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If you think granola, smoothies and energy bars are healthy, here#39;s a reality check. Some #39;healthy#39; foods have hidden calories which might make you think twice before snacking on them.如果你觉得格兰诺拉麦片、果蔬汁和能量棒有益于人体健康,那你就错了,以下是真实情况。一些‘健康’食物含有隐藏卡路里,因此吃之前应该三思。Smoothies果蔬汁Store-bought smoothies may include more calories than a burger. Fruit smoothies aly contain natural sugars, but in their efforts to enhance the taste, commercial chains load up smoothies with syrups or refined sugars, full-fat yogurt and even chocolates in some cases that increase their calorie count past 1,000!从商店购买的果蔬汁含有的卡路里可能比一个汉堡还要多。果汁本来就含有糖分,但为了加强味道,商业连锁店会在果蔬汁里再加入糖浆或精制糖,有时候甚至会加入全脂酸奶和巧克力,使得果蔬汁的卡路里含量过千!Trail mix什锦干果A handful of trail mix - the y-made versions available in stores - is full of sugar-coated pieces, yogurt-covered raisins and deep-fried banana chips. These items alone contain trans-fats and refined carbs.一把什锦干果——店里有现成的——全都是裹了糖的干果、酸奶葡萄干和油炸香蕉片。单单这些食品就含有反式脂肪和精制碳水化合物了。Energy bars能量棒They can include high fructose corn syrup, added sugar, and saturated fats. Some meal replacement bars contain as many as 350 calories, putting them at par with regular chocolates, meaning you might as well grab yourself a normal chocolate bar than one of these supposedly #39;healthy#39; ones.能量棒可能含有高果糖玉米糖浆、添加糖和饱和脂肪。有些代替饭食的能量棒含350卡,可与普通巧克力的卡路里含量相媲美,这就是说与其吃这些本该‘健康’的能量棒,倒不如吃块普通巧克力了。Bran muffins麸皮玛芬Many bran muffins contain about 800 calories, most of which come from sugars, fats, butter and dried fruits, taking their calorie count higher than a traditional cake doughnut.许多麸皮玛芬卡路里含量约800,大多数卡路里都来源于糖、脂肪、黄油和干果,因此其卡路里含量比传统的蛋糕甜甜圈还高。Frozen yogurt冻酸奶Frozen yogurt may have less saturated fat than an ice cream, but due to being packed with added sugars and high-fructose corn syrup, in terms of calorie and sugar intake they can be just as fattening.虽然冻酸奶含有的饱和脂肪要低于冰淇淋,但却富含添加糖和高果糖玉米糖浆,因此就卡路里和糖摄入量来说,也一样会增肥。Fat-free desserts无脂饼干The idea of fat-free biscuits and cakes can be deceptive. Yes, you may be cutting down on your fat intake. However, low-fat or fat-free treats often use more sugars to enhance their taste and texture. And refined sugars are broken down quickly in the body, meaning you could be craving more of it.无脂饼干和蛋糕的概念是具有欺骗性的。是的,可能你的脂肪摄入量会减少。然而,低脂和无脂美食通常会使用更多的糖来丰富味道和质感。精制糖在体内会很快分解,这就意味着你想吃更多的无脂食品。Granola格兰诺拉麦片Granola comes from whole-grain oats but after being cooked in hydrogenated fats and loaded with sugars by commercial manufacturers, they become more harmful than healthy. A regular bowl of granola with milk could easily hit 600 calories.格兰诺拉麦片来自全谷物麦片,但被商业制造商在氢化脂肪烹饪过并洒满糖之后,它们的害处就多于益处了。一碗带有牛奶的普通格兰诺拉麦片含600卡。Turkey火鸡Fresh turkey is a great source of lean protein. However, packaged turkey slices — that make fillings for burgers and sandwiches — can be packed with seasonings, including high levels of sodium, making them unhealthy.新鲜火鸡是瘦肉蛋白的良好来源。然而,包装好的火鸡片——用来制作汉堡和三明治的肉片——可能全都是调味料,这些调味料含有大量钠,使得火鸡片不利于人体健康。