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Paleontologists come to the plains around Plaza Huincul searching for clues to a prehistoric world.古生物学家们来到普拉萨乌因库尔周围的平原,寻找史前世界的遗迹This place was once home to the most extreme dinosaurs ever seen.这个地方曾经生活着迄今所见最大的恐龙Dinosaur hunter Rodolfo Coria knows he is a lucky man.恐龙专家Rodolfo Coria认为自己是一个幸运的人He is chief paleontologist here and many of the most extraordinary finds have been his.他是这里的古生物学科带头人,许多最惊人的发现都是他的功劳Argentina is a good place for finding fossils, especially because of Patagonia.阿根廷是寻找化石的理想地点,尤其是巴塔哥尼亚Patagonia is almost 50 per cent of the Argentinian surface, and the rocks, they are very well exposed.巴塔哥尼亚几乎占到了阿根廷面积的50%,这里的岩石非常裸露So it is very easy to find fossil evidence.所以很容易找到化石遗迹If you are looking for dinosaurs, Patagonia is the place.如果你想寻找恐龙,巴塔哥尼亚正是最佳地点Even Rodolfo was unprepared for the record-breaking monsters he was to unearth in these rocks,但是Rodolfo从未想过要在这些岩石中挖出破纪录的怪兽dinosaurs which would change our picture of the prehistoric world.改变史前世界面貌的巨型恐龙It all began nine years ago, when he began excavating the bones of what was obviously a very large dinosaur.一切开始于9年前,当时他挖掘的一块骨头,显然属于一只非常巨大的恐龙201611/477932You know what today is, right? Em..Classic Joke Monday?你肯定知道今天是什么日子吧?呃……周一传统笑话日?Its classic joke Monday!-Wow..good.-Yes!是周一的传统笑话日!哇哦……太棒了 是的Tell me.-Hahaha... Classic joke Monday.跟我说 -哈哈哈哈…… 周一的传统笑话日Why was the strawberry in trouble?-I dont know. Why was the strawberry in Trouble?为什么草莓在危险中?不知道 为什么草莓在危险中?He got in the jam. Hahahahahahaha...他在果酱里 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈……Classic joke Monday is been searching here people now sending me jokes on facebook.周一传统笑话日是搜集人们发到我facebook上的笑话Today I thought Ill share a few with you.我想今天我会分享很多笑话给你们And em..there are some good ones. Ok. Alright.然后嗯……这里有一个好的 好的They cant really be bad cause theyre kind of bad.-yeah...她们不能变成坏的因为他们有点坏 是的……Em...Andries...Andress..Andriss Andles...Andres...em..Guevara...嗯……安德里斯……安德烈斯……安德里斯 安德斯……安德斯……嗯……格瓦拉……Em..whats a pirates favorite place to visit?嗯……哪一个海盗最喜欢去?What is a pirates favorite place to visit ...I dont know.哪一个海盗最喜欢去……我不知道?ARRRRRRgentina. Alright.Hahahahaha... Hahahahaha....阿根廷 是的 哈哈哈哈哈哈……哈哈哈哈哈……Em..Letbeg...Lettbeg... Hahah..Luttbeg Hahaha...嗯……Letbag……Lettbeg…… 哈哈哈……Luttbeg 哈哈哈……Miriam Luttbeg says..Hahahahaha...Miriam Luttbeg说……哈哈哈哈哈……How did the rabbit propose to his girlfriend?兔子怎么向他的女朋友求婚?How did the rabbit propose to his girlfriend?-With a 14 carrot ring. Wow...Hahahaha...Wow...兔子怎么向他的女朋友求婚?用14个萝卜做成的戒指 哇哦……哈哈哈哈哈……哇哦……Find out when its on in your town at ellentv.com在ellentv.com上发现什么时候我们回到你的小镇上201706/513621

