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Spring cleaning does not need to be a noxious-chemical-filled affair. Here are some ideas to keep your household chores nontoxic.春季大扫除不需要使用大量有毒化学清洁剂。以下是使用无毒天然成份清洁房间的一些方法。You Will Need你需要Lemon juice柠檬汁White vinegar白醋Liquid soap液体肥皂Tea tree oil茶树油Club soda苏打水Baking soda小苏打Hydrogen peroxide双氧水Kosher salt粗盐Dishwasher detergent洗碟机用洗涤剂Borax硼砂Steps步骤Step 1 Use lemon juice or vinegar1.使用柠檬汁或醋Use lemon juice or white vinegar to remove stains, mildew, and grease streaks. Spray the liquid on a surface, and scrub it with a stiff brush or textured sponge.使用柠檬汁或白醋来清除污渍,霉菌和油脂。将液体喷洒在需要清洁的表面上,用硬刷子或有织纹的海绵擦拭。Step 2 Make a disinfectant2.制作消毒剂Make a disinfectant by mixing 2 cups water, 3 tablespoons liquid soap, and two dozen drops of tea tree oil.将2杯水,3汤匙液体肥皂和20多滴茶树油混合,制作消毒剂。Step 3 Clean windows3.清洁窗户Clean windows with a solution made by mixing 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water. Spray the solution on glass, and wipe it off with sheets of newspaper.将2汤匙白醋和1加仑水混合制成溶液,用来清洁窗户。将溶液喷洒在玻璃上,用报纸擦拭。Step 4 Remove stains from carpets4.清除地毯上的污渍Remove stains from carpets using club soda. Pour it on the carpet, and blot the carpet with a towel.使用苏打水来清除地毯上的污渍。倒在地毯上,用毛巾吸干。Step 5 Make a bathroom cleanser5.制作浴室清洁剂Use baking soda as a bathroom cleanser. Dust the surface to be cleaned with baking soda, and scrub it with a damp cloth or sponge. To get rid of tougher grime, apply some kosher salt and scrub.将小苏打用作浴室清洁剂。用小苏打清洁表面,然后用湿布或海绵擦拭。要对付更顽固的污垢,撒一些粗盐再擦拭。Kosher salt has a larger grain than ordinary table salt.粗盐颗粒比普通食用盐更大。Step 6 Remove mold in bathroom tile grout6.清除瓷砖霉菌Remove mold from bathroom tile grout using a solution made with one part three-percent hydrogen peroxide and two parts water.Spray the solution on the mold, wait an hour, and rinse.将1份3%的双氧水和2份水混合制成溶液,用来清除浴室瓷砖上的霉菌。将溶液喷洒在霉菌部位,等一个小时后清洗。Step 7 Clean soiled linens7.清洁被弄脏的亚麻布Clean soiled linens with a thick paste made with dishwasher detergent and borax. Rub the paste in, and rinse the fabric clean. Enjoy cleaning without worrying about toxic chemicals.将洗碟机用洗涤剂和硼砂混合成膏体,用来清洁被弄脏的亚麻布。涂抹膏体,然后清洗。不需担心有毒化学物质,尽情享受清洁的乐趣。注:视频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。201303/229653Today in History: Tuesday, March 05, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月5日,周二On March 5, 1946, British statesman Winston Churchill referred to the Soviet Unions sphere of influence in Eastern Europe as an ;iron curtain; in a speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo.1946年3月5日,在密苏里州富尔顿威斯敏斯特学院的一次演说中,英国政治家温斯顿·丘吉尔称苏联在东欧的势力范围是“铁幕”。1770 The Boston Massacre took place as British soldiers, taunted by a crowd of colonists, opened fire, killing five people.1770年,英国士兵嘲弄一群殖民者并开造成五人死亡,波士顿惨案发生。1867 An abortive Fenian uprising against English rule took place in Ireland.1867年,爱尔兰芬尼亚会爆发反抗英国统治的起义,起义最终以失败告终。1933 The Nazi Party won 44 percent of the vote in German parliamentary elections, enabling it to join with the Nationalists to gain a slender majority in the Reichstag.1933年,在德国议会选举中,纳粹党获得了44%的选票,使其能够与民族主义者在德国国会获得微弱的多数选票。1953 Soviet dictator Josef Stalin died at age 73 after nearly three decades in power.1953年,苏联独裁者斯大林执政近30年后去世,享年73岁。1963 Country music singer Patsy Cline died in a plane crash near Camden, Tenn., at age 30.1963年,乡村音乐歌手在田纳西卡姆登附近发生的飞机失事中丧生,时年30岁。1970 The nuclear non-proliferation treaty went into effect.1970年,《核不扩散条约》生效。1982 Comedian John Belushi was found dead of a drug overdose at age 33.1982年,喜剧演员约翰·贝鲁西被发现死于药物过量,时年33岁。2001 Vice President Dick Cheney underwent an angioplasty for a partially blocked artery.2001年,副总统迪克·切尼接受了对部分阻塞动脉进行血管成形手术。2004 Martha Stewart was convicted of obstructing justice and lying to the government about why shed unloaded her Imclone Systems Inc. stock just before the price plummeted.2004年,玛莎·斯图尔特被判犯有妨碍司法公正和向政府谎报罪,因其在股票价格暴跌前抛售了她Imclone Systems公司的股票。本节目属 /201303/228388汉娜·罗森回顾了表明女性在某些重要领域超越男性的一些显著的新数据,例如大学毕业率。这些不仅以美国为中心还在整个世界都流行的趋势是否预示着“男性时代的结束”?也许并非如此--但这些表明社会变化的数据值得揣。201208/195127

