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福建省级机关医院打瘦腿针多少钱福州激光脱腋毛医院The Summer Palace 颐和园 -- :: 来源: The Summer Palace 颐和园  There are many places of interest in Beijing, but I think the most beautiful one is the Summer Palace. It is in the northwest of Beijing. It was builtmore than one hundred years ago.  The Kunming Lake is famous its clean water. People like to go boating there. And around the lake people sit under the trees, or take a pleasant walk, breathing fresh air and enjoying the lake and the mountain. We all know that the Wanshou Mountain is very wonderful. When you climb up to the top, you will find another new world.  The Summer Palace is full of charm to the people all over the world. Once you visit it, you will never get it.  北京有许多名胜,不过我认为最美的还是颐和园它位于北京的西北部,是一百多年以前兴建的  昆明湖以它洁净的湖水闻名于世人们喜欢到那里荡舟湖的周围人们有的坐在树下面,有的舒心的散步,呼吸新鲜空气,欣赏湖光山色我们都知道万寿山美极了当你爬上山顶,你会发现另一个全新的世界  颐和园对全世界的人们充满了魅力!一旦你来此一游,你将永远不能忘怀福州那家医院袪斑最有效 华山英文导游词 -- :: 来源: 华山英文导游词华山是中国五大圣山中最高的山脉,位于西安以东0千米处华山由五大山峰组成,象征着一朵花Hua Shan is the highest of China’s five sacred mountains. It is 0 kilometers east of Xian. It has five peaks that resemble the petals of a flower. The highest peak is 180 meters (75 feet). We had had discussions about going to Hua Shan with some graduate students from Computer Science. That didn’t work out due to changes in schedules on both sides. Also, they were planning to do the climb at night to be able to reach the peak at sunrise. That did not appeal to us. We wanted to spend a night on the mountain. Fran’s department arranged a trip us, making reservations at the simple hotel on the North Peak. They sent two graduate students to accompany us, though they had not been to Hua Shan bee. We met them at 8:00 on Saturday morning and took a taxi to the train station. There we asked around and located a mini-bus. The bus made a couple of stops. One was to see a presentation about the traditional medicines grown on the mountain and a chance to buy some of them. It probably would have been interesting if we understood Chinese. Our guides gave us the general outline about what was said. The other stop was a quick lunch stop. There are two approaches to Hua Shan. [Chinese proverb: “There is one road and only one road to Hua Shan,” meaning that sometimes the hard way is the only way.] The west entrance involves kilometers of walking on a road bee you start climbing. We went with the east entrance, where the bus brings you to the base of a cable car that goes up to the 00 meter North Peak. Our plan was to walk up to the North Peak, then climb to the four other peaks the next day and take the cable car down. We started the climb in the early afternoon. The path consists of stone steps with rough chain link handrails in the narrowest areas (we wore our bicycling gloves hand protection). Physically, it is more like climbing the steps of a skyscraper than trails at home. However, the temperature was about 95 degrees and there was not much shade. We brought lots of water, including some bottles that we froze and some Gatorade that we got at the fancy department store in downtown Xian. There are plenty of refreshment stands along the way where you can buy bottled water, the Chinese equivalent of Gatorade, and other drinks or snacks at a premium price. We reached the North Peak bee :00 PM and rested at the hotel. Our room was basic, but comtable and clean enough. Because water is scarce on the mountain, there were neither showers nor sinks available washing. In that sense the experience felt like camping, but we were sleeping in a big tent! After dinner at the hotel restaurant, we spent some time talking with our guides. We were a bit surprised to find that they both think of Japan negatively, but like the U.S. It seems that Japan’s WWII behavior in China has not been gotten, and is emphasized in school. We saw a beautiful sunset and watched the sky become resplendent with thousands of stars, including the Milky Way galaxy. This was the clearest sky that we have seen in China. The fresh air at Hua Shan is a treat! Our guides had both been planning to get up at :00 AM to watch the sunrise. Fran and I made sleep a priority. We did happen to wake up a bit bee sunrise (our room faced east) and went outside to watch the sky become rosy. Ironically, our guides missed the sunrise because they had stayed up late watching the European soccer championships on the television in their roomThe plan the day was to climb the other four peaks, but we reserved the right to shorten the route. The first part was a steep climb to Middle Peak. After the low North Peak, all the others are at roughly 00 meters. There were crowds on the way to Middle Peak – mostly Chinese hikers but we did see a few other wai guo (eigners) as well. We visited two Taoist temples en route to Middle Peak. Each one had an altar with incense and offerings of fruit. The friendly monks invited us to say a prayer or to send blessings to loved ones. Fran accepted their invitation. At the first temple, she lit incense sticks and knelt on a cushion in front of the altar saying a silent prayer our safe journey to the various summits of Hua Shan (the prayer was answered). At the second temple, she knelt on a cushion in front of the altar and sent silent blessings to several friends who are experiencing challenging situations in their lives at present. After each blessing, she leaned ward and the monk struck a drum. After Middle Peak, the crowds got much thinner. The next was East Peak, which had a steep ladder climbing rock. Fran was dubious about this ascent, but realized that the ladder wasn’t so bad and went it. That was a good decision because we were then able to do a loop and the trails got almost empty at this point. After skirting the top of a cliff with a steep dropoff on both sides, we had a pleasant walk to South Peak and West Peak. There was even a small amount of dirt trail! The summit of South Peak was the highest point on Hua Shan, so of course we asked another hiker to take a photo of our guides and us. The views from the tops of each peak were beautiful. Hua Shan and the surrounding mountains are very rugged and remind us somewhat of hiking in the southwestern ed States or the Sierras. We took a route that eventually brought us to the main line returning down from Middle to North Peak. We were happy to have ascended each of the five peaks (petals) of Flower Mountain. By cable car (the longest in Asia), it was just 7 minutes down to the park entrance. We caught a shuttle bus into town, then transferred to a bus Xian. Our guides told us that we had walked up and down a total of 000 stairs! We were glad that we did not have this inmation when we started. three days after returning home, our sore leg muscles instructed us to take the elevator to our fifth floor apartment rather than climbing the stairs. 华山 英文导游词I Am Going to Hong Kong My Vacation 我要去香港度假 -- :50: 来源: I Am Going to Hong Kong My Vacation 我要去香港度假  This summer, my vacation, I'm going to Hong Kong with my mother. I can visit Disneyland and lots of museums. It is also a wonderful place shopping. I have lots of things to buy, example, I want to buy some nice clothes, school things and interesting books. What's more, I can visit my aunt who works there, I think we will have a good time in Hong Kong.  今年夏天,我要和妈妈去香港度假我可以参观迪斯尼乐园和许多物馆香港还是一个购物的好地方我有好多东西要买,例如,我要买些漂亮的衣、学习用品和一些有趣的书而且我还能见到在那里工作的姑姑我相信我们在香港会过得很愉快闽清县耳部整形多少钱

