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Tor was and is one of the mechanisms洋葱网络曾经是 如今依然是which we have received important documents, yes.我们收到重要文件的一个渠道One man who provided a link between WikiLeaks and the Tor project为维基解密和洋葱网络之间架起桥梁的人was Jake Applebaum.就是雅格布·阿普勒鲍姆Sources that want to leak documents想泄露文件的线人need to be able to communicate with WikiLeaks需要与维基解密联系and it has always been the case一般来说程序是这样的that they have offered a Tor-hidden service他们提供洋葱网络的隐匿务and that Tor-hidden service allows people洋葱隐匿务能让人们to reach the WikiLeaks submission engine.登录维基解密的提交引擎In 2010, what could be achieved2010年 它向世人展示了when web activism met anonymity was revealed to the world.当网络激进主义与匿名相结合时会达到什么效果WikiLeaks received a huge leak维基解密收到了一份of confidential US government material,美国政府机密材料的重大泄露文件mainly relating to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.内容主要是关于阿富汗和伊朗战争重点解释:1.be able to 会; 能例句:A good lawyer might be able to get you off.请位好律师有可能使你免受追究。2.be relating to 与 ... 有关例句:Are you familiar with the laws relating to trespass?你熟悉关于侵入私人领地的法律吗?201702/495791【新闻精讲】Business: Reviews on Amazon Five-star fakes商业:亚马逊上的,五星假好评The evolving fight against sham reviews.打击虚假进行中。Five-star 五星级的;第一流的例:They like five-star hotels and deferential treatment.他们喜欢五星级的宾馆和毕恭毕敬的接待。fight against 对抗例句:He instructed his staff to crank up for an all-out fight against the nomination.他指示手下工作人员做好准备,全力以赴反对这项提名。Sham 假的东西 表不满例:The governments promises were exposed as a hollow sham.政府的承诺被揭露为一个空洞的谎言。“I will post awesome review on your amazon product,” bess98 declared on Fiverr, a website where individuals sell freelance services for or more.“我会对您在亚马逊出售的产品给予好评。”Fiverr网站用户bess98如是说,该网站用户出售这样的自由职业务,要价为五美元或更多。Awesome1. 畏惧的the awesome responsibility of sending men into combat派士兵去打仗的令人畏惧的责任2. 棒极了的Melvill called the flight ;mind-blowing; and ;awesome.“梅尔维尔说这次飞行令人“无比兴奋”、“棒极了”。Freelance 自由职业的例:Michael Cross is a freelance journalist.迈克尔#8226;克罗斯是一个自由新闻工作者。 On October 16th Amazon charged that bess98 and more than 1,000 others were illegally hawking customer reviews.10月16日,亚马逊网站起诉包括bess98在内的一千多名用户的为推销行为的非法。Charge1. 要价; 收费例:Even local nurseries charge 0 a week.即便当地的托儿所每周也要收0的费用2. 给…充电例:Alex had forgotten to charge the battery.亚历克斯忘了给电池充电。3. 指控例:He may still face criminal charges.他也许仍旧要面对刑事指控。Hawking(沿街)兜售 The case comes just six months after Amazon sued the operator of four sites peddling similar stuff, including the subtly named buyamazonreviews. com.六个月以前,亚马逊起诉了四家有类似推销行为的运营者,包括其中一家网址非常微妙的buyamazonreviews.com(意为购买亚马逊好评)。Sue 诉讼例:Mr. Warren sued for libel over the remarks.沃伦先生对那些提起诽谤诉讼。Peddling 贩卖例:When a drug pusher offered the Los Angeles youngster 0 to peddle drugs, Jack refused.当一名毒贩子给这位洛杉矶小伙子杰克0让他贩卖毒品时,他拒绝了。Subtle 微妙的 (Something that is subtle is not immediately obvious or noticeable.)例:...the slow and subtle changes that take place in all living things.…所有生物中发生的缓慢而不易察觉的变化。Like Amazon, other websites have fought fakes with lawsuits, carefully honed algorithms and even sting operations—Yelp, a popular review site, has had undercover staff answer ads from firms seeking glowing write-ups.同亚马逊一样,其他许多网站也以起诉、过滤和安排人员打入内部等方式抵制虚假。比如,颇受欢迎的点评网站Yelp就有卧底人员应对那些寻找虚假好评的入驻商家。Hone 磨砺例:Leading companies spend time and money on honing the skills of senior managers.龙头公司会花费时间和金钱提高高层管理人员的技能。Sting 刺伤例:Some of the criticism has stung him.有些批评刺伤了他。Glow 容光焕发例:The expectant mothers that Amy had encountered positively glowed with pride.埃米遇见的妇们个个脸上都洋溢着幸福和自豪。write-ups 例: The show received a good write-up.演出获得了好评。Yet the problem persists.但问题仍然存在。For as long as there have been online reviews, there have been fakes.因为只有有网上的存在,就会有虚假。Persist1. 