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新都区做人流哪家医院最好的成都省中医院咨询电话Malaysia’s prime minister will explore deeper defence and economic co-operation with China on a state visit this week, at a time when concern is deepening in the west over Beijing’s attempts to dislodge Asian countries from Washington’s orbit.马来西亚总理将在本周对中国进行国事访问期间探索同中国发展更深层次的国防和经济合作。目前西方日益担忧北京方面试图使亚洲国家脱离华盛顿轨道。Najib Razak’s trip to China follows a thaw in diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines, with President Rodrigo Duterte declaring his country’s “separationfrom the US on a visit to Beijing last month.纳吉拉扎Najib Razak)访问中国之前,中国和菲律宾之间的外交关系解冻,罗德里杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)总统在上月访问北京期间宣告他的国家与美国“分离”。Among Malaysia’s aims is the negotiation of a deal to purchase coastal patrol ships from China in what would be the first significant defence equipment contract between the two countries. If confirmed, the deal is likely to ruffle feathers among the US and its allies.马来西亚方面的目标包括谈判达成从中国采购近海巡逻艇的协议,这将是两国之间的第一份重大防务装备合同。如果得到实,这笔交易很可能引发美国及其盟国不快。“This is in direct competition with US and Japanese attempts to sell this kind of defence technology,said Alex Neill, an Asia-Pacific security fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Singapore.“这与美国和日本销售这种防务技术的尝试构成直接竞争,”新加坡国际战略研究所(International Institute for Strategic Studies)亚太安全问题研究员亚历克尼尔(Alex Neill)表示。Although Malaysia is one of several claimants to disputed reefs and islands in the South China Sea, its response to China’s expansive claims over the area has generally been to avoid confrontation. Malaysian ministers have occasionally bristled over China’s claims, but Mr Najib has emphasised moderation.虽然马来西亚是南中国海争议岛礁和岛屿的几个声索国之一,但该国对中国在该地区扩张性主权主张的回应总体上是回避对抗。马来西亚的部长级官员偶尔会抨击中国的主张,但纳吉布本人一直强调克制。Military relations between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur have grown warmer recently, with the first joint military exercise conducted last year in the Strait of Malacca.北京和吉隆坡之间的军事关系近期升温,去年两国在马六甲海峡进行了第一次联合军事演习。Malaysia’s defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is accompanying Mr Najib to China, announced the purchase of Chinese naval patrol craft in a Facebook post that was later removed.陪同纳吉布访华的马来西亚国防部长希沙姆丁.侯赛Hishammuddin Hussein),曾在Facebook上宣布采购中国海军巡逻艇,但这个帖子随后被删除。Analysts are speaking about a “Duterte effectacross Asia as Beijing seeks to pry countries away from Washington and coax them into its orbit, using its economic weight in the region as leverage.分析人士正在谈论席卷亚洲的“杜特尔特效应”,即北京方面试图把一个又一个国家撬离华盛顿的盟友圈子,并把中国在该地区的经济份量用作杠杆,推动这些国家进入中国的轨道。“Now Malaysia seems like a wobbly domino,said Euan Graham, director of the Lowy Institute in Sydney. “It lends itself to a pessimistic ing that there is a broader accommodation with China across Southeast Asia.”“现在马来西亚看上去像是一块摇摇欲坠的多米诺骨牌,”悉尼洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute for International Policy)主任尤安.格雷厄姆(Euan Graham)表示。“这意味着令人悲观的解读是,东南亚国家在普遍迁就中囀?”Malaysia and China have overlapping claims in the South China Sea, but they have rarely come into conflict because Malaysia’s claims lie far in the south, away from China’s recent efforts to build islands out of rocks and coral reefs further north.马来西亚和中国在南中国海的主权声索范围有重叠部分,但两国很少发生冲突,因为马来西亚声索的部分在南中国海的最南端,与中国近期建造人工岛的岛礁和珊瑚礁所在的北部相距较远。