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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. said Thursday that its online shopping sites are temporarily blocking sellers from subscribing to marketing and promotion apps linked with rival Tencent Holdings Ltd.#39;s WeChat mobile messaging service. 阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)周四说,其在线购物网站暂时禁止卖家使用与微信(WeChat)相关的营销和推广应用。微信是腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)旗下的移动消息务。 Sellers on Alibaba#39;s Taobao and Tmall sites have been using such apps to send promotional messages to online shoppers. 阿里巴巴旗下淘宝网(Taobao)和天猫商城(Tmall)的卖家一直使用这类应用向网络购物者发送促销信息。 Unlike Amazon.com Inc., Alibaba doesn#39;t sell products but operates websites that allow sellers to find buyers. Sellers on Taobao are mostly small merchants, while Tmall hosts major brands such as Nike and Gap. 不同于亚马逊(Amazon.com Inc.),阿里巴巴并不销售产品,而是运营网站,供卖家寻找买家。淘宝网上的卖家大多是小商家,而天猫商城则有耐克(Nike)和Gap等大品牌入驻。 Separately on Thursday, Alibaba said that the company and Sina Corp.#39;s Twitter-like Weibo microblog business in which Alibaba holds a stake 岸 are launching a Taobao-friendly version of Weibo, integrating user accounts for the two services. Weibo will also provide Taobao sellers with marketing services to help them promote their products on the microblog, Alibaba said. 另外,阿里巴巴周四说,该公司和新浪(Sina Corp.)旗下类似推特(Twitter)的微(Weibo)业务即将推出适用于淘宝的微版本,整合这两项务的用户账号。阿里巴巴持有微股份。阿里巴巴说,微还将向淘宝卖家提供营销务,帮助他们在微上宣传产品。 Alibaba said the two announcements, even though they came on the same day, are not related. The company said it decided to suspend the WeChat-related apps because it received complaints from consumers shopping on its Taobao and Tmall sites that they were getting an ※excessive§ number of promotional messages on WeChat from sellers. In some cases, Alibaba said, sellers were using the apps to guide shoppers outside of the online payment process run by Alipay, an Alibaba affiliate. 阿里巴巴说,上述两项公告虽然在同一天发布,但并无关系。该公司说,其决定暂停与微信相关的应用,原因是接到在淘宝和天猫上购物的消费者投诉,说他们在微信上收到的卖家促销信息数量过多。阿里巴巴说,有时卖家还利用微信应用引导购物者越过阿里巴巴旗下付宝(Alipay)运行的付程序。 Still, the moves raise questions about whether Alibaba is trying to protect its user database from Tencent while deepening its partnership with another social network. WeChat-related apps could be getting in the way of Alibaba#39;s attempt to maintain its comprehensive user database including payment data under its control. 但这些举措仍引发人们质疑,阿里巴巴是否在试图保护用户数据库不被腾讯获得,同时加深与另一家社交网络的合作关系。阿里巴巴试图维持对其广泛的用户数据库的控制,包括付数据,而微信相关的应用会阻碍阿里巴巴的这一努力。 But Alibaba spokeswoman Florence Shih said that the sole reason behind the decision to block the apps is to ensure secure transactions for shoppers on Taobao and Tmall. 但阿里巴巴集团发言人Florence Shih说,决定阻止微信相关应用的唯一原因是确保淘宝和天猫购物者的交易安全。 There are ways to use WeChat that don#39;t offend our buyers, and we have no issue with that,§ she said. 她说,有很多使用微信的方式不会冒犯到买家,我们对此没有意见。 A Tencent spokeswoman could not be immediately reached for comment. 记者无法立即联络腾讯发言人置评。 While Alibaba dominates China#39;s fast-growing e-commerce market, Tencent#39;s strengths lie in social media and gaming and it has a strong user base among smartphone users thanks to the popularity of WeChat. 阿里巴巴主导着中国快速增长的电子商务市场,而腾讯的长处在于社交媒体和游戏,而且由于微信的普及,腾讯在智能手机用户中有着强大的用户群体。 As transactions and other online activities move to smartphones, Alibaba has aly taken steps to adapt. In April, Alibaba struck a deal to buy an 18% stake in Sina#39;s Weibo business for 6 million, gaining an opportunity to tap into the social media site#39;s strong mobile user base 岸 a much-needed alliance to bring more mobile traffic to Taobao and other Alibaba services, 随着交易和其他在线活动转向智能手机,阿里巴巴已经采取了一些措施适应这种变化。今年4月,阿里巴巴达成以5.86亿美元收购新浪微业务18%股份的交易,从而赢得了挖掘微强大手机用户群体的机会,这也是阿里巴巴急需达成的联盟,旨在让淘宝和其他阿里巴巴务获得更多手机访问流量。 On Thursday, Alibaba said that Taobao and Weibo will integrate user accounts so people can log into both services from either site. The companies are also introducing new ways to display products sold on Taobao on Weibo and allow people to place an order directly from Weibo. 周四,阿里巴巴说,淘宝和微将整合用户账号,这样人们无论在二者中的哪个站点登录,都可以同时登录两个网站。两家公司还将推出在微展示淘宝售卖商品的新方式,人们可以从微直接下单定购。 /201308/251039。

