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厦门市一院地址福建第一医院激光祛痘手术多少钱厦门隆胸 Philippine mangoes, considered by some to be the best in the world, have emerged as the latest victim of the South China Sea ruling.菲律宾芒果干——有些人认为是世界上最好的芒果干——已经沦为了中国南海仲裁案的受害者。After an international tribunal on territorial disputes ruled against China and in favour of the Philippines, Chinese netizens used social media to call for a boycott of the Philippine fruit, as well as to make their feelings known through other memes and pictures.在这场领土争端中,国际仲裁庭持菲律宾而反对中国的结果使得中国网民们在社交媒体上呼吁联合抵制菲律宾进口水果,并且通过其他“梗”和恶搞图片来抒发自己的不满情绪。Slogans like ;If you want to eat mango, buy Thailand#39;s; and ;Starve the Filipinos to death; have been widely circulated on microblogging site Weibo.“如果你想吃芒果干,我卖你泰国芒果干”和“饿死菲律宾人”这样的口号已经在微上被大量转发。;I will eat Guangxi dried mango, drink Yunnan coffee and eat durian from Hainan. Anyway the point is, I#39;m making sure my money stays in China,; another comment said.“以后我就吃广西芒果干、喝云南咖啡、吃海南榴莲。总之不会让我的钱外流。”另一位网友道。;Our online shop will not sell Cebu mango from the Philippines and will not sell any snacks imported from the country anymore;, a Shanghai-based vendor on Taobao told state media outlet Global Times.“我们的网店绝不会出售菲律宾的宿务芒果干,也绝不会再从菲律宾进口任何食品。”一位上海淘宝店家这样告诉《环球时报》。#39;Won#39;t accept, won#39;t participate, won#39;t recognise#39;“不接受,不参与,不承认”The topics #SouthChinaSeaResult and #ChinaDoesn#39;tCareAboutYou have been among the top 10 trending topics on Weibo since the ruling.自从南海仲裁开始,#南海仲裁结果、#中国不理你……风话题已经是微话题的前十名。This picture, shared more than 400,000 times on Weibo, reportedly originated from state media outletPeople#39;s Daily.据《人民日报》报道,这张图片已经在微上被转载了40万次。The 50,000 comments on the picture were largely positive, with users voicing their support for the Chinese government actions, leaving critical comments about the Philippines and its people.图片下的5万条几乎清一色都是积极正面的,对于中国政府的行为表示持,并且对于菲律宾及其人民表达了不满。;No matter what the ruling is, we#39;ll be behind you China,; s one comment.“不过仲裁结果如何,我们都是中国坚强的后盾。”一条写道。Goddess of mercy观音菩萨Another trend was pictures of Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of mercy who is synonymous with peace and compassion.另一幅广为流传的图片就是观音菩萨——中国的仁慈女神,和平与怜悯的同义词。China has always said its intentions in the South China Sea are peaceful, and has accused other countries, including the Philippines, of risking conflict by resisting what Beijing sees as its rightful claims.中国在南海问题一直以来都主张和平,而其他国家——包括菲律宾在内——都不惜冒着发生冲突的风险来抵制中国政府的正当要求。China has said it will ignore the tribunal ruling.中国称其将无视该仲裁。Plenty of fish in the sea南海好多鱼Another widely shared image was this cartoon of a girl holding a fish in her hand.还有一张被狂转的图片就是上面这幅手拿鱼的女孩。Nine-line dash九段线The phrase on this Weibo meme is a play on a Chinese idiom meaning to ;leave none behind;.这个在微上的“梗”意思是:“中国,一点都不能少。”In this case, the phrase s ;Not even a bit can be left behind;. The word for ;bit; in Chinese is also the same word as ;dash;.这样这段话中的“点”在中文里和“九段线”中的“段”含义一致。#39;Don#39;t be such a Philippine#39;“我劝你做人不要太菲律宾了”The word Philippines is used as a verb in this image, with the caption ing: ;I urge you not to be too Philippines.;“菲律宾”这个词在上图中被用作动词,字幕意思是:“我劝你做人不要太菲律宾了。”What it means to ;be Philippines; is up to the user to decide.“做菲律宾人”的具体意思视用户而定。 /201607/454541厦门欧菲玻尿酸原液优立塑v3优立塑4代要多少费用

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宁德市去痤疮多少钱Imagine you#39;re sitting in your local café watching two people you don#39;t know. It#39;s likely that you could guess quite a lot about their relationship based on how, and how often, they touch. It might also tell you quite a lot about what culture you live in. In one study from the 1960s, couples in cafés in Puerto Rico were seen to touch each other an average of three times per minute, while those in London averaged zero times an hour.想象一下,你现在正坐在当地的一家咖啡店里注视着两位陌生人。依据他们的接触方式和触碰频率,你可以对他们的关系猜出大概。同时也可大概了解当地的文化。20世纪60年代的一项研究表明:坐在波多黎各咖啡店的夫妻们每分钟触碰彼此的频率为3次,而在伦敦咖啡店坐着的情侣们一小时都没触碰过彼此。A lot of what we know about the importance of human touch comes from looking at the behaviour of other species. Many animals and birds groom themselves to remove dirt and parasites from their coat, but primates, our closest relatives, spend up to 20% of the day grooming each other. This is usually a rhythmic combination of vigorous finger-thumb pinches that pluck out pieces of debris, mixed with gentler sweeps that provide a stroking sensation.人类从观察其它物种的行为了解了触碰的重要性。很多的动物和鸟类都会给自己梳毛以清除毛上的尘土和寄生虫,但与人类最亲近的灵长类动物,每天1/5的时间都用来互相梳理毛发。通常,这是个有节奏的结合:能够拔起废墟的手指与轻柔挥动的手指相混合,轻柔时就像在抚摸彼此。The main aim is not cleanliness but social bonding. Grooming partnerships between two females can last for years, and they spill over into other displays of loyalty. For example, the likelihood that a female gelada baboon will go to the rescue of another female who is attacked is related to the amount of time they have spent grooming one another.主要的目的不是干净而是社会联系。两个雌性动物为对方梳理毛发的关系可持续好几年,这也会渗入到对其它方面的忠诚度。例如:一只雌性狒狒去救另一只遭遇袭击的雌性狒狒的可能性就与它们互相梳毛的次数有关。In humans the effect of touch is so strong that even a barely noticed touch can have a big effect on how we view another person. Well-controlled studies have shown that, for example, waitresses receive bigger tips after ;accidentally; touching a customer while returning their change, and students are more likely to volunteer answers if a teacher briefly touches their arm. In children, too, touching is a powerful driver of behaviour - just like in the young of other species.对于人类而言,触摸的效应太强,即使是几乎不被发现的触碰都能对我们如何看待他人产生重大影响。对照研究表明,例如在还零钱时,女务员;不小心;碰到了顾客,那么她收到的小费就会比较丰厚;如果老师轻微触碰了学生的肩膀,那学生就更可能主动回答问题。对于孩子们而言,触摸也是一个十分有影响力的行为驱动--就像其它物种中的年轻生命一样。译文属 /201608/458577 厦门妇保医院介绍厦门哪家喷砂洁牙最好




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