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surrendering to the temptations of the city被城市诱惑所包围and falling hopelessly into a deep, dark, sink of iniquity and disease.逐渐无可救药地堕入 邪恶而病态的黑暗深渊But however much moralists frowned on the new consumerism gripping the city,不论多少卫道士信誓旦旦地声称 消费主义不会充斥整个城市economic realists knew it was the way forward.经济学家都知道这是发展必然趋势There had been other great emporium cities in Europe,but nothing like this.欧洲还有其他的大都会城市 但都不若如此London had invented serious shopping and it had something like 20,000 shops to prove it.伦敦商业极其繁荣 城中两万间店铺就是最好佐Its shops would lure the customer to buy something theyd never thought of acquiring.这些商铺甚至能引诱顾客 选购他们不必需的商品Novelty items like oriental goldfish,which became an aristocratic marvel.东方金鱼这样的新奇玩意 已成为贵族新宠Caged canaries, finches and parrots.还有家养金丝雀 鹦鹉等Unheard-of luxuries became commonplace,priced to appeal to the middle class.闻所未闻的奢侈品也成为普通商品 逐渐普及中产阶级China from Holland from which to sip your tea.荷兰瓷器更多运用于泡沏茶水Exotic fruits like pomegranates and pineapples.外来的水果 如石榴和菠萝 也大受欢迎The first commercially available condoms.更有人开始贩卖避套Lambskin for the rich,linen soaked in brine for the not-so-rich.羊皮做的卖给富人 亚麻泡盐水做的卖给穷人Londons consumer culture was Mephistopheles winking an eye, crooking a finger, and proffering credit.伦敦的商业文化极具魅惑力 眨眼之间 就能完成借贷But terrible things could happen to those who ran out of credit and ran out of time.但对那些逾期还不上钱的人来说 事情可能会变得很糟糕 /201705/510863

The venom from an Australian funnel web spider can kill a person in about 15 minutes. It might also prevent brain damage after a stroke.澳大利亚漏斗网蜘蛛的毒液可以在15分钟杀死一个人。但它也可能预防中风脑损伤。Scientists noticed a molecule in the spiders venom looks a lot like another chemical known to protect brain cells.科学家发现蜘蛛的毒液分子看起来很像另一种能保护脑细胞的化学物质。So they did what scientists do,they tested the molecule on rats. The results were pretty impressive. The scientists found the chemical could help prevent some brain damage if administered as many as eight hours after a stroke.所以他们做了科学家该干的事,他们在老鼠身上测试了该分子。结果是相当令人鼓舞的。科学家们发现,中风后处理八小时该化学物质能够预防部分脑损伤。Most strokes occur from a blockage or narrowing of arteries in the brain, and thats the kind scientists looked at in this study. 大多数中风发生在大脑动脉堵塞或狭窄,科学家在对此进行研究。They still need to test the chemicals effectiveness at treating strokes that result from ruptured blood vessels. And human trials probably wont start for another two years.他们还需要测试该化学物质对处理血管破裂导致中风的有效性。未来两年可能不会进行人体试验。译文属。201703/499262

原味人文风情:The Legend of Chinese New Year中国新年的传说A long, long time ago in China, there was a big, scary, nasty beast named ;Nian,; whose name means ;year.;He had razor-sharp teeth, giant claws, and a really mean growl. Most of the time he lived in the wilderness,but on the darkest night of the year, when the new moon was in the sky, he would sneak into the village and scare everyone inside, even the animals.很久很久以前在中国,有一只又大又吓人又坏的怪兽叫「年」,他的名字是「一年」的意思。他有很锐利的牙齿、巨大的爪子,还有十分可怕的低吼声。他大多时候住在荒野中,但在一年中最黑暗的夜里,新月高挂空中之际,年兽就会溜进村庄吓村里的每个人,就连动物也不例外。People ded the new moon for many, many years,until a wise man taught them the three things Nian was afraid of: loud noises, fire, and the color red. The next time Nian came, the villagers fought back. They hit their drums as loud as they could, lit every firecracker they had, and wore the color red from head to toe. Nian ran far away and never came back.人们许多年来都惧怕新月,直到一位智者教他们年兽害怕的三件事物:巨大的噪音、火,以及红色。年兽下一次来时,村民们反击回去。他们使尽全力让鼓声大作、点燃他们拥有的每鞭炮,并且从头到脚都穿着大红色。年兽逃得远远地,而且再也没回来过。After that, the people started celebrating the new moon instead of fearing it. That celebration became a 15-day festival of family, food, and good fortune called Chinese New Year.在那之后,人们开始庆祝新月而非害怕新月。那庆典变成一个名为中国新年,关于家人、美食和福气且为期十五天的节日。201703/498537


