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Q. Did eating a little bit of dirt ever hurt anyone?问:吃下一点点泥土是否对人有害?A. Sometimes but not always, by any means. The key to staying safe is “a little bit,” and preferably dirt that is not contaminated by things like insecticide, fertilizer, flakes of lead paint and especially parasites, according to Medline Plus, a service of the National Library of Medicine.答:有时候会,但也未必。据美国国家医学图书馆(National Library of Medicine)的Medline Plus务称,确保安全的关键在于泥土的量只有“一点点”,而且它们最好没有受到杀虫剂、化肥、铅涂料,特别是寄生虫的污染。A 2003 review article in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tends to confirm the old saying, “You eat a peck of dirt before you die.”2003年,美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)主办的《新发传染病》杂志(Emerging Infectious Diseases)上发表了一篇综述文章,恰似实了一句老话:“哪个人死前没吃过一抔土。(You eat a peck of dirt before you die。引申义为:人生在世总会受点委屈。)”Child or adult, the article says, “each of us inadvertently eats a little dirt every day,” found in “contaminated food, soiled hands and inhaled dust.” Many small children also eat dirt on purpose, usually show no ill effects and usually grow out of the habit.该文称,无论小孩还是成人,“我们每个人每天都在不经意间吃下过一点点尘土”,它们可能来源于“受到污染的食物、脏手和吸入粉尘等”。许多小孩子还会故意去吃泥土,一般也没出现什么不良影响,而且随着他们逐渐长大,通常就会慢慢改掉这种习惯。Eating large amounts of dirt is called soil pica, or geophagy. It can cause constipation or intestinal blockage.进食大量泥土的现象称为土壤异食癖,或食土癖。它可引起便秘或肠梗阻。In 2000, a committee of the ed States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry set an arbitrary amount of 5,000 milligrams of soil a day, about a teaspoon, as the division between “a little bit of dirt” and the amount that constitutes a disorder if consumed.2000年,美国有毒物质和疾病登记局(ed States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)的委员会主观地将每天5000毫克土壤(约一茶匙)设定为划分“一点点尘土”与“如若食用可导致疾病的量”的界限。Eating comparatively large amounts of dirt, often clay rather than topsoil, is common behavior in some cultures, especially among pregnant women, and it has been suggested that it helps people obtain missing mineral nutrients or absorb and counteract nauseating toxins. It has even been proposed, but not proved, that children are instinctively compelled to eat dirt to vaccinate themselves against infectious agents. 进食较大量的泥土(通常是粘土而非表土)在某些文化中是相当常见的行为,在妇中尤其如此,据称,此举可以帮助人们获得缺失的矿物营养素或吸收并抵消让人感到恶心的毒素。甚至还有人提出(但未经实),小孩有吃土的本能,这是一种让他们的身体对传染性病原体产生免疫的方式。 /201511/409343

A Japanese scientist has won the spoof Ig Nobel medicine prize for a study that revealed kissing could reduce allergic reactions in humans。一名日本科学家研究发现,接吻可以缓解人体的过敏反应,这项研究让他赢得了搞笑诺贝尔医学奖。“I wish that people will understand the new effect of kissing and I also hope that kissing will bring not only love but also attenuation of allergic reaction,” Hajime Kimata, who could not attend last week’s 25th annual event, said in a taped acceptance speech。“我希望人们能了解接吻的新作用,我也希望接吻不仅能带来爱情,也能够弱化过敏反应。”木全肇没能出席上周的25周年颁奖礼,他通过视频发表了获奖感言。“I am honoured to be awarded the Ig Nobel Prize and I appreciate it very much。”“我非常荣幸能获得搞笑诺贝尔奖,非常感谢。”Kimata received the prize jointly with three Slovakian scientists who also studied the “medical effects of kissing。” The Slovakian group looked at how long male DNA stays in a woman’s mouth after “intense kissing。”