Apple appears poised to change the way Americans pay for stuff. Or at least, it will try.苹果(Apple)似乎要改变美国人的付方式了。或者至少,他们准备尝试一下。Sources confirm several reports that the iPhone 6, expected to be introduced on Tuesday, will include technology that will turn the device into a mobile wallet that could be used to pay for items at retail stores. Apple’s mobile wallet will be based on NFC, or near field communications, a technology that uses radio communications to transmit data and that works in a growing number of point-of-sale systems. The iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be used to authenticate users, and Apple AAPL -0.83% has teamed up with credit card companies to make the service broadly useful, the sources, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, said.消息源确认了iPhone 6将包含一项新技术,可以将移动设备作为钱包使用,从而在商店购买物品。这项移动钱包技术将采用NFC,也就是利用无线电来发射数据的近场通信技术(near field communications)。该技术已被越来越多的销售终端系统所采用。匿名消息源表示,iPhone将采用Touch ID指纹扫描来鉴别用户身份,苹果也将与信用卡公司合作,扩大这项务的应用范围。An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.苹果的一位女发言人拒绝对此发表。Apple, which aly has payment credentials for some 800 million people globally through iTunes accounts, has long been expected to make a bid to dominate mobile payments.苹果通过iTunes账户,已经获得了全球范围内大约8亿用户的付授权。公司要争取主宰移动付领域,这也早在人们预料之中。While Apple’s move is certain to shake up the mobile wallet market, the company’s success is far from guaranteed. And it comes at a time when the utility of digital wallets is being called into question, even as other forms of mobile payments are taking off.尽管苹果此举必然会引起移动钱包市场的震动,但苹果能否成功却远未确定。数字钱包的实用性究竟如何尚存疑问,而其他移动付手段也正在逐渐兴起。Indeed, there is no longer a mobile payments market, but rather, several mobile payments markets.确实,这不是一个移动付市场,而是好几个移动付市场。Mobile wallets, which were expected to take the world by storm, have languished in the past few years. Giants like Google, PayPal, wireless carriers, and major retail chains, as well as promising startups like Square, have all struggled to make wallets popular. After years of effort, just .1 billion in purchases came from mobile wallets last year, according to Javelin Strategy, a research firm. That’s just a tiny fraction of the roughly .5 trillion in annual retail payments in the ed States.本以为将如风暴般席卷全球的移动钱包,在过去几年中可谓命途多舛。谷歌(Google)、贝宝(Paypal)等巨头、无线运营商、大型连锁店,以及Square等前途光明的初创公司,在推广移动钱包上都步履维艰。根据研究公司Javelin Strategy的数据,在多年的努力后,通过移动钱包完成的交易额在去年仅有31亿美元。相对于美国去年零售交易额的大约4.5万亿美元来说,这只是极小的一部分。The challenges have been myriad. Google’s Wallet has been hamstrung by the company’s inability to get enough partners—most notably merchants and credit card companies—on board. Google also struggled to overcome roadblocks put up by some wireless carriers, who were promoting the own rival wallet.这其中遭遇的挑战数不胜数。由于谷歌无法找到足够的合作伙伴——尤其是商家和信用卡公司,公司的钱包产品萎靡不振。谷歌还难以克某些无线运营商设置的障碍,后者也在推广自己的钱包类产品。That service, which is backed by Verizon, ATamp;T, and T-Mobile, struggled as well, first because it was plagued by delays, and later, because of its ill-fated name: Isis. After the emergence of the violent jihadist group in Iraq by the same name earlier this year, the carriers announced that they would ditch the brand. Just this week, CEO Mike Abbott announced that the service would be renamed Softcard.而由威瑞森通讯(Verizon)、美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)和T-Mobile开发的钱包务也一样经历着困顿。起初是因为这项务一直跳票,随后又因为那个倒霉的名字:Isis。