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Ecuador granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday, setting the stage for a tense standoff between the Andean nation and the U.K., which vowed to extradite Mr. Assange to Sweden to face questioning in a sexual-assault investigation. 厄瓜多尔周四给予维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人阿桑奇(Julian Assange)政治避难,这个南美洲国家与英国的关系或将进入紧张对立状态。英国已经誓言要将阿桑奇引渡到瑞典,以便他在那里接受一起性侵犯案的调查质询。 Ecuador#39;s foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, told reporters in Quito Thursday that the country had granted Mr. Assange asylum to protect him from #39;political persecution#39; in the U.S., which Mr. Assange says wants to prosecute him for WikiLeaks#39; role in publishing thousands of classified U.S. government documents. 厄瓜多尔外交部长帕蒂诺(Ricardo Patino)周四在基多对记者们说,厄瓜多尔已给予了阿桑奇避难待遇,以保护他免于在美国受到“政治迫害”。阿桑奇称,由于维基解密公布了数千份美国政府的机密文件,自己面临着美国政府的迫害。 A U.S. Justice Department spokesman on Tuesday declined to comment on Mr. Assange. The U.S. hasn#39;t charged him with any crime and has no extradition request. 美国司法部的一名发言人周二拒绝就阿桑奇置评。美国方面目前尚未以任何罪名指控阿桑奇,也没有提出引渡他来美国的要求。 U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a news conference that Britain wouldn#39;t guarantee safe passage for Mr. Assange and reiterated his intent to uphold the U.K.#39;s obligation to extradite the WikiLeaks boss. He also suggested the U.K. could use a little-known 1987 law to enter the Ecuadorian embassy and arrest Mr. Assange. Mr. Hague said the standoff could amount to a waiting game of months or even years. #39;There are no time limits,#39; he said. 英国外交大臣黑格(William Hague)在一个新闻发布会上说,英国将不会予以阿桑奇安全通行权,并且重申他打算坚持履行英国引渡这名维基解密负责人的责任。黑格还表示,英国可以按照1987年颁布的一部鲜为人知的法律,进入厄瓜多尔驻英国大使馆并逮捕阿桑奇。黑格说,目前的僵持局面可能意味着双方会打一场持续数月甚至数年的拖延战。他说“这种僵持没有尽头”。 Mr. Patino didn#39;t explain how Ecuador planned to transport Mr. Assange from Ecuador#39;s embassy in London to Ecuador. 帕蒂诺没有说明厄瓜多尔计划如何将阿桑奇从厄瓜多尔驻伦敦大使馆转移到厄瓜多尔。 Mr. Assange requested asylum at Ecuador#39;s embassy on June 19, in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over allegations that he raped one woman and molested another during a trip to Stockholm in 2010. He denies the allegations, and he hasn#39;t been charged with wrongdoing. 阿桑奇于6月19日向厄瓜多尔驻英国大使馆寻求避难,以避免被引渡到瑞典。瑞典方面目前正在通缉阿桑奇,他们想就阿桑奇被指于2010年在斯德哥尔旅行期间强奸一名女性并猥亵另一名女性一事对其进行质询。阿桑奇否认了这些说法,他目前也没有因任何不当行为受到指控。 The WikiLeaks founder has long suggested that the Swedish investigation is politically motivated and backed by Washington as a way to speed what he contends would be his eventual extradition to the U.S. He hasn#39;t explained why he thinks Sweden would be more likely to extradite him to the U.S. than the U.K. would. Sweden denies that its probe has any link to the U.S. 这名维基解密的创始人一直表示,瑞典方面对他的调查受到了政治因素的驱使,并得到了美国政府的持,最终目的是为了加速将其引渡至美国。阿桑奇没有解释为什么他认为瑞典比英国更有可能将其引渡至美国。瑞典否认对阿桑奇的调查与美国有关。 /201208/195699

