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嘉兴曙光整形美容医院腋下脱毛怎么样嘉兴曙光整形医院玻尿酸哪家好视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Mission accomplished.成功完成任务It#39;s been an ordeal, but now,过程虽然很折磨 但是现在 this rhino can be tracked and protected for the rest of her life.那头犀牛终身都可以被追踪和保护Within minutes, she#39;s grazing peacefully again with her mother.不过几分钟 她就和她妈妈悠闲地吃着草了It may seem heartless to treat an animal like that,像这样对待动物 似乎有一点残忍but we have to keep tabs on them但是我们必须给他们做上记号and be able to identify individuals.那样才能够辨别出每一头犀牛They#39;re in great danger.他们身处巨大的危险之中Even now, on average,即使现在 平均来说one rhino is killed by poachers every day in Africa.非洲每天都有一头犀牛被偷猎者杀害There are so few black rhino left in Kenya肯尼亚的黑犀牛所剩无几that we#39;re getting to know each individual.我们可以去认识每一头But this is still a creature that can surprise us.但黑犀牛依然能震惊到我们Previously, it was widely believed此前 人们普通认为that black rhinos were largely solitary creatures.黑犀牛很大程度上算是独居动物 Article/201405/302195嘉兴祛除皱纹 China#39;s nuclear submarine has maintained an amazing safety record with no accidents in more than forty years.中国核潜艇在超过40年的运行时间中,一直保持着无事故安全纪录。A senior navy officer says a nuclear submarine is like a mobile nuclear power station, and its reactors must meet strict safety standards. At base, crew members conduct weekly checks on equipment.一位高级海军军官表示核潜艇就如同一座可移动式核电站,而且其反应器必须达到严格的安全标准。在军事基地,海军人员正在对设备进行周检查。Taking a nuclear submarine out of service is also a challenge. The Chinese navy has been conducting research on that since 2000, and has detailed plans for dismantling facilities, the disposal of nuclear waste and other key issues.核潜艇退役也是一个挑战。中国海军自2000年就已经开始进行该方面研究,而且已经就设备拆除,核垃圾处理已经其他关键问题形成了详尽的计划。China is now the second nation in the world to have dispose of retired nuclear submarines safely.中国目前是世界上第二个有能力安全处理退役核潜艇的国家。 Article/201310/262450When you have a monopolies market share, the company is not any more successful. 这些已经垄断市场的公司很难靠新产品提高业绩So the people who can make the company more successful are sales and marketing people.要想提高业绩还得依靠营销部门And they end up running the companies, and the product people get driven out of this decision making forms. 于是他们逐渐控制公司,而产品部门的人被边缘化And the companies forget what it means to make great products. It... Sort of the product sensibility, and... 公司就丧失了打造优秀的产品热情和能力The product genius brought them to that monopolistic position gets rotted out by people running this companies who have no conception of a good product versus a bad product.产品部门的功臣慢慢被不懂产品的人排挤They have no conception of craftsmanship that’s required … that take a good idea and turn it into a good product. 后者通常缺少研发产品的技术和能力And they really have no feeling in their hearts usually about wanting to really help the customers. 而且也并非打心底愿意替客户解决问题So that’s what happens in Xerox, the people in Xerox PARC used to call the people who run the Xerox tonerheads, 施乐公司就是这样,施乐研究院的人私底下把管理层叫做墨粉脑袋and these tonerheads would come out to the Xerox and PARC says they have no clue of what they are saying.而这些管理人员完全不明白为什么被嘲笑For our audience, toner is what?观众可能不清楚墨粉是什么?Toner is what you put in a copier; you know the toner you add to an industrial copier?就是复印机里用的墨粉。The black stuff?那个黑色的东西?The black stuff, yeah. Basically they were copier heads, just have no clue about what a computer can do, 是的,这些墨粉脑袋压根不知道计算机能做什么and so they just grabbed the feed from great victory of the computer industry, 他们不过是碰巧赶上了计算机产业的顺风车Xerox could have owned the entire computer industry, could have been company 10 times of its size, could have been IBM, Could have been IBM in the 1990’s, …. could have been the Microsoft in the 1990’s. 施乐本来有机会把规模扩大10倍,独占整个行业,就像90年代的IBM或微软So ... But anyway that’s all ancient history, doesn’t really matter anymore.不过都已经过去了,不重要了 /201306/245008嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院去粉刺怎么样