However, Malaysia’s coast guard in March announced that about 100 Chinese fishing vessels had been detected encroaching in Malaysia’s waters in the disputed sea, a signal that China is likely to press its maritime claims.然而,马来西亚海事执法局曾在今年3月宣布,约有100艘中国渔船被发现侵入争议海域的马来西亚水域,这个信号表明中国有可能重提其海事主张。Neighbouring Singapore and Vietnam have both moved to strengthen defence ties with the US, with Singapore allowing the deployment of Poseidon spy planes and exploring training opportunities for its armed forces on the US Pacific territory of Guam.邻近的新加坡和越南都加强了与美国的防务关系,新加坡允许美国部署“海神Poseidon)反潜巡逻机,并探索让新加坡军队在关岛(美国太平洋属地)进行培训的可能性。Mr Duterte, in contrast, signed .5bn of deals and investments on a trip to China this month during which he announced “springtimein relations between Beijing and Manila.相比之下,杜特尔特在上月访华期间签署35亿美元的协议和投资,其间他还宣告北京和马尼拉之间的关系进入“春天”。Mustafa Izzuddin, fellow at the Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, said Malaysia was pursuing a “balancedapproach to China that combined protecting its interests in the South China Sea with strengthening economic relations.新加坡尤索夫伊萨东南亚研究院(ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute)研究员穆斯塔伊兹Mustafa Izzuddin)表示,马来西亚正寻求对中国采取一种“平衡”姿态,在加强经济关系的同时保护其在南中国海的利益。China is Malaysia’s biggest trading partner, while tourism from China has rebounded after a fall in the wake of the disappearance of the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in 2014.中国是马来西亚最大的贸易伙伴,而中国赴马来西亚旅游的人数在2014年飞往北京的马航MH370航班失踪后一度下降,但现已反弹。At home, Mr Najib has been buffeted by claims that billions of dollars were looted from state investment fund 1MDB. The scandal has strained relations between Malaysia and the US, where federal prosecutors have moved to seize assets allegedly bought with misappropriated cash.纳吉布在国内饱受非议,他被指从国家投资基MDB侵吞了巨额美元的资金。这一丑闻使马来西亚和美国之间的关系变得紧张,美国联邦检察官已采取行动,扣押据称用贪污资金购买的资产。Mr Neill said: “If Najib finds himself in the crosshairs [of a US investigation], his natural inclination might be to lean towards China.”新加坡国际战略研究所的尼尔表示:“如果纳吉布发现自己成了美国的调查对象,倒向中国可能是他的自然倾向。”来 /201611/475821都江堰市治疗早泄多少钱 The International Organization for Migration says more than 10,000 Iraqis have been displaced since the start of an operation to retake the northern city of Mosul from Islamic State militants.国际移民组织说,从伊斯兰国极端分子手中收复伊拉克北部城市苏尔的战役开始以来,已有一万多伊拉克民众流离失所。The offensive, which involves Iraqi government troops, Kurdish fighters, Sunni tribesman and Shiite militias, began last week and has so far involved capturing town and villages surrounding Iraqs second largest city.由伊拉克政府军、库尔德战斗人员、逊尼派部落人员和什叶派民兵参加的进攻上星期开始,目前已夺取了这座伊拉克第二大城市周边的一些村镇。The ed Nations warned last week that as many as 200,000 people could be displaced in the initial weeks of the fight for Mosul, and that humanitarian groups would initially be able to handle about 70,000 people in need of aid.联合国上星期警告,夺取苏尔战斗最初几个星期内,可能有高达20万民众流离失所,人道团体开始阶段只能应对约7万人的援助需求。Iraqs displacement and migration ministry said Wednesday the number of displaced was increasing, and that on Tuesday there was a ;big wave; of 3,300 people in what was considered the largest number of people fleeing since the Mosul operation began.伊拉克的“流离与难民事务部”星期三表示,流离失所的人口数量不断增加,星期二出现了苏尔战役开始以来数量最多的一次民众逃离“浪潮”,人数多达3300人。The ed Nations said Tuesday it had preliminary reports of extrajudicial killings and summary executions by Islamic State fighters around Mosul, including the militants using civilians as human shields.联合国星期二表示,他们得到的初步报告显示,伊斯兰国战斗人员在苏尔周围进行非法处决和随意处决,其中包括极端分子利用平民作为人肉盾牌的情况。来 /201610/475105成都华西妇产儿童医院检查白带多少钱

