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Can a cup of blueberries keep the doctor away? Maybe.一杯蓝莓能保持身体健康?也许能。Researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 40 postmenopausal women ages 45 to 65 with high blood pressure. Half ate 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder (equivalent to a cup of blueberries) daily for eight weeks. The others consumed an identical-looking and tasting placebo.研究者对40位45岁至65岁的绝经后高血压妇女进行了一项随机、双盲、安慰剂对照的研究。其中一半每天吃22克冷冻干燥的蓝莓粉(相当于一杯蓝莓),共吃八周。另一半用一种外观和味道与蓝莓粉完全相同的安慰剂。The study, in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found that those who ate the blueberry preparation saw an average 5.1 percent decrease in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and a 6.3 percent decrease in diastolic pressure. Levels of nitric oxide, known to be involved in relaxing and widening blood vessels, increased significantly in the blueberry eaters. There were no significant changes in the placebo group.这项发表在《美国营养与饮食学会会刊》上的研究发现,蓝莓粉用者的收缩压(高压)平均降低了5.1%,舒张压平均降低了6.3%,一氧化氮水平提高了很多——一氧化氮有助于放松和扩张血管。安慰组的相关指数没有显著变化。The improvement, the scientists write, was moderate compared with that of blood pressure medicines. But, they say, eating blueberries in larger amounts or for longer periods could increase the effect.研究者们写道,这些改善与降压药的作用相比较为温和。但是他们说,长期大量食用蓝莓能提升效果。The lead author, Sarah A. Johnson, a postdoctoral researcher at Florida State University, said she saw no reason for people to radically change their diet, but that if they are not eating blueberries, they might want to try them. “There is something very special about the composition of blueberries that is responsible for their effect on blood pressure,” she said. “Other fruits and plant extracts have not produced the same result.”这项研究的主要作者莎拉·A·约翰逊(Sarah A. Johnson)是佛罗里达大学的士后研究员。她认为人们没必要彻底改变饮食习惯,但是如果他们没有在吃蓝莓,可以尝试一下。“蓝莓的成分中有一种很特别的东西,对降压有效,”她说,“其他水果和植物萃取物没有这样的效果。” /201501/355040What is the most disturbing truth about life?人生最令人不安的真相是什么?I would like to answer this with a e,我想引用一句话回复你:;Everyone in this world is self-centered. It’s just the radius that makes the difference.;在这个世界上,每个人都是以自我为中心的,只是每个人的半径有所不同。Success hugs you in private but failure slaps you in public.成功都是悄悄接近你的,但是失败却是当众打你脸的。We all had that one close person in our lives, who is now a stranger.我们生命都有过那个ta,曾经形容不离,后来形同陌路。During the course of your life, you will have to stop, and let some people off, no matter how close they are.在生命的慢慢长路上,你都有必须停下来的时候,让他人离开你,无论他们同你多么亲近。And someday while ing something like this, you will look back and count.而某一天,当你读到这类文字的时候,你会回头看看,然后回忆,回忆,回忆。Most people in life have to spend years relearning the exact same lessons that the previous generation have aly learned.生活中太多人,必须耗费多年重学前人已经学会的东西。Your looks matter!!你的长相至关重要!!You will always be judged first on the basis of your appearance before anything else.你总是会被第一眼以貌取人。;Happiness is your biggest enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose.;- Niki Lauda, Rush(2013)“幸福是最大的敌人,它让你软弱,让你心生怀疑。突然间你就有了放不下的事。”尼基·劳达《极速风流》(2013)Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up.友人来来去去,但敌人越积多。85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.你在财政上的成功85%取决于你的个性、你交际、商谈和领导的能力。令人震惊的是,只有15%取决于你的专业知识。Nothing really matters.没有什么是至关重要的。In the grand scheme of things, you, your legacy, your existence, your contribution to the world.. doesn#39;t matter how great it is..从事物的宏观角度出发,你、你的遗产、你的存在、你对世界的贡献无论多么伟大,都不值一提。Time will destroy everything.时间会摧毁一切。1.No one apart from your parents gives a crap about you.除了你的父母别人都会嫌弃你。Your friends want you to be successful but not more successful than them.你的朋友希望你很成功——但是不要比他们成功。Your friends want you to be happy but not happier than them.你的朋友希望你过得开心——但是不要比他们开心。2.Beauty shouldn#39;t matter but it does. You are bound to get a lot of favors if you are beautiful.美貌不应该至关重要,但是它确实是。如果你天生丽质,那你一定备受追捧。3. You will lose that one friend who you thought would be with you till the end of eternity itself.你会失去一个朋友——一个你认为誓死都会陪伴在你身边的朋友。4. In the end you are all alone. Learn to face it.直到世界终结,你都将与孤独为伴。学着去面对它吧。 /201504/369043

With frightful December weather approaching, your date ideas will have to get a bit more creative. You may not be able to grab drinks on a patio or have a picnic at the park anymore, but we’ve come up with fun, inexpensive options to keep your social life humming along no matter how low the temperature dips. Take a break from the classic dinner and a movie routine with one of these original ideas.十二月的严寒已慢慢逼近,你的约会点子也需要更富有创意一些!在天台上喝饮料或者去公园野餐似乎都不大现实了,不过,这里我们列出了一些有趣而实惠的选择,不管外面的温度有多低,都能让你的社交生活活跃起来。是时候换换传统的共进晚餐或是平淡乏味的电影约会了,试试这些新颖的点子吧!Fun activities to share分享有趣的活动Visit the deep sea参观海底世界You don’t have to completely forget about summer in cold winter days. Embark on an exotic adventure with a visit to the aquarium. Aquariums are romantic because of the dim lighting and dreamy seascapes.即使在寒冷的冬天,也不要把夏天统统抛在脑后。参观水族馆就像开启了一场颇具异域风情的冒险之旅。昏暗的灯光与梦幻般的海景都让海洋馆成为浪漫之地。Go to improve看一场即兴表演Watching comedy is a fun way to get away from the cold and bond over cheap laughs. In small improv troupes, comedians are given ridiculous scenarios to act out on the spot.