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What kind of envelopes do you need?您要哪种信封?Do you need regular envelopes or airmail envelopes?您要普通信封还是航空邮递信封?Do you need regular stamps or commemorative stamps?您要普通邮票还是纪念邮票?Do you need 80-fen stamps or 1.2-yuan stamps?您要8角一张的邮票还是1元2角.一张的邮票?What denominations?什么面值的?Do you want a sheet of stamps?您想要一整版的邮票吗?These are new arrivals of commemorative stamps.这些是新到的纪念邮票。How many do you want to buy?您要买多少张?We have a philately counter where you can buy stamps for your collection.我们有一个集邮专柜,在那儿您可以买到您想收集的邮票。It comes t0 10 RMB.共计10元。Selling Envelopes and Stamps销售信封和邮票What can I do for you?我能为您做些什么吗?Id like to buy some envelopes.我想买几个信封。What kind of envelopes do you need?您要哪种信封?Regular ones will do.普通的就行。How many do you want to buy?您要买几个?I need five.买5个。Here you are.给您。Thank you. By the way, would you tell me how much it is to send a postcard to Singapore?谢谢。顺便问一下,你能告诉我寄张明信片到新加坡要多少钱吗?Sure. Let me check...well, it will cost you 4.5 yuan.可以。我查一下…嗯,要花4元5角。All right. Then give me 4 5-yuan stamps for this postcard.好吧。那给我4元5角钱的邮票吧,我寄这张明信片用。Here you are. The glue is over there if you need.给您。如果需要的话,胶水在那边。Thank you. How much is it in all?谢谢。总共多少钱?Five.5元钱。Okay. Here is the money.好的,给你钱。 /201404/287843sneak preview 预览英文释义 An early look at something new, usually shown privately before a more public viewing is permitted.例句 The famous film director plans to invite his family and closest friends to a sneak preview of his new movie a week before it will be shown in theaters.自己的新片在影院上映前一周,这位著名电影导演打算请家人和密友先睹为快。 /201209/197939

1.I want to make a point that 我要强调的是  A: Jenny, please send a memo. I want to make a point that no one should use company resources for personal interests.  B: I got it.  A:珍妮,发个通知,我想要强调任何人都不可以利用公司资源做私事。  B:我明白了。  2.I would like to bring your attention 我希望你能注意  A: I would like to bring your attention to the recent events.  B: What is it?  A:我希望你能注意最近发生的事情。  B:什么事?  3.It has come to my attention that 我注意到  A: It has come to my attention that some of you are eating sunflower seeds at work.  B: It will never happen again.  A:我注意到有的人在上班时间嗑瓜子。  B:以后此类事情不会再发生了。  4.This Memo serves as 本公告是……  A: This Memo serves as a notification for planned reorganization.  B: This is the third time this year.  A:本公告是计划重新划分组织机构的通知。  B:这是本年度第三次了。  5.We are pleased to announce 我们很高兴的宣布……  A: We are pleased to announce our recent acquisition of the Deta LLC.  B: It's pending approval from the government, right?  A: Right.  A:我们很高兴的宣布我们刚刚收购了德塔责任有限公司。  B:还得政府批准是不是?  A:是的。 /200810/54518

Are you a team player?你是个善于团队合作的人么?Im very much a team player.我是一个很善于团队合作的人。I believe strongly in positive reinforcement, for myself as an employee and for those whom I supervise.我坚信,无论是对身为公司一员的我,还是我手下的员工,互相激励帮助都是非常重要的。I work best where I have the opportunity to receive from and provide feedback to others.在一个互相交流畅通的环境中工作才能将工作做到最好。I am not a loner,我不是独行侠,I like sharing the load and the credit for a job well-done.我喜欢一起分担工作,一起分享成果。I think the key thing is that Im a positive presence in a work situation,我认为最重要的是,在工作中,尤particularly under pressure,其是在面对压力时,我都能积极面对。and I think that has a beneficial effect on those around me and ultimately the company itself.我想,这会对我周围的人带来好的影响,而最后也会为公司带来正面的影响。 /201307/247730