随着今年早些时候拥有同样名字的伊拉克暴力圣战组织兴起,运营商宣布他们准备放弃这个品牌名。就在这周,Isis的首席执行官迈克o阿尔伯特宣布这项务将更名为Softcard。Square, for its part, pulled its Wallet app in May, replacing it with Order, an app that allows users to order ahead and skip the line at local restaurants.而另一方面,Square在今年5月放弃了其钱包业务Wallet,推出了新产品Order,这项应用可以让顾客提前预定餐馆,免去了排队的烦恼。From a consumer standpoint, all these efforts suffered from the same pitfalls: acceptance at merchants was spotty and paying by phone was not necessarily more convenient than paying with plastic.从顾客的角度来看,这些努力都走入了同一个误区:并非所有商家都接受这种付方式,而用手机付也并没有比信用卡付更方便,这让它显得可有可无。Some analysts believe that Apple, with its market clout and experience designing consumer products, could change the dynamics. In particular, the inclusion of NFC technology in the iPhone, could encourage more merchants to upgrade their point-of-sale system so they can accept mobile payments from both iPhones and the growing number of Android phones that are also equipped with NFC.一些分析家相信,拥有强大市场影响力、拥有丰富的设计消费品经验的苹果能够改变这一现状。尤其是包含NFC技术的iPhone会促使更多的商家升级他们的销售终端系统,从而接受iPhone以及越来越多同样配有NFC技术的安卓(Android)手机的移动付。“Smartphones didn’t take off until Apple came in,” says Mary Monahan, research director for mobile at Javelin. “Tablets didn’t take off until Apple came in. A lot of people are hoping that this is a game changer.”Javelin的移动产品研究总监玛丽o莫纳汉表示:“智能手机在苹果加入后才开始高速发展,平板电脑也是在苹果加入后才广泛流行起来。许多人希望苹果能够化腐朽为神奇。”But recent publicity about hacking into Apple accounts of celebrities could pose a new obstacle for the company.但最近美国明星的苹果账户被黑事件传得沸沸扬扬,将会给苹果造成新的麻烦。“For this to work, Apple has to garner much more confidence in the security of what they offer,” says Tim Bajarin, a veteran Apple analyst with Creative Strategies.Creative Strategies的资深苹果分析师蒂姆o巴加林表示:“如果苹果要在移动付领域取得成功,就必须在安全性上获得比现在多得多的信任。”In the meantime, other parts of the mobile payment market are growing quickly. Javelin estimates consumers spend more than billion in “mobile commerce” last year. The category includes not only e-commerce purchases made with mobile phones or tablets, but also purchases of services like rides through apps like Uber and Lyft, deliveries of food and merchandise through apps like Postmates and Seamless GrubHub, and others. Those in-app payments have quickly become a multi-billion business dominated by companies like PayPal’s Braintree and Stripe, one of the hottest payment companies to emerge in recent years.与此同时,移动付市场的其他领域正在蓬勃发展。Javelin估计消费者去年在“移动商务”上花费了超过560亿美元。这不仅包括使用手机或平板电脑完成的网上购物,还包括通过应用购买务,如Uber和Lyft的打车务、Postmates和Seamless GrubHub的食物和商品快递等等。这些通过应用实现的消费已经很快形成了规模达数十亿美元的市场。贝宝的Braintree以及近年来最炙手可热的付公司Stripe成为了该领域中的领头羊。Finally, mobile person-to-person payments, which are enabled by banks and by companies like PayPal and Square, are also growing, though the total number of transactions remain small. It’s not clear whether the iPhone’s mobile wallet will enable these kinds of transactions.最后,由以及贝宝和Square等公司提供的个人对个人(p2p)移动付也在日渐成长,不过该领域的交易总额仍然较小。iPhone的移动钱包是否会持这类交易,目前尚不得而知。 /201409/327316。

I#39;ve been snapping photos of everything in front of me for the last week. If we#39;ve passed, even for a moment, I probably have a picture of your face.过去一周我一直在抓拍出现我面前的每样东西。如果我们曾擦肩而过,哪怕就一瞬间,我也可能会有你的脸部照片。I#39;m not a spy, but I#39;ve been using gear you might associate with 007. New matchbook-size cameras that clip to your tie or shirt let you capture a day#39;s worth of encounters, then upload them to the Internet to be remembered forever.我并非间谍,但我的装备也许会让你想到007。新式的火柴盒大小的相机可夹在领带或衬衫上,让你能够抓拍值得记录的瞬间,然后上传至互联网永久保存。Why on Earth would anybody want to do that? After trying out two devices that recently began shipping, the 9 Narrative Clip and 9 Autographer, I think the answer for many will be why wouldn#39;t you?怎么会有人想干这种事?