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济南妇儿妇产医院是私立医院吗济南山大附属医院正规吗The hospital room may be due for a checkup. 医院病房或许该做一次检查了。Doctors and nurses, architects and designers all say the room setting has an important but largely neglected role to play in the delivery of quality care and outcomes. 医生和护士、建筑师和设计师都说,病房环境对于优质护理与优质诊疗结果的达成发挥着重要的作用,然而这种作用基本上都是被忽略了的。Consider infections. One out of every 20 patients admitted to a hospital picks up an infection while there, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These infections can be serious and deadly, and they cost the U.S. billion a year. 以感染为例。据美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)数据,在美国,每20个入院病人就有一人在住院期间感染某种疾病。这些疾病有可能是严重而致命的,每年为此付出的代价高达100亿美元。But recent studies indicate that at least half can be avoided. And the design of patient rooms is one of the best places to start. 但近期研究表明,至少一半的感染是可以避免的。病房的设计是最佳切入点之一。The hospital room has changed little since the post-World War II years, when there was a shift to semiprivate rooms from wards. But even then, the patient wasn#39;t central to the plan. Now, the patient room of the future is being designed as a safe, private, comfortable place conducive to healing. 二战之后的那些年里,多人共用的大病房被陆续改为二到四人共用的半私密病房,之后基本上就没有变化。然而即便在当时,病房的改造也不是围绕病人而展开的。如今,未来的病房正在被设计成一个安全、私密、舒适、有利于康复的地方。#39;With all the knowledge we#39;ve gained,#39; says Douglas Wood, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, #39;we can increasingly create an environment in the hospital to minimize the transmission of bacteria, increase the circulation of air, and reduce pain, discomfort and poor clinical outcomes.#39; 梅奥诊所(Mayo Clinic)创新研究中心主任道格拉斯#12539;伍德(Douglas Wood)说:“利用我们已经获知的各种知识,我们越来越有能力在医院里面打造一种最大化降低细菌传播,增加空气循环,减少疼痛、不适和劣质诊疗结果的环境。”Hospital officials from across the U.S. and abroad have traveled to New York to see the prototype patient room shown here. Designed by NXT Health, a nonprofit in New York, and funded by the Department of Defense, the room is designed to reduce infections, falls, errors -- and ultimately costs. Here#39;s a look at how it would do so. 全美各地以及美国国外都有医院管理人员前往纽约参观本文所示的这间样板病房。这间病房由纽约非营利组织NXT Health设计、美国国防部资助,其出发点是减少感染、摔倒和差错――最终就是减少要付出的代价。让我们大概了解一下它是怎样实现这些目标的。1. Patient Ribbon 1#8226;“病人环带”The canopy above the bed, the patient ribbon, extends from the head wall to the footwall. It contains electrical, technological and gas components normally found in any hospital room. It also includes a sound system that can create a cocoon above the patient#39;s head to block out unwanted noise and minimize the transmission of noise to other areas of the room. 病床上方的顶盖“病人环带”(Patient Ribbon)从床头墙一直延伸到床尾墙,包含普通病房里面一般都有的电子、技术及气体设备。它还有一个声音系统,可以在病人头部上方形成一个“茧”,一方面屏蔽掉恼人的噪音,另一方面也最大化地降低传到病房其他区域的噪音。2. Halo Lightbox 2. 晕轮灯箱The halo lightbox in the patient ribbon above the bed can be programmed for mood or light therapy, and can simulate cloud movements, blue skies and other lighting conditions. 镶嵌在病床上方病人环带里的晕轮灯箱可以通过编程打造特定氛围或用于灯光理疗,也可以模拟浮云、蓝天和其他一些光线环境。3. Head Wall 3. 床头墙The head wall contains the equipment needed to check vital signs (heartbeat, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure), as well as oxygen and other supplies, all stowed neatly out of sight but easily accessible through pull-down panels in the wall. 床头墙包含一台用于检查关键指标(心跳、呼吸频率、体温和血压)的设备,以及氧气和其他物资供给设备。这一切都整齐地收纳起来不会被看到,但可以通过床头墙内的下拉式面板轻松调用。4. Footwall 4. 床尾墙The footwall contains a large screen that can be used for entertainment, consultations with doctors, and access to hospital information, educational content and social-media sites. It#39;s controlled from the bed by a tablet computer that allows the patient to adjust lighting, sound, and temperature. 床尾墙包含一个大屏幕,可以用于、通过视频咨询医生,也可以用来访问医院信息、教育内容和社交网站。病人在病床上通过一台平板电脑来对其进行控制。这台电脑还允许病人调节光线、声音和温度。5. Rubber Floors 5. 橡胶地板The floors are made of low-porosity rubber, which doesn#39;t contain or need chemical sealers or waxes that often trap bacteria and other substances that can cause infections and allergic reaction. Rubber is quieter, softer and less slippery than other traditional floor materials. In case of a fall, it reduces impact. 地面由细孔橡胶铺成,不包含也不需要化学密封材料或蜡油,因为这些东西常常会藏纳细菌等物质,可能引起感染和过敏反应。橡胶比其他传统地面材料要安静、柔软、防滑。在发生摔倒的情况下,还可以减轻冲击。6. Room Surfaces 6. 室内表面All surfaces in the room other than the floor are made of Corian or similar solid-surface materials commonly found in homes as kitchen countertops. The material is nonporous and seamless, making it easy to clean and minimizing the chances for mold, mildew or bacteria to grow. That all reduces the risk of infection. 室内除了地面以外的其他表面都采用可丽耐人造石(Corian)和其他常用作住宅厨房台面的硬表面材料。这些材料无孔无缝,容易清洁,并将发霉、生长细菌的概率最小化。这些都会降低感染风险。7. Entry Workstation 7. 入口工作站The workstation is located at the entrance to the patient room. As a staff member or other person enters, the sink lights up in red to indicate that hands should be washed. When hands are disinfected, a green light blinks. A dashboard in the wall stores a computer, where information on the patient can be found and entered. 