起的那些穷人,找到了砍树或在森林里烧树开荒的工作时,政府别无选择,只好睁一只眼闭一只眼。况且,对这些国家中的有些国家来说,热带雨林中的珍贵木材和其他资源也是他们所急需换取外汇的很重要的资源,以便用来偿还外债和用来购买外国的设备和其他物资。那么,令人觉得这个问题唯一的解决办法似乎就是世界上较富裕国家应该援助地处于热带雨林的那些国家。援助的方法之一就是放弃或取消像巴西这类国家所欠他们的国际债务,同时还要同这些国家一起协作去解决他们的一些经济问题。与此同时,他们还应该举办各种培训班,教会当在居民把热带雨林办成获得大丰收的花园、果园、菜园、动植物园,而不要只把热带雨林看成是只能用极愚昧无知的砍树烧树的办法来作为谋生的唯一手段的地方。这类培训班或者还可以教会当地居民如何精选出值得出口的树木,只把有出口价值的树木砍掉,而把其余的树都保留下来,以便使森林中基本的生态平衡不被破坏。这样做,也将意味着会把许多珍稀植物和动物赖以生存所必须的环境以及生活在热带雨林中的印地安人的各个部落所赖以自下而上的环境保存下来。也可以教会当地居民通过采伐精选的树木并用这些树木在当地加工成家具的办法去赚到更多的钱。此外,当地居民在培训班还可以学会怎样去采集现在被浪费掉的其他珍贵的天然材料,然后把这些材料卖到国外去,以便为他们的祖国赚回外汇。最后,同样重要的是,世界上较富裕国家的人民,要更加注意节约使用以木材为原料的纸张之类的产品,回收利用纸制产品,以便有助于减少重新去砍伐树木的需求量,从而有助于拯救热带雨林。 Article/200802/27998绵阳市不孕不育医院哪正规 Mr. Bennet had very often wished before this period of his life that, instead of spending his whole income, he had laid by an annual sum for the better provision of his children, and of his wife, if she survived him. He now wished it more than ever. Had he done his duty in that respect, Lydia need not have been indebted to her uncle for whatever of honour or credit could now be purchased for her. The satisfaction of prevailing on one of the most worthless young men in Great Britain to be her husband might then have rested in its proper place.班纳特先生远在好久以前,就希望每年的进款不要全部花光,能够积蓄一部分,让儿女往后不至于衣食匮乏;如果太太比他命长,衣食便也有了着落。拿目前来说,他这个希望比以往来得更迫切。要是他在这方面早就安排好了,那么这次丽迪雅挽回面子名誉的事,自然就不必要她舅舅为她花钱;也不必让舅舅去说全英国最下流的一个青年给她确定夫妇的名份。He was seriously concerned that a cause of so little advantage to anyone should be forwarded at the sole expense of his brother-in-law, and he was determined, if possible, to find out the extent of his assistance, and to discharge the obligation as soon as he could.这事情对任何人都没有好处,如今却得由他舅爷独自拿出钱来成其好事,这实在叫他太过意不去;他决定要竭力打听出舅爷究竟帮了多大的忙,以便尽快报答这笔人情。When first Mr. Bennet had married, economy was held to be perfectly useless, for, of course, they were to have a son. The son was to join in cutting off the entail, as soon as he should be of age, and the widow and younger children would by that means be provided for. Five daughters successively entered the world, but yet the son was to come; and Mrs. Bennet, for many years after Lydia#39;s birth, had been certain that he would. This event had at last been despaired of, but it was then too late to be saving. Mrs. Bennet had no turn for economy, and her husband#39;s love of independence had alone prevented their exceeding their income.班纳特先生刚结婚的时候,完全不必省吃俭用,因为他们夫妇自然会生儿子,等到儿子成了年,外人继承产权的这桩事就可以取消,寡妇孤女也就衣食无虑了。可是五个女儿接接连连地出世,儿子还不知道在哪里;丽迪雅出世多少年以后,班纳特太太还一直以为会生儿子。这个指望落了空,如今省吃俭用已经太迟了。班纳特太太不惯于节省,好在丈夫自有主张,才算没有入不敷出。