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青岛微管可视无痛人流价格城阳区妇女儿童医院门诊部地图青岛做无痛人流哪个医院便宜 After an 83-year-old widow and amateur painter tried her hand at restoring a nearly century-old fresco of Jesus crowned with thorns in her local church here, she faced nothing but scorn and ridicule.西班牙尔哈——一位83岁的寡妇和业余画家试图修复本地教堂一幅拥有将近百年历史的荆冠基督壁画,其后面临了种种讥笑和奚落。News of the earnest, if utterly failed, restoration in 2012 rocketed around the globe on Twitter and Facebook — the image likened variously to a monkey or hedgehog, and superimposed in memes and parodies on the “Mona Lisa” and a Campbell’s soup can.2012年,她的修复成果通过Twitter和Facebook飞速传遍全球——这项工作充满热情,不过却是完全失败的,人们把她修复的图像比作猴子和刺猬,还把它与《蒙娜丽莎》或者坎贝尔(Campbell)汤罐头的图案恶搞到一起。But these days, people in this village of medieval palaces and winding lanes in northeast Spain are giving the artist, Cecilia Giménez, and her work a miraculous reassessment.尔哈位于西班牙东北部,拥有中世纪的大厦和蜿蜒小路,如今,它对这位艺术家塞西莉亚·西门尼斯(Cecilia Giménez)和她的作品给予了奇迹般的重新评估。Grief has turned to gratitude for divine intervention — the blessing of free publicity — that has made Borja, a town of just 5,000, a magnet for thousands of curious tourists eager to see her handiwork, resurrecting the local economy.悲伤的情绪变成了对天赐恩典的感激——由于免费宣传的效应,只有5000人口的尔哈小镇吸引了成千上万想看她作品的好奇游客,从而振兴了当地经济。Nearby vineyards are squabbling over rights to splash the image on their wine labels. Her smudgy rendering is now held up as a profound pop art icon.附近的葡萄园主们正在争夺把她的作品印上酒标的权利,吵得不可开交。她那拙劣的修复画作如今成了涵义深远的流行艺术符号。Mrs. Giménez — known, Madonna-like, simply as Cecilia — is celebrated each year by residents on Aug. 25, the day of her transfiguration. A comic opera is in the works in the ed States, the story of how a woman ruined a fresco and saved a town.人们都只用西门尼斯女士的名字塞西莉亚来称呼她——就像圣母一样。如今,每年8月25日她都会接受居民的庆贺,这一天也是她“变容”(暗指基督的登山变容——译注)的日子。目前,一部关于她的喜剧歌剧正在美国筹备上演,讲述一个女人如何毁掉了一幅壁画,却拯救了一座小镇。“For me, it’s a story of faith,” said Andrew Flack, the opera’s librettist who traveled to Borja for research on the production, which is still in the works. “It’s a miracle how it has boosted tourism.”“我觉得这是一个关于信念的故事,”歌剧的剧本作者安德鲁·弗拉克(Andrew Flack)说,他曾到尔哈为这部歌剧进行研究,歌剧目前在筹备过程中。“它推动了旅游业,这是一个奇迹。”“Why are people coming to see it if it is such a terrible work of art?” he added. “It’s a pilgrimage of sorts, driven by the media into a phenomenon. God works in mysterious ways. Your disaster could be my miracle.”“如果它是一件糟糕的艺术品,人们又为什么来看它?”他补充。“这在某种程度上是一种朝圣,被媒体推动,成为一种现象。上帝以各种奇迹般的方式起作用。灾难也可以化为奇迹。”Since the makeover, the image has attracted more than 150,000 tourists from around the world — Japan, Brazil, the ed States — to the gothic 16th century Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy on a mountain overlooking Borja.自从这次修复工作完成后,这幅壁画吸引了全世界超过15万名游客——有的来自日本、巴西和美国——他们登上这座可以俯瞰尔哈的山峰,参观这所16世纪哥特式仁慈圣母圣所。Visitors pay one euro, or about .25, to study the fresco, encased on a flaking wall behind a clear, bolted cover worthy of the Louvre’s Mona Lisa.参观者们付一欧元(约合1.25美元),便可参观这幅壁画,它绘在一面斑驳的墙壁上,其待遇同卢浮宫的《蒙娜丽莎》一样,被带有螺栓,清澈透亮的罩子罩着。The church’s original “Ecce Homo” (“Behold the Man”) portrait of a mournful Jesus dated to the 1930s, when Elías Garcia Martínez, a Zaragoza art professor, painted it on the church wall.