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武警吉林省总队医院可以刷社保卡吗农安县药流多少钱41 Preference41 偏爱asking waht someone prefers...询问某人较喜欢什么?A:Which do you like better, orange or lemon?A:橘子和柠檬你更喜欢哪个?B:I like orange better.B:Why?B:我更喜欢橘子.A:为什么?B:Because orange is much more to my taste.B:因为橘子更适合我的口味.;;or ;;,what#39;s it to be?;;或;;,你挑哪一个?(较随便)A:We can go to the cinema or saty at home watching TV,what#39;s it to be?A:我们可以去看电影也可以在家里看电视,你挑哪一个?B:As far as I#39;m concemed,B:就我而言,staying at home is more comtortable than going to the movies.在家里比看电影更舒。A:Thanks ,dear.I feel so tired atfer a whole day#39;s work.A:谢谢,亲爱的。工作一天我累极了。Would you rather ;;?你想;;吗?(通用)A:What#39;s up? You look depressed.A:怎么了?你看上去很不高兴。B:I just had a quarrel with him.B:我刚和他吵了一架。A:Would you rather I taught him a lesson for you?A:你想让我教训教训他吗?B:No,thanks.不用了,谢谢。How do;;compare,in your opinion?在你看来,;;和;;相比怎么样?(较正式)A:How do Mark and Jones compare,in your opinion?A:在你看来,和琼斯相比马克怎么样?B:Generally speaking,Mark#39;s personality is much more agreeable than JonesB:总的看来,我认为马克比琼斯性格更让人喜欢。A:May I venture to ask if you#39;ve decided to employ Mark?A:我能冒昧地问一问你是否决定雇佣马克了呢?B:Possibly.B:有可能。The choice is yours,;;or;;?你来选,;;还是;;?(较正式)A:Both of the two young ladies are the candidates for the positionA:这两位都是这个职位的候选人。B:The question is we only need one.B:问题是我们只需要一名。A:Right.The choice is yours, the tall one or the short one?A:是的。你来选,高个的还是矮个的?B:I should take the taller one for the choice.B:要我选我就选高个的。Stating what one prefers说明某人较喜欢什么;;my favorite;;是我喜欢的;;。(较随便)A:Who#39;s your favorite film star?A:你最喜欢的电影明星是谁?B:Tom Hanks is always my favorite film star.B:我一直喜欢汤姆.汉克斯。A:What films feature him?A:他主演了什么片子?B:Many!B:有很多呢!Well,;;is more fun to me对我来说,;;更有趣。(通用)A:Which is more interesting to you,flying kites or going roller-skating?A:你觉得放风筝和滑旱冰哪个更有趣?B:Well,flyling kites is more fun fo me.B:对我来说,放风筝更有趣。A:I#39;ve got no kite. Do you have one?A:我没有风筝,你有吗?B:Let#39;s go and buy one.B:咱们去买一个吧。For me,the best thing is ;;对我来说,最好是;;。(通用)A:It#39;s a lovely day, isn#39;t it?A:今天天儿真好!B:Yeah.How about going for a swim or a picnic? Which seems better?B:是啊。去游泳或去野餐怎么样?哪个更好?A:For me,the best thing is to take a rest.A:对我来说,最好是休息。As far as I#39;m concemed,the best;;is;;就我而言,最好的是;;(通用)A:Do you prefer the red one or the green one?A:你喜欢红的还是绿的?B:As far as I#39;m concerned, the best color is brown.B:我认为最好的颜色是棕色。A:I#39;m sorry to say the brown ones have been soid out.A:很抱歉棕色的已经卖光了。B:What a pity!B:真遗憾!I favor;;over all the others.我最喜欢;;。(通用)A:I favor Chinese Team over all the others.A:我最喜欢中国队。B:I don#39;t think it#39;s the best one,though.B:我想它不是最好的队呀。A:I#39;m Chinese.A:我是中国人。On the whole,I find ;;more enjoyable than;;总的说来,我觉得;;比;;更有意思。(通用)A:Would you prefer riding a bike or riding a bus?A:喜欢骑自行车还是乘公共汽车?B:On the whole,I find riding a bike more enjoyable than riding a busB:总的说来,我觉得骑自行车比乘公共汽车更有意思。A:I agree. And riding a bicycle will do good to your health.A:我同意你的看法,骑自行车有益身体健康。My choice would always be;;我总是偏爱;;。(通用)A:Which is your preference, tea or coffee?A:茶和咖啡你更喜欢哪一个?B:My choice would always be tea.B:我总是偏爱茶。A:When did you form this hobby?A:你什么时候养成了这个习惯?B:Last year when I visited China.B:去年我访问中国的时候。I#39;d prefer to;;,if possible.如有可能我宁愿;;。(通用)A:DO you have any plan for your future?A:你对将来有什么打算?B:I#39;d prefer to go abroad, if possible.B:如有可能我宁愿出国。A:Many people are striving for going abroad nowadays.A:近来每个人都在设法出国It seems to be a trend.好像是个潮流。B:I#39;m one of them.B:我也是其中一个。Best thing would be to;;最好是;;。(通用)A:We#39;ve got everything y. what should we do next?A:我们已经准备好了。