这个工作站位于病房入口。当医院人员或其他人员进入的时候,洗手台就会亮起红灯,表示需要洗手。双手消完毒之后,就会有绿灯闪烁。墙面上的一个仪表板放了一台电脑,可以查阅、录入病人的资料。8. Bedside Caregiver Hub 8. 床边护理中心At the bedside caregiver hub, a wall panel holds another computer. Other technology is embedded in the wall, and when the panel is closed, ultraviolet light kills bacteria that might have formed on surfaces. The computer keyboard, like all others in the room, is a flat, nonporous typing surface that#39;s easy and quick to clean, unlike conventional keyboards, which can harbor bacteria. 床边护理中心的一个墙面面板容纳了另外一台电脑。墙面还植入了其他一些技术,当面板关闭的时候,就会有紫外线杀灭各处表面上可能已经形成的细菌。电脑键盘和病房内的其他所有键盘一样,都是一个平坦无孔的输入表面,清洁起来方便快捷,不像常规键盘那样可能会藏纳细菌。9. Patient Companion 9. 病人伴侣The mobile patient companion contains both an eating surface and a flat computer when flipped over. Operated by touch, the computer controls the screen on the footwall and the light and sound in the patient area. The surface has colored rings to indicate when power is low and icons to touch to call for help. 移动式病人伴侣包含一个就餐平面,翻过来就是一台平板电脑。电脑为触控式,控制着床尾墙面上的屏幕和病人区域的光线、声音。就餐平面上有表示何时电量不足的色圆圈,以及通过触摸寻求帮助的图标。 /201312/268306济南市五院预定电话 “你们中有多少人想要去外星球?”导演詹姆士·卡梅隆周二在6,500影迷面前发表演讲。为喜剧迷、电影迷、超人迷、科幻迷、游戏迷们举办这一年一度大型盛会,已成为好莱坞日程表中的重大事件。该动漫节举办四十周年,第一次尝试全天播映3D电影,收尾节目25分钟预告片的《神之化身》(Avatar)会让科幻迷们提前一饱眼福,卡梅隆和20世纪福克斯公司表示具体上映当期会排在12月份。影片讲述的是一个人身体换成了外星人,冒险来到另一个星球Pandora。场景中描绘极其逼真,飞翔着的昆虫、摆动的蕨类植物似乎都在观众的额头上掠过,让Comic-Con动漫展上的影迷们都呼喊赞叹起来。SAN DIEGO(圣地亚哥) — “How many of you have ever wanted to go to another planet?” shouted the filmmaker(电影制作人) James Cameron, addressing 6,500 fans here on Thursday.With those words, the future came to Comic-Con — and it was wearing funny glasses.For the first time, the giant annual convention for fans of comics, movies, superheroes(超级英雄), science fiction and games that has become a major event on Hollywood’s calendar — now in its 40th year — devoted almost an entire day to presenting films in 3-D, culminating with a 25-minute glimpse of “Avatar,”(收尾节目25分钟预告片的《神之化身》) the eagerly anticipated science-fiction thriller due in December from Mr. Cameron and 20th Century Fox.“I’m not going to waste your time, because I know you’re here to see stuff(看片子),” said Mr. Cameron, who spoke only a few words before showing pieces of his film.The scenes portrayed the adventures of a human experiencing a new world, the planet Pandora, through the body of an alien. And they were delivered with a startling verisimilitude(令人震惊的逼真) that seemed to plant flying insects (飞翔着的昆虫)and waving ferns(摆动着的蕨类植物) on the heads of people in the next row — and had Comic-Con fans roaring with approval.The “Avatar” presentation cleared a crucial test for Fox, which has invested more than 0 million in the movie, the most conspicuous (显眼的)example of a recent spate of expensive 3-D efforts from the major studios that will roll out over the next few years. Mr. Cameron’s devotion to next-generation 3-D methods has raised enormous expectations around a film made with technology that some people predict could have an impact on movies comparable to the introduction of sound. It was a measure of the movie’s importance that Tom Rothman, co-chief of Fox Filmed Entertainment(福克斯电影公司), personally introduced Mr. Cameron.“Moments like these are rare in the life of a movie company,” Mr. Rothman said. Mr. Cameron’s last feature film was the box-office juggernaut “Titanic,” well over a decade ago.Actually, it had been Disney executives who led the push to use 3-D promotions at Comic-Con, where projection technology(3D技术) had previously been unequal to such large-scale presentations(远远比不上现在).No small problem was the distribution of Dolby 3-D glasses by the thousands, with repeated pleas that they eventually be returned, though many were left broken on the floor.Even as the first trailers were screened, hours before Mr. Cameron’s presentation, doubts lingered about whether the big 3-D day would work.“Some of the 3-D effects aren’t going to look absolutely perfect,” said Patton Oswalt, the comedian and voice actor who moderated a presentation of Disney’s forthcoming “A Christmas Carol(《圣诞颂歌》),” “Alice in Wonderland(《爱丽丝梦游仙境》)” and “Tron: Legacy(《电子世界争霸战2》).” Mr. Oswalt asked attendees not to blog about effects being “quite subpar(不够标准的).”But the fans “oohed” and “aaahed” over the displays of technical virtuosity(精湛), starting with motion-capture film from Robert Zemeckis’s “A Christmas Carol,” featuring Jim Carrey. Sony Pictures followed with its “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” and New Line weighed in with a 3-D sequel to the horror film “Final Destination(《死神来了4》).” But if technology ruled the day, it took flesh-and-blood movie stars to bring down the house. A surprise appearance by Johnny Depp(强尼·戴普) — who showed up beside the