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重庆大坪医院的院长重庆市大坪医院是公立的吗Turkey Mine Disaster: Clashes After 274 KilledRescuers battle fire and toxic fumes as they search for more than 100 missing miners stuck underground in western Turkey.新闻背景:当地时间5月13日,土耳其西部马尼萨省索玛地区的一个煤矿发生爆炸,前已造成274人死亡,此外有约450人获救。土耳其能源和自然资源部长耶尔德兹在宣布最新死亡数字的同时,表示救援工作仍在进行中。救援人员将尝试从两个不同位置进入矿内搜索。但耶尔德兹也同时透露矿内情况仍比较危险,明火仍未完全扑灭,火灾和有毒的一氧化碳气体阻碍了救援工作的进展。。事发时有近800名矿工在井下作业,仍有至少百余名矿工生死未卜。联合国秘书长潘基文、国际劳工组织总干事莱德等联合国系统高官纷纷对土耳其严重矿难表示哀悼,向遇难者家属表示慰问。联合国秘书长发言人杜加里克当天说,潘基文将亲自致信土耳其总统居尔,就该国矿难向土耳其政府和人民表示哀悼。美国白宫表示美国愿为土耳其矿难的救援工作提供持。美国参议院外交关系委员会主席梅内德斯也对矿难死难者表示哀悼。 As each stretcher is born from the mine, those crowding the entrance faced two dilemmas: Is it their loved one being carried from the disaster? And if so, is he alive or dead? The smoke still billows from the mine,its toxic cloud incapacitating those sent in to bring out the casualties. The grief and anger is overwhelming and on an enormous scale. Stunned relatives sit on the sides of the road, comforting each other. At the state hospital, they are struggling to cope. The bodies of the dead and the injured arrived in a steady stream. In what is sure to become Turkey#39;s worst ever mining disaster, three days of mourning has been declared by the Prime Minister.Tayyip Erdogan has been in power for eleven years. His increasingly authoritarian rule has infuriated many urban dwellers. On his visit to the mine, he promised to discover the cause.At the end of March 2010, it was determined that this mine passed in the fields of work and house safety. I went through all the inspections. I#39;d like to say that the pain we have left behind is not just that of the brothers we have lost, it#39;s our shared pain, the pain of the nation.Those words did little to salve the anger. Hundreds gathered to protest what they say is a chronic disregard for safety practices at many privately owned mines. The firm which operates the complex has done so for thirty years. And it had recently both said to be significantly reducing the running cost. These pictures inside the mine were taken three years ago with the local MP greeting those of the coal face, the low height of the tunnel is clear as he bends down to shake the hands.The fire started on Tuesday afternoon to clear the gases from where the miners were trapped. They worked through the night, pumping in the oxygen and pulling all the men they could from the ground. The poisonous fire and its aftermath are aly testing the government, which claimed the mine passed the safety inspection in March. But with allegations of under-aged workers and miners being allowed to operate without the authorization carts, the question is mounting as the body count rises. /201405/298695重庆市公立三甲医院怎么样,收费贵吗 Jeremy Lin: I don#39;t focus on race Jeremy Lin on whether it#39;s more difficult to make it as an Asian-American player in the NBA.You are the NBA#39;s first Asian American player. What do you think of that title? I think there is some controversy behind that. I don#39;t know, I’ve heard different.All right, then you are very prominent Asian American player for the NBA right now. What you think of that title .Well, you know I tried not to think about too much, caz I think that goes back to kind of identity thing it#39;s just like if I focus too much on that ,you know, make the too big apart of what I am trying to do , then I am thinking it gets me off track of where I need to be.That’s what are people seeing me and that#39;s what are people gravitated towards, that#39;s what people look up to then and that#39;s great. But I think the end of the day I just want to be myself.Do you think that stops you and it has been a roadblock to getting you to a point to where you are today and may if happen sooner? otherwise?Being Asian American? I have always said it#39;s both, it#39;s not really quantifiable in terms of how much harm versus good, I think in the end of the day, maybe I have proved myself more or maybe I had those hard for me to get opportunity initially, but then also, you know, the big reason why there is so much tension or the fame aspect or why so many more people care about the story. It#39;s just ,there is an Asian element to it ,so it’s definitely there is poses(positives) and negatives. /201311/263124Jon Jones, look, guys like this it#39;s important for them to have this kind of confidence I don#39;t look at it as if I#39;m hurting my opponent, my enemy.乔恩·琼斯,对于他们这样的人拥有此种自信十分重要,我并不认为我在伤害我的对手,我的敌人。It#39;s like we#39;re brothers painting this picture together.It helps them, until of course, it doesn#39;t which, as we know historically always happens where they run into that guy where ;Oh.This isn#39;t fun.;我们更像共绘一副画的兄弟。这能帮助他们,直到有一天,那一天总会到来的,他们也会遇到高手,发现;挨打一点都不有趣;;This is reality. You can get hurt in there.;事实就是这样 上赛场总会受伤What happens is after several years of that it takes its effect, you know?真正的痛苦在于多年之后,伤病的后遗症开始发作Like when I had to go take my neurological and my hands were going and I couldn#39;t remember where I parked my car in the morning.就像我开始去神经科看病,双手乏力,时常忘记早上在哪停的车It should be regulated.There should be judges and medical staff there.You don#39;t wanna see people get injured.规则是必须的,裁判和医护人员也是必须的。你不会想看见有人受伤。I think my father from a pure martial arts interest and combat interest standpoint would have loved to watch the UFC.我认为父亲出于对于武术和格斗纯粹的热爱,一定喜欢看终极格斗冠军赛I believe that Bruce Lee was a huge fight fan.He#39;d have been jumping out of his seat getting as excited as any of us.我相信李小龙一定是终极格斗迷,肯定会与我们一样跳下座位,激动不已。I think he#39;d have been proud to be called the father of mixed martial arts.我觉得他对于被称作综合搏击之父,一定颇感自豪。OK.There#39;s people out there, they got it.很多人都认可这种说法 Article/201311/266725重庆第九人民医院地址哪里?

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