The election victory for pro-austerity parties in Greece failed to assuage fears over the eurozone#39;s future, as investors ratcheted up the pressure on policy makers by sending Spain#39;s benchmark borrowing costs to a new euro-era high. 希腊持紧缩的政党在大选中获胜,未能缓解人们对欧元区未来的担忧。投资者推动西班牙基准借款成本创出欧元时代新高,这加大了政策制定者们的压力。 Markets initially rallied on news that New Democracy and Pasok, two mainstream parties that support the austerity conditions of the eurozone#39;s bailout, gained enough seats to form a parliamentary majority in Athens. But the optimism was swiftly deflated by dismal bad bank loan figures in Spain that underlined the country#39;s woes. 最初当希腊持欧元区纾困方案的紧缩条件的两大主流政党——新民主党(New Democracy)和泛希腊社会主义运动党(Pasok)——赢得足够组成议会多数派的席位消息传出时,市场走高。但西班牙糟糕的不良贷款数据突显出该国的困境,迅速冲散了乐观情绪。 Data from the Bank of Spain showed that the non-performing loan ratio of Spanish banks rose to 8.7 per cent of their outstanding portfolios in April–the highest in almost two decades. 西班牙央行的数据显示,西班牙的不良贷款占贷款余额的比率在4月升至8.7%,为近二十年的最高水平。 The eurozone has aly promised /201206/187475

Obituary;Michael Lassen;讣告;迈克尔.拉森;Michael Lassen, stained-glass artist, died on September 8th, aged 61;迈克尔·拉森,花玻璃艺术家,卒于9月8日,享年61岁;ALMOST nothing is known of the men who built the great medieval cathedrals. A mason#39;s mark chiselled on a column; a game of nine-men#39;s-morris scratched on a stone; a gargoyle#39;s half-human face, of foreman or master of works, are all that remind observers of the crowds of labouring souls who raised Canterbury or Winchester, Beauvais or Cologne.对于建造中世纪大教堂的那些人我们几乎一无所知。 一个被刻进圆柱的工匠的标记;一个在石头上乱划的九人莫里斯游戏; 一个怪兽状滴水嘴的半人脸,那些工头或者大师的作品,都会让观者想起那些建造坎特伯雷,温彻斯特,科隆或韦伯大教堂的那些千万劳苦大众的在天之灵。The dangers of such projects were legion. Contemporary illustrations show cathedral spires collapsing, vaults caving in, high scaffolding keeling over in a chaos of planks and poles. Casualties were expected, and were many, though the fabric accounts often could not name them. In modern times the labour is no less perilous; but in the days of health-and-safety and hard hats, accidents are rare. Hence the horror in Durham when, on September 3rd, Michael Lassen fell from a ladder as he helped to fix a new stained-glass window in the south quire aisle of the cathedral. He died some days later in hospital.这些大项目危险重重。 同时代的画作显示了大教堂尖塔的倾倒,拱顶的塌陷,高高的脚手架倒在一片八七八糟的木板和柱子中。 尽管凭零星的记录难以命名,但意外事故的确在所难免而且经常发生。 时至今日,这种劳动的危险一点也没有减少, 因此,在9月3日达勒姆发生了惨案,当迈克尔。拉森帮助修复一个大教堂南边唱诗班席位的色玻璃窗时,他从梯子上摔了下来。 几天后他在医院里死去。Climbing up in the south quire to look at the traceries originally, he had found them heavily fissured, like all Durham#39;s ancient sandstone. Blocks were missing on the exterior, and one side of the main arch was worn away almost to a skeleton, as though two or three centuries of wild north-east weather had blown through it. But all the stone had been carefully stabilised before his work began.爬到南唱诗班席位上去原本是去看花饰窗格,他却发现他们已经严重破裂,就像所有达勒姆古老的沙岩那样。 那些石块已经掉了,主拱经过两三百年的东北风吹过,一侧已经破损得只剩一个骨架, 但在他的工作开始之前是所有的石头都被仔细地固定下来。