director Tim Burton in support of his Mad Hatter’s role in “Alice”(因出演“爱丽丝”中的“疯帽匠”现身此活动) — caused a near riot, with fans rushing the stage for pictures.A couple of hours later, the cast of Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon(《暮色2》)” provided the day’s emotional pop. Teenage girls started lining up on the street to see snippets (小段)from the second movie in the series. Many wore cardboard(小纸板) Burger King crowns emblazoned with(印有) “Team Edward,” referring to Edward, the nonbloodsucking vampire(不嗜血的嗜血鬼) at the franchise’s center.Media attention on the Summit Entertainment franchise(顶峰专区) is so enormous that the studio opted to hold a news conference at the nearby Hilton Hotel on Thursday in place of the normal press panels after the big Hall H presentation. (“It is for the personal safety of our stars,” said a Summit staff member.)The “New Moon(《暮色2》)” trio — Robert Pattinson(罗伯特·帕丁森), Kristen Stewart(克里斯汀·斯图尔特) and Taylor Lautner(泰勒·洛特) — took the stage in the Hilton ballroom looking as if the intense scrutiny was starting to wear on them. A disheveled-looking (凌乱装扮的)Ms. Stewart nervously took questions in front of about 30 television and cameras. She described the greatly anticipated film as “seriously emotional” and coming from an “empty, completely dark place.”In a lighter moment, a television news reporter asked the young stars what questions they were tired of being asked, and Mr. Lautner said, “Fans ask me to growl for them and I really don’t enjoy doing that.” Ms. Stewart said people could ask her anything they liked. But a Summit executive cut off a question about off-screen chemistry between cast members.The trade-show(内部预映) floor and the streets surrounding the convention center presented the usual array of Comic-Con curiosities. Two men in “Star Wars(星球大战)” Stormtrooper uniforms mingled with women dressed as Alice in Wonderland. Vampires and grim reapers were in abundance. The cable network Aamp;E staged a mock funeral to promote “Chris Angel Mindfreak” — complete with coffins carried by men wearing black lipstick — in the middle of a main walkway. Women on roller skates zigzagged through the crowds, apparently to promote Drew Barrymore’s roller-derby movie, “Whip It.” Only a couple of months ago, those who run the convention said they doubted that 3-D could be properly displayed in the huge hall where Hollywood studios have become accustomed to introducing prospective blockbusters (重磅炸弹)like “Watchmen(《守望者》).” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine(《X战警前传·金刚狼》)“We’re about to find out,” David Glanzer, the convention’s director of marketing, said just before the day’s session began.Two years ago, Paramount Pictures screened a piece of “Beowulf” in 3-D here. But that occurred only in a small, preconvention preview.This time, 3-D was the main event. Asked if he intended ever again to make a conventional, two-dimensional live action film, Mr. Zemeckis could only muster a maybe.“Never say never,” he said.But, he added: “Right now, I’m dedicated to sending these forms into the world. I love the control these art forms give the director.” Keke View:James Cameron主要奖项  1998年第70届奥斯卡最佳导演奖  1998年第70届奥斯卡最佳电影剪辑奖  1998年第55届金球奖 最佳导演奖  1998年堪萨斯城影评人协会最佳导演奖  1998年影评人协会最佳导演奖 /200907/79222口吃是交流和学习语言的重大难题,对于有点口吃的人总想着如果能治疗口吃那该多好啊,可以尽情表达自己的想法,在《国王的演讲》中,我们看到了使用音乐和唱歌来治疗口吃,到底这种方式是否有效呢?在《国王的演讲》中,乔治六世在莱昂内尔·罗格用的帮助下,通过听音乐和唱歌来使说话变得容易。而现在,科学家们已发现唱歌对治疗口吃非常有效的原因。In The King’s Speech, George VI received help from Lionel Logue, by listening to music and singing to speak easier.Now scientists have discovered why singing is so effective at treating a stammer.马克斯·普朗克研究所的科学家们表示,令人惊讶的是,这项技术和旋律没有任何关系,而是基于节奏。研究人员发现,有节奏的表达非常熟悉的歌词以及公式化的短语,无论是唱或是说,都对清晰发音有很大的影响。该结果很可能会开辟一条治疗言语障碍的新疗法。Surprisingly it has nothing to do with the melody but instead is based on the rhythm, say scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.Researchers found that highly familiar song lyrics and formulaic phrases expressed rhythmically had a strong impact on articulation – regardless of whether they were sung or spoken. The results may lead the way to new therapies for speech disorders.小组研究的人群是一些遭受左脑中风的人,他们大脑左半球的言语区遭到破坏,导致他们说话困难。唱歌被认为可以刺激大脑右半球的一片区域,那片区域将承担受损左脑言语区的功能。最近的研究显示:经过几个月的时间,病人唱出如同“你好吗”一样公式化的短语后,他们大脑的右半球的确发生了一些变化。The team studied people who had suffered a left-sided stroke, which had damaged speech areas in the brain’s left hemisphere, leading to difficulties speaking.Singing was thought to stimulate areas in the right hemisphere, which would then assume the function for damaged left speech areas. Recent research has shown that changes indeed occur in the right brain hemisphere of patients after singing formulaic phrases like ‘How are you?’ over a period of months.为了找出唱歌是如何如何治疗口吃的,本杰明·斯塔尔和同事们实施了一次研究。17位有言语障碍的中风患者必须清晰的说出几千个音节,这些音节在有节奏或无节奏的伴奏下被演唱及背诵。结果表明,唱歌并不是治疗这些患者的决定性因素。