译文属 /201701/486746How to get your kids to listen to (and to actually do) what you say is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts of being a parent. A new study, published this month in the journal Pediatrics, has shed some light on trends in how parents are choosing to discipline their children these days. The researchers found that nonviolent forms of punishment are on the rise, and that the use of spanking and hitting as discipline has decreased.为人父母,如何让孩子们听自己的话,并按照自己的意思办事是最让人沮丧、最困难的地方。本月在《儿科》杂志上刊出的一项新研究揭示了一些趋势,即如今的父母是如何选择管教自己孩子的趋势。研究人员们发现非暴力的惩罚形式越来越多,而通过打骂进行管教孩子的行为越来越少。For the study, researchers looked at four national surveys, spanning 23 years of data, and found that, in 1988, 46% of mothers in middle-class families (which the researchers defined as those living in the 50th income percentile) said they used spanking as discipline. By 2011, that number had dropped to 21%.为了这项研究,研究人员们对涵盖了23年数据的4项国家研究进行了调查,并且发现在1988年中产阶级家庭(研究员们指的是那些收入百分数排在第50位的家庭)中,46%的母亲说她们会打孩子以让他们听话。到2011年,这一数字降低到了21%。When looking at all socioeconomic groups of mothers, the researchers found that spanking was found to be on the decline in general. However, among mothers in the lowest income percentile, one third said they spank their kids.当观察处于各类社会经济群体的母亲时,研究人员们发现:整体来说,打孩子的趋势有所下降。然而,在最低收入家庭中,三分之一的母亲们说自己还是会打小孩。The researchers called this finding ;alarming; for several reasons. Besides the risk of serious injury, corporal punishment has been found to have negative emotional effects on children, and it can lead to physical abuse in some cases. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against using spanking or hitting as a form of discipline.研究人员们认为此次研究结果“令人震惊”,这是由好几个原因造成的。除了严重受伤的风险外,人们已发现体罚会对孩子产生消极的情感影响,在一些情况下,会造成肉体虐待。美国儿科学会不建议使用体罚作为管教孩子的方式。The fact that lower-income women often reported resorting to spanking reflects a lack of resources more than anything else, the researchers say. Not all parents have access to or are aware of the AAP#39;s approved guidelines for effective discipline. A 1996 study found that the majority of parents who spank their children do so when they#39;re stressed or angry — and they feel remorse afterward. In other words, spanking is rarely a thoughtful, pre-planned form of discipline — more often than not, parents resort to it when they#39;re out of options.研究人员们说到,总是会有报道爆出低收入家庭体罚孩子的事实,这反映了资源最为紧缺的情况。并非所有的父母都能获得或了解美国儿科学会赞成的有效管教指导原则。1996年的一项研究发现大多数父母会在自己受到压力或感到愤怒时体罚孩子——事后会感到后悔。换句话说,打孩子并非是一种深思熟虑的、预先计划好的管教方式——父母们选择这种方式往往是因为别无他选。The researchers acknowledged that the stigma around spanking could be what#39;s really driving the results. Fearing judgment, some parents may have simply reported they don#39;t resort to spanking their children when, in reality, they still do. ;What people say they do and what they actually do are two different things,; psychology professor Christopher Ferguson.研究员们承认关于体罚的耻辱感可能是真正推动研究结果的因素。有些父母可能害怕别人对其指指点点,所以会声称自己不打孩子,而实际生活中他们仍会打孩子。“人们说自己在做的事与他们实际做的事是完全不一样的,”心理学家克里斯托弗#8226;弗格森说道。译文属 /201611/479113

