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This is a first for A Miracle A Day... a guest post. This is one that I, personally, could use, and I hope that you find it useful as well.Here it is, then, a guest post from Gaetano at http://www.fruitfultime.com/.By far the best technique to impress when you are networking and building relationships with prospective clients or business partners is to remember their names. Can you remember the last time someone remembered your name how flattered you felt? When someone addresses you with your name, you feel that you are important.Our name is something hard wired into our brain. This is quite natural. Our parents were the first to call us using our name and therefore it is something we react to subconsciously. When we hear our name we pay more attention to what is being said and there is a higher probability that we will act upon something when we are addressed by our name. Therefore, it is invaluable for you to remember peoples’ names if you want to draw and keep the attention of someone, be it a friend at a party or a potential client in a business meeting.Also, since many people have trouble remembering names, if you manage to remember names using the below techniques you will manage to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You will also come across as a bright person and this definitely gives bonus points to your charm score.The above was just a summary of the benefits of remembering names. I hope it was enough to convince you how important it is to remember names when networking and socialising. If you are like how I used to be and you keep on forgetting names, then I suggest you start following these tips. The following tips can help you remember more names and in doing so help you build stronger relationships both in your business and in your personal life.Make Sure You Get It Correct From The BeginningIt happened once to me and I will make sure it will not happen again. I once was introduced to a person and I didn’t get the name right. I didn’t ask him to repeat his name since I was embarrassed. I hoped that his name will be mentioned in a conversation. But it didn’t happen. I still have the cell phone number saved with “Unknown name” as his name. I can still remember that this person was an English teacher.So pay attention when you get introduced. Make sure you get the name right as from the beginning so as to avoid embarrassing situations like the one I have described above.Call The Person By Their NameOnce you get introduced address the person using his/her name. Do this for two reasons. First of all to make sure that you got the name right. If you got the name wrong you want the other person to politely correct you before you go ahead and memorise the name.The second reason is because such a technique will help you to associate the name with the person and his/her characteristics like face, voice and general character. Such association will help you remember the name more and will come handy if you meet that person another time.For instance, I find myself better at remembering voices rather than faces, especially where women are concerned. Women have a tendency to change hair style, making them look completely different. Even though years pass their voices remain the same. Hence I find myself remembering more names by associating a name with a voice.Finally, calling a person by his name makes the conversation more personal and enjoyable.Ask How To Spell ItIf someone has a rare name and you do not know how to pronounce it or spell it you could say something like “That’s an interesting name. How do you spell it?” This way you will get the information you need without sounding boring. I also understand that this technique highly depends on the situation in which you are socialising. If you are in a formal meeting you don’t want to ask how a name is spelt. But if you are socialising in an informal way, then it will be a good idea to ask how a name is spelt. No, such question is not intrusive but it shows interest. Once you know how to spell the name, try to spell the name in your mind by visualizing the spelling of the name. This process further helps you memorize names.Associate The Name With A Characteristic Of The PersonWhen you get introduced to a person try to ask for some details about the person like what s/he does, hobbies etc. The more information you know about a person the more you have to associate with the name. It is very hard to remember a name which is not put into context. By getting information about the person, you will associate the newly learned name with a context. /200803/29697

