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Nothing better captures the paradox of Barack Obama’s presidency than his legacy on nuclear weapons. On Friday Mr Obama will become the first US president to visit the Japanese city of Hiroshima, 70 years after the US became the first and last country to use the atomic bomb.没有什么事情比巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)在核武方面的政治遗产更能反映出他总统任期内的自相矛盾之处了。本周五,他将成为第一位访问日本广岛的在任美国总统0年前,美国成为首个、也是迄今唯一一个使用原子弹的国家。Though Mr Obama will stop short of apologising for the bombing of Hiroshima, his visit will be richly symbolic. It may even create political room for Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, to break precedent by visiting Pearl Harbor, scene of the 1941 attack by Japan against the US.尽管奥巴马不会为美国当年在广岛投放核弹的行为道歉,但他的到访将带有浓厚的象征意味。此行甚至可能创造政治空间,让日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)史无前例地访问珍珠港—941年日本在那里袭击了美囀?The Hiroshima visit will showcase Mr Obama at his best. As the peoples of Cuba, Vietnam and Iran can attest, no US president has taken greater risks to bury the hatchet on past enmities.广岛之行将展现处于最佳状态的奥巴马。正如古巴、越南、伊朗人民可以明的那样,从没有哪位美国总统冒这么大风险去化解过去的积怨。Yet few US presidents have raised hopes so unrealistically high. Seven years ago Mr Obama promised to work for a “world free of nuclear weaponsin a speech in Prague. As he prepares to leave office, Mr Obama will bequeath what nuclear analysts call the “second nuclear age In Prague he said: “As the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the ed States has a moral responsibility to act.”不过,也几乎没有哪位美国总统让外界对自己寄予如此高的、几乎不切实际的希望年前,奥巴马在布拉格发表的一次演讲中承诺,将致力于建立一个“没有核武器的世界”。在他准备离任之际,奥巴马将留给世界的是核分析人士所称的“第二个核时代”。在布拉格,他曾表示:“作为唯一一个使用过核武器的核大国,美国负有道义上的责任要采取行动。”Mr Obama’s biggest single action since then has been to embark on the largest nuclear weapons modernisation programme in history a tn, 30-year upgrade to the US nuclear force, scripted by the Pentagon. His decision, which many believe was presented as a fait accompli by the US nuclear bureaucracy , is likely to outlast all his others put together.从那以来,奥巴马采取的最大行动便是,开启史上最大规模的核武现代化升级计划。这一由五角大Pentagon)起草的计划将耗资1万亿美元、耗时30年,对美国核力量进行升级。很多人认为,奥巴马的这一决定是作为既成事实、由美国的核官僚宣布的。这一决定的影响可能会比他的其他所有计划都更长远。Mr Obama has often been criticised for the contrast between his words and his actions most notably in the war on Islamist terrorism, where he banned the term “war on terrorwhile redoubling drone warfare.奥巴马常因言行不一而受到批评——最显著的例子体现在打击伊斯兰恐怖主义的战争中,他禁止白宫内部使用“反恐战争”一词,同时却加强了无人机作战。But the gap between his nuclear promises and reality is even starker. He agreed to the tn upgrade in exchange for Republican support for his nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia.但是,他的核承诺与现实之间的差距甚至更加明显。他同意了耗资1万亿美元的核武升级计划,以换取共和党持他与俄罗斯签订的削减核武器条约。Though the spending spree was meant to conserve the US’s existing arsenal, it is far more ambitious than advertised. Whole classes of warhead will be replaced. Alert warning times will be shortened.尽管这一疯狂出是为了保养美国现有的军械库,但是实际上它的野心远远超过官方宣传的程度。某些类别的弹头将全部被替换。警报时间将缩短。And the US will retain its nuclear triad on air, land and sea. Mr Obama made cosmetic changes to the US posture in 2010, which included the promise not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries. But he retained the “first usedoctrine against nuclear weapons countries such as China and Russia.同时,美国将继续保留海、陆、空三位一体的核力量010年,奥巴马对美国的姿态做出了象征性的改变,其中包括承诺不对无核国家使用核武器。但是,他保留了对中国和俄罗斯等有核国家采取“先发制人”核打击的原则。