A juicy burger has sold at a charity auction in Dubai... for ,000.在迪拜的一个慈善拍卖会上,一个美味多汁的汉堡竟然被拍到了...1万美元。Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, phoned in the winning bid.迪拜生活休闲杂志Villa 88的创始人阿斯玛·阿尔·法希姆通过电话赢下了此次拍卖。The giant burger contained seven beef patties -- one for each of the emirates in the ed Arab Emirates -- aged cheddar cheese and veal bacon strips in a saffron brioche bun.这款巨型汉堡包包含7层牛肉饼--分别代表7个酋长国,此外熟切达干酪和牛肉培根则包在藏红花奶油蛋卷里。It was prepared by Russell, culinary director at Le Gourmet in Dubai#39;s Galeries Lafayette, and a member of Qatar#39;s royal family, Mohammed Al Thani.该汉堡是由迪拜Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet烹饪总监拉塞尔·和卡塔尔皇家厨师默罕默德·阿尔·萨尼共同完成的。;Two years ago we broke the world record by selling one burger for ,000, and this year we wanted to top that,; Al Thani said in a statement. ;All proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and free detection at an earlier stage.;阿尔·萨尼在一份声明中说道:“两年前,我们以7000美元的价格卖出了一个汉堡,打破了世界纪录,今年我们想拍出更高价!拍到的所有金额都将用于早期乳腺癌意识宣传及免费检测务当中。”The auction was run by Pink Caravan, which campaigns to raise awareness of breast cancer.这次拍卖会由Pink Caravan主办的,旨在提高人们对乳腺癌的认识。Al Fahim said she wanted to support a good cause and honor former Pink Caravan director Ameera Karam, who died in a house fire last year.阿尔·法希姆表示,她一直想找一个好的理由来纪念去年在一次房屋失火中丧生的Pink Caravan前总监阿梅拉·卡拉姆。 /201703/500422What sort of food does Queen Elizabeth II eat daily?英国女王伊丽莎白二世每天吃什么?She’s actually quite disciplined.她在饮食方面真的很自律。For breakfast, she’ll have cereal, cornflakes or Special K, with dried or fresh fruit. She might also just have eggs, toast, and tea.早餐,她会吃麦片、玉米片或是氏香脆麦米片,搭配果干干或新鲜水果。也可能只吃鸡蛋、烤面包和茶。For lunch, she’ll eat something like grilled sole on a bed of wilted spinach. She insists on no carbs, so no potatoes, rice, pasta…午餐的时候,她会吃像烤比目鱼一类的食物,并在底部铺上一层菠菜。她坚持不吃含碳水化合物的食物,所以没有土豆、米饭、面食…At around 4, she’ll eat afternoon tea. She loves chocolate, but her favorite indulgences are jam pennies, little biscuit sandwiches with jam in the middle.在下午4点左右,她会吃下午茶。她热爱巧克力,但她最喜欢的还是果酱便士,这是一种像饼干一样大小填了果酱的小三明治饼干。For dinner, she’ll do the same, pretty much, as lunch.而女王的晚餐,基本就和午餐并无二致。She’ll round off the day with a gin and Dubonnet (1 part gin, 2 parts Dubonnet).最后,她会以一杯杜松子酒和杜本内作为一天的结尾(1份杜松子酒,2份杜本内)。#8226; Low carbohydrate. Rice, potatoes, and pasta are never served for dinner when the royal is dining on her own.低碳水化合物。当皇室就她一个人吃饭的时候、米饭、土豆和面食都不会出现在餐桌上。#8226; She likes the b crusts to be cut off when she haves sandwiches.当她吃三明治的时候,她会把面包的边切掉。#8226; Fresh fruits like mangoes, strawberries and peaches.新鲜水果,例如芒果、草莓和桃子。#8226; Vegetable salads.蔬菜沙拉。#8226; She is never served anything with garlic or too many onions. To avoid bad breath.她从来不吃任何有大蒜或很多洋葱的食物。这是为了避免口臭。#8226; She is very particular about the meat she eats. The Royal Chef has to ensure that it is cooked properly.她对肉类很讲究。皇家打出必须确保肉被精心烹调过。However Queen Elizabeth still sneaks in some treats. She absolutely loves chocolate, especially chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sponge cake.然而,伊丽莎白女王也对一些零食着迷。她非常喜欢巧克力,特别是巧克力饼干蛋糕、巧克力慕斯和巧克力海绵蛋糕。#8226; Queen Elizabeth does like to drink Gin and Dubonnet sometimes.伊丽莎白女王的确有时也喜欢喝杜松子酒和杜本内。 /201702/491508

