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黑龙江省九洲医院复查要钱吗黑龙江哈医大二院网上咨询黑龙江省八院费用 China is racing ahead with construction projects on reclaimed land in the South China Sea, new satellite images show, with at least two major projects now close to completion.新的卫星照片显示,中国在南中国海填海所造土地上的建设工程进展领先于其他国家。目前,至少有两个重要工程已接近完工。A 3km airstrip capable of handling combat jets on Fiery Cross Reef is almost fully built, a step some analyst say may presage an attempt to claim the airspace over the disputed waters .在永暑礁(Fiery Cross Reef)上,一条能起降作战飞机的3公里长跑道接近完工。一些分析人士称,这预示着中国将试图声称对这一争议水域上方的空域拥有主权。A year and a half ago Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands was a mere lump of coral but it is now a small island, following a concerted effort by high-tech dredging barges.一年半前,斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛——译者注)中的永暑礁还只是一块珊瑚礁。如今,在众多高科技吹沙船的一致努力下,永暑礁已经变成一座小岛。Meanwhile, a port has been added to facilities at Johnson South Reef, another reclaimed island in the Spratlys, with up to six security and surveillance towers under construction.与此同时,在斯普拉特利群岛另一个填海造出的岛屿“约翰逊南礁”(Johnson South,中国称赤瓜礁)上,在已有的设施之外又建成了一个港口,还有多达六个安防监控塔在建设当中。Fiery Cross and Johnson South are among just over half a dozen submerged rocks and coral atolls that China has dredged into islands in the past 18 months, an effort Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Fleet, likened in April to “a great wall of sand”.过去18个月里,中国已将包括永暑礁和约翰逊南礁在内的六七个暗礁和珊瑚环礁吹填成岛。今年4月,美国太平洋舰队司令哈里#8226;哈里斯(Harry Harris)曾将此比作“一道沙制的长城”。China insists the facilities it is building on the islands are for peaceful purposes but western analysts say there is clear evidence China plans to use them as military bases in an effort to back its hegemonic maritime claims in the South China Sea. China claims sovereignty over 90 per cent of the Sea.中国坚称其在这些岛上建设的设施是用于和平目的。不过,西方分析人士表示,有明确据表明中国计划将这些设施用作军事基地,试图以此来撑其在南中国海的霸道的海上领土主张。中国声称对南中国海90%以上海域拥有主权。US officials say they believe the airstrip on Fiery Cross Reef could eventually base fighter jets that could enforce an Air Defence Identification Zone over the South China Sea, if China were to claim one. China claimed such an ADIZ over the East China Sea in November 2013, provoking a diplomatic confrontation with the US and Japan.美国官员表示,他们相信永暑礁上的飞机跑道可能最终会被用作战斗机基地。一旦中国在南中国海上空划设防空识别区,这些战斗机可能会被用于该防空识别区的执法。2013年11月,中国曾在东中国海上空划设了类似的防空识别区,引发了与美日两国的外交对抗。The latest photographs of the airstrip were taken by DigitalGlobe, a satellite imagery company, and published by the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.上述跑道的最新照片由卫星图像公司DigitalGlobe摄制,并由华盛顿战略与国际研究中心(Center for Strategic and International Studies)旗下的亚洲海事透明度倡议组织(Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative,简称AMTI)发布。AMTI said the airstrip was being paved and marked, while an apron and taxi way had been added adjacent to the runway. Two helipads, up to 10 satellite communications antennas and one possible radar tower were visible on Fiery Cross Reef, it said.AMTI表示,该跑道正在铺设和标记当中。同时,跑道旁已增添了停机坪和滑行道。该组织表示,永暑礁上可以看到两个直升机坪、多达十个卫星通信天线和一个可能是雷达塔的装置。Last month China’s foreign ministry said it was nearing completion of some features in the South China Sea, an apparent effort to mollify criticism of its building works. However, the statement appeared to leave open the possibility that work would start or continue on other features.上月,中国外交部曾表示中国在南中国海的部分工程接近完工。此举似乎是为了平息其造岛工程引发的批评。不过,这一声明似乎也为中国启动或继续其他工程的可能性预留了空间。“Basically what they are saying is that they are nearing the end of this phase, and they’ll start the next phase whenever they want,” said one western diplomat in Beijing.