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2019年06月21日 03:38:15 | 作者:医苑社区 | 来源:新华社
Taiwan scrambles fighter jets after China sends its aircraft carrier and escort vessels into Taiwan Strait following anger sparked by Trump phone call中国航母及其护卫舰进入台湾海峡,台湾紧急起飞战机Taiwan has been forced to scramble jets and navy ships as a group of Chinese warships led by China’s sole aircraft carrier sailed north through the Taiwan Strait, the latest sign of heightened tensions between Beijing and the self-ruled Taiwan.中国航母战斗群穿过台湾海峡北部,台湾被迫紧急起飞战机,这是北京和台湾关系紧张加剧的最新迹象之一。China distrusts Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and has stepped up pressure on her after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump broke years of diplomatic protocol and took a congratulatory call last month from Tsai.美国当选总统特朗普上个月打破数年的外交协议,接听了蔡英文打来的祝贺电话之后,中国开始不信任台湾“总统”蔡英文,加强了对她的施压。The US is the island’s most powerful ally and main arms supplier, despite having no official diplomatic relations since recognising Beijing in 1979.尽管1979年承认北京以后双方就不存在正式的外交关系,然而美国是台湾最强大的盟友,是台湾主要的武器供应囀?来 /201701/488312

The US media have given their verdict on who won the second presidential debate after Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton engaged in attack and counter-attack.共和党人唐纳#8226;特朗普和民主党人希拉#8226;克林顿在第二次总统大选辩论中再次交锋,对于谁赢得本场辩论的胜利,美国媒体各有评断。While opinion is divided, Mrs Clinton is largely thought to have come out on top in Sundays debate in St Louis. But columnists raised the issue of her failure to tackle Mr Trump effectively, allowing him to ;exceed expectations;.尽管存在意见分歧,但是大部分人认为希拉里在圣路易日的辩论中占了上风。不过,专栏作家们指出了希拉里的问题,称其没能有效地反击特朗普,令他的表现“超出了人们的预期”。Fox News concludes that Mr Trump managed to pull off a surprising performance, although the news channel does not explicitly state that the Republican candidate won the debate.福克斯新闻虽然没有明确表态称这位共和党候选人赢得了此次辩论,但认为特朗普的表现惊人。The conservative network says he performed well, pivoting and manoeuvring through questions, allowing him to save his presidential hopes.这一保守派电视台表示,特朗普表现得不错,巧妙地周璇,转移问题,为他的总统梦挽回了一线希望。Mr Trumps decision to launch a blistering attack against Hillary Clinton and her husband is described by Fox as the equivalent of ;Hillary dropping Alicia Machado on Trump; in the previous debate.福克斯新闻称,特朗普向克林顿夫妇疯狂开炮的决定就像是在前一场辩论中“希拉里向特朗普抛出了艾莉茜#8226;马查多。This could be one of the biggest knockouts Ive seen“这可能是我见过最猛的制胜一击”That was the line used by Breitbart news, which is in a minority in handing the title to Mr Trump.布莱巴特新闻网使用了上面这段文字,这是为数不多的一家将特朗普视为赢家的媒体。In a leading story ing comments from former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, it reports that Mrs Clinton was ;pounded on bad decisions;.该网站一篇援引前纽约市长鲁迪#8226;朱利安尼的头条新闻报道称,希拉里“因为错误的决策而备受抨击”。It refers to accusations from Mr Trump that Mrs Clinton and the Democratic Party helped ;create the vacuum in the Middle East; that allowed so-called Islamic State to form.这里指的是特朗普指控希拉里和民主党制造了“中东真空地带”,致使所谓的“伊斯兰国”组织的建立;All Hillary Clinton had to do was remain upright for 90 minutes.;“希拉里#8226;克林顿所要做的就是把自己的正直形象保0分钟。”The Washington Posts verdict is that the debate highlighted an ;increasingly isolated; Mr Trump during an ;unusually dark and bitter face-off;. Over the past year, the newspaper has been at the forefront of investigations into Mr Trump, and has published several editorials condemning the candidate.《华盛顿邮报》认为在异常肮脏和激烈的辩论中特朗普显得“更加孤立”。过去一年里,这家报纸一直是调查特朗普的先锋,并发表了许多抨击他的社论。On the news sites Right Turn blog, Jennifer Rubin says Mrs Clinton had very little to do in order to go ;the last little way in wrapping up the election;.在其网站的“Right Turn”客栏目中,詹妮弗#8226;鲁宾称希拉里无需费太多力就可以走完大选的“最后一公里”。She writes that Mrs Clinton handled the audience well when answering questions, adding that the former secretary of state effectively won the debate early on by ;simply keeping her cool;.