How do I get my resume and cover letter noticed?我怎样才能让别人注意到我的简历和求职信呢?The greatest way to get your résumé to stand head and shoulders above the competition is to do it differently. It does not need to look like everybody elses version of a resume. The typical one to two pages stapled in the upper left hand corner,on white or ivory paper, in Times New Roman. Thats what everybody does. Do you want to work for a company that is looking for everybody else? No, you want to look for a company that is looking for somebody who thinks outside of the box, and you want to market yourself as someone who thinks outside of the box. So, choose some interesting type fonts. Use different colours of paper. You can photocopy your résumé on eleven by seventeen paper and fold it in half, and make it into a newsletter format. You can bind your résumé. Put it into a pretty folder with the matching cover letter. Make it into a very attractive, creative, marketing piece. Its the first opportunity you have to make a first impression to a prospective employer, so make that opportunity count.让你的简历和求职信脱颖而出最好的办法就是与众不同。你的简历不要和别人千篇一律,不要使用同样的版本。常见的简历都是一两页,主题位于左边,用白色或象牙色的纸张,Times New Roman字体书写。每个人都是这样。你希望为一家招聘其他人的公司工作吗?不,你希望为一家能够不拘一格,标新立异的公司工作,你就是那个标新立异的人。所以,选择一些有趣的字体,使用不同的纸张。你可以把你的简历影印11*17的纸张,然后对折,做成时事通讯的格式。你可以把你的简历绑起来,与同样的求职信一起装入漂亮的信封中。一定要做成吸引人的,有创意的,畅销的简历。这是你给潜在雇主留下好印象的第一个机会,要让这个机会物有所值。Thanks for watching How To Get Your Resume And Cover Letter Noticed.感谢收看“怎样让自己的简历脱颖而出”视频节目。201210/206735How To Get A Girl To Flash You如何让女孩对你放电 Ever since shedding our beastly fur, we humans have been forced to cover our flesh to protect from sun and snow. What a nuisance. Humility, decency, and even local laws have kept the female form covered while outside the bedroom. But what if we told you that you didn't need to be on a date to get a beautiful woman to reveal her assets? Here's how...Step 1: Find Thy Location(找合适的地点)Women who will let you take a look at their coveted bosoms won't just be standing around your local grocery store. You have to go places where the elusive females are y and willing to show you their covered assets. Check out places that host spring break debauchery.Step 2: Role Play(角色扮演)Pretend you're a talent scout. Purchase a t-shirt that says Girls Gone Wild or Playboy on it. Explain that you're looking for nude, sorry, we mean new talent. Or… try the starving artist approach. Patience is key in this approach, so take your time and explain how art school and nudity go together like peas and carrots.Step 3: Enchant Thy Lady(诱惑她)Offer your target something she may want. Sometimes alcohol works, sometimes beads work, sometimes you need to up the stakes and go all out.Step 4: Breast Request(直接请求)When all else fails… just ask. The key is not to make a big deal out of it, let her know you're just interested in seeing what's hidden underneath her clothing, strictly out of curiosity. Some women may be offended by this. But, others will be ok with it and grant you a quick peek, which is what the flash is all about. 201107/145179

This will tell you what it means when you dream about an ex, and what you could learn from this kind of dreams.本视频将会告诉你梦到前任男女朋友会有什么含义,以及你能学领悟到什么。What does it mean when you dream about being with your ex? This is a very common dream. In fact, its probably one of the most common dreams that we get. We all go through periods, even when our relationships are good, about what it wouldve been like when wed stayed with an ex, someone that was important to us in the past.这只是一个普通的梦。很可能只是众多梦之中普通的一个。我们在不同的时间段,甚至在与现任关系很好的时候也能梦到前任,其实不仅仅是前任,任何一个在过去时间里对我们很重要的人都有可能出现在梦里。Its really just a sort of, often an anxiety dream, and often that actually doesnt even mean that your current relationship is particularly bad, but theres always part of us that thinks, what if Id stayed with that person? Where would we be now? Would I be happier in life? Would I be happier in career? So, dreaming of an ex isnt sort of a bad thing, but it does show occasionally that were going through a little bit of a difficult time, or rough patch, with our current relationship situation.这种情况没什么奇怪的,也并不一定意味着你们的关系很糟糕。但总有人会这样想:如果我跟她在一起会怎样呢?我们现在会到那个阶段了?我会不会比现在活的更快活?会不会早就已经升职了?所以,梦见前任并没有什么特殊的含义。但是它偶尔也会反映出目前这段关系的糟糕情形。So it can just mean that weve got a fear, its just looking back, and it doesnt mean that its particularly anything, but it is interesting to note that sometimes, when youre dreaming of an ex, they may well be dreaming of you, if theres a big, strong bond. If its an ex thats still very much around you, it can indicate that its too much of an influence, so you have to be careful when youre dreaming of them all the time, you have strong feelings for them that can overcrowd your current relationship.