Nor are experts any more confident than before in the effectiveness of US nuclear safety. In July 2012, three religious activists, including an 82-year-old nun with a heart condition, broke into the Oak Ridge Y12 facility in Tennessee known as the “Fort Knoxof uranium. They spent 45 minutes spraying the facility with graffiti before being arrested.也没有哪个专家对美国核安全的有效性比以前更有信心012月,三名宗教行动主义者(包括一位患有心脏病2岁修女)闯入了位于田纳西州的橡树岭Y12 (Oak Ridge Y12)核设施——被称为储藏铀的“诺克斯堡”(Fort Knox,美联储的金库——译者注)。他们在那里乱涂乱画5分钟后才被逮捕。A fifth of Oak Ridge’s cameras and sensor monitors did not work, enabling the protesters to cut through three fences without being detected. It was guarded by a subsidiary of G4S, the UK private security company. Mr Obama’s programme redoubles the reliance on automated security systems monitored by private contractors.当时橡树岭五分之一的摄像头和传感器监控器都坏了,使三名抗议者得以穿过三道围栏而未被发现。当时负责守卫那里的是英国私人安保公司杰富仕(G4S)的一家子公司。奥巴马的计划大大增加了对私人承包商监控的自动化安保系统的依赖。On the plus side, Mr Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran could prevent what might otherwise have turned into a full-blown nuclear arms race in the Middle East. That too will be part of his legacy. He has also chivvied other nuclear countries to reduce uranium stockpiles and improve safety. Taken as a whole, however, the world looks less safe today than when he took office.从有利的方面来说,奥巴马与伊朗签订的核协议或许掐灭了中东全面核军备竞赛的苗头。这也将是他政治遗产的一部分。他还通过不懈的努力,促使其他拥核国家削减了铀储备并提高了核安全性。然而,整体来看,如今的世界似乎比他上任时更不安全了。China, India, Pakistan and Russia are all following the US lead in modernising their arsenals. North Korea is considerably closer to developing a nuclear warhead with intercontinental reach.中国、印度、巴基斯坦和俄罗斯均效仿美国开始对各自的军械库进行现代化升级。朝鲜已经相当接近于研发出洲际核弹头。In Prague, Mr Obama said: “In a strange turn of history, the threat of global nuclear war has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up.”在布拉格,奥巴马曾表示:“世事难料,如今爆发全球核战争的威胁降低了,核袭击的风险却升高了。”Seven years on, it is hard to argue that the first part of that statement still holds.七年过去了,如今很难主张这句话的前半部分仍然站得住脚。来 /201605/446132

Turkeys military said its warplanes carried out 18 airstrikes Monday targeting Kurdish militants in northern Iraq.土耳其军方说,土耳其战机星期一对伊拉克北部地区的库尔德激进分子发动了18次空袭。The strikes against the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, came a day after a car bombing killed at least 37 people in Turkeys capital, Ankara.空袭目标是库尔德工人党。一天前,土耳其首都安卡拉发生汽车炸弹袭击,造成至少37人死亡。There has been no claim of responsibility and Turkish officials said they expected to announce the results of the investigation into the blast on Monday.目前还没有人宣称对袭击事件负责。土耳其官员说,预计将于星期一宣布对这一事件的调查结果。Turkish forces have been carrying out an offensive against the PKK since July when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared the fight would continue until every militant is defeated.土耳其总统埃尔多安去年7月宣布将继续战斗,直至击败所有激进分子。此后,土耳其部队一直在对库尔德工人党展开攻势。Sundays blast happened near Kizilay square, a key shopping and transportation hub near foreign embassies and government buildings.星期天的爆炸袭击发生在安卡拉克孜拉伊广场附近,那里靠近外国使馆和政府建筑,是安卡拉主要购物区和交通枢纀?Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu said it targeted civilians at a bus stop, and that more than 120 people were wounded.土耳其卫生部长梅辛诺格鲁表示,一个巴士车站的平民成为袭击目标,爆炸还造成120多人受伤。Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu convened an emergency security meeting after the bombing.炸弹爆炸事件发生后,土耳其总理达武特奥卢召集了紧急安全会议。来 /201603/431223