继续存在例:Contact your doctor if the cough persists.如果一直咳嗽,就与医生联系。2. 坚持; 执意 insist例:Why do people persist in begging for money in the street?为什么人们非要在街上讨钱呢?As long as 只要So we can do this directly as long as we have certain types of information. 因此,只要知道了一定类型的信息,我们就可以直接做到这一点。The motivation is clear: for example, one extra star on a restaurants Yelp rating boosts revenue by 5-9%, according to Michael Luca of Harvard Business School.动机显而易见:例如,据哈佛商学院的麦克#8226;卢卡统计,Yelp点评网上的商家每多一颗星,其营业额变会增加5%到9%。Motivate gt; Motivation inspire, incentive激发…的积极性例:They are motivated by a need to achieve.他们被成功的需要激励着Mr Luca and Georgios Zervas of Boston University have shown that restaurants seeking fake acclaim are likely to be independent—online reviews matter more to them than to chains with established reputations.卢卡先生和波士顿大学的乔治#8226;泽瓦斯发现寻求虚假的饭店一般为个体商户——同老牌声誉的连锁店比,前者更需要网上好评。Acclaim热烈称赞He was acclaimed as Americas greatest filmmaker.他被赞誉为美国最伟大的电影制片人。Established 老牌的例:These range from established companies to start-ups.这些包括老牌公司和新兴公司。So some businesses ask friends to post raves, seek reviewers-for-hire and offer customers discounts in exchange for praise.这些个体商户要么请朋友发表溢美之词,要么找付费的者,或是给提供好评的客户折扣。Rave1. 狂乱地说例:She cried and raved for weeks, and people did not know what to do.她又哭又叫了好几个星期,大家不知道怎么办。2. 热情地描写例:Rachel raved about the new foods she ate while she was there.雷切尔大谈特谈她在那里吃到的新食物。Discount1. 折扣2. 不理会例:However, traders tended to discount the rumour.但是,商人们倾向于不理会这个传闻。For websites that claim to be an impartial resource, such practices are troubling.对于旨在提供中肯评价的网站,这些行为会损害网站的宗旨。Impartial公正的Impartial judge 公正的判罚例:Career counsellors offer impartial advice, guidance and information to all pupils.就业指导员们向所有的学生提供无偏见的建议、指导和信息。Practice做法例:Some firms have reached agreements to cut workers pay below the level set in their contract, a practice that is illegal in Germany.有些公司已达成一致意见将工人的工资削减到低于合同中规定的水平,这种做法在德国是违法的。 “While small in number,” Amazon contends in its new suit, “these reviews can significantly undermine the trust that consumers and the vast majority of sellers and manufacturers place in Amazon.”亚马逊在最近这次起诉案中辩论道,“尽管目前这类为数不多,但这确实会损害顾客和众多卖家及制造商给予亚马逊的信任。”Contend1. 辩称例:The government contends that he is fundamentalist.政府辩称他是原教旨主义者。2. 争夺 (权力等)例:...the two main groups contending for power.…争夺权力的两大主要集团。Suit 诉讼例:One insurance company has aly filed suit against the city of Chicago.一家保险公司已对芝加哥市提起诉讼。201703/498342

The Tudors were regular and devout pilgrims.都铎王朝王室成员均为虔诚的圣徒Henry VIII, early in his reign, walked barefoot to the shrine,亨利八世在其统治早期 曾赤脚走向神龛offering a necklace of rubies and dedicating a giant candle in thanks for the birth of his son, Henry, in 1511.将一串红宝石项链与一尊巨型蜡烛献上神龛 感谢上帝在1511年赐予他一子亨利Prince Henry died within weeks,but the kings candle continued to burn at the shrine for many years to come.亨利王子几周后不幸夭折 而国王献上神龛的蜡烛 却燃烧了很多年What a strange world this Catholic England was.天主教英格兰是个何其怪异的世界The urge for renewal and reform side by side with the ancient, the hallowed and the occasionally fraudulent.改革的迫切要求 与古老 神圣与偶尔的欺骗并存But it seems that all apparent contradictions could be accommodated under the capacious skirts of the Catholic Mother Church.And what a mother she was!但似乎这些表面上的矛盾 都在兼容并蓄的天主教会的荫蔽下共存 她是何其宽宏大量啊Come to Holy Trinity Church at Long Melford in Suffolk,and youll see just what I mean.来到位于萨福克郡朗梅尔福德的圣三一教堂 你便会了解我的意思This magnificent building was paid for with Suffolk wool money.这座雄伟建筑的资金 来源于萨福克郡外销羊毛However, what you see today are just the bare bones of what it was supposed to be.然而 它如今的样貌 不过是当时整个设计的骨架But we know what Long Melford in its splendour was really like thanks to an account left by Roger Martyn,我们得以了解朗梅尔福德盛极时的景象 全靠罗杰·马丁遗留下的记录whod been a churchwarden here in the reign of Englands last Catholic ruler,Queen Mary.他是最后一位天主教统治者玛丽女王统治时期 这里的一名教区执事 /201612/484199