The window was of the Transfiguration of Christ, made by Tom Denny, and one of the largest to be installed in Durham in modern times. Mr Lassen was working from top to bottom, fixing the glass he had leaded. He started with the small quatrefoil lights of the Holy Spirit and the crucifixion, proceeding down through the main panels of Christ and his followers on the mountain, with all the way the white shaft of God#39;s transfiguring light growing broader through the fire-and-storm colours of the glass. The four principal lights, nicknamed after the chief figures in them, were Cuthbert, Moses, Elijah and Michael; they became familiar friends. He was fitting a small panel at the bottom left-hand side, a pane of bruised blue glass that showed the broken and suffering about to be transformed by light, almost the last piece in the window, when he fell. He was not particularly high up, working at the ledge. But stone flags are unforgiving.窗户是圣容显现,为汤姆丹尼所造,这是在现代达赫姆大教堂要安装的最大的一个。 拉森的工作从顶部到底部,负责修复玻璃。 他从那些圣灵和十字架的四叶草光芒和开始,接下去通过基督的主体和他在山上的追随者,从上到下,神的美丽的光线透过火红色的玻璃逐渐变光,投射出白色的光柱。 四道主要的光,以里面的主要任务命名,分别是库斯伯特,西,以利亚和迈克尔,他们成为熟悉的朋友。 当迈克尔坠落的时候,他正在安装左手边底部的一个小的镶嵌板,那是一块磨损了的蓝色玻璃,几乎是窗户上的最后一块玻璃。 他其实并不是特别的高, 也不是特别靠边缘。但是石板是无情的。Mr Lassen had been called in late to lead and fix this window. The man originally contracted had fallen ill, and the deadline for the installation, the end of September, was fast approaching. Help was needed fast; Mr Lassen provided it, expertly and fully. The tight timetable troubled him; but he was not a keen marathon runner for nothing.拉森很晚的时候被召来领导修复窗户。 起初签约的那个人生病了,而九月底工期的最后时限即将到来。 拉森专业而不遗余力地提供了急需的帮助。 紧张的时间表给他添了麻烦,但拉森不是一个只顾跑步的马拉松运动员。His training had been traditional, in the Government School of Stained Glass at Hadamar in Germany; though English, he had spent many childhood years in Bavaria. After working as a glazer and glass-restorer, he had turned to glass-painting and designing, gradually obtaining commissions in churches all over Britain. His own windows, at St Cadoc#39;s chapel in Cowbridge in South Wales, or in the Church of Sts Peter and Paul at Great Somerford in Wiltshire, showed a love of blocks of pure colour carefully contained within thick, angular leads, especially glowing blues and rich reds: the medieval way of glass. His figures, too, had a medieval solidity, dignity and stillness about them.拉森在德国哈达马尔的国立花玻璃学校受到过传统的训练,尽管是个英国人,但他很多童年时光都是在巴伐利亚度过的。 在成为一名上釉和玻璃安装工后,他转而从事玻璃绘和设计,逐渐获得了英国各地教堂的任务。 他自己的窗作品,遍布南威尔士考布里奇的圣卡多克礼拜堂,威尔特郡大萨默福德的圣彼得圣保罗教堂, 展示了他对于仔细地填满又厚又尖的纯色块的热爱,尤其是鲜艳的蓝色和饱满的红色:这是中世纪式的玻璃。 他的形状,也具有中世纪的坚固,端庄和沉静。The techniques needed to lead and fix his own glass had barely changed. He would stretch the H-section lead strips, or cames, to stop “creep” in the soft, ductile metal; cut them expertly straight with his pliers, so as to leave no gaps between them when they were moulded round the glass pieces; apply the hot chisel-tip of the soldering iron just long enough to melt the solder, not the lead, when joining the strips together. The double-layered and plated technique of leading Mr Denny#39;s glass, with the lines almost lost in the painting, was at first new to him, and correspondingly tricky. But by the time of the Durham project he had become an enthusiast, and all was going well until he fell.他固定和修复自己的玻璃所需要的技术几乎没有什么变化。 他伸展H型铅条,或卡梅斯,消除柔软韧性金属的脆性; 熟练地用他的钳子把它们弄直,这样当镶嵌上玻璃后就不会产生空隙; 用滚烫的带凿头的焊接烙铁刚好溶化焊条,当把两个条焊接起来时不会化掉铅条。 起初这种在涂色中几乎不留线条的双层镀金属的工艺对他来说是全新的,而且技术性很强。 但是随着达赫姆项目的进行,他对此越发痴迷,一直到他从那里坠落。