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455933

  Genetically modified mosquitoes could soon be released in the Florida Keys to combat Zika.转基因蚊子可能很快在佛罗里达群岛释放以对抗寨卡。NPR reports that county residents approved a measure to allow the company Oxitec to let the bugs loose,but some residents arent sold. NPR报道,县居民批准一项法案允许Oxitec公司释放蚊子,但有些居民不买账。When the modified male pests mate with regular female mosquitoes, their offspring die. That reduces the mosquito population. Oxitecs trials in Brazil and a few other countries reported massive success.当改良的雄性蚊子与普通雌蚊交配时,它们的后代将死亡,从而减少蚊子的数量。据报道在巴西和一些其它国家,Oxitec的试验获得巨大成功。Some residents worry the modified mosquitoes arent safe. And while Zika is in Florida, there havent been any locally transmitted cases in the Keys.一些居民担心改良的蚊子不安全。虽然佛罗里达州发现过塞卡,但群岛没有任何本地传播病例。Still, officials in the area have given the go-ahead to try the bugs out in some parts of the Keys. 不过,该地区的官员已经在佛罗里达群岛一些地方尝试释放蚊子。A Key West commissioner said a big part of her job ;is to kill mosquitoes and to protect the residents and the county.;基韦斯特的一名专员表示,她工作的很大部分是“杀死蚊子,并保护居民和县区”。译文属。201611/479714

  To millions of workers around the country, the titans of industry have become a symbol of everything wrong with America.对于全国数以百万计的工人来说 这些工业巨头成为了美国一切罪恶的代名词A seething undercurrent of anger takes hold.愤怒的暗流已经无法压抑One that quickly bubbles to the surface.而且很快就将浮出水面With an election year on the horizon, a politician from Nebraska is channeling the publics frustrations.在选举年前夕 一位来自内布拉斯加的政治家引导了民众的不满I will tear down those trusts.我要毁掉这些托拉斯And directing them right at Americas richest men.让他们将不满倾泻到美国最富有的那些人身上Do you hear me Carnegie?听到了吗 卡内基Do you hear me Rockefeller?听到了吗 洛克菲勒William Jennings Bryan is an up and coming political force whos drawing huge crowds......vowing to put an end to the countrys monopolies.威廉·詹宁斯·布莱恩是一股大有希望的政治力量 他有大量的持者 立誓终结这个国家的垄断现状But Bryans promise of change is bad news for the leaders of American business.然而布莱恩为国家谋求改变的誓言对于美国商界领袖们而言 绝对是坏消息To many people it seemed as though big money, big corporations, the biggest of all Standard Oil, were taking over the country.在很多人看来 这些大公司 包括最大的 标准石油 掌控了整个国家From this emerged the progressive movement.从这里开始 出现了进步主义运动And a major part of its platform was antitrust legislation.其平台的主要部分是反托拉斯立法Not just legislation, but antitrust prosecution.不仅是立法 还有反托拉斯司法Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan have built entire industries from the ground up.洛克菲勒 卡内基和根都从零开始建立起了整个行业Theyre not about to let a charismatic politician destroy their empires.他们绝不愿意让一个魅力非凡的政治家毁掉自己的帝国But public opinion is solidifying against them.但是公众舆论团结起来对抗他们And as Bryan begins a campaign for the White House......the Titans know that stopping him wont be easy.布莱恩开始竞选总统时 这些巨头们知道 想让他停止绝非易事They devise a plan so bold, no one has ever attempted it before.他们设计了一个大胆的计划 从前从未有人尝试过Theres only one problem.....to be successful, they cant work alone.只有一个问题 要想成功 他们不能各自为政For the first time, Americas most powerful men will have to put their rivalries aside......and start working together.历史上首次 美国最有权势的这些人愿意放下争执 开始协力合作What do you think?你怎么想We need to buy the President.我们需要买到总统位置201606/450221。