看场喜剧表演也是个摆脱寒冷的不错选择:两个人一起因为一些没深度的笑话而捧腹,彼此间的距离也因此变得亲密。在一些小型即兴表演剧团里,喜剧演员们经常会带来现场的滑稽情景表演。See a local band neither of you know看一场你闻所未闻的当地乐队的表演It’s common knowledge that including anything rock ’n’ roll on your date makes you look cooler. And if the performance fits your taste, great. If not, research shows people develop feelings for each other more quickly when they have a mutual dislike in common. So it’s a win-win.众所周知,一旦约会中加入了摇滚元素,就会让你看起来更酷;如果表演恰好正合你们的口味,那就更棒了。而研究表明,即使演出不合口味,两个人的感情也会因为共同的不喜欢而迅速升温。所以这是个双赢的好点子。Be bookworms做个书虫Hit up the library or a bookstore. Show each other your favorite books from your childhood. Read some of your all-time favorite passages. It’s the best way to learn about your partner’s interests.逛逛图书馆或者书店。两个人互相给对方介绍从儿时起自己最喜欢的书籍;读读那些一直以来你最爱的段落。这是了解你另一半兴趣的最好方式。Cozy indoor dates舒适的室内约会Stage your own film festival办一场自己的“电影节”It’s cliché to watch a film at a cinema, and who hasn’t aly had a movie marathon at home? Why not make a standard movie night a little more interesting by adding a theme to the mix: favorite movie couple, favorite movie that’s so bad it’s good, scariest movie ever made ... you get the idea. Each of you picks your top contender, and then you can flip for who goes first.去电影院看电影早就没创意了,而且谁还没在家里“跑”过电影马拉松呢?你还可以给千篇一律的电影之夜加一个主题,让它变得更有趣:比如“最喜爱银幕情侣的电影”,“权把坏片当好片的最喜爱电影”,以及“史上最吓人电影”等等,不管怎样,主题都由你们自己定。两个人都挑出自己的“最佳私藏”,然后一决高下看看谁的更胜一筹。Comfort cooking舒地做顿佳肴Cold weather calls for comfort food and, luckily, making soup can be a great date idea that doesn’t require much culinary skill. Make the soup from scratch or buy a bunch of frozen beans, corn and carrots and other veggies, and dump them in the pot. Either way, you’ll have something to do together that’s not too challenging, and a lovely soup dinner to look forward to.寒冷的天气需要美食的慰藉,幸运的是,煲汤这个极佳的约会点子对烹饪技巧的要求并不高。你们可以从洗菜开始,也可以买一堆速冻的豆子、玉米、胡萝卜以及其他蔬菜,然后将其一股脑倒进锅里。不管怎么样,你们总算有了一件可以一起做的事,而且难度系数不高,还有一顿甜蜜的热汤晚餐可以期待。 /201412/348036

There is nothing like a blank stone surface to inspire a widely shared urge to make art.没有什么东西会像空白的石头表面一样,能够激发广泛的艺术创作欲望。A team of researchers reported in the journal Nature on Wednesday that paintings of hands and animals in seven limestone caves on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi may be as old as the earliest European cave art.周三(本文最初发表于2014年10月9日),一组科研人员在《自然》杂志(Nature)上发表文章称,印度尼西亚苏拉威西岛七座石灰岩洞中发现的人手及动物图像,可能与欧洲最早的洞穴画一样古老。The oldest cave painting known until now is a 40,800-year-old red disk from El Castillo, in northern Spain.目前已知的最古老的洞穴画是西班牙北部卡斯蒂略金字塔中已有4万零800年历史的壁画。Other archaeologists of human origins said the new findings were spectacular and, in at least one sense, unexpected. Sulawesi’s cave art, first described in the 1950s, had previously been dismissed as no more than 10,000 years old.其他一些研究人类起源的考古学家表示,这一新发现相当引人注目,而且至少在一种意义上,出乎了人们的意料。20世纪50年代,首次出现了有关苏拉威西岛洞穴画的介绍。科研人员之前认为,这些壁画的历史不超过1万年。“Assuming that the dates are good,” Nicholas Conard, an archaeologist at the University of Tübingen in Germany, said in an email, “this is good news, and the only surprising thing is not that analogous finds would exist elsewhere, but rather that it has been so hard to find them” until now.“假设得出的年代准确,”德国蒂宾根大学(University of Tübingen)的考古学家尼古拉斯·科纳尔(Nicholas Conard)在电邮中说,“这是好消息,唯一令人意外的不是会在其他地方找到类似的发现,而是竟然一直都难以找到它们,”直到现在。Eric Delson, a paleoanthropologist at Lehman College of the City University of New York, agreed that the discovery “certainly makes sense.” Recent genetic findings, he said, “support an early deployment of modern humans eastward to Southeast Asia and Australasia, and so having art of a similar age is reasonable as well.”纽约城市大学莱曼学院(Lehman College of the City University of New York)的古人类学家埃里克·德尔森(Eric Delson)认同这项发现“无疑很合理”。他表示,最近在基因学上的发现“持了晚期智人一早向东迁移至东南亚和澳大拉西亚的说法,因此拥有相似年代的美术作品也是合情合理的”。The authors of the new study, a team from Australia and Indonesia, used a uranium decay technique to date the substance that encrusts the wall paintings — a mineral called calcite, created by water flowing through the limestone in the cave. The art beneath is presumably somewhat older than the crust.这篇新研究论文的作者是一群来自澳大利亚和印度尼西亚的研究者。他们利用铀衰变技术确定了壁画外层物质的年代。这种名为方解石的矿物由水流过山洞里的石灰石而形成。矿物层下的壁画的年代应该比矿物层本身更久远。Maxime Aubert and Adam Brumm, research fellows at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, and the leaders of the study, examined 12 images of human hands and two figurative animal depictions at the cave sites.澳大利亚昆士兰格里菲斯大学(Griffith University)的两名研究人员马克西姆·奥贝特(Maxime Aubert)和亚当·布鲁姆(Adam Brumm)是团队带头人。他们对洞中12幅人类手部图画及两幅具象动物图画进行了检测。The researchers said the earliest images, with a minimum age of 39,900 years, are the oldest known stenciled outlines of human hands in the world. Blowing or spraying pigment around a hand pressed against rock surfaces would become a common practice among cave artists down through the ages — and even some of the youngest schoolchildren to this day.研究人员表示,其中最古老的图画至少有3万9900年的历史,是世界上已知的年代最久远的利用人手模板绘制的轮廓图。将手压到岩石表面,在其周围吹或喷洒颜料成为了后来的洞穴艺术家惯用的手法,甚至到了今天,一些年幼的学生还在使用这个方法。