在试用了新近上市的279美元的Narrative Clip和399美元的Autographer两款设备之后,我想对很多人来说,是为什么不呢?Yes, I took gigabytes of boring photos of me sitting in front of a computer at work. But when I took the tiny cameras hiking or hanging out with kids, they produced Instagram-worthy shots. (I also discovered surprising uses, like when I scanned my photo log to discover where I#39;d misplaced my watch.)没错,我拍了大量自己坐在电脑前工作的无聊照片。但当我徒步或和孩子们出去玩的时候,这些袖珍相机会拍出很适合分享到Instagram的快照。(我还发现了意外的妙用,比如通过检索照片记录来找出我把手表丢在了哪里。)Wearable cameras are a potential solution to the growing annoyance of people holding their phones in front of their faces throughout birthday parties, concerts and other important moments, instead of just living them.在生日聚会、音乐会及其他重要场合,人们总是把手机举在面前到处拍,而不懂得享受当下,这样的行为越来越令人讨厌。可穿戴相机或许是很好的解决办法。But there#39;s a cost to amassing so much photographic evidence. The tiny cameras made others uncomfortable when they found out they were being recorded. Some friends wouldn#39;t hug me; gossiping colleagues kept asking, #39;Is that thing on?#39; These devices upset a fundamental (though arguably flawed) assumption that even in public, you aren#39;t being recorded.但要积累足够多的照片也不是轻而易举的事。当人们发现袖珍相机正在拍摄自己时,会感到很不自在。一些朋友不再拥抱我了;八卦的同事们总是问:“那玩意儿开着吗?”这类设备颠覆了一个基本观念(虽然不一定正确):就算是在公开场合,随便拍人也是不应该的。Makes you squirm, doesn#39;t it? One reason I wanted to review these cameras is that this kind of technology isn#39;t going away. #39;Always on#39; cameras are becoming popular in home electronics like the Xbox One and a new wave of streaming security systems. Now you can buy cameras that attach to your wrist, ear, bike helmet and eyeglasses.让人不舒,对吧?我之所以想对这种相机发表的一个原因是此类技术正方兴未艾。“无间断”摄像头正在Xbox One等家用电子设备以及新一轮流媒体视频安全系统产品中日益受到追捧。现如今,你可以买到戴在手腕和耳朵上、安装在自行车头盔和眼镜上的相机了。The two cameras I tested are meant for everyday use. On the surface, they seem very similar: plastic clip-ons that silently take photos and store them until you upload them to a phone or computer. They arrange the photos in a contact sheet on your phone and use software to highlight the most interesting shots, or give you a sped-up of your day.我试用的这两款相机是为日常使用设计的。其外观大同小异,都是可夹式塑料外壳,它们默默地拍照并存储,直到你把照片上传到手机或电脑里。它们把照片储存在手机的图片索引里,还会用软件高亮最有趣的照片,或者快速播放照片,以视频的形式把你的一天呈现出来。The Narrative is the least obtrusive. It could be easily mistaken for a tie clip. The Narrative has no buttons or screen, and just one function: It takes a photo of whatever is in front of it every 30 seconds, more than 2,000 a day, with quality comparable to the iPhone 4#39;s camera.Narrative很不起眼,很容易被误认为是领带夹。它没有按键和显示屏,只有一个功能:每隔30秒拍下它面前的景象。一天下来就有超过2,000张照片,其画质堪比iPhone 4的摄像头。A sensor makes sure the photos are always upright, no matter how the clip is oriented, while a GPS chip inside notes where you are each time it takes the photo. Tap on the Narrative twice and it will snap a photo right away.无论相机处于何种方位,它的感应器都会确保照片端正。同时,内置的GPS芯片会记录每张照片的拍摄地点。连续敲击两下,相机就会立刻抓拍一张。The pricier Autographer is three times larger, making it flop over when I attached it to my shirt pocket. It packs a 5-megapixel camera with fisheye lens and five sensors -- including an accelerometer, compass and thermometer -- in order to take a picture when it thinks your surroundings have changed. It can use Bluetooth to transfer shots wirelessly to a phone or computer right away. All of this extra tech means the battery lasts about 10 hours, compared with the Narrative#39;s 30.Autographer价格较贵,比Narrative大三倍,夹在衬衫衣兜上会外翻。它配置了一个500万像素的鱼眼镜头和五个传感器――其中包括加速计、指南针和温度计――这使它能感知周遭环境变化,及时拍照。它还可通过蓝牙即时把快照无线传输到手机或电脑上。所有这些额外的技术配置意味着它的电池只能续航约10小时,而Narrative是30小时。What are you supposed to do with all of those photos? More than 1,000 shots taken on my hike this Sunday weren#39;t worth keeping. But 15 were delightful, unposed shots of my friends and their kids at sunset. You can#39;t get a 7-year-old kid to look that naturally happy with a regular camera pointing in his face, but the candid camera did. I could imagine taking one of these cameras to special events or on vacation.