这幅壁画名为《看这个人》(Ecce Homo,彼拉多将戴荆冠的耶稣交给众人时所说的话——译注),描绘了悲哀的耶稣形象,其历史可以追溯到20世纪30年代,作者是萨拉戈萨的艺术教授伊利亚斯·加西亚·马丁内斯(Elías Garcia Martínez),他在教堂墙壁上绘下了这幅图案。Borja residents did not much notice the painting because the church is dominated by a gilded 18th century baroque altar. But over the years, it bothered Mrs. Giménez to see the bottom third of the fresco vanish, crumbling in the humidity of the dank church.尔哈的居民们起先并没怎么注意到这幅壁画,因为这座教堂的主要部分是一座镀金的18世纪巴洛克式圣坛。但是多年来,西门尼斯女士却注意到壁画的底部三分之一由于教堂的阴冷潮湿而消失,损坏了。Today, in her home in Borja — in a living room lined with landscapes she has painted — Mrs. Giménez recounted that she spent her summers in an apartment by the church.西门尼斯位于尔哈家中的起居室内装点着她亲手绘制的风景画,她在家中接受采访,回忆自己曾经在教堂旁边的公寓里度过的那些夏日时光。She said she touched up the portrait repeatedly over the years — with the knowledge of the parish priest and the caretakers, a family that has lived there for generations.她说,自己多年来一直在对那副壁画进行润色,教区教士和教堂看管者们都知道这件事,那些看管者是一个世代居住在教堂的家庭。But eventually, she said, it required major work, which was abruptly halted after someone complained after the first stage of her brushwork. The story appeared in a local newspaper, then all over the world.她说,最后壁画需要进行大修,然而当她完成了绘画的第一阶段,有人抱怨她的画技,修缮工作也就戛然而止。这个故事先是被刊登在当地报纸上,之后传遍了世界。In the beginning, after the news broke, her relatives said she cried and refused to eat.这则新闻刚开始爆出来的时候,亲属们说她大哭,拒绝进食。“I felt devastated,” Mrs. Giménez said. “They said it was a crazy, old woman who destroyed a portrait that was worth a lot of money.”“我觉得自己完蛋了,”西门尼斯说,“他们说这太疯狂,一个老太太毁了一幅值钱的名画。”Today her celebrity has grown. She hands out prizes for a competition of young artists, who paint their own “Ecce Homo” portraits. Children, she said, come by her apartment near the medieval arch of San Francisco and cry: “Look, Cecilia. That’s Cecilia!”如今,她的名气日渐增长。她拿出奖金资助一个青年艺术家竞赛,让他们画出自己的《看这个人》油画。她说,孩子们来到她位于圣弗朗西斯科中世纪拱门附近的寓所旁边,叫着:“看啊,塞西莉亚,是塞西莉亚!”Meanwhile, the longtime parish priest, who insisted that he did not formally authorize the touch-up, has been exiled to Zaragoza.与此同时,在此地任职甚久,并坚称自己没有正式授权西门尼斯修缮壁画的教区牧师如今已被逐出萨拉戈萨。In an unrelated case, he has been accused of embezzling 168,000 euros in church funds in a criminal investigation that alleges he was the target of an extortion plot by a Roma clan. In recent months, the judge in charge of the case appealed to the pope to intercede, with the Vatican conducting its own civil investigation.在一桩与此无关的案件中,他被指控贪污了16.8万欧元教堂资金,刑事罪案调查称他被一个罗马黑帮敲诈勒索。在最近几个月里,此案法官诉诸教皇出面斡旋,梵蒂冈也就此案展开了自己的民事调查。This Christmas, the image of her “Ecce Homo” is stamped on the town’s lottery tickets. The portrait also plays a bit part in a popular Spanish movie, with a couple of thieves trying to steal it.今年圣诞节,西门尼斯的《看这个人》图像将印在镇子的票上。它还出现在一部流行的西班牙电影里,片中有几个贼想来偷窃它。“I can’t explain the reaction. I went to see ‘Ecce Homo’ myself, and still I don’t understand it,” said Borja’s mayor, Miguel Arilla, from his art-filled office.“我没法解释这种反应,回过头去重新看着《看这个人》,我还是没法理解,”尔哈的市长米格尔·阿利拉(Miguel Arilla)在充满艺术气息的办公室接受采访时说。