A painting of an animal known as a pig deer, of the species babirusa, was determined to be at least 35,400 years old. The team concluded that it was “among the earliest dated figurative depiction worldwide, if not the earliest one.”研究人员确定,一幅鹿豚——一种巴比如萨猪鹿——洞穴画至少有3万5400年的历史。团队认为,这“就算不是世界上最古老的具象图画,也属于最古老的行列”。The closest in age from Western Europe is a painting of a rhinoceros from Chauvet Cave in France, dated at 35,000 years old, although some archaeologists have questioned that estimate. The most familiar rock art in the region of Sulawesi was created by the Aborigines of Australia, modern humans who arrived there 50,000 years ago. But none of the surviving rock art is older than 30,000 years.西欧地区与其年代上最接近的图画是法国肖维岩洞的犀牛图。它有3万5000年的历史,但一些考古学家对这一估计表示怀疑。苏拉威西岛地区最为人所熟知的岩石艺术品是由澳大利亚的土著居民创作的。这些晚期智人在大约5万年前到达该地区。不过,现存的岩石艺术品的历史均未超过3万年。The Sulawesi dates challenge the long-held view about the origins of cave art in an explosion of human creativity centered on Western Europe about 40,000 years ago, Dr. Aubert said, in an announcement issued by Griffith University.在格里菲斯大学发表的声明中,奥贝特士表示,苏拉威西岛画作的年代对长期以来有关洞穴艺术起源的观点形成挑战。传统观念认为,人类创造力大爆发的现象以大约4万年前的西欧地区为中心,并由此产生了洞穴艺术。Instead, he said, the creative brilliance required to produce the lifelike portrayals of horses and other animals much later at famous sites like Chauvet and Lascaux in France could have particularly deep roots within the human lineage.他表示,与这种学说相反,很久以后法国肖维岩洞和拉斯科洞穴等著名古迹里出现的那种栩栩如生的马等动物的图像,所需要的创意才华可能深深扎根于人类血统中。But it is too soon to assess the discovery’s deeper implications, Wil Roebroeks, a specialist in human origins studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands, wrote in a commentary accompanying the report. “Whether rock art was an integral part of the cultural repertoire of colonizing modern humans, from Western Europe to southeast and beyond, or whether such practices developed independently in various regions, is unknown,” he wrote.荷兰莱顿大学(Leiden University)研究人类起源的专家维尔·罗伯罗伊克兹(Wil Roebroeks)在与论文同时发表的中写道,现在评估这项发现的深层含义还为时过早。“目前尚不清楚,岩石艺术究竟是从西欧迁移到东南部及更远的地方的晚期智人创造的文化技能的内在组成部分,还是在各个地区得到了单独发展,”他写道。“But what is clear,” Dr. Roebroeks continued, “is that no figurative art is known from before the time of the initial expansion of Homo sapiens into Asia and across Europe — neither from earlier H. sapiens in Africa nor from their contemporaries in western Eurasia, the Neanderthals.”“但已经明确的是,”罗伯罗伊克兹士继续写道,“还没有发现智人最初向亚洲及在欧洲各地迁徙前出现的具象艺术,也没有发现早期非洲智人或欧亚大陆西部同时代人类——尼安德特人——时期的具象艺术。”Dr. Conard, of Tübingen University, said he had long argued for what he calls polycentric mosaic modernity, in which similar kinds of cultural innovations happened in different contexts as modern Homo sapiens sp across the world and displaced archaic hominins.德国蒂宾根大学的科纳尔士表示,他早就提出了“多中心融合发展”的学说:随着晚期智人扩散至世界各地,取代早期智人,不同的地方出现了类似的文化创新活动。“I have never thought that complex symbolic behavior has a single point source and that cultural evolutions is like switching a light on,’” he said. “One would expect different regions to have distinctive signatures and to contribute to the story in their own way.”“我从不认为,复杂的象征性行为有一个单一的源头,也不认为文化进化就像关上灯的开关一样,”他说。“应该认为不同的地区有各自的特征,以自己不同的方式共同为历史贡献力量。”Dr. Delson, of CUNY, said he tended “to prefer the idea that art came as part of the ’baggage’ of Homo sapiens as they sp into Eurasia, mainly as we know that so many of the cultural features once thought to have developed in western Eurasia in fact occurred far earlier in Africa.”纽约城市大学的德尔森士则表示,他往往“倾向于这种想法,即艺术是智人扩散到欧亚大陆时携带的#39;行李#39;的一部分。这主要是因为,众所周知,那些曾被认为起源于欧亚大陆西部的文化现象实际上很早以前就出现在非洲。”He cited the examples of early use of pigments and engravings in Africa, as well as bodily adornment with shells and advanced stoneworking technology.他提到的例子包括,非洲的人类早早使用颜料、进行雕刻、用贝壳装饰身体,还拥有先进的砌石工艺。In their report, Dr. Aubert and Dr. Brumm took no sides in the debate. “It is possible that rock art emerged independently around the same time and at roughly both ends of the spatial distribution of early modern humans,” they concluded. “An alternate scenario, however, is that cave painting was widely practiced by the first H. sapiens to leave Africa tens of thousands of years earlier.”在论文中,奥贝特和布鲁姆对这一争论持中立态度。“岩石艺术有可能同时在早期智人分布地区的两端独立出现,”他们在结论部分这样写道。“然而,也可能是另一种情况,即再往前数万年,第一批离开非洲的智人广泛进行洞穴画创作。”If that is the case, the Australian-Indonesian research team predicted, “We can expect future discoveries of depictions of human hands, figurative art and other forms of image-making dating to the earliest period of the global dispersal of our species.”如果事实的确如此,澳大利亚和印度尼西亚的联合研究小组预测,“我们可以期待未来会发现人手图画、具象艺术,以及能够追溯到人类最早向全球扩散时期的其他一些成像艺术形式。” /201411/344939