木全肇和三位斯洛伐克科学家共同赢得了这一奖项,他们也研究了“接吻的医学作用”。这三位科学家关注的是“激吻”之后,男性的DNA会在女性嘴里停留多久。After the medical award was announced, some couples in the audience, prompted by the master of ceremonies, responded by embracing and kissing each other。医学奖宣布之后,观众席上一些情侣受主持人的鼓动,相拥亲吻。The award ceremony - which the science humour magazine “Annals of Improbable Research” gives in 10 categories as a parody of the Nobel Prizes - was held at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre. It was the ninth straight year for an Ig Nobel prize to go to Japanese recipients。颁奖仪式在哈佛大学桑德斯剧院举行,主办方科学幽默杂志《不可思议研究年报》颁发了10个滑稽的诺贝尔奖项,这是日本人连续第九年获得搞笑诺贝尔奖。Kimata, who runs an allergy clinic in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, said: “Using the natural healing powers that humans have, I have been working towards alleviating allergic reactions in people。”木全肇在大阪的寝屋川市经营一家过敏诊所,他说:“我一直在研究人类拥有的天然康复能力,为缓解人体的过敏反应而努力。”Among other winners were scientists from the US and Australia for creating a way to “partially un-boil an egg” and a group of researchers at a Dutch linguistics institute for revealing the universality of the word “huh。”在其他获奖者中,来自美国和澳大利亚的科学家创造了一种方法将熟鸡蛋“部分”变成生鸡蛋。荷兰一所语言学研究院的研究团队发现,世界语言中普遍存在huh这个词。Last year, four Japanese researchers won the physics prize for their work measuring the friction that occurs when someone steps on a banana peel。去年,四名日本研究人员测量了人踩到香蕉皮后的擦力,获得了物理学奖。 /201509/400912

The Chinese are facing growing cancer risk from dioxin due to changes in their dietary patterns over the past three decades, a research has found.一项研究发现,由于过去30年来饮食模式的改变,中国人正面临日益严重的二恶英致癌风险。Changes in dietary patterns, featured by decreasing consumption of grain and vegetables and increasing intake of animal-derived food (such as meat, eggs and dairy products), raised cancer risk from 0.2% in 1980 to about 1.2% in 2009, according to a research finding published in Scientific Reports, an affiliated magazine of Nature.根据《自然》杂志的附属刊物《科学报道》上发表的一项研究,饮食模式的改变——粗粮和蔬菜摄入的减少,而动物性食品(肉、蛋和奶制品等)摄入的增加——将1980年时0.2%的癌症风险提高到2009年的约1.2%。Varying dietary patterns contributed 17 percent to the cancer risk of Chinese population in 2009, compared with 8 percent in 1980, according to the thesis, authored by Lanzhou University Professor Ma Jianmin and Dr. Huang Tao.据兰州大学马建敏教授和黄涛士合著的这篇论文介绍,2009年,由饮食模式变化引起的中国人口的癌症风险占比17%,而1980年时仅占8%。Meanwhile, residents in urban and eastern China were exposed to considerably higher cancer risk to dioxin than those in rural areas and western China, due to higher emissions, household income and greater intake of animal-derived foodstuff such as meat, eggs and dairy products, the thesis said.同时,这篇文章指出,由于城市区域和中国东部地区污染物排放量更高,居民收入水平更高,以及摄入的动物性食品如肉、蛋和奶制品等更多,这些地方的居民受二恶英影响致癌的风险,比起那些在农村地区和中国西部地区的人们来说要高出很多。;Food ingestion is still the major route for human exposure and body burden to dioxin,; said Prof. Ma.马教授表示:“食物的摄入仍然是人类感染二恶英的主要途径。”While the Chinese government has stepped up efforts to cut dioxin emissions, he said it is increasingly important to raise public awareness of cancer risks in food and convince people to take a healthier diet.在中国政府已加紧努力减少二恶英排放的同时,他表示,提高公众食品致癌风险意识、说人们采取更健康的饮食方式变得越来越重要。 /201603/429096

