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晋江人民医院卵巢囊肿泉州新阳光医院有没有做b超The hue and cry of Britain’s general election obscures an inconvenient truth. The first peacetime coalition since the 1930s is likely to be followed by another inconclusive election. The old world of two party politics delivering decisive single party government may be over.英国大选中的喧闹声掩盖了一个不好说出口的事实。英国自上世0年代以来首届诞生于和平时期的联合政府即将任满,但很可能再次迎来一场没有决定性结果的选举。两党政治产生行动果决的一党政府的旧世界或已终结。David Cameron, prime minister, and Ed Miliband, the Labour party leader, still hope they can snatch outright victory on May 7. Voters appear unmoved. This has been a dispiriting campaign, where a few dozen swing constituencies have been targeted like battleground states in a US presidential election. For Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Solihull, West Midlands.现任首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)和工Labour party)党魁埃德#8226;米利班德(Ed Miliband)仍然希望日的选举中取得全面胜利。选民看上去无动于衷。这是一场令人沮丧的竞选,几十个摇摆选区就像美国总统选举中的摇摆州一样,被各党派激烈争夺。你只用把西米德兰兹West Midlands)的索利哈Solihull),想象成俄亥俄州的凯霍加Cuyahoga)。A tactical, data-driven campaign mobilising core supporters ignores how Tony Blair and, more recently, Angela Merkel in Germany reached out to the centre ground and won three successive elections. The lesson should still hold true in Britain, despite the fragmentation of politics represented by the rise of the Scottish National party and the europhobic UK Independence party.这场竞选讲究策略、依赖数据,动员核心持者,而忽略了前英国首相托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)以及德国现任总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)走中间路线连续三次赢得选举的经验。这一经验在英国应该仍然管用,尽管苏格兰民族党(SNP)和恐欧的英国独立UKIP)崛起使英国政坛碎片化。Five years ago, the prospect of coalition government attracted dire predictions of instability in markets and gridlock at Westminster. Neither proved true. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has shown European-style cohabitation can work. Curiously, Mr Cameron has not trumpeted its successes. He has preferred to wage a campaign of fear. Labour, he argues, would prove untrustworthy on the economy; and a Labour government would be held hostage by a separatist Scottish National party. The risk of a cross-border leftist alliance is not negligible; but even some Tories worry that its invocation encourages English nationalism.5年前曾流传一种悲观预言,认为联合政府上台将导致市场动荡,议会也将陷入僵局。这两点都没有成真。保守党与自民党(The Liberal Democrats)的结盟明了欧洲式的联合执政行得通。奇怪的是,卡梅伦并未大肆宣扬联合政府的成功。他选择打“恐惧”牌。他提出,工党的经济政策不可靠;工党政府将被奉行独立的苏格兰民族党绑架。出现一个跨境左翼联盟的风险不可忽视,但就连一些保守党人也担心,总提这一点将会助长英格兰的民族主义情绪。Labour’s campaign has also played relentlessly to its core vote. Mr Miliband has belatedly signed up to balance the budget in the next parliament. Fearful of public sector unions, he has not specified where heavy spending cuts would fall. He has rarely met a market he did not consider to be broken. Only Nick Clegg, the embattled Liberal Democrat leader, has occupied the centre ground. He has argued persuasively that the Lib Dems contributed to sensible fiscal consolidation and tempered the wilder Tory impulses, particularly on Europe.工党在竞选活动中也不遗余力地争取核心选民。米利班德承诺在下届议会推动预算平衡,尽管他这么说有点晚了。因为担心遭到公共部门工会的反对,他没有具体阐明削减开的重头戏将落在哪里。很少有一个市场在他看来是不失灵的。占据中间道路的只有眼下处境不妙的自民党党魁尼克#8226;克雷Nick Clegg)。他令人信地指出,自民党促进了合理的财政整固,缓和了保守党一些较为疯狂的冲动,特别是在欧洲问题上。The Financial Times has no fixed party political allegiances, but we have a clear vision of the priorities for the next administration.英国《金融时报》没有固定持某个党派,但我们清晰地看到了下一届政府应优先处理的问题。