学英文的人有时候会注意到英式英文与美式英文的差异。其实世界上有很多种类的英文,不只英式和美式两种而已。光是在美国境内就有好多种不同的美式英文的方言。如果你在美国波士顿、纽约、迈阿密、达拉斯、洛杉矶等地区待过的话,你会发现这些地方的发音、字汇、甚至于文法,都跟其它地方稍有不同。同样的,在英国你如果待过伦敦、伯明翰、利物浦、爱丁堡、都柏林等地的话,也会发现各城市的差异。如果你在宴会上同时碰到一位美国人与一位英国人,几分钟之内就可以凭着他们的对话辨认出来。最明显的线索当然就是发音,例如dance、butter、no、bird等等,不仅子音、元音的咬字有差异,就连重音位置也常常不一样。英语、美语第二项最明显的差异,就是使用的单字。同样的东西,在美国与英国的称呼不一样。以下举一些最常见的例子:第一个为:American English 美语 第二个为:British English 英语 公寓 apartment flat 洗手间 bathroom/restroom toilet 罐头 can tin 糖果 candy sweets 洋芋片 chips crisps 饼干 cookie biscuit 玉米 corn maize 对方付费电话 collect call reverse charge call 婴儿床 crib cot 尿布 diaper nappy 电梯 elevator lift 橡皮擦 eraser rubber 一楼 first floor ground floor 手电筒 flashlight torch 薯条 french fries chips 垃圾桶 garbage can dustbin 汽油 gas, gasoline petrol 果酱 jelly jam 汽车的引擎盖 hood bonnet 生气 mad angry 数学 math maths 餐巾、擦嘴巾 napkin serviette 丝袜 panty-hose, pantihose tights 薯片 potato chips crisp 手提包 purse/pocketbook handbag 足球 soccer football 来回票 roundtrip return 人行道 sidewalk pavement 炉子 stove cooker 毛衣 sweater jersey, jumper 卡车 truck lorry 汽车后面的行李箱 trunk boot 假期 vacation holiday 拼字的差异比较小,以下是一些例子:第一个为:American English 美语 第二个为:British English 英语 考古学 archeology archaeology 目录 catalog catalogue 文明 civilization civilisation 颜色 color colour 马路牙子 curb kerb 抵抗 defense defence 草稿 draft draught 最爱 favorite favourite 荣誉 honor honour 珠宝 jewelry jewllery 组织 organization organisation 练习 practice practise 轮胎 tire tyre /200903/64399

We speak of someone having "cold eyes" or a "warm smile". Now it seems there's a very real connection between the temperature people feel and the way they act toward others. Science magazine reports on an experiment in which some students held a hot drink and others a clod one. Then a person was described to them. Later, the students were asked whether they would describe that person as good or bad. Those holding the hot cups were more likely to say positive things. A second experiment using hot and cold therapeutic pads brought even clearer results. Students holding the hot pads were twice as likely as those with the cold ones to react to others in a positive way. /200904/67681

近些年来,公务员这个职位越来越吃香,在7年的时间里,公务员考试的报名人数增长了16倍。除追求稳定之外,权力现在也成为年轻人热衷“考碗”的重要原因。如今,“红领”已取代“白领”,变成了中国年轻人最青睐的工作。请看《中国日报》的报道:Becoming a civil servant - known as a red-collar worker in China - is the ambition of many white-collar workers in the city, according to a new survey.根据一项新调查,成为公务员,也就是国内所谓的“红领”,是许多城市白领的梦想。red-collar worker:红领,红领是指国家公职人员,也就是我国党群机关、行政机关和社会团体中由国家财政负担工资和福利的工作人员。与其相应的有:white-collar workers:白领 pink-collar workers:粉领gold-collar workers:金领blue-collar workers:蓝领civil servant:公务员, 这个职位是人们心目中的gold rice bowl:金饭碗,考公务员的人被称为gold-bowl seekers:考碗族。甚至还有一心想嫁公务员的bowl chasers:嫁碗族。 /201103/129418

1. We are the change we are seeking.我们就是我们正在寻找的变化!2. We are the ones we have been waiting for.我们就是我们一直在等待的救世主!3. The world has changed, and we must change with it.世界已经变了,我们必须同时改变。4. Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin the work of remaking America.从今天开始,让我们团结一致,振作精神,开始重塑美国。5. This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected.我们的国家也许从来就不完美,但一代又一代人已经明我们的国家可以不断被改善。6. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today.我们的今天是多少血汗、泪水换来的,但路才刚刚开始。今天,我们做出诚挚的努力,确保留给孩子们的世界,比现在的再好一点点。7. We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential.我们需要避免梦想的匮乏,人们总是希望开好车,穿好衣,住好房子,却不愿为之付出艰辛。每个人都应该尽量发掘自身潜力。8. We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth.我们仍然是这个地球上最繁荣、最强大的国家。9. If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.如果你走的道路正确,也愿意坚持走下去,最终你会成功!10. We are y to lead once more.我们有信心再次领导世界。 /200904/67025

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