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Todd: Eucharia, you are into drama so I thought we would talk about Shakespeare.托德:尤查里亚,你很喜欢戏剧,所以我想我们可以谈谈莎士比亚。Eucharia: Cool!尤查里亚:太好了!Todd: First of all, who is Shakespeare?托德:首先,莎士比亚是谁?Eucharia: Well, Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights of the world. He was born in 1564 in Stratford on Avon in England which is a really pretty town and he opened the Globe theatre in London I think at some stage but the main thing why Shakespeare is so famous… he had a really short life. Back in those days to make it to 40 was considered old age but in his relatively short life he produced an enormous body of work. He produced historical plays, tragedies, comedies, poetry, sonnets… So he was an extremely prolific writer and I think the reason that hes so famous even today is because the themes he chose for most of his work were universal. Theyre themes that touch us whether we speak English, whether we speak Spanish or Russian, whether were in the 21st century or in the 16th century. Theyre themes that are eternal and they concern humanity, and have concerned humanity for such a long time.尤查里亚:莎士比亚是世界上最著名的剧作家之一。他于1564年出生在英国艾冯河畔的美丽小镇斯特拉特福,他曾在伦敦建立了环球剧院,但是莎士比亚如此著名的最主要原因是……他的生命非常短暂。在当时那个年代,活到40岁就已经算长寿了,但是在他相对较短的生命中,他创作了大量的作品。他创作了历史剧、悲剧、喜剧、诗歌、十四行诗等等……所以他是个多产的作家,我认为时至今日他依然这么出名的原因是,他大部分作品中的主题都具有普遍性。无论我们的母语是英语、西班牙还是俄语,无论我们生活在21世纪还是16世纪,这些主题都会打动我们。无论过去多长时间,这些主题都是永恒的,而且充满了人文关怀。Todd: How much of the English has changed since the original Shakespeare to the Shakespeare we have today, I mean the English we have today?托德:从莎士比亚原著到今天我们看到的莎士比亚作品,我是说到今天我们使用的英语,英语语言有多少变化?Eucharia: Well if Shakespeare suddenly appeared in the 21st century he would be almost illiterate because back in those days English had a vocabulary of about 150,000 words, whereas now the vocabulary of English is one of the highest in the world. I think 300,000 now, probably more, so Shakespeare wouldnt be able to make himself understood if he came back today, so in a way the vocabulary hes using is really easy. But of course English has changed from that era from middle English until contemporary, English keeps changing even if you talk to your grandparents, well not just English, all languages change and develop over time so even if you talk to your grandparents theyre going to use a slightly different variety of the language youre speaking.尤查里亚:如果莎士比亚来到21世纪,他可能都不会读写,因为当时的英语大约有15万个词汇,而现在英语的词汇量可以说是世界上词汇量最多的语种之一。我想现在大概有30万个词汇,也可能更多,所以莎士比亚如果来到21世纪,他可能无法清楚表达自己的意思,也可以说从某个角度来说,当时他使用的词汇非常简单。当然从中世纪英语到当代英语,英语语言一直在不断的变化,你和你的祖父母聊天……随着时间的推移,不仅仅是英语,所有语言都在变化、都在向前发展,你和你的祖父母聊天时会发现,他们所说的语言与你使用的语言会有些不同。Todd: But wait a minute. Youre saying that his English is easy? When I it it doesnt seem easy, it seems pretty tough!托德:等一下。你说他用的英语语言很简单?可是我在读他的作品时可并不觉得简单,准确地说是非常难懂!Eucharia: Well thats because his English was used in a different way. So some words and some grammatical structures are no longer in English, theyve fallen out of usage except when we stuff like Shakespeare and then for us it seems almost like a foreign language because we dont have these grammatical structures any more and we dont use English in this way anymore.尤查里亚:这是因为他是用一种不同的方式来使用的英语语言。有一些单词和一些语法结构已经不在英语中使用了,那些已经不再使用了,我们只会在莎士比亚的作品中看到,我们可能会觉得那像是外语,因为我们现在已经不再使用这些语法结构,也不再使用那种英语语言了。Todd: Ok thanks.托德:好的,谢谢。 译文属 /201412/350486One of the things that I really like about Japan is Japan has a really good train system. I take the train to work every morning and I take the train home every night. I like the trains because on the trains I can do what I want to do. I can a book, the newspaper, listen to music, study Japanese. Um, its really nice. I see my time on the train as my free-time, to do things that I like to do. Also, the train saves me a lot of money. In Japan its quite common for companies to pay for their employees train ticket, so I dont have to pay for commuting to work. And because I get to take the train every day, I dont need a car so I dont have to for example pay for gas, car registration, car maintenance, things like that. Also, I dont have to waste time for parking. Um, the worst thing about the trains is that theyre very crowded. Very, very crowded, and sometimes its hard to get a seat so you have to stand for a long time, and sometimes it smells a bit, but overall I like the trains and Im really, really fortunate that Japan has such a good system.我最喜欢日本的一点就是日本拥有非常好的列车系统。我每天早上坐列车去上班,每天晚上坐列车回家。我非常喜欢列车,因为在列车上我可以做我想做的任何事。我可以看书,看报,听音乐,学习日语。嗯,这非常好。我把在列车上的时间看作是我的自由时间,用来做我想做的事情。当然列车也为我节省了不少钱。在日本,公司通常会为员工报销车票,所以我不必为上下班的路费花钱。因为我每天都坐列车,所以我不需要买车,我也不必花钱去加油、进行车辆登记、车辆维护等类似的事情。当然,我也不会把时间浪费在停车上。嗯,列车最糟糕的一点是非常拥挤。非常非常拥挤,有时很难有坐位,所以必须要站很长时间,有时车厢里的味道有些难闻,不过总体来说,我喜欢列车,我非常非常幸运日本有这么好的一个系统。 /201310/259801