福建省南平市人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱我的全家福(My family photo) -- ::9 来源: 我的全家福(My family photo)   look! there is a family photo on the wall. in the photo, there are my mother, my father, my sister and i .my father likes watching tv.  he watches tv every day. but my mother doesn’t like watching tv. she likes making clothes. she makes pretty dresses me. my sister likes playing table tennis. on sundays, she usually plays table tennis with her friend. she plays very well. i like taking photos. i have many beautiful photos. my family has the same hobby. we all like listening to music.  i like my happy family.鼓楼区全身脱毛手术多少钱 My Backpack Is Too Heavy! 我的书包太重了! -- 18:58: 来源: My Backpack Is Too Heavy! 我的书包太重了!  I am a nine-year-old boy. I have a big heavy backpack. There are so many books and exercises books in it that I can hardly carry it. So my parents carry it me every day.  I have to work at weekends, doing endless homework and attending classes as well. In the evening I can't go to bed bee ten. I have no time to play.  I am tired of the heavy work, can you help me?  我是一个9岁的男孩我有一个很大很重的书包里面装着那么多书和练习本,我几乎背不动它父母每天替我背着  在周末我还得学习,做哪些做也做不完的作业,还得去外面上课晚上点钟以前都不能睡觉我没有时间玩  我厌倦了这繁重的学习任务你能帮助我吗?福州市中医院打玻尿酸多少钱

福州市中医院脱毛手术多少钱英语小剧本:My happy family --01 3:01:1 来源: 英语小剧本:My happy family 网A:李B:刘C:余D:邵E:黄F:谷A(旁):I have a happy family.There are six people in my family.They are my grandma、father、mother、brother、sister and me,Look!My grandma is in the living room.She is thing,My mother is in the kitchen,She is cooking a big dinner us.My brother、father and sister are in the study,My father is ing newspaper,My brother is doing his homework.C:Oh! Dad,This questionis very difficult.I Can’t do it.B:Let me see,This question is easy.This way 、、、、、、You know.C:OK!Dad,I see.E:Where are glasses?F:Let me help you,Oh!It is on the table.E:Thank you!Ping-pai(打碎东西声音)D:Oh!My god!AF:What’s the matter,mom?D:The plate is broken.AF:Let’s help you,let’s sweep the floor.D:Thank you! Be careful your fingers.AF:No,porblem! D:let’s have a big dinner.AEF:It’s tasty,Yummy yummy!结尾:We have a happy family,We always help each other,Do you have a happy family?Tell me,Please. 本文由网整理 英语 剧本 happy 我爱英语 I Like English -- ::53 来源: I love English,because it sounds beautiful. I think the English speakers are very cool. I likelistening to the native speakers speak English. And I hope one day I can speaklike them. Theree, the English class is my favorite. In the class, I listencarefully to my teacher, and I often ask and answer questions. I think it’s agood opporty to practice. After class, I often the English magazinesand watch English TV programs. I hope I can make progress after class. Englishlearning is a long journey, but I make up my mind to word hard.我喜欢英语因为它听上去很优美我认为说英语的人很酷,我喜欢听本土人说英语我希望有一天我也能说得像他们一样好,英语课是我最喜欢的课程上课的时候,我认真听老师讲课,积极提问和回答问题我觉得这是一个锻炼的好机会课后我经常看英语杂志和英语电视节目因为我希望课后能够取得进步学习英语是一个漫长的过程,但是我下定决心要努力学习南平市膨体隆鼻多少钱建省南平市第一医院激光去痘多少钱



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