News that Syrian rebel factions are negotiating with Russia in Turkey to relieve the siege of eastern Aleppo highlights a Middle East-wide trend whereby leading actors are looking to Moscow instead of the US. It also underlines the extent to which Bashar al-Assad, the improbable survivor of almost six years of civil war, is a pawn of his Russian and Iranian patrons.有消息称,叙利亚叛军正在与俄罗斯在土耳其谈判,以解除其在阿勒Aleppo)东部地区受到的围攻,这突显出整个中东地区的一个趋势——主要国家转向俄罗斯而非美国求助。它还表明在年内战中令人不可思议地活下来的巴沙尔.阿萨Bashar al-Assad),在多大程度上成为了俄罗斯和伊朗的马前卒。Syria has been centre stage in President Vladimir Putin’s reassertion of Russian influence in the Middle East, after his air force arrived in September last year to save the Assad regime. Since then, ferocious Russian bombing and the siege of rebel enclaves, alongside a string of offensives spearheaded by Lebanese, Iraqi and Afghan Shia fighters deployed by Iranian revolutionary guards, have expanded the rump state to defensible perimeters.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)希望重获俄罗斯在中东地区的影响力,在他去月派俄罗斯空军前往叙利亚解救阿萨德政权之后,叙利亚就处于这种努力的核心。自那以来,俄罗斯对叛军占据的地区进行了猛烈的轰炸和围困,再加上由伊朗革命卫队部署的黎巴嫩、伊拉克和阿富汗什叶派武装人员带头发起了一系列攻势,使阿萨德政府所剩地盘扩大到能够抵御进攻的边界。But Mr Putin has to think of what happens after the fall of rebel Aleppo. Russia has reached beyond tactical sallies against US hegemony in the Middle East and is reacquiring the onerous obligations of great power-dom.但普京不得不考虑在攻占叛军占领的阿勒颇之后将会出现的情况。俄罗斯不仅仅在战术上对美国在中东地区的霸主地位发起了攻击,它还在重新承担起与大国地位相伴随的艰巨责任。It is beyond dispute that US influence has declined in a region where it was long considered axiomatic that not a leaf stirred but Washington had decreed it. This began in 2003 with President George W Bush’s misconceived invasion and occupation of Iraq, a pitilessly public display of the limits of US power. It was accelerated by President Barack Obama’s tendency to shy away from admittedly hard choices, notoriously when in 2013 he backed off from punishing the Assad regime, after it crossed his “red lineand used nerve gas against civilians.毋庸置疑,美国在中东地区的影响力下降了——人们曾长期认为,中东处于美国的掌控之下。美国影响力下降开始于2003年乔W.布什(George W. Bush)欠考虑地入侵并占领伊拉克,从而无情地公开暴露出美国实力有限。巴拉克.奥巴Barack Obama)则加速了美国影响力的下降,他往往回避那些确实很艰难的抉择,尤其是013年阿萨德政权跨过他设置的“红线”、使用神经毒气对付平民之后,没有对之进行惩罚。Anyone with aspirations to being a player in the Middle East now beats a path to Mr Putin. The list is replete with Washington’s historic allies: Israel and Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Russia has forged working links with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s irredentist prime minister, and Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the military strongman who took power from Islamists in Egypt.所有有意在中东地区有所作为的国家现在都纷纷转向普京求助。这些国家不乏华盛顿在历史上的盟友:以色列和埃及、土耳其和沙特。俄罗斯加强了与以色列总理本雅内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)和埃及总统阿卜杜勒.法塔塞西(Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)的工作联系,前者奉行民族统一主义,后者是从伊斯兰主义者手里夺取了政权的军事强人。He has mended fences with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president and paramount leader of Nato ally Turkey, and built a functioning relationship with Mohammed bin Salman, the young prince who in effect runs Saudi Arabia. Russia has also cultivated local factions. Khalifa Haftar, the Libyan general who controls the east of his fractured country, was just in Moscow. Mohammed Dahlan, the Abu Dhabi-based former Palestinian security chief with controversial international links, sees Mr Putin regularly.他修复了与北约盟友土耳其的总统、最高领导人雷杰塔伊埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)的关系,并与沙特的实际掌权人、年轻的王储穆罕默德.