IF YOU GO TO CUBA古巴的食住行Where to Eat餐厅推荐Café Laurent (Calle M No. 257, between 19 and 21, Vedado, Havana, cafelaurent.ueuo.com) is a stylish family-run paladar popular for its penthouse views and Spanish-themed . Expect to pay about 20 American dollars per person for dinner.Café Laurent(哈瓦那维达多区19街与21街之间,M街257号,cafelaurent.ueuo.com)是一家有格调的顶楼餐厅,家庭自营,因其顶楼的风景和西班牙菜而受到好评。晚餐人均大约20美元。Siá Kará Café (Calle Industria No. 502, www.siakaracafe.com) offers reasonably priced Cuban cuisine in the heart of Old Havana. It is also known for live music.Siá Kará Café(Industria街502号,www.siakaracafe.com)位于哈瓦那旧城,提供价格合理的古巴美食。现场音乐演奏也很不错。Nazdarovie (No. 25 Malecón, nazdarovie-havana.com) is a retro-styled Soviet restaurant and bar with live music; overlooks the sea.Nazdarovie(马雷贡25号,nazdarovie-havana.com)是一家复古风格的苏式餐厅及酒吧,有现场音乐演奏,可以看海景。Mamaine (Calle L No. 206, between 15 and 17, Havana) is an artsy, intimate cafe known for a breakfast that includes tortillas and fresh mango juice.Mamaine(哈瓦那15街与17街之间,L街206号)是一家充满艺术气息的私密咖啡馆,早餐很出名,有墨西哥玉米饼和鲜芒果汁。Where to Go值得一去的地方Alejandro Robaina Tobacco Plantation in the Vuelta Abajo region, southwest of the city of Pinar del Río. The farm offers daily tours, but it is best to have your hotel arrange a guide for this all-day trip into a rural area: 53-48-79-74-70.亚历杭德罗·罗瓦伊纳烟草种植园(Alejandro Robaina Tobacco Plantation),位于比那尔德里奥省(Pinar del Río)西南方的大阿瓦奥(Vuelta Abajo)区域。农场每天都开放一日游,但最好让你的酒店为这次乡村之旅安排一位导游:农场电话53-48-79-74-70。Old Partagás Factory and Cigar Shop (Calle Industria No. 520, Havana) is 170 years old and perhaps the island’s best-known factory. Its production recently moved to the El Rey del Mundo Factory nearby but the retail store is still open, and sells a variety of brands made at the factory, from Bolivar to La Gloria Cubana.老帕塔加斯雪茄工厂及雪茄商店(Old Partagás Factory and Cigar Shop)(哈瓦那Industria街520号)拥有170年历史,也许是古巴最著名的雪茄工厂。工厂的生产线最近搬到了附近的世界之王工厂(El Rey del Mundo Factory),但雪茄零售店仍在营业,这里出售由该工厂制造的多个品牌的雪茄,包括玻利瓦尔(Bolivar)和古巴荣耀(La Gloria Cubana)。La Casa del Habano (5ta Avenida y Calle 16, Miramar, Playa, Havana, lacasadelhabano.com) is among the premium cigar stores and lounges in Cuba and several other countries authorized to sell Habanos S.A. brands. The ed States is the only country to which Habanos S.A. does not sell cigars.哈瓦那雪茄之家连锁店(La Casa del Habano,哈瓦那普拉亚区[Playa],Miramar,5ta Avenida与16街交界,lacasadelhabano.com)是古巴最高档的雪茄商店及雪茄吧之一,经古巴烟草公司授权销售其旗下品牌的雪茄,在很多国家设有分店,但唯独不向美国出售雪茄。Where to Stay住宿Hotel Capri (Calle 21 between calle N and O, Vedado, nh-hotels.com/hotel/nh-capri-la-habana), a modern high-rise in the heart of central Havana, offers easy access to popular restaurants, nightclubs and cultural sights, including the famous Hotel Nacional, a block away. Single rooms run about 0.卡普里酒店(维达多区,N街与O街之间,与21街交界处,nh- hotels.com/hotel/nh-capri-la-habana),位于哈瓦那中心地带的现代化高层建筑,附近是深受欢迎的餐厅、夜总会及文化景点,距著名的古巴国际酒店仅一个街区。单人间每晚大约130美元。A Few Top Brands顶级雪茄品牌Some popular Cuban cigars, to each.一些受欢迎的古巴雪茄,每10美元到20美元Partagás Serie D No. 4 A full-bodied robusto with a woody and spicy aroma.