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You can put the spark back into your relationship with VideoJugs tutorial on how to be romantic. From making time for them,to showing them you care, VideoJug shows you all you need to know about being Romantic.VideoJug这段视频教给你怎样更加浪漫,让你们的恋情擦出新的火花。主要有以下几条:为对方留出时间,向对方表示关怀等等。Step 1: Make time for each other1.为对方留出时间The most common reason for the romance dwindling in a relationship is a simple lack of time spent as a couple. You need to make time for each other in order to get the ball rolling. Set aside one night a week to make a date. This could be anything from cooking a meal together at home to a night at the theatre, just as long as you both agree to spend time alone together with no distractions.导致恋情中浪漫元素减少的最常见原因是两个人缺少共同度过的时间。为了让爱情更加甜蜜,你们必须为对方留出时间。可以每周找出一个晚上来约会,可以一起在家中做饭,可以去剧院,只要两人心无旁骛地在一起度过一段时间就可以了。Step 2: Tell them you love them2.告诉对方你爱她(他)Try to find new and original ways to say ;I love you; that will make it more memorable. Leave a little note for your partner somewhere they will see it, like on the fridge or their computer screen.试着寻找一些更新颖的方式说“我爱你”,这会让对方更加难忘。在他们能够看到的地方为爱人留下一张便条,例如在冰箱或电脑屏幕上。Paying your partner a compliment is guaranteed to win their heart. Telling them how much you love their smile or how great they look will make them feel lucky to be with you.赞美你的爱人肯定能够赢得他们的芳心。告诉他们,你非常喜欢他们的笑容,或者他们看上去非常伟大,这会让对方感到和你在一起非常开心。Sending your partner a love letter is the height of romance. Hand written letters are rare these days so if your partner is the traditional type, they will adore the fact that you took the time and effort to write to them just to tell them you love them.给对方写情书是最浪漫的事情。现在,手写的情书已经非常少见了,如果你的伴侣比较传统,你花费时间来写情书告诉对方你爱她(他),他们一定会非常喜欢。Step 3: Show them you care3.表示关怀If you want to treat your partner, surprise them by cooking their favourite meal at home which you can eat together by candlelight. You could even include aphrodisiac foods to put you both in the mood for romance. Foods you can eat with your hands, such as asparagus, exotic fruits, figs and chocolate, work best as you can feed them to each other.如果你想招待你的爱人,可以在家中做他们喜欢的食物,给他们一个惊喜,你们可以一起烛光晚餐。你甚至可以制作一些催情的食物,为双方制造浪漫的氛围。可以用手拿着食用的食品更好,例如芦笋,外来水果,无花果和巧克力,因为这些食品你们可以互相喂食。Pick wild flowers for your partner for a simple but effective gift. Your thoughtfulness will be hugely appreciated.采一些野花也是非常简单,但是非常好的礼物。你的别出心裁会赢得对方的赞许。Step 4: Think bigger4.更隆重的活动If little things arent your cup of tea then by all means think big. Surprise your loved one with a romantic weekend break somewhere that you cannot be disturbed or buy them that piece of jewellery theyve had their eye on.如果你不喜欢这些小事情,可以考虑更隆重的活动。可以在没人打扰的地方度过一个浪漫的周末,或者买一颗他们心仪已久的钻石。Thanks for watching How To Be Romantic感谢收看“怎样更加浪漫”视频节目。201209/200595

由朝鲜血海歌剧团演出的朝鲜大型经典歌剧《卖花姑娘》开始在中国10余个城市的巡回演出。Performers from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have staged the classic opera ;The Flower Girl; in the northeastern Chinese city of Changchun. This marks the start of a two-month tour in the country.The Flower Girl is one of the DPRK’s best-known revolutionary plays.At the heart of the story is a poor girl who picks flowers from a mountain every day to sell to take care of her ill mother. The plot follows the family on their road to join the revolution.The opera has been staged in China many times. A film adaptation in the 1970s created a stir among Chinese.And the reception for this production is just as enthusiastic.Audience Member said, ;Bravo! The performance is so good! And especially the dancing moves, I like it!;;I watched the film version when I was a little girl. So it’s familiar to me. The melody just brought me back to the old days.; Audience Member said.Earlier this year, the Phibada Opera Troupe brought an adaptation of the Chinese masterpiece ;A Dream of Red Mansions; to China.Last year it staged an adaptation of the Chinese legend ;Butterfly Lovers; in the country.After the two-day run in Changchun, the troupe will perform in other Chinese cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, and Chongqing.201206/185254