A pair of polls released Sunday showed President Donald Trump approaching his 100th day in office with the lowest level of support any modern president.上周日公布的两份民意调查显示,美国总统唐纳特朗普创下了美国现代历任总统执政百天持率的最低纪录。Forty-two percent of people in an A News/Washington Post poll said they approved of Trumps performance so far, while 53% said they disapproved. An N/Wall Street Journal poll had 40% of respondents saying they approved of Trump and 54% saying they disapproved.美国广播公司新闻频道和《华盛顿邮报》联合开展的民调显示2%的人对特朗普上任以来的表现表示满意,53%的人表示不满意。而美国全国广播公司和《华尔街日报》联合开展的民调显示0%的人感到满意4%的人表示不满意。But the bad news wasnt Trumps alone. The A/Washington Post poll found significant majorities said both the Democratic and Republican parties were ;out of touch; with the concerns of most Americans.而不尽如人意的不止总统特朗普。美国广播公司和《华盛顿邮报》的民调还显示,绝大多数人认为民主党和共和党都对大多数美国民众的关切“不甚了解”。Sixty-seven percent of respondents said the Democratic Party was out of touch, as did 62% for the Republican Party. Less than a third said either party was ;in touch.;这样评价民主党的人占7%,共和党2%。不到三分之一的人认为两党 “能了解”(民众关切)。Trump fared slightly better than the parties, with 58% saying he was out of touch.总统特朗普情况稍好,8%的人认为他不了解民众的关切。Despite Trumps low approval numbers, the poll showed him retaining support among his base, with 96% of people who said they voted for him saying they would do so again. The poll showed only 85% of those who voted for Hillary Clinton would do so again, with most of those who would not saying they would either go with a third-party candidate or not vote at all.尽管持率偏低,但是民调显示特朗普保持了原持者对自己的认可度6%的曾经投票给他的人表示还愿意再把选票投给他,而曾经投票给希拉克林顿的人中,只5%的人愿意再这么做,剩5%中的大多数人表示要投给二人之外的候选者或直接弃权。That difference in remaining support for the two candidates would mean Trump would best Clinton 43 to 40% in a hypothetical rematch today. In the actual election Clinton failed to achieve an electoral victory but outpaced Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,853,516 (48.18%) to his 62,984,825 (46.09%) according to the Federal Election Commission.这一差异意味着倘若今天再大选一次,特朗普也将以43%0%的优势战胜希拉里。根据联邦选举委员会的数据,希拉里虽在大选中落败,但是其选票超过特朗普将90万张,共获得6585516 (48.18%)张选票,特朗普则获298825 (46.09%)张。Trump seized on the polls findings in a pair of tweets Sunday afternoon saying: ;New polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is FAKE and almost always negative. Would still beat Hillary in ... popular vote. A News/Washington Post Poll (wrong big on election) said almost all stand by their vote on me amp; 53% said strong leader.;周日下午,特朗普发了两条推特回应道:“虽然绝大多数媒体都造假、充满负能量,但是新民调还是不错的。我仍然更受欢迎,仍然会打败希拉里。美国广播公司和《华盛顿邮报》(邮报在大选中预测希拉里会赢)的民调显示大家几乎都站在我这一边,还会再为我投票,而且3%的人认为我是一位很有能力的领导者。”Gallups historical presidential approval numbers showed most presidents were near the height of their popularity in the beginning of their first terms.历年盖洛普总统持率民调都显示,大多数总统在第一届任期前期,持率都接近最高点。Thirty-four percent of the A/Washington Post poll respondents said they disapproved of Trump including his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner in his administration.美国广播公司和《华盛顿邮报》的民调显示4%的人不持特朗普,包括他的女儿伊万卡?特朗普和女婿贾瑞库什纳。And a majority, 54%, said they did not have a problem with Trump working out of Mar-a-lago, his private club in Florida.4%的人对于特朗普在其位于佛罗里达的私人海湖庄园处理公务没有异议。The A News/Washington Post poll surveyed 1,004 adults over April 17-20 and had a margin of error ±3.5% points. The N/WSJ poll surveyed 900 adults over that same period and had a margin of error ±3.3% points.47日至20日之间,美国广播公司和《华盛顿邮报》共采访004名民众,其民调误差在正负3.5%之间。美国全国广播公司和《华尔街日报》在此期间共采访900人,误差在正.3%之间。来 /201704/506677

第一句:How is the preparation for the fair?展销会准备得怎么样了?A: How is the preparation for the fair? 展销会准备得怎么样了?B: Everything is under control.一切尽在掌握中。第二句:Theres going to be a flange in plans.计戈有变。A: Jack, get the boys together. There’s going to be a change in plans.杰克,把大家叫到一块,计划有变。B: Yes, sir.好的,先生。知识扩展:1.询问进展的其他方法:How is it going?How did it go?Hows the report coming along?报告进展如何?under control 处于控制之下come along 进展,进步2.计划有变动在所难免,只有快速适应了:We have to cancel the reservation.我们要取消预约了。Jack, please inform Mr. Green of the change immediately.杰克,请立刻通知格林先生计划有变。If the plans change, these investigations would be done for nothing. 如果计划有变,这些调查就白做了。reservation 预定,预约重点单词查看全部解释reservation[.rez#601;'vei#643;#601;n]想一想再看n. 预定,保留意见 flange[fl#230;nd#658;]想一想再看n. 边缘,轮缘,凸缘 v. 装凸缘 联想记忆X单词flange联想记忆:fl=fly,ange=anger:flange就是防止火车fly的,因为这会引起的anger音译词:中国叫法兰绒 inform[in'f#596;:m]想一想再看v. 通知,告诉,向 ... 报告,告发 联想记忆X单词inform联想记忆:in进+form形状→进入形式→正式通知 control[k#601;n'tr#601;ul]想一想再看n. 克制,控制,管制,操作装置vt. 控制

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