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The end of organic food market?Organic food has become a popular choice health-conscious Britons. As the credit crunch hits, people may abandon organics a cheaper alternative. some time now, there has been a growing market in Britain organic food. But with the credit crunch cing thrifty shoppers to cut back and with food prices generally rocketing, could our love organics be starting to wilt?During her pregnancy with Amelia, Pen Turnbull made sure every item of food she bought was organic. But recently, like other shoppers we spoke to, that’s changed. “Especially with sort of store cupped-type foods, so cereals and honey and things like that. I’m no longer buying organic and trying to keep the fruit and vegetables mainly organic.” “And anecdotally your all friends, people you know, other moms, is it a similar scenario?”“Yeah, definitely in the playgroups and NCT meetings that everybody’s starting to notice the difference.”Figures compiled Sky News show the organics market has grown steadily over the last decade. This year, April is the first month to show a downturn on the year bee. But what will be really telling is what happens to organic sales in the months to come.The fact is organic food is generally more expensive. Take chicken example. We worked out the average price of two chicken breasts weighing 500 grams from the Big Four supermarkets. The organic option would cost you 8.5 pounds, the next best thing; the premium version would set you back 6. pounds. While the value chicken, one of the meal stuff, would cost 3.68 pounds. So have the super markets noticed any difference of the tilts?“I think the interesting thing to watch over the next year is the rate of that growth compared to previous years, where we are seeing price becoming a much bigger factor than it's been in previous years.”Advocates of the organic movement say retailers have yet to report any falloff in sales. And despite the critics, they believe organic farming can still feed the world. “The main thing that's driving up the price of food in the long run is the price of oil, because most food is produced from oil-based fertilizer. Organic food's produced from the sun’s energy. So actually, organic food is less prone to these price rises than non-organic food.” But with food inflation ecast to rise even higher, the proof in the organic pudding will be what happens at the check-outs over the next few months.Catherine Jacob, Sky News.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. credit crunchA "credit crunch" is a recessionary period in a debt-based monetary system where growth in debt money (or "credit") has slowed and subsequently causes a drying up of liquidity in an economy. 088人的一生,就像一趟旅行,每个人都坐在时间的列车上,有了起点,便不知道哪一站是终点...这个世界也因为充满了爱而更加美丽多姿! 可你发觉了吗?You don’t expect your child to grow up to be a heroin addict. From the moment of her birth, you have hopes and dreams about the future, but they never include heroin addiction. That couldn’t happen to your child, because addiction is the result of a bad environment, bad parenting. There is most definitely someone or something to blame.That’s what I used to believe. But after failed rehab and long periods of separation from my heroin-addicted daughter, after years of holding my breath, waiting another relapse, I now believe there is no blame.After Katie admitted her addiction, I struggled to understand how this could have happened to my daughter — a bright, beautiful, talented and most importantly, loved young woman. When the initial shock wore off, I analyzed and inventoried all the whys and hows of Katie’s addiction. I searched someone or something to blame. I blamed her friends. I blamed her dad. I blamed our divorce. But mostly, I blamed myself. My desperate heart convinced me that I should have prevented Katie’s addiction, and that given another chance, I could correct my mistakes.When Katie came home from rehab, I approached each day with the zeal of a drill sergeant. I championed the -step program and monitored her improvement daily as though curing heroin addiction was as simple as nursing a cold. I drove her to therapy sessions and AA meetings. I controlled everything and left nothing to chance. But in spite of my efts, Katie didn’t get better. She left my home, lost again to the powerful grip of addiction.In the long days, weeks and months that followed, I gathered bits and pieces of old beliefs and tried to assemble them into something whole. Sometimes I gave up, and sometimes I simply let go. Gradually, my search blame changed to a longing hope. I comted myself with the only thing that still connected me to my daughter: love.I thought about Katie every day, and I missed her. I cried, and worried about her safety and whereabouts. I wrote letters I knew she’d never see. Sometimes I woke up panicked in the middle of the night, certain that my mother’s intuition was preparing me something bad. But through it all, I loved her.I don’t know why or how my daughter became addicted to heroin; I do know that it doesn’t really matter. Life goes on, and Katie is still my daughter.Katie and I meet breakfast on Friday mornings now. We drink coffee and talk. I don’t try to heal her. I just love her. Sometimes there is pain and sorrow, but there is no blame. I believe there is only love. 97