萨勒Mohammed bin Salman)建立了运转良好的关系。俄罗斯还扶植当地势力。控制着军阀割据的利比亚的东部地区的将军哈利哈夫塔尔(Khalifa Haftar)上周二刚刚访问了莫斯科。居住在阿布扎比、国际关系存在争议的前巴勒斯坦安全事务部长穆罕默达赫Mohammed Dahlan)定期与普京见面。But it is doubtful whether the Kremlin can partner simultaneously with Sunni and Shia, or with Turkey, Iran and Israel, in a region where it has rarely been more than a spoiler. Intrigue is rarely straightforward. Turkey, for example, says Mohammed Dahlan was in cahoots with the Islamist followers of Fethullah Gulen, the US-based preacher Ankara blames for the abortive military putsch in July.但在俄罗斯过去只不过是一个搅局者的中东,它能否同时与逊尼派和什叶派、或者同时与土耳其、伊朗和以色列合作,存在疑问。中东地区阴谋诡谲。例如,土耳其表示,穆罕默达赫兰与费特胡拉.居伦(Fethullah Gulen)的伊斯兰追随者勾结。居伦是居住在美国的流亡神职人员,土耳其指其策划了今月未遂的军事政变。This is not the first time Russia has sat down with Syrian rebels and its willingness to do so again, on the verge of victory in Aleppo, may point to a new pragmatism. The Assad regime is dependent on Russian air power and Iran-marshalled foreign fighters. It simply does not have the manpower to police its post-Aleppo borders.这并非俄罗斯首次与叙利亚叛军坐下来谈判,它在阿勒颇战斗即将胜利之际再次愿意谈判,可能表明了新的务实主义。阿萨德政权依赖俄罗斯空军和伊朗组织的外国士兵。它根本没有人力维持阿勒颇战斗结束后的边界治安。Mr Assad’s minority supporters have paid a heavy price to keep his clan in power, but it is increasingly others who are doing the fighting and dying. Iran has just admitted it has lost 1,000 combatants fighting for his regime; Hizbollah is thought to have lost more. Can this kind of external commitment be open-ended, or will Moscow and Tehran use their power over Mr Assad to push him towards compromise?阿萨德的少数持者为维持其家族掌权付出了沉重代价,但为其战斗和死亡的越来越多是其他人。伊朗刚刚承认,已有1000名士兵为阿萨德政权牺牲。据信真主党(Hizbollah)的死亡人数更多。这种外部承诺是无限的吗?或者莫斯科和德黑兰会向阿萨德施压、迫使他妥协吗?An early signal would be if Russia forces the Assads to agree to the UN’s four-point humanitarian aid plan for Aleppo, allowing food and medicine to enter the stricken city and the evacuation of the sick and wounded. The armed groups have aly signed.一个早期信号将是,俄罗斯是否迫使阿萨德同意联合国提出的阿勒颇四点人道主义援助计划,允许食品和药品进入战火纷飞的阿勒颇,并让病患伤者撤离。武装组织已经签署了协议。来 /201612/481899When supporters of the Vote Leave campaign sketch out a future for Britain outside the EU, they often point to the “Anglosphereof English-speaking nations bequeathed by Britain’s imperial past. So Barack Obama’s intervention in Britain’s EU referendum last week was a potentially devastating moment for the Brexit campaign. Here was the president of the US the most powerful member of the Anglosphere arguing forcefully for Britain to stay inside the EU. 当英国退出欧盟运动的持者为脱离欧盟后的英国勾勒未来时,他们经常说到由英语国家构成的“盎格鲁文化圈Anglosphere)——英国帝国时代的遗产。因此,巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)上周对英国退欧公投的介入,可能成为退欧运动的灾难性时刻。这位美国(盎格鲁文化圈最强大的成员)总统来到英国,有力地主张英国应该留在欧盟内In desperation, some members of the Leave campaign have suggested that Mr Obama might harbour a special animus against Britain. Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, flirted with the theory that the “part-Kenyan president’s ancestrymight explain his views. 无奈之下,退欧运动的一些持者暗示,奥巴马或许对英国抱有特殊敌意。伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰Boris Johnson)提到,这位“总统拥有的肯尼亚血统”或许可以解释他的观点In reality, no special explanation is needed for Mr Obama’s remarks. It has long been US policy to support British membership of the EU. 实际上,奥巴马的话无需特殊解释。