The economic challenge goes beyond cutting public spending. The government must support enterprise and job creation. The dependence on credit-fuelled consumer spending and London-based financial services must be reduced. Britain’s productivity gap must be narrowed, by long-delayed investment in infrastructure, education and housing. A new constitutional settlement is needed, one that preserves the union and transfers powers rationally and fairly to the nations and regions of the UK. On Europe, it is time for constructive engagement. A new relationship would recognise the UK is not part of the monetary core but is still a vital member of the European family of nations.经济方面的挑战不止是削减公共出。政府必须持企业和就业创造。必须减少对信贷推动的消费者出和以伦敦为中心的金融务业的依赖。必须落实推迟已久的基础设施、教育和住房投资,以缩小英国的生产力差距。此外还需要达成新的宪制协议,保留英国各民族之间的联盟,同时将权力合理、公平地下放给各民族和地区。至于欧洲问题,英国是时候采取建设性参与的态度了。与欧洲的新关系将承认英国不属于核心欧元区,但仍然是欧洲大家庭的关键成员。The choice is therefore between a dynamic, flexible and open economy delivering higher living standards for all, and a pinched nationalism that clings to the past. Little England or Great Britain.因此,我们有两个选择,一个是成为有活力、灵活、开放的经济体,让全体国民享有更高的生活水平,另一个是成为奉行民族主义、经济窘困、留恋过去的国家。这就是选择成为小英格兰还是大不列颠的问题。The UK is in far better shape than in 2010. Growth has picked up sharply. The numbers of those in work are at an all-time high. About 2m new jobs have been created. But austerity spells a joyless recovery and the public finances remain fragile. The deficit is shrinking to an expected 4 per cent of national output this year. This is still too high but better than the near 12 per cent when the coalition took over.当前英国经济形势010年要好得多。经济增长明显加快。就业人数创下历史纪录。新增就业岗位约200万个。但紧缩政策意味着复苏将是缺乏喜色的,公共财政也仍然脆弱。预计今年赤字将缩减为国民产出的4%。这仍然偏高,但联合政府刚上台时这个比例接近12%。Britain needs a strong economy to fund the National Health Service and an ageing population. But a strong economy alone does not guarantee political stability. Today, the integrity of the ed Kingdom remains at stake. The failure of the Scottish National party to win last September’s referendum on independence ought to have settled the issue for a generation. But if the SNP wins most of the 59 seats in Scotland, it could hold the balance of power at Westminster. At the very least, this will complicate new constitutional arrangements between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; at worst, it could stoke separatist fire north and south of the river Tweed.英国需要强劲的经济,来为国民卫生务体NHS)和日益老龄化的人口提供资金。但仅凭强劲的经济无法保政治稳定。眼下,联合王国的完整仍面临威胁。苏格兰民族党未能在去年9月的独立公投中取胜,这应该意味着至少二三十年内无须再担心苏独问题。但如果苏格兰民族党赢得苏格兰的大部分议席(9个),它可能成为英国议会中的一重要力量。至少,这种情况会让英格兰、苏格兰、威尔士和北爱之间的新宪制安排更加复杂;在最坏的情况下,它可能让特威德河(River Tweed,苏格兰与英格兰的界河——译者注)南北的独立主义火焰烧得更旺。The second constitutional question turns on Europe. Should the Conservatives win an outright majority, Mr Cameron has pledged to re-negotiate the terms of UK membership and hold an in-out referendum within two years. His move threatens to consume the first two years of a Tory government. It could ultimately push Britain out of the bloc, a seismic change in the country’s relationship with its chief trading partners and for the balance of power in the EU itself. It might also break the Tory party.第二个宪制问题则是关于欧洲的。卡梅伦已经承诺,假如保守党获得绝对多数票,他将重新就英国作为欧盟成员的条款进行谈判,并在两年内就英国是否留在欧盟举行全民公投。他的举动可能会耗去保守党政府的头两年任期。此举可能最终推动英国脱离欧盟,彻底改变英国与其主要贸易伙伴的关系、以及欧盟内部的力量平衡。此举还可能导致保守党分裂。The preoccupation with Europe obscures a more troubling development. Britain’s standing in the world has diminished. Her Majesty’s armed forces have shrunk, and her diplomats reduced to handing out export brochures for business.把注意力放在欧洲问题上,掩盖了一个更令人不安的变化。英国在世界的地位下降了。女王陛下的军队缩小了,她的外交官也沦落到帮企业派发出口宣传册的地步。