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To Richard Woodhouse, 7 October 1818 My dear Woodhouse, The best answer I can give you is in a clerk-like manner to make some observations on two principle points, which seem to point like indices into the midst of the whole pro and con, about genius, and views and achievements and ambition and cetera. 1st. As to the poetical Character itself (I mean that sort of which, if I am any thing, I am a Member; that sort distinguished from the Wordsworthian or egotistical sublime; which is a thing per se and stands alone) it is not itself - it has no self - it is every thing and nothing - It has no character - it enjoys light and shade; it lives in gusto, be it foul or fair, high or low, rich or poor, mean or elevated - It has as much delight in conceiving an Iago as an Imogen. What shocks the virtuous philosopher, delights the camelion Poet. It does no harm from its relish of the dark side of things any more than from its taste the bright one; because they both end in speculation. A Poet is the most unpoetical of any thing in existence; because he has no Identity - he is continually in - and filling some other Body - The Sun, the Moon, the Sea and Men and Women who are creatures of impulse are poetical and have about them an unchangeable attribute - the poet has none; no identity - he is certainly the most unpoetical of all God's Creatures. If then he has no self, and if I am a Poet, where is the Wonder that I should say I would write no more? Might I not at that very instant have been cogitating on the Characters of Saturn and Ops? 97Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.有时我们的命运就像冬天里的一棵果树:当时,谁会去想这棵果树的枝叶会再次变绿,开花,但我们一直怀有希望,并坚定着信念Welcome to the most easily misunderstood season of all, winter, a beautiful season of intimacy and reflection. I’m Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax.Winter gives us the opporty to stay inside and look outside, as we're not called outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Snuggle up in the sofa, put a blanket over you, have a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the observations on this precious season…Winter is the time comt, good food and warmth, the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire It is the time home.During the winter I am content,or try to think I am. There is a wonderful joy in leaving behind the noisy city streets and starting out along the white road that leads across the hills. With each breath of the sharp, reviving air one seems to inhale new life. A peace as evident as the sunshine on the fields takes possession of one's inner being. The trivial cares are driven away by the first sweep of wind that comes straight from the mountains. The intense silence that broods over the snow-bound land is a conscious blessing from the nature. 57The Jazz Musician:Louis ArmstrongLike most of the great innovators1) in jazz, Louis Armstrong is a small man. But the extent of his influence across jazz, across American music and around the world has continuing stature. His life was the embodiment) of one who moves from rags to riches, from anonymity to internationally imitated innovator. Louis Daniel Armstrong supplied revolutionary language that took on such pervasiveness that it became commonplace, like the light bulb3), the airplane, the telephone. Armstrong was born in New Orleans on Aug. , 1901. He grew up at the bottom, trying to bring something home to eat, sometimes searching garbage cans food that might still be suitable supper. The spirit of Armstrong’s world, however, was not dominated by the deprivation of poverty and the dangers of wild living. As a child, he was either dancing pennies or singing his supper with a strolling quartet of other kids who wandered New Orleans freshening up the subtropical) evening with some sweetly harmonized notes. But he had his dreams. In 19, he got first cornet and was soon known around New Orleans as midable. The places he played and the people he knew were sweet and innocent at one end of the spectrum and rough at the other. Out of those experiences, everything from pomp to humor to