该怎么处理这么多照片呢?我周日徒步途中有1000多张快照都没有保留价值,但有15张非常赞,抓拍到了我朋友和他们的孩子在日落时分最自然的瞬间。让一个七岁的孩子在普通镜头前表现得如此开心大方是不可能的,但袖珍相机做到了。我想我会带个袖珍相机去特殊活动或度假的。Judging based on price, shape and battery life, the Narrative would seem to be the better product. But after using both cameras, I realized the Autographer was superior because its design better respected my interactions with friends and strangers alike.综合价格、外形和电池续航来看,Narrative看起来是更好的产品。然而在试用过这两款相机之后,我意识到Autographer更胜一筹,因为它的设计更好地尊重了我与朋友及陌生人之间的互动。Very few people noticed I was wearing the Narrative#39;s tiny clip. It made me feel like a creep for not disclosing to friends and people on the street that I was photographing them. It offers no indication it#39;s taking a picture and continues snapping away unless you turn it over or put it into a pocket (which you need to remember to do when you go to places like the toilet). After wearing it for a few days, I decided to tape a camera icon on it.只有很少几个人注意到了我戴着Narrative。不告诉朋友和街上的行人自己在拍他们让我觉得自己像个怪人。它没有任何拍照提示,并且除非你把它翻过来或放进兜里(当你要去洗手间等场所时一定记住这点),否则它会不断地拍摄。在戴了几天之后,我决定给它贴上一个相机图标。The Autographer announces itself as a camera. Each time it snaps, a faint blue light flashes on its front. More important, its lens is highlighted by a bright yellow circle and has a rotating cover so everyone can see when it is and isn#39;t watching.Autographer则会标榜出自己的相机属性。当它拍照时,机身正面会闪一下微弱的蓝光。更重要的是,其镜头用一个醒目的黄圈标出,还有个旋转镜头盖,这样所有人都能看出它是否正在拍摄。In short, Autographer#39;s design helps keep people from being jerks. The fisheye lens means you can#39;t accidentally take head-on photos of people unless you are very close to their faces. Since the camera connects wirelessly to your phone, you can review your shots right away -- and delete shots if anybody asks. By default, Autographer only saves all your photos on your computer or phone rather than its own servers.简言之,Autographer的设计有助于防止人们被偷拍。鱼眼镜头使你不会无意间拍到别人的正脸,除非你离他们的面部非常近。由于它与你的手机无线连接,所以你可以立即查看照片,如果有人要求的话也可以立即删除。根据默认设置,Autographer只会把照片保存到你的电脑或手机内,而不是它自己的务器内。All these concerns are rooted in civility. There#39;s nothing actually illegal about using one of these cameras in most venues in the U.S., outside of restrooms, casinos and other businesses that expressly forbid them.所有这些顾虑都是出于礼仪考虑。除了洗手间、及其他明文禁止拍照的场所之外,在美国大部分场所使用这种相机都没什么不合法的。Narrative#39;s Swedish creators say their clip wouldn#39;t make a good spy camera because it isn#39;t as small as the latest snoop gear and its 30-second automatic timer is too arbitrary. Also, their research found people who spotted it did generally understand that the device was a camera. #39;If you want a camera to spy on your friends, we don#39;t want you as a customer,#39; company co-founder Oskar Kalmaru said, #39;And we intentionally made the Narrative Clip bad for use in cases like that.#39;Narrative的瑞典制造商称其产品并不是一款好的间谍相机,因为它没有最新的侦查装置小巧,并且30秒的自动计时器太刻板了。同时他们的研究表明,注意到Narrative的人基本上都会认识到它是个相机。公司联合创始人奥斯卡#12539;卡尔玛鲁(Oskar Kalmaru)说:“如果你想要一款相机来侦查你的朋友,那我们并不希望你成为我们的客户。我们是有意让Narrative Clip在这种情况下表现不佳的。”The U.K.-based makers of Autographer take the extraordinary step of including an etiquette guide in its box, with suggestions like #39;pause your image capture if you are in proximity to people you don#39;t know for a long period of time.#39;Autographer的英国制造商则更进一步,在包装盒内附上了一份礼仪指南,包括诸如“若您长时间近距离接触不认识的人,请暂停拍摄图像”这样的建议。For me, wearing either camera meant I was constantly on guard, y to turn it off if a situation became too private to capture.就我而言,戴着任何一款相机都意味着我得时刻保持警惕,如果遇到了不宜拍摄的私密场景,要马上把它关掉。We might eventually get used to the idea that we#39;re being constantly watched, but for now I think a baseline rule ought to be some kind of notice: I#39;m taking your photo.也许终有一天我们会习惯时刻被监视这个概念,但在现阶段我认为一个基本准则应当是某种告知:我正在给你拍照。The experience made me realize we need a big public conversation about how to live with ubiquitous sensors. Part of that means developing criteria to judge technology beyond basic hardware or software design. Let#39;s call it the #39;relationship test#39;: How does this piece of technology change not just my life, but how I interact with you?这两款相机的体验使我意识到,我们需要一场公开大讨论,讨论如何去忍受无处不在的传感器。这种讨论还意味着形成评判除基础软硬件设计之外的科技的标准,让我们称之为“关系测试”吧:这项技术如何改变了我的生活以及我与你互动的方式? /201402/276436。

