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Is that runny nose bringing you down? With over-the-counter cold remedies and a few simple steps, you can put a stop to your problem.流鼻涕是否让你痛苦不堪?根据下面这些非处方感冒疗法和一些简单的步骤,你可以尽快解决问题。You Will Need你需要Decongestants解充血药Antihistamines抗组织胺药Box of tissues一盒纸巾Saline nasal spray盐水鼻腔喷雾Vitamin C维他命CZinc锌Table salt (optional)食盐(可选)Baking soda (optional)小苏打(可选)Medicine dropper (optional)医药用滴管(可选)Steps步骤If your runny nose persists for more than 10 days, contact your doctor.如果流鼻涕超过10天,向医生咨询。STEP 1 Take decongestants and antihistamines1.用解充血药和抗组织胺药Take the directed dose of decongestant during the day and antihistamines at night. Drink plenty of fluids.按照建议用量白天用解充血药,夜晚用抗组织胺药。饮用足够的液体。STEP 2 Blow your nose2.擦鼻涕Keep plenty of tissues on hand so that you’re prepared when your nose drips.手头准备足够的纸巾,以便及时擦拭。STEP 3 Use nasal spray3.使用鼻腔喷雾Use saline nasal spray as directed throughout the day.按照指引使用鼻腔喷雾。Make your own saline solution with 8 oz. tap water, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. salt, and a pinch of baking soda.用8盎司自来水,1/4至1/2茶匙食盐,一小捏小苏打自制盐水溶液。STEP 4 Take your vitamins4.如用维他命Take vitamin C and zinc before going to bed, so that when the morning comes around, you’re y to hit the ground running!上床睡觉前用维他命和锌,早上醒来时,你的流鼻涕症状就会有所缓解了!After 30 seconds of use, a handkerchief may contain 15,000 germs.使用30秒后,手帕可能含有15000个细菌。 /201412/347178。

Tommy, hold your position.汤米,站好你的位置。Tommy,Youre supposed to be on the wing.汤米,你应该站在侧翼。Its not the Cup Final.Hes seven years old.这又不是什么总决赛,他才七岁。Youre never too yound, Val.足球就该从娃娃抓起,瓦尔。重点词汇: wing 侧翼例句:We should concentrate on their right wing.我们应该把注意力放在他们的右翼。 201405/294562。

翼飞行是特技运动中最先进的一项——当你看见特技跳伞员以100英里的时速穿梭在峡谷时带给你的最刺激难以置信的感受。Ueli Gegenschatz将告诉你他如何(以及为何)从事这项运动,并将在最后展示一段叹为观止的短片。201311/263179。

The news of this museum coincides with another sign of the Chinese governments relaxing attitude with the broadcast of a 50-part television series on the state-run channel called the Legend of Bruce Lee.物馆的建设和大陆方面政策的宽松不谋而合,恰逢中央电视台正在热播,一部关于李小龙的50集大戏 ;李小龙传奇;。Wah!Hoo! Wah!Yah!Hoo!哇!呼! 哇!呀!呼!Its not available on Hong Kong TV, so tonight will be the first time many fans of Bruce Lee here will get to see it.香港电视台又不放,所以今晚是许多李小龙迷第一次看。That was just pretty... pretty amazing,and it kind of gives you a whole new understanding of how cool he is as...真是太神奇了,更能让你了解到作为武术家。you know, as a martial artist person and as a family man, and, you know, as a professional.I think its pretty amazing that China has... has wanted to embrace my father in this way.以及顾家男的李小龙有多酷,中国大陆可以这么欣然接受我父亲真是太出乎我意料了。You know, I think they look at my father as somebody who influenced the world.我想 他们多半是因为我父亲对世界的影响才接受的吧He sort of bridged the gap, as you will, between East and West, and he did it 35 years ago.35年前 他消除了东西方的隔阂And now here... heres China coming out to the world,essentially having a coming out party to the world,and so I think they see him as a metaphor in a way for...for themselves, and they really are embracing that.而今天 中国正值改革开放,必须有一个开放的代表,我想 在某种程度上而言父亲就是他们所需要的代表 所以他们接受了他。201402/277245。