Two bloody wars of choice, in Afghanistan and Iraq, have carried a high price. Politicians on the left and right are increasingly looking inward. In Europe’s first post-cold war crisis in Ukraine, Mr Cameron has been a bystander, despite the UK being a signatory to the 1994 Budapest Memorandum covering Ukraine’s nuclear disarmament and territorial integrity. His insistence on spending 0.7 per cent on overseas aid sits ill with his refusal to commit to 2 per cent of GDP for the military.在阿富汗和伊拉克,英国参与了两场不是非打不可的流血战争,付出了惨重代价。为此左右翼人士都日益把目光转向国内事务。英国是1994年《布达佩斯安全备忘录Budapest Memorandum)的签字国,备忘录内容包括乌克兰将放弃核武,而其他签字国会捍卫乌克兰的领土完整。但在乌克兰发生欧洲冷战后的第一场危机时,卡梅伦袖手旁观。他坚持海外援助出应达到GDP.7%,但拒绝承诺军费出至少要达%,这两点形成了鲜明反差。The Conservativeseconomic record ought to provide a winning hand. The mix of a loose monetary policy and a tight fiscal policy has worked. Mr Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne, supported by Mr Clegg, showed political courage to tackle the public finances and shrink the state. The Tories have also driven two promising shifts in Britain’s political discourse: the challenge to the benefits culture and the re-introduction of much-needed rigour into the country’s schools.保守党在经济方面的过往表现理应是它的优势。宽松货币政策与紧缩财政政策的组合拳行之有效。卡梅伦和财政大臣乔#8226;奥斯George Osborne)展现出政治魄力,去解决公共财政问题、缩小政府规模,而克莱格也持他们的做法。保守党还推动英国的政治辩论中出现了两个有益变化:对福利文化的挑战,以及在英国的学校中重新推行严格的纪律。Labour has been more competitive than expected. Mr Miliband has been vilified by the Tories, but he has stuck to his guns on Europe, refusing to cave in to demands for a referendum. His willingness to stand his ground deserves credit.工党的竞争力已超出预期。米利班德不断受到保守党人诋毁,但他坚持自己对欧洲的看法,拒绝向公投要求让步。他这种坚守立场的态度值得赞扬。Yet this cannot conceal the fundamental weakness in Labour’s plans. Mr Miliband is preoccupied with inequality. His prescription is an increase in taxes such as restoring the 50p level for high earners and imposing an ill-conceived mansion tax.然而这无法掩盖工党竞选纲领中的根本性弱点。米利班德专注于社会不平等现象,他的策略是增加税收,比如恢复高收入0%的所得税,以及实行考虑欠妥的豪宅税。Mr Miliband has too often found himself on the wrong side of the argument. He promised to freeze energy prices shortly before world prices collapsed. An aly heavily regulated banking sector and private landlords are now in his sights. He has stepped too far away from the New Labour position that markets can be harnessed to progressive outcomes. At times, he appears to be fighting his campaign in the style of France’s Fran#231;ois Hollande in 2012. True, Mr Hollande secured victory but at the price of a weak economy and an exodus of talent, often to London.米利班德常常发现自己言论失当。他刚承诺要“冻结”能源价格,国际能源价格就开始暴跌。现在他的目光又投向已受到严格监管的业以及私营业主。“新工党”认为可以让市场发挥积极作用,而米利班德偏离这一立场太远了。有时他的竞选方式似乎复刻了2012年时法国的弗朗索#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)。诚然,奥朗德赢得了胜利,但代价是经济疲弱以及人才外流——通常流到伦敦。At this delicate moment, the best outcome would be a continuation of the 2010 coalition between the Conservatives and Lib Dems. Mr Clegg’s party has proved a responsible partner in government. Tough decisions, such as the reversal of his party’s stance on university tuition fees, will hurt the party. The Lib Dems would be more awkward in a second term coalition. It is also far from clear whether they will have enough seats to be kingmakers with either the Tories or Labour.在这个微妙的时刻,最好的结局将是延续2010年保守党和自民党的联盟。克雷格领导的自民党已明是负责任的执政伙伴。但在一些棘手问题上的决定可能会伤害到自民党,比如该党在大学学费方面立场的转变。自民党在第二个执政联盟中将更加尴尬。而且目前也不能确定他们是否将拿下足够席位来辅佐保守党或工党。