一名驻北京的西方外交官说:“基本上,他们是在说现阶段的工作接近尾声,并且会在需要时启动下阶段的工作。” /201507/383914Readers respond to a Sunday Review article, “Leaving Only Footsteps? Think Again.”本文是对《户外运动打破了大自然的宁静》(2015年2月17日)一文的回应。To the Editor:致编辑:“Leaving Only Footsteps? Think Again,” by Christopher Solomon (Sunday Review, Feb. 15), is a reminder that we humans affect the natural world even when we think that we don’t. But two caveats.克里斯托弗·所罗门的《户外运动打破了大自然的宁静》提醒我们:人类在自身没有察觉的情况下也仍可能对自然界产生影响。不过有两点需要说明。First, even if a hiker or a skier frightens wildlife more than a passing snow machine, the machine probably still has more effect. Why? Because motor vehicles travel many times farther on an average trip, and thus affect much more habitat compared with those traveling under their own power.首先,即便一位徒步者或滑雪者给野生动物带来的惊吓多过一辆行驶的雪地托车,托车也仍可能产生更多的影响。为什么呢?托车的平均单次活动距离比人多出许多倍。因此,相比于那些仅凭自身力量的人,托车会影响更多的动物栖息地。Second, conservationists have rightly focused on the damage caused by mines and logging in the backcountry not only because such projects directly destroy habitat, but also because they inevitably require new roads. For example, a recently proposed coal mine expansion on national forest in Colorado would require six miles of new road in roadless habitat that is home to black bear, elk and lynx. Such roads not only slice and dice habitat, but they also extend human effects, including recreational travel of all kinds, while also creating vectors for invasive species and more frequent wildfires.其次,环保主义者集中关注边远地区开矿和伐木活动造成的破坏,这是合理的。因为这些项目不仅对动物栖息地造成直接破坏,还无法避免地要求修建新的公路。例如,最近一项在科罗拉多国家森林内增开煤矿的计划,要求在原本无路的区域开辟6英里(约9.66千米)的新路。该区域正是黑熊、麋鹿和山猫的栖息地。这样的新路不仅将动物的生存区域分割成小块,还扩大了人类活动的影响,比如各种休闲旅游活动,同时为入侵物种提供了载体,增加了森林野火的发生机率。TED ZUKOSKI泰德·祖科斯基(TED ZUKOSKI)Boulder, Colo.美国科罗拉多州尔德The writer is an environmental lawyer for Earthjustice, Rocky Mountain office.作者是“地球正义”(Earthjustice)落基山脉分部的环境事务律师。To the Editor:致编辑:Christopher Solomon describes the results of Kimberly Heinemeyer’s survey of different types of “recreation” on the increasing avoidance of humans by wildlife on public land in the ed States in terms of the most benign recreational activities.克里斯托弗·所罗门描述了金伯利·海因梅耶(Kimberly Heinemeyer)关于最温和的休闲活动的研究成果,在美国的公共土地上,各种各样的“休闲活动”导致野生动物对人类的躲避行为持续增加。Working for the National Park Service two years ago as a biological technician, I noted harassment of wildlife in the park, mostly by human noise and mess. But unscrupulous hunters armed with “recreation” permits would wait for wild animals to cross over the National Park border and then blow them away with hunting rifles on National Forest land.两年前,作为一名生物技术人员,我在国家公园(National Park Service)工作。我注意到,公园中野生动物受到的骚扰大多来自人类制造的噪音和混乱。然而,肆无忌惮的猎人携带“休闲”活动的许可,等待野生动物越过国家公园的边界,然后在国家森林的土地上用猎射杀它们。Which type of “recreation” do you think causes more avoidance of human beings?你认为哪一种“休闲活动”引起了生物对人类更多的躲避呢?JUSTIN PHILLIPS贾斯汀·菲尔普斯(JUSTIN PHILLIPS)Olympia, Wash.美国华盛顿州奥林匹亚To the Editor:致编辑:Christopher Solomon may be right in arguing that even something so benign as a mere walk in the woods (no camping, no fires, no trash left behind), something that I occasionally do, can be damaging to wildlife, but he will generate absolutely no support so long as parks and shorelines are open to heli-skiing, Sno-Cat skiing, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, dune buggies and off-road or all-terrain vehicles.克里斯托弗·所罗门或许是正确的,他提出,即便是一些很温和的活动,如林间散步(不露营、不生火、不留下垃圾)这种我本人也偶尔参加的活动,也可能对野生动物造成伤害。但只要公园和沿海地区仍对直升机空降滑雪、雪地履带式滑雪、雪地托车、山地自行车、沙丘车和越野、多地形车开放,所罗门就不会得到任何持。