对歌词的熟悉度以及文字是否包含公式化短语更重要。To find out how singing works, Benjamin Stahl and colleagues conducted a study in which 17 stroke patients with speech problems had to articulate several thousand syllables, which were sung and recited with rhythmic or arrhythmic accompaniment。The results showed that singing was not the decisive factor for the patients. The level of familiarity with the song lyrics and whether the texts contained formulaic phrases was found to be even more important.目前,本杰明·斯塔尔正在进行更进一步的研究。这很可能会有令人兴奋的前景,很可能会提高患者生活质量。Benjamin Stahl is presently conducting further studies which aim to tap into the resource of rhythmic and formulaic speech for rehabilitative therapies. This could offer exciting prospects for improving the quality of life for patients. /201306/243736济南市妇保医院是民办还是公立医院

平阴县妇女医院怎样预约Three years after he bought the Volvo car brand for .8 billion, Chinese auto pioneer Li Shufu is doubling down on his bet that he can revive the storied Swedish auto maker by turning its focus to China.以18亿美元买下沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车品牌三年后,中国汽车业先驱李书福押下重注,他要通过主打中国市场的方式让这个瑞典汽车生产商恢复生机。On Wednesday, Volvo Car Corp. showcased its new plant here as part of a plan to make China key to the brand#39;s survival. Locally built Volvos should increase in the future to 75% of the brand#39;s sales in the country from 15% now, officials said.沃尔沃汽车公司(Volvo Car Corp.)周三在成都展示了其新工厂,这是让中国成为该品牌生存关键要素的部分计划。有高管说,未来中国本土生产的沃尔沃占该品牌在中国内地销量的比例应该能增加到75%,现在这一比例仅为15%。Volvo#39;s new Chinese plant will be able to produce 120,000 cars a year, and it initially would make Volvo S60L sedans. Production would start late this year and the factory will eventually employ around 2,500 employees at full capacity. Mr. Li#39;s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. bought Volvo from Ford Motor Co. F -3.36% in 2010.沃尔沃的这个新工厂年产量将达到12万辆,最初将生产S60L轿车,今年底量产,全部投产后最终雇员将在2,500人左右。2010年,李书福的浙江吉利控股集团(Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co.)从福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)手里买下了沃尔沃。Still, Volvo is playing catch-up. Audi, the Volkswagen VOW.XE -0.34% luxury brand, and BMW BMW.XE -1.26% build in China the majority of the vehicles they sell in the country. That frees them from a 25% import duty, lowers shipping costs and allows them to respond more rapidly to shifts in demand.尽管如此,沃尔沃仍在奋起直追。大众汽车(Volkswagen )旗下的豪华品牌奥迪(Audi)和宝马汽车公司(BMW )在中国市场上销售的大多数汽车都产自中国,这样可免除25%的进口税,降低运输成本,并且可对需求变化做出更加迅速的反应。Volvo plans to launch six new models in China this year. Volvo President and Chief Executive H#229;kan Samuelsson promises new Volvos that will be #39;at a level we as a brand have never seen before.#39;沃尔沃计划今年在中国推出六款新车型。沃尔沃总裁兼首席执行长萨穆埃尔松(Hakan Samuelsson)承诺,沃尔沃新车将跃上一个空前的台阶。The company today is targeting 200,000 car sales in China─and 800,000 globally─by 2020. That 2020 goal represents a step back from the ambitious goals a few years ago. He once had talked of selling 200,000 vehicles in China by the middle of this decade.沃尔沃眼下的目标是到2020年实现在华销量20万辆,全球销量80万辆。相比几年前的雄心壮志,这个2020年的目标似乎后退了一步。萨穆埃尔松曾说,到2015年左右在华销量要达到20万辆。Since then, Volvo has slid backward. World-wide sales fell 6.1% in 2012 to about 422,000 cars and sport utilities from 2011. Volvo is unprofitable, although the company says it prefers to focus on operating income, which was 18 million Swedish kronor (.7 million) in 2012.他说这番话之后,沃尔沃便开始走下坡路。2012年,沃尔沃全球销量同比下降6.1%,售出了大约42.2万辆轿车和运动型多功能(SUV)车。虽然沃尔沃说更愿意着眼于运营利润,但该公司现在并不盈利。2012年,沃尔沃的运营利润为1,800万瑞典克朗(合270万美元)。Volvo has been hurt by poor sales in recession-battered Europe, a key market accounting for more than half of global sales. The brand also has lost ground in the U.S., where sales are recovering. Volvo#39;s U.S. sales are down nearly 6% to 25,900 vehicles through May 31 this year, far behind luxury car leaders Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus.在遭受衰退重创的欧洲,疲弱的销售给沃尔沃带来了冲击。欧洲是该公司的关键市场,占沃尔沃全球销量的比重超过一半。此外,沃尔沃在销售复苏的美国也失掉了部分市场。今年年初至5月31日,沃尔沃在美国的销量下降了近6%,至2.59万辆,远落后于豪车领导者梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、宝马和雷克萨斯(Lexus)。Volvo has been slow to launch smaller, more fuel-efficient cars and SUVs in the U.S. Mr. Samuelsson says new, more economical engines on tap for the end of this year should help rebuild Volvo#39;s U.S. sales to 100,000 cars a year, the level it had before the recession.沃尔沃在美国推出更小、更节能轿车和SUV的步伐一直很缓慢。萨穆埃尔松说,今年年底将使用的更节能的新型发动机应该有助于让沃尔沃在美销量恢复至每年100,000辆。衰退前沃尔沃的年销量就是这个水平。In China, which is on track to be the world#39;s largest luxury-car market, Volvo sales through the first five months of this year are up by 27% from a year ago to 22,905 vehicles. Still, Volvo ranks No. 5 among luxury brands in the market.中国有望成为全球最大的豪华车市场。今年前五个月,沃尔沃在华销量同比上升27%,至22,905辆。不过,沃尔沃在中国豪华车市场中仍排在第五位。