  Hello, my name is Gweneth and Ill be your professor today.大家好,我的名字是格温妮丝,我是你们今天的教授。Ill be talking about the brain我要谈论的内容是大脑。Hi. Hello. I am your veterinary today.你好。你好。我是你今天的兽医。Youre kidding. No, I am doctor Brooklyn. See?你在开玩笑吧。不,我是布鲁克林医生,看到了吧?Okay, doctor. Here let me see.好吧,医生。让我看看。Good morning everyone, I am your new coach.大家早上好,我是你们的新教练。My name is Maddie, nice to meet you.我叫麦蒂,很高兴见到各位。I had the most fantastic day in the office.我今天上班的时候好开心啊。Youll never believe what happened你想不到发生了什么。I got the new business I want it我抢到了我想要的那笔新生意。Have you ever seen him fly?你有看过它飞吗?Ever seen what? Fly. No.看过什么?飞?没有。My cat can fly. Okay.我的猫会飞。好吧。The dogs brain cant think as much as humans brain because theres no high school for the dogs.的大脑没法像人的大脑那样思考,因为没有上过高中。This is Peter, the triceratops. Peter is one years old.这是彼得,它是三角龙。彼得今年一岁了。The T-Rex, Sally is one thousand two million two hundred and fifty two years old.这只名叫萨利的霸王龙,今年十亿零两百万二百五十二岁了。Knees up like a unicorn. Higher. Higher.想独角兽一样抬高膝盖。高一点,再高一点。Ive been to New York, Transylvania, Pennsylvania.我去过纽约,特兰西瓦尼亚,宾夕法尼亚。We cant think and do lots of stuffs without brain.没有大脑,我们就不能思考,不能做许多事情。Now, does anybody know how big the brain is? Anybody? Sophia.那么,有人知道大脑有多大吗?有人知道吗?索菲亚。It is medium. Medium? Very good.中等大小。中等?很好。201702/494417。


  For me,survival is all about self-help.对我而言 荒野求生的全部含义就是独立自助Fighting a way through the environment,untill yo find a way out.与环境不断搏斗 直到找到出路Rivers provide a fast route through train,河流在训练中提供了一条捷径but also found many occasions following them to be risked,especially underground.但是依然会遇到很多状况 等着人们前去冒险 尤其是在地下世界The roof of the cave is getting lower,and the river sees to be flowing underneath the rock.这个洞穴的顶部走势越来越低 河水似乎开始流向了岩石下面See how it stands.yeah, this is... this definitely,this tunnel extends on.看看它是怎么流的 是的 这个 这个肯定 绝对有坑洞向前延伸To follow the tunnel.I gonna have to swim under this near freezing water.为了跟着这条隧道 我必须潜到这冷的快要结冰的水下Ok, just back up.Im going first to check it out brfore the crew follows.好了 往后退点 我要在摄制组跟上来之前潜下去探探路You guys just stay here,get the rope,get it’s taken,伙计们 你们待在这儿 拿着绳索 抓紧绳索Im to go alone below way under there,and if its not good,我要自己潜到下面的隧道里 要是情况不好Ill pull myself back along this, ok?我会用这绳子把自己拉上来 明白了么You just wait for me.Some dives are dangerous.你们在这等我 某些下潜 是危险的Bear we only have about twenty-five seconds to actually swim...through the sum.贝尔大概只有二十五秒 .Here we go.One, two...You can hear a pin drop when he went.准备下潜 一 二 他下水之后你能听见针掉地上的声音You can imagine how that feeling of being underneath theres no way to surface,你能想象在水下不见天日是什么感觉because its just solid rock above your head.We all held a heart in our month really.因为你脑袋上面只有坚硬的岩石 我们的心都提到嗓子眼了You might suspect, you think he goes foot caught,you think his hand caught or something.你会胡思乱想 你以为他的脚被缠住了 手被缠住了什么的Finally comes bursing back up.Theres a good size...theres a good size air pocket down there.最后他冲出水面 下面有一个很大的... 很大的气潭He says right, maybe we can get through there.他说一切正常 我们或许可以通过那里And I followed him down,but it was definitely...definitely hard, some moment我跟着他潜下去了 不过这真是难熬的时刻201606/447687Meanwhile, the Tor project, started by the US government,与此同时 由美国政府发起的洋葱项目was becoming a target.