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The technology that Alan has developed for the big cats艾伦开发出来用在这些大型猫科动物身上的is an advanced GPS tracker.是一种先进的GPS追踪器It tracks the animals position, speed它追踪动物的位置 速度and how fast theyre accelerating, step by step.以及他们每一步的加速度The collar has got solar panels on the top,这个项圈顶部有太阳能电池板its got electronics in the top here这里面有电子元件and then the batteries on the bottom, and a radio antenna.底部有电池和一个无线电天线So this will give us the position of our animals它将以每秒三百次的速度to tens of centimetres, 300 times a second,和几十厘米的精度告诉我们猫猫的位置and how fast theyre going,以及他们行动的速度so we actually get exquisitely fine detail所以我们能够详细地了解about what theyre doing, where theyre moving,他们在做什么 他们在哪儿活动what terrain theyre moving in, how theyre hunting,他们要去什么地方 他们怎样捕猎when theyre successful and when they arent.他们什么时候成功什么时候失败It really is opening up whole new measurements这是用传统的追踪项圈that werent possible before with traditional tracking collars.根本无法得到的测量数据The information hes gathered has transformed our understanding他收集的信息改变了我们对这些about how these fearsome predators live in the wild.可怕的捕食者如何在野外生存的看法Were going to turn on the GPS loggers.我们要把这些GPS接收器打开重点解释:1.step by step 逐步地例句:He will be promoted step by step.他将被逐步提升。2.move in 搬进;迁入例句:We cant move in until the electricity has been laid on.我们得等电源接通后才能搬进去。3.open up 打开例句:After a few drinks he began to open up a bit.他喝了几杯酒话就多起来了。201607/453506栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451759If youve ever wondered about the shape of your nose, you might be able to blame it on where your ancestors lived.如果你对自己鼻子的形状感到纳闷,你可能会怪你的祖先生活在哪里。Specifically, the climate they lived in.具体来说,他们居住的气候。Researchers from Pennsylvania State University used 3-D facial imaging to to map a variety of nose measurements, including the length of the ridge, the height of the nose and the width of the nostrils.宾夕法尼亚州立大学的研究人员使用三维面部成像来绘制各种鼻子数据,包括鼻脊的长度、鼻子的高度和鼻孔的宽度。They think that last one,nostril width,correlates with the temperature and absolute humidity of the climate your ancestors lived in.他们认为最后一个,鼻孔的宽度,与你祖先居住气候的温度和绝对湿度有关。Besides giving us our sense of smell, the nose also heats up and cleans the air we breathe.鼻子除了给我们嗅觉,也加热和清洁我们呼吸的空气。Narrower nostrils warm air more efficiently than wider ones. Thats essential because the researchers found people with narrower nostrils on average had ancestors who lived in cold, dry climates.窄鼻孔比宽鼻孔更能有效的温暖空气。这是至关重要的,因为研究人员发现平均鼻孔较窄的人生活在寒冷干燥的气候中。The study points out where your ancestors lived probably isnt the only reason your nose is shaped how it is.这项研究指出,你祖先生活在哪里可能并不是你鼻子形状的唯一原因。They found men tend to have larger noses than women because, duh, dudes are generally larger people than ladies are.他们发现,男性往往比女性有更大的鼻子,因为,嗯,男性一般体积就比女性大。And sexual selection probably had a bit to do with it, too. After all, if everyone in your family has narrow nostrils, the chances of you having wider ones are pretty slim.并且与性选择可能有点关系。毕竟,如果你家里的每个人都是窄鼻狭,那么你拥有更宽鼻孔的可能性就很小了。译文属。201703/498621