Volvo needs to capture drivers like Allan Song. A 40-year-old general manager at a multinational company in Beijing, Mr. Song likes the Volvo XC60 sport-utility vehicle and the brand#39;s reputation for safety. But he drives an Audi A6. #39;I#39;ve heard that Volvo cars are safe, but it#39;s just a concept,#39; he said. #39;I don#39;t have any real experience with it. Volvo never reached out to me for a test drive.#39;沃尔沃需要“俘获”像Allan Song这样的车主。40岁的Allan Song是北京一家跨国公司的总经理,他喜欢沃尔沃XC60 SUV以及该品牌的安全口碑。但他开的是奥迪A6。他说:我听说过沃尔沃汽车很安全,但这只是一个概念,我没有任何实际的体验。沃尔沃从来没有联系过我试驾。Michael Xu, general manager of a Volvo dealership in Chengdu, said the brand needs more models for customers to choose from, especially #39;high-level#39; models priced greater than one million yuan.沃尔沃成都一家经销商的总经理Michael Xu说,该品牌需要提供更多的车型供客户选择,特别是定价在人民币100万元以上的高档车型。#39;These type of models would help build Volvo#39;s brand image,#39; he said. The most expensive Volvo available for sale at his dealership is 700,000 yuan (3,000). In the five months to May his dealership sold 400 Volvos, up 63% from the same period a year earlier.他说,这类车型将可帮助打造沃尔沃的品牌形象。他们店里销售的最贵的沃尔沃汽车价格在人民币700,000元(合113,000美元)。在截至今年5月的五个月中,他们店销售了400辆沃尔沃汽车,较去年同比增加63%。Moving up the sales rankings will require cash for new models. Mr. Li indicated he may borrow some of the capital he needs.若想在销量排行榜上提升名次,则需要投入资金研发新的车型。李书福暗示说,他可能筹借所需的部分资金。He didn#39;t specify details. Volvo executives say there has been a lot of interest in participating in financing of the company as long as the company can show it is on track to achieve its goals.他没有透露详细情况。沃尔沃高管们说,只要该公司能够显示有望实现目标,很多人表示有兴趣参与该公司的融资。Mr. Samuelsson said Volvo spends about seven billion Swedish kronor annually on development costs. The former CEO of truck maker MAN SE MAN.XE -0.33% took over as Volvo CEO last fall after its board sacked then CEO Stefan Jacoby after Volvo reported a first-half loss.萨穆埃尔松说,沃尔沃每年斥资约70亿瑞典克朗用于研发。他曾任卡车生产商MAN SE的首席执行长,去年秋季出任沃尔沃首席执行长。之前沃尔沃公布2012年上半年亏损后,董事会解除了当时的首席执行长雅各比(Stefan Jacoby)的职务。Volvo has secured three key financing deals recently, including a 922 million (.21 billion) refinancing deal with the China Development Bank and a 1 billion kronor credit facility with the Swedish Export Credit Corp. RJI +0.12% and additional financing from a group of banks.沃尔沃最近敲定了三笔重要的融资交易,包括一笔与中国国家开发(China Development Bank)规模9.22亿欧元(合12.1亿美元)的再融资交易,一笔与瑞典出口信贷公司(Swedish Export Credit Corp.)规模10亿瑞典克朗的信贷安排,以及多家提供的更多融资。#39;Volvo Car is at a stage where we need to pay attention to profitability, but at same time we need to invest,#39; Mr. Li said. #39;We need to cooperate with financial institutions so we can go into the future.#39;李书福说,沃尔沃汽车正处于一个需要关注利润的阶段,但同时需要进行投资。我们需要与金融机构合作,以便能够走向未来。 /201306/243090山东中医医院农保能报销吗 For much of the developed world, 2013 marked the beginning of a new technological era. More than half the people in North America, the UK, Japan, South Korea and the Nordic countries now own a smartphone, market researchers have concluded. By next year, the rest of western Europe will join that mobile majority.对许多发达国家来说,2013年标志着一个科技新时代的开端。市场调查人员得出结论称,如今在北美、英国、日本、韩国和北欧等地,一半以上的人拥有智能手机。等到来年,西欧其余国家也将加入这一阵营。The rise of the smartphone has aly created new winners and losers in the consumer electronics market. According to a November estimate by analysts at US investment bank Canaccord Genuity, Apple and Samsung captured a “remarkable” 109 per cent (correct) of handset industry profits in the third quarter of 2013, a figure that makes sense only if the losses suffered by suppliers such as BlackBerry, Nokia and Taiwan’s HTC are counted as “negative profits”.智能手机的崛起让消费电子市场诞生了新的赢家和输家。美国投行Canaccord Genuity的分析师在11月份给出的估计数字显示,2013年第三季度,苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)“不可思议”地斩获了手机行业109%的利润。这一数字之所以说得通,是因为黑莓(BlackBerry)、诺基亚(Nokia)以及台湾宏达电(HTC)等供应商遭受的亏损被算作了“负利润”。But it is not just their mobile rivals’ earnings that Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices have gobbled up. Cameras, music and radio players, alarm clocks, navigation systems, even torches and compasses are now absorbed into a glowing screen.不过,苹果iPhone和三星Galaxy设备所吞噬的可不止是移动领域竞争对手们的利润。如今,不仅相机、音乐与电台播放器、闹钟、导航系统,就连手电筒和指南针也被整合进这些发光的屏幕中。Yet as smartphones increase in sophistication, they are also enabling new categories of gadget that harness their always-on connection, sensors and processing power.尽管如此,随着智能手机变得日益复杂,它们也催生出一系列能够利用它们的“永远在线”网络连接、传感器和处理能力的新电子产品。Wearable technology, “smart home” devices such as lights and security systems, fitness trackers and even toys are all orbiting the smartphone, making connected devices one of 2013’s hottest gadget trends.可穿戴技术、灯光与安保系统等“智能家居”设备、健身追踪器乃至玩具,都开始围着智能手机“打转”。可连接设备(connected devices)由此成为2013年最“火”的电子产品潮流之一。As innovation in smartphones themselves starts to slow down, the platform that they are enabling is just getting started – even if analysts say mass-market adoption is still years away.智能手机自身的创新速度开始放缓,但它们所催生的平台的发展才刚刚起步——尽管分析师表示这一平台还需数年时间才能为大众市场所接受。