In the economic crisis of the last six years, 300 jobs vanished, he said, but with the tourism boom, restaurants remained stable. Local museums, he added, also benefited. The nearby Museum of Colegiata, housed in a 16th century Renaissance mansion, experienced a rise in annual visits to 70,000 from 7,000 for its religious, medieval art.他说,过去六年间,受经济危机影响,镇上丧失了300个工作机会,但随着旅游业的增长,餐饮业一直很稳定。他还说,本地的物馆也在盈利。附近的克莱吉亚塔物馆坐落在一栋16世纪的文艺复兴建筑之中,展览中世纪宗教艺术,年度参观人次从7000人增长到了七万人。But fame has also provoked bickering. The grandchildren of the original artist ceded any share of their rights to benefit a hospital foundation that manages the church, the mayor said.但是名声也引发了争议。市长说,《看这个人》原作者的孙辈们把原本他们从壁画中获益的份额全部捐献给了管理这座教堂的一个医疗基金会。But, he said, the great-grandchildren sent a letter through a Valencia lawyer seeking to erase the portrait entirely because the work “damages the honor of the family.”但是,他说,这位艺术家的重孙辈们通过一位巴伦西亚律师写来一封信,要求彻底清除这幅经修缮的壁画,因为它“有损家族荣誉”。The city aly commissioned a professional study that concluded it was impossible to restore the piece.尔哈市曾委任专家进行研究,结论是这幅壁画已经无法恢复原状。As president of the hospital foundation, Mr. Arilla is also involved in final negotiations to sell the rights for the exact image to the Aragonesas winery in neighboring Magallón.阿利拉亦是这个医疗基金会的董事长,他正在参与一项最终谈判,把这幅画的使用权卖给附近马加利翁的阿拉冈尼萨斯葡萄酒厂。The winery moved within hours after the news of the failed restoration broke to secure rights to the image, according to Fernando Cura, commercial director for Aragonesas winery. “The opportunity is that suddenly there is this news that marks this region on the map for the entire world,” he said.这家葡萄酒厂的商业主管费南多·库拉(Fernando Cura)说,酒厂听说这则新闻之后几小时内就行动起来,想获得这幅画像的使用权。“我们面临的机遇是,突然之间这则新闻就让这个地区为整个世界所知。”But four hours later, the Ruberte Brothers winery also tried to register the mark, provoking a legal struggle.但是四小时后,鲁伯特兄弟酒厂也试图注册这一商标,从而引发了法律诉讼。To settle it, Susana Ruberte said her company commissioned an original work by Mrs. Giménez for their special label that finally allowed her to create her own version of “Ecce Homo,” demonstrating that she could actually paint.苏珊娜·鲁伯特(Susanna Rubert)说,最终解决方案是,她的公司委托西门尼斯绘制一幅原创作品,作为该公司的特别酒标,这样,西门尼斯最终可以绘制自己版本的《看这个人》,展示真正由她自己绘制的图案。José M. Baya, the owner of La Bóveda, in Borja’s market plaza, freely credits her artistry for helping his business flourish.维达餐馆位于尔哈的购物中心,餐馆主人何塞·M·巴亚(José M. Baya)认为正是西门尼斯的艺术才华令自己生意兴隆。His restaurant in an old stone cellar attracts high-spending tourists, including, he said, a Japanese film crew that ordered the entire two-page to sample dishes like rabbit and morcilla.他的饭馆坐落在一个古老的石头地下室里,吸引高消费的游客,他说,曾有一个日本电影摄制组把两页菜单上的菜全点了,包括兔肉和西班牙血肠之类。“The impact of ‘Ecce Homo’ has been really great for businesses,” said Mr. Baya, who fared well enough to open a second restaurant. “Sadly, everyone heads to look at a painting that, frankly, is ugly.”“《看那个人》真的为商业带来了很大影响,”巴亚说,现在他的生意已经非常成功,足以再开一家分店。“可悲的是,所有人都去看那副画,但实话说,它真的很丑。” /201412/350212At a women#39;s prison in Nairobi, Kenyan inmates are taking the law into their own hands. Law classes have helped inmates launch their own appeals and defend themselves in court.在肯尼亚的内罗毕女子监狱,犯人们在学习法律。这些法律课程帮助犯人为自己上诉并在法庭上捍卫自己的权利。In a classroom behind bars, three inmates and a prison officer learn the basics of common law.在这个铁窗内的课堂里,三名犯人和一名狱警在学习习惯法的基础知识。Inmate Rose Musyoki said these classes have given her the chance of a lifetime.