Lumping such a wide range of outdoor activities under the same heading makes no sense. And it will only leave Mr. Solomon alone, a voice crying in the wilderness.把如此多样的户外运动混淆在一起,置于同一标题下,是没有任何意义的,只留下所罗门先生一人在孤独的荒野中大吼。BILL MARSANO比尔·马萨诺(BILL MARSANO)New York美国纽约To the Editor:致编辑:Christopher Solomon’s intriguing, and alarming, article about the adverse effects on wildlife from seemingly benign activities like hiking suggests that we should be prepared to accept restricted access to parks and wildlife areas.克里斯托弗·所罗门的文章引人入胜,引发担忧,它描述了一些看似温和的活动,如徒步等,对野生动物产生的负面影响,这也意味着我们应该准备接受对进入公园和野生保护区的限制了。Unfortunately, we are assaulting our environment in many more ways than wandering forest trails: flooding the oceans with tons of plastic refuse and creating excess greenhouse gases, to name two.不幸的是,我们破坏环境的方式远不止于林间散步,随便举两个例子:向海洋排放上吨的塑料废品和制造超量的温室气体。But Mr. Solomon is correct. Reduced access — particularly when it’s caused by reduced demand — is the answer for the protection of wildlife and the planet.不过所罗门是正确的。限制进入——特别是当需求减少的时候——是保护野生动物和保护地球的良策。Earth resources are fixed but are more than sufficient for a given number of inhabitants. All our environmental concerns can be linked to increasing demands from an expanding population. If there were fewer people, there would be fewer demands for plastic bottles, power plants and, yes, for hiking trails.地球资源是有限的,但对于一定数量的居民来说远远足够。我们所有环境方面的顾虑都可以和人口增长引发的需求增长联系起来。如果人口减少,塑料瓶、发电站,没错,徒步路线的需求也将减少。The arguments against responsible population control are manifold and persuasive. Yet in one generation, many of the environmental fears of the last 50 years could be just memories, and a future of rising sea levels, mega-droughts, and food and water shortages postponed indefinitely.反对人口控制的意见是多种多样、具有说力的。对于一代人而言,过去50年的许多环境担忧恐怕只留存在记忆中,海平面上升、特大旱灾和食物、水资源的短缺也被他们无限地推迟到了遥远的未来。MARK S. BACON马克·S·贝肯(MARK S. BACON)Reno, Nev.美国内华达州里诺To the Editor:致编辑:Footsteps do affect fragile ecosystems. But as custodians of open space eagerly pursue tourism, they pursue development.户外活动确实会影响脆弱的生态系统。户外空间的管理人渴望发展旅游业,其实是在追求经济发展。 In our mid-Hudson town of New Paltz, the Mohonk Preserve, in a longstanding partnership with the for-profit Mohonk Mountain House resort, plans 100-plus car parking, visitor center, boardwalk, bulldozed trails, toilet sheds and outdoor lighting, encouraging visitors from far and near to leap into their fossil-fueled vehicles to swarm in ever greater numbers into the unspoiled.在我们哈德逊河中部城市新帕尔茨,莫康克保护区(Mohonk Preserve)与营利性的莫康克山豪斯酒店(Mohonk Mountain House)有着长期合作关系,他们规划了100多个停车位和游客中心、浮桥、旅游路线、卫生间棚、户外照明,鼓励远近的游客一跃而上跳到他们的化石燃料供能车里,以前所未有的数量涌向未被破坏的土地。Recreation is a profitable and competitive industry, and green access is a resource that can be exploited as ruthlessly as any other, to the detriment of both wild and human habitat. It affects not only the trampled green space but also its buffer, where someone, till now, could stop to help a tortoise cross the highway without setting off half a mile of honking cars.休闲是一个盈利、具有竞争力的产业,而自然是一种可以像任何其他资源一样被残酷掠夺的资源,可以对野生动物和人类的生存空间造成破坏。它不仅影响了被侵入的自然空间,还影响了缓冲区,在那些地方,人们以前还可以停下来让一只龟穿过公路,而不必担心阻断车流,引致半英里的汽车鸣笛。C. A. RODRIGUEZC·A·罗德里格斯(C. A. RODRIGUEZ)New Paltz, N.Y.美国纽约州新帕尔茨To the Editor: 致编辑:Christopher Solomon’s article is sad but not surprising. For animals that live in wilderness, the sound, sight or scent of humans is a threat. The more of us there are, the fewer of them there will be.克里斯托弗·所罗门的文章令人悲伤但并不令人惊讶。对于生活在野外的动物来说,人类的声音、景象和气味都是威胁。我们越多,它们越少。As Mr. Solomon wrote, “A century ago, nature had elbow room.” Perhaps the best solution is to wake up to the fact that a century later, there are simply too many humans for this planet to support.正如所罗门所写:“一个世纪前,大自然还有一些自己的空间。”或许问题最好的解决办法是意识到这样一个事实:一个世纪之后的今天,对于这个星球来说,需要养活的人实在太多了。LAURIE HAMMOND劳瑞·海蒙德(LAURIE HAMMOND)Los Altos, Calif.美国加利福尼亚州洛思阿图斯 /201503/362176黑龙江九州医院看妇科