她写道,希拉里在回答问题时很好地应付了观众,而且这位前国务卿仅靠着“保持冷静”就已经提前在事实上赢得了这场辩论。Issues ranging from Mr Trumps tax payments to his foreign policy have, according to the Post, given Mrs Clinton plenty of material for a new raft of political ads.华盛顿邮报称,从纳税到外交政策,特朗普存在诸多问题,这为希拉里给自己作新一轮政治宣传提供了大量素材。A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers handed Sundays victory to Mrs Clinton. But the results also showed that Mr Trump managed to exceed expectations.CNN和ORC对电视观众进行的一份联合民调认日辩论胜利属于希拉里。但是结果还显示特朗普表现超出期待。Ron Fournier, whose coverage of US politics dates back to the days of Bill Clinton, writes that Mrs Clinton did about as well as anyone could while dealing with a ;barking; opponent and ;pouting menace;.#8226;福尼尔(前美联社政治员,译者注)从比尔#8226;克林顿时期就开始报道美国政治,他写道在“大吼大叫”的对手和“厉色的恐吓”面前,希拉里的应对不比任何人差。Mr Fournier said that throughout the debate the controversial Republican ;failed to patch together his collapsing campaign;.福尼尔称,整场辩论中,这位备受争议的共和党人“没能将他正在瓦解的竞选团队重新凝聚在一起”。来 /201610/470849

Turkey plans to deepen its involvement in Syria by establishing a de facto safe zone that could eventually cover some 4,000 square kilometres of territory where both Isis and Kurdish militias would be kept at bay.土耳其计划深化其在叙利亚的介入,建立一个实际上的安全区,最终可能覆盖约4000平方公里的领土,把伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)和库尔德武装都挡在外面。The plan involves the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army working with rebel groups to consolidate and extend recently captured territory south of the Turkish border.该计划涉及受土耳其持的叙利亚自由Free Syrian Army)与其它反政府组织合作,巩固和扩大最近刚刚在土耳其边境以南占领的地盘。Specifically, the FSA would push from the border town of Jarabulus to join a rebel council about 40km to the south in Manbij, which was recently wrested from Isis control. 具体而言,叙利亚自由军将从边境城镇杰拉布卢斯(Jarabulus)推进,与曼比季(Manbij,最近刚刚脱离ISIS的控制)以南大约40公里处的一个反政府委员会会合。The forces would move south-west towards al-Bab, about 50km from Aleppo, a Turkish official said.一名土耳其官员表示,这些武装力量将向西南方推进,目标是距离阿勒Aleppo)0公里的巴al-Bab)。Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president, has asked for the US-led coalition to help create a no-fly zone over this territory, which he hopes to repopulate with refugees who have fled to Turkey in the five years since the Syria conflict began.土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)要求以美国为首的盟军帮助在该区域建立一个禁飞区,他希望在此重新安置自叙利亚冲突爆发以来的五年间逃往土耳其的难民。Turkey is also pushing for a 48-hour ceasefire in the disputed city of Aleppo over next weekend’s Eid holiday, and wants at least one of two aid convoys one each for government-held and opposition-held quadrants of the city to depart from Turkey, the official added. 该官员补充称,土耳其还在推动在各方相持不下的城市阿勒颇在下周末的古尔邦节实施48小时停火,并希望两援助车队——一开往阿勒颇的政府控制区,一开往反对派控制区——中至少有一可以从土耳其出发。Negotiations over the convoys stalled at the recent G20 summit in China, where Mr Erdogan met Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama of the US.有关援助车队的谈判在中国举行0国集G20)峰会期间陷入停滞,埃尔多安在峰会上与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)进行了会面。The US has been urging Turkey for some time to orchestrate a campaign to dislodge Isis from the last remaining strip of the border that it still controls.美国一直在敦促土耳其策划一场战役,将ISIS逐出其仍然控制的最后一块边境地带。However, Washington has consistently argued against proposals to set up a formal safe zone in the area, which it fears could involve a much bigger military commitment by the US-led coalition than simply providing air cover.然而,华盛顿方面始终反对在边境地区建立正式安全区的提议,美国担心,这会使以美国为首的盟军卷入比单纯提供空中掩护大得多的军事投入。For Mr Erdogan, a Turkey-administered safe zone with international support would position him as a leading figure in a conflict in which he has largely been frustrated.对于埃尔多安来说,在国际持下建立一个由土耳其负责的安全区,将使他成为叙利亚冲突的主导人物。在这场冲突中,他迄今基本上一直受挫。Turkish-backed rebels had, until recently, little battlefield success, prompting his US allies to depend on a Kurdish militia he despises to fight Isis.直到不久以前,土耳其持的反政府军在战场上表现欠佳,促使埃尔多安的美国盟友依赖他所蔑视的库尔德武装来打击ISIS。Meanwhile, Russian and Iranian support has propped up Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president whose ousting Mr Erdogan has long sought.与此同时,俄罗斯和伊朗的持一直撑着叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad),而埃尔多安一直希望将阿萨德赶下台。来 /201609/465580