所以从这个意义上来讲,我们是在逃避,想回到过去,而跟目前的状况无太大关系。但是有意思的是,在某些情况下如果你梦到前任,很可能她也梦到了你。这可能是因为你们之间的影响太强,所以你需要注意,提防你的这种感应会毁了你目前的关系。Also of course, its very common for, particularly if were not in a relationship, to dream of an ex, again its sort of just a reflection on our need to sort of look back and maybe dreaming of our ex may also give us an indication of where the relationship went wrong. So its not to look at it, particularly hard for it, may give you some idea how to make the next relationship or your current relationship work that much better. .同样,如果目前单身,也可能会梦见前任。这同样是一种向后看的反应。这样的梦也会让我们反思之前的关系哪里出了错。这种反思不会是为了吃回头草,而是在下一次或者当下关系中如何做的更好。Thanks for watching What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex谢谢收看本期“梦回前任何所指”教程,我们下期节目再见。201208/193223欧洲杯D组末轮在基辅奥林匹克球场展开1场角逐,法国0比2负于瑞典,终结2010年9月以来23场不败,但排名次席晋级8强,1/4决赛遭遇西班牙。Sweden took on France in the other Group D match. France looked like it had the advantage with plenty of momentum in the group stage, and stood y to advance against the Swedes. Sweden had aly been knocked out of group play, but was still eager for a win.In the 10th minute, Philippe Mexes failed on defense. Swedens Ola Toivonen tried to capitalize, but his shot hit the crossbar. The French had never lost to Sweden in 43 years of football between the two countries. A victory from France could help the Frenchmen win the group. The teams were tied 0-0 at the half.In the 54th minute, the underdog team finally got on the board first. Swedens Zlatan Ibrahimovic made an acrobatic volley for 1-0. The star striker lived up to his pre-tournament billing with the goal.And Sweden wasnt done...the side scored again in stoppage time.Sebastian Larsson put the ball into the French net. Then the clock ran out on Swedens first victory over the French since 1969...but France still advances to the knockout round.To the standings, Frances poor performance meant England finished atop group D with 7 points. France was 2nd, and both teams advance to the quarterfinal. Ukraine and Sweden were next with 3 points each. Both co-hosts are now out of Euro 2012 competition.In the quarterfinals, the Czech Republic will face Portugal, Germany takes on Greece, the French will play defending champion Spain and England will neet Italy.201206/187680

With Chinas Spring Festival period drawing to a close, traffic departments across China are coping with the post festival travel rush.The back-to-work travel rush started on Friday, with all major cities across China seeing an upsurge of passengers on the railways and highways.In Shanghai, however, it started two days earlier than usual, as people hurry to get back to work. A passenger said, ;I came here to start work. And I want to prepare for work earlier.;Many tickets on long distance routes are aly sold out, as migrant workers leave home as they return to the cities.Liu Wenhong, deputy secretary of Taiyuan Railway Station, said, ;Taiyuan railway station had the first peak of the post-Spring Festival travel rush. We saw 52 thousand passengers on January 26th, and estimated 60 thousand on 27th. Today, the number will reach 80 thousand.;With the rush for the train, many migrant workers have chosen to take the bus back to the cities. This had led to more buses on the roads, and ticket offices extending their opening hours.Xiao Daqing, head of Santai Bus Station, said, ;The post-Spring Festival travel rush started from Juanuary 26th, and will end on February 7th. Our bus station will transport an estimated 1 million passengers during the period.;There is expected to be a slow down on Chinas transport systems on Sunday. Over the 40 day Spring Festival travel rush, over 3 billion trips will be made, by bus, train, plane and car. Thats a nine per cent jump on last year.随着春节已接近尾声,全国交通主管部门应对春节后返京高峰。返京高峰于周五开始,在各主要城市以铁路和高速公路为主,乘客以安全,快速的方式回到他们熟悉的工作岗位上。201201/169420五星级上将Stanley McChrystal 分享他在军队务数十年后关于领导能力方面的经验。你如何在不同年龄以及不同技术背景的人中建立以分享为目的的意识? 如何通过聆听和学习,来解决可能存在的失败。201202/171941

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