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每年,在世界的某些地方都会发生飞行事故。 Listen Read Learn Every year, some place in the world, an accident involving an airplane occurs. These accidents are painful because of great numbers of passengers that they carry. Although these are few in number, a great, many people die when even one airplane crashes. Even with the problem of terrorism, the chance rate is low for airplane crashes. Statistics show that you are many more times likely to be killed in a car accident than in a plane crash. Thousands of planes fly around the world each minute of every day. Despite this, we rarely hear of air accidents. People use their emotions instead of logic in dealing with the problems of air travel. With the coming of modern emergency measures and air safety, airplane accidents are actually beginning to decline in number. The reasons for airplane accidents are usually because of pilot error. Other problems can come when the plane hits a rocky air stream or rough weather. Regular overhauls of the planes can help to deter many of these mechanical problems. Pilots can also be rotated more to decrease fatigue or other personal hazards. If precautions are taken, many airline incidents could have been avoided. 听看学每年,在世界的某些地方都会发生飞行事故。由于飞机承载大量的乘客,所以这些事故让人痛心。尽管飞行事故数量很少,但即便一架飞机坠毁,就会有很多人丧生。事实上,即便有恐怖主义的问题存在,坠机的几率还是很低的。统计数据表明,相对于坠机而言,一个人更有可能死于车祸。每天,每分钟,全世界有数千架飞机在飞行。尽管这样,我们还是很少听说空难。人们在对待飞行问题时,往往凭借情感而非逻辑。随着现代紧急措施和空中安全的应用,飞行事故的数量实际上开始不断减少。飞行事故通常是由飞行员的错误而引起的。其他问题可能是技术上或电力系统的原因,比如导航系统。当飞机遇到波动气流或坏天气时也可能出现问题。定期检查飞机有助于阻止许多技术问题的产生。可以增加飞行员轮流值班的次数以减少疲劳和其他个人危险行为的发生。如果采取了预防措施,许多飞行事故都可以避免。语法小结 Grammar时间状语从句时间状语从句是比较常见的一种状语从句,它可以由when, while, as, before, after, till, until等引导。1.由when, while, as 引导When you think you know nothing, then you begin to know something.当你以为自己一无所知的时候,你就开始知道一些事情了。Strike while the iron is hot.趁热打铁。Our teacher laughed as she spoke.老师边说边笑。注意:when, while 和 as 的区别在于:when 引导的从句的谓语动词可以是延续性动词,也可以是瞬时动词,when 有时表示“就在那时”;while 引导的从句的谓语动词必须是延续性的,强调主句和从句的动作同时发生,while 有时还可以表示对比;as 表示“一边……一边……”,引导延续性的动作,一般用于表示主句和从句动作同时发生。2.由before和after引导My father had left for America just before the letter arrived.我爸爸在到信之前去美国了。Please let me know after you decide.你决定后请让我知道。3.由till或until引导I didn't go to bed until/till I finished my homework.我作业做完了才睡觉。It was not until the class was over that he began to teach me English.直到下课之后他才开始教我英语。家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1.他走了以后我才知道这件事情。2.你做完作业以后告诉我。3.你锁门的时候注意到了吗?4.饭前要洗手。5.我下车时看到他了。1.I saw him as I getting off the bus.2.I didn't know that until he left.3.Please wash your hands before eating.4.Tell me after you finish your homework.5.Do you notice that when you lock the door? /200806/41770走进外企 Entering Foreign Enterprise报到上班 report for workA:Good morning.Im the new typist Lin Fang.Im reporting for work today.B:Glad to meet you!Come in!欢迎加入我们公司。 Welcome to our company.A:Good morning.My names Peter King and Im new here.B:Pleased to meet you.Im Anna White,the assistant to the Personnel Manager.Welcome to our company.如果有什么要我帮忙的,尽管开口。If theres anything I can do for you,let me know. If I can be of any help,dont hesitate to ask.A:Hello!My names John Christian.I have never seen you before.You are new around here,huh?B:Yes.My names Mike Johnson.I just started 3 days ago.A:Well,if theres anything I can do for you,let me know.B:Thanks. I appreciate that!第一天上班 first day to workA:Good morning.Allow me to introduce myself.Im John Williams,the manager.B:Good morning,Mr.Williams.Im Wei Hui,the new secretary.Im glad to meet you.A:Today is your first day to work here,so I hope you will not feel too nervous.B:Yes,I hope so.适应 adapt yourself to...A:You must be the new clerk.Im Mark Anthony,your supervisor.Welcome!B:Im Jesse Mann.Nice to meet you,Mr.Anthony!A:Come this way.Your desk is over there. We have a lot of work to do.B:I hope it is not too difficult.Im a little nervous this morning.A:Dont worry.Youll adapt yourself to it all in a couple of weeks.请各位多多关照。Please help me out when you can.A:Mr.Zhang is from Shanghai.He can speak English,French and Japanese pretty well.B:Hello.This is my first time working in an American company,so I am quite nervous.Please help me out when you can.他将做金先生的助手。He will be working as Mr.Kings assistant.A:Mr.Zhang will be working as Mr.Kings assistant.B:Yes,I see.不要客气 feel free to...A:If anything is not clear,please feel free to ask.B:OK.Thank you very much indeed.我来介绍一下; Id like to introduce...A:Mr.Zhang,Id like to introduce our director Mr.William White.B:Im very glad to meet you.C:Its a pleasure to meet you.你将接替我的工作。You will be my replacement. You will take over my position.A:Are you the new accountant?B:Yes,I am.A:Oh,then you will be my replacement.My names Mark Smith.B:My name?s Alice Lee.让我带你熟悉一下办公室。Let me show you around the office.A:Let me show you around the office and tell you where everything is, so you can get a general idea of your duties.B:All right,Mr.Williams.这是你的办公桌。This is your desk. Your desk is here.A:Where do I work?B:This is your desk;there is a computer and other articles for use.领办公用品 get office suppliesA:Where can I get office supplies?B:At the administrative centre.这是干什么用的?Whats this for?A:Whats this for?B:Its the key to your desk.培训新员工 train new employeesA:How do you train new employees?B:We have a two?week training program.熟悉新工作 get used to new workA:Hello,Zhang Hai,Im Robert Lee,the office manager.And I will be training you for the following week before you start your job.B:I hope thats not too difficult.A:Take it easy.The training will help you get used to your work quickly.我们提供品质分析训练。 We provide quality analysis training.A:Mr.Smith,I was told that each worker is trained to do quality analysis.Can you tell me a little about that?B:Certainly.We provide quality analysis training as part of the training for all new workers,plus a week of further training every year. /201201/168736Just wait and see. I won't let you get away with that。  咱们走着瞧。我不会让你得逞的。 /201006/105429

