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重庆市星宸整形医院电话重庆星宸医院新地址重庆星宸整形属于私人医院吗? Gus: Are you Shirley?你是雪莉吗?Shirley: Yeah, thanks agreeing to meet me here. Irsquo;m told yoursquo;re the best sniper in the business and you can be discreet. I need a hitman who can do a job, then make himself scarce.是啊,谢谢你同意在这儿喝我碰面有人告诉我你是很棒的狙击手你很谨慎我需要一个杀手为我做件事,然后消失Gus: Irsquo;m your man. Tell me about it.我听你的告诉我需要做什么Shirley: Therersquo;s someone whorsquo;s been a thorn in my side, keeping me up at night, and itrsquo;s time to take him out.有个人一直是我的眼中钉,他晚上让我睡不着觉,是时候收拾他了Gus: Taking care of problems is my specialty. Irsquo;ll need a down payment now and the balance when I finish him off. We shouldnrsquo;t meet again, so Irsquo;ll tell you later where to make a drop.照顾的问题,是我的特长我需要现在首付和平衡,当我完成他送行我们不应该满足了,所以以后我会告诉你在哪里下降Shirley: All right.好的Gus: Good. How will I be able to spot the target?好的我如何能够发现目标?Shirley: Herersquo;s a picture. Hersquo;s usually in the yard in the afternoons.这是照片他通常下午在院子里Gus: You want me to kill a dog?!你要我去杀一条?Shirley: Right, hersquo;s my neighborrsquo;s dog and he keeps me up every night. Is that a problem?是的,他是我邻居的,他让我每天晚上都睡不着觉这不是问题吧?Gus: You bet it is. Who do you think I am? People are disposable, but dogs? Theyrsquo;re a manrsquo;s best friend.你打赌要杀它你认为我是什么人?人是可任意处理的,但吗?它们是人类最好的朋友Shirley: Are you kidding me? You wonrsquo;t take the job?你在开玩笑吧?你不会接受这份工作?Gus: Nope, I wonrsquo;t. If you want to pay good money to take out a dog, then thatrsquo;s your prerogative, but I have my standards!不,我不会如果你想付很多钱去杀一条,那是你的特权,但我有我的标准!sniper n. 狙击兵; 狙击手discreet adj. 小心的hitman n. 职业杀手Irsquo;m your man. 我听你的a thorn in my side 我的眼中钉spot v.发现disposable adj. 可任意处理的pay good money 付很多钱prerogative n. 特权 0重庆星辰皮肤整形价格

重庆星辰美容是正规医院嘛Mia:This is ridiculous! Theyre going to suspend Eric Rodrigo doping.米娅:这简直就是荒谬!他们因为埃里克·罗德里戈用兴奋剂而对他禁赛Alex:From what Ive , he failed his random drug test and they found permance-enhancing drugs in his system.亚历克斯:据我了解,他没有通过随机药检,而且在他的体内发现了竞技类药物Mia:But he one of the best players on the team.米娅:但他是队中最好的球员之一Without him, we wont have a chance to get to the playoffs.没了他,我们就没机会打进季后赛了Alex:He should have thought of that bee he decided to cheat.亚历克斯:在偷尝禁果之前他就应该想到Im surprised theyre only suspending him a few games.我很惊讶他们只是禁赛他几场Last year, a player on another team was banned life from the sport and stripped of his championship titles.去年另一队的一名球员被处以终身禁赛极刑并且剥夺了他的冠军头衔Mia:In my opinion, they completely overreacted and one of the best players in the game is off the field ever.米娅:在我看来,他们完全是反应过度,很难想象这个圈子里最好的球员之一永远离开了我们Alex:You dont think that people who use steroids and other banned substances should be punished?亚历克斯:你认为那些使用类固醇和其他违禁药物的人不应该受到惩罚?Mia:Not when the fans are the ones who really pay the price.米娅:球迷们付出的可是真感情,他们不愿意见到这种情况出现Alex:So youre in favor of allowing permance-enhancing drugs in sports?亚历克斯:你赞成赛事中用竞技类药物?Mia:Sure, why not? If everybody is doping, it levels the playing field.米娅:当然,为什么不呢?如果每个人都用兴奋剂,会提高赛事的水平Alex:I am really glad youre not the commissioner!亚历克斯:我真高兴你不是那些专员! 7重庆市星宸美容哪个好 Achim: Check out this new game I just got! Marcia: Let me see. Oh, it’s a fighting game. I’m not into those. I like role-playing or simulation games a lot better. Achim: This isn’t just a fighting game. You have to use strategy each mission. Check out these amazing graphics! Marcia: I can’t play that at my house. I have a different console. Achim: Yes, you can. It’s multiplatm. Look at the box. It says that you can use a joystick as your navigation system or a keyboard and mouse. Marcia: You know, right now I’m really into retro games. Achim: You mean last year’s games? Marcia: No, I mean really old school games, like the ones my parents used to play. Achim: You mean like Pac-Man and Pong?! Marcia: Yeah, exactly. They’re classic and a lot less violent. Achim: Yeah, but they’re so boring you fall asleep playing them. You can’t call yourself a gamer if you play those kinds of games. Give me 3-D action and some blood and gore. Marcia: You can have it. I’ll pass. 9567重庆市星辰美容医院怎样

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