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青岛黄褐斑雀斑青岛治疗玫瑰痤疮要多少钱The month of June is winding down and that means that Apple's Steve Jobs is scheduled to come back to work. A lot of mysteries surrounding Steve Jobs and his health as always, you remember he took a leave of absence to recover from pancreatic cancer. Then the Wall Street Journal reported he received a liver transplant in Memphis.As usual Apple has declined any comment on all manner of questions with regard to Steve Jobs' health. And that will be a subject that experts will debate in terms of governance - how much disclosure, what should the CEO say, what should the CEO say about his health, how much should the board disclose to the shareholders. We'll be debating that forever. But the real question is, you know, what's up with the future of Apple. Apple did just fine while Steve Jobs stepped back. And of course here again we don't know how involved he was during this time period, obviously he had a liver transplant. There were many days and maybe even weeks when he wasn't involved with the company at all. Tim Cook, the No.2 at Apple is obviously a very competent and very intelligent guy fully capable of running this company. But over the long run, even though the company didn't skip the beat while Steve was on the leave of absence, over the long run, there is no question that Apple will not be the same without Steve Jobs. When you talk about innovation, you talk about attention to detail, attention to consumers, the ability to see over the horizon to come up with new products. There is no one on the planet who does that better than Steve Jobs, really the Thomas Edison of our time. You think about Steve Jobs' health, you have to wonder: how much time does he have running this company. Obviously no matter what happens, his health is not great. And you know with Steve Jobs, you really have to wonder, you know, how much longer will he run this company. It's, it's a heartbreaking question. I's a question that no one really wants to discuss or talk about. Obviously we all wish Steve Jobs well and it's interesting to see you know, if he comes back what kind of shape is he going to be in and where he will take this company. Right now people are looking for a netbook or a er to come out from this company. Um, will they do that, um will they continue / making iPhones bigger, better, differently, what's gonna happen to the Mac product line. Um, there're just a whole host of questions. And right now the way Apple likes to handle things is they want to be in control of the information destiny. They want to be in control of the information flow very often when reporters ask questions, they just decline to answer and say that, you know either they don't want to answer or it's really none of the presses' business. So far that's seemed to work, but it's obviously a very controversial strategy, we'll see how that serves, I mean in the Steve Jobs' Apple saga, as it unfolds over the next several weeks and months.Vocabulary:1.wind down: to draw gradually toward an end 2.pancreatic cancer: 胰腺癌3.all manner of: 各种各样的,形形色色的4.skip the beat: 应该是用作比喻,心跳加剧意味着不安,紧张等症状,反正这里意思是就算乔布斯没在,苹果也没出现啥异常。5.a host of sth: 许多,大量6.saga: 英雄传奇08/81689城阳区人民医院整容 青岛市诺德医院正规吗会不会乱收费

青岛/市诺德医院在哪Lexington来克星敦 Mars in the descendant下降星座——战神火星America is tired of war. That would suit Barack Obama, if not for the one he entered in Libya美国已经厌倦战争。这对奥巴马来说正合适,只要他们不讨厌利比亚战争就行Jun 23rd 2011 | from the print edition“I VENTURE to say that no war can be long carried on against the will of the people.” Edmund Burke should be alive today. None of America’s several wars is popular. According to a Pew Research poll this week, a majority of Americans (56%) now believe that their troops should come home from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Only 39% favour waiting for the situation there to stabilise, even though most still think that the original decision to go to war was right. In the case of Libya there was never any equivalent enthusiasm to intervene in the fighting between Muammar Qaddafi and the rebels. And most Americans are delighted that the present plan is to quit Iraq by the end of this year.“我敢说任何违背人民意愿的战争都打不长。”埃德蒙·伯克曾如是说。他真应该活着看看今天的情况。美国参与的战争没有一个是受欢迎的。皮尤研究中心本周的民意测验显示,虽然大多数美国人仍然认为当初进攻阿富汗的决定是正确的,但是大部分人(56%)现在都认为美军应尽快撤出阿富汗,只有39%的民众愿意等待局势稳定。而对于利比亚,民众从一开始就没什么热情干预卡扎菲和反对派之间的战争。大部分人都很高兴听到目前计划年底撤出伊拉克。