犯人罗斯·穆羽琪说,这些课程对她是一次难得的机会。“It has been my childhood dream to do law, but due to some unavoidable circumstances like lack of finance, I#39;ve not been able to do it,; said Musyoki. ;So when this chance came in I gave it a trial, and now I#39;m in it, I#39;m doing it.”她说:“我小时候的梦想就是做法律工作,但因为一些不可避免的原因比如资金不足,我就没有做。所以现在有这个机会,我就想试一试,现在我真的在做了。”And aly, she#39;s put her lessons into practice, successfully helping another inmate to appeal a sentence for kidnapping by arguing that the accused was under duress at the time.她已经把课堂上学到的知识付诸实践了。她成功的帮助另一名狱友就绑架的判决提出上诉,理由是这名犯人当时是被迫认罪的。“When she went there, the prosecution had nothing against her. They never even said anything, when she raised just that defense, the prosecution was asked, #39;Do you have anything against her?#39; He said, #39;No, your honor.#39; That was a big achievement,” said Musyoki.她说:“她出庭的时候,检方没有据可以起诉她。他们甚至什么都没说。当她开始为自己辩护的时候,法官问检方:‘你有据可以起诉她吗?’他说,‘没有,法官大人’。这是一个非常大的成功。”Langata Women#39;s Prison holds about 600 inmates, serving sentences ranging from a few days to life behind bars. Some are awaiting trial; others have exhausted their appeals.兰加塔女子监狱关押着约600名犯人,她们的刑罚从几天到终身监禁都有。一些人在候审中,另一些上诉失败。Accustomed to being on the wrong side of the law, the prisoners get a new perspective through the education program.通过这个课程,惯于违法的犯人们对事物有了新的认识。Jane Ouma, for example, is serving a 14-year sentence for assaulting her husband#39;s mistress.比如简·欧曼,她由于袭击她丈夫的情妇被判14年监禁。She said if she knew then what she knows now, she could have done better than her own lawyer.她说,如果她那时候像现在这样懂法,她可能会比她的律师做的更好。“I would have been in a much better position than when I got my lawyer -- he didn#39;t turn up in court, he gave me a student lawyer who was just practicing law, and I feel I did not get the right representation,” Ouma said.“以后如果为自己辩护,会比当时分配给我的律师做得更好。他没有在法庭上露面,而是派出一名实习的学生律师,我感觉我并没有得到适当的辩护。”欧曼说。The program is the work of a non-profit group called the African Prisons Project. Students work toward a two-year diploma in common law from the University of London.这个项目是一家名为“非洲监狱项目”的非营利组织设立的。学生学成后可以获得伦敦大学习惯法专业的两年学位书。Then, when good legal advice is hard to come by, these jailhouse advocates can step in.那么,当难以获得好的法律建议时,这些监狱中的专业人员就会介入。Sam Bryar, a consultant with the project, said, “They#39;re not quite at the level where they#39;re equivalent to a lawyer, but they#39;re always going to be available and they#39;re always going to be able to provide that kind of support. We think the impact at the end of the day is going to be substantially larger than if we took the funds that we have and put them into just bringing a lawyer in one day a week.”山姆·比亚尔是这个项目的顾问。他说:“他们的水平不比律师,但是他们随时待命提供帮助。我们认为一天下来,这种影响是巨大的,比我们花钱聘请一名律师每周来一天要好。”Only a handful of inmates gain acceptance into the prison#39;s education programs. Most spend their days in workshops. In one of them, for instance, inmates make handicrafts to be sold at the prison welfare office.只有一小部分犯人可以接受监狱的教育培训。大部分人在这种车间干活,制作手工制品再卖到监狱福利办公室。Some work in the kitchen to feed other inmates and staff. Corrections officers here say teaching these kinds of skills gives inmates something to do when they get out.