;Funny;, a made-in-China emoji, inclusively used on Tieba, the largest Chinese communication platform provided by the search engine giant Baidu, seems to have recently moved beyond just China.“滑稽”是中国发布的表情,起初是搜索引擎巨头百度所开发的中国最大社交平台百度贴吧的专用表情,但现在世界上很多人都在使用了。Now, it is more than an emoji, but a cultural derivation.现在“滑稽”不仅是一个普通的表情,更是一个文化派生现象。A series of ;funny; emoji-based bolsters have attracted the attention of Japanese customers through Amazon Japan, an online shopping center.在日本亚马逊网上商城,一系列的“滑稽”表情抱枕得到了日本消费者的关注及喜爱。Even if one bolster costs about 1,750 yen (.73), more than three times the price in China, it doesn#39;t dampen their desires to buy it即使一个抱枕售价约为1750日元 (16.73美元),为中国售价的三倍之多,也不能削弱日本消费者们购买此抱枕的热情。One Japanese customer Miki said: ;They are just so cute and I bought three bolsters at one time for my family. And every time I see them, my mood just brightens suddenly.;一位叫做Miki的日本顾客表示:“滑稽表情真是太可爱了,我为我的家人一下子就买了三个抱枕。我只要一看到它们,心情就会突然变好。”Compared with Japanese people#39;s impressions of the ;funny; emoji, Chinese netizens prefer to use the emoji to tease one another on social media.与日本网友对滑稽“表情”的印象相比,中国的网友更倾向于在使用社交媒体时用滑稽表情取笑别人。One commonly seen comment on the emoji in Zhihu, the Chinese version of Quora, is: ;We strongly require Tieba to stop the usage of the emoji. Because every time other people send me the emoji, I feel very uncomfortable and consider myself as a fool.;正如知乎(中国版Quora)中对滑稽表情的一个所说的:“我们强烈建议百度贴吧取消使用滑稽表情,因为每当别人发给我这个表情时,我都觉得非常地不舒,并且会觉得自己被别人当成了笨蛋”。As a matter of fact, the ;funny; emoji is the updated version of the ;drool; emoji.事实上,“滑稽”表情的旧版被称为“斜眼笑”表情。Compared with the original, ;funny; has a slightly opened mouth, a dull red flush and two eyebrows. And all these characteristics render users a sense of satire, according to one insider.据一名业内人士透露,与原版本相比,“滑稽”表情有弧度上扬的嘴角端庄大气,微微泛红的脸颊让人温暖,两条上挑的眉毛可爱非常。这些特征加上斜视的眼睛,产生有趣的表情,使得使用者将其作为嘲笑别人的表情。If you think the emotion is the only cause for the ;funny; emoji to go viral online, then you are wrong.如果你认为滑稽表情走红网络仅仅是因为此表情很“有趣”,那你就大错特错了。In the last several years, the ;funny; emoji has undergone many transformations and gradually engulfed the internet.在过去的几年,“滑稽”表情经历了许多改变,逐渐风靡网络。For example, the emoji is the first one on Tieba to have multi-color variations in red, orange, green, blue, bluish green and purple.比如,“滑稽”表情是第一个在贴吧中发布多种颜色的,有红色、橙色、绿色、蓝色、青绿色以及紫色。When users utilize the shortcut key to send them together, its exaggerated effect is amplified.使用者可以使用快捷键将它们一起发送,这时情感表达的效果就会增强。This is not the first time the Chinese emoji takes the world stage.中国发布的表情得到世界网友的关注,这次并不是第一次。Earlier this year, one emoji from the Chinese basketball celebrity Yao Ming has been sp through the Middle East region.今年年初,以中国篮球明星姚明为模版的表情在中东地区广泛传播。In Luxor, a city in southern Egypt, Yao#39;s smiling emoji has emerged frequently in local traffic signs to remind people the road ahead is one-way.在埃及南部的城市卢克索,姚明的笑脸表情频繁出现在当地的交通标志上,用以提醒人们前方的道路为单向道。And you may be surprised to find that many locals do not know Yao Ming but are familiar with his emoji and nickname ;Chinese Funny Face;.令人吃惊的是,许多当地人并不认识姚明,但他们却熟悉他的表情,并将其称为“中国的有趣笑脸”。What#39;s more, the emoji has been picked up by the Egyptian English-language daily newspaper Egyptian Gazette as the title picture for its humorous column Serious but Funny.