持英国留在欧盟内,是美国长期以来一直坚持的政策Yet the Brexiters are on to something in a broader sense. For all the ritualistic tributes to the enduring nature of the special relationship, something has changed during the Obama years. That shift is a growing awareness in both Washington and London of the rise of Asia, which has made both the US and the UK reconsider their approaches to the world and each other. 然而,退欧运动的持者在更广泛意义上切中了要害。虽然对英美特殊关系经久不衰有许多礼节性的赞颂,但有些东西在奥巴马担任总统期间发生了变化。这变化就是,华盛顿和伦敦方面都日益认识到了亚洲的崛起。这种认识已使美英两国开始重新考虑自己的对外政策,包括对彼此的政策President Obama’s personal background does indeed matter here. But the significant point is not that he is the first African-American president, but that he is the first Pacific president. Mr Obama was brought up in Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and spent several years of his childhood in Indonesia. Like no other president before him, he really grasps the vital and growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region. 在这方面,奥巴马总统的个人背景的确有影响。但关键点不在他是首位非洲裔美国总统,而在于他是首位来自太平洋地区的美国总统。奥巴马在太平洋上的夏威夷长大,并在印度尼西亚度过了数年童年时光。与历届总统都不同的是,他真正懂得亚太地区关键且日益增长的重要性The signature foreign policy initiative of the Obama years has been America’s “pivot to Asia Amid all the turmoil in the Middle East and Ukraine, the US president has remained grimly, stubbornly, determined to devote more of his country’s diplomatic, military and economic resources to Asia. 美国“转向亚洲pivot to Asia)战略是奥巴马时期美国提出的标志性外交政策。虽然中东、乌克兰动荡不断,但奥巴马一直顽强、固执、坚决地将美国更多的外交、军事和经济资源投向亚洲There was much talk, during Mr Obama’s London visit, about whether the US might strike a separate trade deal with a post-Brexit Britain, or whether it would focus more on the US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Mr Obama controversially suggested that the UK would be at the “back of the queuein any quest for a separate trade deal. 奥巴马访问伦敦期间,很多人都在谈论:美国是否有可能与脱离欧盟的英国单独签署贸易协定,或者是否会将更多注意力放在美欧之间的《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定TTIP)上。奥巴马暗示,如果英国想要签署单独贸易协定,它将排在“队伍末尾”。奥巴马的这一言论引发争议But the reality is that America’s biggest trade priority is neither the UK nor the EU it is Asia. While negotiations on TTIP are still years from conclusion, the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal has aly been agreed between the US and 11 other nations in the Asia-Pacific region, and now awaits ratification. 但现实是,美国在贸易上最优先考虑的对象既非英国,也不是欧盟,而是亚洲。围绕TTIP的谈判仍需数年才能有结果,但美国与亚太地区其他11个国家已就《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)达成一致,现在协议正等待美国国会批准Some Brits and Europeans hope that the departure of President Obama might mean that the US places less emphasis on Asia and pivots back to the Atlantic. That is unlikely. Any US president who looks at America’s strategic priorities is likely to come to conclusions similar to Mr Obama’s. Hillary Clinton, his likeliest successor, is a firm believer in the “pivotto Asia, as she made clear in a 2011 article entitled “America’s Pacific Century 一些英国人和欧洲人希望,奥巴马总统任期的结束或许意味着美国会降低对亚洲的重视程度,重新将重心转向大西洋。这种情形不大可能出现。任何一位美国总统对美国的各个战略优先对象进行权衡之后,都可能得出与奥巴马类似的结论。最有希望成为奥巴马继任者的希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)是“转向”亚洲战略的坚定持者——正如她011年发表的一篇题为《美国的太平洋世纪America’s Pacific Century)的文章中表明的那样The British, in particular, have few grounds to complain about America’s current preoccupation with Asia and the Pacific, since the Cameron government has been conducting its own pivot to Asia even at the expense of ties to the US. David Cameron has led a succession of high-profile trade delegations to Asia and signed Britain up as a founder member of the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, against the express wishes of the US government. One member of the Obama administration complained (to the Financial Times) about Britain’s “constant accommodationof China. 