A memorial service for him was held at the foot of the window while the scaffolding still covered it. Mr Lassen, who worked from Bristol, was barely known in Durham, although he had once had a studio at Worship Farm, not far away. To most of the people who attended, extending the human crowd in the bottom panels of the window, he was just “that nice chap” who had had the accident. But when September 25th came, the day of dedication, he was remembered in a different way. The clue lay in George Herbert#39;s poem “The Windows” which was sung as an anthem at evensong. Man was “a brittle crazy glass”:一个为他举办的纪念仪式就在那窗户脚下进行,脚手架还没有拆掉。 来自布里斯托尔的拉森在达赫姆几乎不为人知,尽管他在不远的礼拜农场有一个工作室。 对于来参加纪念仪式的人群来说,他就是那个出事故的“好小伙”。 但是当9月25日,奉献日这天到来的时候,他以一种不同的方式被怀念。 而线索就藏在乔治·赫伯特的一首诗里“窗”,这是晚祷的一首赞美歌。 人是一块“易脆的疯狂的玻璃”:Yet in thy temple thou dost him afford This glorious and transcendent place To be a window, through thy grace.然而,栖身在你的圣殿,透过你的恩典,他这一光荣而超然的地方是一扇窗As the congregation pressed through afterwards into the south quire aisle they found the windows still wreathed in incense, like the cloud of God that had enveloped Jesus on the mountain. Through it shone the glass. Its golds and blues were smoky in the evening light, but the central column blazed white, like the transfiguration of a man; and of all men, named or un-named, whose lives and skills are embedded in the stone and glass of great cathedrals.众人在集会通过南唱诗班的走廊,他们还发现窗户依然在香缭绕,像神云笼罩了耶稣在山上。 通过它闪耀的玻璃, 金色和蓝色在夜色里显得烟雾迷茫,但中央纵队开辟白色像一个人变身, 和所有的人,有名的无名的,他们的生命和手艺,都早已嵌入大教堂的石头和玻璃中。 /201210/203604

The worst drought for 50 years is inflicting huge damage on the US maize crop, with serious consequences for the overall international food supply. 美国玉米作物正受到50年来最严重旱情的巨大破坏,使国际粮食总体供应情况受到了重大影响。 The situation reminds us that even the most advanced agricultural systems are subject to the vagaries of the weather, leading to volatility in supplies and prices not just on domestic markets but also internationally. Climate change and extreme weather events will further complicate the picture. 当前形势提醒我们,即使是最发达的农业体系也无法摆脱天气无常的影响,这不仅会导致国内市场供给和价格波动,还会波及国际市场。气候变化和极端天气现象更使情况雪上加霜。 US maize production had been expected to increase to record levels this year. That view will prove optimistic. Much of the reduced crop will be claimed by biofuel production in line with US federal mandates, leaving even less for food and feed markets. The August US Department of Agriculture estimates, announced today, will give a more precise idea for just how much the maize crop is reduced. Few people are expecting good news. 人们原本预料,今年美国玉米产量将打破历史最高纪录。事实明这种观点过于乐观了。根据联邦法令,歉收的玉米中,相当大一部分将被用于生产生物燃料,因而进入粮食和饲料市场的玉米就更少了。 Maize prices have aly gone higher than their 2008 and 2011 peaks, increasing by 23 per cent during July alone. Wheat prices have followed maize prices upwards. Repercussions are aly being felt in the US livestock sector. 近期玉米价格已经超过了2008年和2011年的峰值,单是7月份就上涨了23%。而小麦价格则追随玉米价格上涨。美国畜牧业已经感受到了价格上涨的冲击。 Unsurprisingly, the media has started talking about the possibility of a food crisis. Whether that happens depends not only on how long the drought lasts and how much damage it does to crops but on how far its impact sps to other markets, whether there are further supply shocks and how countries react to the price movements. 媒体已经开始谈论出现粮食危机的可能性,这一点都不令人惊讶。