grief to majesty to the profoundly gruesome5) and monumentally spiritual worked its way into his tone. He became a beacon of American feeling. In 19 he went to Chicago and joined his mentor Joe Oliver, and the revolution took place in full m. His improvisations set the city on its head. The stiff rhythms of the time were slashed away by his combination of the percussive and the soaring. His combination of virtuosity, strength and passion was unprecedented. No one in Western music has ever set the innovative pace on an instrument, then stood up to sing and converted the vocalists6). Armstrong traveled the world constantly. In 193 he visited Europe and played King of England. In 1956 he was hailed7) by crowds during African tour. In 196 his recording of Hello, Dolly. hit No. 1. Armstrong died on July 6, 1971 in New York City. But he will always remain as one of the greatest artists who make the world a happy place. 91精挑细选:常用的地道口语短句(荐) -- :37:35 来源: 1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩). How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你)3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦). So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好)5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气)6. That was a close call.(太危险了千钧一发)7. Far from it.(一点也不)8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人)].(那真是件麻烦事)9. We're in the same boat.(我们处境相同). My mouth is watering.(我在流口水了). I ache all over.(我浑身酸痛). I have a runny nose.(我流鼻涕). Do you have any openings?(你们有空缺吗?). Think nothing of it.(别放在心上). I'm not myself today.(我今天心神不宁). I have a sweet tooth.(我喜欢吃甜食). the time being.(暂时;暂且;目前)18. Don't beat around the bu**. (别拐弯抹角了)19. **'s up in the air[悬而未决].(尚未确定). It slipped my mind.(我忘了)1. You can't please[使人感到满意和愉快] everyone.(你不可能讨好每一个人). I'm working on[着手;从事] it.(我正在努力)3. You bet!(当然!). Drop me a line[短信].(写封信给我)5. Are you pulling my leg[同某人开玩笑;取笑]?(你在开我玩笑吗?)6. I'll keep my ears open.(我会留意的)7. Neck and neck.(不分上下). I'm feeling under the weather.(我觉得不舒精神不好情绪低落)9. Don't get me wrong[误解].(不要误会我)30. You're the boss.(听你的)31. If I were in your shoes[处在某人的位置].(如果我是你的话)3. Over my dead body!(休想)33. It'll come to me.(我会想起来的). I will play it by ear[见机行事;临时现做].(我会见机行事的;到时候再说)35. Let's talk over coffee.(我们边喝边谈)36. Take it easy.(轻松一点;别紧张;放松放松;再见)[这是美国人最喜欢说的话,也可作离别用语}37. Let's give him a big hand.(让我们热烈鼓掌)38. As far as I'm concerned.(就我而言)39. I'm up to my ears[忙得不可开交;深陷于某事物中] in work.(我忙死了)0. You can't do this to me.(你不能这么对我)1. Just to be on the safe side. (为了安全起见). It's been a long time.(好久不见了)3. It's about time.(时间差不多了). I can't imagine why.(我想不通为什么)5. That's really something.(真了不起)6. Excuse me a moment.(失陪一会儿)7. I'm dying[很想] to see you.(我真想见你)8. I'm flattered.(过奖了)9. You can never tell.(不知道谁也没把握)50. I won't buy[相信;接受] you story.(我不信你那一套)51. It hurts like hell!(疼死啦!)5. It can't be helped.(无能为力)53. Sorry to bother you.(抱歉打扰你[事前])Sorry to have bothered you.(抱歉打扰你[事后])5. Stay out of this matter, please.(请别管这事)55. I'll make it up to you.(我会赔偿的)56. I'm very really terribly awfully extremely sorry.(十分抱歉)57. Let's give and get.(让我们摈弃前嫌)58. I've heard so much about you!(久仰大名!)58. Don't underestimate me.(别小看我)59. She gives me a headache.(她让我头疼)60. You're wasting you breath.(你在白费口舌)61. Don't get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦)6. His argument doesn't hold water.(他的论点站不住脚)63. You've got to do something.(你一定要想办法)6. Don't look wise.(别自作聪明)65. You're going too far!(你太过分了!)66. Don't bury your head in the sand.(不要逃避现实)67. Nothing works.(什么都不对劲儿)68. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物)69. He's been behind bars almost 30 years.(他坐了将近30年牢)70. You have my word.(我保)71. He hit the ceiling at the news.(他听到那消息暴跳如雷大发雷霆)7. You're too outspoken.(你太直率了)73. Every dog has his day.(凡人皆有得意时)7. Are you out of you mind?(你疯了吗?)75. He's been everywhere.(他到处都去过了)76. Who is to blame?(该怪谁?)77. There're a lot of rumors going around.(很多流言流传着)78. I don't feel up to that.(我觉得不能胜任那工作)79. I'm mad at myself.(我生自己的气)80. It's raining cats and dogs.(下着倾盆大雨)81. What the hell are you doing?(你到底在做什么?)8. I can't seem to get to sleep.(我好象睡不着)83. You look very serious about something.(你似乎有很严重的事)8. I hope I'm not in the way.(我希望没有造成妨碍)85. A fool never learns.(傻瓜永远学不会)86. What brings you to Beijing?(什么风把你吹到北京来的?)87. She looks blue.(她满面忧伤.) 口语 地道 常用 have