帕塔加斯D4号(Partagás Serie D No. 4),浓郁型罗布图雪茄,带有木质及辛辣的香味。H. Upmann Royal Robusto Known for its full coffee bean flavor and oak finish.乌普曼皇家罗布图雪茄(H. Upmann Royal Robusto),以浓郁的咖啡豆香味及橡木的尾调而闻名。Montecristo No. 2 Medium to full with creamy and spicy notes.蒙特2号(Montecristo No. 2),中等-浓郁型雪茄,带有奶油及辛辣香调。Bolivar Royal Corona Richly complex with hints of chocolate and coffee.玻利瓦尔(Bolivar Royal Corona),浓郁型雪茄,混合了巧克力及咖啡香调。Cohiba Siglo III Vanilla, leathery flavored and best paired with sweet desserts.高斯巴世纪三号香草雪茄(Cohiba Siglo III),带有皮革味道,与甜食是最佳搭配。Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro Medium bodied with sweet and woody undertones.维加斯·罗瓦伊纳·唐·亚历杭德罗雪茄(Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro),中等浓郁型,带有甜味及木质基调。 /201601/419670From the people who brought you sexy Olaf the snowman and sexy Mickey Mouse, comes a new addition to the list of racy Halloween costumes that make you cringe a little bit: sexy Donald Trump.继性感版的雪宝奥利弗套装和米奇套装之后,这个让人有点难为情的性感版万圣节套装排行榜上又多了一员:性感川普套装。Risque online costume and lingerie shop Yandy.com is selling a limited-edition outfit called the ;Donna T. Rumpshaker,; for .95. That price includes a white sleeveless collared shirt, red tie, royal blue faux blazer and matching ;booty shorts.;专门售卖性感套装和女士内衣的网站“美国买家”新推出一款名为;Donna T. Rumpshaker; 限量版套装,售价69.95美金,其中包括一件白色无袖翻领衬衫、红色领带、宝蓝色的人造革夹克和一条配套的超短紧身裤。For an additional .95, shoppers can also purchase the matching ;Making America Great Hat,; and for .95, the ;Comb Over Politician Wig.;另外,与之配套的还有标有“让美国再度强大”口号的帽子和“政治家地区援中央的假发套”,这两件物品需要另外购买,售价分别为7.95美金和9.95美金。According to a survey released by the National Retail Federation last Monday, political costumes tied for 10th place in its annual top costume list for adults (though this likely wasn#39;t what they had in mind).上周一,美国零售联合会发布的一项调查显示,成人套装年度最火排行榜中,政界套装排名第十(虽然这很可能颇为出人意料)。;As we#39;ve seen for several years, Hollywood and pop culture both have a tremendous impact on how adults and their children decide to dress the part each Halloween, and it#39;s evident some of the biggest newsmakers of the year will be out in full force this fall,; NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.“据我们多年的观察,好莱坞电影和流行文化很大程度上影响了大人和孩子们如何选择万圣节套装。今秋,很多年度新闻人物形象也将会在万圣节套装中亮相。”美国零售联合会的会长和首席执行官马修·肖表示。Also new to Yandy this year: The ;Miss Cartoon Cutie Costume,; a sexed-up take on Charlie Brown#39;s yellow and black shirt and shorts, and the ;Underwater Best Friend Costume,; which bears a suggestive resemblance to Spongebob Squarepants#39; best friend Patrick.今年“美国买家”网站还新推出了以查理·布朗的黑黄相间的T恤短裤为原型的性感“卡通甜心”套装,以及令人联想到海绵宝宝的好朋友派大星的“水下好朋友”套装。The Donald Trump costume isn#39;t the only outfit stirring up controversy. A take on Caitlyn Jenner#39;s Vanity Faircover caused social media backlash more than two months before the holiday.川普套装并非唯一引发争议的套装。今年万圣节前两个月,一套以凯特琳·詹纳《名利场》封面造型为原型的装曾一度在社交媒体上受到强烈抗议。 /201509/401419

