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Now you get the drinks organised — soft drink the kids and maybe a wine or a few beers the adults. I like to take large bottles of soft drink the kids because it a lot cheaper than cans or small bottles and also it creates less rubbish the environment. That means you need cups or mugs the kids also. Lastly you put your meat into the Esky along with your eating utensils — paper or plastic plates, knives and ks. You also need a pair of cooking tongs, handling the meat while it cooks. Dont get your picnic rug so you have somewhere to sit and eat your food. Oh, and you must also take a football, or perhaps a cricket bat and ball, so that the family can enjoy some exercise in the open space in the park.接下来要准备饮料,给孩子们准备软饮料,给大人准备红酒或啤酒我喜欢带大瓶装的软饮料,因为那比听装饮料和小瓶饮料便宜,而且产生的垃圾也少,对环境更有利这表明你要给孩子们带杯子最后要把肉和纸盘子或塑料盘子、刀叉等餐具一起放进埃斯基冷藏袋中还需要一个在烤肉时用来翻面的夹子不要忘了带上野餐毯子,这样就可以找个地方铺上野餐毯子,坐在上面享受美食了哦,还要带上足球或者板球拍和板球,这样家人就可以在公园的空地一起运动了Okay, now you are y to leave the nearest park. The Esky goes in the boot of the car, then the whole family gets into the car and off you go. At the park you will find public barbeques where you can cook your food and enjoy a great family day out in the bright Melbourne sunshine.好,现在就可以准备前往离家最近的公园了把埃斯基冰袋放进汽车的后备箱里,全家人上车以后就可以出发了到达公园后找一处可以进行露天烧烤的地方,在墨尔本的明媚阳光下一边烧烤一边享受美好的家庭出游In another podcast, I will tell you more about the parks and picnic areas around Melbourne.我将在下斯播客中详细介绍墨尔本的公园以及墨尔本适合野餐的地方If you like this podcast or you have a question or a comment to make, you can leave a comment on my website at www.slowenglish.info. Goodbye until next time.如果大家喜欢这期播客,或是有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上留言下期见 译文属 361Some of the weirdest, most memorable technology this year came in the m of robots, and of course -- mostly from JapanSome of the weirdest, most memorable technology this year came in the m of robots, and of course they came mostly from Japan. So we are dedicating our best of the Reuters' Technology Show to the Roboto. I'm Niel Sumerodi Let's start with the Meiji University's face-Robot named Kansei. He frowns when he hears words like BOMB. He can express happiness, sadness, anger and surprise when given an English word. A software program that uses an on-line database of half a million words determines the most appropriate expression. example, when Kansei hears the word "president", he associates it with other words like Bush, war and Iraq, and he scrunches his faces up in fear and disgust. Now meet Geminoid, he actually is the offspring of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro and has the professor's brains and obviously his looks. The professor crafted his android twin by molding a figure based on his own body even implanting his own hair. I don't find any particular difference in talking via Geminoid or by my own voice. Curiously when Geminoid is touched by someone, I have very similar feelings of being touched although it's not quite the same.Over 50 sensors are in Geminoid's face alone, while motors and an air-compressor create the virtual reality of breathing. The idea is a Robot like Geminoid can eventually help care Japan's growing elderly population. But there's also a robot Japanese youngen, Child Robot with bio-mimetic body or CB is a very big baby. He reacts via 197 sensors, eye cameras and a vocal cord that simulates toddler noises. Creators at Osaka University say CB will help them take baby steps towards understanding child development, with touch sensitivity and expressions matching actual reactions. And from babies to the barnyard, the Yume Hiyoko or Dream Chick won't grow up to lay eggs or become dinner but chicken lovers can see it has advantages, no need to feed it or clean up after Yume Hiyoko. Japanese toy company Sega developed the dream chick as a go-anywhere virtual pet. Sega's line of Robotic pets also includes dogs and cats. That's it Reuter's Technology Show . Thank you (in Japanese) See you in . 5