Five thousand pounds was settled by marriage articles on Mrs. Bennet and the children. But in what proportions it should be divided amongst the latter depended on the will of the parents. This was one point, with regard to Lydia, at least, which was now to be settled, and Mr. Bennet could have no hesitation in acceding to the proposal before him. In terms of grateful acknowledgment for the kindness of his brother, though expressed most concisely, he then delivered on paper his perfect approbation of all that was done, and his willingness to fulfil the engagements that had been made for him. He had never before supposed that, could Wickham be prevailed on to marry his daughter, it would be done with so little inconvenience to himself as by the present arrangement. He would scarcely be ten pounds a year the loser by the hundred that was to be paid them; for, what with her board and pocket allowance, and the continual presents in money which passed to her through her mother#39;s hands, Lydia#39;s expenses had been very little within that sum.当年老夫妇的婚约上规定了班纳特太太和子女们一共应享有五千磅遗产。至于子女们究竟怎样分享,得由父母在遗嘱上解决,班纳特先生毫不犹豫地同意了摆在他面前的那个建议。他回信给舅爷,多谢他一片好心。他的措辞极其简洁,只说他对一切既成事实都表示赞同,而且舅爷所提出的各项条件,他都愿意照办。原来这次说韦翰跟他女儿结婚一事,竟安排得这样好,简直没有带给他什么麻烦,这实在是他所意料不到的。虽说他每年要付给他们俩一百镑,可是事实上他每年还损失不了十镑,因为丽迪雅在家里也要吃用开销,外加她母亲还要贴钱给她花,计算起来每年几乎也不下于一百镑。That it would be done with such trifling exertion on his side, too, was another very welcome surprise; for his wish at present was to have as little trouble in the business as possible. When the first transports of rage which had produced his activity in seeking her were over, he naturally returned to all his former indolence. His letter was soon dispatched; for, though dilatory in undertaking business, he was quick in its execution. He begged to know further particulars of what he was indebted to his brother, but was too angry with Lydia to send any message to her.还有一件可喜的意外,那就是办起这件事来,他自己简直可以不费什么力气,他目前最希望麻烦越少越好。他开头也曾因为一时冲动,亲自去找女儿,如今他已经气平怒消,自然又变得象往常一样懒散。他把那封回信立刻寄出去;虽然做事喜欢拖延,可是只要他肯动手,倒也完成得很快。他在信上请他舅爷把一切代劳之处详详细细告诉他,可是说起丽迪雅,实在使他太气恼,因此连问候也没有问候她一声。 Article/201205/181160蒲江县妇幼保健院是正规医院吗?

成都363医院价位表“Harry Potter is humble and modest,” said Dobby reverently, his orb-like eyes aglow.“哈利波特这样谦虚,”多比崇敬地说,两只大圆眼睛闪着光,“Harry Potter speaks not of his triumph over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named —”“哈利波特不说他战胜那个连名字都不能提的魔头的事迹。”“Voldemort?” said Harry.“伏地魔?”哈利说。Dobby clapped his hands over his bat ears and moaned,多比捂住耳朵,呻吟道:“Ah, speak not the name, sir! Speak not the name!”“啊,别说那个名字,先生!别说那个名字!”“Sorry,” said Harry quickly.“对不起,”哈利马上说道,“I know lots of people don’t like it. My friend Ron —”“我知道许多人都不喜欢他——我的朋友罗恩……”He stopped again. Thinking about Ron was painful, too.他又停住了。想到罗恩也让人痛苦。Dobby leaned toward Harry, his eyes wide as headlights.多比凑近哈利,他的眼睛大得像车灯。“Dobby heard tell,” he said hoarsely,“多比听说,”他嘶哑地说,“that Harry Potter met the Dark Lord for a second time, just weeks ago . . . that Harry Potter escaped yet again.”“哈利波特几星期前又遇见了那个魔头……哈利波特再次逃脱了。”Harry nodded and Dobby’s eyes suddenly shone with tears.哈利点了点头。多比顿时热泪盈眶。