Estonian president talks Ukraine crisis Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves believes closer ties with Europe would help UkrainesThey have got themselves into quite a pickle, with their indebtedness. Now just to keep things of perspective, because there are blown out of perspectives, everywhere. I mean the association agreement that Ukraine has negotiated for these years, mean its an agreement that my country has negotiated in the early 90s and signed in June of 1995, almost 20 years ago. It is not the EU membership, it is basically a free trade agreement that gives a lot of access to Ukrainian goods to European market. Its a step forward but it really is far,far ,far short of membership. It took us nine years from when we signed the association agreement until we joined in between we had to be access to as to whether we were good enough to join the EU, and we dont have to proceed a negotiate excession. so it is really being blown out of proportion by some of our friends on the Russian side.Do you believe the closer ties with Europe will actually help them economically?Absolutely, because the brilliant rule of law and the business, I mean you want contracts to be observed ,we want to reduce corruption which is a very large problem in that country. As so great transparency, transparency rules, I mean court system that can be counted upon to judge equitably. All of those things make for a much healthier economic environment, and those are things would come with the European Union and adopting European laws and standards. /201312/267585。

After getting beaten one time,Bruce Lee decided to learn a martial art that could be used in real-life situations.一次被击败后,李小龙下决心学习适于实战的搏击术。He began by learning Wing Chun,and by the time he arrived in Seattle in 1959, he was a competent teacher.他以咏春为基础,1959年到达西雅图时 已然一名有能力的老师。Taky Kimura was one of Bruce Lees first students and closest friends.This young man at 18 was a holy terror, and athleticism.I mean, he... he was all Hong Kong Champion Cha-Cha dancer.木村武之即为李小龙早期学生兼密友的一员,这小子才18岁 就简直是个怪物了 运动细胞丰富,首先 他是全港恰恰舞冠军。His brother was all Hong Kong Champion fencer, so he became avid fencer and of course he did a lot of boxing in the streets, you know, in fights and things.他哥哥是全港击剑冠军 因此他对击剑也兴趣浓厚 当然他还经常在街头打斗He had a pretty good hold in boxing, and so, this guy, when he came over, he was... he was, he was an all-around athlete.他对拳击也驾轻就熟 这家伙 感觉他... 他是个全能运动员Taky Kimura was one of a small but dedicated group of followers who Bruce Lee began teaching in Seattle.Another of his first students was his wife-to-be, Linda.木村武之是李小龙在西雅图时收的弟子 也是他当初为数不多但却忠实的追随者,而另一位后来成了他的妻子 琳达。You would just pass through a doorway here, and it would go down the stairs into the basement,and it was just a plain room with concrete walls, and a swinging light-bulb,and he had, oh, maybe 10 or 12 students at the most at one time in the class.就穿过这个门道 然后下到地下室里,地方也还空旷 四周是结实的墙壁 灯泡老晃荡,学生最多的时候有10到12名不等。In 1966, the couple moved to Los Angles for Bruce to start work on the Green Hornet.1966年 为出演;青蜂侠; 夫妇俩搬往洛杉矶He opened up gym in Oakland and also began teaching private students, including actors Steve McQueen and James Coburn.It was during this period that he began mixing different fighting styles to develop his own martial arts of Jeet Kune Do.在奥克兰开设武馆的同时 李小龙也开始教授私人弟子 包括演员史蒂夫 麦坤和詹姆斯 柯本,与此同时 他开始吸纳不同格斗术 并自成一家 即截拳道201402/274754。

New development in Chinas anti-corruption campaign. A branch of the countrys official newspaper the ;Peoples Daily; has released an online web game called ;Striking corrupt officials;.中国防腐运动的新发明。人民日报已经发布了一个名为“疯狂贪官”的在线游戏。It’s pretty much like the popular game ;Hit a mouse; when a corrupt official shows up, players can use an electric billy to knock him down. The reward is 100 points for each successful attack, but players should be careful not to hit the policemen.该游戏和现下非常流行的一款游戏“打老鼠”非常相像,即当一个贪官现身时,玩家可以使用一个电警棍来击打他。每成功击打到一个贪官,将会获得100分的奖励,但是玩家应该谨防击打到警察哦。The website says they have chosen four types of corruption charges to be used in the game, namely, ;abuse of power, taking bribes, embezzlement, and keeping mistresses.;网站表示他们在游戏中选取了4项腐败指控,即滥用职权,收受贿赂,挪用公款以及包养情妇。201401/272948。