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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year starts on the first month of the Jewish calendar.Rosh Hashanah,即犹太新年从犹太历的第一个月开始。Not true. The holiday falls on the seventh month on the Jewish calendar.不对。这个节日在犹太日历上的第七个月。AZUZ: In ancient Jewish teachings, Rosh Hashanah is considered a birthday for the world. 在古代犹太教义中,吹号角的日子被认为是世界的生日。Its happening right now. 它正在进行。Jewish holidays begin at sundown, Rosh Hashanah started Wednesday night. 犹太节日在日落时分开始,吹号角的日子在周三晚上开始。The name translates as head, or first of the year. 这个名字被翻译为一年的开始,一年的头。Its also referred to as the day of repentance. 他也被认为是忏悔日。Rosh Hashanah marks the start of the Jewish high holy days, which end ten days later with Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah标志着犹太教圣日的开始,并将在10天以后以赎罪日结束。One of the most significant rituals during the holiday is the blowing of the shofar. 节日期间最重要的习俗之一就是吹羊角号。Its a rams horn played like a trumpet.它是一个像喇叭一样吹的公羊角。 /201309/255672

Germany fans celebrate victory in Rio德国球迷在巴西里约热内卢欢庆胜利With that World Cup title in hand, German fans certainly left the Maracana stadium in high spirits.世界杯冠军成了囊中物后,德国球迷们离开马拉卡纳体育场时自然是喜笑颜开。There was ample cheering and dancing over the victory.他们载歌载舞,庆祝这一来之不易的胜利。But where theres a winner, theres also a loser.但是有赢家,当然也有输家。Although Argentina fans bore the defeat graciously.尽管阿根廷球迷对这一次与冠军的失之交臂感到厌烦。Many said they were proud of their team for their performance, who put up a good fight against Germany.但仍旧有许多球迷表示对自己球队的表现感到自豪,认为这场对阵德国的决赛非常精。;We are the World Champions.“我们是世界冠军。Again weve won. We were behind our team. It is amazing.我们再次站到了世界之巅。我们为球队呐喊助威。这令人吃惊。The atmosphere was great. It is my first time in Brazil and it is amazing here. It was exciting.气氛很好。这是我第一次在巴西,这里的一切令人吃惊。太令人兴奋了。It is great to be here and go back as winners.; a German fan said.能够在这里亲眼见太棒了并且把冠军奖杯捧回家的感觉非常棒。”一位德国球迷说道。;I am very happy and very proud of the Argentinean team.; an Argentina fan said.“我很高兴,为阿根廷队感到自豪。“一位阿根廷球迷说。;We fought till the very last moment.; an Argentina fan said.“我们战斗到了最后一刻。”一位阿根廷球迷说道。201407/311498

Prince Philip Progressing After Operation The Duke of Edinburgh has spent a second night in hospital after an operation on his abdomen under general anaesthetic 英国女王伊丽莎白二世丈夫,菲利普亲王已完成腹部“探查手术”,白金汉宫说,情况令人满意,医生将分析手术结果。菲利普王子与女王于1947年结婚,共有四个孩子。除了作为皇室成员并在军队任职,菲利普王子还是世界野生动物基金会和世界马术基金总长。这位英国历史上在位最长的王子近年来曾多次住院。他因膀胱感染而接受康复治疗,没有出席2012年8月残奥会开幕式,之后他的病情在6月泰晤士河盛会的第二天复发,接着错过了女王加冕60周年纪念的重要宴会上的一系列活动,包括圣保罗大教堂的感恩节务,威斯敏斯特大厅的侍从午餐,以及一个由白金汉宫资深王室成员组成的阳台景观。The Queen was supposed to be part of a double act when she arrived to open new B headquarters, but with the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital, she performed her duties as a soloist. There was never any possibilty of cancelling. This is the day job for the Queen, and the firm, as its known, doesnt close down just because a key executive is sick. It was hard to tell whether Princes health was playing on her mind as Her Majesty pressed the B flash. There was live performance by the script, didnt appear to do much to lighten her mood, if it was. The Queen passed up a chance to give an update on her husbands condition in her formal opening announcement, but instead only mentioned the Duke of Edinburghs B visit 60 years ago.-I came again with the Duke of Edinburgh just before the coronation in 1953. I was struck then as I am now by the sheer pace of change, which has transformed whole industry over the past 60 years.But veteran interrogator John Humphrys couldnt resist asking the question on everyones lips.-I wanted to ask you: hows the Duke? Do you know how he is?-I have no idea. I mean, hes just gone in.-He looked in awfully good form yesterday.-Yes, he did, I suppose.Tonight, we are told the Duke has had his exploratory opreation and the results will be analyzed. Hes said to be progressing satisfactorily, but it doesnt sound that the Prince Philipss 2-week stay in hospital is likely to be cut short. The man who for more than 60 years has been the Queens side as her consort wont be for some time yet, and that means hell miss a string of events.On Sunday the Duke was meant to attend a Lords Taveners cricket march in Windstor. Hell also spend his 92nd birthday in hospital on Monday. Next Thursday, hell miss a big military showpiece, Beating Retreat on Horse Guards Parade. The Queen will have to go on her own. Saturday the 15th, the Duke will miss all the pomp of Trooping the Colour to celebrate the Queens official birthday. But the royal author I* S* says for the Queen duty always comes before everything else, including bed-ridden husband.-One of their golden rules is if you can possibly avoid it, never cancel an engagement, and the Queen and Prince Philips do most of their engagements together nowadays, and if he cant be there because of ill health, there is no way that the Queen would dream of dropping out herself. She knows how important it is not to let people down.And that means for the next few weeks at least, as that the B, the crowds and the camera phones will all be focusing soly on the Queen.David B. Sky News. /201306/244121