  There is no single sensible answer to this question. It#39;s impossible to count the number of words in a language, because it#39;s so hard to decide what actually counts as a word. Is dog one word, or two (a noun meaning #39;a kind of animal#39;, and a verb meaning #39;to follow persistently#39;)? If we count it as two, then do we count inflections separately too (e.g. dogs plural noun, dogs present tense of the verb). Is dog-tired a word, or just two other words joined together? Is hot dog really two words, since it might also be written as hot-dog or even hotdog?这个问题并没有一个简单而合理的。想要计算一种语言里有多少单词是不可能做到的,因为很难定义究竟什么才是一个单词。Dog究竟算一个单词还是两个(名词指一种动物,动词指长期跟随)?如果算作两个,那么我们是否也要把它的变型也单独计算(例如:复数名词dogs,第三人称单数现在时dogs)?Dog-tired(筋疲力尽)算一个单词还是两个连在一起的单词?既然Hot dog(热)可以被写成hot-dog甚至hotdog,它真的算两个单词吗?It#39;s also difficult to decide what counts as #39;English#39;. What about medical and scientific terms? Latin words used in law, French words used in cooking, German words used in academic writing, Japanese words used in martial arts? Do you count Scots dialect? Teenage slang? Abbreviations?同样,很难定义什么才算英语。医学和科学名词怎么办?法律中使用的拉丁词汇、烹饪中使用的法语词汇、学术写作中使用的德语词汇和武术中使用的日语词汇怎么办?苏格兰方言算不算?青少年的俚语呢?缩写呢?The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words. To this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. Over half of these words are nouns, about a quarter adjectives, and about a seventh verbs; the rest is made up of exclamations, conjunctions, prepositions, suffixes, etc. And these figures don#39;t take account of entries with senses for different word classes (such as noun and adjective)。长达20卷的《牛津英语词典》第二版中有171476个仍在使用的单词词条,还有47156个废弃单词词条。此外还要加上约9500个派生词作为词条下面的分项。这些单词中,超过半数是名词,约四分之一的单词是形容词,七分之一左右的词是动词,剩下的是感叹词、连词、介词和词缀等。这一数字并未把单词的不同词性(例如名词和形容词)分别计算。This suggests that there are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words, excluding inflections, and words from technical and regional vocabulary not covered by the OED, or words not yet added to the published dictionary, of which perhaps 20 per cent are no longer in current use. If distinct senses were counted, the total would probably approach three quarters of a million。这表明,英语中有至少25万单词,其中的20%可能已经不再使用。这25万单词中不包括变型、《牛津英语词典》中不收录的专业术语和地方方言、以及尚未被已出版词典收录的单词。如果要把同一单词的不同含义分别计算,英语单词的总数可能会接近75万。 /201506/382582



  Crossing-over Bridge Rice Noodles 过桥米线 In the early years of the Qing Dynasty,Nanhu Lake of Mengzi county in Yunnan Province is a scenic wonderland. There are always men of letters ing poems.相传清朝初年,云南蒙自县城的南湖风景优美,常有文人墨客攻读诗书于此。In order to get an official rank through passing exams , a scholar named Yang builds a hut on an island in the middle of a lake, with one bridge linked to the bank. He studies assiduously on the island every day. His wife is so virtuous and laborious that she sends meals to him back and forth and works the fields from dawn to dusk.Because of the great distance,when she gets there, the food has become cold and unappetizing. The scholar is wasting away with the passing time, so his wife is much worried about it.有位姓杨的书生为考取功名,在湖中小岛筑了一间茅屋,与湖岸一桥相连,每日在岛上用功苦读。其妻勤劳贤惠,每日往返送食,因路途稍远,每次送到后,饭菜已凉,书生食之无味,天长日久日渐消瘦,妻子甚是着急。One day, she kills a chicken and cooks chicken soup in a heated earthen pot, adding some rice noodles and slicing meat and vegetables. Unfortunately when she crosses the stone bridge on the way to the island, she falls senseless to the ground for working too hard every day.一日妻将家养的鸡宰杀,把砂锅烧热,煨汤一罐,配上米线、肉片、蔬菜往岛上送去,过石桥的时候,因终日辛劳昏倒在地。It has been a long time before she came to life. She is so surprised to find the earthen pot still hot. Her husband is surprised too. After a careful examination, He finds two secrets: there is thick chicken oil on the surface of the soup and the earthen vessel does not ily conduct heat. As a result, the heat of the soup is well preserved. He rains praises on it after eating it up.良久醒来,妻摸砂锅发现还很烫手,妻子很是惊喜,急忙过桥向丈夫奉上鸡汤米线,丈夫感到汤很烫手,甚为惊奇,仔细查看,原来汤表面覆盖着一层鸡油,加之陶制器皿不易传热,把热量封存于汤内,丈夫食罢连声称赞。Since then, the scholar has a balanced diet, becoming healthier and more hardworking. Finally he succeeds in a government examination. When his fellow scholars come to congratulate him, he asks his wife to treat them with the rice noodles with chicken soup. They praise it repeatedly and ask what the splendid meal is. Thinking of the bridge she crosses every day, she blurts out “crossing-over bridge rice noodles”. Therefore, crossing-over bridge rice noodles become famous and sp widely.从此以后,书生饮食调匀,身体日益康健,越发用功读书,终获金榜题名。同窗前来贺喜,丈夫让妻子如法用鸡汤配制米线招待客人,大家食罢连连称绝,纷纷询问是何佳肴,妻子想到每天走过的小桥顺口说“过桥米线”,从此,“过桥米线”名声鹊起在民间广为流传。 /201505/373810In the village where he was born, a Chinese chicken breeder emerged from a lake of green to tell of his life beneath the waves in a homemade orange submarine.一位中国养鸡户在他家乡碧绿的湖水中,坐着自制的橙色潜艇,冒险沉入水下。Tan Yong bolted together his two-tonne craft, christened the ;Happy Lamb; after a popular cartoon character, in just nine months and has steered it down to depths of eight metres.谭勇将自己固定在他两吨重的潜艇里。他用了一个流行卡通人物的名字——“喜羊羊”来命名自己的潜艇。只用了9个月制作的潜艇,已经能够深入8米水下。The 44-year-old is one of the growing ranks of rural Chinese do-it-yourself inventors whose individualism contrasts with the collective farming of past decades.44岁的他是新兴的中国农民自创发明家中的一员,这种个性思想与过去几十年间集体务农生活形成了鲜明对比。In his electric vessel, gauges and air pressure dials were screwed to the cabin wall above plastic piping that would look appropriate beneath a kitchen sink, while handwritten operating instructions were stuck up with sticky tape. Electric cables spewed from an array of fuseboxes, and a gas canister was positioned on the floor.