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2019年07月22日 13:18:18来源:中国大夫

A New Defination of American Dream美国梦有了新定义Nowadays, fewer Americans think the American Dream is still achievable, but many have redefined what that dream means.现如今,认为美国梦仍是可实现的美国人越来越少,但是很多人给美国梦重新下了定义In the late 1990s about one-third believed the American Dream meant some m of financial success, like the acquisition of goods, a bigger house, a home with a piece of land around it and so on. This group is called Traditional Materilists.在世纪90年代,大约有三分之一的人认为美国梦意味着经济上的成功,比如得到商品,买了大房子,并拥有其周围的一块土地等等这群人被称为是传统物质主义者Another one-third eschewed both that label and that aspiration. They had decided to reorder their priorities away from things and rejected the notion that he who dies with the most toys wins. The group is called Secular Spiritualists.另外三分之一的人却避开那些标签和追求不谈,认为物质乃身外之物,不是最重要的,不接受所谓的死亡的时候拥有最多玩具的是胜者的说法这群人被叫做世俗唯灵论者They thought life was about being genuine, about achieving a legacy larger than one self, about leaving this earth a better place family, commy, and planet.他们认为人生就是要真诚,就是取得比自身大的财富,就是要在离开的时候为家人、国家、世界留下一个更好的空间Over the past decade, there is a steady growth of the Secular Spiritualists to around %, while the Traditional Materialists now number about 31%.在过去的一个世纪里,世俗唯灵论者人数已上升到了%,而传统物质主义者则只有31% 398973。

  • Vanessa:What happened to my computer overnight?凡妮莎:一夜之间我的电脑怎么了?This cant be my computer.这不可能是我的电脑Reza:It is. The tech guys installed a new operating system on all of the computers after hours.雷扎:这就是你的电脑技术人员给所有电脑安装了新的操作系统,这是几小时前的事了Vanessa:But my desktop looks completely different.凡妮莎:但我的桌面看起来完全不同Where is the bar? I dont know how to open any of my applications.菜单栏在哪里?我不知道如何打开我的应用Reza:Youll have to get used to a completely different user interface.雷扎:你必须尽快适应一种完全不同的用户界面It been completely revamped.这个系统经历了翻天覆地的变化Vanessa:But I had the old operating system customized with special settings.凡妮莎:但是我原先的操作系统有特殊设置Reza:Well, those settings are gone.雷扎:嗯,那些设置都没有了Youll have to start over.你得重新开始Vanessa:I dont even know where to begin.凡妮莎:我不知道从哪里开始Reza:With this new operating system, youre supposed to navigate around using those icons.雷扎:这款新的操作系统让你使用这些图标进行导航Theyre supposed to make multitasking easier by allowing you to minimize and maximize applications more quickly.通过更快的最小化和最大化应用程序,你的多任务操作应该更为简单Vanessa:How can that be when I dont know what any of the icons represent?凡妮莎:我都不知道图标代表什么这该如何是好?Reza:Search me. Here one of the tech guys now.雷扎:点击搜索我这是其中一位科技人员You can ask him all your questions.你可以问他你所有的问题Vanessa:I only have one.凡妮莎:我只有一个问题Reza:Only one?雷扎:只有一个?Vanessa:Yes. Can he restore my old operating system?凡妮莎:是的他能恢复我的旧操作系统吗? 369。
  • Voice 1: Jozef writes our next letter. He is from Slovakia. Jozef writes:声音1:下一封信来自乔泽夫他来自斯洛文尼亚乔泽夫写道:Voice 3: ;I have been visiting your website and listening to ... Spotlight about five months. They are very good. I wanted to do better in English. I hope this is the right way to improve my skills. I have a problem with writing and speaking. But I am good at understanding. I gave your [website] address to one girl. And after some weeks she told me she [listens] to you very often!;声音3:五个月以来,我一直有访问你们的网站,收听重点报道节目这些节目太棒了我想提高英语能力我希望这是提高我英语能力的正确方法我在写作和口语方面存在问题不过我的理解力很好我把你们的网站推荐给了一个女孩几星期以后她告诉我,她经常听你们的节目!Voice : Jozef, we are so pleased to hear that! As you know, Spotlight does not teach English. But many people do find that Spotlight is helpful learning English. If you would like more resources learning English you can visit our website. Go towww.Radio.English.net. Then, click on the links page. There you will find links to more websites that may be helpful to you!声音: 乔泽夫,听到你这么说我们非常高兴!如你所知,重点报道节目并不教英语不过,有许多人发现重点报道节目对学习英语很有帮助如果你想获得更多英语学习资料,你可以访问我们的网站,www.Radio.English.net打开网站后,点击链接你会发现很多对你有用的网站链接Voice 1: And thank you sharing our website with your friend! It can be fun to discuss programs with other people. It can also be great speaking, listening, and understanding practice!声音1:谢谢你把我们的网站分享给你的朋友!和其他人讨论节目内容会充满乐趣而且还可以作为练习口语、听力和理解的好方法译文属 65。
  • W%@bSIA8*R-]JB6vsxZOyd_*(OEv@5l)szBj)(iIAM;IN*CoEn6A farmer owns a lot of land. He grows food on that land. He grows the food from seeds. He plants seeds into the land. The seeds grow into corn. The seeds grow into wheat. The seeds need water. The seeds need sunlight. A farmer owns a tractor. He drives the tractor on his land. A farmer has many animals. He has pigs. He has cows. He has sheep. He has chickens. He has dogs and cats. He has rabbits. When it rains, the farmer goes into his house. The animals go into the barn. A farmer works hard. His animals don’t work hard. They just eat and sleep.7;mekLSm.yx#+V%6]!6QjfKZKj%f#j1cHIL;BWnxJ,qv#RF1_Y#0(K, 380。
  • 大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 58。
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