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曲 靖 双 眼 皮 手 术 的 医 院曲 靖 洗 提 眉 哪 家 医 院 好While in Rome, many of them must have begun to notice that life for your average patrician was exceptionally sweet.果然在罗马 他们中很多人都开始艳羡 罗马贵族所享受的奢华生活Before long they naturally began to hunger for a taste of it themselves.此后不久 他们很自然地对此垂涎欲滴If there were sumptuous country villas amidst the olive groves of the Roman countryside,如若罗马乡间的橄榄树丛中 藏匿着极尽奢华的别墅why could there not be equally sumptuous country villas amidst the pear orchards of the South Downs?那么为何这别墅不能藏匿在 南唐斯丘陵的梨园之间呢Just fall in line, be a little reasonable,稍识时务 跟随潮流some judicious supports here and there and see what results the spectacular palace at Fishbourne.加之一些智囊的耳语诱导 便成就了这位于鱼溪的惊世宫殿The man who built it was Togidubnus,king of the Regnenses in what would be Sussex,这座宫殿的建造者是托古布诺斯 瑞格斯的国王and one of the quickest to sign up as Romes local ally.最早与罗马缔结盟国合约的部落He was rewarded with enough wealth to build himself something fit for a Roman.他因此获得的封赏 足够其为自己建起罗马式的王宫Only the extraordinary mosaic floors survive but it was as big as four football pitches,如今幸存的只剩下这美轮美奂的镶嵌地板 而这里曾是四个足球场大的巨型宫殿grand enough for someone who now gloried in the name of Tiberius Claudius Cogidumnus.雄伟壮丽 足以冠以 提比略· 克劳蒂亚斯·库克顿波斯之名He couldnt have been the only British chief to realise on which side his b was buttered.他定不会是当时不列颠 唯一识时务的首领All over Britain were rulers who thought a Roman connection would do more good than harm in their pursuit of power and status.岛上这种首领大有人在 他们将与罗马交好 作为自己巩固权力与地位的明智之举The person we usually think of as emboding British national resistance to Rome,提起不列颠民族抗击罗马的领袖 人们自然而然会想到Queen Boudicca of the East Anglian tribe of the Iceni,东盎格鲁部落的爱西尼女王布迪卡actually came from a family of happy, even eager collaborators.她本来自一个 乐于甚至渴望与罗马结盟的家族It only took a policy of incredible stupidity,只因当地的罗马长官一项愚蠢至极arrogance and brutality on the part of the local Roman governor傲慢而又暴虐残忍的政策to turn her from a warm supporter of Rome into its most dangerous enemy.让这本温和的持者 倒戈成了危险劲敌 /201606/452105曲 靖 洗 纹 身 多 少 钱 Which of these has the least carbohydrates?这些(食物)中哪些含碳水化合物最少呢?This roll of b? This bowl of rice? Or this can of soda? Its a trick question.这卷面包?这碗米饭?或者这罐苏打水?这是个陷阱题。Although they may differ in fats, vitamins, and other nutritional content, when it comes to carbs, theyre pretty much the same.尽管它们的脂肪、维生素和其他营养物质的含量不同,但碳水化合物的含量几乎是相同的。So what exactly does that mean for your diet?那么这对于你的饮食意味着什么呢?First of all, carbohydrate is the nutritional category for sugars and molecules that your body breaks down to make sugars.首先,碳水化合物是一类可以通过你的身体被分解生成糖类的物质。Carbohydrates can be simple or complex depending on their structure.根据其结构不同,碳水化合物可以很简单,也可以很复杂。This is a simple sugar, or monosaccharide.这是一种结构简单的糖,或者叫单糖。Glucose, fructose, and galactose are all simple sugars.葡萄糖,果糖,半乳糖都是结构简单的糖。Link two of them together, and youve got a disaccharide, lactose, maltose, or sucrose.