在他的电力潜艇中,用螺栓将仪表和空压计固定在舱壁上,下面是塑料管道,看上去刚好处在一个厨用水槽下方,手写的操作说明用胶带粘在上面。保险丝盒中的电线头四散开来,地面上还摆放着一个瓦斯罐。;This is the air pump, it#39;s used for going up and down,; Tan explained, adding nonchalantly: ;I haven#39;t installed any kind of escape device.;“这是空气泵,用来控制上浮和下沉”。谭解释道,并且毫不在意补充道:“我没有安装任何逃生设备。”Tan was born just two years after the Beatles released their 1968 hit Yellow Submarine, but he grew up in rural poverty and says he does not know any songs about coloured underwater vessels.谭出生的前2年,正值披头士乐队发布1968年大碟黄色潜水艇,但他在贫苦的农村长大,从没听过什么关于色潜水器的歌曲。At a national level China has increasing naval ambitions and Tan, who makes his living selling chickens, first hatched the idea of building a submarine two years ago, launching a prototype in March.从国家层面,中国的发展海军的雄心日益增强。而对于依靠养鸡生活的谭,第一次萌发出制造潜艇的想法还是在两年前,今年三月才完成了船的雏形。;I never studied this in school, I#39;ve based everything on my imagination,; he said. ;I can stay underwater for 45 minutes.;“上学时我从未学过这些,我只能凭借自己想象来做”,他说道,“现在我的潜艇能在水下待上45分钟。”He scraped an extra layer of sealant around the portholes before waving cheerily as he closed the hatch, emblazoned with a red Communist-style star.潜艇舱门上镶嵌着一枚象征共产主义的红色五角星,关上舱门前,他又在舷窗边缘涂上一层密封胶,并向人们热烈地挥了挥手。The craft -- powered by five car batteries -- chugged away from the banks of the Danjiangkou reservoir, with a friend aboard and many more of them cheering as they looked on from beneath a grove of orange trees.这艘船由五块车用电池驱动,轰鸣着离开丹江口水库的岸边。谭的朋友等在岸边的橘子林中,很多人翘首期盼,发出欢呼声。The engine whirred and bubbles rippled the lake#39;s still surface as it gently descended, leaving a barely visible outline before disappearing entirely.发动机呼呼地喷出气泡,静静的湖面上出现一片涟漪,潜艇缓慢下沉,留下一道痕迹,之后完全消失在水中。But his mother stayed away from the demonstration.但谭的母亲距离人群远远的。;He#39;s had a habit of making things since he was small. Toys, boats, model guns and things like that,; said Wang Mingfeng, 65.“他从小就爱好做东西。做些玩具、船、模等,只要他喜欢就做。”65岁的王明峰说。;I don#39;t dare to watch, I#39;m too scared it#39;s unsafe.;“我不敢看,我害怕太危险。”#39;Peasant Da Vincis#39;农民达芬奇Launching himself into the life aquatic, Tan is one of a number of amateur inventors -- dubbed ;Peasant Da Vincis; -- who have in recent years bashed together home made planes, helicopters and even tanks, apparently with little consideration of practical value.投入到自己水上事业,谭成为众多的业余发明家中的一员,他自诩为“农民达芬奇”。最近几年,这些业余发明家遭遇到广泛批评,因为他们自己制作飞机、直升机甚至是坦克,明显缺乏实用性考虑。They include a hairdresser from Zhejiang province, who built a one-seater aeroplane with wheels from a motorised wheelchair and a seat scavenged from a go-kart.他们中包括浙江的一名理发师,制作了单座飞机,飞机轮子是从残疾轮椅上拆卸下来,而座位则来自卡丁车。In late 2012 a farmer in Hebei province grabbed worldwide headlines ahead of the supposed Mayan apocalypse with a range of ;survival pods; hewn from fiberglass.2012年底,一位河北农民登上世界各国媒体头条,设想用玻璃纤维切削成的一组“生存舱”来实现玛雅启示录。This year, the creations took a military turn when Jian Lin, a 31-year-old farmer, drove a homemade tank through a village in Sichuan province.今年,有些创意甚至引发军方注意,31岁的农民林建驾驶自制坦克行驶在四川省的一个农村。Tao Xiangli, a young man from a remote spot in eastern Anhui province who now lives in the capital, blazed a trail into the depths in 2010 with a home-made submarine featured in a Shanghai exhibition on the work of eight rural tinkerers.陶相礼——一位安徽省东部偏僻地区的年轻人,在2010年进一步深化了这种尝试,将八个乡村修理工自制的潜水艇搬上了上海展览会的展台。目前他已经到省会生活。;They are determined and fearless, in that they are not afraid of mockery from others,; the show#39;s curator, artist Cai Guo-qiang told AFP.“他们执着并且无畏,实施过程中也不在乎别人的嘲笑。”此次表演的组织者,艺术家蔡国强对AFP的记者说。;People in the countryside under the Communist regime used to collectively work and live together, and there was no room for individualism,; he added.“共产党体制下,乡村的人们习惯于进行集体工作和生活,而个人主义没有发展空间。”他补充道。;The emergence of peasant Da Vincis also implies that the creativity of peasants in China is slowly taking shape and gaining traction.;农民达芬奇的出现也预示着中国农民的创造力正在慢慢彰显,并且吸引力在不断增加。#39;Crushed like plastic#39; 就像挤压塑料A silence hung over the lake in Hubei province as Tan lingered undetectable to those on the shore.湖北的这片湖面一片宁静,谭在岸上徘徊时根本无法感觉到。Tan#39;s underwater journeys have not always been smooth, and he told earlier of a scary moment eight metres down.谭 的水下之旅并非一帆风顺,他说 距离水下8米那个危险的时刻还早。;There#39;s a lot of water pressure on the steel panels, they were crushed like a plastic bottle,; he said. ;I was very nervous. And then there was a large banging sound.“潜艇钢板承载了强大的水压,就像被压的塑料瓶子一样”。他说,“我非常紧张,随后产生了巨大的撞击声。”;I can guarantee its safe down to 10 metres. After that, it#39;s uncertain.;“我能保它可以安全的下潜到10米。更深的地方,我不敢保。”But minutes after diving, the submarine#39;s red star broke surface again, and Tan reemerged. ;No problem!; he said with a grin.但只过了几分钟,潜水艇上的红色五角星再次露出水面,谭也随着潜水艇浮出来。“没有任何问题!”他微笑着说。He has commandeered a shed outside his parents#39; ramshackle farmhouse as a personal workshop, where scrap metal litters the dirt floors.他强占了他父母快要倒塌的农屋外的一间小棚子作为加工车间,脏乱的地上四处丢着废金属板。Tan claims materials for the submarine cost him just 30,000 yuan (,000), though admits the time spent on its construction put strains on his marriage.谭称制作潜水艇的原材料大约花了他3万元,但坦诚将时间用在制作潜水艇上,也导致他的婚姻出现危机。;If I make another submarine, I will get down to 30 or 50 metres without any problems, I#39;ll just make the steel a bit thicker,; he said.“如果我再做一艘,下潜到30到50米绝对没有问题。只需要把钢板再加厚一点。”他说。But his eight-year-old son Tan Junfeng added a note of scepticism. ;Our family doesn#39;t have much money, and Dad#39;s spent it all,; he said. ;So I don#39;t think he#39;ll be making another one.;但他八岁的儿子谭峻峰却对此表示怀疑。“我们家里没有多少钱,并且爸爸已经把钱全花光了。”他说道。“所以我认为他没法再制作一艘。” /201412/349872