Growing vegetables in the South Pole may sound as crazy as attempting to grow potatoes on Mars, as recently seen in ;The Martian.; In one of China#39;s Antarctic research stations, however, researchers have done just that.在南极种蔬菜听起来可能和在火星种土豆一样疯狂,就像最近在电影《火星救援》中看到的一样。但中国的南极科考站的科研人员们已经做到了。;In #39;The Martian#39; Mark Watney is a botanist, but I am a surgeon. I am more comfortable with scalpels than spades,; joked Wang Zheng, 41, an orthopedist who has just returned from duty at Zhongshan, one of China#39;s Antarctic research stations.41岁的王征是一名刚刚从中国南极科考站之一的中山站返回的外科医生。他开玩笑地说道:“《火星救援》里马克·沃特尼是一个植物学家,但是我是个医生。我觉得还是用手术刀比用铁锹更舒。”During his year of service, in addition to being the medic for the research team, Wang was tasked with exploring the feasibility of growing fresh vegetables.在他为期一年的务过程当中,除了作为研究小组的医生,王征还被交予了一个种植新鲜蔬菜的任务。To grow plants in the Antarctic#39;s extreme conditions, a specialized hydroponics system was developed by a Shanghai-based polar research center.为了在南极的极端天气下种植植物,一个专门的水培系统被总部位于上海的极地研究中心开发了出来。;The system includes a nutrient-rich solution that helps us to germinate a lettuce seed in three days, and one month later fresh lettuce can be harvested once a week,; said Wang.王征说;“该系统中包含营养丰富的溶液,可以让生菜种子3天发芽,一个月后就可以每周收割一次。;Wang tried various plants. Lettuce, cucumber, tomato and Chinese cabbage all flourished. Chili, gombo and water melon were not so successful.他尝试了多种蔬菜,生菜、黄瓜、西红柿和大白菜长得最好,辣椒、秋葵和西瓜则没那么成功。Previously, teams based at China#39;s four Antarctic research stations -- Taishan, Great Wall, Zhongshan and Kunlun -- had to solely rely on food deliveries by China icebreaker ;Xuelong,; or Snow Dragon. A one-way trip takes 75 days and covers over 18,000 nautical miles.以前,中国的四大南极科考站--泰山、长城、中山和昆仑的食物供给完全依赖破冰船;雪龙号;。;雪龙号;每一趟单程要75天,路程达到18000海里。;Despite my success, the supply is still limited. We often joked that the best gift in the South Pole is a fresh cucumber,; said Wang.王征说:“尽管我成功了,但是供应仍然受限。我们经常开玩笑说,在南极最好的礼物是一个新鲜的黄瓜。”The fresh vegetables have proved popular, even with other researchers based in Antarctica. Foreign teams are always happy to accept an invitation to dinner at the Chinese station, he said.新鲜的蔬菜已经被实很受欢迎,甚至是在其他南极科考队当中也是这样。王征表示,很多国外的科考队都很高兴能收到来自中国科考站的晚饭邀请。 /201603/429575Almost any amount and type of physical activity may slow aging deep within our cells, a new study finds. And middle age may be a critical time to get the process rolling, at least by one common measure of cell aging.一项新研究发现,不论运动量如何,几乎所有种类的体育活动都能延缓深藏于我们细胞内部的衰老过程。而中年可能是让这一机制继续运行下去的关键时段,至少,就衡量细胞衰老的一个常用指标而言确是如此。Dating a cell’s age is tricky, because its biological and chronological ages rarely match. A cell could be relatively young in terms of how long it has existed but function slowly or erratically, as if elderly.确定细胞的年龄可是个棘手差事,因为它们的生物学年龄(表明其组织结构和生理功能的状态)和实际年龄基本上对不上号。有些细胞论其存在时间可能还算年轻,但它们执行起生理机能来却十分缓慢或者不稳定,就如同衰老的细胞一样。Today, many scientists have begun determining a cell’s biological age — meaning how well it functions and not how old it literally is — by measuring the length of its telomeres.如今,许多科学家开始通过测量细胞的端粒长度来确定它的生物学年龄。For those of us who don’t know every portion of our cells’ interiors, telomeres are tiny caps found on the end of DNA strands, like plastic aglets on shoelaces. They are believed to protect the DNA from damage during cell division and replication.