At Drogheda, on the main road between Dublin and Ulster,在都柏林和阿尔斯特间的必经之路 德罗赫达he made it only too clear what he had in mind.他的意图 已经表达得再清楚不过了Theres no point side-stepping this horror, is there?不可否认 这样的行径实为恐怖 This was Cromwells war crime, an atrocity so hideous,its contaminated Anglo-Irish history ever since.这是克伦威尔的战争罪行 令人发指的暴行 是盎格鲁撒克逊人史无前例的污点We need to get right just what this atrocity was.我们需要明晰这是怎样一场暴行What it wasnt was the indiscriminate butchery of women and children.他并没有对 妇女和儿童不加区别地屠杀No eye-witnesses ever claimed to have seen any such thing.没有目击者声称亲眼目睹过这样的屠杀But what Cromwell did order,unhesitatingly and without any mercy,不过克伦威尔所下的命令 确是毫不犹豫 不加丝毫怜悯的was, in any case, an act of unspeakable murder.令人发指的谋杀At least 3,000 royalist soldiers were butchered at Drogheda,至少三千名保皇党士兵 在德罗赫达被屠杀the vast majority after they had surrendered and disarmed.虽然他们大多都已经缴械投降At St Peters Church,Cromwell had his soldiers burn the pews beneath the steeple在圣彼得大教堂 克伦威尔命士兵 在尖塔下点燃教堂长椅to smoke out the defenders,who were incinerated in the flames.把抵抗者熏出来 后者最终被大火吞噬The General saw no need to hang his head about the massacre.这是裸的大屠杀 而他却不以为意We are come to break the power of lawless rebels who, having cast off the authority of England,我们来此只是清剿目无法纪的叛徒 那些脱离了英格兰的管束live as enemies to human society,whose principles are to destroy and subjugate all men not complying with them.成为人类社会公敌的人 他们意在摧毁和荡平 一切不从他们的人 /201704/502077

In a show of brutal arrogance, the local governor had East Anglia declared a slave province.极尽傲慢残忍的罗马地方官 将东盎格鲁划为奴隶区To make the point about who exactly owned whom,为凸显罗马人的统治者地位Boudicca was treated to a public flogging布迪卡当众身受鞭笞之刑while her two daughters were raped in front of her.同时眼睁睁地看着自己的两个女儿被强暴In 60 AD, Boudicca rose up in furious revolt,公元60年 狂怒下的布迪卡大举反抗quickly gathering an army bent on vengeance.迅速集结军队决心报复With the cream of the Roman troops tied down由于当时罗马的全部精锐suppressing an insurgency in north Wales,被调往北威尔士平定动乱Boudiccas army marched towards the place which symbolised the now-hated Roman colonisation of Britain, Colchester.布迪卡的大军顺利进军至科尔切斯特 象征着不列颠与罗马仇恨的地方It helped that it was lightly garrisoned.罗马的驻防不力 成了对手的天赐良机After a firestorm march through eastern England,挥师横穿英格兰东部burning Roman settlements one by one,it was the citys turn.纵火逐个烧毁罗马殖民地 整城转眼倾覆The frightened Roman colonists had to fall back to the one place they were sure被吓傻了的罗马殖民者被迫撤退到 他们坚信自己会被they were going to be protected by their emperor and their gods the great temple of Claudius.他们的上帝与君主保护的地方 克劳蒂亚斯大帝神庙If the terrified Romans thought they were going to escape the implacable anger of Boudicca,若这些惶恐至极的罗马人 妄想在此就能逃过怒不可遏的布迪卡they were seriously out of luck.绝对是痴人说梦了With thousands of them huddled terrified in the temple above these foundations,数千惊惶失措的罗马人 蜷缩在这寺庙之中she began to set light to it.她开始在周围点火They must have been able to smell the scorch and smoke and fire coming towards them,他们定能察觉到烧焦气味 烟雾 以及火势的步步逼近as their new imperial city burned down with themselves and everything else buried in smoke and ash.帝国神圣的庇护所坍塌了 一切 包括他们自己都葬身于尘灰之中Thousands died in this place.Boudicca had her revenge.数千人葬身火海 布迪卡终得以血刃仇敌 /201607/452328Whats been the hardest lesson for you to learn in your life?