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Yes, Jimmy Lin is back again. The famously tech loving Taiwanese pop star, who has a habit of leaking Apple#39;s new iPhones has now appeared in public with the iPhone 7 Plus…是的,林志颖又回来了。这位热爱科技的著名大众明星有着晒出新款iPhone的习惯。这次,他和iPhone7 Plus一起出现在公众面前。The photo shows Lin in a cafe and the handset matches up exactly with what numerous leaks have repeatedly stated we should expect: an iPhone 6-inspired design with a dual camera system. What the angle can#39;t confirm is the iPhone 7 range#39;s most controversial omission or its most welcome upgrade.从照片上看,林志颖坐在咖啡馆里,手里拿着的手机和之前流出的苹果谍照相吻合,之前流出的消息一再表明我们可以做如此期待:iPhone7将在iPhone6的基础上搭载双镜头系统。但由此无法确定的是:iPhone7的改变到底是最具争议的不作为还是其最受欢迎的升级。But what really gets my attention here is Lin#39;s track record. While there#39;s undoubtedly an element of self publicity to Lin#39;s iPhone antics, the popstar has been doing this for four years now and has never had a miss.但是真正吸引我注意力的是林志颖以往的晒照行为。尽管林志颖晒iPhone这一搞怪行为毫无疑问有自我宣传的因素,但是这位明星已经这么做四年了,一次都没有落下。The stunts began in 2012 when Lin posed with an iPhone 5 on his Weibo page ahead of its release, then an iPhone 5C in 2013 and an iPhone 6 in 2014. With the latter Apple employees in Hong Kong even admitted Lin#39;s iPhone 6 was legit.这场“晒照秀”开始于2012年,当时林志颖于iPhone5新机正式发售前,在微中晒出了iPhone5的照片。之后,他在2013年和2014年抢先曝光了iPhone5C和iPhone6。而随后,香港的苹果员工实了林志颖手中拿的苹果手机为正品。Lin was conspicuous by his absence in 2015, but given the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are visually identical to the iPhone 6 there was little to show off.2015年,林志颖出人意料的缺席了,不过那可能是鉴于iPhone6s和iPhone6s Plus与iPhone6的外观相似,也没什么可以炫耀的。The dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, however, makes it instantly recognisable. iPhone 7 Plus early prototype (left) and matching Feld and Volk render (right) tie in perfectly with Jimmy Lin#39;s photo.但是,iPhone7 Plus搭载的双镜头系统使其极具辨识度。iPhone 7 plus的早期样机(左图)和Feld And Volk的渲染(有图)与林志颖晒出的照片几乎一模一样。Of course until Tim Cook is stood on stage with the new iPhones in his hand, nothing is 100% guaranteed.当然,在蒂姆·库克手握新款iPhone站在发布会舞台上之前,没有什么是百分之百确定的。But with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus release date close, Lin#39;s appearance is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence yet.但是随着iPhone7和iPhone7 Plus发布日期的临近,林志颖的照片是最令人信的据之一。 /201609/464313Scientists have developed a microscopic engine, the smallest in the world, that they say is the first one capable of driving nanobots, including medical robots that could travel through the body.科学家研制出一种微型引擎,它是世界上最小的引擎。科学家们表示,这是第一种能驱动纳米机器人——包括能在人体中行走的医用机器人——的引擎。The prototype device, known as an actuating nano-transducer or Ant, combines microscopic gold balls with a special polymer gel. It generates a propulsive force on a microscopic scale that is a hundred times greater per unit weight than any known motor or muscle. 这一原型设备称为作动纳米换能器(actuating nano-transducer)或“蚂蚁”(actuating nano-transducer的首字母缩写Ant),由微型金球和一种特殊的聚合物凝胶组合而成。它可产生一种微观尺度上的推动力,其单位重量推力是任何已知马达或肌肉的100倍。“People have been talking about making nanobots for many years but they do not exist yet,” said Professor Jeremy Baumberg, leader of the project at Cambridge university. “Why not? Because so far there has been no way of making them move through liquids — which is like swimming through treacle on the nanoscale because the molecular forces are so strong.” “多年来,大家一直在谈论制造纳米机器人,但它们仍未问世。”剑桥大学(Cambridge)教授、该项目带头人杰里米#8226;邦伯格(Jeremy Baumberg)说,“为什么呢?这是因为直至今天,我们仍无法让纳米机器人在液体中移动——这就像是在纳米尺度的糖浆中游泳,分子力太强了。”He says Ant engines, described for the first time in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, would provide sufficient power. “Like real ants they provide large forces for their weight,” he said. “The challenge we now face is how to control the force for nano-machinery applications.” 他说,“蚂蚁”引擎——最初发布于《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)——将提供充足的动力。“就像真正的蚂蚁一样,它们能够提供比自身重量大得多的力量。”他说,“我们目前面临的挑战是,如何控制这一力量为纳米机械所用。”