是否会发生粮食危机不仅取决于旱情持续时间有多长、对农作物的伤害有多大,也取决于其影响向其他市场扩散的程度,以及是否会有后续供给冲击、各国如何应对价格波动。 In 2007-08 governments tended to react in a disorganised and erratic manner, which often accentuated global price rises, as was the case with the imposition of export restraints. Often the measures were not even effective in meeting the objective of stabilising domestic prices, as they often led to panic buying and hoarding. 2007-08年,各国政府的反应无序混乱,这往往加剧了国际价格上涨,其效果如同实施出口限制措施一样。但这些措施通常会引发抢购和囤积行为,达不到有效稳定国内价格的目标。 Given all this, governments should be cautious, especially considering that high prices are not necessarily negative. Attractive producer prices will be needed in the coming months to entice producers to embark on a much needed increase of crop cultivation, especially in the southern hemisphere. 考虑到上述种种,政府应该谨慎行事,尤其是高价并不一定产生负面效果。未来几个月,只有生产者价格足够诱人,才能吸引人们扩大种植——这是目前亟需的——尤其是在南半球。 Some governments will be called to take a number of steps to alleviate the impact of the situation on the poorest consumers, for example through the targeted distribution of food at subsidised prices, increased reliance on non-commodities crops such as roots, tubers, and beans, and assisting small producers to get better seeds and other basic inputs. Over the longer term, strategies to increase local production and self-sufficiency should be implemented. 我们将呼吁一些国家的政府采取多项措施,缓解当前局势对最穷消费者的冲击,例如以补贴价格定向分配粮食,增加对根茎、块茎和豆类等非大宗商品类作物的依赖,以及帮助小规模种植者取得更优质的种子和其他基本的投入品。从长远来看,应当采取增加当地产量、提高自给自足水平的策略。 Fortunately rice supplies in 2012 are plentiful and rice prices stable, but they could also be driven higher by increasing prices of other cereals. Rice market stocks were also not problematic in 2007-08 but prices nevertheless increased dramatically. A lack of transparency and unco-ordinated unilateral actions by importing and exporting countries and media coverage all contributed to creating panic. 幸运的是,2012年大米供应充足,价格稳定,但米价也可能因为其他谷类价格的上涨而走高。2007-08年,大米市场并不短缺,但价格却出现大幅上涨。透明度不高、进口国与出口国未经协调的单边行动,以及媒体的报道,都产生了催生恐慌的效果。 With world prices of cereals rising, the competition between the food, feed and fuel sectors for crops such as maize, sugar and oilseeds is likely to intensify. One way to alleviate some of the tension would be to lower or temporarily suspend the mandates on biofuels. At the moment, the renewable energy production in the US is reported to have reached 15.2bn gallons in 2012, for which it used the equivalent of some 121.9m tonnes or about 40 per cent of US maize production. An immediate, temporary suspension of that mandate would give some respite to the market and allow more of the crop to be channelled towards food and feed uses. 随着全球谷物价格攀升,粮食、饲料和燃料行业对玉米、糖和油籽等作物的争夺可能升级。暂时停止关于生物燃料的法令或者降低其执行力度,是缓解部分紧张的一个办法。目前,2012年美国这一可再生能源的产量据报道已达到152亿加仑,消耗的玉米约为1.219亿吨,占到美国玉米总产量的40%。立即暂停执行上述联邦法令,将为市场提供一定的喘息空间,让更多的玉米流向粮食和饲料用途。 The US drought leaves global markets highly vulnerable to any further supply side shocks. While the current situation is precarious and could deteriorate further if unfavourable weather conditions persist, it is not a crisis yet. Countries and the UN are better equipped than in 2007-08 to face high food prices, with the introduction of its Agricultural Market Information System, which and promote co-ordination of policy responses. 