哈尔滨工业大学医院有微创手术吗黑龙江省哈尔滨市第二人民医院几点开门 Clampdowns on bank secrecy in Europe and a proliferation of billionaires in Asia helped Hong Kong and Singapore attract more overseas money over the past two years than rivals such as Switzerland, according to a report by Deloitte.咨询机构德勤(Deloitte)的一份报告称,欧洲对保密制度的打击以及亚洲亿万富翁数量的增多,促使香港和新加坡在过去两年吸引的海外资金规模超过瑞士等竞争对手。The consultancy’s annual ranking of wealth centres highlights how the Asian cities are seen by the world’s rich as the best places to park money amid global tighter regulation of private wealth managers in Switzerland and elsewhere.德勤的年度财富中心排行榜显示,亚洲城市正被全球富人视为最佳资金存放场所,此际,全球对瑞士和其他地区的私人财富管理机构加强了监管。Many of those wealthy people are from China, which helped propel the amount of money flowing into Hong Kong to rise 47 per cent to 0bn during 2012-2014. Singapore saw a 32 per cent increase in the value of funds entering the state to 0bn, according to the report.很多富人来自中国,促使2012年至2014年流入香港的资金规模扩大47%,至6400亿美元。根据这份报告,流入新加坡的资金规模增长了32%,至4700亿美元。Over the same period, Switzerland managed only a 2 per cent rise in the money it attracted from overseas, to tn. But it remains the largest wealth management centre — measured by assets coming from abroad — followed by the UK, the US, and Panama and the Caribbean.同期,瑞士吸引的海外资金规模仅增长2%,至2万亿美元。但根据来自海外的资产规模衡量,瑞士仍是全球最大财富管理中心,排在后面的分别是英国、美国、巴拿马和加勒比海地区。Deloitte did not rank centres by assets under management, which would include domestic wealth. But its ranking of locations by funds flowing from outside indicates where the wealthy perceive as being the best destination for their money.德勤没有按照管理资产规模对金融中心进行排名(这将包括国内财富),而是按照从外部流入的资金规模编制排行榜,这显示了富人对资金的最佳去向的地区偏好。The consultancy said its findings suggested that European centres such as Switzerland “suffered from the combined effect” of the eurozone crisis and regulations such as Fatca — the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act which is intended to detect and deter tax evasion by US citizens via overseas accounts.德勤表示,研究发现,瑞士等欧洲财富中心“受到”欧元区危机和美国《海外账户纳税法案》(Fatca)等监管规定的“双重影响”。《海外账户纳税法案》旨在发现并遏制美国公民通过海外账户避税。Singapore is growing fast as a money management centre because of a rising number of wealthy entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Its three local banks are providing stiff competition for longer-established groups such as JPMorgan, Citi and Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS.因东南亚(特别是印尼)富有企业家数量不断增多,新加坡正迅速成长为财富管理中心。新加坡国内3家正对根大通(JPMorgan)、花旗(Citi)以及瑞士瑞信(Credit Suisse)和瑞银(UBS)等更久负盛名的构成有力竞争。Singapore has for some years been projected to overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest wealth management centre. But Deloitte’s findings suggest that Hong Kong may have a better chance of taking the top slot.数年来,外界一直预测新加坡将取代瑞士,成为全球最大财富管理中心。但德勤的报告显示,香港更有可能拔得头筹。Mohit Mehrotra, global wealth management group leader at Deloitte, said Hong Kong overtook Singapore in 2012 in terms of attracting offshore wealth. “The trajectory of growth in Singapore from 2008 to 2014 has been fairly positive, but it’s just that growth in Hong Kong has accelerated a lot faster,” said Mr Mehrotra.德勤全球财富管理团队负责人莫希特#8226;梅赫罗特拉(Mohit Mehrotra)表示,在吸引海外财富方面,香港在2012年超过新加坡。他表示:“2008年至2014年,新加坡的增长轨迹相当乐观,但香港的增速要快的多。” /201502/359376哈尔滨省妇幼保健医院可以用社保卡吗

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