Its difficult keeping your priorities straight, but exercise is key to reducing stress and maintaining health. Carve out 30 minutes a day, and make it count.你或许分身乏术,但是锻炼确实是减少压力,保持健康的关键。每天抽出30分钟,你一定会有收获。You Will Need你需要Warm-ups准备动作Cardio machine有氧运动器材Concentration专注Jump rope跳绳Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Warm up1.准备Warm up your muscles quickly by walking or performing slow stretches for about two minutes before starting your workout.Cover your limbs to keep the heat in.开始锻炼之前,步行或缓慢地做伸展运动大约两分钟,迅速让肌肉做好准备。;No pain, no gain,; is not necessarily true. Dont force your muscles to do too much -- if you feel pain, stop.“没有疼痛就没有收获”这句话不一定是正确的。不要强迫肌肉过量运动——如果你感到疼痛,立刻停下来。Step 2 Choose the right machine2.选择正确的器材Choose a machine that challenges you and keeps your attention. Confronting something you dont like and overcoming it gets your adrenaline pumping.选择可以带来挑战,让你集中精力的训练器材。面对你不喜欢的东西并加以克会促进身体产生肾上腺素。Step 3 Rotate quickly3.轮流转换Rotate from one cardio machine to another in random order -- bike, elliptical machine, tmill, and Stairmaster -- spending 5 minutes on each.按照随机的顺序从一种有氧运动器材转为另外一种器材,例如自行车,椭圆健身机,脚踏车和班霸——每一种器材锻炼五分钟的时间。Burn fat around the house if you cant get to a gym by vacuuming, standing while you , walking up and down stairs, or using basic resistance techniques while youre on the phone, cooking, washing, or dusting.如果你不能去健身馆,在房间周围活动也可以燃烧脂肪,例如可以吸尘,读书的时候站立,爬楼梯,或者打电话,煮饭,洗衣,打扫房间的时候使用一些基本的阻力技巧训练。Step 4 Substitute activities4.替代活动Substitute running or jumping rope to keep your rhythm and heart rate up if someone is using a machine you wanted to use.如果其他人正在使用你想用的器材,可以跑步或跳绳来替换,保持节奏和心率。Step 5 Limit warm up progressively5.限制准备活动Limit your warm ups as you go from one exercise to the next until, on the last one, you give it all youve got.限制从一项运动转为另一项运动的时间,最后一项运动的时候,全力以赴。Step 6 Reserve time for cool down6.预留平静时间Reserve time for a 2- to 3-minute cool down. Dont waste the workout and pull a muscle because you rushed the critical minutes after.预留两三分钟平静的时间。不要由于匆忙地结束而使锻炼功亏一篑,拉伤肌肉。A 1999 study of older adults found that those who walked about 45 minutes 3 times per week for 6 months performed better on cognitive tasks than those who did stretching or strengthening exercises.1999年对老年人的一项调查发现每周步行三次,每次45分钟,坚持六个月的人在认知能力方面超过那些做伸展运动或增强锻炼的人。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/229000

Just ten miles up river, the ice is starting to break.河流上游十英里处 冰层已开始破裂The locals are concerned,当地人十分焦急because huge amounts of water can build up,因为当冰块堆积在河中if these ice chunks dam the river,会阻塞大量流水and that can lead to堆积的冰块崩塌后devastating flooding in the town, when the dams burst.会给小镇带来毁灭性的洪灾Now the melts moving through there now.正在沿着那里融化Yes, got a shot.我拍到了Using cameras and sonar to assess the state of the river,菲利用摄像机和声纳检测河水的状况Fay makes her best guess at when this break-up成功预测出解冻的河水will hit the waterfall just above the town.何时会冲入小镇上方的瀑布中Now, guys, I think we have about 48 hours to go.应该还有约48小时Fays prediction of the 24th April菲对4月24日的预测is exciting news for the team.让整个团队精神振作Upstream from here,上游的河段中its aly starting to melt,冰层已经开始融化and Fay thinks that we may only have菲认为 再过一到两天another one or two days before this whole thing goes,整个冰面就会全部融化which is almost impossible to imagine looking at it now,现在看来几乎是天方夜谭but thats what she says.但菲言之凿凿With the break-up seemingly imminent,冰河解冻迫在眉梢the team set up their cameras in anticipation.团队架好摄像机机 静静等待Over the next 48 hours,在接下来的48小时中the weather warms to well above freezing,气温上升至冰点以上but theres no sign of the break-up.但冰面仍无破裂的迹象The team waits and waits and waits.队员们静静等待着 /201301/220291

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