“The nice thing about the internet of things is it’s not monolithic,” says Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm’s interactive platforms division, who predicts a “Cambrian explosion” of smart devices. “I expect wearables to be on a very fast cadence as form factors fall out.”高通(Qualcomm)交互平台部门总裁罗伯#8226;钱德霍克(Rob Chandhok)说:“物联网的美好之处就在于它不是一元化的。”他预言智能设备会出现“寒武纪大爆发”。“我预计,随着各种形态的智能产品逐渐问世,可穿戴设备将呈现飞速发展。”Pebble, one of the best-known independent makers of smartwatches, which raised m on US-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter last year, said in November that it had sold 190,000 watches in total – impressive for a start-up but hardly the sort of volume that would have Apple rushing its rumoured iWatch to market.名气颇高的独立智能手表制造商Pebble去年在美国群募平台Kickstarter上募资1000万美元。11月份,该公司宣布,它已总计售出19万块手表。就一家初创企业而言,这是一个令人赞叹的销售数字;但这一数字还不足以迫使苹果急忙将其传闻中的iWatch投放到市场。As with most smartwatches, the Pebble mainly acts as a way to notify the wearer of incoming messages or other alerts from a Bluetooth-tethered smartphone.如大多数智能手表一样,Pebble的主要功能是:接收蓝牙连接的智能手机收到的信息或其他提示,将之通报给佩戴者。The September launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear marked a significant moment for the smartwatch market. Although the device has had mixed reviews, the endorsement of the form factor by the South Korean electronics group – coupled with persistent rumours that Google, Microsoft and others are all working on similar watches – signalled that smart watches may not be a niche for much longer. Even Casio’s G-Shock now has a Bluetooth connection to receive message notifications – and has the benefit of actually looking like a watch.三星9月份举行的Galaxy Gear发布会标志着智能手表市场的一个重要时刻。尽管该产品得到的评价褒贬不一,但这家韩国电子集团对此类可穿戴设备的持——再加上不断有传言称,谷歌(Google)、微软(Microsoft)等公司也都在研发类似的手表——暗示着,可能过不了太久,智能手表就不再是一种小众产品了。就连卡西欧(Casio)的G-Shock现在也有蓝牙连接,用以接收信息通知——此外它还有个优势,那就是看起来的确像块手表。At the same time as the Galaxy Gear was unveiled, Qualcomm launched the Toq, a smartwatch that uses its Mirasol screen to showcase the potential of the technology.就在Galaxy Gear除去面纱的同时,高通推出了Toq——这款智能手表的屏幕使用Mirasol显示技术,高通试图以此来展示这项技术的潜力。Unlike the Gear, which needs charging every day and does not keep its watch face lit all the time, the Toq’s screen is always on and the battery lasts for several days.Toq比Galaxy Gear更胜一筹的地方在于:Gear每天都得充电,屏幕也不是一直亮着;而Toq的屏幕不但一直亮着,电池续航时间更是长达数日。“Being able to do things at a glance is very powerful,” says Mr Chandhok. “I don’t want to replicate the smartphone, but I do want to use it to raise things above the noise level. Notification really only works when it’s at a glance.”“能够扫一眼就解决问题是非常有用的。”钱德霍克说,“我不想复制智能手机,但我真的想用它来着重提示一下要做的事。通知真的只有在扫一眼就看到的时候才起作用。”But Robert Brunner, partner at the design agency Ammunition Group, which works on products such as Beats by Dr Dre headphones, says the appearance of these devices is just as important as what they do.但设计公司Ammunition Group的合伙人罗伯特#8226;布伦纳(Robert Brunner)认为,这些设备的外观与它们的功能同等重要。Ammunition Group设计的产品包括“Beats By Dr. Dre”耳机等。“We are in the fashion business,” Mr Brunner said at a recent GigaOm conference in San Francisco. “The things that people carry and use define us almost as much as the clothes we wear#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Wearable technology needs to understand fashion.”“我们身处时尚行业之中,”布伦纳在近日于旧金山举办的GigaOm大会上说,“我们所所携带和使用的东西对我们的影响程度,几乎与我们穿的衣一样……可穿戴技术需要懂时尚。”A similar challenge lies in the smart home market, where devices such as the internet fridge are solutions searching for a problem.智能家居市场也存在同样的挑战,像网络冰箱这样的设备纯属“没事找事”。“The magic that we all love of being connected and the things that it does is going, going, gone,” Mr Brunner says. “At some point, having running water in your house was amazing. It’s no longer just about this magic, it’s about what it’s actually doing in our lives.”“我们都喜爱连通性,它就像魔术。但这种魔术连同它带来的东西正逐渐过时。”布伦纳说,“过去,家里有自来水都是一件神奇的事。但今天,神奇本身已不再重要,真正重要的是它能对我们的生活起到什么实际帮助。”Dozens of new devices have emerged in recent months, from smart locks such as August and Lockitron, which open with a wave of a smartphone, to Philips’ Hue lightbulbs, which can be set to match the colour of a photo from a mobile app, as well as other features.近几个月来,有几十种新设备相继问世,从August和Lockitron智能锁(利用智能手机发出的电磁波开启),到飞利浦(Philips)的Hue灯泡(该灯泡所发光芒的颜色,可被设定为与手机应用中图片的颜色相同),以及其他特色产品。Some are aimed at security-conscious folk: Dropcam’s 0 Pro camera constantly monitors its owner’s home, alerting them to movement after they’ve left the house and letting them watch a live feed. SmartThings sells kits that enable garage doors to be locked remotely or sends notifications to a phone when the kids get home from school. Large retailers such as Home Depot, Staples and Lowe’s are devoting more and more floor space to such products, even though it is unclear how large the market for them is today.有些产品瞄准的是那些关注安全的人群:Dropcam售价200美元的Pro相机,能持续监视用户的住所,在用户离家后向他们通报家中的动态,并能让用户观看关于家中动态的实况视频。SmartThings销售的产品能远程锁上车库大门,还能在孩子放学到家时给家长的手机发送通知。家得宝(Home Depot)、史泰(Staples)和Lowe#39;s等大型零售商,正将越来越多的店面空间划拨给此类产品,尽管人们还不清楚现在它们的市场到底有多大。