  ;Why is the sky blue?; is, like, the classic curious-kid question. People wonder about it all the time.;为什么天空是蓝色的?”这是一个典型的好奇宝宝问题。是人们一直都想了解的问题。But for all those people asking why the sky is blue, for some reason you dont get too many questions about why the ocean is blue.只是那些问天空为什么是蓝色的人却不常问海洋为什么是蓝色的。Maybe thats because the ocean sits under the sky. So you might just assume that the oceans look blue because they reflect the sky.也许这是因为海洋在天空的下方。所以,人们就假设蓝色的海洋是因为海洋倒映出天空的颜色。But if science has taught us anything, its that just because something seems obvious, that doesnt mean its true — like in this case.如果说科学教会我们一点什么的话,那就是显而易见的东西并不意味着真实——比如,海洋。Because the real reason the ocean is blue has more to do with the fact that water is just … inherently blue.因为海洋呈蓝色的真实原因与水固有的蓝色有着很大的关系。The sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering, where bluer light bounces off air molecules better than redder light.天空的蓝色是因为瑞利散射,蓝色的光比红色的光更容易反射空气分子。And some of that blue does reflect off the oceans surface, but thats not the main reason the ocean is blue.并且一些蓝光确实会反射到海洋表面,但是这并不是海洋呈蓝色的原因。The ocean is blue mostly from absorbing light, not from reflecting it. Different types of light can make water molecules vibrate different ways.海洋的蓝色更多地是来源于吸收的光而不是反射的光。不同的光会使水分子以不同的方式震动。When light, like from the sun, hits water, light on the redder side of the spectrum has just enough energy to get those molecules wiggling.当来自太阳的光射入水中,红色光谱面的光将获得充足的能量使这些分子了摆动起来。So water absorbs red, yellow, and green light better than blue.因此相比蓝光,水能更好地吸收红、黄和绿光。Most water molecules cant do much with blue light, though, so it basically just goes right on by.大多数水分子与蓝光没啥联系,因此,蓝光主要只是负责正常运转。A small amount of water, like in a cup, might look like it lets every color through equally well, since its transparent.似乎每种颜色都能穿透一杯水,因为水是透明的。But that cup of water actually lets slightly more blue light through than red.但是这一杯水中穿透的蓝光比红光要稍微多那么一点点。And in the ocean, by the time you get to about a hundred meters deep, almost all of the red light has been absorbed, so the water is a deep blue color.在海洋之中,一旦深入约100米时,几乎所有的红光都会被吸收,因此,海洋是呈深蓝色的。Water still absorbs some blue light, though, which is why the oceans are completely dark below about a kilometer deep.水仍然会吸收一些蓝光,因此千米以下的海洋深不见光。Some blue light also gets reflected back toward the surface instead of absorbed on its way down, giving the Earth its beautiful blue oceans.一些没有被吸收的蓝光也会反射回表面,这才赋予了地球漂亮的蓝色海洋。 There are some places with water thats a different color — it might be blue-green, for example, because of algae that reflects green light.有一些地方的水有着不同的颜色,比如,蓝绿色,这是因为海藻反射了绿色的光。And near mouths of big rivers, the ocean can look brown because of all the dirt and silt in the river.在靠近大河的河口处,海洋看起来是棕色,因为河流中有泥土和淤泥。But no matter whats in it, deep water looks pretty blue, because thats the only color of sunlight left after the other colors were absorbed.但是不论其中有什么,深层水都是蓝色的,因为当其中一种颜色被吸收后,另一种阳光的颜色是唯一留存下来的颜色。Some animals have even evolved to take advantage of this by being red instead of blue.一些动物进化后,也利用了这一特点,它们身体呈现红色而非蓝色。Blue animals in deep water will reflect that blue light, so theyll be easier for predators to find — or for prey to avoid.一些深水蓝色动物会反射蓝光,因此它们更容易被捕食者发现,而被捕食者也能更容易避开它们。But with little to no red light to reflect off of red animals, animals with red skin or scales or whatever just look black in deeper water, which makes them harder to find.对于几乎很少或不反射红光的红色动物来说,它们有着红色的皮肤或鱼鳞,在深水中呈黑色,因此很难发现它们。So, no matter what the sky looks like today, just remember that deep water is always blue.不论如今天空呈什么颜色,只要记住深海永远是蓝色的。Thanks to Patreon patrons Arraffa Piédiferro and someone who just put their name as a pair of brackets for asking this question,谢谢Patreon的观众Arraffa Piédiferro以及括号里的那些观众,and thanks to all our patrons, who keep these answers coming.谢谢所有的不断提问的观众。If youd like to submit a question to be answered, you can go to patreon.com/scishow. And dont forget to go to youtube.com/scishow and subscribe!如果你想提问,请登录patreon.com/scishow。不要忘记去youtube.com/scishow订阅我们哟~201707/516299

