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  • After 10 years as a necessary, but ultimately unwelcome, live-in son-in-law, Ma Xuedong divorced, and moved out of his wife#39;s family home.在马学东被当作一个必需存在、却十分不受待见的上门女婿十年之后,他最终选择了离婚,从妻子家搬出来了。The end of his unhappy marriage pleased the 37-year-old migrant construction worker, even though he had to scramble to find a place to live in Baoji, Shaanxi province. ;My previous life was too depressing,; Ma said. ;It#39;s a feeling you will never be able to understand if you have not experienced it.;尽管这名37岁的外来建筑工人在陕西省宝鸡市还要再找容身之地,但终结这段不幸福婚姻,他还是感到一身轻松。“我以前的人生太压抑了,”马学东说。“这种感觉如果你没亲身经历过,那就永远不能理解。”Ma speaks for many of China#39;s so-called live-in sons-in-law, who marry and move in with their wives#39; families, but never quite became an integral part of the family.马学东为中国很多所谓的上门女婿道出了心声。上门女婿,是指一些男人结婚后搬到妻子家里生活,但却从未真正成为家庭的一员。Their numbers are legion, a result of China#39;s decades-old gender imbalance, a historic preference for male offspring, and the desire of families to preserve a surname in danger of dying out in a household in which all of the children are girls.上门女婿数量庞大,是源于中国数十年来的性别失衡、中国自古以来重男轻女的思想、以及家人担忧如果全生女孩会有“香火失传”的危险。In a traditional view of marriage in China, a woman marries a man and lives with his family, or the couple lives in their own house, bought by the husband#39;s family, and their children take the husband#39;s surname.在中国传统的婚姻观中,女人同男人结婚后,应当与男方家人住在一起,或者夫妻住在由男方家庭购买的房子里,孩子应随男方的姓。This custom has been upended in two ways. First, China#39;s gender imbalance means many men, especially in rural areas, have trouble finding wives. By the end of 2015, on the Chinese mainland, men outnumbered women by 33.66 million, making it challenging for China#39;s left-over men to find a partner. Second, a poor man who cannot pay an expected ;bride price; may look for a family that will pick up the cost. These men may marry a woman with no brothers, move into the woman#39;s family home and allow their children to carry their mother#39;s surname.但是这种传统已经从两个方面被颠覆了。首先,中国性别失衡,意味着男性难找到老婆,尤其是在农村地区。截止2015年底,中国大陆男性比女性多3366万人,中国的“剩男”找老婆已经成为一道难题。其次,没钱的男人付不起礼钱,可能会找一个能承担结婚费用的女方。这些男人可能会娶个没有兄弟的女人,搬到女方家里住,让孩子跟女方姓。Even though the arrangement meets the needs of all involved, families and communities still look down on those who have no sons and opt for live-in sons-in-law to fill the void. In many cases, the resentment creates unhappiness.尽管这种方式满足了所有人的需求,但家人和邻里仍然瞧不起那些没有儿子而招个上门女婿来填补空缺的人。在很多情况下,由怨恨就产生了不愉快。Zhang Baotong, a social and economic development expert with the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said live-in sons-in-law should learn to get along with their wives#39; families and people in their communities.陕西省社科学院的社会经济发展专家张宝通表示,上门女婿应该学会如何与妻子的家人和邻里相处。;With the development of urbanization, more and more poor farmers will work and live in urban areas and some of them may become live-in sons-in-law as they cannot pay for houses and the other costs of marriage,; Zhang said. ;And our marriage concept should change with the development of the times to give full respect to the sons-in-law.;张宝通说:“随着城市化的发展,越来越多的贫困农户将会前往城市工作和居住,由于买不起房子且承担不了婚姻的其他费用,其中一些人可能会做上门女婿。同时,我们的婚姻观念应当与时俱进,对上门女婿给予充分尊重。” /201603/430317。
  • The welfare lottery center in east China#39;s Dongguan city has decided to donate more than 20 million yuan or 3 million US dollars in lottery prizes.近日,中国东莞福中心已经决定将超过2000万元(折合300万美元)的巨奖奖金捐出。The decision was made after a lottery winner failed to claim a jackpot by the expiration date.这已决定是由于福大奖的得主未能在兑奖截止日期前现身而做出的。A ticket vendor in the city sold two tickets worth more than 25-million yuan combined.这2注合计超过2500万元的头奖均在东莞市同一站的。Yang Xianjun is the manager of the lottery center. He said, ;In 2015, lottery tickets sold in our city included 18 winners worth a million-yuan each, and 5 winners worth ten-million-yuan each. The biggest jackpot last year was worth nearly 31 million yuan and the unclaimed 25-million-yuan prize was the second biggest. ;杨献军是这家福中心的负责人。他表示;“2015年,在我们城市售出的票中,共有18名者获得价值一百万元的大奖,有5名者获得价值一千万元的大奖。而去年最大的大奖的将近接近3100万元,无人认领的这2500万元奖金是第二大奖。”China#39;s lottery rules speculate the prize winner should redeem the prize within 60 days after it is announced. The expired prize money will be put into the welfare fund if no one claims it.据中国票管理条例规定,者应当自开奖之日起60个自然日内兑奖,逾期未兑奖的奖金,将被纳入票公益金。The local welfare lottery center donated the money to the welfare fund after no one showed up as of midnight on Monday to claim the winnings.在星期一午夜之后,依然没有人来领取奖金,所以当地的福利票中心已经将奖金捐赠给了福利基金会。 /201601/422388。