America has reason to be war-weary. Since September 2001 it has spent some .3 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which some 6,000 service personnel have died. Even conservative Republicans, the group keenest on “staying the course”, have started to tell pollsters that America should pay less attention to problems overseas and more to the growing ones at home. In their New Hampshire debate several Republican presidential candidates joined the cry to bring the boys home—“as soon as we possibly can,” said Mitt Romney, the putative front-runner.美国患上战争疲倦症不是没有道理。自从2001年9月起,美国已为伊拉克和阿富汗战争花费1.3万亿美元,牺牲约6千名士兵。即使是最热衷于“按既定道路走下去”的保守共和党人都开始告诉民意调查员,美国应少管些国外的麻烦,多关注与日俱增的国内问题。在新罕布什尔州的辩论中,几个共和党总统竞选人齐声呼吁要让男孩们回家,而且用米特·罗姆尼的话说,“越快越好”。罗姆尼是普遍认为最有希望的竞选人。201106/142674山东省妇幼保健院双眼皮多少钱 Hu's coup胡的精囊妙计Why a tiny deal by a Chinese bank in America matters为什么中国的小小生意能够影响美国THE price is so trivial it will not have a discernible impact on the buyer, IC, the Chinese bank that is the world’s biggest by value. By the time the acquisition is approved, it may well have been forgotten by most outsiders. And yet, it could be a transformative deal whose full implications will take years to emerge.如此微不足道的价格,对于坐拥世界最大市值的中国工商这种买家来说恐怕没什么显而易见的影响。等它的战略价值被众所周知的时候,这笔买卖可能早就已经被大多数局外人抛诸脑后了。但它的变革性意义将在数年之后完整地突显出来。Almost lost amid the many transactions signed on January 21st to coincide with the visit of China’s President Hu Jintao to America was an agreement by IC to buy 80% of the Bank of East Asia’s small, almost profitless, retail-branch network in New York and California for 0m. If approved, the transaction would be significant because for the first time a Chinese mainland bank would have activities operating under America’s regulatory framework. But its importance goes beyond that. A tick in the box by American regulators, expected by the end of the year, would mean that they have endorsed the soundness of China’s government controlled and politically directed banking system. That has been a barrier to Chinese banks expanding in America.中国工商将以1亿4000万美元购得东亚于纽约和加利福尼亚的两家小到几乎毫无收益可言的零售业务及其运营网络。这份于1月21日签署的合同几乎被遗忘在随中国国家主席胡锦涛的美国之行而来的众多交易之中。然而一旦其获准生效,这笔交易将是有意义的,因为这是中国大陆首次于美国控制的框架下运营。而且它的重要性远不止于此。这对于美国的管理者来说是一个标志,这意味着到今年末的时候,他们就等于赞同了中国政府控制,政治导向的系统。而这在过去一直是中国在美国扩展的阻碍。In recent years American supervisors have stopped short of granting full approval for Chinese firms, instead allowing them only to provide wholesale services to companies. Even then, in at least one case, supervisors have insisted that the permit be contingent on further improvements in the Chinese firm’s operating procedures. A licence for a retail operation must pass a higher threshold since local branches will be covered by America’s deposit-insurance umbrella. That, in turn, involves approving not only the operations of the bank that is entering America but also its home regulator, to ensure it is shipshape—in the jargon, that it can provide “consolidated comprehensive supervision”. In theory, the Federal Reserve’s examiners will now need access to the operations not only of China’s largest bank but of its regulators.近年来美国监管者已经停止了对中国公司完整授权许可的短缺控制,取而代之的是仅仅允许他们为其他公司提供大规模金融批发务。即使那样,至少在个案来说,监管者们已经坚持了颁发许可取决于中国企业自身运营状况的程序。由于本土分机构位于美国储蓄保险的保护伞下,取得零售金融务的执照必须通过更高的门槛。如此一来,获准进入美国市场不仅关乎自身的运作,还关乎它本国的管理者是否能够保它的“整洁干净”——用行业术语来说,就是它能够提供“牢靠并且系统的监管”。理论上来说,联邦储备审查官员现在需要批准的运营系统不仅属于中国最大的,还属于它的母国管理者。201107/143691青岛哪家医院激光去痣

青岛哪里割双眼皮医院Thousands Rally in US Capital, Demanding Immigration Reform数千人华盛顿集会要求改革移民政策Thousands of supporters of immigration reform rallied in the nation's capital on Sunday, voicing their frustration with the government's pace of handling the complex issue. The gathering was both a serious and lively gathering that brought together politicians, labor representatives and religious leaders to try to push the issue back on to the table.数以千计持移民改革的人士星期天在首都华盛顿集会,对政府处理移民案件的速度表示失望。这次活动既严肃又生动,汇聚了政治人士、劳工代表、宗教领袖等,试图共同推动这个议题能够得以重新讨论。Many participants at the rally waved American flags and held signs that were written in both Spanish and English. 参加集会的人们挥舞美国国旗、高举用英语和西班牙语写的标语。Some had stark messages such as "Reform Immigration Before Others Die." Others carried signs that : "Change Takes Courage."一些人的标语牌非常醒目,上面写着“赶快改革,不要把人拖死”,还有标语写着“改革需要勇气”。On a massive stage and in crowds, participants of the "March for America" urged U.S. President Barack Obama to follow through on his promise to overhaul the immigration system.在一个搭建起来的巨型讲台上的人士和台下聚集的人群都是“为美国行进”这一活动的参与者。他们督促美国总统奥巴马实现全面改革移民体系的诺言。Leyda Lopez came to Sunday's rally with her mother who entered the country illegally from Equador nearly two decades ago. Leyda says she is concerned about the state of the immigration reform debate."It's a lost, because like the president is saying he is going to do something and he never do it, we are waiting for that," she said. "And we want justice."