Apple Readies IPhone For China LaunchApple Inc. is getting closer to clearing the hurdles to start selling iPhones in China, one of the last major phone markets Apple has yet to tap.The release of the iPhone in China could turbocharge overseas growth for what is aly Apple's fastest-growing product. China is the world's largest mobile market by subscribers, with some 687 million subscribers. That compares with more than 270 million subscribers in the U.S.The iPhone hasn't sold as well in some markets as in the U.S. In Japan, for example, the Apple brand isn't as strong, and regular mobile phones offer many of the same features.In China, however, touch screens are hot, and there are aly a number of popular models that have no keypads. The Apple name has value as a status symbol, and Internet usage through cellphones is increasing.Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Co., calculates Apple can sell 2.9 million iPhones in China by the end of 2011. 'Ultimately, it will probably be the fastest-growing overseas market,' he said.But Apple faces competition from other smart phones that are set to launch in China in coming months. And analysts say the iPhone has struggled in overseas markets, where it has faced more competition from rivals like Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker.'Apple's brand is strongest at home, where the competition is weaker,' said Edward Synder, an analyst for San Francisco-based Charter Equity Research.Apple's iPhone, which launched two years ago, has so far sold more than 26 million units world-wide in more than 80 countries, but the majority of its sales have come from the U.S.According to research firm IDC, only 7% of total iPhone sales in the second quarter, ended in June, came from the Asia Pacific, where it is sold in countries like Australia, Hong Kong and India, compared with 49% from the U.S. and 25% from Western Europe. Other sales come from markets in Japan, Latin America, Canada and the Middle East.An iPhone prototype that was modified for the China market recently received one of the technical licenses the government requires for mobile phones, according to a testing center under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is unclear how many approvals are required before the phone can be released.Apple must still complete negotiations with state-owned wireless operator China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd., which is expected to carry the iPhone, but analysts say those talks are nearing conclusion. Beijing-based research firm BDA China Ltd. said in a report this month that the iPhone is 'now finally set to make its official debut in China in October,' citing interviews with companies including Unicom.Cynthia Meng, analyst for Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong, said in a report that she also expects the iPhone to launch in the fourth quarter this year, in conjunction with Unicom's planned launch of 3G in October.A China Unicom spokeswoman said negotiations are still being finalized, and declined further comment. A spokesperson for Apple declined to comment. In an earnings call in July, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said