生活中最难学的教训是什么?That I cant do everything.我不是万能的。What are things you would love to be doing that youre not doing? Nothing.你想做却没有做的事情有什么?什么都没有。You would rather be doing nothing? Nothing.你宁可什么都不做?不是。Or there is nothin—No, no, correct.或是没有什么...不是,不是,对There is nothing, Im in full control of my life.没有什么是做不到的,我完全能控制我的生活If theres something I want to do, then I can go do it.如果我想做什么事,我就会去做。We make our beds. So, I sleep in it.床铺好了。那我就去睡觉。What do you think about your employees?你认为你的雇员怎么样?Do you think they all share the same ideology你认为他们认同你做每件事的观念,that you do about doing everything that it is they want to be doing? Absolutely not.你做的事也是他们想做的吗?当然不是。Why do you think that is?为什么会这样想?Because I think people are wired differently and I think I have to,因为每个人都是完全不同的个体,我想我必须I dont even want, all I want to do was react to what they want我甚至不想,呃,我想做的事就是对他们的需求、and how they aspire to be or what theyre interested in.对他们的渴望和兴趣做出反应I have no interest in them being like me or not being like me.我对他们像不像我没兴趣。Im in the reaction business.我只对反应感兴趣And so, I just think people are hardwired.所以我认为人是天生的。I dont think everybody was as lucky to have a mother我想并不是每个人都幸运地拥有这样一位母亲,that told them they could do anything and actually make them believe it.她会告诉孩子并让孩子相信他们无所不能And thats unfortunate但不幸的是,and I hope through example and content Im able to inspire that but虽然我希望通过一些例子或内容来激励别人I think practicality is grossly underrated, and for all my sizzle但我觉得人们总是低估了实践的作用Im obsessed with the steak.我爱牛排的嘶嘶声201706/513083

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/467994You couldnt take me to a fine restaurant.I know.你不能带我吃太好的。So you dont care about food? -No.你不在意这儿的食物?-不在意。Really? -Oh, no, no.真的么?-不,真的不在意。Do you listen to music?你听音乐么?I used to go to concerts here, in the churches and the opera.我以前会来这儿的教堂听一些音乐会或是歌剧。But that stopped years ago.Theres no time. -Yeah, sure.Right.但是我已经很久都不这样做了。完全没有这个时间。-哦,是的。嗯。I mean, if Im lucky I get to church on Sunday.还好我每周日都去教堂。Thats where I hear the music.我就是在那儿听的音乐。Really? You go to church to hear the music?是么?你去教堂听音乐?Do you go to church? -Yeah.你经常去教堂?-是的。Every Sunday? -Yeah.每周日都去?-嗯。Really?真的么?Its no big deal.这没什么…I go and repent.我去教堂忏悔啊。And you see all the paparazzi going crazy? -Oh, yeah.你看那些记者和仔队多疯狂。-哦,是啊。Over Catherine Denueve.他们在追凯瑟琳·德纳芙。I can hear people say, ;Hes gotta be the dumbest one in the crowd.He didnt bother photographing her. ;或许有人会说我很愚蠢。我居然不跑过去拍她。Well, she wasnt wearing anything interesting.实话说…她传的一点都不好看。Im interested in clothes.我只对好看的衣感兴趣。And even if I knew them, knew who they were, and usually I dont, I dont go to the movies much and Ive never owned television.很多时候我根本都不知道这些明星是谁,就算我知道他们是谁我也不在意,我很少去看电影我家里都没有电视。201609/460800Sarah Ellis is going to repeat an experiment莎拉·埃利斯将重复一项实验first conducted at the University of Sussex on her own cats.当初在萨赛克斯大学时用自己的猫做的实验It focuses on two different types of purr.实验的重点是两种不同的咕噜声Shes going to record them她将进行录音to find out what makes purring such an effective way以揭开为何咕噜声能够成为for cats to get our attention.猫吸引人注意力的有效方式The first is the non-solicitation purr.