英国尤其没有理由抱怨美国当下对亚太地区的专注,因为卡梅伦政府一直在实施自己的转向亚洲战略——甚至不惜损害与美国的关系。英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)曾多次高调率领贸易代表团访问亚洲,而且忤逆美国政府的明确意愿,让英国成为了总部设在北京的亚洲基础设施投资(AIIB)的创始成员国。奥巴马政府的一名官员曾向英囀?金融时报》抱怨英国“不断迁就”中囀?Of course, there are still deep historic and cultural ties linking Britain and America. Anybody who doubts that should consider the number of leading members of the US foreign-policy establishment who once studied at Oxford. Susan Rice, Mr Obama’s national security adviser, Bill Burns, who was Mrs Clinton’s deputy at the State Department, and Jake Sullivan, one of her closest advisers, are all Oxford alumni. 当然,依然有深厚的历史、文化纽带将英美两国连在一起。所有对此存疑的人都应该看看,美国外交政策圈有多少主要成员曾就读于牛津大Oxford)。奥巴马的国家安全顾问苏#8226;赖斯(Susan Rice)、希拉里担任国务卿时的副国务卿比#8226;伯恩Bill Burns)以及希拉里最亲近的顾问之一杰克#8226;沙利Jake Sullivan),都是牛津大学校友These kinds of links help give Britain easy access in Washington. But, in future, even elite educational ties may be thinner. Stephen Schwarzman, an American financier, has just set up a major scholarship scheme, inspired by the Rhodes scholarships to Oxford, to take high-achieving Americans and others to study at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Mr Schwarzman’s not-unreasonable assumption is that, in future it might be more important for aspiring American leaders to understand China. 这些联系可以帮助英国很容易地接近华盛顿。但未来,即使精英校友的纽带都可能变得薄弱。美国金融家苏世Stephen Schwarzman)刚刚设立了一个大规模奖学金项目——受牛津大学罗兹(Rhodes)奖学金的启发——资助优秀的美国及其他国家学生到北京的清华大学(Tsinghua University)学习。苏世民不无道理的假设是,对有抱负的未来美国领导者而言,了解中国或许更加重要The rise of Asia is also changing the nature of Canada and Australia, two other key members of the historic Anglosphere. Australia does 10 times as much trade, by value, with China and Japan as it does with Britain. The population of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is now around 35 per cent ethnic Asian, and the figure is well over 40 per cent for Vancouver on the Pacific coast. 亚洲的崛起也正在从根本上改变盎格鲁文化圈的另外两个关键成员——加拿大和澳大利亚。按价值算,澳大利亚与中国和日本的贸易是其与英国贸易的十倍。在加拿大最大城市多伦多,如今约35%的人口是亚裔,而在太平洋沿岸的温哥华,亚裔比例大大超过40%Still, any Brits who feel nostalgic for the Anglosphere, and a little resentful about Mr Obama’s “back of the queuecomments, might reflect how much they still benefit from the cultural power of the US. The traditional Anglosphere may be in disrepair. But a different sort of Anglosphere has emerged in Brussels, with English now the common language of the EU institutions. 不过,所有怀念盎格鲁文化圈而且对奥巴马的“队伍末尾”言论感到些许愤恨的英国人,或许都应该想一想,他们仍多么大地受益于美国的文化力量。传统的盎格鲁文化圈或许已经没落。但一种不同类型的盎格鲁文化圈已出现在布鲁塞尔——英语如今是欧盟各机构的通用语言。来 /201604/439949

The U.S. and Iraq have agreed on a plan that will send about 600 additional American troops to Iraq to help retake Mosul from Islamic State, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Wednesday.美国国防部长卡特星期三宣布,美国和伊拉克达成一项增00多名美军前往伊拉克的计划,协助伊拉克从伊斯兰国手中夺回苏尔。Speaking to reporters in New Mexico, Carter said the increase is part of the coalitions ;accelerating campaign; to ;isolate and collapse; Islamic States control over Mosul and ;expand gains by Iraqi Security Forces elsewhere in Iraq.;卡特在新墨西哥州对记者说,增派美军是联军“加速攻势”的一部分,以“孤立和粉碎”伊斯兰国对苏尔的控制,并“扩大伊拉克保安部队在其他地区的战果。”A U.S. defense official put the total number at 615, bringing the number of American troops authorized to fight IS in Iraq at 5,262.一名美国国防官员说,增派的美军人数15人,从而将美国授权在伊拉克与伊斯兰国作战的总兵力增262人。