  Two social workers were walking through a rough part of the city in the evening.有两名社会工作者在晚上的时候 走过市区的简陋地方。They heard moans and muted cries for help from a back lane.Upon investigation,他们听到从后巷传来的求救呻吟声和很小的哭喊声。they found a semiconscious man in a pool of blood.他们发现有一个意识不清的人躺在血泊之中。;Help me,I#39;ve been mugged and viciously beaten ; he pleaded.他在恳求说:“救救我吧,我被人行凶抢劫,还遭到恶意痛打一顿。”The two social workers turned and walked away .这两名社会工作者转身离去。One remarked to her colleague: ; You know the person that did this really needs help.;其中一位向她的同事说:“你知道吧,于下这挡事的火才真 的需要协助呀。” /201503/361472

  An elegant pair of heels can seem the perfect way to complete a smart outfit.一双优雅的高跟鞋能为一身时髦的衣着锦上添花。But women who wear them too often may find the downsides soon outweigh the benefits – as research shows they can cause a potentially harmful imbalance in the feet.但女性过多穿高跟鞋也许弊大于利。研究表明,高跟鞋会导致足部肌肉失衡,而这种失衡有潜在危害性。Scientists examined the effect of the footwear on women who don high heels regularly for work.科学家们研究了那些日常工作穿高跟鞋的女性受到的影响。They found that despite initially strengthening important muscles around the ankle, after three years the shoes led to some muscles becoming dominant – increasing the risk of sprains.他们发现,尽管一开始高跟鞋使脚踝周围重要的肌肉变得强壮, 但3年后,它们会导致一些肌肉过于强健,无形中增加了扭伤的风险。#39;As high heels are in fashion and sometimes required for certain professions, many women may be unaware of the extent to which [the shoes] may be weakening their dynamic balance,#39; said Dr Yong-Seok Jee, from Hanseo University in South Korea.韩国韩瑞大学的季永颂士说:“穿高跟鞋是一种时尚,有时候穿高跟鞋也是出于职业要求,许多女性也许没有察觉到穿高跟鞋会一定程度上削弱她们的动态平衡。”#39;Eventually, major accidents such as falls and serious ankle sprains can result without proper maintenance and conditioning.#39;“最终,在缺乏适当保养和调节情况下,摔倒和严重的脚踝扭伤等一类的严重状况都有可能发生。”Dr Jee#39;s team studied 40 professional women who wear heels of10cmor higher at least three times a week.季士的小组研究了40名职业女性,她们一周至少穿三次鞋跟在10厘米或以上的高跟鞋。They regularly measured the women#39;s ankle strength, and found that two of the four main muscles started becoming dominant after between one and three years of regular wear.他们定期测量这些女性的脚踝强度,发现在常穿高跟鞋1到3年不等的情况下,四块主要肌肉的两块开始变得凸出。They told the International Journal of Clinical Practice: ‘These results suggest that wearing high heels may strengthen ankle muscles at first, but prolonged use [of more than three years] eventually causes a muscular imbalance – a crucial predictor of ankle injury.#39;他们对《国际临床实践杂志》表示:“这些结果表明,穿高跟鞋可能最初会使踝关节的肌肉变得强壮,但长期穿高跟鞋(超过3年)最终会导致肌平衡失调,而失调可能会引起踝关节损伤。”Deformed feet, back pain and unhealthy walking patterns can all result from wearing heels, Dr Jee added, so it is important for women to take what he describes as ‘preventative measures#39;.季士补充道,足部畸形,背部疼痛和不健康的行走方式均是穿高跟鞋导致的恶果。所以很重要的一点是,女性要采取他所描述的“预防措施”。As well as limiting how often the shoes are worn, Dr Jee recommends ankle-strengthening exercises such as deliberately walking on the heel of the foot with the ball raised, or tapping toes.在限制穿高跟鞋频率的同时,季士推荐加强踝关节的练习,比如故意用脚跟走路,把脚趾部分抬起来,也就是足尖点地那样的方式。Toe tapping involves sitting in a seat with bare feet on the ground and simply lifting the front of the foot, keeping the heel in place.足尖点地,是指我们坐在椅子上,光脚平落地上,抬起前脚掌,脚跟固定不动。#39;It is clinically important for wearers of heels to regularly perform [these] exercises,#39; Dr Jee said.季士说:“从临床方面来讲,穿高跟鞋的人有规律地进行这些练习十分重要。”The damage done by high heels is not only muscular – it can also be cosmetic.穿高跟鞋不仅对肌肉带来危害,还会影响美观。Celebrities#39; feet can often end up looking less than glamorous after years of wearing uncomfortable – but stylish – shoes.在多年穿着时尚但不舒的鞋子以后,名人们的脚看起来通常不如以前美观。The normally elegant Samantha Cameron proved the point during the election campaign in April, when she kicked off her loafers to reveal a patch of worn skin and bony lumps on her big toes.平常典雅大方的萨曼莎·卡梅伦在四月份的英国大选活动中明了这一点。当她踢掉穿着的乐福鞋时,露出来的是磨损的皮肤和脚趾上突出的大骨节。Podiatrist Michael Ratcliffe said at the time the lumps appeared to have been caused by years of irritation, and were ‘generally the result of wearing high heels#39;.足病医生迈克尔·拉特克利夫表示,鼓出来的包块似乎是因为持续数年的发炎造成的,“通常是由穿高跟鞋引起的”。 /201506/379037