姚明的英语,姚明的梦---记Esquire的采访姚明 -01-7 :: 来源: 在美国呆了这么多年,姚明的英语已经相当流利在采访中姚明首先谈到的就是外语学习问题,他说:If you're going to learn a new language, you can't try to be perfect. You'll stop yourself from talking. You just have to let go(如果你打算学习一个新语言,那么你不要试着力求完美这会让你不敢说话,你需要大胆去说)姚明举了个自己“大胆去说”的例子,他已经可以用英语向裁判抱怨了:I haven't done much trash-talking. But last year, I did complain about a call. Nobody could believe it. So I said, "I've spent a lot on English lessons. I want to get my money's worth." The official was laughing. My American strength coach says he liked me better bee I could talk English (我并没有说过太多垃圾话,但是上赛季,我曾经因为一次吹罚而抱怨过,没有人能相信我居然去抱怨,所以我说:“我花了很多时间学英语课,我想让我的钱花得值”结果裁判乐了我的美国体能教练告诉我说他更喜欢不会说英语的我)当然,在姚明自己的家里,他和妻子之间还是说中文的,只是有时候会夹杂英语:Sometimes my wife and I mix Chinese and English words in the same sentence. We call it Chinglish(有时候,我的妻子和我会在一个句子里掺杂中文和英文,我们称之为中式英语)在人民网翻译的这篇采访中,姚明还说了一句特主旋律的话:“我的梦想在中国”难道姚明的伤病难愈,萌生退意?或者姚明只是在设想将来NBA生涯结束后回国开创新的事业?亦或是姚明只是在抒发爱国境界?记得姚明在《我的世界我的梦中写过他的三个梦想很小的时候的姚明梦想是长大上大学;后来少年的姚明学打篮球,梦想就是有一双好球鞋;再后来的梦就很爱国但也不靠谱了:获得年北京奥运会的金牌我对照了Esquire采访姚明的英语原文,姚明这一句有关“梦”的话是这样说的:I dream in Chinese.原来姚明并没说他的梦想在中国,而是说他用中文做梦,人民网无疑是在无意中误译了这当然丝毫无损于姚明的境界高度,他在采访中很有责任感的说:Sometimes it can feel like there are a billion people on my shoulders(有时候感觉就好像是亿人民压在我的肩头)Esquire的采访原文:Yao Ming: What I've LearnedIf you're going to learna new language, you can't try to be perfect. You'll stop yourself from talking. You just have to let go.Sometimes it can feellike there are a billion people on my shoulders.Friendship first,competition second. That's a very famous Chinese expression.In America it's:Game is game. Friendship is friendship.tune cookiesare a good idea. If the message is positive, it can make your day a little better.The question of courageis something I've thought about a long time. Tell me if I'm wrong, but courage is when a man in a difficult situation acts as if he truly believes he's right. And in the end, he is right.When I was young,we were taught not to dunk. We were taught not to stand out from the rest of the team. It's different now. The young guys in China are new age. They want to show their stuff. But I am old-school. It was a big adjustment when I first came here to play at a camp. The coaches told me to dunk, but I would lay the ball in. Finally, the coaches made everyone else on my team run laps when I didn't dunk. I didn't want my teammates to be punished because of me. That's how I learned to dunk.A good leadermust be fair.There was a gamewhen I was perfect from the field. The 01 season in China. Finals. But my team lost. So I guess it wasn't a perfect game.I can't say exactlywhen it changed.But when I came into the NBA, I felt like I was challenging everyone I went up against. After a while, it felt like they were challenging me.The alcohol in Chinais made of rice. It's strong. You know it's strong when you drink it. So you have an idea what it can do to you. But here, you have alcohol that doesn't taste very strong. So you think you can have many shots. You don't find out the truth until the next morning.I haven't donemuch trash-talking. But last year, I did complain about a call. Nobody could believe it. So I said, "I've spent a lot on English lessons. I want to get my money's worth." The official was laughing.My American strength coachsays he liked me better bee I could talk English.We don't havea tip culture in China. If you give a tip to an old waiter, he might feel like you don't respect him. But I think the younger waiters would take it.When I gotmy first paycheck playing in China, I thought, I'm making money now! I'm independent! That first month I went broke. My next paycheck was two weeks away and I didn't have anything in my pocket. That was a good experience to have bee coming to the NBA.Our first emperor,Qin Shi Huangdi. Napoleon. Roosevelt. That would make a good table dinner.Powermeansdifferent things in different times. But the more I , the more I think power is about intelligence.Kobe's heartis as strong