The Ant is powered by physical rather than chemical reactions. It contains gold nanoparticles, each about 0.06 microns, or a thousandth of the width of a human hair, in diameter in water with a gel-like polymer called pNIPAM. “蚂蚁”的动力源自物理反应而不是化学反应。它包含金纳米颗粒,每个颗粒的直径约为0.06微米(相当于人类头发宽度的千分之一),这些颗粒与一种名为聚N-异丙基丙烯酰胺(pNIPAM)的凝胶状聚合物一起泡在水里。When the temperature is above the critical temperature of 32C, the gold particles are bound tightly together with the polymer through intermolecular attraction. When it falls below 32C, the polymer suddenly absorbs water and expands — and the gold particles are pushed rapidly apart like a spring. 当温度升到临界温度32摄氏度以上时,金颗粒通过分子间吸引力与聚合物一道被紧紧束缚在一起。当温度降到32摄氏度以下时,聚合物突然吸收水分并膨胀——聚集的金颗粒被快速推散开来,就像弹簧一样。“It’s like an explosion,” said Tao Ding, another member of the team. “We have hundreds of gold balls flying apart in a millionth of a second when water molecules inflate the polymers around them.” “这就像是爆炸,”该团队的另一成员Tao Ding说,“当水分子让金颗粒周围的聚合物膨胀时,数百个金球在百万分之一秒内飞散开来。”The reaction is completely and rapidly reversible, experiments show. When the temperature rises again, the Ant stores a large amount of elastic energy in a fraction of a second as the polymer coating expels water from the gel and contracts around the gold particles. “The whole process is like a nano-spring,” said Prof Baumberg.实验表明,这一反应是完全、快速可逆的。当温度再度升高时,随着聚合物包裹物把水分排出凝胶并围绕金颗粒收缩起来,“蚂蚁”可在瞬间储存大量弹性能。“整个过程就像是纳米弹簧,”邦伯格教授说。The prototype Ant uses laser light to control the system’s temperature but other mechanisms could be used instead. The transition point could also be adjusted, for example to set the energy release point close to 37C — the human body’s normal temperature. “蚂蚁”原型引擎用激光来控制系统的温度,但也可采用其他机制。临界点也可调整,比如把能量释放点设定为接近37摄氏度——人体的正常温度。The Ant might drive a nanobot through a series of piston strokes, rather like a car engine but on a scale many billions of times smaller. “蚂蚁”或可通过一系列活塞冲程来驱动纳米机器人,这很像汽车的引擎,只是其尺寸是后者的数十亿分之一。“The concept can underpin a plethora of future designs,” Prof Baumberg said. The team is working with Cambridge Enterprise, the university’s commercialisation arm, to develop practical applications for the technology.“这一概念可为大量的未来设计提供撑,”邦伯格教授说。该团队正与剑桥大学的商业化机构“剑桥实业”(Cambridge Enterprise)合作,开发这项技术的实际应用。 /201605/441143American officials say they have gotten no formal notice from Manila following Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte#39;s announcement of a ;separation; from the ed States.美国官员说,菲律宾总统杜特尓特宣布与美国“分手”,但美国未收到马尼拉的正式通知。;We have not received any official requests from Filipino officials to alter any of our many issues where we bilaterally cooperate,; White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters.白宫发言人舒尔茨说:“我们没有收到菲律宾官方要修改任何双边合作领域议题的要求。”;It is inexplicably at odds with the very close relationship that we have with the Filipino people, as well as the government there on many different levels, not just from a security perspective,; said State Department spokesman John Kirby. ;We are going to be seeking an explanation of exactly what the president meant when he talked about separation from the U.S.;国务院发言人柯比说,“杜特尓特的声明不符合美菲两国政府与民间多层次的紧密关系,而不仅是安全层面。”他说:“我们会要求菲律宾方面对杜特尓特总统提出的和美国分手一说做出解释。”The State Department said Assistant Secretary Daniel Russel would visit Manila from Saturday through Tuesday. Kirby called the trip a a ;long-scheduled, long-planned; visit.美国国务院说,助理国务卿拉塞尔将于本周六到下周二对马尼拉进行访问。柯比说,这次访问是早就安排好的。Following high-level talks with Chinese leaders in Beijing, the Philippine leader announced a military and economic separation from the ed States.菲律宾总统杜特尓特在北京同中国领导人举行高层会谈后宣布,在军事和经济领域与美国分手。 /201610/473506

