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黑龙江省森工总医院专家预约哈尔滨木兰县输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的第59期:样品展示Is it on sale to the public yet?它已经公开销售了吗?A:This is a TV phone.A:这是电视电话机。B:Is it on sale to the public yet?B:它已经公开销售了吗?We’re interested in some styles here.我们对其中的一些式样很感兴趣。A:Were interested in some styles here.A:我们对其中的一些式样很感兴趣。B:Shall we come to the office and have a cup of tea while we can talk about your requirements?B:让我们到办公室里喝点茶再谈你的要求,好吗?What sort of albums are you looking for?你想要哪一种?A:What sort of albums are you looking for?A:你想要哪一种?B:Could you give me some idea?B:你能给我提些建议吗?This one may give you every satisfaction.这种也许会让你满意。A:This one may give you every satisfaction.A:这种也许会让你满意。B:Yes,it is the very thing I want to buy.B:是的,这正是我想要买的。We demand that the quality be exactly the same as the original sample youve provided.我公司要求品质与贵公司提供的原样完全一样。A:We demand that the quality be exactly the same as the original sample youve provided.A:我公司要求品质与贵公司提供的原样完全一样。B:We guarantee that the quality of our goods is about equal to the sample.B:我公司保货物的品质与样品大体相同。I’ll start with the background.我先介绍有关背景情况。It operates at the touch of a button.它是电动操作。It’s an expensive product.这是个贵重产品。It works by voice control.它由声控操作。They well like hot cakes.它们非常畅销。Have a look at these products, please.请看这些产品。Let me show you how to operate this machine.让我为您示范这部机器的操作方法。 /201503/364378香坊区中医医院总部 又到一年求职季,简历、面试这些字眼又该成热点了。求职的人们为了省时省力就通过网络“海投”简历,而用人单位也开始用group interview“群面”的方式来对付大批的应聘者了。这年头,做什么都流行大规模了哦。Group interviews involve getting a group of job candidates together to meet with one or more interviewers. Candidates may be required to participate in work-simulation exercises. These can take the form of group problem-solving sessions where each candidate's contributions and participation is noted.“群面”一般是把一组应聘者集中在一起,由一位或多位面试官来面试。面试官可能会要求应聘者参与一些模拟工作场景的活动,多为小组讨论并解决问题的形式。在小组工作的过程中,每一位应聘者的参与和表现都会被纪录下来。The skills been observed include communication and interpersonal ability, persuasiveness and the ability to influence others, leadership and delegation, organizational and planning skills and the ability to work and contribute as a team-member.通过“群面”,用人单位可以对应聘者的沟通和人际交往能力、说力、对别人的影响力、领导能力、任务分配技巧、组织与计划能力,以及团队协作能力等进行考察。 /201004/101688商务英语口语999句 第8课[00:03.10]The bank froze my credit card account after I reported it stolen. 在我报失信用卡后,冻结了我的信用卡户头。[00:22.10]Penny will pay off her student loans in 60 installments. 潘妮将分六十期偿还她的助学贷款。[00:39.02]I confirm that I have and understood the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. 我确认已阅读并了解这份贷款协议的条件与规定。[00:59.68]Some credit cards have a minimum finance charge. 有些信用卡有每月最低应缴金额的限制。[01:14.66]Rick has a twenty-year mortgage. 瑞克要缴二十年的房贷。[01:26.29]Our records show you have an outstanding balance of ,000. 我们数据显示您有一笔六千元的款项未付。[01:44.47]When deciding whether or not to refinance, there are many factors to consider. 在决定是否重新贷款时,有许多因素要考虑。[02:04.48]The fee for issuing a replacement card will be charged to your next statement. 信用卡补发费用将并入您下个月的账单明细。[02:23.17]Oh no! My check to City Supermarket bounced! 喔,糟了!我开给城市超市的票跳票了![02:39.69]Pre-payment with cashier's check or money order is accepted 预付款用本票或汇票都可以。 /200810/52071依兰县妇女医院在哪

巴彦县中医院人流收费标准就在Catherine接到E公司的电话通知没几天,她又接到另一个F公司的电话,告诉Catherine她被录取了,相比较前一个工作,这个工作似乎更有发展前景,但她又担心自己对这个公司的相关领域不熟,自己不能胜任。就在她犹豫不决的时候,Jenny对她说,Don't pass up this job.听了她这句话,Catherine终于下定决心接受这份工作。C:I have just recieved a call from F company telling me that I'm admitted. The job they offered seems to have a greater potential than the former one.But I'm not familar with the relating area.I am not sure whether I can handle it.C:我刚接到F公司的电话通知我被录取,那个公司的工作似乎比前一个更有发展前景。但是我对相关领域不熟悉,我不确定自己是否能胜任。J:Don't pass up this job.It's a great challenge for you.I think you can learn a lot of valuable things from it.J:别放弃这个工作。这对你来说是个不错的挑战,我想你能从中学到很多宝贵的东西C:Yes ,you are right.I will take your advice.C:你说的对,我听你的。 Don't pass up this job.别放弃这个工作pass up 是拒绝的意思美语中pass这个词的意思非常丰富。它可以表示“经过”,如pass a post office 经过邮局; 也可以表示“通过”,如pass an examination通过考试;还可以表示“忽略”,如“pass trivial details 忽略细枝末节。有一句关于pass的常用口语Let it pass表示暂且不谈的意思 Carl:You can't pass up this job.This kind of opportunity comes only once in a lifetime.卡尔:你不可错过这个工作。这种机会一辈子才有一次。Amanda:Really?Well,I will be on duty next Monday.阿曼达:真的吗?那,我下周就去报到。 /201005/104265哈尔滨阿城市妇幼保健院打胎一般要花多少钱 哈尔滨公立三甲医院好?

哈尔滨做无痛人流医院哪所专业out of touch 与世隔绝英文释义Not getting current news; not having contact with people; not knowing what everybody else knows.例句 Since he quit his job in our city and moved to a remote mountain village, my brother has been out of touch, and he may find it difficult to ever come back here.在我们的城市辞职后,我兄弟搬到了一个偏僻的山村,一直与世隔绝。他可能很难回到这里了。 /201312/267740 你看我们把约会推到9:30方便吗?Do you think it's convenient to postpone the appointment till 9:30?我们把约会推到下个星期天可以吗?Is it okay if we postpone the appointment till next Sunday?我恐怕得晚一点,有很多事要处理。I'm afraid I'll be a bit late. So many things to deal with.很抱歉,今天不能赴约。I'm sorry I can't keep the appointment with you today.我想改下见面时间,比如改到周日,你介意吗?Do you mind if I change it to another time, say, Sunday?换个时间和地点行吗?Can we change the time and place?我们可以晚点见面吗?我不太舒Can we make it a little later? I feel under the weather.能把见面改到明天吗?Can we put it off to the next day?我们提前一小时见号吗?Can we meet an hour earlier?很抱歉告诉你我们必须取消午餐约会。I'm sorry to tell you that I have to cancel the lunch appointment with you.能把见面地点由肯德基换成麦当劳吗?Can we meet at McDonald's instead of KFC? /201105/134865哈尔滨医大二院网上预约电话哈尔滨市医科大学医院二院门诊在那里



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