  Say goodbye to the animal print, mink and gold lamé. After a rocky 1990s and noughties when the dour Soviet colour wheel was swapped for the excesses of the Putin oil boom, Russia’s fashion world has finally hit its stride, with a new crop of designers putting a modern take on Russia’s cultural heritage and enjoying crossover success in the west.动物斑纹装、貂皮装以及金色亮片装已成往事。经过上世纪90年代与21世纪头十年的重重困难(前苏联单调乏味的装色调因普京时代的滚滚石油财源而彻底改观),俄罗斯的时装业开始大踏步前行,新涌现的一波设计师赋予了俄罗斯文化传统以现代风格,成功实现风格转型,在西方社会大获成功。In recent months, designers such as Olga Vilshenko, Vika Gazinskaya (both available from Net-a-Porter) and Ulyana Sergeenko, who specialise in Russian folk art-inspired bohemian designs, have gained a following in Hollywood, New York and London that remains undimmed by the geopolitical events. Opening Ceremony in the US and Brown’s in London have also begun stocking Walk of Shame Moscow, a new brand by Andrey Artemov.近几个月以来,奥尔加#8226;维尔申科(Olga Vilshenko)、维卡#8226;甘琴斯卡娅(Vika Gazinskaya)以及乌里扬娜#8226;瑟吉安科(Ulyana Sergeenko)等设计新锐师在好莱坞、纽约以及伦敦拥有众多明星拥趸。前两人的时装在Net-a-Porter网店有售,而乌里扬娜#8226;瑟吉安科则专门设计受启发于俄罗斯民间艺术的波希米亚风格的时装。西方的时尚拥趸们也完全清楚乌克兰因地缘政治而爆发的战事。美国的Opening Ceremony及伦敦的布朗百货店(Brown’s)也开始囤积Walk of Shame Moscow的货,这是设计师安德雷#8226;阿尔捷莫夫(Andrey Artemov)最新设立的时尚品牌。At the Golden Globes last month nominee Julianna Margulies wore a Sergeenko gown, while Rihanna andKim Kardashian have become fans of Sergeenko’s more revealing outfits: Rihanna chose a white body suit and sheer robe for the MTV Movie Awards, while Kardashian has been photographed in various plunging bodices.在好莱坞的金球奖颁奖典礼上,入围者朱丽安娜#8226;玛格丽丝(Julianna Margulies)身穿瑟吉安科设计的长外衣,而蕾哈娜(Rihanna)与卡戴姗(Kim Kardashian)也已成为瑟吉安科暴露装的忠实粉丝:蕾哈娜穿了瑟吉安科设计的白色紧身衣与睡袍参加MTV电影大奖颁奖(MTV Movie Awards)典礼,而卡戴姗更是身穿深V紧身胸衣公然亮相。The actress Elle Fanning, meanwhile, is a follower of Gazinskaya and Walk of Shame Moscow. Across the Atlantic, London “It” girl Alexa Chung and the singer Florence Welch have both been seen in Vilshenko.与此同时,少女明星艾丽#8226;范宁(Elle Fanning)则是甘琴斯卡娅与Walk of Shame Moscow的拥趸。在大西洋彼岸的伦敦,时尚名媛艾里珊#8226;钟(Alexa Chung)与歌星佛洛伦丝#8226;韦尔奇(Florence Welch)则身穿维尔申科品牌时装抛头露面。The timing of their newfound popularity may seem off, but it’s evidence of a sea change in Russian fashion. It has ceased being a dalliance for a few well-off socialites and become a real industry more fitting of the Russian fashion market, worth bn in 2014, according to Fashion Consulting Group. “There is a myth about Russian fashion that it can’t be a real business#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;that it’s just some rich girls — the wives of rich businessmen dressing up their girlfriends. But, actually, it hasn’t been like this for a while,” says Ksenia Solovieva, editor-in-chief of Russian Tatler.这些新的流行时装的风头似乎已经过去,但这是俄罗斯时尚业彻底转变的据。它们也不再是少数阔绰时尚名媛们的“一时兴起”,而是已成长为契合俄罗斯时装业实际的真正产业——根据时尚咨询集团(Fashion Consulting Group)的统计数字,2014年俄罗斯时装业的总产值达580亿美元。“坊间一直流行这样的错误看法:俄罗斯时装业不可能真正成为产业……仅是一些有钱女孩(原是商界富豪的女友,由对方出资从事设计,如今已为人妇)的‘游戏’。但实际情况早已今非昔比,”俄罗斯《Tatler》杂志主编柯西尼娅#8226;索洛维耶娃(Ksenia Solovieva)如是说。“The husbands who at one time were helping their girlfriend designers with money aren’t [doing that] any more. The husbands are now asking for a business plan#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;A lot of designers are looking at fashion foremost as a business, and developing a strategy for how to make money not today or tomorrow, but long-term.”“一度出资协助自己设计师女友的富豪丈夫如今已改变策略。他们如今要求爱妻提供商业发展计划……很多设计师首先把时装业视为产业,并着手制订长远赢利策略,而非中短期战略。”Vilshenko was one of the first designers to forge this route. While her husband was once the principal investor, he exited after an outside investor took over. She is now managing 25 staff with a boutique and workroom in Moscow and a London office for UK clients.维尔申科是制订长远发展规划的首批设计师。尽管她丈夫过去是主要出资者,但在外部投资者接管后他选择了全身而退。她如今雇有25名员工,在莫斯科拥有自己的专卖店与工作室,并在伦敦开设了专为英国客户务的办公室。For Vilshenko, the brand’s foreign client base has been a blessing — mitigating the effects of the weakening Russian currency. “It’s good we’re not only in Russia,” she says of her business, which has a strong following in the Gulf also. “Garments that have a long length, a high neck and long sleeves are popular there,” says Vilshenko. “Their traditions are actually quite close to ours.”对于维尔申科来说,拥有外国客户群实属福音——此举可以大大减轻俄罗斯货币贬值造成的负面影响。“我们成功开拓了俄罗斯之外的市场,十分有利。”她指的是自己的生意,如今她的品牌在海湾国家也有众多拥趸。“超长款高领长袖装在海湾地区十分畅销,”维尔申科说。“她们的穿着习惯与我们十分相近。”However, even international sales can’t protect Russia’s leading designers from the effects of an almost 50 per cent fall in the rouble over the past year — Vilshenko and Sergeenko, for instance, import most of their materials.但是,国际市场的销售成绩再亮丽,也无法真正保护俄罗斯的知名设计师,因为过去一年,卢布的汇率几近腰斩——举个例子,维尔申科与瑟吉安科使用的多数面料均为进口。In an interview Sergeenko, who at Paris Couture Week decided to forego doing a show, instead offering one-on-one appointments, said she is also worried about the damaging effect of US and EU sanctions, as well as those on the Russian side — last year, the Kremlin’s chief economic adviser hinted it could ban the import of some European clothing and fabrics.瑟吉安科接受访谈时说:自己除了担心俄罗斯对美欧实行制裁的影响外,还对美欧对俄经济制裁所造成的破坏效应忧心忡忡——俄罗斯首席经济顾问去年曾暗示可能会禁止进口部分产自欧洲的装与面料。“I can’t imagine how in the modern world people can create these limits,” Sergeenko said, sitting in her Moscow showroom. “We have lived through so much #8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;In Russia you always witness some sort of historical event. There will be a period of calm, then something else happens.”“我无法想象生活在现代社会的人相互之间会如此‘以邻为壑’”,坐在自己莫斯科时装陈列室的瑟吉安科如是说。“我们与西方之间经历了如此多的风风雨雨……在俄罗斯,总能亲历某些历史性事件。往往过上一段时间的宁静生活后,就会折腾些波折来。”