或者在厨房工作,为其他狱友和工作人员做饭。教官说,教犯人学习这些技能可以使她们在出狱后有事做。Education officer Jacqueline Onyango said learning the law also can keep people out of prison altogether.教育官员杰奎琳·奥延戈说,学习法律可以帮助人们不再入狱。“When people are more equipped with knowledge, there will be less people committing offenses, because most of them commit these offenses out of ignorance, and a more knowledgeable society is easier to deal with,” she said.她说:“当人们具备更多知识的时候,冒犯别人的人就少了。因为大部分人冒犯别人是出于无知,知识水平更高的社会更易于管理。”Many prisoners here say they are disillusioned with the Kenyan courts; but, as law students they have a chance to prove that a person is not powerless to challenge the system, just because she is behind bars.这里的一些犯人说,她们对肯尼亚法庭的幻想破灭了。但是,作为学习法律的学生,她们有机会明,一个人不会因为身在狱中就没有能力挑战司法系统。 /201504/369113青岛市新阳光妇产医院妇产科医院

青岛哪家妇科医院收费低There is no single sensible answer to this question. It#39;s impossible to count the number of words in a language, because it#39;s so hard to decide what actually counts as a word. Is dog one word, or two (a noun meaning #39;a kind of animal#39;, and a verb meaning #39;to follow persistently#39;)? If we count it as two, then do we count inflections separately too (e.g. dogs plural noun, dogs present tense of the verb). Is dog-tired a word, or just two other words joined together? Is hot dog really two words, since it might also be written as hot-dog or even hotdog?这个问题并没有一个简单而合理的。想要计算一种语言里有多少单词是不可能做到的,因为很难定义究竟什么才是一个单词。Dog究竟算一个单词还是两个(名词指一种动物,动词指长期跟随)?如果算作两个,那么我们是否也要把它的变型也单独计算(例如:复数名词dogs,第三人称单数现在时dogs)?Dog-tired(筋疲力尽)算一个单词还是两个连在一起的单词?既然Hot dog(热)可以被写成hot-dog甚至hotdog,它真的算两个单词吗?It#39;s also difficult to decide what counts as #39;English#39;. What about medical and scientific terms? Latin words used in law, French words used in cooking, German words used in academic writing, Japanese words used in martial arts? Do you count Scots dialect? Teenage slang? Abbreviations?同样,很难定义什么才算英语。医学和科学名词怎么办?法律中使用的拉丁词汇、烹饪中使用的法语词汇、学术写作中使用的德语词汇和武术中使用的日语词汇怎么办?苏格兰方言算不算?青少年的俚语呢?缩写呢?The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words. To this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. Over half of these words are nouns, about a quarter adjectives, and about a seventh verbs; the rest is made up of exclamations, conjunctions, prepositions, suffixes, etc. And these figures don#39;t take account of entries with senses for different word classes (such as noun and adjective)。长达20卷的《牛津英语词典》第二版中有171476个仍在使用的单词词条,还有47156个废弃单词词条。此外还要加上约9500个派生词作为词条下面的分项。这些单词中,超过半数是名词,约四分之一的单词是形容词,七分之一左右的词是动词,剩下的是感叹词、连词、介词和词缀等。这一数字并未把单词的不同词性(例如名词和形容词)分别计算。This suggests that there are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words, excluding inflections, and words from technical and regional vocabulary not covered by the OED, or words not yet added to the published dictionary, of which perhaps 20 per cent are no longer in current use. If distinct senses were counted, the total would probably approach three quarters of a million。这表明,英语中有至少25万单词,其中的20%可能已经不再使用。这25万单词中不包括变型、《牛津英语词典》中不收录的专业术语和地方方言、以及尚未被已出版词典收录的单词。如果要把同一单词的不同含义分别计算,英语单词的总数可能会接近75万。 /201506/382582市北区妇女医院妇科咨询 青岛新阳光无痛人流

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