首先是非乞求式咕噜The non-solicitation purr非乞求式咕噜will be the one that people are most familiar with.是最为人们所熟悉的Thats the purr that cats do when they are content, relaxed,这种咕噜声在猫满足 放松时when theyre being stroked or interacted with by their owners,被主人抚摸 与主人互动时or if theyre sitting on your knee, for example.或者是他们坐在你大腿上时发出In you come, good boy.进来吧 乖乖But scientists are particularly interested然而科学家对另外一种咕噜声in another type of purr,十分感兴趣the so-called solicitation purr.即所谓的乞求式咕噜声重点解释:1.on ones own 独立地例句:I was able to finish the job on my own.我能独自地把工作做完。2.find out 发现例句:Lets find out.我们去问一下吧。3.familiar with 熟悉例句:The children are too familiar with their teacher.这帮小学生对老师过于随便。201609/465616

A new Book of Common Prayer required in all parishes for the first time所有教区首次指定 《公祷书》为唯一祈祷用书brought English into the heart of the church service.将英语作为礼拜仪式的核心To get a measure of the cultural revolution that took place,若想感受这里发生的 宗教改革的程度you need only come here to Hailes Church in Gloucestershire.你只需来到 格洛斯特郡的黑尔斯教会Three years of state-sponsored iconoclasm have produced this.三年里 全国发起的去除旧习的行动 成果如下No more stone altar,just a user-friendly communion table.祭台不复存在 只剩下实用的圣餐台This whole arrangement is designed to abolish the distance between the priest and his flock.所有这些布置 意在拉近神父与民众的距离The screen which had been a barrier protecting the mystery of the Mass is now just a way in to the communion,这个曾被用来 捍卫弥撒仪式神秘性的地方 如今变成了信徒与神父a gathering of the faithful along with their priest.沟通和聚会的场所As if all this wasnt shocking enough,imagine that some day in 1550,如果这一切还不足以令你震惊 请想像1550年的某天when, for the first time, the priest invited the congregation to partake of communion,神父第一次 邀请其教徒一起using those English words never before heard in church,;Dearly beloved;.甚至用到了从未在教堂中出现过的词汇: ;挚爱的;The familiarity of this must have made many of them squirm,这样的亲切感 肯定使很多教徒诚惶诚恐rather like these days hearing a trendy vicar insist, ;Call me Bob.;就像如今我们在教堂中 听到一位神父执意让你亲昵地直呼名讳一样 /201701/488523A group of children in a village in southwest China are getting some attention for their commute to school.中国西南地区一群往返学校的孩子正受到关注。The boarding school children have to climb down more than 2,500 feet of incredibly steep terrain to get to school. Global Times reports the kids go up the mountain to visit home about twice a month. And according to China Daily, the trip can be dangerous. A villager in his 40s recently died making the trip.这些寄宿学校的孩子不得不攀爬2500英尺高非常陡峭的悬崖去上学。环球时报报道,孩子们每月上山回家两次。据中国日报,途中是很危险的。一名40多岁的村民最近坠崖身亡。Global Times reports urban residents were shocked to learn about the kids dangerous commute, highlighting the divide between urban and rural China.全球时报报道,城市居民对孩子们的危险往返感到震惊,突显中国城市和农村间的鸿沟。Since the schoolchildrens trek has gained some media attention, local government might be intervening.学生们的长途跋涉已经引起媒体的关注,地方政府可能会介入。Chinese outlets say local officials are considering putting in place sturdier steel infrastructure to help villagers get up and down the mountain until a more permanent solution is found. 中国媒体称,在找到更永久的解决方案前,当地官员正考虑建立坚固的钢基础设施帮助村民上下山。译文属。201605/446287

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