1. I've been preparing for the exam for a long time.我为这个考试已经准备很久了。 /201006/105636

英语口语王 第3部分:第4章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/49267英语口语王 第2部分:第25章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/48069

心情不好的时候不妨发泄一下,大声念念下面的句子,在放松的同时顺便学学口语。1. I'm so depressed. 我很郁闷。2. I feel so upset. 我觉得很沮丧。3. I'm in a bad mood today. / I'm moody today. 我今天心情不好。4. I feel kind of blue today. 我今天有点郁闷。5. I feel low today. 我今天心情(有点)低落。6. I'm so down. 我心情很低落。7. I'm a bit down in the mouth today. 我今天有点闷闷不乐的。8. I've been down in the dumps recently. 我最近很郁闷。9. Sorry, I got up on the wrong side of the bed today. 抱歉,我今天心情不好。10. I am not in the mood. 我没有心情。(拒绝别人最好的办法)11. I am in no mood for joking! 我没有心情开玩笑!12. I can't put my finger on what's wrong. 我不晓得什么地方不对劲儿。 /200801/25278【剧情简介】 The Girl Next Door 《邻家女孩》刚刚得到乔治敦大学入学奖学金的马修·基德曼是老师与家长眼中的金童,但正像每一个青年一样,邻家惊艳动人的女孩丹妮尔让马修心中小鹿乱撞,他不时偷窥她迷人的身影……很快,他们陷入了热恋。对马修而言,丹妮尔就是理想女友的化身,漂亮迷人,开朗大方,干练果敢;而在丹妮尔的眼中,马修也同样是一个值得全心信任的另一半,更可贵的是他是第一个不把她当成猎艳目标的男人。但马修的死党—— 酷爱的艾利却在偶然间发现丹妮尔竟是镜中主演!得知真相的马修进退维谷……【经典语句】I will always remember all the great times. 我会记住跟兄弟们在一起的美好时光.remember 意为“记起;想起”,是及物动词,其后常接名词,代词或从句。常用的短语remember to do "记得要去做某事";remember doing“记着做了某事”。例如:Did you remember to feed the animals?你记着喂牲口了吗?great time指“愉快的经历,美好的时光”,和 good time表达的意思很相近。例如:We had a great time in Italy. 我们在意大利玩儿得真痛快。【词汇链接】recall也有“记起,想起”的意思,但比remember文雅,指想方设法回忆已经遗忘之事。例如:I can't recall how long it has been. 我回忆不起来多长时间了。转载请注明出处 /201011/118570美国习惯用语-第248讲:to get to the bottom of something在这次节目里,我们要给大家介绍两个都是以bottom这个字为主的习惯用语。Bottom就是底部,也就是最下面的地方。我们要讲的第一个习惯用语就是:To get to the bottom of something. To get to the bottom of something就是找出某件事情的真相。我们往往会从不同的人那里得到不同的信息。那我们就得做出一个判断,究竟谁说的是实话,谁在说假话。在这种情况下,我们往往会用to get to the bottom of something这个习惯用语。比如说,在法庭上,一个法官听到双方的不同说法。法官就得想办法弄清楚这个案件的真正事实。在家里,有的时候孩子打破了什么东西。他们就互相指责。这时家长就得弄个水落石出,弄清楚事实的真相。下面就是一个很生气的爸爸在说话。例句1: You kids keep blaming each other for breaking the window. Now sit down and answer my questions - I'm going to get to the bottom of this and find out who did it if it takes all night!这个爸爸说:你们这些孩子打破了窗子,老是互相指责。现在你们都跟我坐下来,回答我的问题。我一定要把事情弄清楚,那怕我们一夜不睡也得弄清楚究竟是谁干的。******大多数美国人都用信用卡买东西。有的人身上现金非常少,买几块钱的东西都用信用卡。许多人都有好几种信用卡。这是因为每个信用卡都让你借钱。另外,发放信用卡的公司也不断设法提供各种优惠来吸引人们用他们的信用卡。百货公司也鼓励人们用他们的信用卡来买东西,所以一个人有十几张信用卡也是不足为奇的。可是,在使用信用卡方面也有不少弊病,有的不务正业的人通过各种方法来盗用别人的信用卡。下面就是一个例子。例句2: I didn't use my credit card last month. So I was shocked when I saw on the statement for last month that there's a new balance of two thousand dollars. I'm going to get to the bottom of this and find out who used my credit card.这个人说:上个月我没有用信用卡。当我在上个月帐单上看到我花了两千美元的时候,我真是大吃一惊。我得追根究底把事情弄清楚,找出到底是谁用了我的信用卡。******下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语也是以bottom这个字为主的。这个习惯用语就是:To scrape the bottom of the barrel. To scrape就是刮。Barrel是一个圆的桶。当桶里的好东西都给别人都拿走了的时候,你就不得不刮桶底剩下的东西了。下面是一个例句。这是在说战争时期征兵的情况。例句3: At first only young, healthy, single men were taken for military service. But the war lasted so long they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel and take married men and older men with all sorts of health problems.这句话翻译到中文就是说:最初,征兵的对象只是身体健康的单身年轻男子。但是,战争拖的那么久,他们不得不迁就地把那些结过婚的男人和那些有各种病的年纪大一些的男子征兵入伍。这当然是在说以前战争期间的情况。现在,美国部队的组成跟过去相比有很大的不同。现在美国部队里有不少女兵,但是有的军校仍然全部是男生,有的人认为现在应该招收女生。另外一个有争论的问题是女兵参加实战是否合适。******美国的许多商店一般在年初冬天即将结束,春天马上来临的时刻进行大减价。有的大减价只有一天,有的两三天或一个星期。下面是一个人在对他的说话。例句4: A couple of companies are having one-day clearance sales today. They have lots of stuff on sale at 50 to 70% discount. If I were you, I'd go early. If you go late in the afternoon after work, you'll have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.这个人说:有两个公司今天有一天的清仓大减价。有的东西的价钱降低百分之五十到百分之七十。要是我是你,我就早点去。要到下午上完班再去,那你可能就只能从卖剩下来的东西里去挑了。许多美国人都利用这类减价的时候买东西。在季节转换之前,商店一般都要举行大减价,清理仓库,以便进货新的商品。清仓减价的时候可以买到非常便宜的东西。 /200711/21234