也变成了攻击对象Its very funny, right, because on the one hand,有意思的是 一方面these people are funding Tor这群人发明了的洋葱网络because they say they believe in anonymity.因为他们相信匿名And on the other hand, theyre detaining me at airports,另一方面 他们把我扣押在机场threatening me and doing things like that.威胁我 等等And theyve even said to me, ;We love what you do in Iran他们甚至跟我说;我们很喜欢你在伊朗做的事;;And in China, in helping Tibetan people.;还有在中国 帮助西藏人民;;We love all the stuff that youre doing,;你所做的一切我们都很喜欢;;but why do you have to do it here?;;但你为什么要在美国也这样做;Thanks to Edward Snowden,多亏了爱德华·斯诺登we now know that this culminated in the Tor network我们现在知道是美国国家安全局being the focus of failed attacks将失败的网络攻击by Americas National Security Agency.都归罪于洋葱网络They revealed their frustration在一份标题为in a confidential PowerPoint presentation;洋葱网络臭名远扬;的秘密幻灯片里called Tor Stinks,他们表达了不满which set out the ways这里面列出了in which the NSA had tried to crack the network.国家安全局打击洋葱网络的方法They think Tor stinks because they want to attack people他们认为洋葱网络很烂是因为他们想攻击平民and sometimes technology makes that harder.但科技使其变得更困难It is because the users have something which bothers them,因为用户有让他们头疼的东西which is real autonomy.也就是真正的匿名化重点解释:1.start by 先做某事例句:The machine will start by itself in a few seconds.机器在几秒钟後会自动开启。2.on the other hand 另一方面例句:One one hand, I have no time; on the other hand, I have no money. 一则,我没有时间; 二则,我没有钱。3.set out 展现例句:She set out the pieces on the chess-board.她把国际象棋的棋子摆在棋盘上了。201703/498447栏目简介:Investing in the stock market has become easier and easier in China, since many securities companies have opened online channels for people to register new accounts. Some even have service links on Wechat -- Chinas most popular instant messaging app -- to attract investors. What problems does this pose to aly troubled stock regulators? Mi Jiayi has more.201702/492623

  There are more than 100 entrepreneurship classes here at Stanford University.斯坦福大学开设了100多门创业相关课程。But in the Hacking for Defense class, students learn how to solve problems facing troops and defense agencies throughout the nation.但是在“黑客防御”课程中,学生们可以学习如何解决美国各部队和国防部门正面临的问题。;They want to work on some of the toughest real world problems they are ever gonna see.“他们想要处理一些他们将会遇到的最棘手的现实世界的问题。With all due respect to Google and Dropbox and Facebook and Twitter,恕我直言,拿谷歌、碉堡箱、脸书以及推特这些知名的硅谷公司来说,which they all have opportunities here in the valley to go work for as graduates here,学生们毕业后都有机会去那里工作,these are some problems that make those look trivial by comparison.;相比那些真正难处理的问题,这些公司的问题显得就微不足道了。”Like these fellow teachers, they launched the 10-week course last year to bring a model for creating start-ups to military defense problems.这些老师去年推出了为期十周的课程,为创办解决军事防务问题的企业树立了榜样。Now the course is offered at 8 other universities.现在,另有8所大学也提供这一课程。Student projects include helping soldiers in the field deal with mapping technology,学生接手的项目包括帮助战地的士兵运用地图绘制技术,creating sensors to help soldiers with injuries and grappling with cyber security.制作传感器帮助受伤士兵,以及应对网络安全问题。;So Im working for USTRANSCOM,“所以我正在为美国运输司令部工作,which manages transportation in the ed States to better improve cyber security and the countrys sea ports.;其职能是管理美国全领域的运输,以更好地提高网络安全,为国家海港提供交通持。”Benji Nguyen is a graduate student of public policy, a native of Austin, Texas, Nguyens parents are from Vietnam.Benji Nguyen是一名公共政策专业的研究生,来自德克萨斯州奥斯汀。Nguyen的父母来自越南。