  栏目简介:Shanghai Live has aly reported that a pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Huashan Road and West Yanan Road near Jingan Temple will partially reopen on Sunday after officials changed their decision to demolish it. Yuan Chenyue finds out more about how it will be revamped.201706/513497First take a turn around the tree here.先在树上绕个圈And then I can just pay that out behind me.之后拴在我背后就行了Then an improvised harness to keep me attached to the cable even if I lose my balance.然后准备一根临时保险带 保我即使不小心失去平衡 也能挂在缆绳上So you got one long loop like this,and then all you do round yourself.你要做一个这样大的绳圈 然后把自己圈起来Just like that.Hold it there.就像这样 拉紧了Reach between your legs,then pull it up.从双腿间穿过去 把一边绳子拉上来And that then locks at three points.然后把这三点固定在一起Use one of the paraglider carabiners through there.用一个滑翔伞的环锁扣扣住Ive got a really good improvised harness there.简易的临时保险绳就完成了And next, gonna put the rucksack on my front to protect my chest from the wire.再把背包背在前胸 防止绳索擦 起保护作用Hang on. Im also gonna put my jacket around that which I value most.等等 我要把夹克衫脱下来 包在我的命根子上Thats gonna give me some protection there.这样应该能起保护作用Know how you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach of just nerves?知道那种内心紧张不安 七上八下的感觉吗Im never quite sure whether I love that feeling or whether i hate it.我也不知道对这种感觉 到底是爱还是恨201608/461650I a lot of great books in 2015. Heres a few that were especially interesting and you might wanna consider.我在 2015 年读了许多好书。这里是几本特别有趣且你可能会想考虑读看看的书。Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe. He explains things using only the thousand most common words in the English language.Randall Munroe 的 《Thing Explainer(事情讲解员)》。他只用英文中最常见的一千字就解释了一切。Sustainable Materials: With Both Eyes Open by Julian Allwood and Jonathan Cullen. Although its not a mainstream book, you end up learning a lot, and its really brilliant how they use diagrams, and explores how could we meet the challenge of climate change.Julian Allwood 和 Jonathan Cullen 共着的《Sustainable Materials: With Both Eyes Open(关注材料的可持续利用)》。虽然这并非一本主流书籍,你最后却会学到许多,而且他们利用图表的方式真的很出色,此书也探讨了我们能如何面对气候变迁的挑战。The Road to Character by David Brooks raises the issue about whether were developing peoples characters today as well as we should.David Brooks 的 《The Road to Character(品格之路)》 提出了关于我们现今是否有如应做的那般培养人类品格的议题。Eradication by Nancy Leys Stepan gives you the history of all the different efforts to eradicate diseases.Nancy Leys Stepan 所写的《Eradication(根除)》 带给你所有为消灭疾病所做的不同努力的历史。Being Nixon by Evan Thomas—I found really fascinating. Richard Nixon is mostly written about in terms of the mistakes he made. Its great to have a book that goes back and explains who he was and how he stood out.Evan Thomas 的《Being Nixon(尼克森)》——我发现这本书非常引人入胜。理察·尼克森被写的大多是他所犯下的过错。能有一本回溯过去并解释他是怎样的人以及他如何出人头地的书真的很不错。Mindset by Carol Dweck gets you thinking about the psychology of how you think about what your potential is.Carol Dweck 的《Mindset(心态致胜)》 让你去思考你怎样看待自身潜能的心理。I had a lot of fun ing these books, and I hope one or more catch your interest.我从阅读这些书中获得许多乐趣,希望能有一本或更多本引起你的兴趣。201605/442690

  TED演讲视频:纸风光舞之乘着纸 风和光舞蹈舞编Aakash Odedra患有诵读困难,他一直觉得动作是他表达的最佳方式。“私语”是他对该体验的歌颂。让我们看他旋转着穿越风暴中央的同时,书本里的纸张在他周围飞扬。201705/509300These giant animals lumbered slowly across the landscape in large herds.这些巨大的动物成群结队,在陆地上缓慢行走With tiny brains the size of a golf ball,它们的脑只有高尔夫球那么大they were neither quick-witted nor fleet-footed. They didnt need to be.所以它们既不聪明,也不灵敏,可是它们根本不需要这些Sheer size was their defense.庞大的体型是最好的防御武器Only the youngest or the sickest were at risk from smaller predators.只有老弱病残者才会面临较小的掠食恐龙的威胁The reign of the long-necks lasted for 60 million years, and then they died out; no one knows why.蜥脚类恐龙的统治持续了6000万年,接着它们就灭亡了,没有人知道原因By the end of the final age of dinosaurs, the Cretaceous Period, things were very different.到了恐龙时代的末期——白垩纪,情况变得很不一样A new and more vicious species of dinosaur arrived on the scene, the massive carnivorous tyrannosaurs.一种全新并且更为凶猛的恐龙登上了历史舞台,巨大的食肉霸王龙They were enormous. They were the biggest carnivores known.它们庞大无比,而且是已知最大的食肉动物For the next 25 million years, these huge meat-eaters preyed upon everything around them.在之后的2500万年里,这种巨型食肉恐龙捕食身边所有的动物These giant predators never met the long-necked herbivores.这些高大的掠食动物永远不会碰上植食蜥脚类恐龙But there was a part of the world where evolution took a different path... South America.但在地球上的某个地方,进化却走上了一条不同的道路。南美洲Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs first appeared, all the land was connected in one huge super-continent, Pangea.亿万年前,当恐龙刚开始出现时,所有的陆地板块都联结为一块超大陆--盘古大陆201611/479303


