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长春市绿园区人民医院网络咨询吉林大学第一附属医院妇科检查本单元是关于夏日的烦闷的对话Alice: It's nice to be back but I do miss the excitement of the World Cup. I'm bored! Helen: Oh thanks very much!Alice: I didn't mean you! I just mean it's a bit hard to come back to reality that's all. Tim: Who says we have to? Why don't we do something to cheer ourselves up? Alice: Like what?Michal: Go to the pub. Alice: No, it's too smoky.Tim: Go to a nightclub. Helen: It's too noisy. Michal: How about going to the cinema?Alice: There's nothing on I really want to see. Michal: We could have a party.Alice: What are we celebrating? Michal: You know it's almost a year since I came to live here. Tim: Perfect! We'll have our first anniversary party!Vocabulary:(字汇)to cheer someone up:(让某人高兴起来)to make someone feel happier an anniversary:(周年)a day that is exactly a year or a number of years after a particular event (for example, It's our 25th wedding anniversary next week) a fancy-dress party: (化妆宴会)a party where people dress up in costumes (often dressed as famous people) 本单元的语言点是后缀,在一个单字的后面加上字尾就可以将名词转为形容词,或是将形容词转为名词。举例来说,将名词 'noise' 字尾的 e 去掉,加上 Y 就成了形容词 'noisy' 。 SuffixesYou can make some nouns into adjectives or adjectives into nouns by adding suffixes (extra letters at the end of the word). For example, you can make the noun 'noise' into an adjective by taking off the 'e' and adding 'y' to make 'noisy'. Here is some of the most common suffixes: Making nouns into adjectives:(名词转为形容词)-able knowledge - knowledgeablefashion - fashionablecomfort - comfortable-al nature - naturalaccident - accidentalmusic - musical-ous danger - dangerousfame - famousadventure - adventurous-y health - healthycream - creamymess – messy /200707/16055长春无痛人流选哪家 Now, I use my music to reach peoples hearts and have found there are no boundaries.现在,我用我的音乐来打动人们的心灵,并发现这是没有边界的。My audience is anyone who is here to listen, even those who are not familiar with classical music.我的听众是所有愿意倾听的人,包括那些对古典音乐不熟悉的人。I not only play at the prestigious classical concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center,我不仅在著名的古典音乐厅表演,类如卡内基音乐厅、肯尼迪中心等,but also hospitals, churches, prisons, and restricted facilities for leprosy patients, just to mention a few.还在医院、教会、监狱和麻风病患者隔离区表演。这只是几个例子。Now, with my last piece, Id like to show you现在,我想用最后一首曲子告诉你们that classical music can be so much fun, exciting, and that it can rock you.古典音乐也有有趣、激动人心的一面,它能够震撼你们。Let me introduce you to my brand new project, ;Baroque in Rock,; which became a golden disc most recently.我要介绍一个我的全新项目,“摇滚式的巴洛克”,它最近获得了韩国金唱片奖。Its such an honor for me.我感到十分荣耀。I think, while Im enjoying my life as a happy musician,我很享受作为一名快乐的音乐家的生活,Im earning a lot more recognition than Ive ever imagined. But its now your turn.并得到了超乎想象的认可。但现在轮到你了。Changing your perspectives will not only transform you but also the whole world.思维的转变不只会改变你,也会改变整个世界。Just play your life with all you have, and share it with the world.去尽情地享受你们的人生并与这个世界分享。I really look forward to witnessing a transforming world by you, TEDsters.我真心期待看到一个由所有TED成员们改造的世界。Play your life, and stay tuned.享受生活,保持期待。201701/4879551_07 I’ll have a Big Mac. I’ll have a Big Mac. 我要一个麦香堡. I’ll have a small fries. 我要一份小薯条. And a large Coke, please. 我要一杯大杯可口可乐. I’d like a milk shake. 我要一杯奶昔. Make it strawberry. 要草莓口味的. That’ll be for here. here. 要在这里吃. Can I have extra ketchup? 我可以多要一些蕃茄酱吗? Can I have more napkins? 我可以多要一些纸巾吗? Thank you. 谢谢你. /200705/13680吉大第一医院在那儿

长春中医药大学附属医院预约美国习惯用语-第79讲:sleaze gridlock 在竞选过程中,候选人进行互相攻击似乎是常事,只是在手法上有所不同而已。今天我们先要给大家介绍一个和候选人互相攻击有关的常用词汇:sleaze。Sleaze这个字听起来就不太悦耳,它的意思也很不好。Sleaze指的是“下流的人”,或是“低级的东西”。可是在1992年的美国总统竞选中,sleaze是指“攻击对方的私生活”。也就是,竞选一方散布有关竞选对手私生活中的丑闻,以此在选民中毁坏对方的名声,他们散布的丑闻有的可能是属实的,但是也有一些是完全捏造的。下面请听一个例句: 例句-1: "On the campaign trail today the Republicans and the Democrats both hurled charges accusing the other side of using sleaze despite promises by Bush and Clinton to stop such tactics." 这是说:“今天在竞选活动中共和党和民主党互相攻击,指责对方使用人身攻击的手法,尽管布什和克林顿都做了保不再这样做。” 下面请听一位候选人是怎么说的: 例句-2: "I don't intend to use sleaze against my opponent although there are plenty of things in his personal life that the voters ought to know about." 他说:“我并不想利用竞选对手的丑闻来攻击他,但是他的私生活中也确实有很多东西选民应该知道的。” 在七十年代,纽约有一次发生严重的交通堵塞事故。当时汽车无法前进,排成几里长的长蛇阵,所有主要街道的路口全部都被堵死了。人们把这一现象叫做:gridlock。Gridlock这个字在有些字典里还查不到。在1992年的美国总统大选中,美国人用gridlock这个字来指美国政界存在的那种两派僵持不下,任何问题无法得以进展的现象。出现这种现象的主要原因是布什总统是共和党人,而负责制定法律的国会却在民主党控制之下。在布什总统执政的四年内,布什提出的大多数提案国会都没有通过。而国会提出的提案,很多都被布什否决了。民主党在国会虽占多数,但还没有到足以推翻总统否决的三分之二多数。这个局面使得许多重要问题无法进展,造成了gridlock的现象。请听下面这个例句: 例句-3: "Both the Republicans and the Democrats agree that the big problem with the government in Washington is political gridlock. But they certainly don't agree who is to blame." 这句话的意思是:“共和党人和民主党人都同意,美国政府的一个大问题就是在政治上的僵局。至于究竟哪一方应该对这个局面负责,双方意见却完全不同。” 这种现象不仅仅是美国联邦政府的问题,连州一级政府也同样存在类似情况。下面就是一个例子: 例句-4: "Our State is just like Washington--we have a Republican Governor and a Democratic legislature. So we usually have gridlock on new programs because one side won't approve what the other side does." 这人说:“我们州和华盛顿一样,我们的州长是共和党的,而立法机构却在民主党控制下。往往一方不同意另一方的计划,所以我们经常会在新的项目上出现僵局。” 今天我们给大家介绍了两个同美国竞选有关的词汇。一个是sleaze。Sleaze是攻击竞选对手私生活的手法。第二个是gridlock。Gridlock是在政治上处于僵局的现象。 /200601/3034绿园区妇科检查多少钱 Im really short, and the riser hasnt come out yet. There you go.Thank you, President Fenves. Before I begin my remarks, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the challenges that happened in our campus over the last year. No university president across the country that I know, in their first year, has faced so many challenges with such grace and such dignity. It made me proud to be a graduate of The University of Texas knowing that Greg Fenves was the person I could count on to lead us through such difficult times. Please join me in acknowledging President Fenves.Regent Beck, Ambassador Garza and members of the platform party, it is an honor to join you on this very special evening.It is so good for me to be home, especially to a place that means so much to me and to my family – The University of Texas.Id like to extend, as President Fenves did, my appreciation to all of you who were instrumental in the education of tonights graduates – the administration, the faculty, the parents, the family members and the friends.To all of you associated with The University of Texas, the faculty and the administration – youve invested a lot of time and effort in these students, and tonight you get to see the proverbial fruits of your labor.To the parents, the family members and friends – youre where it all began. Youre going to see from my remarks tonight how much I value the role youve played in your childrens education.And finally, but most importantly, my congratulations to the graduates – the class of 2016. Youve worked so hard to get to this point. And as…said, your feelings have to be bittersweet – excitement for what comes next and sadness for what youre leaving behind.Among the memories that you take with you, I hope you remember your place in the history of The University of Texas at Austins commencements: the 133rd class of graduates who have the potential to change the world.I know you beam when you hear those now familiar words, ;What starts here changes the world!; I listen to those words every time they come on the commercials. But last September, in his inaugural address, President Fenves defined why thats been possible for so many years when he described The University of Texas at Austin as ;the university of whats next.;What is next for you? I would tell you I did not have an opportunity to attend my own commencements, when I earned my journalism degree, when I earned my MBA – both my degrees were off-cycle. All right, I know were around the clock, but journalism, do you want to take one more shot? When I earned my journalism degree, and when I earned my MBA – both my degrees were off-cycle. But if I had been sitting in your seats, there is one thing that I would know for sure: I could not have predicted how my life would unfold after either degree.My mistake? Somehow, I thought picking a major meant choosing a career. Little did I know that choosing a major was simply choosing something to explore. It was the exploration and journey where I was here that mattered. Choosing my jobs, choosing my companies were not the defining moments I thought they were when I sat in your seats. Knowing that now, it would have saved a lot of anguish as I was anticipating where I was gonna go from here.The university of whats next – our alma mater knows how important it is to continue to evolve, to reinvent itself, to stay among the top-tier universities. Its a lesson for all of us. We, too, have to keep evolving. More important, we have to determine when its time to reinvent ourselves. We, too, have to keep asking ourselves, ;whats next?;Our lives are a series of journeys – the journey that brought us all to this magnificent campus, our journey through here and, now, what starts tonight, the most important journey of all: your journey to discover the potential that lies within each and every one of you – the journey that will define your purpose.Can you remember the moment you decided to come to UT? Think about it.My message tonight starts with my father. It was December 1969 and my father got the family y to watch what many were saying was the college football national championship game between number one, Texas, and number two, Arkansas. I hope you got to see the movie My All American this last year, if you saw that movie, youll know the game Im talking about.Never mind the excitement of the game – what I remember most was what my father said when we said, ;Daddy, why this game was so important?; He said, ;Because this is the best school in Texas and its your chance to see them win the national championship.;Years later, when I was in high school, my father drove my classmates and me from Laredo to this campus for a UIL (University Interscholastic League) competition.It was our first visit to this campus. We were so excited and we ran from the car, but I thought I should say thank you. So I turned around and I looked at him and I said, ;Thank you, Daddy, thank you for bringing us up to Austin.; I wish I could describe for you the look on his face. He looked at me and he said to me, ;Its so beautiful here. Everything is so clean and fresh. If Im lucky, one of my children will get to come here one day.;201606/448114吉大第三医院人流要多少钱

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