在经受了美国旱情的影响之后,全球市场已无力再承受供应方面任何的进一步冲击。尽管当前形势不确定,而且如果恶劣的天气状况持续的话,形势可能还会恶化,但目前尚未出现危机。与2007-08年相比,目前各国与联合国(UN)更有把握应对高粮价,这是因为联合国启动了能够促进各国政策反应协调水平的农产品市场信息系统(Agricultural Market Information System)。 However, risks are high and the wrong responses to the current situation could create it. It is vitally important that any unilateral policy reactions from countries, whether importers or exporters, do not further destabilise the situation. 然而,风险仍然很高,在应对当前局势过程中,如果方法不当也可能酿成危机。至关重要的是,无论是出口国还是进口国,任何单方面的政策反应都应避免加剧局势的不稳定。 The writer is the director-general of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN 本文作者为联合国粮农组织(Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN)总干事 /201208/195074Over three million people will do their Christmas shopping entirely online this year without once visiting an actual shop, a poll has found.一项民调发现,今年圣诞,超过300万英国人将在网上采购所有过节物品,一家实体店都不会去。Overcrowding and long queues in shops are forcing people away from the high street as the hassle of Christmas shopping becomes too much.每逢圣诞购物季,商店里总是挤满了人,排起长队,不胜其烦的人们被迫放弃去商业街购物。The number of people turning their backs on the high street is almost one million higher than it was last year, according to the poll by YouGov.根据民调机构YouGov进行的调查,今年选择不在商业街购物的人数比去年高出近100万。Last Christmas 2.4 million shoppers did not do any of their shopping in actual shops. The figure this year is predicted to be around 3.4 million, equivalent to around 7 percent of the adult population.去年圣诞,有240万购物者没有在实体店买过东西。今年,这一数字预计将达到340万左右,约占英国成年人总数的7%。Over a third of people said that the main turn-off about shopping on the high street is over-crowding. Meanwhile almost a quarter said that long queues at the check-out are the worst thing about it.超过三分之一的人称让人对逛商业街兴趣大减的主要原因就是人群拥挤。同时,近四分之一的人认为最糟糕的就是结账处队伍排起长龙。Of the 2,065 people polled, even those who are still taking to the shops plan to spend less time in them this Christmas.在2065名被调查者中,就连那些仍喜欢去实体店购物的人也计划今年圣诞不会花太多时间逛商店。Around 31 percent of shoppers who plan to spend at least some time on the high street will spend less than half of their shopping time in actual shops, using the rest of the time to shop remotely via the internet. This compares to 28 percent of people last year. Meanwhile the proportion of people spending over half of their shopping time in high street shops has dropped from 41 percent last year to 39 percent this year.约31%的购物者计划多少也要去商业街逛一逛,不过他们只打算花不到一半时间去实体店购物,余下的时间用于网购。而去年持同样想法的购物者比例为28%。与此同时,把一半以上的购物时间用于逛商业街的消费者比例从去年的41%降到今年的39%。Just two percent of people said that they are looking forward to dealing with store staff this festive season.仅有2%的人表示,希望在这个圣诞季去商店购物。Guy Boxall, senior product marketing manager at Casio Business Solutions Division, which commissioned the research from YouGov, said that despite the fall in people visiting the high street, humans are “social creatures” who actually like spending time together.卡西欧业务方案部产品营销高级经理盖伊#8226;波克索尔委托YouGov进行了此次调查。他表示,尽管去商业街购物的人数量锐减,但人类毕竟是“社会动物”,还是喜欢在一起消磨时间。