Voters must decide not just on the party but also on the combination which would have the best chance of forming a stable, reform-minded government. The country would benefit from the countervailing force of Lib Dem moderation at Westminster. In seats where the Lib Dems are the incumbent or the main challenger, we would vote tactically for them.选民们要选择的不仅是政党,还有政党联盟,推断哪些党派最有可能组建一个稳定的、具备改革意识的政府。自民党在议会中的抗衡力量将令英国受益。对于自民党人有希望保留或拿下的席位,我们会策略性地将票投给他们。Ultimately, however, there is only one leader and one party that can head the government. There are risks in re-electing Mr Cameron’s party, especially on Europe. But there are greater risks in not doing so. Its instincts on the economy, business and reform of public services are broadly right. Mr Miliband has not offered a credible economic prospectus and would apply a brake on enterprise. In the circumstances, the FT would like to see a Conservative-led administration.不过,归根结底只能有一名领袖、一个政党来领导英国政府。重选卡梅伦领导的保守党是有风险的,尤其在欧洲问题上,但不选他的风险更大。保守党在经济、商业以及公共务改革方面的思路大致正确。米利班德没有拿出经济方面可信的的施政纲领,还将实施阻碍企业发展的政策。在这种情况下,英国《金融时报》希望见到一个由保守党领导的政府。来 /201505/373440洛江区中医院做人流 BEIJING (AP) A senior Chinese diplomat Wednesday called on the U.S. and other Western countries to put aside their wariness of Chinas justice system and work with Beijing to send back officials who have absconded overseas with ill-gained loot.北京(美联社)——一名中国外交官周三呼吁美国和其他西方国家把对中国司法系统的警惕心放在一边并与北京合作将藏匿海外的贪官送回中国。Xu Hong, director-general of the treaty and law division for Chinas Foreign Ministry, said at a news conference that some countries have ;passive attitudes; about signing extradition treaties with Beijing.中国外交部协议与法律司司长徐宏在一个新闻发布会上说有些国家在同中国签署引渡协议上“态度消极”;China is y to sign an extradition treaty, but it looks like the ed States is not prepared to do so,; Xusaid.“中国已经做好准备签订引渡协议,但美国似乎还没有做好这方面的准备,”徐说。The ed States, Canada and Australia —the most popular destinations for Chinese officials accused of corruption —have yet to sign extradition treaties with China.美国,加拿大和澳洲是被指控贪污的中国官员最经常去的国家,但是这些国家都没有同中国签订引渡协议。Analysts say the countries are reluctant to hand fugitives suspected of economic crimes to Beijing because of concerns over whether they would get fair trials, and because of Chinas use of the death penalty for such crimes.分析者称这些国家不愿意将涉嫌经济贪污的逃亡者交给中国是因为担心这些人是否会得到公平的审判,还因为这类犯罪在中国可被判处死刑。Beijing has estimated that since the mid-1990s, 16,000 to 18,000 corrupt officials and employees of state-owned enterprises have fled China or gone into hiding with pilfered assets totaling more than 800 billion yuan (5 billion).中国估计990年代中期以来,有160008000名腐败官员和国企雇员逃离中国并藏匿在国外,总的贪污资产达到000多亿元。来 /201411/345306泉州第一医院要预约吗

南安人民医院医生的QQ号码Fran#231;ois Hollande has protested to Barack Obama over allegations that US National Security Agency listened to the French president’s phone conversations.法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)已就有关美国国家安全局(NSA)监听其电话通话的最新爆料向美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)提出抗议。The French president telephoned his US counterpart for “an update on the principles that must govern relations between allies on the matter of intelligence the Elysée palace said. Mr Obama “reiterated without ambiguity his firm undertaking... to put an end to practices that may have taken place in the past and which were unacceptable between allies it added.爱丽舍宫表示,法国总统致电美国总统,询问“在情报事务上规范盟国之间关系的那些原则是否发生了变化”。爱丽舍宫还表示,奥巴马“毫不含糊地重申了他的坚定承诺……将结束过去可能已发生的、在盟国之间不可接受的那些做法”。The Elysée said French authorities had aly discussed the alleged espionage with their American counterparts in 2013 and in February 2014, during Mr Hollande’s trip to Washington.爱丽舍宫表示,早013年以014月奥朗德访美期间,法国有关部门就与美国同行讨论了有关间谍活动的指控。