Brad:Is this your first visit to this area?布拉德:你是第一次踏上这片土地?Irene:It is and Im surprised to see so many farms.艾琳:是的,看到这么多农场让我非常惊讶I thought farming was a dying industry.我还以为农业已经落没Brad:Family farms and small-scale farming are disappearing, but agribusiness is alive and well,布莱德:家庭农场和小规模农业正在消亡,但农业综合企业仍然发展良好,thanks to government subsidies.这都要归功于政府资助Irene:Are they lucrative?艾琳:他们这样做有利可图对吗?Brad:They can be, but the subsidies were originally given to protect the livelihood of farmers.布莱德:肯定的,但补贴最初是用于保护农民的生计Irene:And that not what happening?艾琳:并不是出了什么事?Brad:Well, agribusiness has edged out small-scale farms because output is the name of the game.布莱德:嗯,因为至关重要的产量问题农业已经被挤压变成了小规模农场A lot of small-scale farmers have thrown in the towel.而且很多小规模耕作的农民早已经弃械投降Irene:That a shame, but the subsidies are still used to protect domestic food production, right?艾琳:这真的很可惜,但补贴仍用于保护国内粮食生产?Brad:That may be, but were losing a way of life. I come from a long line of farmers.布莱德:可能吧,但我们正在失去一种生活方式我就是出身于农民世家Irene:And youre not farming?艾琳:但你没有过着日出而作,日落而息的生活?Brad:Nope.布莱德:从未有过Irene:What do you do?艾琳:那你做什么工作?Brad:I work the government agency that gives out subsidies to the very farms that put us out of business.布莱德:我为政府机构效力,就是我工作的机构为农场出资补贴抢走我们的饭碗Irene:That quite a twist of fate.艾琳:命运真是弄人Brad:You said it.布莱德:你算说对了 398

opics: How to ruin your computer, how much things cost in the US, secret vs. confidential vs. private, cliche vs. toucheWords:laptopto ruinversatileto spillfriedto take something in ( repair)to salvageto back upmodelspiessecretprivateconfidentialclichetouche 383

  "We have a skunk in the basement," shrieked the caller to the police dispatcher. "How can we get it out?" "Take some b crumbs," said the dispatcher, "and put down a trail from the basement out to the back yard. Then leave the cellar door open." Sometime later the resident called back. "Did you get rid of it?" asked the dispatcher. "No," replied the caller. "Now I have two skunks in there!" “我们的地下室里有一只臭鼬,”打电话的人对警察调度员尖叫道.“我们怎样才能把它弄出来?” “弄一些面包屑, ”调度员说,“从地下室往外铺一条小道直到后院.然后将地下室的门打开.” 一段时间后,那位居民又将电话打了回来.“你们将它弄出来了吗?”调度员问.“没有,”打电话的人答道,“现在那儿有两只臭鼬了." 898


  . Dictation.In this , youll hear items dictation.Each item will be presented three times, write down every word you hear.Item One.Vocabulary. tactile.Different people have different ways of learning.We call this your ;learning style;, and it based on your senses.To learn, you need to use your different senses, hearing, seeing, touching, etc, to bring inmation to your brain.Now, most people use one of the senses more than the others.Some people learn best by listening, they are called hearing learners.And others learn best by ing or looking at pictures, they are called visual learners.And some learn best by touching and doing things, they are called tactile learners.Now scientists dont know why people use one sense more than the others, maybe the sense they use most just works best them. 356

  American Presidents-Lyndon B. Johnson; eigner, alien, and other terms people from other countries; provided (that) versus assuming (that); urgency versus emergency Words:representativesenator congressmancongresswoma n Senate Minority Leader Senate Majority Leader legislation civil rights segregation to be assassinatedpoverty racial discriminationlandslide eigner alien provided (that)assuming (that) urgency emergency 396950

  6y-*Aqn_;~J,*CSi#.#uN*Dt9g.B_JOjC0P,-s.]KeYJ.jX5UDora wanted to buy a card her mother. Her mother’s birthday was next week. Dora loved her mom. She wanted to get a nice birthday card. She wanted a card that was pretty. She wanted a card that said the right thing. What was the right thing? The card must say, “I love you, Mom.” It must say, “Mom, you are the best mother in the world.” It must say, “I’m so happy that you are my Mom.” Those are all the right things the card to say. But there was one more thing the card must say. It must say, “Happy Birthday!”F5I5_Ia1DlbZjIb-,B9Ehye0fWVXqoAhJkr]lb@1EyR|tTn)c%!5q 383Famous Movies-Raiders of the Lost Ark; Hotel Del Coronado; to feit versus to nullify versus to revoke; nonetheless versus nevertheless; to live versus liveWords:relicidolto collapseto turn on (someone)superhumanto captureswashbucklingiconicto be the talk ofto shootto be the inspiration to hauntto feitto nullifyto revokenonethelessneverthelessto livelive