Carter said the additional U.S. military personnel will train, advise and assist Iraqi Security Forces and Kurdish Peshmerga. They also will be used to improve logistics and to intensify intelligence operations with a “special emphasison uncovering IS plans to launch terror attacks against Baghdad and the West.卡特说,增派的美军人员将训练、建议并协助伊拉克保安部队和库尔德自由战士。他们还将被用来改善后勤工作并加强情报行动,“特别着重于”破获伊斯兰国对巴格达和西方发动恐怖袭击的阴谋。Carter also echoed other top U.S. defense officials who have suggested the battle to retake Mosul could get under way in a matter of weeks.卡特也表达了与其他美国高层国防官员相同的看法。他们提出,重新夺回苏尔的战斗几个星期之内就有可能展开。来 /201610/469089Japan is planning to develop a new tactical ballistic missile that would challenge Chinese military strategy around disputed islands in the East China Sea.日本计划开发一种新的战术弹道导弹,该型导弹将挑战中国围绕东中国海有争议岛屿的军事战略。Plans for the surface-to-ship weapon, which would be the longest-range missile ever built by Japan, have emerged after months of rancour between Tokyo and Beijing over rival territorial claims.这种岸舰导弹将是日本迄今制造的射程最远的导弹,其开发计划出炉之前,东京和北京之间围绕相互对立的领土主张爆发了持续多月的争吵。As tensions have persisted, Japan revealed last month that it had scrambled fighter jets a record 199 times in the second quarter as Chinese military activities intensified around Japan’s territorial waters and drew closer to the Senkakus a chain of uninhabited islets known as the Diaoyu in China.随着紧张局势持续发酵,日本上月透露,其航空自卫队战斗机在第二季度紧急出99次,数量之多创下纪录,原因是中国加强在日本领海周边的军事活动,并且逼近尖阁诸岛(Senkakus),这是东中国海一个无人居住的岛链,中国称其为钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿。The new missile, say military experts familiar with the plans, is designed to “complicate enemy planning By positioning the weapons on Japanese islands in the East China Sea, their range, stretching to the edge of Japan’s territorial claims, would discourage naval aggression. If an attacking force were planning a landing on a Japanese island, its commander would need to destroy the missiles beforehand in effect initiating conflict.熟悉相关计划的军事专家们表示,这种新型导弹旨在“让敌人的规划变得复杂”。把该型导弹部署在东中国海的日本岛屿上,其射程范围将覆盖日本领土主张的边缘,从而起到吓阻海上侵略行为的作用。如果进攻部队计划登陆日本的某个岛屿,它的指挥官将需要先摧毁这些导弹——实际上发起冲突。Japan’s move to build the missiles comes as it strengthens its capability to develop military equipment after prime minister Shinzo Abe ended the country’s self-imposed ban on the export of weapons in 2014. The programme is part of a wider effort to reduce spending on foreign-made weaponry if a domestic alternative can be produced.决定研制这种导弹之际,日本正在加强其开发军事装备的实力,此前日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)014年解除了日本自我强加的武器出口禁令。导弹计划是日本整体努力的一部分,目的是在有能力国产的情况下减少武器进口出。The vehicle-mounted, GPS-guided system is likely to be deployed to locations such as the southern island of Miyako in Okinawa, according to people familiar with the plan.知情人士称,这种GPS制导的车载导弹系统很可能被部署到日本南方岛屿,如冲绳的宫古岛(Miyako)。With a range of about 300km, the system will be able to cover the waters around the Senkakus. Experts say the current Type-12 surface-to-ship missiles, which Japan procured in 2012, have a range of roughly 200km.射程00公里的该型导弹系统,将能够覆盖尖阁诸岛周围海域。专家们介绍说,目前役2式陆基反舰导弹(日本012年采购)射程大致00公里。The defence ministry said it was studying ways to enhance its existing surface-to-ship missile capability to deter invasion of Japan’s remote islands. But it declined to comment on details. The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper said the new missiles were expected to be deployed around 2023.防卫省表示,正在研究如何增强现有的陆基反舰导弹,以吓阻对日本偏远岛屿的入侵。