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【视频欣赏】How To Dress For the Office During the Summer on Howcast 【听力文本】Even the most casual workplace has do’s and don’ts when it comes to appropriate hot weather attire. Here are the basics.You Will NeedCommon sense Corporate culture Luxe fabrics Groomed feet Step 1: Use common sense(利用常识,注意办公室是相对比较正式的场合)Err on the side of modesty. Scorching temperatures don’t give you license to bare your midriff, flash cleavage, or wear short shorts.Step 2: Consider the corporate culture(看看公司的具体情况,是否可以穿比较休闲的)Consider the culture; how you should dress depends in large part on where you live and the industry in which you work. Check out what your managers are wearing for guidance on what’s appropriate in your office.Step 3: Focus on fabrics(棉制的衣是个不错的选择)Focus on the fabric of an item, as well as the cut. Most tee shirts and tank tops are inappropriate — unless they’re made out of silk or another high-quality material. Long linen shorts might be acceptable where cotton or denim ones wouldn’t.Step 4: Factor in your feet(最好不要选择凉拖)When it comes to footwear, factor in the condition of your feet. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a pedicure, your feet are covered in blisters, or you have bunions, choose closed-toe shoes over sandals.Flip-flops may be okay if they’re stylish, but save the generic rubber ones for the pool.Step 5: Don't overdress(不要穿的过于正式,以免大家穿的很休闲,让自己显得很突兀)Don’t sweat it out in business suits and shoes if everyone else is wearing khaki and sandals. Being too dressed up looks just as awkward as being too dressed down, in any season.One survey found that 35 percent of employers surveyed say they’ve had to send workers home to change clothes because of inappropriate dress. Article/201007/108270演讲简介:TED与动画师安德鲁帕克合作,描绘了丹尼斯达顿对“美”这一概念所持的激进的理论--艺术、音乐和其他”美“的事物,不仅仅只是“主观感受“,而是深深植根于人类天性与进化起源的核心部分。 分集介绍:丹尼斯达顿解释达尔文主义的美的理论 Article/201212/212167Richard Ashforth shows you how to make a perfect ponytail. Richard is the International Creative Director from top hairdressing company, Saco. And here he shows you how to perfect that traditional ponytail haircut.Richard Ashforth 将会向你掩饰如何扎一个漂亮的马尾辫。Richard 来自顶级发型设计公司Sac,她是国际创意指导,他将教你如何扎一个传统的马尾辫。Step 1: Apply salty water 使用盐水Mixing some salt into water.Step 2: Make hair bungee 用发带和2个科尔比圆形钩来制作发卡Using a hair-band and two kirby-grips make the hair bungee.Step 3: Brush hair 梳头Brush hair back through your hand towards a point at the back.Step 4: Tilt head back to avoid sagging 向后仰头来避免下垂When positioning your pony-tail, tilt your head back in order to avoid a loose section underneath.Step 5: Position pony-tail 设计好马尾辫的位置Position pony-tail between crown and oxhibital bone.Step 6: Use hair bungee 使用前面制作好的发卡Wrap pony-tail in hair-bungee and fix using kirby-grip.Step 7: conceal hair bungee 换下皮筋Using a strand of hair, wrap round the bungee to conceal it.Step 8: Smooth finish with hair spray 使用发胶固定散头发Apply hair spray to finish any loose hairs and complete the look. Article/201110/157106

萨拉.莱纳特森出生就患有股骨近端焦距不足症,左腿明显比右腿短。7岁截肢,但她没有放弃成为一名运动员,她作为首名女性截肢运动员参加了铁人三项运动训练,最终赢得了铁人三项的冠军。 Article/201208/193330

Today in History: Friday, November 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年11月2日,周五On Nov. 2, 1948, President Harry S. Truman narrowly won re-election over Republican challenger Thomas E. Dewey.1948年11月2日,杜鲁门总统以微弱优势击败共和党候选人杜威获得连任。1783 Gen. George Washington issued his farewell address to the Army near Princeton, N.J.1783年,乔治·华盛顿将军美国新泽西州普林斯顿向军队发表告别演说。1795 James K. Polk, the 11th president of the ed States, was born in Mecklenburg County, N.C.1795年,美国第11届总统詹姆斯K.波尔克在北卡罗来纳州梅克伦堡县出生。1865 Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the ed States, was born near Corsica, Ohio.1865年,美国第29届总统沃伦·哈丁在俄亥俄州科西嘉岛附近出生。1889 North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states.1889年,北达科塔州和南达科塔州成为美国的第39个和第40个州。1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour expressed support for a national home for the Jews of Palestine in what became known as the Balfour Declaration.1917年,英国外交大臣阿瑟·巴尔弗表示持巴勒斯坦建立犹太人之家,这就是众所周知的《贝尔福宣言》。1947 Howard Hughes piloted his huge wooden airplane, the Spruce Goose, on its only flight, which lasted about a minute over Long Beach Harbor in California.1947年,霍华德·休斯驾驶着巨大的木制飞机Spruce Goose进行它唯一的飞行,在加州长滩港持续了大约一分钟。1959 Charles Van Doren admitted to a House subcommittee that he had the questions and answers in advance of his appearances on the TV game show ;Twenty-One.;1959年,查理·范多伦向众议院一个委员会承认,在电视游戏节目《21》中提前获得了问题和。1963 South Vietnamese President Ngo Dihn Diem was assassinated in a military coup.1963年,南越总统Ngo Dihn Diem在一次军事政变中被暗杀。1976 Former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter defeated Republican incumbent Gerald R. Ford, becoming the first U.S. president from the Deep South since the Civil War.1976年,前乔治亚州州长吉米·卡特击败共和党现任总统杰拉尔德·福特成为内战以来第一个来自南方腹地的美国总统。1983 President Ronald Reagan signed a bill establishing a federal holiday on the third Monday of January in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.1983年,里根总统签署了一项法案,在一月的第三个星期设定联邦假日,纪念民权领袖马丁·路德·金。2004 President George W. Bush was elected to a second term.2004年,乔治W.布什连任美国总统。2009 Afghanistan#39;s election commission proclaimed President Hamid Karzai the victor of the country#39;s tumultuous ballot, canceling a planned runoff.2009年,阿富汗的选举委员会宣布总统哈米德·卡尔扎伊获得投票胜利,取消了计划中的决胜选举。2010 Californians rejected a ballot measure that would have made their state the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use.2010年,加州拒绝了一份欲使其成为第一个大麻合法化州的投票议案。 /201211/207268

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