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Australia really is a place of extremes. You know, when it’s hot, it’s roasting. When it rains, it pours. And when it’s beautiful, it really is spectacular.澳大利亚真的是个极端的地方。你知道,当它热起来时,像火烤。当它下雨时,就倾盆而下。当它展现美丽的一面时,那真是壮观。 In the heat of the day in the Kimberley, you can expect 125 degree heat and energy-sapping humidity. But even in this wilderness, there’s food.金伯利最热的时候,温度可高达120摄氏度,湿气也会将人体力耗光。但即使在这片荒野里也能找到食物。This is a rock fig tree. Look at that. I can tell this just because it has this very distinct gray bark, and they often cling to the side of just little cliff just like this. And actually if you look at the leaves, they are oval-shaped and also they are furry. And the reason for that is that that fur stops them from loosing a lot of their precious moisture. The problem is all the fruits are up there.这是一颗无花果树。你瞧,它最大的特征就是灰色的树皮,它喜欢像这样沿着峭壁生长。仔细观察,你会发现树叶呈椭圆形,背面有毛。长毛是为了防止宝贵的水分流失。但主要的问题是,果实都长在树顶端。But climbing up to get the fruit is a risk. This sandstone is brittle and can be greasy when it’s wet. So I’m gonna use the roots as handholds to help me. The roots go deep into the cliff. So they should be strong and safe.但爬上树去摘果实会有危险。砂岩脆弱易碎,潮湿时相当滑溜。因此我打算把树根当作施力点,来助我攀爬。这些树根深深地扎在峭壁里,所以够强韧,够安全。Ok. These are the guys I’m after. Here we go. And if I plug one of these off, all of this fruit is edible. It’s not ripe, but it’s edible. If you open it up, see all of these fig seeds inside. All of those are really good vitamin C. It’s pretty tasteless. It’s like chewing on a cardboard, but I know it’s good. I want to collect a load of these, take them into my pocket as many as I can. Two more for luck.到了,这些就是我的目标。先摘一颗尝尝。虽然还没完全成熟,但整颗果子都可以食用。将它剖开,里面全是无花果种子,种子富含维他命C。果子味道寡淡似嚼蜡,但的确有营养。我要多摘一些,尽量把口袋装满以备不时之需。装下两颗就很幸运了。本文译文属201206/187491MORMONS are outing themselves. In 2010 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched a multi-million-dollar campaign to counter ;misconceptions; about the religion, and last October it was vastly expanded. Billboards have now gone up in a dozen American cities, featuring real members. ;Irsquo;m a Mormon,; say lawyers, scientists and surfers, smilingly directing viewers to the church website. There the curious can chat with a missionary, or browse some 80,000 profiles to find Mormons who are like them.Over the past year, according to the church, people have initiated about 1m chats via the site, often asking about the Mormon record on gay rights, or other controversial things. And since the launch of the October campaign there have been 30,000 more Mormon profiles to look at.门教徒如今开始积极地向外宣扬自己的教派了。2010年,耶稣基督末日圣徒教会投资数百万美元举办了一场活动,试图来改变人们对门教的一些误解与偏见,这场活动自去年10月份开始可谓开展得如火如荼。如今在美国十几个城市里你都可以看到路边的广告牌上印着形形色色的门教徒微笑地表示:;我是个门教徒。;他们都真实地生活在我们身边,有的人是律师,有的是科学家或冲浪者,观者们还可以从广告牌上了解到教会的网址。好奇的群众不仅可以与传教士交谈以解心中疑惑,甚至可以翻阅8万名门教徒的个人简介,来了解这些和他们看上去一样的普通人的生活。据门教会透露,去年通过这个活动,人们大约发起了1百万次聊天,聊天内容通常都是关于门教对同性恋者权利的观点,以及其它备受争议的敏感问题。此活动自去年10月份以来,人们阅览了超过3万门教徒的个人资料。Some might think this unnecessary. In 2010 the church added some 400,000 converts and babies, pushing worldwide membership above 14m. If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination, there may be a Mormon president soon enough. In a January poll of Mormons from the Pew Forum on Religion amp; Public Life, 63% reckoned that acceptance of their religion is rising.有些人认为这样的做法是不必要的。2010年时,有40万名皈依者与新生儿加入了门教会,此后全球的门教成员超过了1千4百万。如果米特bull;罗姆尼获得了共和党提名候选人提名,也许很快美国就要出现一位门教总统了。一月份皮尤宗教与生活论坛显示,63%投票的门教徒认为他们信仰的宗教正获得越来越多人的认可。