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5. Net Changes Life.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. email message, addresses, Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ (the second), Jimmy Carter, email s, hoax.Vocabulary. crash, coordinate, , hoax, Maine.You are going to hear some important dates in email history.Supply the missing dates and words.Great Days in Email History.October 1969: Leonard Kleinrock, a UCLA computer science professor, sends the first email message to a colleague at Standd.The computer promptly crashes.March 197: Ray Tomlinson, author of the first email software, chooses the ;@; sign addresses.;I got there first, So I got to choose any punctuation I wanted.;February 1976: Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ (the second) becomes the first head of state to send an email message.Fall 1976: Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale use email everyday during their campaign to coordinate their travel schedules.A single message cost $ (U.S dollar) to send.September 1983: Colby College in Waterville, Maine, becomes one of the first institutions of higher education to assign email s to all the students.December 199: A widely circulated email hoax appears, warning that ing an email entitled ;Good times; will erase your hard drive and destroy your processor.December 1998: In the movie ;youve got an email;, a celebration of email romance, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks recreate The Shop Around the Corner online.The original movie, The Shop Around the Corner, was shown in 1937.B. Keywords. inmation superhighway, shorthand, abbreviations.Vocabulary. techie, zoom, decode, standby, make the rounds.Listen to a short talk about the abbreviations used on the Internet.What do these abbreviations mean?Write down the full meaning.One feature of the inmation superhighway is that the traffic travels fast.And techies used in their own special shorthand to keep messages zooming along.Today, well help you decode tech talk by answering some not so frequently asked questions about the abbreviations on the Internet.What does it mean when a message includes the letters ;AISI; or ;IMHO;?;AISI; stands ;as I see it;, and ;IMHO; is shorthand ;in my humble opinion;.Some modest folks will also add ;FWIW; bee sharing their opinion, which stands ; what it worth;.Others express their disapproval with the letters ;CMIIW;, that is ;correct me if Im wrong;.The list of commonly abbreviated phrases on the net is nearly endless.As a matter of fact, ;AAMOF; stands ;as a matter of fact; and ;believe or not; gets posted as ;BION;.Are there any pre-inmation-age abbreviations still making the rounds in this high-tech era?You bet.The old standbys ;FYI;, ;MYOB; and ;SOP;, which stand ; you inmation;, ;mind your own business;, and ;standard operating procedure; are still frequently used today, even in email.Since time is getting short, has the net given us truly short and clear ways to say goodbye.Try ;TAFN;, ;that all now;, and ;NU;, ;be seein you;.C. Keywords. Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web.Vocabulary. primitive.You are going to hear some statements.Each statement will be followed an wh-word.Write down the relevant segments according to the wh-word. example, if you hear ;The boy was looking his mother;,;whom?;, just write down the words ;his mother;.Tim Berners-Lee is the man who wrote the software program that led to the foundation of the World Wide Web. Who?In the 1980, scientists were aly communicating using a primitive version of email. When?In 1990, Tim Beners-Lee wrote programs which m the basis of the World Wide Web. When?In 1991, his programs were placed on to the Internet. Where?Between 1991 and 199, the number of web pages rose from ten () to one hundred thousand (0,000). How many?Right now, the world is focused on e-commerce. What?The invention of the web brings rapid rewards to people with imagination and new ideas. To whom?Billy: Cute...Here. These beans are aly ground. Now step three: Let the brewing begin!Jennifer: So soon?Billy: You have to brew the grinds while theyre fresh and drink it immediately the best flavor.Jennifer: OK! Hurry, then! Here my cup. I cant wait step four!Billy: There is no step four...Jennifer: Yes, there is: drinking your coffee!参考译文:比 利:俏皮……来这些豆子已经研磨好了现在是步骤三:煮咖啡开始!詹妮弗:这么快?比 利:你得趁新鲜现煮立喝磨好的豆子,这样才能有最佳风味詹妮弗:好!那就快!这是我的杯子我等不及步骤四了!比 利:没有步骤四……詹妮弗:有,步骤四就是:喝光你的咖啡!重点词汇:brew (v.)  酿泡immediately (adv.)  即刻,立即 19Beer washing hair啤酒是洗头用的Two nuns were shopping and happened to be passing the beer store. One asks the other if she would like a beer. The other nun answered that would be good, but that she would be queasy about purchasing it. The first nun said that she would handle it and picked up a six pack and took it to the cashier. The cashier had a surprised look and the first nun said, "The beer is used washing our hair." The cashier, without blinking an eye, reached under the counter and put a package of pretzels in the bag with the beer, saying. . ."Here, don't get the curlers."两个修女外出购物,路过一家啤酒店 其中一个修女问另外一个要不要买点啤酒喝 那个修女回答说她是想喝,但不太敢去买 第一个修女说她会搞定,说罢拿起一提六瓶装的啤酒,来到收银台 看到收银员的表情有点怪,第一个修女说,“我们买啤酒是用来洗头的” 收银员,眼皮都没有眨一下,把手伸进柜台下面,拿出一包椒盐饼干放到装啤酒的袋子里面,说“嘿,卷发器可不能少!” 9958

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