  • If you#39;re bored with old-fashioned running, or if you feel that it#39;s not a complete workout, you might want to try crunning, a new fitness craze that#39;s taking Australia by storm. No, it does not mean crying while running, it#39;s actually a cross between crawling and running that involves getting down on all fours and moving as fast as you can.如果你对跑步这一老式的健身方法感到厌烦,或者你觉得这不是一个全面的健身方式,你可能会想尝试下“酷跑”(crunning)这个新花样,“酷跑”掀起了澳大利亚新的健身热潮。当然,“酷跑”并不像我们听起来那样边哭边跑。事实上,它结合了爬行和跑步的特点,要求你俯下身四肢着地,尽你可能地快速移动。The bizarre workout, best described as your thighs#39; worst nightmare, was invented by Australian fitness enthusiast Shaun McCarthy. We#39;re not sure what prompted him to come up with the bizarre activity, but he seems convinced that it will revolutionize fitness as we know it. ;The only thing that crunning#39;s changed about fitness… is that it#39;s changed everything about fitness,; he says.这个怪诞的健身方法简直是大腿的梦靥,其发明者是澳大利亚的健身爱好者肖恩·麦卡锡。我们尚不明确是何原因促使他想出这个奇怪的锻炼方式,但麦卡锡似乎坚信“酷跑”将为健身运动带来革命,正如我们知道的那样。“#39;酷跑#39;为健身带来的唯一改变就是它改变了健身的一切,”麦卡锡说道。The short of him crunning through Melbourne that he posted on Facebook makes the activity look more like a spoof than a serious workout, but it seems to have inspired others to take up running on all fours as well. McCarthy only went public with crunning five weeks, but it has been getting quite a lot of attention online and he claims there is now a steadily-growing movement in Australia.“麦卡锡在脸谱上上传了他以“酷跑”方式穿行整个墨尔本的视频,但视频让人觉得更像是恶搞而不是健身,不过还是吸引了一些人跟风,采取他的办法锻炼。麦卡锡以“酷跑”走红才五个星期,但在网上已经得到了一定的关注,据麦卡锡表示,目前澳大利亚用“酷跑”健身的人数正在逐渐增加。But is crunning a better fitness activity than jogging or running? It would appear so, as McCarthy has been saying in interviews that crunning is a more complete workout because it includes the upper body as well. “It really works your thighs and shoulders at the same time,” he said, adding that he believes it burns more calories as well.但是,“酷跑”真的比慢跑或者长跑更适合健身吗?麦卡锡在采访中表示,时间会明“酷跑”是一个更加全面的健身方式,理由是“酷跑”也锻炼了身体的上半部分。“#39;酷跑#39;同时活动了你的大腿和肩膀”,他说,之后又说他相信“酷跑”能够燃烧更多的卡路里。Some fitness experts believe that McCarthy might just be onto something there. According to Kim Baylor, a certified personal trainer, “any exercise that involves full body motions leaves the chance to develop a lot of strength.”一些健身专家认为麦卡锡的做法有些道理。持有教练资格的私教金姆·贝洛尔称,“任何囊括全身的运动都有可能消耗巨大的能量。”However, others think it#39;s just a fad and might even be harmful if done incorrectly. “Physiologically, humans weren#39;t built for quadruped mobility like apes,” fitness coach Kevin Dean told Gothamist.“Because we#39;re bipedal/upright, our wrists have different structures than our ankles (whereas a quadruped animal would have four of roughly the same joint). Outside of learning something new, I can see broken noses, bad wrist/repetitive injuries, and shoulder problems (arising from crunning).”“在生理方面,人类并没有获得像人猿那样四足移动的能力”,健身教练凯文·迪恩告诉外媒Gothamist的记者。“因为我们是直立行走,手腕的构造不同于脚踝(而四足动物在它们脚上有四个几乎一样的关节)。我看到有些人学习新方法时,鼻子受伤,手腕受伤,并且会反复弄伤自身,肩膀也会出现问题(“酷跑”导致了这些问题)。”McCarthy suggests wearing protective gloves to avoid damage to your hands while crunning, and taking things slow. “Do not outcrun yourself – it could be bad for your neck or back,” he said. Or, you could just stick to traditional running.麦卡锡建议在“酷跑”时戴好保护性手套以避免受伤,并且要放缓速度。“不要过度追求#39;酷跑#39;——它可能会对你的脖子和背部造成伤害,”他说道。或者,你只要坚持传统的跑步方式就好了。 /201511/411862。
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