Still, Mormonism has some way to go. The complaints against the religion are familiar. It is a young religion, and it strikes many people as weird. Its greatest breaks with mainstream society, such as polygamy, are in the past, but the church still stumbles into the occasional controversy, most recently over its opposition to gay marriage. Mainstream Christians are particularly sceptical: millions dispute that Mormons are Christians at all.然而,门教要获得真正广泛的认可仍旧是任重而道远。人们反对门教的理由可谓是老生常谈:大家感觉这个新生的教派很古怪,甚至有些异端。而且它与主流社会的价值不符,比如早期教会经典持多妻制度(后被禁止实行),虽然都已是过去的事了,但是时至今日教会依然常常陷入其它的争端。最近争议最大的莫过于它对同性婚姻的反对了。上百万的主流基督徒十分挑剔,他们质疑门教根本就不属于基督教。The churchrsquo;s professions of normalcy, like Mr Romneyrsquo;s, apparently irritate some people, but the suspicions must soften at some point. Matthew Bowman, the author of a new history of the religion (and a Mormon himself), reflects that this is actually the fifth or sixth ;Mormon Moment; since 1902, when the Senate spent several years arguing over whether to unseat Reed Smoot, an apostle from Utah. Each time, he says, the same barbs reappear. There may be a cautionary tale there. Today Smoot is remembered for his support for tariffs rather than his religion.门教自认为是一个正常的宗教,正如罗姆尼所称的那样,然而如此言论显然使一些人十分不快,但是质疑的声音达到一定程度后注定要减弱。新的门教历史一书的作者马修bull;鲍曼(一名门教徒)表示这场争议实际上算得上是自1902年以来的第五个或第六个;门时刻;。1902第一个;门时刻;期间,美国参议院花了数年时间,一直争论是否该除去来自犹他州的门使徒里德bull;斯穆特的议员资格。鲍曼指出,每一次类似的诽语都一再地重现。这也许是个一个警示性的故事,但如今被人们所熟知的是斯穆特发起的斯姆特-霍利关税法,而不是他个人信仰的教派。In any case, the churchrsquo;s campaign could help. It confirms the impression that Mormons are nice, and makes thoughtful use of the web by asking members to post their own responses to frequently asked questions. Over time, however, Mormons will probably gain acceptance through growth as much as the other way around; a bigger church must have a bigger tent.不论如何,教会此次举办的活动对提升教会形象还是有用的。它通过充分利用网站资源,让教众在网上关于人们最常问的话题给出自己的答复,同时实了门教徒是友善而正派的。久而久之门教也许会通过壮大发展而会获得更多的认可,但反过来也有可能通过自发地包容外界而得以扩大发展,所以门教发展最重要的一点即是能够包容更多的异议。That adds a twist to Mr Romneyrsquo;s saga. Throughout his career, people have wondered if his religion will hurt his chances; polls show that about a quarter of Americans are wary of voting for a Mormon. But some people dislike Mr Romney for other reasons, and may judge his religion accordingly. If a church is trying to make friends, having any politician as its most prominent member may be a mixed blessing.门教徒的身份给罗姆尼的生平平添了几分挫折。在他的事业上,人们常会疑惑他的宗教信仰会否会成为他前进的绊脚石;民意投票显示出近1/4的民众很难轻易把票投给他。但是一些人是由于其他原因而不喜欢罗姆尼,于是会连带对他的宗教抱有批判的看法。如果一个教会想扩大影响,吸纳更多信徒,那么以任何一名政客作为它最众所周知的教徒都是好坏参半,焉知非福。201202/172850

And on the 2nd of January 1492, after ten years of fighting, the last Nasrid king, Muhammed XII, surrendered the province of Granada and the Alhambra.而1492年1月2日, 经过十年战争的洗礼,最后纳斯里德国王穆罕默德十二世投降给格拉纳达省和阿尔罕布拉宫。Legend has it that as the defeated Muhammed gazed back at the city hed surrendered, he burst into tears.据传说称,战败的穆罕默德盯着他会投降的城市,便大哭起来。His mother, unimpressed, snapped at him,他的母亲却不为所动,厉声斥责他,You do well to weep like a woman over what you failed to defend like a man.你做的很好,像一个女人在哭泣,但你未能像一个男人那样的抵抗。The Moor famously sighed his last sigh, and turned his back on Granada forever.大帝著名的最后叹了口气,然后永远转身背对对格拉纳达。The Christian Reconquest was complete.基督教夺回已经完成。The victors were merciless towards the vanquished. 对于被征者而言胜利者是无情的。Ferdinand and Isabella made it law that pork should be eaten throughout the region.费迪南德和伊莎贝拉制定了在整个地区都吃猪肉的法律。Then, in 1492, they expelled all Jews from Spain and revoked the rights of Muslims.然后,在1492年,他们驱逐了所有来自西班牙的犹太人并剥夺穆斯林人的权利。In 1526, Arabic was banned.1526年,阿拉伯语被禁止。注:听力文本来源于普特201302/225839

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