但该部门拒绝对细节置评。《读卖新闻Yomiuri Shimbun)报道称,预计新型导弹将在2023年前后部署。Industry watchers say the move to develop a new missile is no surprise given that the ministry’s 2013 defence guidelines called for Japan’s military to strengthen its ability to deal with attacks on islands.行业观察人士说,开发新型导弹之举并不令人意外,因为防卫013年公布的防卫指针文件就呼吁自卫队加强其应对岛屿受到攻击的能力。The ministry is expected to seek funding for development of the new missile in its initial budget requests for the 2017-18 fiscal year, to be submitted later this month.预计防卫省将在本月稍后提交的2017-18财年初步预算请求中,为研制新型导弹申请资金。Governments in the Asia-Pacific region are closely scrutinising Japan’s military posture following this month’s appointment of Tomomi Inada as the country’s defence minister. The outspoken nationalist, who yesterday returned from a visit to a Japanese military base in Djibouti, has previously expressed a hardline position on Japan’s territorial rights in the East China Sea.本月稻田朋美(Tomomi Inada)被任命为日本防卫大臣后,亚太各国政府正在密切关注日本的军事姿态。稻田朋美是一名直言不讳的民族主义者,昨日在视察日本在吉布提的军事基地后回国,她曾对日本在东中国海的领土权利表达强硬立场。来 /201608/46152312-year-old girl finds ancient Egyptian amulet12岁女孩发现古埃及护符An ancient Egyptian amulet was uncovered in Jerusalem by a young girl taking part in a family dig in the capital.耶路撒冷小女孩参加“圣殿山筛选项目”考古活动时,发现一古埃及护符。Neshama Spielman, from Jerusalem, found the artifact four years ago at a dig organized by the City of David and the Temple Mount Sifting Project, which works to examine tons of dirt removed without archaeological supervision from the Temple Mount by the Muslim Waqf. Details of the find and its identification, however, have only now been revealed. Spielman, who is aged 12, was just 8 when she made the find.小女孩名叫Neshama Spielman,来自耶路撒冷。她年前在“圣殿山筛选项目”中发现这个护符的。该项目旨在检查从神圣犹太教遗址移来,未经考古检测过的泥土。当年,Spielman只有8岁。The piece was taken away for laboratory testing, and the Spielman family only received a phone call this month telling them the amulet had been identified.后来此护符被拿去实验室检测,知道上个月,Spielman一家才接到电话,被告知检测结果。Spielman was sifting through dirt at the Emek Tzurim national park on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem when she noticed the small rectangular object.当时,Spielman正在耶路撒冷Emek Tzurim国家公园橄榄山的斜坡上检查泥土。突然就注意到了这个小小的矩形物件。Just 21 millimeters long, 16 millimeters high, and 4 millimeters thick, the amulet, of which part is missing, has a “raised decorationon it with a loop at one end that allowed it to be worn on a cord around the neck.该护符只1毫米长6毫米高毫米厚,部分已经缺失。上方凸起的部分有个孔,可以用绳穿起来挂在脖子上。The raised decoration shows a cartouche an oval frame around Egyptian hieroglyphics indicating a royal name. Above the frame archaeologists could make out the symbol of an eye and that of a cobra.凸起那部分有个“涡卷饰品”——(古埃及碑上)在王和神的名字周围的椭圆形装饰。考古学家在上面发现有眼镜蛇一只眼的符号。The amulet has been dated to 3,200 years ago and bears the name of Pharaoh Thutmose III, a prominent figure from the Eighteenth Dynasty who reigned from 1479 E to 1425 E.护符距今已有3200年的历史,上面还刻有“图特斯三世”法老的名字。他于公元前1504至公元前1450年在位统治。“Thutmose III was one of the most important pharaohs in Egypt’s New Kingdom and is credited with establishing the Egyptian imperial province in Canaan,said Gabriel Barkay, the co-founder and director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project.“图特斯三世是埃及新王朝最重要的法老之一。他使埃及在迦南完成了从一个地域性王国向洲际大帝国的质变。”“圣殿山筛选项目”的联合发起人和总负责人Gabriel Barkay如是说。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。来 /201607/453459

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