In many survival situation,your ultimate goal is to find rescure.在所有的生存挑战中 终极目标就是获得营救It can be toughest chanllege youll face.Salvation can come in many forms.这也是最艰辛的一个部分 救援可能以各种形式出现And whether is on land sea or air,when you find it,you gotta grab that chance.无论是在陆地海上还是空中 当有一线生机之时 你必须牢牢的把它抓住Its forest fire.Stay with me.Come with me this side.有林火 跟紧我 跟着我 这边走Alabama let the crew through section of forest that be set flames.在阿拉巴马的摄制过程中 我们要穿越一段 着火的林区Start to get really,really hot now.The crew has fire suit,but I no such luxury.现在温度已经变得非常高了 摄制人员有救火衣可以穿 可是我就没有这个福分了Its time to get down and dirty.OK, time to get though it.Get to the other side.只能趴在地上打几个滚了 好了 该冲过去了 我们要跑到着火线后面Stay with me, alright?OK, lets go.When it comes to fire,there are no second chances.跟紧我 准备好了吗 出发吧 当遇到火灾的时候 我们可没有当机重拍的机会But to my camera man Simon this is a one-shot deal.Get through here.对摄影师Simon来说 这绝对是一锤子买卖 这边走I was one of the trained and anticipating where I going go, where he going go我是团队中最有经验的摄影师之一 我要预估他的路线 So glancing across him,looking at my feet,and then occasionally glancing the way found.用余光确定他的位置 留意脚下的情况 还要不时地看一下地面情况And when you film for 15 years,you know where that camera is pointing.当你做了这行15年 不用取景器也知道摄像机对着哪里We made it though the fire,now came a chance to leave the Alabama backwood behind.我们成功的穿越了火场 现在有机会离开阿拉巴马丛林了201606/449425

Introducing Google WiFi谷歌WiFi介绍A new kind of system designed to keep up with how we use WiFi today,这是一款旨在满足人们当下无线网络使用习惯的新系统from playing to streaming to calling.无论是玩游戏 看视频 还是可视通话Heres how it works.它的工作原理是这样的You simply replace your existing router with Google WiFi point,你只需要将家里的路由器换成谷歌WiFi路由器or points if you have a larger home.如果你的家很大 可以多放几个These points work together with your current modem, and Internet service to provide fast, seamless WiFi for your whole home.这些路由器与你现有的调制解调器与网络务联动工作,为你家里提供全方位无死角的快捷无线网络务Google WiFi is set up and controlled through a mobile app.谷歌WiFi是通过手机应用来设置与操控的It gives you a host of features for simple, straightforward access to your network, no matter where you are.它集中了一系列特性,让你无论何时何地都能享受到简单快捷的网络Like letting you see which devices are connected at any one time, or giving you parental control.比如它可以让你在任何时间都能知道哪些设备是联网的,或者你可以使用家长控制模式So if its time for dinner or time for bed, you can give them a little time off.在吃饭或睡觉时间时 你可以让它们休息一会It lets you easily find and share your WiFi password with guests有了它 你会很容易查找并与客人共享网络密码and even allows you to prioritize specific device for faster speeds.甚至可以设置哪些设备优先享用更快的网速So the important stuff never gets interrupted.如此以来 你重要的工作永远不会被打断And Network Assist technology works in the background to make sure you always get the fastest possible speeds.谷歌WiFi的网络助手技术会在后台运转 以保你总是能享受到最快的网速It takes care of things like WiFi channel selection.它能解决一些诸如无线频道选择的问题Hight traffic on the channel youre using can slow down your WiFi speed.用户所在线路的高流量使用会降低无线网络速度Google WiFi constantly monitor it to make sure you are on the least congested channel.而谷歌WiFi能持续监测流量使用状况 并确保你用到最少拥堵的线路And when youre moving from room to room, it makes sure you are connected to the closest WiFi point,当你从一个房间移动到另一房间时,谷歌路由器能让你连接到最近的无线站点and the strongest, fastest signal.并且有最强最快的信号Itll even let you know if you could improve WiFi performance, by moving a WiFi point to a better location.谷歌WiFi还能提示你 把路由器移动到更好的地方能否提高无线网络性能Designed for your homes complex WiFi needs yet simple the control,为家庭复杂的网络需求而设计 但操作起来更简单Google WiFi – Home WiFi simply solved.这就是谷歌WiFi 家庭无线方案就这么简单201706/513854

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