At her couture show in Paris last July — against a backdrop of conflict in east Ukraine — Sergeenko’s show began with the sound of a gunshot before a model entered in a calf-length leather jacket reminiscent of the Soviet secret police uniforms. (The designer says the idea was dreamt up long before the events of 2014.) Andrey Artemov of Walk of Shame Moscow says the crisis has been commercially unpredictable, describing how a Russian client might complain about the rouble but still buy the entire collection.去年七月,瑟吉安科在巴黎举办了自己的高级时装展(尽管此时乌克兰东部地区的冲突不断),开场白竟是一声响,然后是一位模特上场,她身穿长及腿肚子的皮夹克,不由得让人想起前苏联秘密警察的制。(设计师说其灵感早在2014年乌克兰危机爆发之前就已构思好。)设立Walk of Shame Moscow品牌的设计师安德雷#8226;阿尔捷莫夫说乌克兰危机给商业前景造成不可预测性,他形容一位俄罗斯客户尽管会抱怨卢布大幅贬值,但仍会悉数买下整个系列。Like other designers, Walk of Shame Moscow is taking no chances on the domestic market. Last year, the brand which specialises in lingerie-inspired dresses, trucker hats and boyfriend jackets — its muse being a hipster Holly Golightly, or “the cool and funny girl who drinks champagne for breakfast”, as Artemov puts it — opened a temporary showroom in Paris to coincide with the city’s fashion week.与其他设计师的选择一样,Walk of Shame Moscow为万全起见,并没在俄罗斯国内销售。去年,这家主打连衣裙(设计灵感来自贴身内衣)、卡车司机帽以及女夹克的品牌在巴黎开设了临时展厅,恰巧与巴黎时装周“撞墙”。Walk of Shame Moscow的御用模特是潮女霍莉#8226;戈莱特丽(Holly Golightly),也就是那位新潮风趣、早餐就喝香槟酒的时尚女。Artemov’s dream is to open an office in Europe. “I don’t want to create a Russian brand,” the designer says. “I want to create an international brand.”阿尔捷莫夫的梦想是在欧洲开办自己的分部。“我不希望创建俄罗斯时尚品牌,”她这样说道。“我的理想是创立国际知名品牌。”Courtney Weaver is the FT’s deputy Moscow bureau chief柯特妮#8226;韦弗为《金融时报》莫斯科分部副主任 /201503/364606。

  If this of a father dressing up as Spider-Man to surprise his cancer stricken son doesn’t move you, you’ve officially got no heart.这个视频记录了一位父亲易装蜘蛛侠以给身患癌症的儿子惊喜。如果这都感动不了你,那你真是没心了。In the clip, dad Mike Wilson dresses as the web-slinging superhero as a birthday surprise for five-year-old son Jaden, who is currently battling a Grade 4 brain stem tumour, a condition which gives sufferers a year to live.在视频片段中,这位名为迈克·威尔逊的父亲变身为会吐丝织网的超级英雄,为五岁的儿子杰登献上生日礼物。杰登现正和一个四级的脑肿瘤干细胞做斗争,这种病的患者只有一年可以活。The youngster looks stunned as Mr Wilson, a parkour enthusiast from Hampshire, is seen to jump from the roof of their home, before introducing himself to Jaden and grilling the birthday boy on his age.当来自汉普郡的跑酷狂热党威尔逊先生从自家房顶跳下后,还没来得及向杰登介绍自己和拷问小寿星的年龄,孩子已经看呆了。After giving Jaden a hug, Spidey proceeds to scoop him up in his arms before going back into their house, where they presumably swapped tips on how to defeat Dr Octopus and the Green Goblin.拥抱杰登之后,蜘蛛侠先用双臂兜起孩子,然后走进家去,想必和孩子交换了怎样制章鱼士和绿恶魔的方法。Mike remains upbeat about his son’s diagnosis and said: ‘Today he is still with us fighting it all the way, but at least he has Spider-Man to take care of him’.对于儿子的诊断,迈克保持乐观态度:“今天,他仍和我们一路抗争着,但至少他有蜘蛛侠的照顾。”YouTube commentators were quick to hail the , with one praising Mike as ‘dad of the century’.YouTube很快捧红了这段视频,有网友称赞迈克为“本世纪的超级爸爸”。 /201501/356301


  Hooray, Mariah Carey is single and seeking a man online万岁,玛丽亚·凯莉单身,正在线寻人Historically exciting news for straight men, gay men willing to act straight and straight women now prompted to spend whatever it takes on a man costume (me): Mariah Carey is on match.com.对直男来说,这真是历史上激动人心的好消息,男同性恋者现在愿意表现坦率,而女异性恋者花尽一切努力在Mariah Carey is on match.com.网站上选择男人。Mariah, as any regular er of this column will know, is a Proper Celebrity. If you’re unsure how you like to take your celebrities, complete this simple test.任何本专栏的忠实读者都知道,玛丽亚是一个合格的名人。如果你不确定你是否喜欢名人,那么完成这个简单的测试。Do you want them to bang on about stuff such as how dful the NSA spy programme is, like CBE-in-waiting Benedict Cumberbatch? Or do you want them to have legendary rider demands such as “ a basket of puppies and kittens to pet”; a comically grotesque retinue of personal staff, including someone whose job is best summarised as Chief Positioner of the Royal Bendy Drink Straw; and a repository of anecdotes about having once been literally kept in a gilded cage or something? “I hate the bus!” Mariah once hooted, in appalled reply to a question about how in touch with reality she was. “ I’ ve aly been on the bus - I don not need to get back on the bus!”你喜欢和他们没完没了地谈论(那些)话题比如美国国家安全局间谍计划是多么可怕,或者如何崇拜准大英帝国司令本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇吗?还是你希望他们遵从传说中的骑士的要求,如“轻抚篮子里的小猫、小宠物”;抑或是(讨论)一个滑稽怪诞的随从员工,他的主要工作便是(制作)皇家弯曲的吸管定位器;或是与仓库有关的轶事曾经随便放过一个镀金的笼子或什么的?“我讨厌巴士!”玛丽亚在一次回复联系方式时高喊道。“我已经在公共汽车上,我也不需要回到车上!”If you answered (b), stay with this.如果你回答了(b),留在这。The background to it all is that Mariah is single once more. I know, I know - and less than two years after she renewed her marriage vows to then-husband Nick Cannon in a low-key ceremony, which saw her take over the whole of Disneyland for the evening. She proceeded to the re-plighting of troths - which took place in front of Cinderella’s castle - in a glittering pumpkin-style coach, while live-tweeting the entire event with the hashtag #DonthatemebecauseImadiva.玛丽亚的背景简单。我了解到,在她再婚两年里,发誓要当时的丈夫尼克·卡农进行低调的婚礼,在婚礼中她接管了一晚上的迪斯尼乐园。她再次在灰姑娘城堡前发誓————在一个闪闪发光南瓜马车里。而用整个事件推特直播并贴予标签# 因为我是麦迪娃,所以请这样对我。(DonthatemebecauseImadiva)译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载。 /201507/384519

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