她说:“这是一个失败,因为总统说过他会(在移民方面)做出改变,但是他至今什么也没做。我们要求正义。”Leyda's mother, Mely, says that because of her status, she has been unable to return to Equador to see the rest of her family for 18 years.莱达的母亲说,因为身份问题她这18年来都不能回厄瓜多尔探望她的家人。201003/99470 Find a job in this economy CNN Personal Finance Editor Gerri Willis explains how you can find a job during tough economic times. We're gonna make friends fast in this competitive job market. It's who you know, not what you know. 80% of jobs are obtained through networking. So, your first step should be to reach out to professional organizations in your industry. To find those, check out yahoo's directory at dir.yahoo.com. Another good option, here, your college's alumni directory. Find that if there're classmates who were working at the companies that you are interested in. Don't forget the social networking sites. Here're the list of social networking sites that could help you make your entry way into your next job. Brightfuse, facebook.com and linkedin.com. There are so many websites out there. So many ways you can search for both good and bad information on people that you might wanna hire, I mean, you can simply put in someone's name and google and get plenty of information available. That's right. That's right. But you know, as a person looking for the job, you gotta make sure that your image on the web is accurate and it highlights your best to work. Check out ziggs.com. We can post free professional profile on site. If a recruiter is looking for a job candidate on line, your name may just pop up the top of a web search. You will be sent an e-mail or alternative. Someone clicks and views on your page. Sometimes, your professional profiles are aly on line. And you may not even know it. Zoominfo.com scours the web. Press releases business websites for your professional info. If your profile is on this site, make sure all your information is correct and supplement and anything that's aly there. Companies may use these sites to pick out high quality job prospects. You know we've discussed that we don't have as many as the retailer giants hiring temporary work or part-time work during the holiday this year but still temporary work or freelance work is a real wise option. And it's a great way to make contacts in your feel while it may not be the ideal work situation. It will allow you to get more experience. Expand your resume. Here are some web resources to help you, sosogig.com, guru.com, project4hire.com. If you are into volunteering, check out idealist.org or volunteermatch.org. They're great websites. Of course, there are always the mistakes that can be made when you are doing the job search. What are some career consulters suggesting in terms of what you should do? Well, consulters are saying that some internet job sites like monster, hotjob. They are unlikely to help much. Sure, they're well-known. But everyone isn't broader. They are looking at those postings and posting on line. Next deal, sentence in the resume. That's more than the page long. The shorter and cleaner your resume looks, the better. Finally, don't forget who you're sending your resume to. Keep a list of names and contacts. After a few weeks, it's harder to remember exactly what you've applied, if you send out dozens of applications. And if you have any questions about finding a job or how you're coping with job loss, email me at gerri@cnn.com.参考中文翻译:在竞争日益激烈的就业市场,我们将会成为朋友。是你认识谁,而不是你知道什么事情。现在80%的工作是通过互联网获得的。所以,找工作的第一步是找到一个你所在行业的专业的组织。要想找到这样的组织,可以登录雅虎网址dir.yahoo.com。另外一个好的选择是你大学校友的指导,看一下是否有同学在你感兴趣的公司工作。同时也不要忘记一些社会务性的网址。下面列出这种类型的网址以作参考,可以帮助你更快的找到下一份工作。这些网址是Brightfuse, facebook.com and linkedin.com.实际上,现在有很多网站。可以有很多种途径来获得你想聘用的人的信息,好坏都有。我的意思是,你只需将某人的名字输入google搜索就可以找到足够的信息。这是正确的,绝对是正确的。但是,你知道,如果你要找到一份工作,你必须确保你上传到网上的信息是准确的,这些信息必须能最好的帮助你找到想要的工作。可以上ziggs.com查看相关资料。我们可以在网上免费投递专业的简历。如果招聘单位在网上寻找应聘人员,你的名字会弹出在搜索结果的顶端,他们可能会给你发出电子邮件或者其他选择。有人会点击并浏览你的网页。有时,你的简历已经上传在网上了。有一些专业的商业性网站发布了你的信息。如果你的简历发布在这种类型的网站上,确保信息是正确的和全面的。公司可能会功过这种类型的网站来选择应聘者。你知道,我们已经探讨过,今年假期零售巨头不会招聘以往那么多的临时工作或者兼职工作,但是临时工作和自由职业是明智的选择。如果工作环境不理想,必须考虑一下自己的感受,这会让你获得更多经验,充实你的简历。一下一些网站资源可以帮到你,sosogig.com, guru.com, project4hire.com。如果你想做志愿者,可以登录idealist.org or volunteermatch.org.这些网站都是不错的。当然,在找工作的过程中总会发生一些意外。关于你应该怎样做职业咨询师是怎样建议的呢?咨询师说,有一些招聘网站,比如monster, hotjob,这些网站的帮助不大。当然,这是众所周知的。但是并不是每个人都那么知识渊。他们会在网上寻找招聘职位。另外一点是,简历语言。简历最好不要超过一页。简历越简洁越好。最后,不要忘记你把简历投递给谁。记录下一些名字和联系方式名单。如果你发出了几十份简历,几周后,很难记得清楚你到底申请了哪些公司的职位。关于找工作如果你有什么问题,或者你怎样处理失业问题的,可以发送邮件到 gerri@cnn.com.200812/57968平度市地区人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱济宁第一人民医院门诊预约



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