“It takes time for people to embrace connectivity,” says Tony Fadell, chief executive of Nest, whose “learning” thermostat and app-enabled smoke alarm have attained an Apple-like cult following among early adopters of the “connected home”.Nest公司首席执行官托尼#8226;法代尔(Tony Fadell)说:“人们接受连通性是需要一些时间的。”该公司的“learning”智能温控器以及持移动应用的烟雾报警器,已得到“联网家居”尝鲜者的追捧,其中一些拥趸的热情与“果粉”无异。“Most people are just jamming things together because that’s the fastest thing to do. They don’t rethink the experience from top to bottom#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Just because it can be connected doesn’t mean it should,” he says.他说:“大多数人只是把各种东西硬连在一起,因为这是最快捷的方法。他们不会自上而下地反思整个体验……一样东西能与网络连在一起并不意味着它就应该与网络连在一起。”Ben Wood, analyst at tech consultancy CCS Insight, sees great potential in smartwatches, but says the connected home is “just too hard for the man on the street right now”. The plethora of single-purpose “point solutions” is still a long way from the joined-up vision touted at trade shows, he says.技术咨询公司CCS Insight的分析师本#8226;伍德(Ben Wood)认为,智能手表蕴含着巨大的潜力。但他表示,“现阶段而言,普通人还很难实现”联网家居。他说,大量单一用途的“点解决方案”距商展上厂商兜售的整合后愿景仍相去甚远。Amanda Peyton, co-founder of Grand St, a marketplace for creative technology, admits that the “independent, creative, alternative electronics” market is worth just a fraction of the tn consumer electronics market today.创新科技产品销售网站Grand St的联合创始人阿曼达#8226;佩顿(Amanda Peyton)承认,“独立、创新、另类电子产品”市场在今天价值1万亿美元的消费类电子产品市场中仅占一小部分。“But it is absolutely the fastest growing of any sector,” she says. “Over the next few years, you will see this section of the market just growing enormously. It’s going to cut into some of the existing consumer electronics market, but it’s going to grow the whole thing overall.”“但它绝对是增长最快的板块,”她说,“今后几年,你将看到这块市场呈现巨大的增长。它会蚕食部分现有的消费类电子产品市场,但同时也会带动整个市场实现整体发展。”Wearables and other “smart” devices might not overtake the smartphone market any time soon – but they promise to be a much livelier arena for innovation in the coming years.可穿戴设备和其他“智能”设备或许不会在短时间内赶超智能手机市场,但在未来几年里,它们有望成为一个活力远超后者的舞台,为人们展示各种创新。 /201312/270869山东大学第二医院产前检查好吗

山东省附属医院上班时间 The default background for Microsoft#39;s Windows XP operating system -- a perfect blue sky full of cotton-candy clouds above rolling hills with impeccably trimmed grass and daffodils -- is the spring day we wish could last forever. 微软公司(Microsoft) Windows XP操作系统的默认背景是一副春日景象――湛蓝的天空上漂浮着棉花糖般的朵朵白云,绿草茵茵、水仙成簇的山丘连绵起伏――真希望这幅景象可以一直持续下去。And fittingly, many people wish the operating system would last just as long. Introduced in 2001, Windows XP became so successful that Microsoft extended its support for an industry record of 12 years. Yet come April 8, XP#39;s sunny day is over. 同样的,对于Windows XP操作系统,很多人也希望它可以一直运行下去。由于Windows XP操作系统在2001年推出后大受欢迎,微软公司将对该系统的持延长至了创业界记录的12年。然而,随着4月8日即将到来,XP系统的艳阳天将不复存在。At that time, Microsoft will cut off all user support and halt security updates, leaving the software vulnerable to newly discovered attacks. XP computers will still work, but the #39;Bliss#39; background image will just be a facade. The operating system will no longer be a safe place to work or play. 届时,微软公司将不再向Windows XP的用户提供持,并不再提供安全更新,这将令Windows XP上搭载的软件易于受到新型病毒的攻击。使用XP系统的电脑仍可工作,但是“春光明媚”的背景图片将成为假象。不管对工作还是而言,XP系统都不再安全。#39;Our guidance is that you need to get off XP. It#39;s really that black and white,#39; says Tom Murphy, Microsoft#39;s spokesman handling the end of XP support. The company#39;s party line is that Windows 8.1 -- the latest in Microsoft#39;s foray into touch-friendly interfaces -- is a #39;fully modern operating system.#39; 微软公司负责结束XP系统持的新闻发言人汤姆#12539;墨菲(Tom Murphy)表示:“我们的建议是,你应该放弃XP。这是毫无疑问的。”微软公司宣称,Windows 8.1是一款“非常时尚的操作系统”。 Windows 8.1是微软公司在触控界面领域的最新力作。Since Windows XP first gained popularity, other alternatives have arisen. There#39;s Windows 7, of course, and offerings from Microsoft#39;s rivals, Apple and Google. Where is the best place for an XP refugee to go? I#39;ve been weighing each option. 自从Windows XP开始风靡以后,其他的操作系统也不断地涌现了出来。目前在市面上除了Windows 7以外,还有微软公司的竞争对手苹果公司(Apple)和谷歌(Google)研发的操作系统产品。XP系统的原有用户应该何去何从呢?我权衡了每一种可能的方案。Moving to Windows 8.1 升级至Windows 8.1If you have any doubt that Microsoft wants everyone to move to Windows 8.1, just visit amirunningxp.com. Designed to detect if users are running Windows XP, the site immediately suggests XP users upgrade to Windows 8.1 or buy a new Windows 8.1 computer. 如果你对微软希望每名用户都升级至Windows 8.1的意图持怀疑态度的话,那么你可以访问网站amirunningxp.com。该网站能够对用户是否安装了Windows XP进行检测,它会马上建议XP系统的用户升级至Windows 8.1或者购买全新的Windows 8.1电脑。Lots of computers from the age of XP can technically run the latest version of Windows. You just need a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of hard drive storage. The biggest catch is your display has to have 1024 x 768 resolution. You can download the Windows Upgrade assistant to see if your system meets the requirements. 