the Cupertino, Calif., company expects to start selling iPhones in China within a year.Competing products are aly in the works in China, adding urgency to the iPhone's launch. China Mobile Ltd., the country's largest carrier by subscribers, plans to start selling smart phones with similar functions to the iPhone this year based on Google Inc.'s Android operating system. On Monday, Taiwanese phone maker HTC Corp. announced it plans to launch seven third-generation phones, including at least one Android phone, with China Mobile by next year.China Unicom, which holds the only license for the WCDMA 3G technology compatible with the iPhone, is China's second-largest carrier.Apple has faced regulatory hurdles to launching the iPhone in China, including having to comply with a government rule that requires the removal of the device's wireless Internet function. Analysts say they expect a later rollout of a Wi-Fi enabled iPhone that complies with newly revised regulations.Launching the iPhone in China would likely boost Apple's small presence in the country. Apple currently has less than 1% market share in personal-computer shipments in China. In the second quarter, Apple sold only about 36,000 units out of 11.7 million PCs shipped in China, according to IDC.One indication of the iPhone's strong potential in China is the thriving underground iPhone market that aly exists there. Though the device isn't officially available, BDA estimates there are aly 1.5 million iPhones in use in China, and the handset is on sale everywhere from online vendors to resellers of Apple products in sprawling electronics malls.People can use the iPhone and buy applications on Apple's iTunes store by unlocking the device with software that enables it to work with any network operator, even if they aren't approved by Apple.Jessica Wu, a 26-year-old iPhone user in Nanjing, said she bought her first-generation eight-gigabyte iPhone in Nanjing in 2008 for 4,600 yuan (5). Other high-end phones 'seemed expensive and too professional' compared with the iPhone, she said. 'The [iPhone's] icons are cute.''People are paying close attention [to the release of the iPhone],' said Ms. Deng, who declined to give her first name, a saleswoman at an Apple reseller in Beijing called Dragonstar. 'We've aly gotten a couple of phone calls from our clients placing orders for iPhones as soon as they arrive.'The iPhone will likely raise China Unicom's profile as it has for other iPhone operators that have seen their data revenue increase. In Europe, the iPhone has just 15% of smart-phone market share but represents 90% of the total data usage on networks, according to IDC. Ms. Meng of Merrill Lynch rated Unicom a 'buy,' saying the introduction of the iPhone and other data-intensive smart devices 'will be critical catalysts for Unicom to retain and attract mid-to-high end subscribers in highly penetrated urban markets.'How strongly the iPhone sells in China will depend on the subsidy China Unicom provides for it, analysts say. Chinese consumers spend an average of 1,100 yuan, or about 0, on cellphones, according to BDA. For comparison, the newest iPhone 3GS model starts at 9 in the U.S. with a two-year service contract, and 9 without any service commitment.In China, Apple and its operator partner face another challenge: most users prefer to prepay for services rather than subscribe to a monthly service. Average monthly revenue per user in China is also less than , in part because overall charges are lower, compared with about for ATamp;T Inc., the exclusive iPhone provider in the U.S.Still, the payoff could be huge for Apple. Xiang Ligang, chief executive of Chinese telecommunications news portal Cctime.com, estimates 100 million mobile phone users in China change their phones every year and about 20 million of those buy high-end mobile phones. In some of the biggest cities especially, mobile phones are often seen as status symbols and high-end cellphones typically cost upwards of 3,000 yuan. /200908/82668。