;Yeah, thats my growth actually, I have no impressions there.“是的,这就是我的成长背景。我对那里没有印象。When Im here, you know, start ing textbook and doing as promised.我来到这里的时候,你知道,开始阅读教科书,并遵从自己之前的承诺做一些事情。When I told them I was working with the military to help solve a problem, they were really excited about it actually.;当我告诉他们,我正在和军方合作解决一个问题,他们真的很兴奋。”For U.S. students, the Hacking for Defense class gives them a unique chance to serve their country.对于美国学生来说,“黑客防御”课程给他们提供了独特的机会,来为国家务。They are expected to get out of the classroom and enter the field,他们需要走出教室进行实地体验,learning the day-to-day situations for soldiers or others in national defense.了解士兵或其他国防部门人员的日常情况。But the classs also attracted a surprising number of foreign-born students.但这一课程也吸引了大批外籍学生。;We take the military intelligence problems and we scrub them down, so anybody could work on them.“我们会接手有关军事情报的问题,然后将问题进行彻底分析,所以任何人都可以进行研究并寻找解决方案。But I was surprised by the number of foreign students from Singapore and China, from India但是,让我惊讶的是,许多来自新加坡、中国以及印度的外国学生,who were just interested in learning that same methodology and could take it home from wherever they are.;他们也对学习同样的方法很感兴趣,并且非常希望能将这种方法带回自己的祖国。”Some students go on to create companies or go work for the agency they met in the class.有些学生继续创办公司,也有一些将供职于课程学习中接触过的机构。For some, Buvana Dayanandan they are looking for work that is meaningful.而对于另外一些人,例如Buvana Dayananda,他们想寻找一份有意义的工作。;Were working on helping veterans that have experienced some polytrauma“我们正在帮助那些经历过某种多发性创伤的退伍军人,and figuring out how technology can increase the quality of life and independence for a longer period of time.;也在探索如何利用科技提高生活质量以及更长时间内的独立能力。”The students in this class learn they have to first understand a problem before coming up with the right solution.参加这一课程的学生们明白,他们必须首先真正理解一个问题,然后才能找到正确的解决方案。It is a set of skills they can use in whatever they do next.无论他们今后做什么事情,都可以应用这套技能。Michelle Quinn, VOA News, at Stanford University in California.VOA新闻,米歇尔·奎因于加州斯坦福大学为您播报。201706/514471

  Your company launches a search for an open position.你的公司发布了一个公开招聘的职位。The applications start rolling in, and the qualified candidates are identified. Now the choosing begins.申请表开始滚滚而来,合格的候选人已被挑选出来。现在开始挑选。Person A: Ivy League, 4.0, flawless resume, great recommendations. All the right stuff.候选人A:常春藤盟校,绩点4.0,完美的履历,出色的推荐信。所有好的要素都具备。Person B: state school, fair amount of job hopping, and odd jobs like cashier and singing waitress.候选人B:公立学校毕业,碾转于各种工作之间,甚至包括做收银员和唱歌的务生。But remember -- both are qualified. So I ask you: who are you going to pick?不过请记得--两位都是符合要求的。所以,我要问问你们:你们会选择哪一位?My colleagues and I created very official terms to describe two distinct categories of candidates.我和我的同事发明了一些非常正式的术语,来描述这两个不同类别的候选人。We call A ;the Silver Spoon,; the one who clearly had advantages and was destined for success.我们把A称为“含着银钥匙的人”,一个明显具有优势,而且注定会成功的人。And we call B ;the Scrapper,; the one who had to fight against tremendous odds to get to the same point.我们把B称为“拳击手”,必须努力冲破重重难关才能实现同样的目标。You just heard a human resources director refer to people as Silver Spoons and Scrappers --你们刚刚听到了一个人力资源总监将应聘者比作银汤匙和拳击手which is not exactly politically correct and sounds a bit judgmental.这听起来在政治上不太正确,而且还有些武断。But before my human resources certification gets revoked -- let me explain.但在我的人力资源书被吊销前--让我来解释一下。A resume tells a story. And over the years, Ive learned something about people whose experiences like a patchwork quilt,一份简历讲述了一个故事。