This is not an easy article to write. I have been hurt by someone very close to me and I know that I need to forgive that person, but it is easier said than done. Intellectually, I know that until I can forgive, I will stew in my resentment and hurt - harming myself, not the person who hurt me. I could seek revenge, but countering a wrong with a wrong is… well, wrong.What to do?As I reside in the limbo between true forgiveness and painful hurt, I struggle with the tug-of-war between heart and head. I won’t seek revenge, but I am also not y to forgive despite the realization that forgiving is precisely what I have to do to stop hurting. People don’t ask to be hurt, but the offended must be the ones to initiate the resolve.Forgiveness is the pill we must swallow when we suffer from hurt inflicted by others. We must move past the feelings of a hurt-felt heart and use our reason, our mind, to guide us to healing. Age, maturity, teaches us to “let it go,” “forgive and forget,” but sound reason does not manifest a quick cure. It does, however, keep us from making a bigger mistake. The mind must win the tug-of-war between heart and head. To do otherwise, we would be hurting ourselves even more.How do we make the head win?When our heart and mind are conflicted, thinking more about the offense will only exasperate the situation; we need to distract the mind. Our thoughts need to move on, get off-track, and the best way to distract the mind is to busy the hands.Performing tasks like cooking, gardening, car maintenance, writing, anything that requires the mind to think about what the hands are doing will give our heart and head the time to eclipse the pain and coalesce into a more productive, positive realm. Manual exercise restores the balance to life necessary to heal. The sooner we become productive, the quicker we will be able to forgive. Busying the hands also gives us the time to move past the initial harm. We still may feel hurt, but the hurt won’t feel as deep. The urge for revenge will pass; the head eventually wins.If you’ve been hurt and find yourself in the tug-of-war between heart and head it may be helpful to take the Forgiveness Test created by Dr. Susan Brown as part of her doctoral dissertation at Fuller Theological Seminary. It is a 14-question, multiple-choice test which helps to identify personal thoughts and behaviors regarding forgiveness. I took the test and discovered I’m half-way there.What I neglected to consider (as I wallowed in my self-pity) was the source of the problem. Question 13, “I looked for the source of the problem and tried to correct it,” caused a light bulb to go off in my head. Again, the heart was clouding my rational thought. The test made me realize that if I don’t want to be hurt by this person again, I should look for the source of the problem and work to correct it. Being hurt involves two people. Forgiveness is what I do, but that is only half the solution. Resolving the source of the hurt involves both of us. That is what’s necessary for true reconciliation and lasting peace...the ability to truly forgive and forget, forever.I’m glad I took the test and I’m glad I wrote this article. I took the time to busy my hands. I don’t feel as hurt now as I did when I began writing. I’m getting closer to true forgiveness and realize I have more work to do before all is well again. In the end, my head won, but so did my heart. 这是一篇难以书写的文章.曾经,我被我很亲密的人伤害过,我知道我得原谅他"她,但这一切说起来很容易,做起来好难.理智上我知道我若不能原谅,伤害我自己的是我内心的怨恨与烦恼,而不是那个人.我曾想过报复,但这只是错上加错…..是的,是错的.要做什么?当我徘徊在真正原谅与痛苦伤害的边缘时,我正经历着内心与头脑之间激烈的斗争.我不会去报复,但我也没有做好去原谅的准备,虽然事实上原谅是停止我伤痛的最佳办法.人们都不想被伤害,但是受伤了的人就必须找办法治疗.当我们被人家伤害时,原谅是我们必须选择去用的良药.我们必须消除内心那些彻心的痛楚,在我们的理智与意识的指引下治疗我们的心灵.经历过伤害的人告诉我们要“让它随风而去”,要“原谅然后忘记”,但这不是我们能进行快速治疗的充分理由.然而,它可以防止我们犯下更大的错误.头脑的意识必须赢得这场内心与头脑的斗争的胜利,否则,我们只会把自己伤害得更深……如何做才能是头脑获胜?当我们的内心与头脑意识发生冲突时,过多地想着攻击对方反而把事情弄得更槽.我们需要分散我们的注意力,我们的思想必须得沿着轨道动起来,而分散注意力的好方法是让自己的双手忙起来.做一些烹饪,护理一下花园,保养一下汽车,写一些东西.做任何需要我们意识去指导的事情,这会让我们的内心与头脑有一定的时间去冲淡痛楚,合并更多积极有效的思想领域.身体运动能恢复生活的平衡,这是身心恢复所需要的.我们越快恢复效率,我们就能更快地去原谅.使自己的双手忙起来也能给予我们时间去除最初的伤痛.也许我们仍感到痛苦,但那痛苦已经没有原来那么深了.报复的冲动没有了,头脑会最终获得胜利.假如你被伤害了并发现自己正处于内心与头脑的斗争中,你可以尝试做一下由Susan Brown士在福乐神学院做士论文时研发的原谅测试,这对你是有用的.测试有14道多项选择题,它能帮助你分清关于原谅的个人思想和行为.当我做完测试时,我发现我已经成功了一半了.我不想去考虑是我问题的根源,因为我完全沉浸在自怜之中.第13道题目“我寻找了问题的根源并设法去改正了它”像一个小灯泡照耀在我的脑海里.再一次,内心笼罩着我的理智思想.这个测试让我明白,如果我不想再一次被那个人伤害,我就必须找到问题的根源,然后努力去改正它.伤害是相互的.原谅是我需要做的,但这只是解决问题的一半而已.解决伤害的根源需要两个人去努力.这是真正的和解与永远的友好所需要的……需要一种能力去真正地原谅,然后永远忘却.我很高兴我做了这个测试并写下这篇文章.我花了时间让自己的双手忙了起来,我没有像刚写作时那么痛苦了.我离真正原谅更加近了.我意识到.在完全恢复前有许多事情要我去做.到最后,我的头脑获胜了.然而,我的内心也是如此. /200806/41879

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