After a meeting of France’s security cabinet earlier in the day to discuss revelations, the Elyséé said “France#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;will not accept behaviour that puts its security and the protection of its interests at risk.”在法国安全内阁昨日开会讨论最新爆料之后,爱丽舍宫表示,“法国……将不会接受危及本国安全和危及对本国利益保护的行为。”来 /201506/383088泉州早早孕检查多少钱 The Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos has been killed in an air crash, robbing the country of one of its rising political stars and changing the outlook for the most hotly contested national elections for more than a decade.巴西总统候选人、巴西社会党(PSB)人爱德华#8226;坎波Eduardo Campos)因遭遇空难而丧生,令巴西失去了一位冉冉升起的政坛明星,也改变了大选的格局。将于今0月举行的巴西大选是十多年来竞争最白热化的一次。A private jet carrying Campos, of the centre-left PSB party, crashed in bad weather in the coastal city of Santos on Wednesday, killing all seven people on board, according to S#227;o Paulo’s fire department.根据圣保罗消防部门的说法,一架载有坎波斯的私人飞机周三在海滨城市圣多斯的恶劣天气中坠毁,机上7人全部遇难。While opinion polls had shown that Campos was the third-strongest presidential candidate be#173;fore October’s vote, analysts had expected the business-friendly leftist to gain more votes as his official television campaign got under way.尽管民意测验显示坎波斯在总统候选人里只排第三,但分析人士原本预计这位对商界十分友好的左翼人士在电视选战正式开始后能赢得更多选票。Some had also forecast a possible alliance with Aécio Neves of the PSDB party in an expected second round in an attempt to unseat Dilma Rousseff, the incumbent president.事发时,坎波斯的竞选伙伴玛瑞娜#8226;席尔Marina Silva)不在飞机上。Campos’s running mate, Marina Silva, was not on board the aircraft that crashed.圣多斯是一个工业化的海滨城市,是拉美最大港口所在地。目前,调查人员正在事故现场搜寻相关线索。现场所在的居民区冒出浓烟。Rafael Cortez, a political scientist at Tendências, a S#227;o Paulo-based consultancy, called the politician’s death a tragedy and said: “The repercussions are wide open and there is a potential for big change#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.“It will depend on who Campos’s replacement will be and whether Marina [Silva] would accept that position.”飞机在上午10点左右撞上了一个健身房。根据现场附近的Irmandade da Santa Casa da Misericórdia医院的说法,除机上人员外,至少还人因此受伤——其中包括一8个月大的婴儿。巴西许多政界人物为坎波斯表示了哀悼,不过分析人士预计部分涉事者会用空难做文章,挑起论战。Brazilian stocks swung wildly after the news as investors struggled to assess whether Campos’s death would make an opposition victory more or less likely.坎波斯曾任巴西东北部伯南布哥州州长,最新民调显示他的持率只有10%。Brazil’s benchmark Bov#173;espa index lost early gains on Wednesday and dropped as much as 2.1 per cent before recovering slightly to 1.5 per cent down by the close.不过,分析人士将此部分归结于巴西的国土面积太大,政治人物需要一段时间才能得到全国的认可。While Ms Rousseff is still the favourite to win, her waning popularity since mass protests last year has been welcomed by investors who dislike her party’s interventionist economic policies.他的正式电视选战原定于下周才开始。在文盲率很高的巴西,电视是极有影响力的选举工具。“It is now likely that [Campos’s] place will be taken by Marina Silva, his running mate, after an extraordinary party convention,said Tony Volpon, an economist at Nomura.坎波斯是巴西最年轻的总统候选人之一,三天前刚刚庆祝了他9岁生日。他身后留下妻子和五个孩子,其中年龄最小的孩子今年刚一出生就罹患唐氏综合症。来 /201408/321152晋江市中医院在周日有上班吗

安溪人民医院药房MUMBAI: Three persons have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenaged boy on the Marine Drive promenade till he died. Two others, who were also involved in the incident in June, 2014, are at large.孟买:涉嫌在孟买海滨大道将一名少年强奸致死的5人中已有3人被捕。另人也014月的这起案件有牵连,如今二人仍在逃。During interrogation,the three confessed to the crime and also admitted to sexually assaulting a 20-year-old man and beheading him inside the Shakti Mills compound near Mahalaxmi station in 2011. The same desolate mill premises was the site where a photojournalist and a tele-operator were gangraped in 2013.