把这些糖中的其中两种连接起来,你就得到了二糖,乳糖,麦芽糖或者蔗糖。Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, have three or more simple sugars strung together.另一方面,复合碳水化合物是由两种或者三种单糖形成的。Complex carbohydrates with three to ten linked sugars are oligosaccharides.由3到10个糖分子连接起来的复合碳水化合物,称为低聚糖。Those with more than ten are polysaccharides.由多于10个糖分子组成的那些称为多聚糖。During digestion, your body breaks down those complex carbohydrates into their monosaccharide building blocks,在消化的过程中,你的身体把那些复合碳水化合物分解成它们的单糖单元,which your cells can use for energy.你的细胞可以利用这些单糖来获得能量。So when you eat any carbohydrate-rich food, the sugar level in your blood, normally about a teaspoon, goes up.因此当你吃任何富含碳水化合物的食物时,你的血糖含量--正常情况下大概一茶匙--就会上升。But your digestive tract doesnt respond to all carbohydrates the same.但是你的消化道并不是对所有的碳水化合物都有一样的反应。Consider starch and fiber, both polysaccharides, both derived from plants,拿淀粉和纤维来说,它们都是多糖,都是从植物中获得的,both composed of hundreds to thousands of monosaccharides joined together,也都由成百上千个单糖连接而成,but theyre joined together differently, and that changes the effect they have on your body.但是它们的连接方式不同,这就改变了它们对你身体的影响。In starches, which plants mostly store for energy in roots and seeds,淀粉,是植物通常在根或者种子中存储能量的形式,glucose molecules are joined together by alpha linkages, most of which can be easily cleaved by enzymes in your digestive tract.葡萄糖分子是α键连接在一起的,大部分这种键可以很容易被你消化道中的酶断开。But in fiber, the bonds between monosaccharide molecules are beta bonds, which your body cant break down.但是在纤维中,单糖分子之间的键是β键,你的身体不能分解它。Fiber can also trap some starches, preventing them from being cleaved, resulting in something called resistant starch.纤维也可以捕捉到一些淀粉,避免其被分解,生成一些被称为抗性淀粉的东西。So foods high in starch, like crackers and white b, are digested easily,因此淀粉含量高的食物,比如薄脆饼干和白面包,就很容易消化,quickly releasing a whole bunch of glucose into your blood, exactly what would happen if you drank something high in glucose, like soda.快速地释放大量葡萄糖到你的血液里,就好比你喝了一些葡萄糖含量高的饮料,比如苏打水。These foods have a high glycemic index, the amount that a particular food raises the sugar level in your blood.这些食物都有很高的血糖指数,也就是某一种食物升高血糖含量的数值。Soda and white b have a similar glycemic index because they have a similar effect on your blood sugar.苏打水和白面包有相似的血糖指数,因为它们对你的血糖含量有相似的影响。But when you eat foods high in fiber, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains,但是当你吃富含纤维的食物,比如蔬菜、水果,还有全麦时,those indigestible beta bonds slow the release of glucose into the blood.那些难消化的β键会减慢葡萄糖释放到血液中的过程。Those foods have a lower glycemic index, and foods like eggs, cheese, and meats have the lowest glycemic index.那些食物的血糖指数就低一些,像鸡蛋、奶酪还有肉这些食物的血糖指数就是最低的。When sugar moves from the digestive tract to the blood stream,当糖从消化道进入到血管中时,your body kicks into action to transfer it into your tissues where it can be processed and used for energy.你的身体就会开始将糖转运到身体组织中,在这里糖会被处理生成能量。Insulin, a hormone synthesized in the pancreas, is one of the bodys main tools for sugar management.胰岛素,一种在胰腺中合成的荷尔蒙,是身体中一种主要的血糖管理工具。