从技术上讲,在XP系统诞生之际购买的很多电脑都能运行Windows系统的最新版本。你只需要1 GHz的处理器、1 GB的内存和16 GB的硬盘存储空间。最大的问题在于你需要拥有一台分辨率为1024 x 768的显示器。你可以下载Windows升级助手来查看你的电脑是否满足XP的系统需求。The Windows 8.1 upgrade DVD costs 0, and Microsoft has teamed up with a backup service called Laplink to offer a free and easy way to transfer files. Windows 8.1的升级DVD售价120美元,微软已经与一个名为Laplink的持务团队联手,推出了免费进行文件转移的务。If you don#39;t meet the system requirement, or view the upgrade process as a hassle, you could, of course, buy a new machine. But I am ambivalent to recommend Windows 8.1 to XP users. Microsoft revamped Windows, replacing the beloved classic desktop with a Start Screen of tiles that point to programs, files and services. You can still get to the desktop (there#39;s a Desktop icon), but there#39;s no Start in the corner. 如果你的电脑未能满足系统要求,或者你不愿为系统升级之事费心,你当然可以购买一台新电脑。但是,我对向XP用户推荐Windows 8.1颇感犹豫不决。微软对Windows系统进行了大刀阔斧的改革,把深受用户欢迎的传统桌面换成了由不同颜色的磁贴构成的开始界面,这些磁贴代表的是不同的程序、文件和务。你仍然可以回归到传统桌面(按桌面键),但是“开始”菜单已经不在传统桌面上了。Windows 8.1 is better than the original Windows 8 when it comes to the mouse and keyboard, and a forthcoming update will bring even more mouse-friendly enhancements, such as a close-window button inside apps. Ed Bott, Microsoft watcher and author of many Windows guides, says people should make the jump to 8.1, and that the next updates will make the system more similar to Windows 7. 在鼠标和键盘的使用感受上,Windows 8.1的表现要好于Windows 8,并且即将推出的更新版本还将带来更友好的鼠标使用体验,比如应用程序内的系统关闭按键等。微软监察员、多款Windows指南的作者艾德#12539;特(Ed Bott)表示,用户应该直接升级至Windows 8.1,今后的更新将令系统越来越像Windows 7。Moving to Windows 7 升级至Windows 7系统Still, Windows 8.1 may be a radical change of pace for old-school Windows lovers, which is why I think Windows 7 makes a lot more sense for XP exiles. 然而,对于守旧派的Windows粉丝来说,Windows 8.1带来的变化可能太大了,这也是为什么我认为Windows 7对XP的原有用户来说更合适。Despite Microsoft#39;s arguments that 8.1 is faster, safer and more reliable than Windows 7, everything in 7 is mostly in the same place as it was in Windows XP. You#39;ll find the traditional desktop, the trusty Recycle Bin and the Start Menu. 尽管微软声称,Windows 8.1比Windows 7更更安全、更可靠,但是Windows 7的大多数功能都与Windows XP处于相同的位置上。你能够在Windows 7中看到传统桌面、值得信赖的回收站和开始菜单。The problem is that, in its Windows 8 push, Microsoft has made Windows 7 harder to come by. But there still are two main ways to get it. The first and best choice is to buy a Windows 7 laptop or desktop from select manufacturer websites, including Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. They aren#39;t featured prominently, but go digging in the business-products sections of the companies#39; sites and you#39;ll find them. Microsoft and the PC makers still provide support, too. Dell#39;s Latitude 330 and Acer#39;s Aspire V3 are both good choices under 0. 问题在于,在微软推广Windows 8的过程中,Windows 7越来越难觅踪迹了。但是,仍然有两个方法可以获取Windows 7。第一个方法―也是最好的方法―就是从电脑厂商的官网上购买一台Windows 7台式电脑或笔记本电脑,这些厂商包括宏基(Acer)、戴尔(Dell)、惠普(Hewlett-Packard)和联想(Lenovo)。电脑厂商并未对Windows 7电脑进行大张旗鼓的宣传,但是通过搜寻电脑厂商的销售官网,你一定可以找到这些产品。微软和上述电脑厂商也仍将为Windows 7提供持。戴尔的Latitude 3330和宏基的Aspire V3都是售价在700美元以下的不错选择。If you don#39;t want to buy new hardware, things get trickier. Microsoft doesn#39;t sell box copies of Windows 7 anymore. And if you buy the .99 version sold by online computer suppliers like Newegg, you don#39;t get Microsoft support. You will get security updates until 2020, however. 如果你不想购买新的硬件,事情就棘手多了。微软不向任何人出售盒装的Windows 7操作系统光盘。如果你从新蛋网(Newegg)等电脑产品网络销售商那里购买99.99美元的Windows 7版本的话,你不会得到微软的技术持。不过,在2020年前,你都会获得安全更新。Moving to a Non-Microsoft Camp 转移到非微软阵营Of course, there are other places to go if you venture outside of the world of Microsoft. 当然,如果你想走出微软世界,外面的天地也很精。If you#39;re willing to spend more money than the average Windows PC, there are Apple#39;s Mac computers, which run OS X. That system will take some learning, but once you get the hang of it, it has a ton of great features. Apple also offers free classes for new Mac users at its stores. 如果你愿意付比一般Windows电脑更高的价钱,那么你可以选择苹果公司搭载了OS X系统的Mac电脑。你需要学习才能掌握OS X系统,但一旦你熟悉了该系统,你会发现它拥有很多很好的功能。苹果公司还向新Mac用户提供免费的店内课程。Chromebooks tend to be cheap since they just run Google#39;s browser. If you just need email and the Web, Acer#39;s C720 Chromebook is plenty powerful -- and only costs 0. Chromebook更便宜些,因为这款笔记本只能运行谷歌的浏览器。如果你只需要阅读邮件、浏览网页的话,那么宏基的C720型Chromebook就非常强大了,并且它的售价只有200美元。For the extreme computer literate, there are Linux options like Ubuntu, which run fine on older Windows XP computers. However, installing Linux requires patience and many popular programs won#39;t work there. 对于电脑高手来说,他们可以选择Linux操作系统Ubuntu,该操作系统可以在更老的Windows XP电脑上良好地运行。然而,安装Linux系统需要一定的耐心,并且很多热门的程序无法在该系统上运行。You#39;re best bet is to buy a Windows 7 computer. Whatever path you do choose, don#39;t be sad: You can always bring that perfect spring day wallpaper with you. 你最好的选择就是购买一台Windows 7电脑。无论你选择哪种办法,都不要悲伤:你总是可以将春光明媚的背景用作电脑桌面。 /201403/282977济南妇儿妇科医院中药科济南哪家妇科检查医院最专业



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