嘉兴开双眼皮哪家医院好With a week aly gone,一个星期过去了the killer whales have not yet made a full-blown attack,虎鲸还没有火力全开发动攻击and then the weather changes.这时天气起了变化Well, hopefully it#39;ll blow itself out but I think...希望风暴会减弱The pool, it#39;s going to be a couple of days before that calms down.但是我想水池要花上好几天 才能恢复平静The storm rages for two more days,狂风暴雨又持续了两天but on the eleventh day the good weather returns.但是在拍摄的第十一天 天气转晴了Mike knows that time is running out.麦克知道他们没有时间了Well, the orcas are out there, they#39;re still quite a way off.虎鲸在那里 它们还是离得远远的The team decides a camera on the end of a pole拍摄小组决定 把摄影机绑在棍子顶端might be the way to reveal the underwater action.或许可以一探水底的动静After that storm, it#39;s been so stirred up.风暴后,水池变得很混浊And just... Just bring it slightly out of the water,现在把它稍微抬到水面上Adam, so draw it back towards you and stop.亚当,拿着它朝你的方向退 好,停And it#39;s dark, dark, green, basically, very dark green.很暗,基本上是暗绿色 非常暗的绿色There#39;s still a lot of... Suspension, yeah.还是非常… 暂停一下吧The storm had stirred up the pool风暴使池水变得混浊making it hard to see anything, but the team remain in good spirits.什么也看不清楚 但是拍摄小组的精神还不错Does my bum look big in this? Massive!我穿上这套衣屁股有变大吗 超大 Article/201310/258975浙江嘉兴打胶原蛋白针隆下巴 嘉兴曙光整形美容医院做去疤手术多少钱

嘉兴激光脱毛的危害LeBron James Appears Headed to NBA Free AgencyThe big news from one of the biggest stars in sports. Lebrebron James has become a free agent. Miami Heat superstar would become one of the most sought-out players in basketball history.Turn out the big news from one of the big stars in sports. Maiami superstar lebran jame become free agent wants to explore the option, but king jame really want to leave the heat, this is a power plated for the change of the team? A#39;S Meg has the story.the king of the D that no look pass, the clucth of three maybe on the market for new empire to reign over,brown james, AKA, king james. the anouncement free agency tuesday, just weeks after his team, miami mounted in the MBA finals against san antony spurs in the team#39;s fourth straigt finals.he ia arguably theleague best player, he is not the best heat player, ranking 9th just under 20million dollars a year.but he took a paycut 2010, breaking cleveland#39;s heart and head to miami,the much marked media stunt for a decision. where might be he taking his talent next? by opting out of the contract, tuesday the 29 years superstar has more options, could even resign for more money. Miami still the top choice because it can offer lebran the longest and most lucrative contract, and son could even go to home to cleveland. if they give lebran james, you could argue very strongly, they have more talent around him now, they had before when he was there, they won 66 game one year, 61 another. his wife instant pictture fueling the speculation he might be just doing that.the chicargo bulls and huston rocket are contender and both la clipplier and la lakers are reported in the hunt.wheerever he goes next season, is definitely going to be a contendering team. of course, the most intrigerring question is will lebran dump miamia and return to his first love cleveland. odds is that is not going to happen, but here is that the snagging him is so important, a study show since bredon came to heat, the team bring in 1.4 billion dollars and 21000 jobs to the miami economy. /201407/309772 嘉兴全身美白价格嘉兴那些整容医院比较好



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