成都市八院中医崇州市妇科检查哪家医院最好的 The presidential transition of Donald Trump has turned from reality television into a spy story even Hollywood could not sell: US intelligence services have concluded, along with their British cousins, that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has run a campaign of information warfare to disrupt democracies. 唐纳特朗Donald Trump)的总统接班已经从电视真人秀演变成了即使是好莱坞也不会兜售的谍战故事:美国情报人员还有他们的英国同仁都认为,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)打了一场旨在破坏民主的信息战。The Central Intelligence Agency believes that Moscow aimed to elect Mr Trump.美国中央情报局(CIA)相信莫斯科的意图是助特朗普当选。These goals are one and the same. 目的只有一个。Mr Trump is odds-on to be the most disruptive US president in history. 特朗普极有可能成为史上最具破坏性的美国总统。We are in uncharted waters: an American election has never been the target of an intelligence operation run by a KGB veteran. 我们正航行在一片未知海域:从来没有一次美国选举成为一位资深克格勃(KGB)开展情报行动的目标。That said, the history of the cold war is a guide to where we are headed.尽管如此,以冷战的历史为鉴,我们或许可以知道前方有什么在等着我们。The CIA itself began trying to fix elections within months of its creation in 1947. CIA本身947年刚成立没几个月就开始试图操纵他国选举。The first target was Italy; American spies backhanded bushels of cash to conservative politicians and Catholic priests to shore up Christian Democrats and defeat Communist candidates. 第一个目标是意大利,美国间谍以不寻常的手法向保守派政客和天主教牧师输送了大量现金,目的是持天主教民主党候选人,让共产党人落选。It worked. 这一策略很管用。Millions laundered through the Marshall Plan went to conservative and centrist parties in western Europe.通过马歇尔计Marshall Plan),大量资金流向了西欧的保守政党和中间路线的政党。Then the CIA went global, financing coups d’état and installing corrupt and cruel regimes from Iran to Indonesia. 接着,CIA把目光放到全球,在从伊朗到印尼等多个国家资助政变、扶植腐败残暴的政权。In Japan the agency helped create the Liberal Democratic party that has held power almost continuously from 1955.在日本,CIA帮助创立了自民党(LDP),该党从1955年起几乎一直掌权。The communists were more cruel and impecunious. 共产主义者更冷酷——也更穷。The decisive factor was the dollar. 决定性因素是美元。Money defeated Moscow in the cold war. 在冷战中,金钱打败了莫斯科。US intelligence had the wherewithal to win. 美国情报机构拥有获胜所需的资金。Money is power. 金钱就是力量。Mr Trump grasps this. 特朗普深谙此道。But information is power too. 但信息同样也是力量。Mr Putin knows that well. 普京明了这一点。And secret information stolen from your enemy is power squared.而从你的敌人那里窃取的秘密情报,就是力量的平方了。So cold war 2.0 is on. 冷战2.0已经打响。It will be a long game, but right now Mr Putin has an edge. 这将是持久战,不过目前普京占了上风。It appears Moscow set out to pick the locks and rifle the files of America’s political parties. 似乎是莫斯科撬锁窃取了美国政党的文件。But it only used the data purloined from Democrats. 不过,它只用了从美国民主党那里盗走的数据。WikiLeaks and Twitter bots mindlessly multiplied manipulated news feeds. 而维基解WikiLeaks)和Twitter无意间成倍放大了经人为挑选后投送的新闻。Together they inflicted death by a thousand tweets on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.它们一道通过上千条Twitter消息宣判了希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)选战的死刑。Mr Trump’s hold on the electoral college stands on roughly 80,000 votes. 特朗普凭借大万张普选票锁定了选举人票的胜局。He calls this a landslide while denigrating the CIA and the rest of the US intelligence establishment for their reporting on the Kremlin’s cyberwarfare. 