When you eat and your blood sugar rises, insulin is secreted into the blood.当你吃东西导致血糖升高的时候,胰岛素会被分泌到血液中。It prompts your muscle and fat cells to let glucose in and jump starts the conversion of sugar to energy.它促进你的肌肉和脂肪细胞吸收葡萄糖,并且快速开始从糖到能量的转换。The degree to which a unit of insulin lowers the blood sugar helps us understand something called insulin sensitivity.单位量的胰岛素降低血糖的程度能帮助我们理解所谓的胰岛素敏感性。The more a given unit of insulin lowers blood sugar, the more sensitive you are to insulin.给定单位量的胰岛素降低的血糖浓度越多,就说明你对胰岛素越敏感。If insulin sensitivity goes down, thats known as insulin resistance.如果胰岛素敏感度降低,就被称为胰岛素抗性。The pancreas still sends out insulin, but cells, especially muscle cells, are less and less responsive to it,胰腺仍然会释放胰岛素,但是细胞,特别是肌肉细胞,对胰岛素做出的反应越来越少,so blood sugar fails to decrease, and blood insulin continues to rise.因此血糖浓度无法降低,而血液中胰岛素还会持续增加。Chronically consuming a lot of carbohydrates may lead to insulin resistance,长期摄入大量碳水化合物可能会导致胰岛素抗性,and many scientists believe that insulin resistance leads to a serious condition called metabolic syndrome.许多科学家们相信胰岛素抗性会导致一种严重的病,叫做代谢综合征。That involves a constellation of symptoms, including high blood sugar, increased waist circumference, and high blood pressure.代谢综合征有许多症状,包括高血糖,变大的腰围和高血压。It increases the risk of developing conditions, like cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.它增加了患病的风险,比如心血管疾病和II型糖尿病。And its prevalence is rapidly increasing all over the world.代谢综合征的患病率在全球范围内增长迅速。As much as 32% of the population in the U.S. has metabolic syndrome.多达32%的美国人患有代谢综合征。So lets get back to your diet.再回到你的日常饮食吧。Whether your food tastes sweet or not, sugar is sugar, and too many carbs can be a problem.不管你的食物尝起来甜不甜,糖就是糖,摄入过多的碳水化合物会引发健康问题。So maybe youll want to take a pass on that pasta sushi roll pita burrito donut burger sandwich.那么你也许不会再选择吃意大利面,寿司,皮塔饼,墨西哥玉米卷,甜甜圈,汉堡和三明治了吧。201707/516218栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464429曲靖靖美整形医院双眼皮手术要好吗

曲 靖 宣 威 市 祛 除 胎 记 要 多 少 钱In the greatest transportation exercise seen since the campaigns of Edward III,在这场自爱德华三世战争以来 最大的统治阶级迁徙中Wolsey shipped over the entire ruling class of England.沃尔西征召了整个英格兰的统治阶级Earls, bishops, knights of the shire 5,000 men,including, in a display of unconvincing humility,伯爵 主教和骑士 共五千人 包括枢机主教本人 身着红天鹅绒袍the Cardinal himself on muleback dressed in crimson velvet.乘着骡子 故作谦卑地侍在侧Music played, wine ran red and white from fountains,a great deal of heron got eaten.一边欣赏管乐齐鸣 享用喷泉中涌出的美酒佳酿 一边大啖鹭肉The two kings spent hours trying on glamorous outfits that could be worn only once.两个国王均花了大把时间挑选出华 最终却只穿了一次They wrestled, not only with knotty problems of state,but with each other,他们不仅为领土问题争执不休 更相互扭打起来the nimbler Francis at one point throwing Henry on his back.灵敏的弗朗西斯一度将亨利摔了个四脚朝天No doubt he laughed, no doubt he hated it.胜者无疑大笑不止 败者无疑恼羞成怒Somewhere in the middle of all this overdressed melee was a young English woman,在这两个盛装国王相互殴打时 有位年轻的英格兰女人站在人群中a lady-in-waiting to Claude, the wife of the French king.