“Although the high street is facing a big challenge Christmas, retailers should see this research as a challenge to improve the in-store shopping experience, rather than the nail in the coffin. We are social creatures, and the desire to spend time with each other, particularly at Christmas, is never going to go away,” said Mr Boxall.波克索尔说道:“尽管商业街面临一次圣诞大挑战,但零售商们应将这一调查结果视为一次挑战,借以提升消费者的店内购物体验,而不是把调查结果看成致命打击。要知道我们是社会性动物,渴望在一起共度时光,尤其是在圣诞节,这份渴望永远都不会减退。”The poll found that people’s favourite aspects of Christmas shopping on the high street are being able to “wander around” looking for inspiration and being able to see and touch products. People were also keen on being able to carry products home, which is not possible when they order online.民调发现人们喜欢去商业街购物的主要原因是,通过“逛一逛”寻求鼓舞或者亲眼见见、亲手摸摸产品。人们也喜欢把产品带回家的感觉,而这种感觉是网上购物所体验不到的。 /201212/215495President Barack Obama has sharpened divisions with his Republican rivals ahead of this year#39;s presidential election, with a 2013 budget proposal that more than doubles tax on the dividend incomes of high earners.美国总统巴拉克bull;奥巴马(Barack Obama)与其共和党对手之间的分歧进一步加大,在今年的总统大选开始之前,他在2013年预算预案中提出,将对高收入者的股息所得征收比以往高出逾一倍的税率。Mr Obama#39;s budget lifts the levy on dividends from 15 per cent to the top marginal rate, which will stand at 39.6 per cent in 2013 if all of the tax cuts introduced by George W. Bush expire as scheduled. 如果乔治bull;布什(George W. Bush)时期推出的所有减税政策按计划到期,按照奥巴马提出的预算,2013年时,股息收入所需缴纳的税率,将从15%升至最高边际税率39.6%。The plan to tax dividends as ordinary income applies to individuals earning more than 0,000 or married couples who take in over 0,000. The budget proposes lifting the capital gains tax rate from 15 to 20 per cent. The proposal amplifies the White House#39;s intensifying policy pitch that the wealthy should pay higher taxes to reduce the ballooning federal deficit, an approach Republicans have called ;class warfare;.该计划将对股息收入和普通收入实行同等的征税标准,适用于收入超过20万美元的个人,或是总收入超过25万美元的夫妇。上述预算提出将资本所得税率由15%增至20%。这一预案凸显出白宫日益强化的政策观点:富人应缴纳更高的税率,以减少不断膨胀的联邦赤字;;共和党人将这种方式称为;阶级斗争;。With little chance of passing Congress, Mr Obama#39;s budget proposal is a political document that sets forth the fiscal platform he will campaign on ahead of the November election.虽然奥巴马的预算预案在国会获得通过的几率很小,但它却是一份政治宣言,表明在11月份的美国大选前,奥巴马将在竞选过程中施行怎样的财政纲领。The budget also includes extra spending on education and infrastructure, which the president plans to pay for with additional higher taxes on the energy industry, mutual funds and also estates. It contains no new plans to tackle long-term drivers of the US deficit, most notably Medicare, which covers medical treatment for the elderly, and Medicaid for the poor.上述预算还包括将加大对教育和基础设施的投入,奥巴马计划通过对能源行业、共同基金以及房地产行业增税,来付这部分开。针对引发美国赤字的长期性因素(最为显而易见的是老年医保(Medicare)和医疗补助(Medicaid)项目,二者分别为老年人口和贫困人群提供医疗务),预算没有提出新的计划。The budget reiterates the White House#39;s underlying principle for personal tax reform, the so-called ;Buffett rule;, after investor Warren Buffett, that anyone with annual income of m or more should pay a minimum 30 per cent in tax.该预算重申了白宫在个人纳税改革(即所谓的;巴菲特规则;,以投资家沃伦bull;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)命名)问题上的根本原则:年收入达到或超过100万美元的个人,应至少缴纳30%的税率。译者:薛磊 /201202/171346

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