as his muscles.Our honeymoonwas in Europe. One stop was Venice. Cost fifty dollars a ride in the gondola. There was also the romantic package. Three hundred dollars. That gets a bottle of red wine and a man playing music. But I don't really drink red wine. And you can hear the music coming from the other boats. So the fifty-dollar package seemed like the way to go.I dreamin Chinese.One man cannot changethe entire game. Support is necessary.Sometimesmy wife and I mix Chinese and English words in the same sentence. We call it Chinglish.If I could getthe tune cookie I wanted, it would say: No more injuries.I felt that I twisted my anklewhen I fell down. If it was a regular-season game, I probably would have come out and told the trainer we need to look at it. But it was a playoff game against the Lakers. The first home game. I twisted it again in the third quarter. Then again in the fourth. I can't blame myself. No true player would want to leave the court in that situation. This was not about Chinese culture or American culture. It was about the culture of being a competitor.The doctor told methe worst case: There's less than 1 percent chance that you can die during the surgery. That's a risk.Sportsteach you how to be quick. Injuries teach you how to slow down.They had to changethe angle of the ankle in order to release the pressure from one bone to another. There will be a lot of rehab. The best lesson my parents taught me was patience. I'm going to need it. 姚明 采访 英语 have

英语口语:美国人嘴边最cool的0句英语 --6 :9: 来源: 以下这0句英文,很酷,很潮,很高频,背下来直到脱口而出,你的口语会让人刮目相看哈   My time is your time. 请你吩咐!   .My hands are tied. 我很忙,无能为力   3.To make a long story short. 长话短说   .It's a date. 一言为定   5.That's a steal. 真便宜   6.She has no sense. 她不懂事   7. It's not big deal. 没什么了不起   8. What's the fuss? 吵什么?   9. Don't push me. 别逼我   . Have a good of it. 玩得高兴   .Go down to business. 言归正传   . Does it serve your purpose.对你有用么   . It's long story. 一言难尽   . Don't play possum. 别装蒜!   . Make it up. 不计前嫌   . Don't over do it. 别太过分了   . You want a bet? 想打赌吗?   18. Who wants? 谁稀罕?   19. December heartbeat. 黄昏恋   . Follow my nose. 凭直觉   1. Cheap skate. 小气鬼!   . Big mouth. 多嘴   3. I'm going to go. 我这就去   . can-do 能人   5. Leave me alone. 别理我   6. Don't pass the buck. 不要推卸责任   7. I can't put up with her. 我受不了她   . She is just thick-skinned. 她真是厚脸皮   9. I see eye to eye with you. 我与你的意见一致   30. We are on good terms. 我们关系很好   31. Many people. many tastes. 各有所好   3. One man's meat is another man's poison. 对一个好的事对另外的人并不是好事   33. Many hands make light work. 人多好干活   . I won't live on the handouts of other people. 我不会靠人家的施舍过活   35. He is on his high horse these days. 他这几天有点趾高气昂   36. You give him an inch and he will take a mile. 得寸进尺   37. He is a fast talker. 他是个吹牛大王   38. I can't make two ends meet. 青黄不接 月光一族   39. None of your keyhole. 不准偷看   0. I am totally messed up. 我心乱了 美国 英语口语

To Fanny Keats, 1st May 1819 Wentworth Place, Saturday My dear Fanny; If it were but six o’clock in the morning I would set off to see you today if I should do so now I could not stop long enough a how d’ye do—it is so long s walk through Hornsey and Tottenham. Mr. and Mrs. Dilke are coming to dine with us today—they will enjoy the country after Westminster—O there is nothing like fine weather, and health, and books and a fine country, and a contented mind, and Diligent-habit of ing and thinking, and an amulet against the ennui—and, please heaven, a little claret-wine cool out of a cellar a mile deep—with a few or a good many ratafia cakes—a rocky basin to bathe in, a strawberry bed to say your prayers to Flora in.

一件件小事汇成伟业,惊天动地来自点滴小事;注意自己的一言一行,你就会拥有美丽的春天Little lads' and little maids, Honest every one wants to be; Only learns the following rule, A bright future you'll see. Little letters m a thought, Little thoughts,a book; Little drops make a trickle, little trickles,lake or brook. Little seconds m minutes, Little minutes make hours; Little seeds m trees, And grow into fine flowers. Every doing ms a deed, Every deed makes a little thing; Notice every word and act, you'll have a beautiful spring. 133

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