365天英语口语 第69讲:母亲节暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200810/53242其实“忽悠”本来的意思是指“人体或物体的晃动”,比如林区的小孩子们喜欢在平放在地上圆木上来回走着玩,可是圆木是圆的,在上面当然站的不可能很稳当,就会“忽悠”了。这个意思英语中可以译为to sway或to flicker,比如:走钢丝的杂技演员在具有一定高度的细钢丝绳上忽悠个不停。The tight rope walker continuously swayed on the thin wire at a great height.油灯忽悠忽悠地,一会儿亮,一会儿灭。The oil-lamp flickered on and off.“忽悠”现在最流行的意思原为中国东北方言,相当于“愚弄”、“糊弄”或“捉弄”,具有诙谐、生动的意味。英语最好不要译为to deceive或to cheat这样普通的动词,而译为 to jerk sb around,to hoodwink,to bamboozle等俚语说法,更能表达出“忽悠”的细微含义和适当的语言感觉,比如:忽悠我!我不会上当。Don't jerk me around!I won't be taken in.这个股民被忽悠,买了垃圾股。The investor was hoodwinked into buying junk stocks.需要注意的是,不论是中文还是英文,在翻译过程中都要把握好语境。在一些较正式的场合中,使用这个说法是不合适的,比如说:我被忽悠,而签了这个不合理的合同。I was bamboozled into signing the irrational contract.订立合同属于较正式的行为,这个词在行文中就欠妥了。 /11/90613L: you are dressed to kill. You look gorgeous, Alexander.A: thanks. This is my power suit. I have a dinner date tonight.L: how did you meet each other?A: she's a friend of Amy. We met at Amy's birthday party.L: is this your first date?A: yes. I hope it pans out. Cross your fingers, Lily.L: sure it will. Oh, no, it's seven fifteen aly. I'm going to be late for my date.A: oh…so you buried the hatchet with Steven?L: absolutely not! He's a cheater. I will never talk to him again. I'm over with him. He's history!A: then who will you meet tonight?L: a guy I met on the internet three month ago.A: really? Are you sure this is a good idea?L: please don't be so fussy! I didn't just meet him yesterday.A: I know, but remember to meet in a public place and don't give out your personal information. /08/81266

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