审讯过程中,3人对自己的罪行供认不讳,并承011年曾在马哈拉克西米火车站附近的夏克提棉纺厂内,性侵了一0岁的男子并将其斩首。同样是在这件荒凉的厂房内,2013年一名摄影师和一名呼叫中心职员也曾在此被轮奸;We initially detained the three accused, Rajkumar Rapannan alias Kala Anna (23), Sunil Kumar(30) and Vishal Padhgham (30). They were later arrested at the Marine Drive police station as a case of accidental death was registered there in June,; said Sanjay Kamble, inspector of the V P Road police station.;Based on our interrogation and report, charges of murder will be added.;“我们先是拘留了这三名被告,Rajkumar Rapannan alias Kala Anna (23, Sunil Kumar (30 VishalPadhgham (30。他们随后因涉嫌参与6月份登记在案的一起非正常死亡案件而海滨大道警方逮捕。”V P路警方巡官Sanjay Kamble说道,“根据我们的审讯和调查,这起案件的嫌犯名单还要再增加。”The three were picked up for a house break-in case, based on information by police nayak Shabbir Shaikh. A team of assistant inspectors Shrirang Sanas and Digambar Bidwe and some constables caught them at Gulalwadi near Girgaum, while two others, Siraj and Raj Chikna, are on the run.根据警方nayak Shabbir Shaikh的信息,这三人当初是因非法闯入民宅被抓。Shrirang Sanas和Digambar Bidwe两位助理警察和几位巡警在Girgaum附近的Gulalwadi抓住了这三人。另有分别名为Siraj 和Raj Chikna的两人仍然在逃;The accused worked part-time with local caterers and are drug-addicts. They denied being involved in the house break-in but during interrogation, they admitted tohaving killed two persons after sodomizing them,; the police said.;They took the teenager, Sallu, to Marine Drive where four of them pinnedhim down and the fifth accused sexually assaulted him; they took turns to sodomize the boy. He started vomiting up blood and screamed for help, but the accused gagged him with polythene bags as they continued sexually assaultinghim. He died on the spot when the five fled.;“被告们吸毒,在当地从事餐饮务的地方当临时工,他们否认私闯民宅,但在审讯的过程中,他们承认并杀害了两名男性。”警方说道,“他们将一位名叫Sallu的少年带到滨海大道,然后4人按住少年的手脚,第5人对他实施性侵。他们就这样轮流强奸了那个男孩。后来男孩开始呕血并高呼救呀?但被告用塑料袋塞住了男孩的嘴,然后继续实施性侵。这5人逃走时,男孩已经当场死亡。”They had also taken an acquaintance, Vicky, to Shakti Mills in September 2011 where they sodomizedhim and then beheaded him, the police said. A murder case was registered at theN M Joshi Marg police station that remained unsolved.据警方称011月,这伙人还曾将一位名叫Vicky的熟人带到了夏克提棉纺厂,在厂房内轮奸了他并将其斩首。这起谋杀案当时被N MJoshi Marg警局登记在册,但一直悬而未决。Sodomized boys bodythrown in sea, reveals investigation调查显示,案犯将被轮奸致死的男孩尸体丢入大海了。MUMBAI: The investigation into the sodomy and murder of a 14-year-old boy on the Marine Drive promenade in June last year has revealed that the arrested accused hadthrown the naked body of the boy in the sea to avoid leaving any clues for thepolice. The body of the teenager, Sallu, was found a day later on the seashore.孟买:对去年6月海滨大4岁少年轮奸致死案的调查出现新进展。在受害人死后,为了不留下线索,嫌犯将的男孩尸身抛入大海。一天后,人们在海岸上发现了这位名叫Sallu的少年的尸体。The police had detained three persons, Rajkumar Rapannan alias Kala Anna (23), Sunil Kumar(30) and Vishal Padhgham (30), on Tuesday on suspicion of having played a rolein a theft case, and their interrogation led to a confession of the MarineDrive crime.警方在周二以涉嫌盗窃逮捕了Rajkumar Rapannan alias Kala Anna (23, Sunil Kumar (30 and VishalPadhgham (30三人。随后在审讯中三人承认参与了海滨大道案。The trio also said they had sodomized a 20-year-old man in 2011 and beheaded him inside the Shakti Mills compound. ;We are looking for two of their associates,; apolice officer said.三人还承认在2011年曾在夏克提棉纺厂强奸并斩首了一0岁男子。“我们正在追捕他们的那两名同伙。”一位警官说道。The accused stuffed polythene bags in Sallus mouth when he screamed and vomited blood, said the officer.这位警官说,嫌犯在受害人Sallu吐血并呼救时用塑料袋塞住了他的嘴。来 /201501/352820 泉州治疗尖锐湿疣得多少钱泉州新阳光女子医院



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