Colin Powell科林#86;鲍威尔Colin Powell has a hard time letting go of work, even when he’s ced to play and sing.鲍威尔平日一向是个“工作狂”,即便是放松一下的时候,比如唱歌,也是出于工作的需要Since taking office, the ever-dignified Secretary of State has learned that karaoke is a great leveler in the Asia-Pacific, where tradition requires him and other eign ministers to individually perm a skit-and-song in front of their peers at the end of the region’s largest security meeting.这位一向不苟言笑的国务卿先生自上任以来已经认识到卡拉OK在亚太地区外交中起着举足轻重的平衡作用这种情况下,鲍威尔和其他各国外长在亚太地区最大的安全会议结束之时,都不得不在同僚们的面前表演上一段The skit opened with Powell chairing a meeting, looking completely at home as he took advice from staffers.在由鲍威尔主持的会议上,外长们的“表演”开始了鲍威尔听取了他的工作人员的建议,神态自若Then, the American president appeared on a huge backdrop screen with advice his chief diplomat. “Practice this time,” said President Bush.这时,美国总统布什出现在了会堂的巨型背景屏幕 上布什向他的这位首席外交官建议道:“这次你就大胆去做吧”Powell and staff then rose and labored with gusto through the old “South Pacific” standard “Some Enchanted Evening” with lyrics bent to the arcana of Southeast Asian eign relations.接着,鲍威尔和其工作人员起立,满怀热情地缓缓唱起了那首古老的经典南太平洋歌曲《迷人的夜晚, 其歌词暗指了东南亚地区微妙的外交关系Loud applause followed. The diplomatic audience agreed —diplomatically, and on background 一 that Powell was “really good.”随后响起了热烈的掌声这些外交官听众承认(有的是出于礼貌,有的是真的这样认为)鲍威尔唱得非常好Finally, all the ministers lined up to massacre an Abba tune,;I Have a Dream.” Early reviews were positive.最后,各国外长排着队唱起了著名瑞典演唱组合Abba的歌《我有一个梦,演出结束后,大家的反应还不错“The Americans were hilarious, the Russians innovative. Powell singing was good,” said Syed Hamid Albar, Malaysia’s eign minister. “It was a good break after all this talk on terrorism.;“美国代表的表演非常热闹,俄罗斯的节目非常有创意鲍威尔的演唱非常好,”马来西亚外长赛义德.米 德#86;阿尔巴表示,“在讨论恐怖主义问题后,能够看到这样的表演是一种很好的休息” 367

Later onGrandma:...and I always fold the sheets army style...Johnny:Uh, huh.Grandma: That way they look good the next morning no matter what kind of hanky-panky has been going on.Johnny: And what about these pillow cases?Grandma: Well, after you wash them and press them, just stick a pillow in em.Johnny:Like this?Grandma: That upside down! Cant you get anything right?参考译文:奶奶: ……而且我总是将床单折得像豆腐干一样……强尼: 喔奶奶: 那样一来,不管经过什么胡搞瞎搞,隔天一早看起来还是完好如初强尼: 那这些枕头套要怎么弄?奶奶: 洗过烫平之后,你只要塞一个枕头进去就好了强尼: 像这样?奶奶: 颠倒了啦!你怎么什么都做不好?重点词汇:army (n.)军队,army style就是「军中要求的样式」,也就是非常整齐的样子Josh polished his shoes army style--shiny as a mirror.贾许把鞋油上得像军队里一样——跟镜子一样闪闪发亮hanky-panky (n.)可疑、鬼祟的举动,搞鬼(一般暗示与性有关的可疑动作)I dont know what kind of hanky-panky was going on between you and that girl, but you better be careful.我不知道你跟那个女孩在搞什么玩意,但你最好小心一点pillow case枕头套A: In the old days, criminals were beat with pillow cases full of doorknobs.在过去,罪犯都会被用装满门把的枕头套揍B: You watch too many gangster movies.你看太多帮派电影了press (v.)熨烫Alice got her shirt pressed so there would be no wrinkles in it.艾莉丝把上衣送去烫,才不会有皱纹upside down上下相反A: After his girlfriend dumped him, he got deported from the country.他女朋友甩了之后,就被驱逐出境了B: The poor guy life went right upside down.这可怜家伙的生活可是一百八十度大转变了 381985

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