过去的那些年,我了解到那些经历好似拼布床单的人,that makes me stop and fully consider them before tossing their resumes away.会让我在把他们的简历扔掉前会停下来认真地考虑一下他们。A series of odd jobs may indicate inconsistency, lack of focus, unpredictability.一系列杂乱的工作可能意味着易变,不专心,难以捉摸。Or it may signal a committed struggle against obstacles. At the very least, the Scrapper deserves an interview.或者,它可能标志着努力挣扎跨越障碍。至少,“拳击手”应该得到一次面试机会。To be clear, I dont hold anything against the Silver Spoon;不过我要强调一下,我并不排斥“银汤匙”;getting into and graduating from an elite university takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.能够被精英大学录取并顺利毕业,同样需要付出很多心血和牺牲。But if your whole life has been engineered toward success, how will you handle the tough times?但是,如果你的一生都被设计为走向成功,你要如何应对困难的时刻呢?One person I hired felt that because he attended an elite university,一位我曾经雇用过的人认为,因为他毕业于精英大学,there were certain assignments that were beneath him, like temporarily doing manual labor to better understand an operation.某些类型的工作对他而言是低下的,比如短时间从事体力劳动以更好地了解公司运作。Eventually, he quit. But on the flip side, what happens when your whole life is destined for failure and you actually succeed?最终,他离开了。但是,另一方面,如果你的人生注定失败,而你却成功了,这是怎么回事呢?I want to urge you to interview the Scrapper. I know a lot about this because I am a Scrapper.我会建议你去面试“拳击手”。我很了解这些,因为我自己就是一个“拳击手”。Before I was born, my father was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and he couldnt hold a job in spite of his brilliance.在我出生之前,我的父亲就被诊断为精神分裂症,他无法继续工作尽管他很有才华。Our lives were one part ;Cuckoos Nest,; one part ;Awakenings; and one part ;A Beautiful Mind.;我们的生活就像“飞越疯人院”,“无语问苍天”,和“美丽心灵”的合集。Im the fourth of five children raised by a single mother in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.我是一位单身母亲五个孩子中的第四个,我们在纽约布鲁克林一个混乱的街区生活。We never owned a home, a car, a washing machine, and for most of my childhood, we didnt even have a telephone.我们从未拥有过一个家,一辆车,或是一个洗衣机,在我童年的大部分时间,我们甚至没有一部电话。So I was highly motivated to understand the relationship between business success and Scrappers,因此我有很强的意愿去理解生意场的成功和“拳击手”的关联,because my life could easily have turned out very differently.因为我的人生很容易就会发展出不同的结局。As I met successful business people and profiles of high-powered leaders, I noticed some commonality.我见过成功的商人,也阅读过具备出色领导能力的人的资料,我发现了其中的一些共性。Many of them had experienced early hardships, anywhere from poverty, abandonment,他们中的很多人经历过早年的困顿,可能是贫穷,被抛弃,death of a parent while young, to learning disabilities, alcoholism and violence.亲人的早逝,也可能是学习障碍,酗酒和暴力。The conventional thinking has been that trauma leads to distress, and theres been a lot of focus on the resulting dysfunction.传统的思维认为创伤会导致痛苦,而且还重点强调了失败的结果。But during studies of dysfunction, data revealed an unexpected insight:但在我研究这些不成功的案例期间,得到的数据却揭示了一个出乎意料的结论:that even the worst circumstances can result in growth and transformation.即便是最糟的境遇也能导致成长和转变。A remarkable and counterintuitive phenomenon has been discovered, which scientists call Post Traumatic Growth.一个显著但有悖常理的现象已经被发现了,科学家们称之为“创后成长”。In one study designed to measure the effects of adversity on children at risk,在一项设计用来衡量逆境对困苦的孩子会产生怎样影响的研究表明,among a subset of 698 children who experienced the most severe and extreme conditions,在698位参与测试的孩子,在经历了最艰苦严苛的考验后,fully one-third grew up to lead healthy, successful and productive lives.他们中的三分之一长大后获得了健康、成功以及丰富的人生。In spite of everything and against tremendous odds, they succeeded. One-third.尽管经历了巨大的艰难,但最后还是成功了。有三分之一这么多。