我们中的一些人对细胞内部的各个结构并不都那么了如指掌,那么,打个比方来解释一下,端粒是DNA链末端的小帽子,就像鞋带上的塑料箍一样。科学家们认为,它们可以防止DNA在细胞分裂和DNA复制过程中受到损伤。As a cell ages, its telomeres naturally shorten and fray. But the process can be accelerated by obesity, smoking, insomnia, diabetes and other aspects of health and lifestyle.随着细胞的衰老,其端粒自然也会磨损和缩短。但这一过程可能会因肥胖、吸烟、失眠、糖尿病等健康和生活方式问题而加快。In those cases, the affected cells age prematurely.在这种情况下,受影响的细胞就会过早衰老。However, recent science suggests that exercise may slow the fraying of telomeres. Past studies have found, for instance, that master athletes typically have longer telomeres than sedentary people of the same age, as do older women who frequently walk or engage in other fairly moderate exercise.然而,最近的科学研究表明,锻炼身体可以减缓端粒的磨损。例如,既往的研究发现,运动健将们的端粒通常比同龄的久坐者更长,在经常步行或从事其他适度运动的老年妇女中也有同样的现象。But those studies were relatively narrow, focusing mostly on elderly people who ran or walked. It remained unclear whether people of different ages who engaged in a variety of exercises would likewise show effects on their telomeres.但是,这些研究的面相对较窄,主要集中在经常跑步或步行的老年人身上。目前尚不清楚在不同年龄段的人群当中,从事多种运动是否也会对他们的端粒造成影响。So for the new study, which was published this month in Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise, researchers from the University of Mississippi and University of California, San Francisco, decided to look more broadly at the interactions of exercise and telomeres among a wide swath of Americans.于是,在这项10月发表在《运动与锻炼中的医学与科学》杂志(Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise)上的新研究中,来自密西西比大学(University of Mississippi)和加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的研究人员们决定在广大的美国人群中更广泛地探讨一下运动与端粒之间的相互作用。To do so, they turned to the immense trove of data generated by the ongoing National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, for which tens of thousands of adults answer questions annually about their health, including their exercise habits, and complete an in-person health exam, providing a blood sample.为此,他们把目光转向了正在进行的美国健康与营养调查(National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)所产生的巨大的数据宝库。在这项调查中,成千上万的成年人每年都会回答有关他们自己的健康状况(包括运动习惯)的问题,接受体检,并提供血液样本。In recent years, those blood samples have been tested for, among other markers of health, telomere length in the participants’ white blood cells.近年来,研究人员对这些血样进行了化验,检测了参与者白细胞的端粒长度等多种健康标志物。The researchers gathered the data for about 6,500 of the participants, ranging in age from 20 to 84, and then categorized them into four groups, based on how they had responded to questions about exercise.研究人员收集了约6500名年龄在20岁到84岁的参与者的数据,然后根据他们对运动相关问题的回答,把他们分为四组。Those questions in this survey tended to be broad, asking people only if, at any time during the past month, they had engaged in weight training, moderate exercise like walking, more vigorous exercise like running, or have walked or ridden a bike to work or school.这项调查只是笼统地询问了受访者在过去的一个月里是否曾进行过任何负荷训练、或步行等中等强度的运动、或跑步等较为剧烈的运动,又或者曾步行或骑自行车上班或上学。If a participant answered yes to any of those four questions, he or she earned a point from the researchers. So, someone who reported walking received a point. If he also ran, he earned another, and so on, for a maximum of four points.