他称这是一次压倒性胜利,而因为情报部门向国会汇报了克里姆林宫网络战的情况,他对CIA及其他美国情报机构大加贬斥。Republican leaders in Congress have vowed to lead investigations into Moscow’s manipulations after Mr Trump’s inauguration on January 20. 美国国会的共和党领导人已发誓要在10日特朗普就职后,针对莫斯科操纵选举一事发起调查。They will not be pretty as they play out.随着调查的展开,情况将不会那么光。Nor will Senate confirmation hearings for the post of secretary of state. 参议院对国务卿人选的确认听也同样不会太好看。Mr Trump did himself no favours by nominating ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson, whose business ties to Russia are deep and cosy. 特朗普提名埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)首席执行官雷克斯.蒂勒Rex Tillerson)担任这一职位对他本人没有好处,蒂勒森与俄罗斯保持着友好而密切的业务往来。The choice alone makes the president-elect look like the Siberian candidate.光是这项提名,就让这位候任美国总统看起来像是来自西伯利亚的候选人。Mr Trump also has done a deep disservice to the national security of the US by deriding the entire intelligence community and declining to listen to CIA briefings. 特朗普对整个情报界的嘲笑以及他拒绝听取CIA简报的行为,对美国国家安全大为有损。He evidently does not wish to hear what American spies have to say. 他显然不想听美国间谍们能说些什么。His mind is made up; he will not be confused by facts.他主意已定:他不会被事实迷惑。CIA briefings have been a tradition since 1960. 听取CIA简报是960年以来的一个传统。Some presidents-elect loved them, some listened with one ear,有的候任总统很喜欢CIA的简报,有的则不把它们放在心上but none have cancelled their free subscription to the top-secret daily paper in favour of cable news. 不过,还没有哪位候任总统取消对这一绝密每日报告的免费订阅而选择电视新闻的。In office, presidents from Harry Truman to Barack Obama have used and some have abused the power of US intelligence. 在总统任内,从哈里.杜鲁Harry Truman)到巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)都曾动用过美国情报的力量——部分总统还滥用过。In 2004, President George W Bush said the CIA was just guessing about the course of the war in Iraq. 2004年,乔治.W.布什(George W Bush)总统曾表示CIA只不过是在猜测伊拉克战争的进程。Until now, this was the low point in post-cold war relations between the White House and the CIA. 不说眼前,那是冷战后白宫和CIA关系处于最低潮的时候。If the agency does not have the president’s ear, it is, to e Benjamin Disraeli, an exhausted volcano.如果总统不再听取CIA的意见,用本杰明.迪斯雷利(Benjamin Disraeli)的话说,CIA将无异于一座熄灭的火山。Let me venture an educated guess based on 30 years of reporting and writing about US intelligence. 我根据自己从事美国情报报道和写作三十载的经验,斗胆做个猜测。I surmise that the secret services know more than has been disclosed about Mr Putin’s role in hacking and attacking the American political system. 对于普京在窃听和攻击美国政治体系中所扮演的角色,美国情报部门了解的情况比披露的要多。They know more about the specific mechanisms of Russia’s weaponising of information stolen from the Democrats and Mrs Clinton and why the secrets stolen from the Republicans and Mr Trump stayed sheathed.关于俄罗斯为什么把从美国民主党和希拉里那里窃取的情报当作武器加以利用,却不公开从美国共和党和特朗普那里窃取的情报,他们知道更多内情。If this information is not disclosed, it will create an unbearable tension in Washington. 如果不披露这些信息,将会在华盛顿造成令人难以忍受的紧张局面。And if it is disclosed, suspicions could lead straight to Trump Tower. 而如果披露这些信息,人们的怀疑或直指特朗普大厦。And that in turn could set off a constitutional crisis the likes of which we have not seen since Richard Nixon’s helicopter lifted off from the White House lawn for the last time.这继而可能引发一场自理查尼克Richard Nixon)最后一次乘坐直升机从白宫草坪起飞以来最严重的宪政危机。来 /201612/483989成都市第三人民医院生孩子好吗

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