下一步该做什么呢?B:Best thing would be to have a check again.B:最好是再检查一遍。A:Yeah,you#39;ve got a point there.A:是啊,这话有道理。I really find;;more to my taste.我的确觉得;;更合我的口味。(较正式)A:Where would you like to have your dinner?A:你想在哪儿吃晚饭?B:I don#39;t care as long as it#39;s a Chinese restaurant.B:只要是中餐馆哪儿都行。A:You don#39;t like Westem food?A:你不喜欢西餐吗?B:I reall find Chinese dishes more to my taste.B:我的确觉得国国菜更合我的口味。I must say I have a strong preference for;我得说我对;;有强烈的偏爱。(较正式)A:Which attracts you more,哪个你更喜欢may I ask,modem architecture or classical architecture?现代建筑还是古典建筑B:I must say I have a strong prefernce for classical architecture.B:我对古典建筑有强烈的偏爱。A:Then I can tell you are a conventioal architect.A:那么可以说你是个传统建筑师了。B:To some extent,you#39;re right.B:从某种程度上讲可以这么说。;;or;; I leave it to you to decide.要么;;,要么;;,你来决定。(较正式)A:The meeting is supposed to begin at 9 o#39;clock,right?A:会议定在9点开始,对吗?B:Yes,and it#39;s aly 9:30.B:不错,现在已经9:30了。A:But many members haven#39;t turned up yet.A:可是许多人还没有露面呢。B:We could either put off the meeting or cancel it.I leave it to yo to decideB:我们要么把会议推迟,要么把会议取消。你来决定。On balance,;;appeals to me more than;;总的说来,;;比;;对我更有吸引力。(较正式A:Which appeals more,dress designing or gardening?A:装设计和园林设计哪个更有吸引力?B:On balance,dress designging appeals to me more.A:Why?B:总的说来,装设计对我更有吸引力。A:为什么?B:I don#39;t know,either.I just feel that way.B:我也不知道,只是感觉。Rather than ;;,I#39;d prefer to;;与其;;我宁可;;。(较正式)A:Why don#39;t you wash the dishes?A:怎么不洗碗呢?B:Rather than spend hours at the kitchen sink,I#39;d prefer to buy a dishwasherB:与其在厨房水槽旁浪费几个小时,我宁可去买一台洗碗机。A:Be realistic!We Can#39;t afford a dishwasherA:现实点吧!我们买不起洗碗机。B:Then you have to act as a dishwasher yourseIfB:那么你就是自己当洗碗机了! /200910/87139长春省中医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 Lesson 19 you are always stylish一、 情景对话:Hey man, check out my new look! 喂! 老弟! 瞧我的新打扮怎么样?You are always so stylish! 你总是那么时髦!But … do you really like it ? 不过… 你真的喜欢这样?Like it? 喜欢?Of course! 当然!Am I not fashionable? Am I not chic? 你不觉得这很时髦?You should get one, too! 你也该打一个环!It would look great on you! 看上去会很棒!How awful! 真可怕!Wow, that’s really cool! 哦, 太酷了!Hey, can you tell me where you bought that? 嗨,能告诉我你在哪里买的吗?二、单词:Check out 打量/ stylish 时髦的/ fashionable 流行的/ chic 别致的/ awful 可怕的/三、要点:Hey man , check out my new look! 喂,老弟! 瞧我的新打扮怎么样?You are always so stylish? 你总是那么时髦!You are always so troublesome! 你总是叫人讨厌!You are always so considerate! 你总是想得那么周到!You are always so diligent! 你总是那么用功!Like it? 喜欢? Of course! 当然!Am I not fashionable? 你不觉得这很时髦?….look great on you! 你看上去….!It would look great on you! 你看上去会很棒!That dress looks great on you! 那套衣看上去太合适你了!That hair style looks great on you! 那款发型看上去太合适你了!That hat looks great on you! 那帽子看上去太合适你了!Can you tell me …? 能不能告诉我…?Can you tell me where you bought that? 能不能告诉我你哪里买的?Can you tell me how to do it? 能不能告诉我你怎么做的?Can you tell me where I could find her? 能不能告诉我哪里能找到她?Can you tell me what day it is today? 能不能告诉我今天星期几?Chic 别致的I like you chic hat. 我喜欢你别致的帽子.Awful 可怕的Today’s weather is awful! 今天的天气真糟糕.Look 外表Shanghai has taken on a new look. 上海已经大变样了.Check out 打量/ stylish 时髦的/ fashionable 流行的/ chic 别致的/ awful 可怕的/ /201205/184098长春人流手术的价钱

长春市公立三甲医院是私立医院吗长春市南关区中西医结合医院无痛人流手术 Ow, I stepped on a nail!唉呦~我踩到钉子了!讲解:Ow感叹词,表示疼痛,相当于ouch。 /201503/361385九台市人民中心医院做全身检查要多少钱

长春妇产医院检查怀孕多少钱 大家好!欢迎来到OMG美语,我是白洁。world和earth这两个词怎么用?What in the world? 究竟是怎么回事;What on Earth?什么情况?In the world/on Earth全世界 /201403/279110榆树市人民医院有四维彩超吗长春人流最少要多少钱



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