“Ah, sir,” he gasped, dabbing his face with a corner of the grubby pillowcase he was wearing.“啊,先生,”他抽抽搭搭,用肮脏破烂的枕套角抹了抹脸,“Harry Potter is valiant and bold!“哈利波特英勇无畏!He has braved so many dangers aly!他已经闯过了这么多的险关!But Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him, even if he does have to shut his ears in the oven door later. . . .可是多比想来保护哈利波特,来给他送个信,即使多比过后必须把自己的耳朵关在烤箱门里……多比想说,Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts.”哈利波特不能回霍格沃茨了。”There was a silence broken only by the chink of knives and forks from downstairs and the distant rumble of Uncle Vernon’s voice.屋里一片安静,只听见楼下刀叉叮当之声,还有弗农姨父的咕噜声。“W-what?” Harry stammered.“什——什么?”哈利大吃一惊,“But I’ve got to go back — term starts on September first.“可我必须回去——九月一号开学,It’s all that’s keeping me going.这是我生活的希望。You don’t know what it’s like here.你不知道我在这里过的是什么日子。I don’t belong here.我不属于这儿。I belong in your world — at Hogwarts.”我属于你们的世界——属于霍格沃茨。”“No, no, no,” squeaked Dobby, shaking his head so hard his ears flapped.“不,不,”多比尖声说,用力摇着头,把耳朵甩得啪哒啪哒直响,“Harry Potter must stay where he is safe.“哈利波特必须待在安全的地方。He is too great, too good, to lose.他这么伟大,这么仁慈,我们不能失去他。If Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger.”如果哈利波特回到霍格沃茨,他将会有生命危险。”“Why?” said Harry in surprise.“为什么?”哈利惊讶地问。“There is a plot, Harry Potter.“有一个阴谋,哈利波特。A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year,” whispered Dobby, suddenly trembling all over.今年霍格沃茨魔法学校会有恐怖的事情发生。”多比压低声音说,突然浑身发抖,“Dobby has known it for months, sir.“多比知道这件事已经有几个月了,先生。Harry Potter must not put himself in peril. He is too important, sir!”哈利波特不能去冒险。他太重要了,先生!”“What terrible things?” said Harry at once. “Who’s plotting them?”“什么恐怖的事情?”哈利马上问,“是谁在策划?”Dobby made a funny choking noise and then banged his head frantically against the wall.多比滑稽地发出一声哽咽,然后疯狂地把脑袋往墙上撞。“All right!” cried Harry, grabbing the elf ’s arm to stop him.“好了!”哈利叫起来,抓住小精灵的胳膊,不让他去撞墙。“You can’t tell me. I understand.“我知道你不能说。But why are you warning me?”可你为什么要来警告我?”A sudden, unpleasant thought struck him.突然一个不愉快的念头在他脑海中一闪。“Hang on — this hasn’t got anything to do with Vol — sorry — with You-Know-Who, has it?“等等——这不会和伏——对不起——和你知道的那个神秘人有关吧?You could just shake or nod,” he added hastily as Dobby’s head tilted worryingly close to the wall again.你只要摇头或点头。”他赶忙加上一句,因为多比的脑袋又令人担心地靠向了墙壁。Slowly, Dobby shook his head.多比缓缓地摇了摇头。“Not — not He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, sir —”“不是——不是那个连名字都不能提的魔头,先生。”But Dobby’s eyes were wide and he seemed to be trying to give Harry a hint.可是多比的眼睛瞪大了,似乎想给哈利一个暗示,Harry, however, was completely lost.但哈利一片茫然。“He hasn’t got a brother, has he?”“他没有兄弟吧?”Dobby shook his head, his eyes wider than ever.多比摇摇头,眼睛瞪得更大。“Well then, I can’t think who else would have a chance of making horrible things happen at Hogwarts,” said Harry.“那我就想不出还有谁能在霍格沃茨制造恐怖事件了。”