Take this resume. This guys parents give him up for adoption. He never finishes college.看看这份简历。他被亲生父母抛弃,交由他人收养。He job-hops quite a bit, goes on a sojourn to India for a year, and to top it off, he has dyslexia.他没有完成大学学业。他在某段时期频繁跳槽,在印度逗留了一年,不止如此,他还有阅读障碍。Would you hire this guy? His name is Steve Jobs.你会雇用他吗?他的名字是史蒂夫·乔布斯。In a study of the worlds most highly successful entrepreneurs, it turns out a disproportionate number have dyslexia.一个对全球最成功企业家群体的研究表明,相当数量的企业家有阅读障碍。In the US, 35 percent of the entrepreneurs studied had dyslexia.在美国,35%的企业家有阅读障碍。Whats remarkable -- among those entrepreneurs who experience post traumatic growth,值得注意的是--这些企业家中那些经历过创后成长的人,they now view their learning disability as a desirable difficulty which provided them an advantage成功后的他们将这样的学习障碍看作是值得经历的困难,这样的困难给予了他们优势,because they became better listeners and paid greater attention to detail.他们因此成为更好的听众,并且更加关注细节。They dont think they are who they are in spite of adversity, they know they are who they are because of adversity.他们在经历逆境前,并没有看到自己的潜力,而因为逆境,他们准确地定位了自己。They embrace their trauma and hardships as key elements of who theyve become,他们拥抱伤害和困顿,这是他们成为成功企业家的关键要素,and know that without those experiences, they might not have developed the muscle and grit required to become successful.他们知道,如果没有这些经历,他们也许没有办法发展出成功者需要具备的勇气和毅力。One of my colleagues had his life completely upended as a result of the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966.我有一位同事,因为中国1966年的文化大革命,他的人生彻底颠覆了。At age 13, his parents were relocated to the countryside,在他13岁那年,他的父母被下放农村,the schools were closed and he was left alone in Beijing to fend for himself until 16, when he got a job in a clothing factory.学校关闭了,而他独自在北京谋生,直到16岁,他在装厂找到了一份工作。But instead of accepting his fate, he made a resolution that he would continue his formal education.与其接受命运,他决心不如继续完成学业。Eleven years later, when the political landscape changed, he heard about a highly selective university admissions test.11年后,政治版图改变了,他听说了一个竞争相当激烈的大学入学考试。He had three months to learn the entire curriculum of middle and high school.他只有3个月来学习整个初中以及高中的课程。So, every day he came home from the factory, took a nap, studied until 4am,于是,每天他从工厂回家后,先睡一小觉,然后学习到凌晨四点,went back to work and repeated this cycle every day for three months. He did it, he succeeded.回去工厂工作,就这样日复一日过了整整三个月。他做到了,他成功了。His commitment to his education was unwavering, and he never lost hope.他继续求学的决心非常坚定,也从未放弃希望。Today, he holds a masters degree, and his daughters each have degrees from Cornell and Harvard.今天,他拥有了硕士学位,他的两个女儿则分别毕业于康奈尔大学和哈佛大学。Scrappers are propelled by the belief that the only person you have full control over is yourself.“拳击手”被信念推动向前进,相信只有自己才能掌握自己的命运。When things dont turn out well, Scrappers ask, ;What can I do differently to create a better result?;当事情发展并不尽如人意,“拳击手”会问,“我能做些什么别的来创造一个更好的结果?”Scrappers have a sense of purpose that prevents them from giving up on themselves,“拳击手”有目标意识,永不放弃自己,kind of like if youve survived poverty, a crazy father and several muggings, you figure,如果你从贫穷,疯狂的父亲和数次被抢劫的经历中存活下来,你会觉得,;Business challenges? -- Really? Piece of cake. I got this.; And that reminds me -- humor.“商业挑战?--这还算事儿吗?太简单了。我能搞定。”这不禁让我想起--幽默感。Scrappers know that humor gets you through the tough times, and laughter helps you change your perspective.“拳击手”知道,幽默能够帮你度过最艰难的时刻,嘲笑你的人会帮助你改变对未来的看法。And finally, there are relationships. People who overcome adversity dont do it alone.最后,还有人际关系。那些克困难的人并非一直单打独斗。