Kerry: Well Hold Russia To AccountSpeaking at the Senate, US Secretary of State John Kerry said he would not hold back from using 21st Century tools to hold Russia accountable for 19th Century behaviour.新闻背景:美国国务卿克里谴责俄罗斯干预乌克兰内政,并声称美国已在制定针对俄重要经济领域的新制裁。乌克兰能源和煤炭工业部长在基辅的新闻发布会上说,乌克兰国家石油天然气公司自4月1日起暂停从俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司采购天然气。美国国务院说,美国打算与俄罗斯、乌克兰和欧盟会晤,就乌克兰东部地区局势升级举行磋商。俄罗斯外交部称俄没有在乌克兰举行任何不同寻常或计划外的军事行动,俄军在本国境内的日常活动没有威胁到美国和其他欧安组织成员国的安全,乌克兰和美国没有理由担忧。俄外长拉夫罗夫则批评美国“转嫁责任”。 Russias clear and unmistakably involvement and destablizing and engaging in separative activities in the east of Ukraine is more than deeply disturbing. No one should be fooled, and believe me, no one is fool by what could potentially be contrived pretext from military intervention just as we saw in Crimea. It is clear that Russian special forces and agents have been the catalists behind the chaos in the last 24 hours.Some of them have even be arrested and exposed, and equally as clear must be the reality that ed States and our allies will not hesitate to use the 21st century tools to hold Russia accountable for the 19th century behaviors.It is clear that the ed States and our closest partners are united in this effort. Despite the costs, and well put into effect tough new sanctions on those orgastrating this action and on key sectors of the Russian economy. In energy,banking, mining they are all on the table. it doesnt have to be this way,but it will be this way if Russia continues on this provocative path.my conversation yesterday with foreign minister Lacobav, we agreed to meet soon in Europe next week with Ukraine and our European partners to discuss the escalation demobolization inclusivity, support for elections and constitutional reform and it is not in our judgement as more matter as Russia agreed to set in the four party stellas with Ukraine at the table in the effort to forge road ahead.between now and then we have make it clear that Russia needs to take concete steps to disavow separative actions in the eastern Ukraine, pull back its forces outside its country which they say they have begun to do with the one movement in one bitallion,and demonstrate that they are prepared to do to come to discussions to do what it is necessary to diescalate. /201404/288213Around 1800, Lord Elgin removed some of the sculptures from the ruins of the Parthenon in Athens, and a few years later put them on public show in London.1800年左右,驻奥斯曼帝国的英国大使埃尔金伯爵从雅典帕台农神庙遗址带走了一些石雕,几年后在伦敦进行了公开展览。For most western Europeans it was the first time they had ever been able to look closely at Greek sculpture, and they were overwhelmed and inspired by the breathing vitality and the beauty of these works.对大多数西欧人来说,这是他们第一次近距离接触希腊雕刻,不由被它们的魅力深深折。But in the 21st century, the Elgin Marbles, as theyve long been known, are famous less as art objects than as objects of political controversy.到了二十一世纪,这些被称为埃尔金大理石雕的艺术品,其艺术特色被淡化,更多地成为政治争端的焦点。For most people today, the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum provoke only one question:对今天的大部分人来说, 提到大英物馆的帕台农雕像,只会想到一个问题:should they be in London or in Athens? The Greek government insists they should be in Athens; the British Museums Trustees believe that in London theyre an integral part of the story of world cultures.它们该保存在伦敦还是雅典?希腊政府坚持认为它们应归还雅典,但大英物馆的理事们则认为应留在伦敦,因其属于世界文化不可分割的一部分。201409/327196

A sunken ship can make an ideal location for corals to grow.一艘沉船 可以作为珊瑚理想的生长地点So, with this in mind, the Life team set themselves a challenge...正因如此,“生命脉动”制作团队 决定要接受挑战to make their very own shipwreck.自己制造沉船事件After months of searching,经过几个月的搜索they find a boat in the Bahamas that might be suitable.他们在巴哈马找到一艘船 可能很适合这次的任务But theres a lot to do before it can be sunk to the sea bed.但是在把船沉入海底之前 还得完成许多准备工作Apparently its been here for eight years on the jetty.看得出来它已经被堆在这里多久了 在码头八年了All this fibreglass insulation has all got to be removed这些玻璃纤维的隔热材料 全都要拆掉and its all hands to the pump, Ian.每个人都必须来帮忙 - 是的Weve got to get a pair of overalls.我去拿一条工作裤来The team have to put away their cameras and get their hands dirty.制作团队必须把摄影机放到一旁 卷起袖子进行大扫除Ive got a 50-tonne boat, and Im trying to clean it with a paint scraper!这是一艘五十吨的船 我要用一把刮漆刀来刷干净Thoroughly cleaning the boat船必须清理干净increases the chance that coral will grow on it,珊瑚才有可能在上面生长and ensures it wont pollute the sea.也才能确保海洋不会受到污染Its like Changing Rooms, isnt it?像实境秀交换房间,对吧After eight years rusting on the jetty,这艘船八年来在码头上腐朽生锈theres no guarantee that shell even float.它能不能浮得起来还是个未知数Well, we actually... we do have some holes.其实上面真的有破洞201310/261854

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