而且,此表情被埃及英语日报《埃及新闻报》收录,作为其幽默专栏“严肃但也有趣”的标题图片。As a newly emerging online language, emojis have risen to become an integral part of people#39;s daily life. Emojis are able to help people express their views in a more vivid and precise fashion.作为新兴的网络语言,表情已经成为网友日常生活的一部分,因为表情能帮助网友更生动准确地传达出他们的想法。Also, it can help foreigners learn about Chinese culture and learn the language.此外,表情还可以帮助外国人了解中国文化及学习语言。 /201611/477326Scientists at the University of East Finland followed more than 2,000 middle-aged men for 20 years to find out what factors influenced how many developed cognitive problems in later life.东芬兰大学研究人员对2000多名中年男子进行了长达20年的跟踪调查研究,以探明哪些因素会对他们晚年的认知问题产生影响。They found that those who used the sauna between four and seven times a week were 66 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia during the study period compared with those taking a sauna just once a week or less.他们在研究期间发现,相比每周只蒸1次桑拿甚至频率更低的人,每周蒸4—7次桑拿的人被诊断患上痴呆症的几率会降低66%。It is the first time that anyone has found a link between sauna use and dementia although previous studies have shown that regular use reduces the risk of dying from all causes and seems to improve heart health.这是人们第一次发现蒸桑拿与预防痴呆症之间有相关性,不过,此前也有研究表明,经常蒸桑拿可以降低各种疾病的死亡几率,并且对心脏健康有改善效果。Professor Jari Laukkaben, the study leader, said that sauna bathing may protect both the heart and memory in similar ways.领导此项研究的Jari Laukkaben表示,蒸桑拿对心脏和的保护机制可能是类似的。“It is known that cardiovascular health affects the brain as well,” he said. ;The sense of well-being and relaxation experience during sauna-bathing may also play a role.;他说:“心血管健康也影响大脑,这已经是公认的了。蒸桑拿让人舒、轻松,这也能起到一定作用。”Dementia charities said saunas might work by reducing blood pressure and improving circulation.痴呆协会则表示,蒸桑拿能降低血压,促进血液循环。Dr Clare Walton, Research Manager at the Alzheimer’s Society said: “With dementia now the biggest killer across England and Wales, finding ways to reduce the risk of developing the condition is a top priority.阿尔茨海默病协会的研究主管Clare Walton士说:“痴呆症现在是英格兰和威尔士的头号杀手,想办法降低这种疾病的发病率是重中之重。”“Saunas are thought to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure, both of which could go some way to reducing your risk of getting dementia.“据称桑拿可以促进循环,降低血压,这两点对降低痴呆症的患病率都有一定作用。”“Currently the best evidence to reduce the risk of dementia is to exercise regularly, eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid smoking.”“现在要降低患病率,最有根据的办法是经常锻炼、健康饮食以及不吸烟。”Dr Rosa Sancho, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, added: “Although sauna bathing isn’t a common hobby for men in the UK, this study suggests men who use saunas several times a week may also have a lower dementia risk.英国阿尔茨海默病研究所的研究主管的Rosa Sancho士还说,“尽管并非所有英国男子都爱洗桑拿,但这项研究还是建议人们一周多洗几次桑拿,以降低患痴呆症的风险。““These kinds of studies can’t unpick cause and effect, but they are important for highlighting trends in how lifestyle factors may influence our risk of dementia for more detailed follow-up.”“此类研究虽然无法理清因果关系,但同样还是很有意义的,它们揭示出生活方式可能影响痴呆症的发病率,今后需要更详细的跟进研究。” /201701/486321

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