Anyone expecting a knockout blow, or a debate that would *substantially change the election’s *trajectory, was probably disappointed on the night of Sept 26. 那些期待出现致命一击,或是一场辩论能根本性地改变大选走向的人,很可能要6日晚上的电视辩论感到失望了。It was more of the familiar. 情况跟之前相比并没有什么不同。Few Americans are *ecstatic over the prospect of either outcome in November’s election, and the next day did nothing to change that.几乎没有美国人会对十一月份可能出现的任何一种结果感到欣喜若狂。到第二天这种状况仍然没有丝毫改变。As expected, Hillary Clinton showcased an experienced insider’s command of details. Donald Trump maintained his image as an outsider seeking to reform the executive branch, which he considers *dysfunctional, with a business perspective on economics, jobs and deals.正如预料的那样,希拉#8226;克林顿展示出一个经验丰富的局内人对细节的把控,而唐纳德#8226;特朗普则继续保持他一贯的外部人士的形象,力图对他认为已经失效的行政部门进行改革,希望从一个商业的角度来看待经济、就业和对外事务。Clinton *berated Trump for declining to disclose his tax returns, saying he had something to hide. 希拉里斥责特朗普拒绝披露报税单,称其有所隐瞒。It’s hard to imagine a viewer who wasn’t thinking about the 33,000 destroyed emails. 但对观众来说,很难不去想千条被删掉的电子邮件。What is she trying to hide?她又在试图隐藏什么呢?This was Trump’s opportunity to *pounce. 这本是特朗普痛击希拉里的好机会。He mentioned the emails, but did not put Clinton on the ropes. 他提到了那些电子邮件,但并没有把希拉里逼到毫无还手之地。He would have been justified in demanding an answer. 他本可以光明正大地去要一个回答。What was in the emails? Why did she hide and destroy them? Clinton has mostly avoided questions and answers in open forums for most of the past year. 邮件里写了什么?为什么要隐藏和删除?在过去一年的大多数时候,希拉里在公开讨论会上大都回避这些问题。Trump had the rare opportunity to cross-examine her, but he did not.特朗普本来有一个千载难逢的机会来对她进行仔细盘问,但他却错失良机。But Trump put Hillary on the defensive by blaming her for supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 但特朗普通过指责希拉里持跨太平洋伙伴关系协议(TPP)而让其处于守势。She ended up saying she was for it before she was against it, once the details were better known. 当一些细节更为人所知后,希拉里先表示反对TPP,最后又改口表示持。Trump countered, ing Clinton calling TPP The Gold Standard. 特朗普反击希拉里,并引用希拉里的原话,称TPP为金本位。It was one of a handful of points he scored, in a debate Clinton otherwise controlled.这是他为数不多的得分亮点,整场辩论其余时刻都是希拉里掌握主动。Trump talked about restoring law and order, and accurately cited a rising murder rate in New York after the city ended a successful stop and frisk program Clinton and others consider *unconstitutional. 特朗普谈到了恢复法律与秩序,他准确地引用了一组纽约谋杀率上升的数据,并指出这都应该归咎于希拉里等人,因为他们认为之前成功实施的叫停-搜身行动违宪而终止了该行动。While talking crime and justice, Clinton talked about race determining too much in the US, and spoke *eloquently about the need for more equal protection and racial equality.而在说到犯罪和正义时,希拉里认为在美国种族决定了太多东西,并富有感染力地表示美国需要更多的平等保护和种族平等。Expectations were low coming into this debate. 人们对这场辩论并没有过高的期待。Hillary’s fiercest opponents hoped she might collapse on stage. Trump’s opponents hoped he would make a *blunder for the ages, ending all debate as to whether he can be presidential. 希拉里的死敌指望她当场崩溃,而特朗普的反对者也希望他会犯下空前的失误,从而结束所有对于他能否当选总统的争论。There were no fireworks, no historic *flubs, no timeless es.整场辩论中没有激烈的交火,没有历史性的失误,也没能留下永恒的名言。On *demeanor, poise, confidence and depth, Clinton won the night. 在举止、姿态、自信心和深度方面,希拉里完胜。But nothing she did, or could have done, changes an insider’s status a lot of prospective voters do not want. 但她做的或者可能已经做的任何事都无法改变其局内人的身份,而这是很多未来选民不需要的。After 90-plus minutes, Americans learned nothing new about either embattled candidate.90多分钟的辩论过后,美国民众还是对两位交战的候选人没有任何新的认识。来 /201610/472225

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