2009年8月3日下午,4款新的尼康COOLPIX轻便数码相机全球同步发布。分别是:搭载创新投影功能的S1000pj,配备显示效果出众且大尺寸OLED显示屏的S70,拥有超快对焦和响应速度的S640,以及提供精致外形和丰富色款式的S570。这4款机型是基于尼康EXPEED数码影像处理概念而开发,且都配备了尼克尔镜头。Nikon Announces Four New Coolpix ModelsNikon just unleashed four new Coolpix point-and-shooters with enhancements that include a better engineered touch screen, a built-in LCD projector, and a super-fast start-up time. My favorite of the bunch is the 0 Coolpix S70, which improves upon last year’s popular S60 in some very significant ways. This 12.1-megapixel model has a striking, bright 3.5-inch OLED touch screen that pretty much covers the entire back side of the camera (there are no buttons). The touch screen interface is improved from the S60: You can control most all camera functions, including zoom and snapping the shutter. When reviewing photos, simply swipe a finger across the screen to move to the next image or use a pinching motion with two fingers to reduce or enlarge images — an interface that will be immediately familiar to any iPhone user. A new on-screen slider enables you to adjust brightness, which is a simple idea but very cool in action. The S70 (as well as all other cameras announced today) includes a new motion detection feature that automatically detects moving subjects and adjusts shutter speed and the ISO setting to compensate for camera shake and subject movement. The S70’s image-stabilization system has optical and electronic image stabilization to further minimize the effects of camera shake.Nikon has also added a new skin-softening feature (which smooths skin tone at three different levels) to its Smart Portrait technology. The S70 can capture in high resolution at 1,280 by 720 pixels at 30 frames per second; the S60, by comparison, offered only standard resolution. It will land on store shelves in September in four two-color combinations. Next up is the 0 Coolpix S1000pj, which provides an entirely new way to share images. The S1000pj has a built-in LCD projector than enables you to project photos and movies at a size of up to 40 inches at a distance of up to 6 feet. I haven’t seen the projector demonstrated, but it has a brightness rating at only 10 lumens of light. Most small LCD projectors, by comparison, have a brightness of 1,500 to 2,000 lumens. The output is likely to be very dim. This 12.1-megapixel camera also packs a 5X (28mm to 140mm equivalent) lens, optical and electronic image stabilization, motion detection, and the Smart Portrait system. It captures at 640 by 480 resolution (VGA) at 30 frames per second. The Coolpix S1000pj will be available in matte black in September The 0 Coolpix S640 is all about speed. Nikon says this 12.2-megapixel model has a 0.7-second start-up time, fast autofocus, and a shutter lag of only 0.39 second. The 12.2-megapixel model has a 5X 28mm to 140mm (equivalent) lens, optical and electronic image stabilization, motion detection, and the Smart Portrait system. It records movies in VGA resolution. Look for it in September dressed in black, red, pink and white. The value leader of the pack is the 0 Coolpix S570, which is an update of the S560. This 12-megapixel point-and-shoot includes a 5X optical zoom, a 28mm to 140mm (equivalent) lens, electronic image stabilization, motion detection, and Smart Portrait. Movies are captured in VGA resolution. The S570 drops in September in hues of black, red, blue and pink. /200908/80488。