  Surfing Competition Ends After Shark Attack冲浪比赛遭鲨鱼袭击During the finale of the J-Bay surfing competition in South Africa, a professional surfer was attacked by a shark on live TV. Mick Fanning, a three-time world surfing champion from Australia, was waiting a wave when a shark fin came up behind him. The shark grabbed the rope on Fanning’s board, and a wave pulled the surfer under the water. Fanning punched the shark in the back and began swimming towards the shore. His competitor Julian Wilson, who was also in the water, swam towards Fanning hoping to help. The surfers were quickly pulled to safety by emergency workers on jet skis. Terrified television viewers, including Fanning’s mother, were relieved to see the surfers reach the shore unharmed. Organizers ended the competition and called it a tie.在南非举行的J-Bay冲浪比赛中,专业冲浪选手遭到鲨鱼袭击,而这一画面也被电视直播下来,来自澳大利亚的三届冲浪冠军米克·范宁当时正在准备第一个浪头,就在这时一条鲨鱼鳍出现在了他的身后鲨鱼咬住了范宁的冲浪板绳索,一个浪头将他击倒在水中范宁击打了鲨鱼的背部,并开始向岸边游去另一名名叫朱利安·威尔逊的选手当时也在水中,他开始向范宁方向游去,希望能够提供帮助急救人员紧急用水上托艇将范宁带到了安全地带在电视机前的观众,包括范宁的妈妈看到他完好无损的抵达岸边都松了一口气组织者结束了这次比赛,并宣布这场比赛不分胜负译文属原创,,不得转载 3866


  Voice : Our last letter today comes from Brother Sylvester in Kenya. He writes:声音:今天最后一封来信来自肯尼亚的西尔威斯特教友他写道:Voice 3: ;Dear Brothers and Sisters, praise the Lord! ... Your radio ... program is a blessing to everyone here in our church and we pray our heavenly Father God to strengthen you up and enable you to continue making programs.;声音3:亲爱的兄弟,赞美主!你们的广播节目对我们教会的所有人来说是种祝福,我们向父神祈祷,希望你们的节目越来越好,希望你们能一直制作这个节目Voice 1: We are happy that you enjoy our programs. Thank you the encouragement. And thank you so much your prayers. At Spotlight, we believe that prayer is very powerful. We will also pray you and your whole church!声音1:我们很高兴你喜欢我们的节目谢谢你的鼓励非常感谢你们的祷告在重点报道节目里,我们认为祷告的力量很强大我们也会为你和你所在的教会祈祷!Voice : Well, those are all the letters we have time today. Thank you listening to Spotlight. And thank you to Augusto, Victor, Jozef, and Brother Sylvester writing to us.声音:以上就是今天的所有来信谢谢大家收听重点报道节目谢谢奥古斯托、维克多、乔泽夫和西尔威斯特教友的来信译文属 6565

  American Playwrights-Eugene ONeill; The Passenger Pigeon; spare versus slender; Was I wrong!Words:boarding schoolto be rebornto featuresailorintermissioncriticto translatepassengerto migratecropto huntto be extinctspareslenderWas I wrong! 7

  Man Trapped in Elevator Comments on VideoNicholas White was trapped in an elevator 1 hours, with the CCTV recording his behavior in desperation. Now he comments. When I was watching that , I saw at one point when I was watching it, er, I saw myself on the ground, and it didn’t look like me that’s not the way I sleep, it didn’t look familiar and at one point it did move me a bit that I thought, wow, at that point, I’ve sort of given up, sort of given up, and I can’t walk around any more, I can’t yell any more, maybe even I can’t take the bell any more, I am just done, you win, I played with the alarm bottom. I let it go a while, then I would like tap out SOS or whatever a while to see if that…It was pretty obvious to me that, the bell on the top of the elevator was out of range, if anybody that could possibly hear me, you know, that’s when I wondered, you know wondered if this could be the worst, what a pathetic way to go, you know that I didn’t actually shed a tear, that I can remember, but I did swear, you know, I did yell at the camera, I did hit the wall a couple of times, er, try to move around, but when you got to that stage, I'd have to once again, bring myself back down. The steel cables aren't gonna break, someone is gonna find you. I hoped. Voice came from the intercom: is there someone in there. And I jumped up, I heard the whole sentence, and I said, yes, there is, there is some tinkering done by a maintenance worker, and a combination of bottoms I felt the wind changed, changed its strength, and then I opened the door, it's happened to be like a little bit blow the lobby, saw the lobby and I popped up. 63575

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