  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480345。


  An Orlando police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty early Monday morning.周一早上,一名奥兰多警察在值勤中被杀。Police say they believe Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was shot multiple times near a Walmart. She was a 17-year veteran of the force and one of the first officers to respond to the Pulse nightclub shooting last summer.警方表示,他们相信军士长黛拉·克莱顿在一沃尔玛附近身中数。她加入警队17年,是去年脉冲夜总会杀案第一批进入现场的警官。Authorities believe this man Markeith Loyd pulled the trigger and offering a 60,000 dollars reward for information. 当局认为劳埃德是罪魁祸首,并对提供信息者60,000美元的奖励。A manhunt for the suspect was launched immediately. And, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, a deputy from the Orange County Sheriffs Department helping in that search was killed in a car accident. 对犯罪嫌疑人的追捕立即启动。而且,根据佛罗里达州公路巡逻队,一名参与搜查的奥兰治县副警撞车身亡。Soon after the shooting, officials locked down more than a dozen schools in the area, and Orlandos mayor declared a day of mourning in the city.击事件后不久,警方锁定了该地区的十几所学校,奥兰多市市长宣布哀悼一天。译文属。201701/487835

  There was one emperor, Spanish by birth, who understood that even the worlds biggest empire needed to know its limits.一位西班牙血统皇帝深明 无论帝国疆域如何广阔 终有疆界He of course was destined, in Britain at any rate, to be remembered by a wall.在不列颠 他注定因一堵墙而流芳百世When we think of Hadrians Wall,we tend to think of the Romans rather like US cavalrymen deep in Indian country, defending the flag,想到哈德良长城 我们自然会想到罗马人 如同深入印第安保卫国旗的美国骑兵peering through the cracks and waiting nervously for war drums and smoke signals.提心吊胆地等待着 战鼓与烽烟A place where paranoia sweated from every stone.所及之处 风声鹤唳 草木皆兵It wasnt really like that at all.但事实并非如此As fantastically ambitious as this was,stretching 73 miles from coast to coast from the Solway to the Tyne,它彰显着令人难以置信的雄心 绵延七十三英里 横贯东西海岸 西至索尔韦湾 东至泰恩河口and though Hadrian probably conceived it in response to a rebellion纵然哈德良筑此长城的初衷是抵御叛乱on the part of those people in the Romans loftily referred to as ;Brittunculi;--nasty wretched little Brits.即一部分罗马人口中所指的 卑鄙下流的小不列颠人Almost certainly, he didnt mean it as an impermeable barrier against barbarian onslaught from the north.当然 他从未有意 将此作为抵御北方蛮族侵袭的坚实战壕The wall was studded with milecastles and turrets and forts like this one at Housesteads.长城上设有众多烽火台 炮塔 以及类似豪斯戴斯的堡垒But as Britain settled down in the second century AD,但当不列颠人于公元二世纪在此定居these places became up-country hill stations more like social centres and business centres这些地方便成为了远离喧嚣的避暑胜地 更像是社交与商业的中心than really grim, heavily-manned barracks.而非重兵驻扎的军营所在So the purpose of these forts became not to prevent people going to and fro so much as to control and observe them.所以这些堡垒的作用就变为 并非用于阻止人们穿行 而更大程度上起到了监控作用The forts in particular,became a place where a kind of customs scam was imposed on those trying to do business on one side or the other.这些堡垒的作用 就成了对往来其间的商人 收取赋税的关卡Its better to think of the wall not so much as a fence but rather a spine around which control of northern Britain toughened, hardened and prospered.与其说这是防护墙 不如说是一条中枢脊柱 控制着顽强 坚韧与繁荣的不列颠北部 /201607/452383

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