她是法国王后克劳德的侍从女官This was the woman who would bring Wolseys immense house of power就是这个女人 最终让沃尔西的权力大厦crashing down in ruins and with it, inconceivably,the power of the Roman Church in England.土崩瓦解 并随之不可思议地 瓦解了罗马教会之于英格兰的大权Her name was Anne Boleyn.她便是安妮·林 /201612/485268曲 靖 市 陆 良 县 永 久 性 脱 毛 多 少 钱 Harold left London at full speed.哈罗德全速离开伦敦He gathered what he could of a new army by an old grey apple tree,他尽其所能招兵买马 在枯死的苹果树下召集了新的军队an ancient blasted tree that stood on a hill at the crossing of the track leading out of Hastings.那棵树早已枯萎 伫立在通往黑斯廷斯交叉口的山头上There Harold planted his banner,;The Dragon of Wessex;.在那里哈罗德竖起了他的旗帜 韦塞克斯之龙The Normans called this place ;Senlach;, which means ;Lake of Blood;.诺曼人称这里是;瑟莱克; 意为血之湖Imagine yourself then on the morning of Saturday 14th October, 1066.试想那是 1066年10月14日 周六的清晨Youre a Saxon warrior, a huscarl as it happens,and youve survived Stamford Bridge.你是一个撒克逊武士 恰好是名侍卫 斯坦福桥一战的幸存者You know your position here couldnt be better.你知道自己占尽地利You stand on the brow of the hill and look down hundreds of yards away at your opposition.你站在山顶向下望 看到了离你数百码的敌方军队All you have to do is to prevent the Normans from breaking through to the London road.你只需阻止诺曼人 冲破伦敦的防线They have the horses but they have to ride them uphill.他们有骑兵 但是他们必须冲上山战斗You look along the hillside to see a densely-packed crowd of Englishmen.你沿着山坡望去 看到了一群密集排阵的英格兰人At the front are the huscarls, a wall of solid shields,and with them the axemen.最前排是战斧骑兵 形成坚实的防护墙 与他们并肩的是战斧步兵Behind them the part-timers, the fighting farmers,who must have time to find their courage.后面的是兼职役的农民兵 定还在为如此场面而胆寒 /201608/459532曲 靖 麒 麟 区 治 疗 胎 记 多 少 钱

曲 靖 市 富 源 县 玻 尿 酸 多 少 钱 一 支 Theres bound to be some difficult terrain ahead,前面的路肯定会遇到一些困难and this stuff is too good to leave behind.不能抛弃这么好的东西Not as good as rope, a lot of this wire,but its better than nothing.这么长的线 虽然不如绳子 但有总比没有强See if we can get this down. Just watch yourself, there.So rotten, look. Okay, watch out.试试能不能弄下来 小心 杆子烂得很严重 好了 小心Im collecting 50 foot of cable.Its strong and remarkably light.我弄到了50英尺长的电线 很结实而且非常轻Now to get out of the trees and back onto open ground.现在该走出树林回到开阔地带去I need to get my bearings and head towards the plains.我需要搞清自己的位置 然后前往平地You can see a very clear animal track around here.你可以清晰看见一条 动物行走的小道And its probly used by deer,elk, maybe even bear as well.可能是鹿 也可能是熊Also, generally theyre gonna follow the path of least resistance.通常它们都会选择最容易走的路径So, trying to work your way through difficult terrain,its a good thing to follow.所以如果你想走出困境 沿着这样的痕迹走是个好主意Lets pick up the pace a bit here.从这儿开始我们加快脚步吧An old deer antler.Always worth taking.鹿脱落的角 这样的东西值得留着The trail is taking me back into the mountains.小道又将我带回到山中I need to leave it behind,but that means crossing tough ground.我必须离开这里 但这意味着我必须穿越一片崎岖的土地201608/460618曲靖自体脂肪祛皱价格曲靖宣威市切双眼皮多少钱

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