Somewhere along the way, they find people who bring out the best in them and who are invested in their success.奋斗过程中的某时某刻,他们会遇到伯乐,以及在他们成功的道路上倾囊相助的人。Having someone you can count on no matter what is essential to overcoming adversity.不管发生什么事,总有一个人可以依靠,这是克困境的关键。I was lucky. In my first job after college, I didnt have a car,我很幸运。得到大学毕业后的第一份工作时,我还没有车,so I carpooled across two bridges with a woman who was the presidents assistant.所以我与人拼车,跨越两座桥去上班,那位女士当时还是总统助理。She watched me work and encouraged me to focus on my future and not dwell on my past.她看到我工作,并鼓励我放眼未来,不要老是想着过去。Along the way Ive met many people whove provided me brutally honest feedback, advice and mentorship.一路走来我遇到了很多人,让我懂得了忠言逆耳,他们都是我的良师益友。These people dont mind that I once worked as a singing waitress to help pay for college.这些人并不在意我曾经是个为了付上大学的开销而唱歌打工的女务生。Ill leave you with one final, valuable insight.最后再分享一个有价值的见解。Companies that are committed to diversity and inclusive practices tend to support Scrappers and outperform their peers.那些致力于多样化和包容开放行为的公司更愿意去持“拳击手”,让他们比同辈更出色。According to DiversityInc, a study of their top 50 companies for diversity outperformed the Samp;P 500 by 25 percent.《多元化企业》杂志的一项研究表明,最多元化的50家企业的运营表现超越了标准普尔500指数25%。So back to my original question. Who are you going to bet on: Silver Spoon or Scrapper?那么回到我最初的问题。你会将赌注放在谁身上:“银汤匙”还是“拳击手”?I say choose the underestimated contender, whose secret weapons are passion and purpose. Hire the Scrapper.我会选择被低估的竞争者,他/她的秘密武器是和决心。请雇用“拳击手”。201707/516287

  Annie would just give Bill like...Heres a hundred pages, and Bill flourished with Annie more than ever anywhere.Annie会给Bill很大的创作空间和自由度,Bill的作品等在Annie的这里也比其他任何杂志都多。It was like she almost gave him his own little mini magazine just to do it however he wanted.就好像是她提供给他了一整个迷你杂志,他可以按照自己喜欢和想要的样子来做。Hed work all day, and hed come up at night, and our sessions usually lasted till about 4:00 in the morning.I worked for the Establishment during the day,他整天都在工作,有时会晚上过来,我们有时会开会到凌晨四点。我白天要为《纽约时报》工作so I was like a bird getting out of a cage, and Id go down there.我像逃出牢笼一样跑到这里来。It was marvelous.这真是很奇妙的感觉。I would come after my job at the Times, and we would lay this out, and then Id go home about 2:00.我一般在结束《纽约时报》的工作之后过来,然后我们把内容定下来,我大概两点钟左右回家。Biked back from SoHo where we were.从SoHo那边骑车过来,好了我们在这儿。I think one Details Magazine, it was Fall Special...125 pages of Bill Cunningham.我在策划Details杂志的一期秋季特刊125页Bill Cunningham的作品。A hundred pages?一百页?Ninety-nine. -Ninety-nine pages.99.-99页。We just...We never thought of it.We just went on and did what we wanted till we had said what we wanted to say.我们只是…从没想过这个。我们都是尽力在杂志上表达我们想要传达给读者的东西。111 pages. -111 pages.111页。-111页。Here are what I did was I blew up the embroidery of the coat, and we put it on the pages, and then put the coat, small, in the middle of it,这部分我要重新解构这些刺绣的外套,我们把它放在这些页,然后把衣的图片缩小到页中央,cause the news was in...-Yeah, the idea was the big...was this.因为内容是在…-是的,我们的想法是…占大部分的是这个花纹。Cause it was like something out of the Renaissance, you see?因为这有些像文艺复兴时期的东西。You try to show the er what was really new.你要努力向读者展现出这些最新的东西。Look at this. Its like something from Paul Poiret, uh, 1910.看这个…这像是Paul Poiret在1910的作品。Scheherazade, the Arabian Nights.Scheherazade的一千零一夜。Look at the embroidery, the tassels, the lace.看这些刺绣、流苏、蕾丝边。201608/459382。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481025


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