哈利说道,“I mean, there’s Dumbledore, for one thing — you know who Dumbledore is, don’t you?”“我是说,第一,有邓布利多——你知道邓布利多吧?”Dobby bowed his head.多比低下头。“Albus Dumbledore is the greatest headmaster Hogwarts has ever had.“阿不思邓布利多是霍格沃茨建校以来最伟大的校长。Dobby knows it, sir. Dobby has heard Dumbledore’s powers rival those of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the height of his strength.多比听说邓布利多的法力能与那个连名字都不能提的魔头最强大的时候相匹敌。But, sir” — Dobby’s voice dropped to an urgent whisper — “there are powers Dumbledore doesn’t . . . powers no decent wizard . . .”可是先生,”多比急促地小声说,“有些法术邓布利多也不……没有一个正派的巫师会……”And before Harry could stop him, Dobby bounded off the bed,哈利制止不及,多比跳下床,seized Harry’s desk lamp, and started beating himself around the head with earsplitting yelps.抓起哈利的台灯往自己的脑袋上乱敲,伴着一声声凄厉的惨叫。 /201205/183158 Perhaps it was because he was now so busy, what with Quidditch practice three evenings a week on top of all his homework,也许是因为现在太忙了——除了各门功课的家庭作业之外,还有每周三个晚上的魁地奇训练but Harry could hardly believe it when he realized that he#39;d aly been at Hogwarts two months.所以,当哈利突然意识到自己在霍格沃茨已经整整待了两个月时,他简直感到难以置信。The castle felt more like home than Privet Drive ever had. His lessons, too,城堡一天比一天更像家了,而他在女贞路时从来没有这样的感觉。were becoming more and more interesting now that they had mastered the basics.当一些基础知识被掌握了之后,他的功课也变得越来越有趣了。On Halloween morning they woke to the delicious smell of baking pumpkin wafting through the corridors.万圣节前夕,他们一早醒来,就闻到走廊里飘着一般香甜诱人的烤南瓜的气味。Even better, Professor Flitwick announced in Charms that he thought they were y to start making objects fly,更妙的是,弗立维教授在魔法课上宣布。他认为他们可以开始使物体飞起来了。something they had all been dying to try since they#39;d seen him make Neville#39;s toad zoom around the classroom.同学们自从看见弗立维教授把纳威的癞蛤蟆弄得在教室里到处乱飞之后,就一直眼巴巴地希望尝试一下这种技能。Professor Flitwick put the class into pairs to practice.弗立维教授把全班同学分成两个人一组开始训练。Harry#39;s partner was Seamus Finnigan (which was a relief, because Neville had been trying to catch his eye).哈利的搭档是西莫斐尼甘(谢天谢地,因为纳威一直想跟他交换)。Ron, however, was to be working with Hermione Granger. It was hard to tell whether Ron or Hermione was angrier about this.而罗恩呢,要和赫敏格兰杰一起合作。关于这件事,很难说清罗恩和赫敏谁更加恼火一点儿。She hadn#39;t spoken to either of them since the day Harry#39;s broomstick had arrived.赫敏自从哈利的飞天扫帚送到的那天起,就一直不跟他们俩说话。Now, don#39;t forget that nice wrist movement we#39;ve been practicing!好了,千万不要忘记我们一直在训练的那个微妙的手腕动作!Squeaked Professor Flitwick, perched on top of his pile of books as usual.弗立维教授像往常一样站在他的那堆书上Swish and flick, remember, swish and flick. And saying the magic words properly is very important, too,尖声说道,“一挥一抖,记住,一挥一抖。念准咒语也非常重要never forget Wizard Baruffio, who said #39;s#39; instead of #39;f#39; and found himself on the floor with a buffalo on his chest.千万别忘了巴鲁费奥巫师,他把‘f’说成了‘s’,结果发现自己躺在地板上,胸口上站着一头野牛。” /201205/184124成都去哪家医院精液常规检查双流县妇幼保健院在什么位置



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