Whats the Rush?放慢脚步 享受生活Sometimes I think we need to get off this wild ride----the ride we call life-----as we know it.有时我在想我们需要离开我们称之为生活的东西—我们都了解这一点。As the song goes, “slow down, youre moving too fast, you got to make the good times last.”就如同歌中所唱的:“放慢你的脚步,你太快了,你必须让最好的时光在最后到来。”Why have we become addicted to fast, and still its not good enough?为什么我们沉迷于快节奏,但仍然觉得不够快?Computers and gadgets need to be faster and faster.电脑和各种小东西需要得越来越快。Fast food cant get fast enough.不能再快的快餐。I recently went to a wedding, and it was over so quickly.我最近去参加了一次婚礼,它结束的非常快。We dont want to wait for other cars;我们不想等待其他车辆;we want the ultimate fast lane, with the ultimate speed.我们希望终极快车道与终极速度。Heck, if we could afford it.见鬼,如果我们能负担得起的话。Im sure we would take rockets instead of planes.我确信我们会搭乘火箭,而不是飞机。But even thats not fast enough.但即使是这样还不够快。Until the science fictions dream of moving one place to another in a blink of an eye becomes reality, well be unhappy.也许像科幻片那样一眨眼就从一个地方移动到另一个地方变成现实,我们也会不高兴。Perhaps speed is not the answer to happiness all the time.也许速度并不一直是是幸福的。Once in a while, slowing down is the answer.有时放慢脚步才是。At least enjoy the ride we call life.至少享受下我们称之为生活的这个过程。Its not just about getting to the end----the end will come, but enjoying the trip.这不仅仅是结束——最终都会结束,但享受过程才至关重要。Thats what I need to do more of.这就是我还需要做更多的。What about you? Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat!你呢?即使你赢了激烈的竞争,但你依然是一只老鼠!Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Are you impatient?你是一个焦急的人吗?How often do you eat fast food?你多久吃一次快餐?Are you happy with the speed of your computer or your internet connection?你对电脑的速度或互联网连接满意吗?Do you wish could slow your life down a little?你希望你的生活放慢一点吗?What do you think people who are always in a hurry?你如何看待总是忙忙碌碌的人?Do you take time out during the day and try to slow things down?你在白天会花时间尽量放慢脚步吗?What can people do to slowing their life down and not be in such a hurry?人们会做什么来让放慢自己的生活脚步而不是匆匆忙忙?Do you know what the expression “take time to smell the roses” means?你知道 “花时间去闻玫瑰的香味” 这个表达是什么意思吗?Dose this expression apply to your life?你的生活就是这样一种表达吗?Are you happy with the current pace of your life?你满意目前生活的节奏的吗? /201204/177844

十一届全国人大五次会议于3月14日在人民大会堂三楼金色大厅举行记者会,国务院总理温家宝会见中外记者并回答记者提问。Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the government will continue to work hard to promote social justice during his last year in office. He said the government has done a lot of work over the past nine years for the social equity and justice.温家宝总理说在他任职的最后一年,政府将继续努力促进社会的公平正义。9年来,政府为实现社会的公平正义做了大量不可磨灭的工作。On the legal front, the government has incorporated the requirement on respecting and safeguarding human rights into the Chinese Constitution. The government has also formulated the Property Law to protect the legal property rights of the people, amended the Election Law to ensure equal rights of election of urban and rural residents, and abolished the regulations that restrict the freedom of mobility of rural residents into the cities.首先,在法律上,政府通过修改宪法,将尊重和保障人权写入宪法。政府还制定了物权法,使合法的私有财产得到法律保护;修改了选举法,使城乡选民具有平等的权利;废除了收容遣送条例,使农民自由进城务工。In rural areas, the government has abolished the agricultural taxes so as to ease the burdens on Chinese farmers.其次,在农村,政府坚决地取消了农业税,减轻了农民的不合理负担。On education, the government has provided nine-year free compulsory education, and offered free vocational education and subsidy and scholarship for high school students in rural areas.第三,在教育上,政府实行了九年免费义务制教育,对农村的孩子上职业学校实行免费,同时对大学和农村高中阶段的教育实行奖助学金制度,对困难地区农村寄宿制学校给予补贴。The government also put in place a social security system that includes old-age pension, unemployment insurance and health care program. The health care program has aly covered 1.3 billion people.第四,政府建立和完善了包括养老、失业、医疗、低保在内的社会保障体系。企业职工医疗保险、城市居民医疗保险和新农合已经覆盖13亿人口。 /201203/176168

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