在上述四个问题中,参与者的每一个肯定回答都会被研究人员计一分。因此,报告曾经步行过的人可以得一分。如果他还跑步了,就能再得一分,依此类推,最多可以得四分。The researchers then compared those tallies to each person’s telomere length.然后,研究人员比较了这些人的端粒长度及其得分。And there were clear associations. For every point someone gained from any type of exercise, his or her risks of having unusually short telomeres declined significantly.结果发现其间存在明显的相关性。无论受访者从事了何种类型的运动,他每得一分,端粒长度异常缩短的风险都会显著下降。Specifically, someone who participated in a single activity, earning them a 1, was about 3 percent less likely to have very short telomeres than someone who didn’t exercise at all.具体而言,如果某人因为参加某一运动而赢得1分,他的端粒特别短的可能性就会比不锻炼的人低3%左右。That risk declined more substantially if someone exercised more. People who reported two types of exercise were 24 percent less likely to have short telomeres; three types of exercise were 29 percent less likely; and those who had participated in all four types of activities were 59 percent less likely to have very short telomeres.一个人锻炼得越多,这种风险下降的幅度就越大。报告从事两种运动的人端粒特别短的可能性要降低24%;从事三种运动的人风险降低29%;参与了所有四种运动的人风险降低59%。Interestingly, these associations were strongest among people between the ages of 40 and 65, the researchers found, suggesting that middle age may be a key time to begin or maintain an exercise program if you wish to keep telomeres from shrinking, says Paul Loprinzi, an assistant professor of health and exercise science at the University of Mississippi. He was a co-author of the study with Jeremy Loenneke, also of the University of Mississippi, and Elizabeth Blackburn, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, who shared a Nobel Prize in 2009 for the discovery of the molecular nature of telomeres.有趣的是,研究人员发现,这种相关性在40岁至65岁人群中最强。密西西比大学的健康与运动科学助理教授保罗·罗普林茨(Paul Loprinzi)认为,这表明,要是你不想让端粒缩短,中年可能是开始或者坚持锻炼计划的关键时段。他与密西西比大学的杰里米·伦内克(Jeremy Loenneke)、加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的伊丽莎白·布莱克本(Elizabeth Blackburn)教授同为本研究的共同作者,而布莱克本教授曾因发现了端粒的分子性质而与其他人分享了2009年的诺贝尔奖。However, as Dr. Loprinzi points out, this study is purely associational, so cannot show whether exercise actually causes changes in telomere length, only that people who exercise have longer telomeres.然而,正如罗普林茨士指出的那样,这项研究只是个纯粹的相关性研究,所以它只表示锻炼的人端粒较长,却无法说明运动是否确实会导致端粒长度的变化。The study also couldn’t tease out the ideal amount of exercise for telomere maintenance, Dr. Loprinzi say, because the survey asked only whether someone exercised at all, not how frequently.罗普林茨士还说,由于调查只询问了受访者是否进行过锻炼,并没有问及锻炼的频率,所以这项研究无法确定要维持端粒长度所需的理想运动量。Perhaps most important, the results don’t tell us whether longer telomeres translate into better health. But, Dr. Loprinzi says, other studies, including from his lab, “have shown that telomeres are predictive of mortality,” with shorter telomeres equating to shorter lives.也许最重要的是,研究结果并没能告诉我们,端粒较长是否就代表着更加健康。但是,罗普林茨士表示,包括他自己实验室的在内的其他研究“显示,端粒对死亡有预测意义”,较短的端粒就等同于较短的寿命。So the message seems clear, he says. “Exercise is good” for your cells, and “more exercise in greater variety” is likely to be even better.因此,个中启示很明确,他说,“运动对你的细胞有益”,且“越多地进行多种锻炼”效果可能就越好。 /201511/411638

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